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About Me

''Evil prevails when good men do nothing- Justice Forever'' - Kick-Ass 3

Hello, my name is ociel (pronounced o-c-l) and I'm a proud brony and an artist. I'm currently in high school ready to prepare myself to become a professional animator.I've been through many problems but with the help of the show MLP friendship is magic it helped me overcome my obstacles and to keep on going and to live and love life to the fullest. :pinkie: :smug: B) :derp: :fluttershy: The reason I want to become a animator is because so far of my life I've watched cartoons and would love to make them.Also another thing that interests me is wanting to become a superhero,I know it may sound dangerous and a little ridiculous but my interest for comic books has made me want to go out and help people no mater what cost.I've been through some bad stuff and I don't want anyone else to want to go through them.

''If you can believe it you can achieve it and if you achieve it you can accomplish it.''-scruffy the stallion.

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    Tyler,Tx born in los angeles
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    never be afraid of doing something,especially when what you're doing is right.
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    comics,games,mlp,food,wrestling,star wars, geeky stuff, etc...

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    apple jack
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    Earth Pony

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