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Hello and welcome to the airsoft side of the forums! :D If you have a loadout that you use on the field, please share it with us! I would like to see what to get when I decide to start creating my own loadout. 


I already went on evike,com and picked out BDUs for my airsoft team that I am currently trying to recruit members for. Here is the Battle Dress Uniform that I WANT to get for the team.


To buy list:


Head Gear 


Emerson FAST Type Tactical Helmet -Black  $40

Avengers Helmet Half Face Mask -Skull  $22


BDUs and Pants


Cotton Poly Twill Jacket -Black   $26

BDU Pants -Black   $26


Body Armor


Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig -Black  $32.95




Matrix Nomex Hard Shell Knuckle -Black  $25




Rothco 5092 G.I. Style Steel Toe Boots -Black  $55



The total comes out to be $226

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Always happy to see a milsim thread, my airsoft load:

Cheap boonie hat or baseball cap
Skull print bandanna or neoprene face mask

Mechanix gloves or my carbon fibre hard knuckle gloves
G shock watch

Black hoodie with ACU bottoms or all ACU

Load bearing rig: 
Condor plate carrier, three m4/m16 mag pouches up front, a knife sheath and util pouch on one side, and a drop pouch on the other

I used to have black tactical boots from a local surplus store, but  I actually melted the lugs while riding an ATV, so now I either wear Timberland boots or just sneakers

G&G Combat Machine Raider M4 shorty, I carry 4 hi caps for a total of like 2000 rounds, plus a bottle of 2000 bb's. (I am an ammo whore, I know). A rubber K-bar training knife (Yes I've scored takedowns with it  B) )

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A terrible air softer.



Surplus Kevlar helmet, something around 1990. (Plus goggles)






Grey hoodie with Vault Tec bag and a belt. (-is amazing-)






Some boots I found. Pretty nice, been wearing them for about a year now.



JG M16 (Tralezoid mag) with a sling

Cheap Colt 1911, usually kept in Vault Tec bag for emergencys or to give someone.




I'm a great air softer.

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Current loadout:


Echo-1 AK-74u

D-boys SCAR-L



I have a helmet, several balaclavas, lower face mesh,a pair of black condor pants, and a black FSKN style Vest.


To-buy list:

PSH-77 TiG Helmet

Smersh and KLMK BDUs maybe some others

Russian Army Boots

A Russian Vest (Don't know which yet)

A few other pieces to complete the kit. 

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I would love to get into airsoft. My friends and I tried to, but it was a failure.


As of now, I only own a generic 15$ spring pistol, with an extra mag.



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@@Mikami, I am starting a team with my friend, would you like to join? It's based in Texas. 


I live on the other side of the country.  :o


Oh well. There are airsoft groups in my region, so I'll probably get into airsoft when I'm a little older. (And have the money to spend on the "sport".)

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