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So, just wondering, is anyone else on Memebase other than me?


It's one of the reasons I became a brony.


I was just wondering if anybody else had a sort of similar reason for becoming one.

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My first exposure to MLP was from the My Little Brony section on Memebase. I was confused though and didn't really get any of the memes. So I investigated, found out there were adult/teen male/female viewers of the show, and with a little bit of boredom and an open mind I watched the first 6 episodes, and then I joined the herd. :)

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Nope, I refuse to acknowledge their existence and everything they do since the cheezburger network bought out Know Your Meme.

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The first time I noticed ponies was through FunnyJunk. the Admin there is a brony and it pisses people off xD


Great fun!



I do visit memebase once in a while though.

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