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Captain Whirlwind

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About Me

Hello. My name is Ryan. I live in California and I Love life! I have many interests such as Roller coasters, Automotive, Running, Music (drums), and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
Here is some more about me below


Roller Coasters

  • Have been a roller coaster enthusiast since 2008
  • Ridden over 150 different roller coasters
  • Favorite: El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure
Posted Image


Distance Running

  • Have been running long distance since elementary school (2007-Present)
  • Cross-Country and Track and field are the sports I participate in
  • Half-marathons raced in: 2 (fastest being 1 hour and 31 minutes) (2013)
  • Fastest 3200m [2 mile] (9:55)
  • I dream on becoming a great coach one day
  • Mainly I listen to rock, But every now and then I listen to some Hip/Hop and electronic
  • I play the drums
  • Part-time studio recording and Worship drummer
  • My drum kit at home
Posted Image


My Little Pony

  • Been a brony since 2/02/13 (3 years)
  • Who is my favorite pony?
    Rainbow Dash of coarse! Posted Image
  • Spoiler
  • But I also am I HUGE fan of the Wonderbolts
  • Favorite Secondary Character, Soarin Posted Image
  • Spoiler
  • But overall, I love every pony! Except Starlight Glimmer :=:
I do have an OC/ponysona

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  • Age 19 years old
  • Birthday October 30, 1997
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    Male Male
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  • Personal Motto
    Pain is Necessary. Fear is optional
  • Interests
    Roller Coasters, drums, cars, Distance running, My little Pony FIM, Religion, drawing, and MUSIC

MLP Forums

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    Yes, I want to support the site!
  • Favorite Forum Section
    Sugarcube Corner

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

  • Best Pony
    Rainbow Dash, Soarin
  • Best Pony Race

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