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Defective Scootaloo

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alright I'm off to bed, nite everypony /) Updated 23 Jan · 4 comments

About Me

So there not much I can say about myself ... Hmm, I guess I can start off with hello ... Hehe, yea ... Ok so I am a big believer of the grimdark side of the fandom of the show, as well as the show itself, I do have my own OC however it's still in the works, I'm thinking of the coat colour of #D3B887 which is tan ... For the mane I'm thinking of Brunette and for the eye colour I'm thinking of like a mix between Cyan and a really bright green ... It's funny, when I heard the idea of that combo ... Mane and coat that is, I thought to myself "that sounds a lot like how I look irl ... Weird..." And so I chose to go with my own eye colour as well ... I know my OC race is a unicorn and also works in fashion (don't ask me how I came up with that idea ...) and is a little on the shy side (basically a combo of Rarity and Fluttershy) and I know it's a mare, that's all I can say for now about my OC ... I do have a name for her, but I think it's in my best interest not to reveal it yet ... I'll be in touch, laters

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    Darkness is only an illusion, it can only be dark if u let it, me? I turned my back on the light a long time ago and instead joined the Derp side, as they have muffins ;)
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    My main 4 intrests are as follows ...
    1. Music .... I LOVE EDM and light metal/classic rock ... It is bae ...
    2. MLP ... Duh, I mean, I AM a brony after all :P
    3. Cars ... Irl, I own a 08' Subaru Impreza, 5-speed Manual ... Naturally
    4. Video Games ... Out of all these, this one is the biggest no brainer ... I LOVE my games ... Speaking of which, I'm keen for Forza Horizon 3 but I already love some older games as well, like gta San Andreas, that game was the shit for its time, too bad its now a dead game that people on pc who don't want to upgrade to console and cbf to play modern games play ... Hehe, I know its true for me even thou I play on console mainly xD ... K gtg, baii

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