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This Heart


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This Heart



Every piece split for the corners of the world.

Picked up one by one in a quest to complete.

A puzzle to be solved by one person only.

This person, a hero of love will help me.

Will hold me tight in need and kiss my tears.


Though, I am still searching far and wide.

Turning every rock, checking every corner.

TO be sure I will find him when time is right.

A burning gaze hovers in the night and day.

Always looking for the smallest thing.


A will to go on as I think about him.

My spirit refined at the thought of love.

Hugging life as I would embrace him.

Kiss him deeply when I know destiny is due.

Ever waiting, ever looking, always alone.


He must chase away the solitude of night.

And brighten up the corners of existence.

Be the lantern that will kill the shadows.

The symbol of joy, to bring me my smile.

One must never surrender to fate, one must love.

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That's a pretty well worded poetic description of devotion, yet I get a sense of cornered feelings, with only one way out. You really feel as isolated as that?


Thank you, I'm glad to know that I'm getting better at wording my mind and soul into poetry.


And yes, that is how I feel.

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