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Guys, bad news. My little brother, aged 3, swallowed a piece of plastic. A sharp one too. I hope he's ok. I am at the Hospital with my parents right now. Updated 02 Dec · 1 comments

About Me

You guys should already know about me. Well, I'm from Malaysia. I live in Penang Island so give me a call if you are going there. I can be like you're tour guide. My parents still don't know about the fandom but when I told my dad he deemed it as "Full of gays and everyone that likes it is gay and it's weird". Harsh, right? I'm 13 years old and I'm a boy. Well, I don't have a special somepony yet. Apart from the fact that I was dumped by 5 girls in a row. They said that I'm to carefree and should have a more serious attitude. I feel like giving up now. What do you guys think?

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    MLP:FIM, Games, Parkour, Guns, Knives, Rapping, Making YouTube Videos

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