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Writing "Muffs," short story inspired by Fluttershy's Lament

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I'm a first time poster, aspiring author, and border brony who was introduced to MLP by the album The Pony Way by All Levels at Once. "Muffs" came from binging on the track Fluttershy's Lament, and I love it too much to just let it sit on my computer, but the core ideas of my some of my other projects are more promising, so I'm putting it to pasture here.


Also, I'm a recent high school grad and a Mormon, which means I'll be serving a 2 year mission. I start May 28th, working in Northwest Utah. I'll be putting the internet on hold for that time, and will likely have little opportunity for writing. Which just makes me more anxious to get this in the hands of those who might enjoy it.


So put on your headphones, crank up the techno, and (hopefully) enjoy Muffs-Fluttershy's Lament.pdf.




Edit 1: Shortened the topic title.

Edit 2: "Muffs" is set in modern Earth, albeit with a splash of fantasy.

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Sounds great! I love to write my little pony stories too and I have three in making. Of course I plan to release mine to fimfiction. So of course yours sounds awesome! Don't know if I'll have time to read it though.

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@Dattebayo: Yup, I've never had much success boiling my writing into an interesting sound byte of a title. If you've got any pointers I'd love to hear 'em.


@Star Ruby: I appreciate it. Sorry that I didn't make clear that my story isn't set in the ponyverse, it's modern Earth with a splash of fantasy. Admitedly I didn't know that fimfiction existed until three seconds ago, but looking at the home page I don't see a section that's "writing that's only dimly related to MLP goes here."

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