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She definitely got better in season 2. In the first season she was a right pain in the ass, but in season 2 she got better animation and better character development. I loved her look with the rainbow mane that time too!

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On 2021-12-20 at 10:44 PM, Steve Piranha said:

Cute magical girl Scutie the most Cutie :wub:


for some reason I can see her getting ran over by truck Kun....

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37 minutes ago, Steve Piranha said:

Adorasexy grownup tomboy :bedeyes:

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The cutie mark is kinda off, but will still tap that

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On 2022-06-24 at 7:46 PM, ZiggWheelsManning said:

The punishment Brian from Family Guy needs:okiedokieloki:  

Are you going to respond to everything I post with something that makes absolutely no sense? At least this time you aren't trying to pretend I posted an offensive image. If you don't like what I post, just ignore it.

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