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About Me

Hello to one and all! Welcome to my Page.


First off all, I would like to thank every pony for coming and sparing a few moments reading my personal information.Let's get started!


Posted ImagePosted Image


Personal Information:


Name:Danielle a.k.a Danfyrex "D'nfyrex" Trekbass
Age:18 years old
Occupation:A Student, and a Party Animal
Type of School: An Autonomous School
Date Of Birth:May 26 1995
Favourite Music Genre:Techno and Dubstep
Favourite MLP-Related Fan made Song:Avast Fluttershy's Tushy
Favourite Colour:Pink, Navy and Purple (Green in some occasion)
Favourite Game (As of August 1st):Battlefield 3
Favourite Game Company:Electronic Arts

Favourite School Subject:Science, Home Econ. ,Design and Technology and Mathematics
Dream Job: A Interior Designer, Aerospace Engineer, Scientist or a Baker (And maybe, just maybe, a Pilot)
Hobbies:Jogging, Partying, Playing my "masterpiece" wubs out loud!


About me:I am just an 18 year-old pegasister who goes to school every weekdays, listening to my happy music and at school, then I make funny jokes and share it to all of my very friends...I am quite good at playing most instruments, such as French Horn to Flute, but sadly, I can't seem to learn how to read music notes.That still does not stop me, what makes me happy the most is my friends being there for me, whether online, or in the physical world, I have literally Tonnes of friends worldwide!


Lets get to the good part! Question and Answer Time! I have compiled lots of question which is frequently told by my friends worldwide!Here you go:


Question ONE:Are you Crazy!?
Answer:Maybe, maybe not, but I prefer to call myself random and hyperactive! I only go wild when there is a twitch coming on, my favourite music is being played or when I am just bored... So yeah!


Question TWO:Please don't kill me!
Answer:Why would I kill you silly billy? You're all my friends and I appreciate your warmth and kindness...And besides, I am only just trying to make you laugh!


Question THREE:Which is your favourite meme?
Answer:Definitely this one:Posted Image


Question FOAR:Which is your favourite MLP-Related Meme
Answer:*Grumbles* Well... Um... You see... This may not be the best one:


Posted Image


Question FIVE:What is your favourite MLP Pony?
Answer:I have to say Pinkie and Rainbow Dash as they resembles me the most! (And a little bit of Twilight)


Question SIX (Brought UP By Darklord67):Can I friend you?
Answer:Of course you can, Silly Billy! Every pony is welcome to add me as a friend, no matter how unpopular or unfriendly the pony is!


Any other questions can be entertained via PM...If your questions are relevant, I also might put it up at this very page!



Hall of Great Friends List(According to Me):
Harmonic Revelations
Sir Lunashy


My Feld0 Meme('s) (To commemorate BronyCon 2013 which was held during 2-4 August) :
Posted Image


Most Notifications Received: 500 (in 1 day)


Experimental Most Pony Related To (E"MPRT") Results:


Test 1 :Rarity
Beautiful, stylish and sparkling with class, you're the candy of every pony's eye and a complete charmer. But you're not just a pretty face- you're also an artist! Whether you're creative at fashion or painting or even song-writing, your imagination is the real jewel on your personal crown. And you know this, so you flaunt all your gorgeousness like there's no tomorrow; but the best thing is you use your skills to help others feel great, too! Unfortunately your confidence can often be mistaken for arrogance. Luckily your real friends know just how lovely you are!



Test 2:Vinyl Scratch

A pony who knows how to keep the mood flowing. Vinyl Scratch types are adaptable, laid-back and like to keep the atmosphere in balance. They don't like to be aggressive or opinionated, so if somepony calls for a different song they'll gladly change it. They enjoy parties and social gatherings just as long as they can blend in and not stand out. They're a big lover of music, and it's likely that they can play at least one instrument.




Test 3:You are the most like Rarity!

Posted Image

Full personality description:
You have a knack for drama and over-exaggerating things, as well as doing whatever you can to keep from getting your hooves dirty. But, putting that aside, you're also very self-conscious about yourself, are generally very polite (unless someone deserves a little of your attitude), and have impeccable manners and sense of style.
Just because you delight in being the centre of everyone's attention doesn't mean you give no attention in turn. You're incredibly generous, showering your friends with gifts, spending time with them and doing fun things like shopping and makeovers, and doing everything in your power to help elevate your friends' self-worth. Even though a friend may be more popular than you, you are still willing to help them out with their success, hoping that you'll get your piece of the pie in turn.

You have a tendency to be overly obsessive over small details, sometimes worrying too much about them rather than looking at the whole picture. Your attention to detail does come in handy at times, though. You also loooooove fashion, style, and looking as good as any pony can be! Whatever it takes to look as classy and elegant as possible — that's your motto, because you care how other ponies see you, and want to make sure that your impression is the one that stands out the most.


See more at: http://www.bronyland.com/pony-personality-test/#.dpuf

My wishlist for my birthday 2014:

1) I want to be the best at baking cupcakes in the world!
2) Throw the best party ever in the world!
3) Intellect!
4) Success in life and education!
5) Party Cannon 7200 Model Premium Golden Pink Edition!
6) U.S Cider!
7) A lifetime supply of cupcakes
8) Running shoe worth $400+
9) And of course, a special rights to the Battlefield 3 theme song!

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