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About Me


I have a lot of Past, to be honest. I’ve been a Chemical Engineer, a network engineer, a developer, a teacher, an accountant, an architect, an actor, a carpenter, a historian, so on and so forth. I’ve been around the Internet for a long time, and have been using this name for almost thirty years now. If you do a search for Fhaolan, there’s a pretty good chance what you will find is me. Other people use the same name, but I use a fairly unique spelling. For those who are curious, it’s an old Gaelic name meaning wolf (diminutive), and has a variety of pronunciations and spellings like Faelan, Fillian, or even Wayland depending on whether you’re Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Breton, or so on. I’ve always pronounced this version Fay-o-lan, but I’ve been told I should be using the spelling Fhaölan to get that sound. Oh well.

I’ve been an active member for a variety of fandoms over a lot of years and used to be a regular on the convention circuit. I’ve been a gamer of sorts, mostly table top RPGs, and have spent far more time that was healthy playing war games. I do play modern computer games but I suck at PvP, so I stick to PvE, exploration and strategy games.

I was aware of My Little Pony back when it first came about in the 80's but I was already older than the core demographic for the product then, so it didn't really register. I’ve always been into animated shows, and I never paid attention to the gender divide, so if I had been younger I likely would have watched the G1 films and show. Honestly I was more fascinated by Thundercats at the time, and yes I also watched Jem and the Holograms. Shut up. KUbAnTY.png

I became interested in MLP:FiM after I had found a couple of videos on YouTube. Specifically I was following up on a bizarre Anime called 'Princess Tutu' (that I had discovered thanks to an AMV based on the song Håll Om Mig. If you don't know this video, I recommend it. This video changes opinions. And I'm still confused about Princess Tutu, which appears to be a Japanese impression of German fairy tales, set at a ballet academy.) I just accidentally fell into some stuff that would eventually be called PMVs.

Daddy Discord, My Little Pony AMV Epic, and PONIES the Anthology all sparked my interest. However, it was the discovery of Doctor Whooves that cemented it. I'd been a Doctor Who fan since forever (Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor when it was first broadcast in Ontario), and this crossover amused me so much I had to stick around and see where it went.



Technically I work in computers as a Database Administrator, but my real work now-a-days is as a livestock farmer for both sheep and horses. I still occasionally end up on stage or on film but it is rare now. I’m more often found at ren faires with my wife, selling handcrafts like handspun yarn, or handwoven scarves and the like. We also do costuming semi-professionally, and have won enough national contests to be wary of entering more in case we get marked as full professionals in yet another thing.

With respect to MLP, I occasionally draw (see the deviantART and YouTube links below) and write, but don’t get your hopes up. img-1369822-1-UNZJLhS.png I've written other things, but most of them are lost deep in the internet and I have no real interest in searching them out again. Oh, and I’ve got a couple of blogs on this site: Fhaolan's Worldbuilding Blog, where I take a look at how what we see on screen might be interpreted from a real-life historical perspective. And a much longer blog Fhaolan's Episode Watching Blog where I’ve put the notes I took when watching all MLP episodes, starting way back in G1's Rescue at Midnight Castle. It’s also including live action performances, the current comic books, and the occasional picture book or novel when I’m able to get hold of them.



I don’t see my interest in MLP ending any time soon. I’m an old-fashioned kind of fan in that while I might for some reason decide to not watch new episodes of a show, but that doesn’t hurt my impression of what I saw prior. That’s an attitude that has been trained by being a Trekkie, in which I still have not seen all the episodes of Enterprise. And I don’t leave fandoms just because a show goes off the air. I’m still a Browncoat, after all.

And most importantly, I don’t truly believe in the concept of ‘canon’. I like consistency, and love Worldbuilding, but after years of being a Whoovian, canon just doesn’t seem like something that is worth anguish over. Doctor Who’s in-show canon shifts constantly. There have been at least three different endings for Atlantis in the show itself, and I dare you to make a consistent history of the Daleks. That’s not even considering all the novels, comics, and whatnot. All of which were endorsed by the BBC at one point or another. So I’m not about to give up on MLP because the show disagrees with the comics, or even itself on occasion. I get a kick out of trying to make sense of the inconsistencies, rather than getting upset over them. That’s what most of my Worldbuilding blog is for, really.

So in the future I’m going to be having fun here, joining in on show discussions, doing some roleplaying (I occasionally take on the cast character of Fleur de Lis for the Equestrian Empire section), and I’ve managed to progress from Lore Writer, to RP Sectional Mod, and to Global Mod by opening my mouth at the wrong times when Matron is around to hear me. For some odd reason they've gone and made me an Administrator now. We’ll see how long that lasts before they get fed up with me. smug.png

There's a lot of stuff in this profile, and there could have been a lot more, but it's already too cluttered with stuff. So, here's another blog where I go into more detail on things, and answer any questions anyone might care to ask.

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