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Greetings Everypony!

Solar Savant

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I'm Solar Savant, feel free to call me Sol for short. Just happened to stumble upon this place, and it seems like a very active and friendly forum, so I went ahead and signed right up.


I was a casual fan of the show itself since the first season, I would watch a few episodes here and there when bored, never really venturing beyond that. However my interest in both MLP and the fan community really took off after I decided on a whim to attend BroNYcon back in January. Since then I've been astounded by all the amazing original content this fanbase has generated, from art to music to animation and beyond. Pretty incredible how MLP has practically taken over my life in the span of just a few months.


What else to say about myself? My interests outside of pastel-colored cartoon ponies include science, books, and video games. I read entirely too many webcomics. I'm a perfectionist by nature, so I often spend way to much time reading over my posts, and they sometimes can get a bit lengthy. My favorite pony would be Fluttershy, although the pony I personally relate to the most would be Twilight.


I suppose that's good for an introduciton. Looking forward to making lots of new friends here!

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Hello there new pony and welcome to the forums! I bet you'll fit right in here with us. If there's anything you want to ask feel free to message me. I hope you will have a fantastimagical time here with us! See you around post-1052-0-17597300-1329709763.gif

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