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Brony mate is a joke right? Updated 23 Mar · 5 comments

About Me

Hey, I am Flitterflutter you can call me Flitter if you want!!


So i guess you clicked on here because you want some info about me.
Well... I guess if you REALLY want to know something just send me a PM!
I like to consider myself nice for the most part so do PM away.... that is if you want.
Also Add me as a friend! I sware I won't bite you!!


"Well they encourage your complete cooperation
Send you roses when they think you need to smile
I can't control myself because I don't know how,
And they love me for it honestly, I'll be here for a while
So give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff
Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough
So give them blood, blood, bloooooooooooooooood
Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood
A celebrated man amongst the gurneys
They can fix me proper with a bit of luck
The doctors and the nurses they adore me so,
But it's really quite alarming cause I'm such an awful fuck (oh thank you)
I gave you blood, blood, gallons of the stuff,
I gave you all that you can drink and it has never been enough
I gave you blood, blood, blooooooooood,
I'm the kind of human wreckage that you love"-MCR

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    Female Transgender - MTF
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    "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"
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    well ponies... oh and comics and ponies in comics!

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