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Ok this roleplay is for startrek fans although others can join hence the "who are we even talking about" options in the pole above. The story is Q the mischevious and semi evil omnipotent being has dropped the crew of the uss enterprise D into the world of Equestria. you can use any OCs because we really only know a handful of the crew on the enterprise and since they have been put in pony form they can look like anything. i would prefer that you not be an alicorn because if you are an alicorn it means you are a prince or princess of Equestria and since you have really only just come here you can't be royalty but if you have a good excuse for being an alicorn go ahead. just it has to be a really good excuse. a really really good excuse. i mean its not like you can master the elements of harmony imediately. also you can be a civilian that was on the enterprise you don't have to be a crew member. crew member ponies should be wearing a uniform top they don't have to wear the bottoms so people can see their cutiemark. anyways have fun! I'll start us off!

First of all the join thread


The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise D woke up feeling strange. After their encounter with Q they don't remember why he left or why they are so weary. A crewman lifts hand but sees a hoof. He cries out then rubs his eyes in disbelif.


He is a pony.

Q has turned him into a pony.

The Enterprise's crew must find a way to get out of Equestria.

You may embody one of them.

or two.

first step is to aquaint yourself with your surroundings.

the whole crew is in a large clearing on the side of the everfree forest.

your story begins now.

Q is known as Discord in Equestria.



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I opened my eyes and saw a colorful world, almost like a fantasy or perhaps a cartoon. Last thing I remember I was on the bridge filing a route maintence schedule.

"It seems as though our bodies have been transformed into creatures of equine decent" said Data, who was obviously still and android but, also... a pony?

"Yes, I can see that Data, but how?" replied the Captain.

"And why? Also, Jean-luc you look pretty adorable right now"

"Oh, shut-up Number One"

I took this time to examine myself, and indeed I was now on all-fours, yet it felt perfectly natural. I was still wearing my yellow standard Operations uniform, it seems that had changed as well to fit my new body. Instinctively I though of using a tricorder to help figure out what the heck was going on, but wait looking down at my hooves could I even use one with THESES! 

"This has to be a dream, or perhaps some kinda of halucination.", I said aloud. 

"No", said Data, who was already scanning us with a tricorder, somehow, "This is all real."

"What if the tricorder isn't real?", I inquired.

"It does not matter if this is real or not, for now we just need to make sure that the entire crew is acounted for."

I obsevred the Captain walk (or trot?) across the field edged with a wall of dark, ominous trees to a rock. 

"Ok I need the entire crew to begin checking off crew members on the crew manifest, anyone in security spread out around this field, who nows whats out here."

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Suddenly a pink fluffy bullet shot over the security officers and gasped

"so many new ponys! i have to throw a party!" "eeeeek!"

the pony ran away so fast it could have flown.

Captain Picard haveing heard her squeal ran over to investigate. all the crew that saw the pink pony stood astonished at the sceen. Picard turned to the nearest Crew member, me. 

"Leiutenant Strucker, what happened?" he asked in his stern voice.

"A pony jumped the security officers sir, mumbled something about a party?"

"so we're not alone out here. Number one, gather the senior officers for a breifing!" he walked towards the center of the clearing.

The senior officers gathered in the clearing. all looking quite put out. all that is, except Beverly Crusher who was stifleing a laugh.

"would you mind telling us whats so funny doctor?" asked Will Riker

"yes we could use a laugh right now" agreed Geordi LaForge

Beverly said nothing but gestured towards the ponifyed version of Westley Crusher.

Westly was sitting on the ground looking in horror at his bluegrey hooves.

at this everyone except Jean luc laughed.

"alright everyone gather yourselves together, we have a problem." said he, "we arn't alone here and these creatures seem to be equids like ourselves. and they can jump over our crewmen. any sugestions?"

"It apears" stated Data "we are in some childrens television show captain"

"yes it would apear that way but why?"

"why, mon capitan i thought you would have figured it out by now."

"Q! what have you done this time?!"

"isn't is obvious? i've put you in a diferent dimention"

"Well take us out!"

"ah ah ah mon capitan. not yet. it would be no fun if i let you out now. Ta Ta!"

Q in his strange form vanished

from a distance a small boy from the enterprise exclaimed "mommy mommy! my lisard is here!"

various other animals were found in that same moment.

Data's eyes became as fearful as they could get. "Spot!"

Data Galloped around the field as panic stricken as he could get.

he skid to a stop when he heard a 2 year old girl say "oooh a pwetty kitty mohmee a pwetty kitty!"

Data turned to see a small pony chaseing Spot around the clearing.

he walked towards her and scooped her out of the toddlers reach.

"it is  alright Spot it is alright"


a yellow uniformed officer galloped towards Captain picard

"sir everyone is accounted for except Leiutenent Strucker"

"i know she is here i spottede her earlier, that girl Evalyn must have went exploreing again," He sighed " i'll lead a search party to find her"


Earlyer when Q appeared


I was standing by the edge of the clearing watching the commotion when a white pony with a purple mane pulled me away from the rest of them. i gasped but she shushed me. once she had got me far enough away from the clearing she spoke

"how can you wear that dreadful costume? yuck! i can't beleive you would consent to wearing this what with such beautiful hair and all. come come i'll fix this."

"i have to go back!" i protested

"nonsence!" she exclaimed " you need to let Rareity fix you up"


"not another word untill i have you in something suiting you."

the walk to Rareity's Boutique was short but i was still geting used to  walking on all fours so i stumbled frequently.

Rareity pushed me threw the door. 

"now what's your name dear?"

"Evalyn Strucker"

"well that's an i shall have to find you a nickname too" she said while rifleing threw a rack of dresses, "ah! this one!" she threw me into a change room and before i knew it i was wearing a blue dress with a short train and had flowers in my hair.

"hmm lets see...Ah! i know! we'll call you Trekkie!"


"well of corse we can't have you being called Evalyn Strucker all over Equestria! pfft that would be outrageous!" Rareity scoffed

the bell for rareity's shop rings

"ooh a customer! you wait right there Trekkie i'll be right back"

"eek! twilight twilight! you simply must meet my new friend Trekkie! you simply must!"

rareity lead a purple Alicorn around the corner to where i was

"and you should have seen the AWEFUL outfit she was wearing"

"Rareity where did you find uh Trekkie?" twilight inquired

"oh out by the everfree forest. why?"

"her friends are looking everywhere for her!" Twilight shook her head " come on Trekkie we'll get you back, i say, you look stunned!" she looked disapointedly at rareity.

"well i couldn't just leave her wearing that!"

"come on trekkie, i'll take you to see fluttershy at the spa. if we send you back tramatised who knows what your friends will do?"

twilight lead me out of the boutique and into town. she paused at every corner to see if my crew was there.

when we reached the spa we walked in and saw Worf asking the Spa ladys if they had seen me.

twilight Gasped and shoved a sunhat on my head

"give her whatever fluttershy's getting please" twilight said 

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Worf looked suspiciously after me as the spa pony lead me to the mysterious fluttershy

"um hello there sir" twilight said nervosly "what's a big fellow like you doing in ponyville?"

"we're looking for a colleague of ours" he held out a pad with my picture on it "have you seen her?"

"nope i haven't. but you might check sweet apple acres"  :squee:

"i will advise the crew to check there as soon as possible."  :mellow:

"oh well why don't you check there yourself?" 

"i don't belive that is necesary"

"well then i'll just be on my way then if you'll excuse me"

twilight walked out of the spa

"here we are" the spa mare said

"ah thankyou" i returned

"*oh hello there*"

i was looking at a pale yellow pony with light pink hair sitting in a large wooden bucket stareing into the water trying not to make eye contact.

"uh hi i'm uh... Trekkie" i said unsure whether i should use my own name or not

"hi i'm fluttershy*"

"i'm sorry did you say your name was fluttershy?"

she nodded

"phew i thought so but i wasn't sure."

she looked at me quizically "*i'm sorry but what exactly do you want?*"

"oh right! Twilight sent me. something about de-stressing?"

"*oh, i see. of corse if twilight sent you i'll do my best to help. come on in*"

i bit my lip :blush: "oh umm"

fluttershy blinked "*whats wrong?*"

"where i come from we don't take our clothes off in front of other people"

"*oh... I know!*"

she called the spa mare for a phone and imediately dialed rareitys number

"rareity i need a batheing suit pronto!"

and in less than two minutes rareity was there with a batheing suit, twilight, a blue pony with rainbow hair, an orange pony with a hat and the pink pony from earlier.

"I heard of your delema and came straght away Trekkie!" exclaimed rareity handing me the batheing suit which was covered in blue gems

"uh thankyou rareity"

"what? you don't like it?" rareity said sounding hurt

"no no its great!"

"well if you don't like it just say so!"

"Rareity seriously if she says she likes it she likes it! sheesh!" the blue pony said 

"i want to know what she REALLY thinks of it!"

"now girls i brought Trekkie here to relax." twilight stated and gestured me toward a folding wall



after i had changed i walked out to see the ponys sitting around the tub 

"well don't keep out on my account" i said

 "woopie!" the blue pony jumped in splashing everyone

"Rainbow Dash!" twilight said now soaking wet

"What? she said we could come in"

each pony made their way into the tub as well as me

"*so trekkie where abouts do you come from anyways?*" fluttershy inquired

"well i.."

"is it phillydelphia?" asked rainbowdash

"no its.."

"how about appleoosa?" asked the pink pony

"no its.."

"ooh ooh! i know! its canterlot!" rareity shouted

"GIRLS!!!!" twilight had to yell to get their attention "let her say where she came from and stop interupting!"

"i don't know where it would be to you but i would say its in another demention on a space ship called Enterprise"

"an alternate demention?" all the ponys said at once

"yes. Q brought us here i don't know why, but Captain Picard will set things straight with him don't you worry"

"who is Q?" asked the pink pony

"Well he's kind of a trickster and well mabey i should describe what he looks like in this demention. He's tall and has a deer antler a bat wing a goats head and"


"i suppose so?"

"*this is terrible simply terrible*" said fluttershy

"after the last incident i recon he won't stop until he's had a laugh" said the pony with the cowgirl hat

at this remark the pink pony perked up

"no not that kind of laugh pinky pie!"

"awww come on apple jack!" said pinky pie

Apple jack just gave her a dirty look 

"now as ih was sayin' he won't stop until he's tormented the living daylights outuh these here ponys and i'm not about to let that happen. who's with me?"

"OOH OOH ME ME PICK ME!" exclaimed pinky

 "pinky she wants us all to come, not just you." said rainbowdash

"i knew that silly!"

 "of corse you did" rainbow grumbled

"*oh uh how are you feeling now Trekkie?*"

"still confused but not tramatized anymore"

"*oh good*"

"by the way, rareity can i have my uniform back? i kind of need it"

 "that would be hard at this point" she laughed nervously

 "how is that?" asked twilight and Applejack at the same time

"I, I, I, I got rid of it!!!!!!!"

"awww i can't go back to work wearing a dress!"

 "i'll fix it i'll fix it!" "i can fix it don't worry"


about half an hour later we were all back at rarity's Boutique

"there we go! all fixed"

she held up a black jumpsuit with blue jewels on the collar. front legs and in between

"thankyou rarity this is great"

"oh i'm so glad you like it. i'm just happy that now you can work in style"

"now lets get you back to your crew" twilight said

walking the streets, it didn't take us long to find Worf who as usual had a scowl on his face

"Lieutenant Strucker are you alright?"

"i'm alright Worf just... confused"

"as we all are. now lets get back to the captain."

we galloped back towards the clearing

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(Yay Startrek! :D Let me see if I can make my join in work... If I fail someone explain where I can join :o)

After I saw the cartoon look the ship had, I blotted outside to see if it wasn't the ship. I only remembered falling asleep on one of the science lab tables. I saw the captain, and a few other crew members. They looked strange, not their normal selfs, but ponies?! I walked up to them "What is going on?" I asked the captain. He turned and faced me "Finally a science officer. Do you have a clue on what's going on?" He replied. I rolled my eyes, knowing that he had ignored what I had asked. "Do you think I would know when I asked you the same question?!" I snapped. "You never asked!" The crew members stared at the captain like "Don't push it.". As every crew member knows I am cranky. The captain sighed, I began to relax "We might have reached a new galaxy." I said "A new galaxy? But that's impossible unless we warpped that far!" The crew member, Andrew said. "Or we went off track." The captain said. "Alright, you three get some phasers, and explore this new world. Ensign Hail, explore the big forest over there, Cabet Andrew head towards that town, and Lt Jackson, head towards that waterfall. Report back the ship once you're done." Hail grabbed a phaser, then headed to the forest to explore.

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I, Lieutenant Strucker aka Trekkie and worf trotted into the "camp"

"Captain we have located Lieutenant Strucker."

"Evalyn! Where have you been? And what are you wearing?" Picard Demanded.

"It's a long story but to shorten it a bit a fashion crazed pony kidnapped me and well as I said she was fashion crazed. Not a fan of the uniform apparently."

"Well all that matters is that you are here now. If you would search the forest for any threats Lieutenant."

"Yes sir I'm on it." I started towards the forest, she noticed another Starfleet uniform clad pony entering the forest

"Hey! Hold up!" I shouted. I ran after the other pony, desperate, for once, to have someone whom I could face danger with.

"Ensign... Ensign Hail! Ensign Hail! Hey!"

I ran to catch up. When I did finally I was out of breath. "Hey." I said huffing and puffing, or the pony equivalent. Suddenly Q aka Discord appeared.

"I see you've encountered Rarity. Charming pony although a little bit, how shall I say this? Fashion obsessive."

"Q! Get us out of here! Now!"

"As you wish."

I and the other pony appeared in a well lit sort of barn with tiny critters running everywhere.

"Where are we?"

(Just to note, it's Fluttershy's cottage.)

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Hail looked around, unsure to igrone the question. "I don't know, a cabin maybe?" She looked around then a mouse ran over my hooves. "Maybe a zoo..." Hail mumbled under her breath. "Where ever we are, it is pretty cozy." Then Hail sees a bear sitting in a chair. "Never mind, who ever, or what ever lives here must tamed all of these animals." I stared at all the animals, surprised at how many animals there was. "Very well tamed." I tried my anger as a bunny ran over hooves, I grabbed the bunny "Do you mind?" I snapped. But the bunny blinked then scratched his ear with a leg. Hail rolls her eyes and puts down the bunny lightly on the ground. I looked around the cabin more, a nice end table next to a soft looking chair, and a nice picture hanging on the wall near the chair. A lit fireplace lighted most of the cabin. A nice painting of a flower hanged above it. Small bird houses hanged off the ceiling. A bird cage was in a corner, beside a sofa. A nice blue carpet was spread on the floor. I looked around and haven't seen any technology. "Does this place even have modern technology?"

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