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Visual Art Nameless - A Manga Adventure Comic


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Well everyone here it is. The first page. Currently i am lacking a scanner here in california but when i get home i will scan it and upload a high quality picture. Until then i will be posting pictures taken with my phones camera. I drew my pages at a side angel because it feels more natural and is easier for me. Truth be told i have 10 pages so far drawn, but i'm going to post them a little more slowly then all at once. Probably 2 today and so on for the next five days. Just to see if it catches on.

NOTE: The adventure is supposed to start you off confused. And explanation for everything comes in the later pages.


Posted Image



Reine: Tensue, stop!

Tensue: Stay back Reine this is not your problem!

Truen: If you wish to live i would recommend listening to him. This is a long quarel that has finally come to be settled.

Tensue: I have had enough of your lies and games! I am ending this now! Once and for all!

Truen: Yes... you certainly are ending this. But perhaps in a very different way.

Truen: The result may not please you.

--(*)End of Page 1(*)--


(Authors Comment)

The first time i drew this page i used a very bad dull pencil, so i had to re-do the whole thing with a sharper one before i uploaded it. I included a dialouge in case you can't read the page. Critisism, praise or any other feedback are greatly appreciated!


Edit: oh yes and i suck at drawing hands, so be gentle about that. X3

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From what i have seen manga comics never have had really strait panels. I didn't want it to look like a normal classic comic book with a manga art style, but i guess the rounding was just me trying to make it unique. You will probably see it like that for another 7 pages or so before they straiten out.


While i'm here.


Posted Image



Tensue: i'll make sure you pay for everything you have done!

Truen: We'll see about that.

Tensue leaps at Truen yelling a battle cry while in the air.

Truen, like its nothing, turns and points his hand up, charging energy in his hand.

Tensue gets sent flying back by a blast of energy, losing grip of his swords in the process.

Reine: Tensue!!

Tensue slams into a nearby tree. (collapses to the ground.)-unseen, but it happens.



Posted Image



Tensue: You... Coward... *heavy breathing*

Tensue: Why don't you fight without your blasted magic!

Truen: I have a better idea. Why don't you call in your friend over there. Then you will have an advantage.

Reine: Tensue, let me help you. I'll make him wish he was never bor— *cut off*

Tensue: NO! Don't concern yourself in a battle that isn't yours!

Truen: You seem to come from a family of fools.

Truen: No wonder they were so easy to kill.

Tensue: Why you!!


(Authors comments)

So here's page 3. Oh hoooo you are going to LOVE page 5! I put numbers on all the pages top corners. I'm thinking of getting keen spot or some other comic hosting place. I now have 11 pages drawn. I have been focusing on details around pages 7 and beyond, which you will notice since thats when i start actually drawing scenery.

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