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So excited for the Washington Auto Show tomorrow. Cant wait Updated 26 Jan · 0 comments

About Me

Oh you wanna know bout me? Cool. There's not much to me. I'm your average run of the mill lazy gamer Posted Image . I became a pegasister one night when i was trolling Netflix with nothing else better to do. I fell in love with the show the second the title music started. Number 1 Celestia/Luna fan. (more Celestia tho). I involve myself in things most people do not wish to talk about because it makes things "awkward". I believe that to be comfortable in life you need to step out of the comfort zone frequently. I have an opinion on almost everything, which I will keep to myself until appropriate to share it. We may not always agree but that doesn't change my opinion of you. I can only hope this is mutual. I was born in Japan, raised across the states (4 to be exact). Among many of my favorite things to discuss (that aren't controversial) I have a love of cars. I find beauty in them (even rusty ones). Top Gear (U.K.) is one of my favorite shows. I have a deep respect for all that serve our nation god bless you for all you do. I have an interest in aviation even though i have a fear of heights (stepping out the comfort zone remember). I live in a suburb of Washington DC so i hear military aircraft going to Andrews AFB (or whatever they call it now) quite frequently. I am very open about myself and i love to have conversation about anything. If you haven't noticed I love to talk.





"I've have seen the way of the Derp, It is not an easy skill to master" - Crimson Star

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