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Hello, I'm New Here *squee*

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Just a quick introduction :3
I'm Dan Waring
I'm from England (Woop,The land of Tea!)
I'm a teenager and I became a brony this year. 
I love the community and im happy to be a part of it  :yay: 
Seen all the episodes, Rainbow Dash is best pony.
(Exept in todays episode... )

(In my 'How you became a fan' the last sentence is wrong, id watched all the episodes about a month ago now, not 12 days. I copied and pasted it off my G+ and forgot to change that part) 

*Putting my top 4 Ponies on because i can* ;)
1- Rainbow Dash
2- Scootaloo
3- Fluttershy
4- Derpy

(Coincidence that they're all pegasai, even if Pegasai are the best)   :)

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Hello, nice to meet ya! I'm so happy to find another Dashie fan! :D Although I love Fluttershy a lot too. X3 Our avatars are really similar as well, haha, which rocks. :D Anyways, if you ever wanna talk don't hesitate to ask! ;)

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So many Dash lovers! :3
Anyone wanna chat about anything? 
My social details are on my profile in the 'about me' and my skype is in the skype section (funnily enough)  :)
Add me on anything and i'll accept. 
I'm a bit socially awkward on skype tho, im more of a keyboard kinda guy... :blush: 

/) Brohhof to all!  :lol:  

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Welcome to the forums, Dan.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask and hope you enjoy your stay. 

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