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Support Ticket System


Our highly effective and efficient support system which was implemented in mid-August has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to our productivity and member satisfaction. Though, at times it seems to be overlooked by many a member and some are not entirely sure when the system should be utilized to solve their issues. This thread here will no doubt clear up what merits a support ticket and what doesn’t.

For those of you who’ve been familiar with the ticket system, the following sorts of things should be submitted to them:

Moderation & Moderation Disputes – If you have questions regarding moderation, or feel you’ve been wronged by one of the staff members and would like to dispute the validity of a warning or other such moderation action, all such concerns belong here.
Appropriateness of Content Avatars, images you'd like to post in topics, signatures, written works, anything you'd like to include on the forums that could potentially be viewed as Borderline NSFW or NSFW, etc should be reviewed by a staff member via PM.
Advertising Queries if you are seeking to advertise something of yours, be it another website or a project, or even something more personally connected to just you, you should submit it via a Support Ticket, so that a staff can review, discuss and approve or deny it with you.

Now we’d like to stress that the Feedback/Suggestions forum, and the Site Questions & Tech Support forum are NOT the place for voicing concerns of any of the issues listed above.
* If you’re experiencing issues regarding any of the things above, create a ticket for your issue.
* If you're experiencing a lesser issue about something technical, or have a question regarding something about the site in general, create a topic here inside the Site Questions & Tech Support forum.
The Feedback & Suggestions board is for what it says; feedback discussion. "I think it'd be cool if we did this', or 'I think it'd be worthwhile if we tried this, what does everyone else think of this idea?’ Questions and issues belong in one of the two areas listed.
* Keep in mind that none of these issues belong in blogs or status updates, either.
If there are a few of you that haven’t yet discovered the existence of the Support Ticket System, here’s a few images that will point you in the right direction!

The Help Button (Simply click the "Help" text)


Create a Ticket button


Filling out the ticket!


Keep a few things in mind:
-The 'Technical Issues/Bug Reports' and 'General Site Questions' categories are for queries that may be a tad bit extreme or private, and that shouldn't belong in the public Site Questions & Tech Support forum. They're there for back-up, and should be reserved for the more intense issues.
-Advertising & Appropriateness of Content should be submitted to 'General Site Questions'.
-There is one alternative way of accessing the Support Ticket submission page. Click your username in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and then click 'Client Area' in the drop-down menu. You then go to 'Support' on the sidebar to the left, and click 'New Request'.


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Tech Support Section Posting Guide


Welcome to Site Questions and Tech Support!


Here there are many  questions asked by the members of MLP Forums. Sometimes, these questions can be hard for the staff and members to understand.

To help us, help you, we recommend you read this guide. This guide will not only help the staff and members understand your question, but it will also allow your question to be answered quickly. In addition, please make sure to check the FAQ before posting your question here - it may already be answered there.



Example 1 (Bad Example):

"Whats up with the time here?"


This example shows a question relating to why the Forum time maybe off for some users. Now, this can barely be understood due to the fact that it doesn't give us much information. It simply states "Whats up with the time here?" which can be interpreted in many ways, most of which would not help you in the long run.


We require questions to make sense for us to be able to assist you as best we can, so I recommend the following example.



Example 2 (Good Example):

"Why is the time on the forum not the same as the time on my computer and/or clock?"


This example actually tells us what you are asking and allows us to answer promptly and accurately by telling the user they could simply have not had their settings on the right time zone for them.


By wording the question correctly, we would be able to help you quickly and move on to the next query, if any exist at that point, so this Example is recommended.



Correct Prefix Usage


When creating a topic, it's highly recommended you use the correct prefix as it allows staff and members to see what type of question it is at a glance.


General Questions


This prefix should be used for simple site questions. These types of questions can range anywhere from "How many members are there?" to "How can I upload a signature?". Just be sure that you only use this prefix for site questions - If you're having a technical issue, that's what the Technical Issue prefix is for!


Roleplay World


This prefix should be used when you have any questions regarding the Roleplay World and Equestrian Empire sections. Whether it be about the rules, the forums use itself or anything in between, this is the prefix you should use.


Technical Issue


This prefix should be used if you don't understand how to use a certain site feature, or don't understand how it works. However, if the feature isn't functional at all, then you should submit a support ticket.

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The technical support staff and other staff members who help out here do our best to answer questions as quickly and as accurately as possible, but we are not perfect. From time to time, we may overlook a topic. Therefore, it is important for people asking questions to do what they can to ensure a timely response.
Firstly, you should peruse the FAQ, the help files, the resource map, and topics posted in this section in the past to see if your question has already been answered. 
If your question has not already been answered, you should go ahead and post a topic about it. There are several things you can do to increase the likelihood of a quicker response:

  • Read the Tech Support Posting Guide and write your question accordingly. The more detail you include in your original post, the more likely it is that someone will be able to help you.
  • Make sure to use the correct prefix for your topic. Doing so makes it easier for people to understand what your topic is about. It also makes it easier for the staff to keep this section organized, and for people who are specialized in certain areas to find topics that may require their input.
  • Make sure to follow your topic when you post it. That way, if you receive a reply, you will receive a notification informing you. Replying as soon as you can to someone's reply to your question can increase the chances of you receiving further replies if you require additional assistance. It also makes it easier for the staff to keep this section organized when we know whether or not someone's issue has been resolved.
  • If you do not feel that your question is receiving sufficient exposure, you could try linking to it in a status update or a blog post.
  • If you have not received a response to your topic or to a reply by you in your topic after 48 hours, you should send a private message to Dawn Rider and Koukatsu,  Please make sure to include both of them in the conversation.

Keeping these things in mind can help result in you getting the most out of this forum section. :)

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