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About Me

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Greetings and salutations, good visitor! Please, come inside. My name is Luke, but you may also refer to me as Raven. So you'd like to know something about me, right? Very well, I encourage you to take a seat then...


First things first, as they say. I am 27 years old, and male, regrettably... You may find me in flesh somewhere in Warsaw, the capital City of Poland. I hold a Master's Degree in Public Health and found employment in the private corner of our healthcare sector. I am entrusted with managing contracts with various healthcare payers, among other things. Aside from work, I hold a slew of interests! But before I move on however, I reasoned you could use an explanation on myself, since, quite frankly, we won't go anywhere without this part.


So, without further ado: they say a man is the worst source of information of himself, and, while I agree, there is no one who can tell this tale with even a remote degree of accuracy. If any of that I disclose will sound like gibbersh of a man far too gone in his delustions... well, words can neither express nor describe what transpires within. Such is the inevitable truth of trying to get to know me.
If I were to even attempt to give you a glimpse of what happens beneath my slowly graying hair, I need to start from the foundations. You may be familliar with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the MBTI? Hardly a perfect tool, but it has some usefulness. Feel free to read on INTJ, that's the box I find myself in. As you may already presume, I am a creature of reason and rationality, believing in Truth as the ultimate objective to strive for. Discovering the aforementioned Truth is my primary goal in life, from which stems curiosity and love for research and expanding my horizons. This... Quest, as you may name it, is a source of great pleasure and pain likewise, since it appears that we ourselves live in a so called post-truth age. If you don't believe me, cross reference a few media outlets and see for yourself. I have amassed a fair share of ideas and knowledge over the years of my haphazard studies, and I would be very happy to share it, should a willing listener appear. Likewise, am am quite willing to shut up and listen to something interesting. Now, I find it infuriatingly hard to the point of impossibility to explain my thought process and way of reasoning, since it is both orderly and chaotic, contradictory and making perfect sense at the same time... I beg your pardon, but it would require a lengthly treaty, like those of the XIX'th century Occulists. Riveting reads, I assure you.
Back to more tangible aspects of my personality, since I see my rambling makes you weary. Regrettably, I cannot point you to some fictional character and exclaim "That's me!". The closest I can offer is dr Lecter, as portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. Sans canibalistic inclinations, I assure you. Mr Ford from "Westworld" is another decent pick. Expanding from this... example, I dress sharp and value politeness, eloquence, and wit. I can't live without my references and offset remarks, taking great pleasure in speaking alegories and forming the longest and most elaborate sentences I can think of in a given moment, instead of stating things plainly. Truly, there's no greater pleasure than a deep discussion with someone who can keep up. As all things in life, I have flaws. The world would be boring if we were perfect, I guess. While I may be the most charming individual in the viscinity, people seem to notice I'm... different. Those whom I asked about it, say I appear cold and devoid of feelings, despite keeping an animated exterior. One explanation amused me greatly, when I was called a man without a nervous system. Quite frankly, I do sometimes feel like wearing "a very well tailored person suit", quoting Hannibal's therapist from the series. Other people seem to pick some kind of dissonance with me, which adds to my already well established loner tendencies, resulting in complete lack of friends in the flesh, and only very shallow acquaintances at work. Most of the time I am fine with this state of affairs, but even I get lonely from time to time. You can only get so much from talking to yourself, it seems.


Hmm, yes... I believe it should give you a few pointers... Moving away from ridiculously convulsed ramblings and onto a saner ground, I'd like to inform you that, in my spare time, I tend to devote myself to PC games, usually single player story driven ones, like Witcher 3. I thoroughtly enjoy a good story that makes me struggle with my choices, opt for what I believe is right only to prove that no good deed goes unpunished. Stories that make me... feel. Since I tend to avoid conflicts like the plague, being a coward and a quitter, unfortunately, exercising my ability make "hard choices" and stick to them in the safe environment is a boon. Same applies to books but, I admit, I'm very guarded against cracking open a tome since books hit the hardest. I need up to a week to recover from a hard hitter like anything penned by Dan Abnett, one of the leading writers for the Warhammer 40k universe, my favourite fictional world. Almost forgot, music is a great plasure of mine, since, as you may have guessed, it has this arcane ability to reach to the soul. My tastes are varied and I pick everything that makes me feel a certain way, or holds a memory, but I gravitate towards rock and cello pieces, some video game OST's like that from Pillars of Eternity, and a host of other unnamed artists and songs. I also listen to pony music, and actually posses gigabytes of both pony and non-pony tunes. All legally bought, of course. I also posess an electric guitar - a Squier Vintage Modified Jazmaster. It sits in it's case as my family didn't like me jangling false notes...


This introduction is getting excruciatingly long, and I have but scratched the surface, but such is the way of life - you canot put everything on display. Should you desire to satisfy your curiosity on anything related to me, I guess you'll need to contact me. Don't worry, I don't bite. Probably.


Since I recently tried my hand in roleplaying, I'd like you to meet my OC, Crystal Clear. We share some traits, like the notion that we belong to a different age. I'm open to suggestions on 1x1 or other roleplays, by the way.


I shan't wear down your patience any longer and take my leave at that. have a pleasant day, good visitor. I look forward to having a chat with you sometime in the future.

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