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What's your favourite fast food place?

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I'll have to say Harvey's.  I love their poutine and their burgers are so good.  Reading this thread makes me want to go and get some Harvey's. 

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It is a tie between Long John Silver's and Rally's. Ironically both because of the chicken. Long John Silver's chicken strips and fries is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, the chicken is absolutely amazing. Rally's on the other hoof has incredibly chicken sandwiches, both regular and spicy and it is really cheap in price.

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Jack in the Box, Taco Bell and Mcdonald's are the three fast food restaurants that I find to be my favorites.


Most of their foods are affordable, yet satisfying whenever I don't have anything to eat at home.

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I say Wendy's. Unlike most fast food places, you can find a whole meal of stuff that's absolutely delicious. And their frosties may not be blizzards, but yum.~


I'll give second and third to Dairy Queen for the blizzards and they got good fries and Whataburger mainly for their burgers (Texas only chain, though it has one or two locations in New Mexico). 

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10 minutes ago, Ayyngel Dust said:

(Texas only chain

Not for long. A Chicago firm bought the majority (booooo) and wants to Branch out. I hope they do not kill the fun of it. 

I too like Whataburger and Wendy's. And DQ blizzards. I'm going to Texas next month and will need to get my quota of Whataburger. 

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