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Dusk Claw

Member Since 19 May 2015
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Good morning everypony, Updated 24 Jan · 3 comments

About Me

Hello, there my name is MoonStone Thunder welcome to my profile I hope you enjoy your stay.


Adopted family

Mother: Orange Sparks

Father: Dynamo Pad

Auntie: VinylWubs

Brother: Captain Whirlwind

Sister: VampiraHeart

Sister 2: Sapphire Lightning

Sister 3: Midnight Blossom


The reason I got into My Little Pony is a friend of mine is a brony too

and I saw him watching it and I started watching it too and after that, I kept watching it and I still

watch it and I joined the forums on May 19th, 2015


I'm currently single


An Image of my OC/Ponysona



Games I like to play

1. Need for speed Underground 1&2

2. Need for speed Most Wanted 2005

3. Need for speed Most Wanted 2013

4. Need for speed Hot pursuit

5.Need for speed 2015

6. Age of Empires 1&2&3

7. Age of Mythology

8. The sims 1&2&3&4

9. Need for speed Carbon

10. Skyrim

11. Minecraft

12. Terraria

13. Need for speed No Limits

14. Call of duty world at war

15. call of duty modern warfare 1&2

16. Call of duty Black ops 1&2&3

17. Assassins creed 1&2&3

18.Assassins creed brotherhood

19. Assassins creed Black Flag


List of the Mane six
1. Twilight Sparkle

2. Fluttershy

3. Rarity

4. RainbowDash

5. Pinkie pie

6. AppleJack


List of Users I consider as a Sister/Brother


* SparkThunder Bass

* Bojo

* Dj Gumball

* Johnny1226

* Zachary

* Deae Rising Shine~

* Rawzy

* Burpy

*Dash Yoshi

* Princess Moony

* BlackHole (Time Lord)

* Lil'Cinnamon

* Sapphire Lightning

* Midnight blossom

* Captain Whirlwind



*Totally not Lyra

*Princess Moony



If I have forgotten any pony let me know.



Important Information

*My mood is unstable at the current moment*




Community Stats

  • Group Users
  • Brohoofs 1283
  • Active Posts 388
  • Profile Views 16862
  • Member Title Squirrel
  • Age 25 years old
  • Birthday July 1, 1991
  • Gender
    Male Male
  • Location
    Australia QLD
  • Personal Motto
    never trade bad for bad it never turns out good
  • Interests

    I like drawing when i got time to do it and catching up with friends

MLP Forums

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    Yes, I want to support the site!
  • Favorite Forum Section
    Pony Visual Artwork

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Best Pony
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    Bat Pony

Contact Information

1283 Brohoofs

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