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Gaming Battlefield 4 Emblems on Console

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Does anyone know how to change your emblem on Battlefield for CONSOLE. I know it's possible cause a good number of other people have custom ones and not the default country flag. I know it involves Origin and that's about it.

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You have to do it through the BF4 Battlelog on the internet. You have to access through your account that matches your console profile. If you want I can give you a link to a good site for emblems.

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I've got a lot of guessing to do then... I got battlefield 3 like two years ago... crap...


yeah, I just tried to log into my account, but I couldn't remember my password xD


so now I can't make an emblem lol

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Battlelog.com and log in can find premise emblems if you google search for bf4 emblems abd the webpage will tell you how to link the premade emblem to it using console commands


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