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About Me

My name is AppleDash, but sometimes I go by Blackjack. I'm from Toronto, Canada. I initially joined Poniverse mid 2015 with the intent of kickstarting a new Poniverse project, but I eventually shifted to Minecraft development and systems administration. Right now, I do all the development and technical work for PoniArcade Minecraft, make sure Poniverse's servers keep running, and help oversee the development team!

I'm an avid hobbyist programmer and sysadmin, and it just so happens that I do both of those things at Poniverse! My favored languages are Python, Java, C, and more recently Ruby. I also have experience with C#. PHP, and Javascript among others. I mainly administer Ubuntu servers - both within Poniverse and without - and I run Arch Linux on my main desktop and laptop.


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    Poniverse Sysadmin, Technical Lead, and Chair-elect
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    Yes, I want to support the site!
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    Debate Pit

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Changeling or Other

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