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Planning (FoE) PM RP

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Really? Thanks. So who will you be using then?




Try out some OC's? Do you know what Fallout Equestria is?

Oh yeah of course,

I'm only on chapter 27 though, I want to read more, but school is making it troubling.

I'll sign up with Blue Optyx and DeadEdge, is that Gucci homie?

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Yeah, is that going to be a problem? (I hate doing this but at this moment I have to use filler since I have nothing to say)

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@@Charcoal Embers,


S - 6

P - 9

E - 6

C - 4

I - 7

A - 4

L - 4


Skills: (FoE Style. Found it in FoE PnP page)
Barter: 18
Battle Saddles: 15
Explosives: 17
Lockpick: 15
*Magical Energy Weapons: 35

Medicine: 17
Mechanics(Repair): 17
*Science: 35
*Firearms: 35
Sneak: 17
Speech: 17
Survival: 15
Unarmed: 15
Melee: 17

Fast Shot
Trigger Disciplined

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