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Soundtracks in different languages are great. Updated 21 Jan · 3 comments

About Me

Posted Image--_#Pony Bio: (20% done)

  • Name: Stormfury -- (IRL) Name: Ben
  • Fave Consumptions: Chocolate cake, ice cream, mochas, cherries, tea
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  • Excels: (AS) Atmospheric Sciences
  • Fave Classical Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Fave Nerds: Brian Greene (theoretical physicist) / Leonard Susskind (physicist)
  • Researching and likes: Shifting realities, parallel realities, time-reversal symmetry, LIGO, cosmology, light magic, sciences in general
  • Fave Era: Victorian
  • Fave art: Deco and Cartoon
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  • Fave Museum: The Smithsonian Institution
  • Fave Zoological Park: ZooAmerica - North American Wildlife Park
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  • “Don't underestimate me because I'm quiet. I know more than I say -- think more than I speak, and observe more than you know.” ~ Michaela Chung
  • Avvie by: Teta
  • ### (zig art) by: kawaiipony2
Spicy (old) profile [Rest In Meemays]:



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