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Stardust Balance

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Sometimes, when a person is dying and say personally that they deserve it, it's okay to agree with them. Updated 20 Feb · 1 comments

About Me

Ask about myself: http://mlpforums.com.../#entry3667839


Welcome, my amazing friends!


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Let's see... well I'm a bit anti-social; I keep to myself and usually only talk when approached. I'm also a writer, average at best and hope to one day become an author. But I have a long way to go before that ever comes to reality. I can't draw, either on paper or online, to save my life. I hate asking people for stuff, and I have absolutely no clue how to make those proper link-signatures I see everywhere. XD


I'm twenty years old, male, and I reside within England. I'm the eldest of four, the other three consisting of one brother and two sisters, I have a pet kitten named Ace, and a pet dog I occasionally, by mistake, call Spike due to her true name being Scout.


I hope to make good friends with as many fellow bronies and pegasisters here as possible. I have yet to see all the seasons as of yet, in fact I'm currently up to season three, so please forgive any ignorance or mistakes I make in the subject of... well anything pony-related.


Oh, and I hate Equestria Girls. All three movies.


And have a nice day everypony!


Likes: Writing, pacing, creativity, imagination, silence, philosophy, chocolate, coca-cola, reading, meditating, sword combat, brooding, Cryaotic, Achievement Hunters, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Star Wars, Doctor Who; Big Finish, Dragonball Z and Super, Corpse Party, MLP (of course), One Piece, Edd Edd N' Eddy, Harry Potter, Tangled and Undertale.


Dislikes: Drinking, smoking, tattoos, idiots, violence, conceited arrogance, Equestria Girls, loud noises, illogical arguments.


Fanfiction account: https://www.fanficti...rrioroftwilight


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Current MLP story: https://www.fanficti...-Beyond-Sanity



Favourite pony and Princess: Her Highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle.



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Least favourite pony: The Heathen Celestia.


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Favourite Human: Sunset Shimmer.


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Favourite Villain: His Majesty King Sombra.


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Have an amazing day!






OC (Ponysona): Stardust Balance.


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(Credit goes to Cruki for artwork above.)







(Credit goes to Pucksterv for pics above.)




(Credit goes to JonasDarkmane for pic above.)



(Credit goes to Lyrabae for artwork above.)






(Credit goes to Shadow Beam for pics above.)



(Credit to EverFlamePony for pic above.)




Credit to Cleotari for pic above.




Credit to Twilight Aqua for artwork above.




Credit to Red Laser for artwork above.




Credit to GreenFox for artwork above.




Credit goes to SaraEH for artwork above.



Credit to Crecious for artwork above.


Age: Twenty.
Gender: Male.
Species: Earth Pony.


Full details: http://mlpforums.com...rdust-balance/

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    "Celestia did nothing wrong." - Satan.
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    Writing. Reading. Meditating. Fencing. Pacing. Brooding. Gaming. Silence.

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