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Gaming Dungeon Fighter Online is back baby! Xenophobia is dead!

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So for those of you who don't know what that is, let me explain why this presents more than just a game's revival.


Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) was hosted by the 4Kids of gaming, Nexon. Now, for anyone around during the whole debacle, you would already know that the main reason the game failed (or even was shut down) is because the new CEO of the Western division was very much biased against non-Korean people (especially Americans). Despite the overwhelming amount of support, the game suffered from no investment whatsoever. Lack of advertising, no updates over an 8 month period, and hardly any bug fixing pretty much drove a great game to an early grave.


One employee of the company once said "Yeah, it's a great starting opportunity, but if you're not Korean you're never going to get anywhere in the company."


So that's Nexon. Fastforward to two days ago and Dungeon Figther Online is officially back up and running by Neople, the Korean developers of the game (Nexon is just a publisher, much like 4Kids), and have started open alpha-testing to bring the game back, and this time to the entire global english speaking world (not just America).


Why bring this up? Well Korean game developers have  had a bit of a history of keeping their games to themselves for, lets say, a number of 'unfortunate' reasons. The fact that a Korean developer has gone so far to include the rest of the world, from Japan, China, Taiwan, and now revived the English version and made it open to the whole world, I think it's a good sign for future endeavors and development.


Xenophobia is dead baby.



Xenophobia - An irrational fear of the foreign






(Remember, it is just alpha so the interface for getting into the game and dedicated site isn't quite set up yet. It's only been two days after all folks. Still fully playable and running better than ever before. Also this means my avatar pic is relevant again. Bonus!)

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4Kids of gaming, Nexon.

Well said. Thanks for bringing up these news, I'm a fan of a lot of the Nexon games (but not Nexon) but never got a shot at DFO, so this is actually great news!

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Well said. Thanks for bringing up these news, I'm a fan of a lot of the Nexon games (but not Nexon) but never got a shot at DFO, so this is actually great news!


Well then I would definently recommend giving it a try! Arcade beat-em-up meets MMO is just too good to not play.


And yes, to hell with Nexon. lol.

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I just found out today about it. This is awesome news. :yay:  I've missed DFO since it got shutdown. It was the best MMO I've ever played, and I don't normally like MMOs. I was so close of reaching max level with my Berserker back then. A lot of old time players are going to be glad to see this game being re-launched.


What characters are yall planning to use?

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Did the game support PS3 gamepads? And will the new version support gamepads? I got bored of the original because it was frustrating trying to play with a keyboard, but I'll most likely give it another try when I buy a PS3 gamepad. And if I like the game enough to stay, I think I'm gonna send some major love (as in, money) to this company to support them. Gotta make my characters look fabulous after all xD

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