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game Epic Ponyville Text Based Roleplaying Viedogame


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I am currently in the process of creating a roleplaying game using the Python programming language.

I'm currently studying a Information Technology degree at University and I thought 'Why the buck not?'


The second build has been finished and I've finally fogured out how to build a .exe


Download v03

Download zip



Create your own pony

Character stats

Explore Ponyville! And also some of the iconic locales!

Meet Derpy Hooves! (And get random swag)


Discover error codes!

(DevError 01 simply means that the feature hasn't been coded yet)

(DefError 02 means that some but not ll of the content has been coded)

(If you ever get a DevError 03, PLEASE TELL ME because you've found a bug)


Ponyville RPG is Licensed under the GNU General Public License

Source Code is available on request (PM me)

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Sorry about that Klopp, didn't know.


Now updated to version 0.2!


Walkiing around Ponyville and the surrounds is now possible, and also the save/load works too.


Expected in the next version: Exploration, Player - NPC interaction and Derpy!

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Hm.. I can't create my own character. The command prompt closes beforehoof. It closes at the Choose your color, with no error message.

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The game is written in Python 3.2, so make sure you have either that or the runtime installed.


A 'crash-friendly' way of launching the game is to put the game folder 'dist' in C:, then use the windows cmd to run it manually. The window wont close when it reaches an error.


There is some redundant code in the program that is designed to catch error and send out a 'DevError code'. This allows me to debug specific bits without having to go through the entire program.

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Sounds cool! Why haven't I seen this before? Anyways, since you're not done I think I'll wait untill it's done before I play it. I think it gets kinda ruined if you play a game before it's done.

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