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Adventure -Solar- Prologue+Part 1

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     Above the forest, in the sky, there was a strange occurrence. The sun was above like it should be, but only in the right part of the sky, and the moon was towering above, in the right side of the sky, so the right was light and the left was dark. But in the forest it didn't matter. The canopy covered up the sunlight, so it seemed dark as ever in the forest,
       A white unicorn mare trotted through the darkness quickly and quietly, so quietly that it seemed as though her hooves were not touching the ground. She seemed to know this road, even in the dark, and could navigate in it extremely easily. Around her back a sword was strapped, and she was wearing iron armor, with her black, red streaked mane up in a pony tail. Please, the mare thought as she trotted, be safe. She moved now in a gallop, her red eyes staring ahead, fixed on the darkness before her.
        The mare's path twisted and turned until the forest broke into a magnificent looking city. It's rooftops seemed to shine golden and waterfalls fell from the rivers on it into a gleaming pool below. Canterlot.
        The mare swiftly entered without being seen by any guards, and galloped in the alley ways up to a lovely castle. When she seemed close enough, the mare looked out of her secret path. As she had predicted, two guards where positioned at the doors to the palace, staring unblinkingly around. The mare began randomly blasting the alley's wall with her red magic, and the guards began to look around, trying to find the source of the noise.
       The mare kept shooting, and the wall now had marks on it.
       The guards looked at each other, then back around.
       "Who goes there?!"
         Passerby where now looked around also, but could not find the white mare, as she was still hidden.
        The wall began to crumble.
        The guards began to gallop to the mare's hiding place, but she whipped around and raced into the castle doors as watching ponies yelled loudly.
         She was inside the castle, but kept running, her hooves making no noise on the soft rug. She could hear shouts from outside and thumping hooves, but she didn't stop. Not until she reached the Princess's chambers.

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-SOLAR- Part 1

    She reached the celestial chambers with amazing speed, and knocked on the door.
    No pony answered.
    "Your majesty!"
    Still nopony came.
    The white mare was now taking out her sword in her magic.
    "OPEN UP!"
      "HALT MY PLOT!" She screamed,unhinging the door with her sword's tip. She was getting quite tired of celestial guards.
      The mare felt hooves grip her in an attempt to pull her back, but she kicked hard with her legs, and felt the weight fall off her, only to feel that same weight again.
      The white mare screamed and yelled loudly, her shouts echoing through the hall.
       "STOP!!" A stallion guard yelled as the mare worked with the last hinge and the door fell down with a loud thud.
       She then turned back and pointed her shimmering weapon at the guards in turn, who didn't look fearful at all, and pulled out their swords in response.
       No one came to the white mares aid, who now looked thoroughly annoyed.
        "The princess is gone," One of the guards said, a grey pegusus mare with a white mane and sapphire eyes.
         "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE PRINCESS IS GONE?!" The white mare yelled, who couldn't afford this setback.
         "None of your concern. Your coming with us."
        The mare made a low growling noise in her throat, which made the guards step back in surprise.
         "This one's insane, she is," A gruff looking guard said, moving closer to the angry mare. He pointed his weapon at her throat, and she stepped back, her sword's tip now touching his.
          "I will slit that sorry neck of yours...." The mare said dangerously, but the guard just laughed.
         "You are under arrest-!"
           The mare's silver blade made a quick and swift movement, slashing through the air like a shimmer of silver light, and the guard fell, convulsing every minute or so, at the ground. Blood tricked down a gash in his neck that ran painfully deep, and he coughed up blood onto the carpet.
           The rest of the guards looked down in horror, and the white mare made a run for it.
            She jumped out of the window, her legs spread out so she looked like a strange x, and her red streaked hair flew in the wind behind her.

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