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About Me

Soooo lets see, its been half a year and i still dont have an about me page.....what to do what to do.......ok well obviosly i should tell a little about myslef. If you havent already noticed i am a bad speler. I am 15 year old male living in Chula Vista, Califonia US on planet earth ( just in case for aliens). I am really freindly, like you can tell me you just murdered 5 babies and id still hug you, okay probablly not but you get the point. I love Rarity, like alot but lately i think Starlight Glimmer has snuck her way into my heart. Shhhh dont tell. Oh before my ADHD makes me forget, Feel free to send me a friend request for i wont ever turn one down also hit me up with a PM at your hearts desire. Did i mention that i am the only male at my house surrounded by five other females. Not that thats a bad thing but my three other sisters, my grandma, and controlling mother are enough to make me go even more crazy than i already am. I love them forever even if they are the biggest pain I would do anything for them. i like to think of myself as pretty comedic mostly because i love luaghing but what i love even more than that is making other luagh, cause who doesnt like to laugh. Um subscribe to my youtube channel even if it has no videos.......*whispers* just do it, please,please, help a child who cant help himself......(that was dramatic). Also im going to flat out say it, i am a Rebel however, im not that reblious teenager stereotype no im a strong individual with a voice ready to be heard. I am a huge supporter (if thats a thing) in equality. But not starlight glimmer equality, i realize that not everyone is born exactly the same and everyone must have differences to allow them to have personality but i will fight to the death for equal treatment,rights,and eveything else that a certain group of people are discriminated against for who they are on the outside. I respect and am pretty tolerate on anything and in that matter i should probablly metnion that i am am an athiest and am ready to backup any of my beliefs at anytime. Im a real good debater and plan on becoming an attourney in the future. I feel like the things in my life shape who i am and a big chunk of those things are tv shows, freinds, and the person who i am/ chosse to be. I am a bisexual, and its not that i struggle with gender identity but societies bias puts me in the situation where, know i am and look male but its wrong to act like who i really am, its like im not masculine enough to be a "real man" and not feminine enough to be "girly". Yeah but enough seriousness i was getting all emotional, i cry alot and easily but never around people always in my room though. Ive been watching alot and i mean alot of shows (too many to list) but here are a few that i feel the most vibes on (not in any particular order) Star vs The Forces Of Evil, Supernatural, Doctor Who, My little pony (of course), Game of Thrones. Yeah i recomend all of those. Lets see what else.....OH. A few more things on my personality is that im Really open about talking about anything and everything. I am one of those people that might casually talk about cute bunnies then talk about hitler and perhaps things that are not for childern. Not that there is something wrong with me i just have friends that are open as it gets about talking about stuff whether that be personal, serious, or just normal. I really love hugs too. If you ever see me then dont expecta high five or a fist bump expect a full on at least 3 second long hug. That might also make people uncomfortable but im not shy to show my feelings and express myself. Hmmmm what else about me? Well heres a quick spew of things to distratct your mind on how much reading this is, i enjoy being a troll but hate being trolled (just like about everyone else) i am pretty mature on serious topics but i crack up at even the most immature jokes (yes even fart jokes). I am not single I have recently started doing a long distance relationship with the best person I've ever met, her names Kailey. I love her and will never stop showing and reminding her of that. I am really random and if you ever want a random fact or useless thing to know than i am your guy. My status updates usually are more like jokes and luagh at my struggles type of thing so just reply with *hugs* and i definately will reply. Im glad you read all the way down hear, here have a *hug*. If you read this far i can see your either a fast reader or very patient or intrested in me. See, im very observent as well. Okay thats all my mind could conjour up. Love you guys. Byeeeee.......its never ogre

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    The purpose of life is to create a purpose for it. Whether that be family, friends, or stuffing your face with muffins.
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    My little pony of course. Rarity and Starlight glimmer,Girls and Boys ( im bisexual) Zombies because why not. Comedy. Star from "star vs the forces of evil" crying, pikachu, hugs,Doctor Who. Hot Topic. Bad puns. Hugs. Youtubers. Athiesm. Love and Tolerance. Philosiphy. PARKOUR. The unknown. Painting my nails. Anything MLG. Making sure everybody around me is as happy as i am at all times. Oh and also coming up with funny conspiracy theories proving the illumanati ha. Look out for those triangles doe.

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