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If MLP Ponies meet their target audience, what happens?

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For example, the Mane Six accidentally show up at a 6-year-old's birthday party. They look around, and see images of themselves everywhere. In front of them are a bunch of little girls, all screaming happily at the sight of these equines.

What happens next, if these characters were to think as how they typically were in the show, if they were to BE in this scenario?

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Interesting... I'd go with:

  • Pinkie Pie would love it and be all happy and cute at a pony-dedicated party thrown by what she would call adorable creatures :)
  • Rainbow Dash would also love it and then Mare-Do-Well would re-enact she'd call it the Mane 6 Fan Club.
  • Fluttershy would run away ;)
  • Applejack would be confused, but interested at the sight of all them human kids
  • Rarity would also be confused, and most likely critique their choice of tablecloth or something ;)
  • Twilight Sparkle would moderately appreciate it before wondering what on Earth led them up to being in the human world. What would her reaction be to happening on another world like Equestria Girls?

In fact, that Twilight part would hold true for all of them. If I myself were transported to a room full of creatures I didn't know, and they were apparently throwing a party with posters of me and my own friends everywhere, I'd be curious but then end up concerned about where I was/how to get back home.

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Assuming they would move past the initial shock, i think they'd love it. If Twilight Time is any indication, Twilight would want to teach the kids all about Equestria. Fluttershy would want to learn all about these cute little animals she's never seen before. Rainbow Dash and Rarity would just soak up the compliments. Pinkie Pie would think the little ones were really fun, and Applejack would be reminded of her little sister and thus find them adorable.

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