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About Me

Hi everypony. I'm PiratePony, the famous pony pirate. In reality, I am in this fandom quite by surprise, as my wife and I showed MLP to our young daughter by chance. She became instantly hooked...then I became hooked. Fast forward almost a year, and I joined THIS place.



I've worked as a prominently uncast professional actor for a decade in Manehattan. Meaning you have not seen me, and if you have, it's been for mere seconds, and like that...I was gone. I'm making a run as a voice actor now, which has always been a dream of mine, as I am an animation nut, and this wonderful show made me go full steam ahead.



Other jobs I've held: stay-at-home dad, house husband, pillager of used goods for the open and free market (ebay flipper), and a public school pedagogue. Yes, theatre arts counts as a class of vigor and educational merit.



I am a Master of Education. A piece of paper tells me so.



Why do I like My Little Pony? It's quite frankly, as a dad and animation nut that watches a lot of family programming, the best cartoon on television that I've seen in the past 20 years. Yes. I haven't enjoyed a show as much as I did in the Turtles & Duck Tales days. The fantastic voice cast, sharp writing, art style, everything about I love so much. I love all of the small and sly references to pop culture of my youth that is done in a nice subtle way. The music is stellar, great singing...just oh my gosh, I'm super big ponyfan.



So yeah, I never intended to like the show, watch the show, and if you asked me 12 months ago, I would have said you were crazy. But it is what it is, and so far the other fans on this forum have been awesome. Why does this show, about colorful cartoon talking ponies strike such a nerve in adult men, now myself included?



Why, because it's 20% cooler than anything else out there.

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    Movies, video games, MLP, acting, teaching, writing, golf, cooking, baking, fine dining, dive restaurants, parenting, lifting things up and putting them down, home repair, DIY. Em, stuff.

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