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If you could create MORE jobs, then what jobs would you create and why?

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As far as America goes, we are in a recession, so we hear a lot about how there is too many people out there, that is out of work.  However there are not enough jobs out there, to supply the amount of people out of work.



So if you could create jobs, what kind of jobs would you create? Below I listed a template to make this much easier for every to be specific, so let's follow the following format..



Industry type:



Job Positions needed:



Experience Required:



Reason why we need more of this kind of work?:



I will start...



Industry type: Information Systems/Computer Networking/IT



Job Positions needed: ENTRY level IT HELP, desk, field technicians, Junior System Admin, Junior Network Engineer, Tech Support, PC repair man.



Experience Required: Zero to 1 year of experience, for Entry level people first. THEN there would be a "Level 2 and 3" position for those with 1 to 3 years experience.



Job Limitations/Restrictions: ONLY for those who are recent grads (Graduated from college in the last 2 years) or those still in college



Reason why we need more of this kind of work?:  There are not enough ENTRY level positions out there, It's a catch 22, you need experience to gain experience, but no one wants to hire someone who has zero experience and just came out of school.  



Where are our students with little to no experience, supposed to go? 



We need to create more ENTRY level positions out there.  The pay may not be great but it helps recent graduates and current graduates get hands on experience.  Personally if you are investing in certifications or college to pursue something, that should be reason enough to create entry level jobs, so they can get out there and work.



This is not the only industry that America needs, in fact there are many others, that we hear about all the time that we need more "science Majors" and computer programmers.   All the time, the employers complain that they cannot find EXPERIENCED people to do that work. 



The reason they cannot find experienced people, is because they are not willing to train those who are only lacking a year or so of experience.  So I feel recent graduates and people with no experience are hurting the most.



What about the rest of you?  If not America then what other locations are you in or feel needs more of X and Y type of that you feel needs work?



Let us all know in below!

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