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Gaming Favorite Free To Play Games?

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I just installed Fistful of Frags on Steam. It's basically a western FPS with with weapons like revolvers, shotguns and rifles. Really fun IMO.


Others I've played are


 Blacklight: Retribution

 Tribes: Ascend

 Planetside 2


I usually tend to stay away from f2p games though. I want to pay for my games instead of paying for microtransactions. It's weird, I know.

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Warframe (where my avatar is from)

You Have to Win the Game (a short but brilliant little retro gem)

The Plan (anypony who has not played The Plan absolutely must do so.  Free on Steam.  Five minutes, and it will change your life forever.)

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I really like Dota 2. I also recently downloaded TF2, and I like it so far.

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Mine's an obscure little mobile game by the name of "The Blockheads."

No sense beating around the bush; It's a Minecraft clone.

It does enough things differently from Minecraft to be seen on it's own merits, though.

It also has the most brilliant use of In-app purchase I've ever seen.

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Team Fortress 2 (Which I'm premium now) and League of Legends. 


I used to play Runescape but it updated into a nice pile of poop

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Hearthstone, for sure.


I sometimes play The Old Republic. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with that game.

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As much as I hate Nexon, a lot of NexonNA's games are really fun.

Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes), Dragon Nest, Mabinogi, etc.

They've proved to me that Korea can beat the crap out of America in terms of videogame mechanics. You know, we're really unoriginal in America, all we get are FPS games that we've already seen enough of cause we have no inspiration.


I guess TF2 had good entertainment value, but I never gave it another chance after burning out on it the first time.


Runescape is also a great game. The only problem is that they are changing it way too much. I hate the hotbar they added because if I wanted that, I would have gone to play WoW or something.. Now Runescape is trying to be what it isn't.


Warframe has potential, but I can't say I like DE that much. They are very inexperienced, and they have made a lot of useless content and too many weapons. They aren't doing well to prioritize making content (but that's also the playerbase's fault since we beg for many things).

Warframe isn't worth a try if you have grinding in games, because Warframe has a lot of grind. If you like grind, you can give it a shot, it's got great entertainment value for you.

Beware of the cash shop. If you ever play, you can ask me the best way to spend real life money currency, since a lot of things are overpriced and a lot of things underpriced. Hard to know what's worth the buy.


I had some fun with Fiesta. It's an idea already been done, a bit sloppily, but I'd love togo back in time to get my friends to play it with me. It's a fun group game.

SWTOR is an alternative to Fiesta, also fun, but I'd take WoW over both (but WoW is pay to play).


Best game in my opinion for F2P is probably Vindictus.

Best way for me to describe the game is a "Fast paced" and "Korean Hardcore" version of Dark Souls. Yes, Vindictus is harder than Dark Souls because the bosses are far more unforgiving in Vindictus, and bosses drop important things.

It has that "Korean Grind" to it, and is a hardcore game. There's grind, and making money to get the best gear is very RNG-based.

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My only Favorite is Maple story, but I hate the downside parts of the game which was lack of security, GM activity, a lot of hackers, dupers, and botters around, no lifers, and pay 2 win. I'm only playing the game just for fun and till I get back to Final Fantasy XI. Nexon can't take my loyalty away from square-enix that easily because I know what nexon lacks and what they lost. Based on what I know about nexon is that they lost a lot of players due to false bans, square-enix taking their players away from maple story via Final fantasy XI and XIV, complaints, their players and customers loyalty, customer suppport is not that much responsive and takes too long to reply to their player's tickets, and unfair reviews and lack of evidence for the ban reason. The only gamebreaking rules I may find was buying NX which it would take advantage in being pro or godly players, and do bossing and dojo more oftenly and of course taking advantage of bishops, phantoms, beast tamers, and kannas to grind more easily.


Apparently the economy in maple story has been going ups and downs lately based on the world's population, but moslty it's going up in prices on certain items since people have been increasing the prices and I find them greedy enough that they're already rich enough.

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Has to be Team Fortress 2 on this one! Not only does it have very enjoyable (and often hilarious) gameplay, but the competitive side is also great fun! Plus with all the lore and game modes, it just feels like such a varied game! Definitely the best F2P in my opinion!

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The free games I play most often are League of Legends and Path of Exile, which I'm surprised no one here has mentioned yet. Path is like Diablo 3 but a lot more complex and diverse when it comes to character builds. You can do almost anything with any class and the fun is seeing if it will work later on near the end-game stuff.

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