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Earth Pony Iron Shield

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Name: Iron Shield

Nickname: Titan

Age: 23

Gender: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony


Appearance: A coat of grey with a teal mane. His eyes are blue. He is bulky and strong, but not very agile or fast.


Cutie Mark: My current avatar.


Personality: He is a kind soul who will protect anyone he calls friend, which are a lot of creatures. He does not wish to kill and as such will never use anything besides his shield as a weapon.


Backstory: Born and raised in a rural town, he was sent to become a guard the first chance he got. He's been working in them ever since, devoted to protecting them innocent and stopping the crooked.


Broken World Equestria: He was taken to be part of the Hierarchy and stationed in Stonewall.


Iron was born in Hierarchy territory, close to the northeast by east sea border. He was born to a family of devout believers of the Hierarchy's power. He has been instilled with the thought that all those who are not under the Hierarchy's rule are brutes and that all those with the Hierarchy are, more or less, holy and can never do anything wrong. He believes the citizens of the Hierarchy are perfection while all else are corrupt or mutated in some way.


Other: He always wears his shield, be it on his forearm when he needs it or higher at his shoulder when he doesn't.

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