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     Hello. This is a little thing I want to try out. You see, I have this little ability to make stories up on the fly. SO, I want to give this ability a little practice. Here is where you guys come in. I need you guys to give me a sequence of words, be they genre, nouns, a character(s), and I will make a story synopsis around it. And tell me what you think of it.


You can take the story for yourself. I am doing this to also improve my ability to make RP stories as well.

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OK, I opened my Encyclopedia at random, and picked some random words. Here they are:

* sidereal night | polar night

* desert

* west coast

* ionosphere

* certify

* citric acid

* necessity

* katharsis

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A lone wanderer in the desert wasteland scours the wasteland of Los Angeles in search of Citric Acid which is used for a major ingredient in a specific medicine that will keep his skin from drying out and ending up killing him.

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Spanish Inquisition, romantic comedy, black rose, blonde girl, loss of innocence.

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(Oh god, you just had to pick those set of words.)




A young woman seeks revenge upon the spanish inquisiton after their men have destroyed her home, killed her family, and defiled her. The young blonde woman dawns a disguise, attacking the those who have wronged her as the alias "Black Rose". But, in her daily life, she struggles to keep what little sense of normalcy she has with her lover. Her daily disguise, a bumbling air head(Not a blonde joke, just coincidence) makes for the great veil of an assassin of great fear.

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Daring Do has not had an adventure in months. Her figure has gone off the deep end and is utterly depressed about it. But, when the discovery of an ancient treasure is found and will not reveal itself in one year. Calling upon her friend, Daisy, Daring has one year to get back into shape before this treasure is taken by another ponies hooves for nefarious goals.

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Rarity has had a successful life. Creating her own line of clothing, models begging and lining up to work with her. With the arrival of a sudden invitation to an island for a party of the most high class, Rarity could not resist. However, upon arrival, she finds the island almost deserted. Her associates are not in sight and the native ponies are very skittish. Rarity will look in to what is going on in the island and where her new friends have gone to. Meeting new friends and finding old ones, the island will show secrets that were better off left closed.



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The world as they know it is no more. Hunted and prosecuted for crimes they did not commit, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are now on the run from the very ponies they called friends. Now, trained by Fluttershy's animal friends, they must learn the ways of the animal, to fight as they do. With this knowledge, they shall clear their names and bring the culprit responsible for the crime to justice.  These fillies will learn the meaning of honor, truth, and justice. And maybe have a small party to keep their spirits up.


Starring Bruce Campbell, Jackie Chan, and Chuck Norris. Paramount proudly presents: Hoof of the Nine Dragons.


@@Shady Bubbles,

 Her friends are too busy to party hardy with her. So, the lovable party animal goes through the multiverse to find the biggest party animal she could find. And on her travels she finds who she claims to be the biggest party go-er out there. Former President, Bill Clinton. Now in Equestria, the two go on a party rampage unseen in millenia. With the party going strong, Pinkie seeks more partying pals from other dimensions. Until she is consumed by her lust for partying. So much so, that she has become hell bent on feeding her want. Bill sees the young fillies state of mind and realizes that she must be stopped for the good of the land. With the help of his magic spoon, Rusty, Bill will bring the Pink Party Pony down from her insatiable hunger to party.

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