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Finding Your Way Around Here!

This announcement is no longer active

Welcome to the MLPForums.com!

If you are new here, please post in the Welcome Plaza - via making your own thread here! 
Welcome Plaza!
We are having some new content underway! New Badges and fun ways to engage with each other to find said badges!

If you are lost, poke an admin or a moderator to ask for direction -- they love being pestered <3

Explore new ways to create pony content together as well as explore deeper topics on the matter. 

We are like a family here! 

You're welcome to troll the moderators by attempting to 
Count until a mod posts -it makes them super happy :toldya:
until then, you will be hearing a lot of construction work until the new announcements arrive <3

Have any questions, thoughts or concerns? Please open a support ticket or write to Administration@mlpforums.com

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