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About Me

Hello there and welcome to my profile :fluttershy: My name is Flutterstep. Also known as Step, Flutters, Steppy, FlutterstepHD and Fluffy Hamburger (don't ask).


I'm not really sure why I'm still on this forum, since I don't watch the show anymore. Perhaps it's the awesome people I've discovered on here that prevent me from leaving. :P


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Firestorm OC
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Image created by Sonata Jets.


»About Me«


Name: I'm contractually prevented from divulging the name used by the alias, Flutterstep.


Age: I'm a year older than, Pinkie Pie. :ooh:


Favorite Colours: Magenta, Blue and Orange.


Favorite Weather: Rain, thunder and lightning! :D


Hobbies: Graphic design, music production, gaming, drawing and sleeping.



»My Little Pony«


Favorite My Little Pony characters:



Favorite Mane 7 + Spike:



Favorite Background characters:



Favorite Cutie Mark Crusaders (CMC):



Favorite Siren (The Dazzlings):



Favorite Shadowbolt:



Favorite Canterlot 6:



Other characters I like:






I enjoy many types of different music, such as, metal, puck rock, 80's pop, 90's hip hop, reggae and dance. Although, I mainly enjoy electronic music.


Favorite Music Genres:



Favorite Electronic Music Artists:




»Video Games«


I play on many platforms, but mainly PC and Xbox One. I enjoy playing open world shooters and first person shooters.


Favorite Video Games:




»Art & Design«


FlutterstepHD -- http://flutterstephd.deviantart.com/



»Blue Crew«


Blue appreciation day -- 5th and 6th July


The Blue crew is a fan club for Blue, the velociraptor, from Jurassic world. Anyone who wants to join us, just message me.


Current members of the Blue Crew:

  • Bullfrogs
  • Flutterstep
  • Unibeat Brony
  • Mars Orbit
  • Wolves
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    Good people, good times.
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    Games, music, art and ponies.

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