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I sleep alone all the time. Never really had a problem with it. Would be nice to sleep with my girlfriend tho. I'll probably hate sleeping alone once that happens. :p

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Yes.  But I've always been alone.  I just often find it hard to sleep, period.  Often times I just can't turn my brain off.  That's why I'm replying to this post at 6:17am!  (I've been here all night.

I've slept alone my whole life, so I have no idea what that feels like.   And now I made myself sad.

Well, I don't think your supposed to find that comfortable.

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Sleeping alone is the best way for me. Anyone else would get kicked or pushed out of the way. I'm not the most considerate person in the world, especially when I'm trying to get my Z's.

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I always used to sleep with a body pillow because I had to have something to squish up with when I went to bed. But now I’m married so it’s a little different. Sadly I can’t fluff, fold or punch the hubby into shape as needed, but there are other benefits. Nowadays I have to keep King-sized sheets and blankets on a full sized bed because I use up too much of the blankets at night and need to compensate with some extra acreage.

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