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so smackdown was last night ,anyone got comments on it? Updated 22 Feb · 0 comments

About Me

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing.-Justice Forever"-Kick-Ass 3

Hello, my real name is ociel (pronounced o-c-l )but you can call me scruffy. I'm mexican (yo hablo español)about 5'9",weigh 120 pounds,skinny, a proud brony,a catholic,and an artist I also speak a lil french . I'm currently in high school ready to prepare myself to become a professional animator.I've been through many problems but with the help of the show MLP friendship is magic it helped me overcome my obstacles and to keep on going and to live and love life to the fullest. :pinkie: :smug: B) :derp: :fluttershy: The reason I want to become a animator is because so far of my life I've watched cartoons and would love to make them.Also another thing that interests me is wanting to become a superhero,I know it may sound dangerous and a little ridiculous but my interest for comic books has made me want to go out and help people no mater what cost.I've been through some bad stuff and I don't want anyone else to want to go through them.I'm into kaiju(giant japanese monsters lol) a lot, I'm a huge Godzilla fan<already have seen all the movies so far.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.-Uncle Ben (spider-man 2002)

''If you can believe it you can achieve it and if you achieve it you can accomplish it.''-scruffy the stallion.

I was born and grew up in los angeles,california.Mostly all my favorite sports are wrestling,basketball,hockey,and baseball. Fav wrestler is el santo,favorite basketball team is los angeles lakers (duh lol),favorite baseball team is los angeles dodgers,favorite hockey team is los angeles kings and montreal canadiens.My favorite superhero is a three way tie between kick-ass,spiderman,and batman favorite movie is idk Godzilla:king of the monsters (1954) i guess.
Anyways throughout my life I've been bullied, made fun of ,called mean things and more but i managed to survive from the help of media some examples are sports icons,movies,tv,comic books,and songs. Where I grew up I've witnessed some pretty terrible stuff even from inside my home, Los Angeles is known for having lots of crime and from what I've seen and been through i don't want anyone to suffer from something that isn't their fault.I've been mugged about 5 times and it is scary trust me,especially when your a skinny tall not that strong guy lol my dream started in 5th grade when i witnessed something terrible in my neighborhood I decided not to tell what I've seen and instead ran to my room and started reading a few books and watched spider-man,I had felt so nervous and scared that i didn't do anything i then went to sleep to try to avoid remembering what i had seen.That same night I had a dream where I was standing around walking in a neighborhood when i heard some screams, as soon as I heard I went to go investigate only to find someone being robbed at gunpoint,suddenly i was wearing a superhero costume and quickly engaged to stop the crime. Luckily i succeeded in helping and left, I then woke up from sleep and feeling happy my dream had influenced me to keep on going and try to achieve my dream, after that day I've daydreamed and wished to become a real life superhero, i might not have any powers but if i had to choose one i would choose the power of....love this power means that instead of using violence to stop a problem why not use love to convince others to stop fighting? well, anyways thats basically what convinced me to want to be a superhero and i hope one day i will be able to be one :) Favorite pony-applejack.OC-scruffy the stallion.
  • my kik -ocl005
  • gmail-ocielgarcia105@gmail.com

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    never be afraid of doing something,especially when what you're doing is right.
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