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Earth Pony Strafe Gallop


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Name: Strafe Gallop


Age: Young adult (22)


Gender: Male


Species: Earth Pony


Cutie Mark: A sword with a dragon wrapped around it


Personality: Short tempered, loyal, Has a tendency to put emotions aside for a mission but is less serious off duty, doesn't like being jerked around, Has respect for his superiors but ultimately thinks he can do better than them, doesn't think of victory or defeat he just does what he does, jokes around a lot when off-duty. Isn't scared of impossible challenges


Back story: Lived in the poor part of Manehattan when he was a foal, Strafe has learned to look out for himself at a young age. He learned karate at a very young age and became extremely skilled at it. He did very poorly in school and ultimately enlisted in Celestia's military (royal guard) at 18 and became a guard. He worked his way up the ranks quickly for he has shown to have multiple skills that benefit his job, He also became close with a high ranking officer that made his name more well known and made him a better guard overall. (current rank is master sergeant). He has been challenged frequently considering he is an earth pony and shows dedication to get things done even considering his crazy off-duty life, he has been challenged by many pegasi and unicorns and shows his heart can beat out any pegasus' wings or unicorn's magic.

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