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  1. Just to put this into a bit of context, when I came out as transgender, my mom didn't want to have anything to do with me.  I still try to contact her and talk to her but she won't let me.  When she turned her back on me, I felt like I wasn't deserving of my indigenous heritage, so for a long time(and sometimes still) whenever I so much as think about going to a pow-wow or learning the culture/language of my people more, I feel like I'm not worthy of those things.  Like those things don't belong to me anymore, like I'm a separate entity from those things, I'm not supposed to be a part of them anymore.  Now I know I shouldn't feel that way, what my mom did to me was separate and not even related.  I can still and should still pursue what I want to or take up learning Ojibway language because I want to or take a moment and appreciate the music that my culture creates because I like it.  Part of me still feels hurt when I do those things though and that's what stops me from doing those things.

    Anyways, I just wanted to get this out there...  I'm part of a mental health group that likes to make lunch when we get together, the woman that is leading the group figured we should all bring in recipes to make and a girl in the group is also from the same reservation as my family is(I'm guessing that she's actually a distant cousin because she was talking about her family today once I'm thinking about it) and she brought in a recipe for how her family makes indian tacos, which is pretty much like a taco except you make fry bread and lay all of your delicious ingredients on top of it it's pretty good and there's many ways to make it!  It all made me feel sad because I still feel like what happened between my mom is unresolved but at the same time it reminded me about all the things we did with fry bread.  Whether it be driving around the rez during the summer, going to people's indian taco sales and driving to the graveyard to have them with my grandparents or to one of the parks and just watch the river or the ferry.  Or watching my mom make the fry bread recipe that's been in the family since her great grandmother, like the times she would add garlic to the recipe and the whole house would smell of garlic.

    From my understanding, making fry bread could be a very tiny form of resistance.  Allow me to explain.  From what I've been told, fry bread hasn't always been a "traditional" recipe.  It comes from the time when indigenous folks were forced onto reserves and the government were trying to beat the native out of the indigenous by controlling what they eat.  The indigenous were limited in what they received: flour, lard, powered milk, you know, very basic things.  The government were trying to starve the indigenous people so they began to make fry bread as an "F U" to the government and they were too stubborn to die of starvation.

    It made me sad thinking about all that while making my own indian taco but thankfully, the lady leading the group knew that I felt that way and was there to let me ramble on about my emotions at the time, it was helpful for me.  I probably looked and sounded like a mess but I got through it.  Unfortunately, my mom never shared her recipe for fry bread with me but now that I have a different fry bread recipe to use, maybe things aren't so bad.  Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me that I need to move on with my life, my mom is her own person, whether I agree with what she does or not that's her decision to make.  A part of me wants her to be a part of my life but if she feels I'm not up to par with what she expects of me, it's better that she isn't here for me.  Maybe it's better that way, maybe it's better that we're apart so that I can finally be the person that I want to be, be someone that I can wake up knowing is doing the right thing for his own future.  So yeah, my rant on fry bread, there you go...

    Image result for rarity gif

  2. Ponies, changelings, other sentient beings. This one is going to be some feels. Today is thanksgiving, and despite it's rather controversial history, i got a few users id want to thank.

    Our first pair is @WiiGuy2014 and @Maple Bat. Thank you for being so nice, and letting me hop in your roleplay. I appreciate it. Even ithey helped me get over some other fears.

    another one is @Kyoshi Kyosh, as much as life hits you, always continue to do what you love doing, even if others think its bad. It makes you happy, so be it. And you are probably one of the coolest people ive talked to.

    another pair is @meme and @Trottermare Galamane. Meme, thanks for the funny one liners, i dont why, but i appreciate it. T ntinue doing you. And trotter, thanks for spamming my notifications posting wonderful artwork. I love it.

    a couple of ponies id like to thank for on the other side (EQD) "Shadow dash" and "Bakaarion". As much as their rivalry in "last to post" may drive me nuts, i love them for the basis that they are walking memes and i love it.

    back to mlpf. @Trotteur Sauvage, thanks for posting in the forum games so much, i enjoy it! (Although we really have to stop meeting like this)

    Thats pretty much it, although there are many, many others im thankful for.

    i highly appreciate all of your company, and i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoy lots of Turkey! (Dont tell fluttershy, though). :D 

    Have a great thanksgiving, and as always, may the embers of hope burn on!

  3. My new film was just uploaded and I wish to simply share with fellow bronies. 


    A Stroke Of Endurance" a film by Margot Cole, the writer and director of “Drama Sighted” “Only Those Who Limp Allowed”   and “Crips Not Creeps”  


    Synopsis: Crip Video Productions presents a story of friendship,faith and endurance…A college student with Cerebral Palsy named Ava, and her classmates must deal with the physical and emotional ramifications when their professor has a stroke that leaves him disabled in the middle of the semester when they least expect it. 


    Please note: The disabled characters in this film are all portrayed by actors with disabilities. The use of the word “Crip” in “Crip Video Productions” is not meant as an offense to anyone associated with these films or otherwise. We have full permission to use the locations seen in the film. Crip Video Productions’ mission is to increase understanding of disability through storytelling. This film has cursing and some intense scenes and may not be suitable for children under 13. 


    “A Stroke Of Endurance” is the sole property of Margot Cole/Crip Video Productions.  

    More information and accessible versions of our work, can be found at  and at

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    If a family member of your's was to suddenly combust and turn into a pony, what would you do? 
    (Silly answer's expected) :) :D

  4. As a person who is a huge music addict, I want to start up a series of blog posts where I discuss a song per week, explain it's lyrics and why it has meaning to me. Today, we're starting with a great song from Paramore's 3rd studio album "Brand New Eyes" titled Careful.



    I settled down a twisted up frown
    Disguised as a smile, well
    You would have never known

    I had it all
    But, not what I wanted
    'cause hope for me was a place uncharted and overgrown

    You'd make your way in
    I'd resist you just like this

    You can't tell me to feel
    The truth never set me free
    So, I did it myself

    You can't be too careful anymore
    When all that is waiting for you
    Won't come any closer
    You've got to reach out a little more
    More, more

    Open your eyes
    Like I opened mine
    It's only the real world.
    A life you will never know

    Shifting your weight
    To throw off the pain
    Well you can ignore it
    But only for so long

    You look like I did
    You resist me just like this

    You can't tell me to heal
    And it hurts remembering
    How it felt to shut down

    You can't be too careful anymore
    When all that is waiting for you
    Won't come any closer
    You've got to reach out a little more
    More, more

    The truth never set me free
    The truth never set me free
    The truth never set me free
    So, I'll do it myself

    You can't be too careful anymore
    When all that is waiting for you
    Won't come any closer
    You've got to reach out

    Can't be too careful anymore
    When all that is waiting for you
    Won't come any closer
    You've got to reach out
    More, more

    To start, I'm gonna explain the lyrics and some interpretations of each part of the song.

    "I settled down a twisted up frown
    Disguised as a smile, well
    You would have never known"

    The song opens stating that Hayley has settled on keeping a "twisted up frown", basically stating she is showing a fake happiness, but the person this song is aimed at has no clue- they're oblivious to how Hayley Williams actually feels on the inside, unsure of the future and unknowing of who she can run to in a time where everything was changing.

    "I had it all
    But, not what I wanted
    'cause hope for me was a place uncharted and overgrown

    You'd make your way in
    I'd resist you just like this

    You can't tell me to feel
    The truth never set me free
    So, I did it myself"

    The first few lines in this section show that while the band was extremely popular and successful, Hayley didn't have what she wanted as the thought of hope was unknown to her and never before traversed, hence the description of it being overgrown. One could also take it as while the place of hope in her head was unexplored, it was growing at a fast rate. In the next two lines, she writes about someone possibly entering her life and trying to help but she's resisting it every step of the way, leading to her saying 'You can't tell me to feel', showing that she doesn't want this person trying to tell her to have different feelings, or even to feel at all. The two lines after that are Hayley saying that while hearing the truth hasn't ever set her free, she can set herself free from all the pain and past experiences, but it'll be on her own terms, and by herself.

    "You can't be too careful anymore
    When all that is waiting for you
    Won't come any closer
    You've got to reach out a little more
    More, more"

    The chorus is a hard hitting one. In this, you can really feel and relate to the struggle of being close to everything you've wanted, but it's just not close enough and it's up to you to reach further out and keep going even when the odds are against you. Life has gotten them up to this point, and this is Hayley saying that if they want to progress, they have to work through their issues to go farther.

    "Open your eyes
    Like I opened mine
    It's only the real world.
    A life you will never know

    Shifting your weight
    To throw off the pain
    Well you can ignore it
    But only for so long"

    In this stage of the song, Hayley has her eyes open and she finally sees everything for what it is, and wants this person she is speaking to to open their eyes too. She tells them that it's only the real world, but this person is stuck in an alternate reality and sees things in a very different way from what it really is- and she makes sure to tell them that they'll never know the real world like this. Then, a very blunt and truthful statement is made- that you can shift your weight and ignore the pain for awhile, but it can only be ignored for so long, just because you push it to the back of your mind doesn't mean it hasn't gone away. You need to deal with it before it truly fades.

    "You look like I did
    You resist me just like this

    You can't tell me to heal
    And it hurts remembering
    How it felt to shut down"

    Now, Hayley has escaped the situations she was stuck in during the first half of the song, and now the person she is speaking to is in that position. The first two lines draw parallels to the beginning of the song, however, they are changed to be in reference to the target of the song. She tells them that they look just like she did when she went through it, and they're resisting exactly like she did, but the person needs to hear it. The verse wraps up before the final chorus comes in by Hayley saying that she can't be told to heal as once you've gone through so much, those scars can permanently change a person. To her, it still hurts to remember how it felt for her to shut down back then, but she couldn't sit there anymore and decided to take matters into her own hands to fix things and now the person she seems to be speaking to is going through the same process Hayley went through.

    Onto my attachment to this song..

    This song was one of the first I heard from Paramore. Everything that this song is encapsulates my feelings and recent events in life. I always had a fake smile on, when inside I was crumbling and depressed. But no one I was friends with would've known, they didn't care. And I had it all, a girlfriend who I thought I loved, friends that seemed good at the time, but I didn't know hope. When I was realizing that I wasn't happy and I had good friends who were trying to get me out of a relationship that was tearing me apart, and were trying to genuinely help me, I resisted at times because I thought things would just work out. I didn't want anyone telling me how to feel but it wasn't much longer until I stopped lying to myself. No matter how often I was told the truth, it wasn't what saved me. I was helped by my friends and I had to force myself to do what I needed to do. Life doesn't wait for you. That fact was something I realized in the past few months. I wanted to change, and I had to make it happen. For once, I reached out for myself and I've been thankful for doing so ever since as I've gotten out, gone to games with friends, gotten into new hobbies, and life has been looking up since. Now, I have friends and acquaintances going through similar things and not realizing the same things I did. I finally had open eyes, but they didn't. Everything I had to say was just pure reality and what needed to be said, but if they weren't willing to listen, they'd never know. Lately, I've come to accept and realize I've only been pushing sadness and resentment to the back of my head, and ignored it for so long until just a few days ago, and I have been working to deal with the emotions so I can move on. Friends I have are now going through the cycle as well, and some are resisting the truth just like I had. I can't act like my mental scars and damages will disappear, I've gone through so much hell behind the scenes in the past 4 years that I've stopped caring about repairing it all. I still remember the day I just shut down and shut everyone out because I wanted it all to stop, and it hurts to know I got to that point.

    Thankfully these past 2 months have been extremely good to me and I'm happier than ever, just working through a big emotional mess (hence why I made this blog post, to get some of that out lol)

    That's my introspective for this song. I can really relate to this song line-by-line as I have an experience to match each one. That's a huge reason it's on my top 10 list of songs (which I will make someday).

    Thanks for reading!


  5. So this past weekend, my friends made the funniest video I’ve ever seen. (Sorry, it’s not on YouTube)

    That’s a blanket claim, I know, but this was hilarious. They made a Pokémon-style video where they are all fighting with plastic lightsabers, and edits made cringy-as-heck explosions in the background. After that, one of my friends takes out his phone, and pretends to call in an air strike. Then the screen goes black, and white text appears on it:

    Suddenly, a wild Apache Attack Helicopter appears. . .

    Then, this little cut out image of an A.A.H. flies slowly across the screen and drops a bomb, aka a troll face, which, when it hits the ground, grows bigger until it fills the entire screen, then the screen fades to white. 


    We died laughing. 

  6. Eh, on this blog I'll probably only post stuff like TV and movie reviews, theories, annnnnnnnd, you guessed it, rants! I would suggest you if you don't like ANY of the stuff above, you probably should go somewhere else. for the anger to express! If you ever had downloaded this game, you may have noticed the game has gotten more expensive. Like the token update! It released Countess Coloratura and rara (the SAME ponies, btw), the tokens have made the game worse, most tokens require MULTIPLE WATING times to get one ex. the pink and blue music notes, these quests mainly require like 72 hours of wating time! Of course, LIKE GAMELOFT, they HAVE to make the ponies like 800 gems if you don't want to waste your other gems wasting them on USELESS ponies that you pretty much only got to get a VERY RARE 1 TOKEN that BARELY is actually WORTH WAITING FOR! There is one pony that costs 25 pink and blue music notes, lets add and calculate, shall we? it would probably equal like 1,489 hours! Also, some of the ponies in canterlot and crystal empire are like 657 gems and 700! So, you would need to spend like $100 in order to get ONE pony! I may also mention that a bundle that ONLY includes cheese sandwich, houseplant shop (it DOES grant gems when the item is being complete)and 100 gems that cost $49.99 which = 50 dollars! All of this proves gameloft ONLY wants money, so they sell one pony at sky-high prices!, including 50 dollar bundles!

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    Sometimes there's a lot going on on my mind late at night. With mainly pertaining on my classes and such, I'm just trying to make it to the end of the tunnel, it just feels. The anxiousness, the doubtfulness of a long path traveled until now when it's so vital to make sure nothing goes wrong. I'm pretty worried and weary from all of this and I know it has affected my time here unfortunately. I hope to make the best of everything I possibly can and until then, is when I can start finding rest.

  7. Back about a week ago, Mozilla announced Firefox Quantum, their newest, and greatest, version of Firefox yet.

    I decided to drop Chrome for a week and try this new Firefox as my daily driver.

    Here's my opinion on it

  8. For today only, me and my dad went up to Anaheim to check out Equestria LA.  The reason why I went up there was for one reason: Pacific Ponycon was having the Winter off, and I figured I check out a Pony convention while waiting for Comic-Con to come back(Speaking of which, I have my pass for Comic-Con 2018 reserved.  So I am ready)

    First off, I went over to the Autograph panel to meet Chiara Zanni, voice of Daring Do.  I also reunited with Vincent Tong and Tara Strong.  They all enjoyed my artwork that I gave them.  But Tara thought that one piece of art I did was done on canvas and scanned onto the computer.  It wasn't.  All of my work was done in Artrage 5.   Later tomorrow, I will show off my Equestria LA artwork.

    On a side note: I showed Tara a SFM Video I did of Lord Tirek stealing candy from Flurry Heart.  She thought it was cute.

    After a small break, I went back to Autographs to meet up with Jim Miller.  Besides giving him some of my art, I also talked with him about the Nintendo Switch(Which he owns) and some games to check out(Ex: Doom, Skyrim, Steamworld Dig 2 and Sonic Mania).  And I got him to try to give me a wet willy.  XP

    I did manage to get into the exhibit hall at some point.  There, I reunited with Andy Price and got to comission him to draw my two Original Characters Wanda Young and Abigail Albright.  And I got to say: He did a great job with them.  I'll show them off sometime down the line.

    And I finally did some panel watching with my dad.  First, it was near the end of another panel involving Storyboards.  There were some talking about fan art, and the use of fair use, that it's okay to sell some of your pony art if you're not competing with Hasbro, considering in some ways, they're light on this.  I was able to show them my 2 characters Wanda and Abigail just to show them what I can do with OCs(That are not Pony-Related)

    And then the main event: Pony Mad Libs.  Early ago, I donated a dollar and a noun for the Mad Libs panel: BATMAN!  And sure enough, Tara Strong got a chance to say Batman, much to my delight.  But....some fool also threw in 2 nouns: Princess Sunbutt.  This lead to the idea of Batman switching PRincess Sunbutt's cutie mark.  (Where's Nicole Oliver when you need her?)

    I was able to ask a question to the panels(But not before pretending to be in a fast food joint by saying "Yes, I Would like the double hay burger topped with szechuan sauce. XP)  What was it like to had your voice with June Foray?  Sure enough, Tara did meet June Foray in person, when the late actress got her award.(Fun FacT: I've seen the late June Foray in person at Comic-Con 2009.  RIP June)

    Finally, it was back to the Autographs for one more round.  Except this time, the lines were long, and I was sweating it out.  I needed to also leave for home because my mom was gonna hace dinner with some friends of hers.  But at the last moment, my dad was able to help me out.  Turns out, I should have pointed out my special needs status(I have Autism), considering that I get anxious in lines.  As a result, I was able to meet up with three more guests.

    1) Gabriel Brown: He also liked my artwork of his character in a nod to Michael Jackson's Leave Me ALone.  It's also something I suggested to him with Michelle Creber

    2) Andrea Libman: Finally.  As with the others, I gave her a copy of my art: This time of Fluttershy as a Jedi yelling "EAT LIGHTSABER, JERK!"  I almost forgot my autograph from her.  DOH!  But I did give her a flash drive containing music that I enjoy, mainly so she could enjoy it(Plus some PC/Mac games).

    3) Lauren Faust: The first person invoived with MLP:FiM that I met back at Wondercon 2012.  She enjoyed the designs of my characters(And the drawing I did of Twilight and Starlight).  We got a picture op together.  But I did ask her questions

    a: Why not have the title of Prime for Celestia and Luna:  Her answer: Too Sci-Fi

    b: Why isn't Pinkie Pie a bit more like Bugs Bunny?  Her Answer:  Because we already have a Bugs Bunny.  XP


    Anyway, that's out of the way.  Besides autographs, I did buy a Starstruck Plushie.

    TWo notes before I close this. 

    Note 1: It's really sad that this is Equestria LA's final year.  Which means this was my only experience at Equestria LA.  And minus the waiting in line at the Autographs, I did enjoy myself and have a fun time.

    Note 2: As of now, I am DONE With Conventions for the rest of this year.  I have done Pacific Ponycon, San Diego Comic Fest, Anaheim Wondercon, San Diego Comic-Con and Equestria LA.  I started this year with a Pony Convention and I ended it with a Pony Convention.  For now, I must rest till March, when Wondercon returns to Anaheim, and then San Diego Comic Fest.

  9. MGSV:


    Killzone Shadow Fall:


    --Trophy Earned: Decorated( Earn a total of 500 accolades )(Silver)(Very Rare 06.35%)

    --Trophy Earned: Multiplayer Elite( Complete 400 challenges )(Gold)(Very Rare 05.84%)

    --Trophy Earned: Scout( Max out any upgradable Scout ability )(Bronze)(Ultra Rare 03.87%)


    Uncharted Drake's Fortune:

    -Story while Friend watched per Share Play

  10. About a week ago, I was babysitting my niece when I decided to show her my UV flashlight. This led to us looking for fluorescent markers and crayons and we ended up doodling. Later, I decided to add some glow to one of my old sketches.

    Here it is in normal lighting:


    And here it is under blacklight:



    Thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing.

  11. Notes: A few points to go through:

    1. The entire review will contain very heavy spoilers for the movie. As such, it's contained under a spoiler tag. If you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, don't click and leave.
    2. There won't be any comparisons or contrasts with the TV series, judgment of whether the movie does something better or worse than the TV series, or whether continuity's reinforced or contradicted.
    3. No judgment of existing show characters as IC, OOC, and/or flanderized.
    4. The movie is being judged as a movie, not a continuation of the series. So if you're expecting me to praise or criticize the film for sticking true to or contradicting continuity, click back now.


    When My Little Pony: The Movie was announced in 2014, excitement spread across bronydom. A franchise with a growing reputation during the 2010s and a humongous following was going to be on the big screen. Over the years, anticipation increased, and bronies collectively became more excited to see it. Opening in the U.S. on October 6, 2017, the FIM Movie invites you on an adventure with seven lovable characters in the hopes of saving Canterlot, Equestria, and the wondrous Festival of Friendship. The adventure is a boatload of epic with a side of optimism, a touch of cynicism, a cup of thematic juice, and two spoonfuls of flaws that really prevent it from reaching its full potential. After all's mixed into the pot, boiled, and simmered for 99 minutes, it finishes as a good movie.


    One summer day, Princess Twilight Sparkle is leading and organizing the upcoming Festival of Friendship, an international event attracting folks around the world to celebrate the Magic of Friendship. The mane attraction is a concert by Songbird Serenade, a famous pegasus and hell of a singer. Soon after her arrival, a mysterious ship crashes the party (figuratively and literally). Grubber introduces everyone to Commander Tempest Shadow, who orders the Princesses to surrender Equestria to her and the Storm King, or else. When the princesses refuse, Tempest and her army attack, imprisoning everyone and turning every princess but one into stone. The Mane 6 and Spike escape, setting off to find what a panicked Celestia described to Luna as the "Queen of the Hippos" in a faraway land beyond Equestria.

    Unlike the optimistic and friendly Equestria and Canterlot, this movie challenges the Mane Six's nerves and hopes every step of the way. Unlike what the previews, commercials, and Pony's rep suggest, this movie is dark. Despite being rated PG for mild action, the thematic elements justify it, and, boy, are they (and the audience) tested. Immediately after fleeing their homeland, adversity crosses their path.

    The desert leading to Klugetown is a wasteland of carcasses. Exhaustion and dehydration leak onto their eyes and through their mane. Pinkie's conversation with a skull, a spider crossing her face and over her eye, and exaggerated deflation reflect their desperation and desolation of the desert. Every antic by her is a few links in a chain of black comedy, blending seamlessly and hilariously into the atmosphere of yellow, gold, and brown. Every joke here strains their confidence and increases their urgency for water and shelter.

    Each encounter is divided into a section. In Klugetown, Capper scares away desperate goons by describing a fake disease that would eventually cause them to lose parts of their bodies (punctuated by a well-done penis joke). After escaping for their lives from a pursuing Tempest and Grubber, they stow away in an airship, where they meet Captain Celaeno, the leader of a group of parrot pirates that eventually became the Storm King's slaves. After fleeing again in the nick of time, they finally arrive at Mount Aris and eventually meet both Princess Skystar and Queen Novo in Seaquestria. Each scene carries a song and eventual outcome that affect the Mane Six and those they meet both positively and negatively. Despite its obvious structure, the variation of how each encounter begins and ends doesn't make the story behave like a virtual checklist. Energy ranging from calm to tense, depending on the present circumstances, progressed each scene and moment on screen.

    Nevertheless, pacing is an issue here, particularly in Act 2. Klugetown was established fantastically. In just a few minutes, we understand their culture, way of life, government, and overall vibe. More of this explained in a list a few paragraphs below. However, the development of the pirates' way of life and Seaquestria is underwhelming.

    On Celaeno's skiff, the audience knows how the pirates used to work. The stored treasure, Cel's portrait behind the Storm King's logo and flag, and expanded mast are bright, colorful, and lively. Unfortunately, exposition confines much of their past. We're forced to believe what they say, how they say it, and if their past was genuine. It took to the end of "Time To Be Awesome" to fully realize the reality of their history. That ain't enough. What if the audience, through flashback, saw the pirates' way of life prior? What can you make them as characters feel important to the story? What drives their culture? What made them give up how they once lived? Why do they fear the Storm King so much beyond working for his brand? What wishes do they have to convince them to stand up to the Storm King without fear? Most of their culture and rich history is arrested, so it's hard to gravitate to them as a whole, particularly when Celaeno's the most thorough of the crew.

    Seaquestria is extremely disappointing. Who do we see 95% of the time? Princess Skystar and Queen Novo. Skystar has to explain to them (and, thus, the viewer) how it came to form (although done rather humorously). Unfortunately, until One Small Thing, we knew jack shit how many seaponies lived under Aris. When they came out, Seaquestria breathed with life. Fun luminated underwater throughout Ingram's catchy jam, and it was hard for Novo to ignore it.

    Unfortunately, other than that seaweed wrap message that Novo was so eager to get and the vivid atmosphere, what exists of their way of life? What do we know about their relationship with Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance; why is Novo so integral to them? Nada on both. In fact, Celestia's sense of urgency to bring Novo to battle was dropped following their escape to Cel's skiff.

    Nothing about their culture is seen in the film. Life down there remains empty. For all we know, they may be lazying and sleeping their days away. The other two settings and Aris's desolation above ground suggest hopelessness and/or frightfulness of the King. But Seaquestria suggests boredom, not fear. After Twilight was caught trying to steal the orb, Seaquestria was absent. While you can guess how Cel, Capper, and the others escaped from their wreck in the sky, there's no secondary scene between Skystar and Novo to make us feel for Skystar's plight to join her friends. As is, Seaquestria lacks a damn about life around them. Other than acting as the catalyst for Twilight's character arc, the third location and the seapony populace contribute nothing to the story, period. I'll get back to Seaquestria and especially Novo later.

    If there's one word to describe this foreign territory, it's "cynical." And, no, not in a mean-spirited way.

    1. Slums and gangs clog Klugetown, and corruption is rife wherever you look. In one shot, a merchant sold horns to customers to make end's meet. While the inside of Capper's mill is beautifully rendered, the exterior of the homes looks unclean and corroded. This scene is an exercise of how color theory and games of light and shadow translate into a specific mood. Capper's song has a twinge of hopefulness, yet doesn't mask the dangers lurking everywhere. Simultaneously, if you don't con, your life will suck.
    2. Altogether, Celaeno's airship isn't creepy. Bringing that tone comes from how she and her pirate gang have to survive. Clearly, they hate the Storm King and don't desire to harm anyone, but the Storm King plays a mind game by forcing them to work everyday except for a quick half-hour lunch with piefuls of icky muck. The pudding's disgusting, but are treated as part of their job, and the grossness ain't detailed, making the joke funny.
    3. Mount Aris's village is a pure ghost town. Buildings lay abandoned in a sea of blueish gray, courtesy of the King's rampage. It was unsettling and (probably) fits the current reality of hopelessness among our heroes (and maybe the seaponies' boredom below).

    The Mane 6's social norms and morale butt with the grim realities of their new allies and the places they visit, either intentionally or not. This clash creates an adverse effect on the ponies, Twilight in particular, and simultaneously is the home of tremendous visual effects and jokes. Plenty of the comedy lands, but sometimes they don't. At times, the ReMane Five and Spike sometimes act casual when facing high stakes, or jokes are inserted during time of great peril, downplaying the tension. As the M6 fled for their lives, Pinkie hopped on a rope that held down Celaeno's airship, as if she took it as a game, and nearly fell to her death. When the pirates stowed them away to hide them from Tempest, loud, clumsy jokes all but disrupted their cover.

    The worst source of downplayed seriousness is their plunge from Celaeno's ship. Halfway down, Pinkie stopped screaming and enjoyed it. Rarity temporarily stopped screaming to admire herself in a mirror, much to AJ's chagrin in the background. Rainbow Dash grumbled when Twilight rescued her. This is a really serious moment where all seven could potentially die, but easy jokes killed the mood and cheapened Twilight's daring heroics. Thanks to the poorly timed comedy, it's the film's third-worst scene. Rarity's "OH, FOR CELESTIA'S SAAAAAAAAAAKE!" saved it from further disaster.

    Conversely, the ReMane Five never let up on what drove all seven into forming their bond. Despite being let down, scared, or grossed out by what they see, they provide Capper, Celaeno, and Skystar hope. Rarity fixes and tidies Capper's coat to thank him for helping them. Dash confronts Celaeno's doubt and fear of The Storm King and encourages them to be themselves again. Under Mount Aris, Pinkie convinces Skystar and the rest of the seapony population into having fun. Even at the face of danger, they never relent their optimism and ability to spread the Magic of Friendship to those in need. Their neverending positivity ebbs off them and influences their decisions to help them when they suddenly felt down and hopeless.

    Yet, when the story got serious, it doesn't pull punches. Act 1 finely established how credible Tempest is as a threat by making her a great fighter and warrior. Her army of Storm Creatures was terrifying and ruthless. If the concert canopy didn't catch a stone-case Luna as she fell, she would've been killed — one of the many times heroes faced death in the movie. Minus the plunge, the story emphasizes the panic, danger, and impact of the dire situations they face well. One of the best is their near drown after being flushed into the cavern underneath Aris. Twilight's panic, inability to hold onto her breath, and slow blur to black emphasize the graphic nature of their quest and place a picture in our heads of the terrors in every corner, whether it looks friendly on the surface or not.

    There are three other weaknesses in the story, but those will be covered in other sections. Altogether, it's decent, despite some annoying hiccups.


    MLP:TM is animated with Harmony, a software product developed by the Canadian company, Toon Boom. It's widely popular in the professional world for its ability to create wonderful, professional-quality 2D animations. Aside from this film, others are animated with Harmony, including The Simpsons Movie, Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water, and The Princess and the Frog. One of the best animation projects ever published from the fandom was produced with Harmony. Suffice it to say, the quality's similar to that from the Disney Renaissance:

    If there's one word to describe the 2D animation, it's "breathtaking." So much of what's rendered and drawn feels majestic, awe-inspiring, and real. Canterlot Castle, especially the throne room, is absolutely beautiful. Each color, detail, and thought put into making it look genuine for Princesses Celestia and Luna to sit together makes you take it seriously. Compare the castle and throne room to an oil painting: Paint the shape of the building, then the highlights and shadows, and finally the more intricate details in the spire, windows, doors, and walls. Constructing that castle, whether digitally or traditionally, is creating a work of art.

    The clouds are some of the most realistic looking I've ever seen in a 2D animation flick. That little fuzz creates a smooth edge, blending into both the sky and the rest of the background. When stepped up to tremendously amazing effects, you influence a mood that reaches to the audience; one of their best animated sequences is the interior of the tornado. Each counterclockwise layer makes the cloud deliciously tense. The layers create depth, and the further it looks, the more it blends into the sunny yellow background; the number of layers, use of tint and shade, shape, and you and the characters staring up at it creates the illusion of it rising thousands of feet into the sky. Add the dirty, brownish gray, and the varying speeds; the action becomes incredibly threatening.

    On the other hand, the breathtaking animation isn't only confined to dull yellows. In most of the film, something colorful blends with the animation. Every song is backed by very high-quality animation, and each frame, movement of the characters, and effect traps some type of mood. The two to really do it best are as follows:

    • The sequence of Open Up Your Eyes. Unlike others in the film, this villain song is really down to Equestria, but discussion of the song itself will come later. Every single camera angle (including an excellent wide shot of Twilight in the cage before zooming into her); close up of Twilight; Tempest's walking, head movement, and eye gestures enhance the atmosphere.

      Once the animation style alters (led by a clever transition of zooming into her left pupil), the animation starts to really shine. The flat, paper-esque design of Tempest as a filly, the other ponies, and home is very nostalgic, and childlike, setting the tone of Tempest's flashback. Initially, everything was bright and cheerful. Then it transitioned into very muted grays, immediately foreshadowing the terrible consequences ahead. After her horn was sliced off, the animation's colors dulled a tad. Nothing was so bright or happy anymore, reflecting what Tempest went through as a filly all the way into adulthood.

      Why is this contrast from the detail-oriented design of Equestria so important? Because it forces us to reflect on her trauma and listen to her side of the story. To use simple design reminds adults not only childhood memories, but connects children to Tempest, too. More about her and the flashback later.
    • The animation during One Small Thing. If this doesn't prove how breathtaking the Harmony animation is, I don't know what will. Nothing about it is lazy or uncanny. Every ounce of effort is put into the animated sequence to show fun and optimism. When it's lighthearted and fun, the animators have more mouse room to be as creative and loose as possible. Each color, gradient, and character movement signifies creativity. Very clever of the animators (and writers) to use Shelly and Sheldon to introduce both Skystar and us to this song, as well.

      If I had to choose just a couple of examples, they're the shell mirror and the spiral leading to Pinkie and Skystar dance-swimming at the top.
      • The pearl white color and characters staring down at it brings a tremendous mirroring with a kind of warp to indicate sections and roundness. A visual game akin to a fun house. Before the scene ends, the camera retreats, showing Pinkie's hoof. Immediately, that illusion of size catches the viewer by surprise: Rather than playing and quitting the game, a subtle transition layers it more, leading to Pinkie to attaching it on a necklace for Skystar.
      • Meanwhile, Pinkie and Skystar's chemistry and desire for fun ebb off others, attracting other seaponies to join. Each of them share a common bond; even when two bubbles temporarily separate them as they dance, their chemistry and leads as singers lead a visual cue by merging the two bubbles together. As they sing, a conga of joyful seaponies follow the RM4 upwards in a spiral. As the seaponies disappear, the trail of bubbles and gradient of light purple-to-dark-blue force our eyes to the center of the scene. When it gets too big, the background and bubble explode in a beautiful sea of bright blue and white, turning the dark, cavernous beauty of Seaquestria into a climax of excitement.

    Yet, the camera jolting back and zooming into Tempest's pupil are only two of many really excellent transitions featured in the film. Other favorites include:

    • Puffer!Spike spinning very close to the camera, transitioning from the RM5 blowing bubbles from the bubblefish to Skystar and Pinkie's dance.
    • A betrayed Queen Novo activating the Pearl of Transformation. When the camera zooms close, it fades to a hopeless white and returns the viewer ashore to the dull ocean waters.
    • In the credits, trash is collected into a black void, creatively initiating a credit scroll.
    • Tempest's maimed horn is morphed into the same ball that she tried to rescue. This one I'll tell you later in grander detail.

    While most of the animation and design are masterful, some still need work. When the CGI is evident, it can be rather distracting. The worst of the bunch are the skiffs and every piece of animation connected to it. When there's so much awesome 2D, it's underwhelming when underdeveloped CGI imagery and animation pop on the screen. This is especially the case with the plasticy lighting covering their exteriors. I'm unsure how DHX can better incorporate it, but part of me believes it's something to do with applying more money and time into the design. Additionally, as you swim closer to Seaquestria, the layers that close in and disappear beyond the screen border move too quickly. Perspective isn't easy to animate or design, but when one layer zooms a little quicker than the speed of the swim, the suspension of disbelief disappears. Granted, it's a very minor and isolated problem, yet something to keep in mind.

    In contrast, the character designs are outstanding. Minus only the baby blue halo around their eye highlights (a very temporary distraction), everything about them blends in. The ponies are simple to be memorable, yet colorful to visually indicate who's who. All of the color combinations, eye shapes, manes, tails, and clothing (if applicable) create an impression of personality for each, whether they're a pony, hippogriff, seapony, or bipedal villain like The Storm King. Capper may be the only questionable one with the strange eye design, but he doesn't stick out anywhere nearly as bad as the still art suggested, and his character compensates this.

    Character expressions and multiple angles on their faces and bodies are the models' biggest strength. Very often, they'll turn their face/muzzle as they walk or talk, displaying very complex angles. Occasionally, the face will squash or stretch, amping the visual storytelling and adding layers of character personality. Such great examples include Twilight's exhaustion in her mane and eyes as she descended from the top of the tornado with the Storm King's scepter in hoof; Capper's regret and doubt after nearly selling the Mane Six to Virko; Tempest's cool contempt of everyone at Canterlot and self-gratification in her voice and head gestures after petrifying ponies; and Twilight's sobbing on top of a rock after realizing she blew both her real chance to save Equestria as well as perhaps her friendships.

    Yet, while the animation is mostly excellent, one other grouping barely overtakes it.


    MLP:TM is an animated musical, mostly performed through an orchestra, and you can't have a good musical without a good soundtrack. So, how much does it kick ass? A grand piano's worth. It's the best part of the film.

    Just about every lyrical song, both ones that made it into the movie and the extras, is worth listening to. Whether it's a lyric or instrument, the millisecond of sound sets a tone that either permeates the rest of the song or helps other characters change their mindsets. They begin tamely, but when it reaches to the chorus, emotion pours continuously. Every voice rings with life, no matter who it is, whether they lead the tune or not.

    All of them are really good, but for the lack of brevity, how about "We Got This Together," "Time To Be Awesome," and "Open Up Your Eyes"? :P

    • We Got This Together: Pay attention to the instruments used for the music. How do you feel when listening to the harmony of sounds? Happy? Excited? Hopeful? Confident? Perhaps nervous during Twilight's spot to sing? Maybe a simultaneous combination of one or all? Every noise, combination of instruments, and volume treatment supports the lyrics sung, whether it's Dash's unabashed confidence, the higher pitches during Pinkie's turn, or the musical twining when AJ and her family signal support for Twilight.

      But the two that stand out most are Twilight's segment and the two choruses.

      Following Rarity's more quiet segment, Twilight Sparkle's — both lyrically and musically — is the most different compared to the rest. While everyone's confident and excited, she sounds mostly nervous and unsure if her Festival of Friendship will succeed or not. Who can blame her? So much weight is placed on her shoulders, it's difficult for her not to be. As one of her lyrics states, "Today needs to be perfect, it all comes down to me"; she sees herself as the make it or break it of this festival and the emotion it carries. Anything haywire, and she'll feel embarrassed.

      Conversely, usage of the word's becoming clichéd, but "excitement" best describes the chorus. Listen to the the usage of drums, cymbals, what sounds like an organ, and the volume of the choir's pitch. Nothing sounds anxious. No consideration to change their mind. Like the Mane Six and Spike, everyone's committed to their own roles and methods of participation, whether it's helping a fireworks show, preparing the banquet, directing the music, or merely hanging as part of the audience. Anticipation hangs everywhere, and concluding on a high note passes that feeling off onto you.
    • Time To Be Awesome: This song's a rally cry. A rhythm that makes you attentive to what they do and say. Revival of a pastime once believed to be a figment of the past.

      But it doesn't start off immediately as one. Dash and the happy dance of violins invite the audience, but the background music's tempo ain't quick. A song is like a story; if you wanna get to a moment, build it from something. ;)

      But in its second collection of verses, the tempo increases and, consequently, a more positive mood and more instruments. Like "We Got This Together," a harmony brings out positive energy into the song. As Dash beats back Celaeno's fears of The Storm King, the music do the same until Celaeno has to stare at her accomplishments as a pirate and "squash" those fears that cloud her future.

      When Dash says "awesome," Pinkie, FS, AJ, Spike, and Captain's gang join the song through chant. Drums begin to take over. Round Two of the doubt knockout begins. Celaeno feels this revival, but remains unsure, culminating with Dash leading her friends to be her and the gang's awesome self again. Like a boxer, Coach Dash forces Celaeno to take doubt and fears into the corner of the ring and give it a right hook to the jaw. That light pierces through her heart and decontaminates her Storm King uniform. After Round Two, Celaeno — 2, Self-Doubt — 0.

      Shackles off, joy fills the skiff. After Dash literally tosses the Storm King's orders overboard, doubt is knocked out, culminating with a call for that light known as the Magic of Friendship to fill the ship. As the pirates literally release beautiful colors that break through the dreary night, a new collection of softer instruments replace the chant and loud drum. There's no need to rally or sing anymore. It accomplished its mission and culminated in a ring of rainbows.

      Yes, Dash performing and succeeding the Sonic Rainboom was a really stupid idea, and it made no sense for anyone to encourage her. Simultaneously, is it difficult for anyone to want her to do it? Rainbow Dash and the rest of her friends want to give them something to remember them by. Dash's Rainboom brings Celaeno's epiphany full circle.
    • Open Up Your Eyes: From the first note, the song isn't as bombastic as the others prior. Like Tempest herself, the song begins angrily and bitterly. A desire to lead bleeds through a low, repetitive use of violins. At the same time, the notes and Tempest's lyrics scoped at both the Magic of Friendship and its consequences. Tempest hoped for friendship, but called them "childish wishes" to the blind. The violins agree with her, and a sharp chorus and loud instruments demand both Twilight's and our attentions.

      But there are two points that get my attention the most:

      "Don't ever count on anybody else, in this or any other land." Throughout MLP:TM, any pony who has a close relationship with other ponies or anyone else in Equestria use "everypony" or "anypony." Tempest doesn't, instead referring the ponies as "anybody." Even though she's a pony, she rejects ponykind's religious philosophy of friendship. To her, "friendship" did nothing but hurt her. Attention to little details is crucial, and that line's an excellent observation to said detail.

      The tone of both the music and her lyrics during the flashback. While the rest of it is cold and demanding, this one feels…sad. Like a twinge of regret within it. Unpleasant thoughts and memories intertwine with the soft music.

    It's a shame only the lyrical album is sold on iTunes, 'cause the background score's just as masterful. Every time it plays, it matches the tone of the characters and/or scene. If it's funny, it was loose and lighthearted. Serious, it's somber. You get my point.

    Yet, the film also understands when not to play a score. Occasionally, the script and acting handle the scene themselves. Each time, the emotion conveyed feels real.


    A good movie should require good characters. There's no absolute rule to one, but MLP:TM wants them to be believable, multi-dimensional, likeable, and relatable. Since there's more than one mane character, is there enough chemistry for us to fully buy it?

    The Mane Six (including Spike) have that chemistry. You sense a deep connection between them beyond the surface. They appreciate each other, love each other, and want the Magic of Friendship to spread beyond them. Yet, as what Pinkie said during the final battle, friendship isn't perfect or pretty. Sometimes they mess up or say something that can divide or hurt them. How they respond determines their strength.

    Individually, the depth of their personalities and roles varies, and it's a royal disappointment.

    Beyond being a background singer or the catalyst a joke, Applejack and Fluttershy are useless. Whenever they appear, it's like they exist to fill up the screen and deliver backup lines wherever possible just so the others don't clog up the script and scene. Their personalities lack dimension and motivation. Sure, they do things that matched their characters, like FS conducting her animals to create some music and AJ delivering fresh apple cider to Canterlot. But that isn't enough. The Mane Six are the film's central characters, so treat them as such. Which two had it the worst depends on your preference, but to me, it's Fluttershy. Minus the one scene where she uses her cuteness to soften a Storm Creature to the point of crying (a very hilarious scene), she's the most default in personality, speaks the fewest important lines (her two soft and empty "yays," a reference to season 1's Sonic Rainboom, are empty fanservice), and has the least amount of active presence.

    Spike didn't actively impact any of the new characters, yet was there the whole way. More often than not, he was the source of comedy. When Twilight wrote on her whiteboard instructions for the princesses, Spike followed up with some choreography…only to fall backwards behind the board. During "We Got This Together," he sneakily ate some of Rarity's gems. In the desert, he (along with Pinkie) were the center of black comedy; his face and mouth were dehydrated, and cacti penetrated his scales. But some nice moments balanced him, like drumming with one of the swashbucklers and helping Capper grill some Storm Creatures with his green flame. So what was his best scene? After Twilight fell out with her friends, Spike stayed with her and assured her everything will be okay once everyone calms down. As Tempest kidnapped Twilight, Spike escaped from a Storm Creature below and alerted her friends. So, yeah, he doesn't do much…but he does enough.

    Rarity doesn't have a song, but has her moments. Her strict attention to detail tells us how much she cares to have the set right. Even if others don't care, she does. However, to quote AJ, maybe she's a little too slow to a fault. :P That said, she has some really good moments, including:

    1. Rarity accuses someone from Klugetown of being cheap when two sand bucks were offered for her mane. :lol:
    2. She sews holes of Capper's tattered coat to thank him for his generosity. This moment catapulted his character growth later in the scene and for the rest of the film.
    3. Yelling "OH, FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE!" as the scene cuts into their fall was hilarious.
    4. After Rarity declares Klugetown may have a spa, AJ reminds her they're trying to save Equestria. She says she can multitask. *chuckle* Classic. :D

    Like Spike, could she have done more? Definitely. However, her characterization ain't default, has a direct impact on the story, and delivers some very good lines.

    Whereas Spike and three of the Mane Six are underdeveloped, the other three are much better, starting with Rainbow Dash. Every line by her oozes charisma; her personality gains shape with each action, line, and animation. Outside of Pinkie, she's the most involved of the RM5. When Twilight wanted to go on the journey alone, Dash cuts her off and reminds her they're in it together. Who's the catalyst for Cel's epiphany? Who helps convince her to leave the King? Her. She places a lot of trust into her, and justifiably so. But if there's one moment to talk about, it's Dash's Rainboom. Can you blame her for being so excited to give Cel and her gang a moment to signify their reborn life? Not at all. Nevertheless, it is stupid. She should be aware that, given Tempest's skiff, she may blow their cover. Being the most aggressive, headstrong, and overt of the M6 doesn't cut it.

    Now, before I move on to Pinkie and Twilight, time to talk about the other characters first, starting with Capper.


    Out of all the new protagonists, this cool cat's the most complex and developed. To reiterate from earlier, Klugetown is a corrupt crater along the far edges of the desert, and Capper lived there for perhaps his entire life. Wherever he goes, he understands the ins, outs, rooftops, puddles, alleyways, and whatever lurks within those deep shadows. As a result, it's obvious to us he has to con in order to survive. On a moral level, his act his to sell off the Mane Six was despicable. Yet, when the only way you can keep your damn home is to sell them to a sleazy boar, it's understandable why he did it.

    Here, Rarity's "thank you" comes into play. Even though he's using them without their knowledge, she takes precious time used to rescue Equestria from an ultimate evil to fix up his cloak. She has every reason not to mend it and make it look beautiful. So why here, and now? Because to her, it's the right thing. At this point, Capper's outlook on life changes. Maybe there is hope in his desolate town? Can he live and survive with a sense of morals? Her generosity gives him a realization that climbed up the mountain when he lied about where they were going. Remember, Tempest threatened to maim or kill him, and he's sacrificing himself so they can reach Aris before her.

    Captain Celaeno.

    Her gang is really colorful, both figuratively and literally. Their voices, postures, designs, and attitudes vary enough for you to remember them. They don't have the depth of a main character, but unfortunately are rather basic.

    Celaeno isn't that. As the leader of the swashbucklers and one of the more important characters in the story, she has that depth where some viewers may be able to understand the boredom and lost hope. She knows how much of what she used to know is behind the Storm King's branding, but they're tucked away and must follow his orders, or else. However, to echo from earlier, her character depth is hurt from how we as a people don't see how they lived before and after joining him. Hating their "job" shouldn't be enough for us to witness her change of heart and quit working under him. Some little visual moments here and there, like Cel peaking at the folded mast or slightly tearing the King's flag while glancing at it in disgust, would give us their contempt for their job while adding a little more subtlety and dimension into the scene.

    The lack of subtlety downgrades her some. Her dislike for the King, boredom, and epiphany are in your face. No matter where the camera takes you, the movie doesn't hide her arc. Having the surprise joke — the crew calling for lunch — works to give the tone a much needed break, but from a character and arc perspective, minute visual details are skipped over, leaving the scene and payoff half-full.

    Was the song fun? Hell, yeah! But it crammed the pace and lowered Cel's decision to quit to a note to progress the plot.

    Princess Skystar, Queen Novo.

    Princess Skystar is the Pinkie Pie of the new characters, and her personality is absolutely adorable. Even though she looks like an adult, she resembles a kid who desires fun. Her bubbliness contrasts with Queen Novo, a pessimistic, sassy slacker and Seaquestrian ruler. However, this dynamic lacks full-blown, hearty humor, although Skystar explains, in humorous fashion, Seaquestria's foundation. Unlike Canterlot, Seaquestria sounds like a boring sanctuary. Life doesn't pop out until Pinkie introduces some fun.

    Individually, Skystar means well, and is a fully realized character. She's bubbly and fun to be around, but also has a good heart. Her personality isn't basic; she's happy at the right time, sad at the right time, and worried at the right time. You can see what she likes and dislikes. Shelly and Sheldon (two toy shells at her disposal) kill as much time for her as possible and suggest loneliness from her. However, no matter the situation, she remains optimistic. Even when Twilight betrays everyone's trust, she's very worried about them and quick to forgive them when she meets them ashore. Her words, actions, and facial expressions beam with life.

    Yet, while Skystar's one of the best in the film, Novo is a blatant celebrity spot and the worst character of the movie. Most of her lines are forced, and she acts like she wants nothing to do with the Mane Six and land dwellers at large, even though her kind used to live on land. Sure, she claims to want to protect her kingdom, but there's a country connected to her that's asking for her help. Unfortunately, to repeat from earlier, Celestia's connection to Queen Novo wasn't referenced again following their escape from Klugetown.

    Combined with that annoying plot hole, Novo's the center of one of the worst moments in the entire film: declining to help the Mane Six and subsequently zooming away for message time. Had Twilight, Spike, or anyone refer to Princess Celestia to either her or Skystar, she would have less of a fin to stand on, and Twilight wouldn't be so driven to steal the pearl in order to be in equal power footing against the King, Tempest, and the Storm Creatures. Instead, the audience is fed bullshit.

    At the end of the "Story" section, I said there were three other weaknesses. Seaquestria's/Novo's lack of contribution after the M6 were evicted is one of them. Skystar's heart is so swell and warm that she joined the team, even though no one else from her kingdom did, including her mom. Adding one scene directly involving Novo somehow — like joining the M6 as they fight off the Storm Creatures (a scene cut from the final product) or a conversation with Skystar as she's determined to join the fight — would make her less of a celebrity spot and more fully fledged.

    • Maybe after Twilight states she failed friendship, the scene cuts to Seaquestria. Skystar defends Twilight as never failing it to Novo, and a reprise of One Small Thing (sung by Skystar to Novo directly) eventually takes place.
    • Does she wish Aris returns to normal?
    • Maybe she dreams to return to Mount Aris after The Storm King is defeated?
    • Flashbacks of Seaquestria as it builds into the paradise they once had above ground?
    • Novo feeling guilty for evicting the M6 (at the risk of nearly drowning them in her anger) and leaving Celestia out to dry? Perhaps a twinge of forgiveness for Twilight?

    Anything to make us feel for her. Unfortunately, she doesn't appear again until the final scene, well after the Storm King's destruction, implicating a complete lack of care for Equestria, her daughter, and her people. Replace her role as Queen with Skystar. Nothing will change. She's not a leader, but a flat, gutless coward. Credit to The Dragon Warlock for much of this section.

    Nevertheless, to be fair, she was rightfully furious at the M6 after Twilight was caught trying to steal their lone source of protection from him.

    Storm Creatures.

    An army that was extremely threatening went topsy-turvy in the final battle. Granted, there was a lot of decent humor, but when the Storm Creatures's strength in the beginning is really weakened, and they're defeated by only a few characters pretty easily (including Spike setting them ablaze), you're informing the audience fleeing Equestria for help abroad is pointless. A Storm Creature easily taken down into submission by a barrage of cupcakes doesn't make sense whatsoever. The whole battle against 'em is lazy and marginalizes our heroes' efforts all film long. This is story weakness #2 hinted earlier and the second-worst scene of the film. Pippy Penguin and Pony Champ are credited for this.

    So how to rewrite it to make the ReMane 5 and crew come out of it for the better? An idea is to have a huge army (with the hippogriffs in tow) return to Canterlot, free captives, and everyone holding them off. Does it sacrifice the humor present? Yes. But the story and journey will pay off better.


    Eh, somewhat generic, yet he has many good moments. As Tempest's right-hand man (or hedgehog?), he provides a nice foil, and many of his lines and acts were quite good. Although not seeing him after the resistance invaded Canterlot was a little peculiar, I'll let it go.

    Pinkie Pie.

    Rainbow Dash contributed quite a bit, but no one from the RM5 felt more complete than Pinkie. Quantitatively, she had some of the most active lines. Everything she did and said was passionate, whether she was happy, sad, angry, or another emotion. All of the M6 wear their emotions, Pinkie far more than anyone else. MLP:TM establishes this immediately, particularly to a comedic effect. Some early examples include:

    1. Adopting Twilight's nerves into her own, screaming her head off, immediately regains composure, and assuring Twilight they have her back (while telling her to "stop whining" affectionately).
    2. In her segment of "We Got This Together," she's hard at work making an enormous cake for the festival.
    3. Once they agree to venture off with Twilight to find the Queen of the Hippos (which includes a very hilarious Hungry Hungry Hippos reference :lol:), Pinkie bounced ahead and played "I Spy" with her friends.
    4. While in the desert, she talked to a skull she pulled from the sand, let a spider crawl over her left eye, cackled, coughed dryly, and deflated with an exaggerated splat in the sand.

    Yet, she ain't merely fun comically. Everything she did as she planned for the Friendship Festival is associated with fun and her desire to pass it off to her friends, Canterlot residents, visitors, guests of honor, and Songbird.

    One of her biggest strengths — her altruism — comes into play during "One Small Thing." Unbeknownst to Twilight's scheme, she takes her advice and delivers Seaquestria an ocean of fun. As stated previously, Pinkie Pie and Skystar show great chemistry via the lyrics and choreography. Their words, actions, and voices are energetic and happy, ebbing on the rest of the population, including Queen Novo. Had Twilight not get stung by the jellyfish protecting the Pearl, Pinkie (and her friends) would've gained allies to fight the King.

    Out of all of them, it makes the most sense for her to be the loudest and most honest once she realized Twilight's plan. She takes her ability to cheer others up very seriously and doesn't appreciate it when someone she's very close with tries to use her talents to trick others. The more Twilight doubles down, the angrier she becomes. Twilight declaring that she's better off without them cuts Pinkie deep. The shock and hurt from their friends immediately after makes the scene (and Pinkie's hurt) even more upsetting. Combine the facial expressions with a beautifully somber score, gray background, and crashing waves, the emotion becomes raw and cold.

    As a result, it becomes very heartwarming when Pinkie hugs Twilight twice later in the climax before anyone else, first to apologize to her and the second to greet her after she recovers his scepter. It brings permanent closure to their fight and mends their tight friendship.

    Tempest Shadow.

    Nobody is written deeper and better than her. She's the most important character, and the movie is all about her. What was her life like as a filly? Why did she become a villain? Why did she choose to join a foreign enemy, even though she used to live in Equestria?

    As the Storm King's commander, she demanded attention the second she stepped out of her skiff. The crackling magic coming out of her cracked horn; low, calculative voice; and slow blinks strike fear whenever they see or hear her. She takes zero crap from anybody, and anyone who crosses her suffers, sometimes to great extent.

    • After Luna dares her to invade, she immediately calls for reinforcements, petrifies the three princesses, captures everyone, and destroys the concert.
    • When the Storm King acts childish in front of her during their teleconference, she becomes visibly annoyed and reminds him of his promise to regenerate her horn.
    • She zaps Grubber with her unstable lightning-like magic after Grubber admits Twilight and her friends escaped Equestria.
    • In Klugetown, she tosses around a fish-like character, and as she asks for Capper's whereabouts, her cracked horn discharges while smiling evilly, telling him if he lies to her, she'll kill him. Outside Capper's mill, she electrocutes Virko after he "cute-ifies" her by playing with her cheeks.
    • When Capper tries to lie his way out, Tempest uses him as a hostage and keeps his fate uncertain.
    • She threatens to destroy Celaeno's ship if they don't tell her where Twilight is. When they find out Cel assisted in their escape to find Mount Aris, she destroys their airship and flies away, leaving Capper behind. As punishment for their deception (and in her lust to capture Twilight), Tempest Shadow attempts to murder six characters; how they all survived that massive fall into Basalt Beach is nothing short of a miracle.

    It's one thing to tell the viewer she's threatening, but another to show it. Her violence against everyone was blunt, graphic, immediate, and impactful. Her ability to remain grounded regardless of her mood rounded her as a villain and stood her out from the movie's cartoonish setting.

    Yet, MLP:TM steps up more after Tempest successfully captures Twilight. Aboard her skiff, Tempest's edge disappears, particularly once Twilight asks her why an Equestrian pony would join the King. For the first time all film, Tempest snaps, and her crackling magic electrifies Twilight's cage. At this point, the audience is introduced to her insecurity, a part of her personality foreshadowed in her teleconference with the King and Virko taunting her.

    "Open Up Your Eyes" tells Twilight her side of the story. By telling her how she originally believed friendship would help her grow into adulthood, she dropped her armor in favor of a more personal, internal conflict. At one point in her life, she was like virtually any other unicorn. Ponies liked being around her and were happy to play with her. But when an Ursa Minor (referencing Boast Busters from S1) sliced off her horn, her whole life changed.

    Recall what I wrote in the "Animation" section:


    Tempest's maimed horn is morphed into the same ball that she tried to rescue. This one I'll tell you later in grander detail.

    By showing that maimed horn twirl in the middle over the black screen, the showrunners do three things:

    1. Remind us of not only Spike's words once he sees her for the first time, but Tempest's reminder to the King of their agreement and those who teased her for it.
    2. Force the audience to pay attention to it. Bright, pastel colors pop out on a black screen a lot stronger than any other background.
    3. Tell the audience to think long and hard about what would Tempest's life would probably be like if she still had one. We see her horn in gruesome detail: the outside as well as the underside. The detail increases the trauma in Tempest's flashback. Losing a horn is a very mortifying event for a unicorn or alicorn, because their magic comes from it.

    As the scene closed, an aura occasionally flashed, and magic crackled around it; her horn transformed into the same ball she tried to rescue. Why did the animation use her horn as a transition device? Because they want us to really show why losing her horn mattered so much. She wasn't able to pick up something as simple as a ball, but her magic became unstable. Fearing for their safety, nopony wanted to be friends with her, and those who were her friends found others, leaving her alone. During the most traumatizing time of her life, no one helped her cope for both her scarred face and lost horn. Her disability robbed her of a normal life.

    At this point, her backstory, morale, and motives suddenly become clearer. Why does Tempest so desperately want her horn back? Because she wants to live a normal life. Her great power isn't what she wants, for it reminds her of the day she lost it. Throughout her life, everyone treated her like a second-class citizen; a horn means them finally achieving the respect she never had, both from those around her and herself. This is why she left Equestria, abandoned the magic of friendship, and joined the King's army. She believed giving the King what he wanted would regain her self-worth.

    So, what started her eventual reform? Twilight treating her as an equal. Her remorse for what Tempest went through was probably the very first time anyone attempted to comfort her. These words made both her and us think. Would she have recovered psychologically if someone consoled her? If even as much as one came up to her, faced their fear of her discharged magic and scarred face, and stayed by her throughout, would she give up Equestria's most powerful form of magic?

    …Does the Magic of Friendship still exist inside her after all?

    The last question slowly peaks its way through the King's chaos, beginning with him dismissing his end of the bargain. At one point after he arrives at Canterlot Castle, she begins to show cracks of her once-villainous exterior. Regret begins to seep in.

    Finding out The King manipulated her to steal the Princesses' magic the entire time jump-started it even more. Battling him wasn't enough, and she held onto the Canterlot balcony for dear life to not get sucked into the tornado. The life she knew during adulthood and wish for normalcy crumbled. No one was there to save her.

    But once Tempest couldn't hold on anymore, Twilight dove to save her. At that point, they exchange the best lines in the film:


    Tempest: Why are you saving me?!

    Twilight *gently*: Because this is what friends do.

    Despite being so despicable to so many, someone cared. Tempest's reformation arrives.

    The following events — Twilight getting sucked into the tornado and gliding back down to the castle with the scepter minutes later — helps push her towards redemption. Their immediate devastation after Twi disappeared numbed her. Seeing them reunite…conflicted her. Sure, she was happy to see Twilight reunite with her friends. After all, if a terrible fight couldn't end it, what will? But…is she still be worthy enough for friendship, too? The pain she expressed during their group hug and slowly turning around shows that struggle beautifully.

    Them rescuing her after sacrificing herself to save them answers her last question. All eight working together to return Canterlot to normal marks the end of Tempest's turmoil. Yes, she knows she will never grow her horn, but for the first time…she finally comes to accept it. Even in its broken state, it's still powerful. She remains special. Twilight and her friends see her as one of them and welcome her back to Equestria. Pinkie also loves her real (and cute) name, Fizzlepop Berrytwist.

    Never regaining her horn is the right decision. Equestrian life ain't pretty: Ponies struggle, hers one of the biggest. Regrowing her horn, especially after coming to terms with her disability, undercuts her journey.

    The Storm King.

    The Storm King is both ruthless and disappointing (and story weakness #3). For the first two acts, his presence as a threat came from his army, Grubber saying his name threateningly, and Mount Aris's ghost town. The latter demonstrates his ruthlessness best, but when you leave him mostly in the background until Act 3, you're writing him passively, diminishing his credibility as a villain.

    Unfortunately, his credibility all but disappears when Tempest has to tell him why the Staff of Sacanas is so powerful. C'mon, movie. He's your top villain. He oughta know what he's capable of. For crying out loud, he destroyed the Hippogriff Kingdom! By having her tell him (and, thus, us) his plans for Equestrian conquest, the stakes become downplayed, and the King becomes incompetent. This moment here is MLP:TM's worst scene.

    Granted, when he finally appeared at Act 2's end, he showed off his limitless, newfound power. Unfortunately, he remained generically evil. There's untapped potential in him as a character. More activity from him — balancing his humor with an evil wit and cunning temper — would help round him. Or maybe make him a Voldemort-like threat: Uttering his name makes citizens panic (not a cartoony panic, either; a more down-to-earth level of nervousness) or triggers his army to show up.

    Twilight Sparkle.

    Although the Mane Six and Spike go on the adventure together, Twilight is the mane focus. For the most part, the protagonist side of the story is mostly focused on her. The villains don't show up until two-thirds of the way in Act 1, but her conflict commences sooner — fretting over how well the Festival of Friendship will go. Anything she feared will go haywire, she flusters and worries. To echo what I wrote about her verse during "We Got This Together," only she is nervous for obvious and aforementioned reasons, while her friends and the rest of Canterlot are more relaxed.

    However, Twilight's internal conflict foreshadows more moments to come, beginning after their narrow escape from Canterlot. Why does she want to go off to the Badlands, find the Queen of the Hippos, and rescue Equestria alone? One reason is her fear for her friends' safety, but there's more. As the Princess of Friendship and lead organizer for the Festival of Friendship, she doesn't want to disappoint anyone. To Tempest, her friends are obstacles, and them being involved in the trek risks their lives. For Twilight, creating this resistance against The Storm King is her responsibility. She's their only hope.

    Step 3 of her arc initiates in the hopeless, ragged, con-heavy Klugetown. Capper rescuing them gives them a direction to escape to, find hospitality, and really locate Equestria's source of alliance. Finding out Capper tried to sell them solidified an awful first impression of the Badlands on her, and Tempest arriving just after Virko only helped worsened her assumptions. Why? Because Tempest is so controlling and manipulative, and Klugetown is so cynical, Twilight can easily believe that folks from the Badlands will rat them out whenever possible, including Capper and any friend who knew him.

    The other steps that follow include:

    1. At times, her friends took the adventure for granted and worsened the problem instead of solving it. Individual examples are stated here and there throughout in the review, but to give a more organized rundown:
      1. Rarity becomes fixated at finding a spa once they find Klugetown.
      2. When Twilight tells everyone to blend in, Pinkie does the exact opposite and attracts a crowd dying for horse meat.
      3. Rarity is more incredulous at one of the merchants for wanting her mane for cheap rather than be worried for her life.
      4. Pinkie treats the entire escape from Tempest like a game. Happily running with her friends and hopping on the rope that held the skiff down nearly got her killed.
      5. During "Time To Be Awesome," everyone became more fixated at cheering up the parrots, playing with them, and letting their colors fly. To Twilight, it was like they lost focus on trying to save Equestria from the King. At one point, she grew so cross with everyone that she curled up her map and walked up to the deck to concentrate better.
      6. When Dash was about to discharge a Rainboom (much to her panic and her friends egging her on), she grew frustrated, nearly blowing up when she soft-yelled at Dash for it underneath the deck. Additionally, ponies like Pinkie nearly blew their cover by making noises.
      7. During their plunge, Rarity, Dash, and Pinkie took the idea that they might die for granted and treated it more like a game. Twilight did all the saving herself.
    2. When they hid from Tempest aboard Cel's skiff, Twilight quickly assumes they'd out their whereabouts in order to save themselves. Minutes ago, they were seconds away from being tossed overboard, but minutes later, Dash convinced them to quit the King. What if Celaeno or any one of her crew decided, under pressure, that they didn't want their gooses cooked and revealed their hiding place? Would Cel dupe Twilight and her friends, like Capper yesterday afternoon? The Badlands's cynicism and Twilight's feelings of pressure from the beginning of the film pushed her more and more from not being an antithesis of the Princess of Friendship.
    3. They discover Seaquestria, locate Queen Novo, and are one step closer to forming an army to fight The Storm King. But Queen Novo turned them down and swam away.

    Be like Twilight for a minute. If you saw and experienced everything the way she did in the span of two days, how would you feel if Queen Novo told you, "thanks, but no thanks"? Disappointed, hurt, angry? Feel like you let everyone down? Your feelings are your own, but as far as MLP:TM's concerned, can you blame Twilight afterwards for using her friends as unbeknown decoys so she can steal the Pearl? Not at all! Was her act reprehensible? Hell, yeah! But you can see where she's coming from. She's so desperate to save Equestria that she'll do whatever it takes. Sacrifice her title, the heralded Magic of Friendship, and her friends' trust for her? You bet.

    After her plan failed, her whole arc catapulted into a really dark path. This portion of my analysis of her is credited to Demon Hunter for their comment on YT (located in the quote below):


    I don't think this is a fair comparison. For one, Twilight's mistake in the movie was due to her recent experiences in the Badlands. Away from the comforts of Equestria, her values were being put to the test. I think it asks the audiences the question: "how relevant is friendship in a place like the Badlands?". Substitute "Badlands" for any inconvenient or less than ideal scenario in real life.

    For a lack of a better analogy, Twilight was turning to the darkside. She was turning into Tempest and starting to develop a "ends justify the means" mentality, just like Tempest. Her experience of a unfriendly and unfamiliar environment were slowly erroding her sense of self. She is the Princess of Friendship, in a land that does not value friendship.

    In fact, Twilight stealing the pearl is exactly what Tempest tried to do in her prequel book. The places the Mane 6 visit are the same places Tempest visited in her prequel. Given, it is never mentioned in the movie, which I think is a wasted opportunity for really driving this point home.

    The message being, it isnt enough to preach virtues like friendship. Life is complicated and following what is "right" isnt always easy or practical. This scene was just a climax of what was slowly being built up over time. Blurring the lines between hero and villain a little bit.

    If Twilight didn't have friends to confront her on her mistakes, she may have become just like Tempest.

    To expand on what DH wrote, Twilight Sparkle's path throughout the movie mirrors Tempest Shadow's. In the Badlands, she's a fish out of water. The Princess of Friendship ventures in a faraway land where The Magic of Friendship is not only weak, but devalued, as well. Every stop she visits further affirms her perspective. To her, stealing Novo's pearl and manipulating her friends was her last hope to save Equestria.

    The fact that everything went wrong everywhere they went for one or more reasons made both she and Pinkie frustrates for understandable reasons. Pinkie yelling at her for not trusting her friends was blunt, but necessary. Twilight had to be called out, and as written earlier, Pinkie was the perfect vessel for Twilight to feel that twinge in her ego. Unfortunately, Pinkie's last accusation was a trigger to further fall into Tempest's shadow:

    1. Yelling that she's better off without friends like Pinkie (and her death glare) releases her frustrations with them throughout the entire journey. To her, if they didn't butt in and made so many dumb mistakes, perhaps help would've been on the way to save Equestria.
    2. Even worse, once she finished yelling, her magic crackled and discharged exactly like Tempest, further enhancing the visual metaphor of what she's becoming. This doesn't happen with her for the rest of the film, but her words and threatening gesture were enough for her friends to feel shocked, angry, disappointed and betrayed. Twi's immediate remorse wasn't enough to probably salvage their friendship.

    As I wrote when analyzing Pinkie, the emotion and tone throughout the exchange were raw and cold. It's one of the most powerful scenes of the film.

    But there's one even more powerful, and it's the movie's best moment. As Twilight is wheeled to Canterlot castle, she makes eye contact with Songbird Serenade, who only sang "Rainbow" moments ago to remain composed. The shock and fear in Songbird's muzzle pierced her shame-filled heart so deeply that she looked away and almost began to cry. Twilight Sparkle hit rock bottom.

    So, how does she recover and rediscover the Magic of Friendship?

    1. Before she hit her lowest moment, she apologized to Tempest for what she went through. After Tempest told her friendship failed her, she retorted with a very powerful line:

      "Friendship didn't fail me. I failed friendship."

      Immediately, Twilight realizes how much she betrayed her title and Equestria's most powerful source of magic. Witnessing Songbird in her cage punished her even further.

    2. Tempest never petrified her. This made their connection with each other much more personal in both points of view. Tempest for wanting to show Twilight how pointless friendship is, Twilight for seeing Tempest — and her lifelong quest for respect — as her antithesis.

    3. Her friends never genuinely gave up on her. Even though Pinkie was immensely hurt by Twilight's threat, she still saw her as a friend. She just couldn't be with her right now and needed to spend time alone. Twilight's other friends needed time away to grieve, too. Applejack asking if it was time to apologize to Twilight was her most important moment in the entire movie: After all this time, the RM5 finally understood they shared the blame for the blemishes in their adventure, too. Realizing Twilight was kidnapped and needed help allowed them (and everyone they ran into along the way) to make it up to her and show us the Magic of Friendship is truly valuable, whether in Equestria or abroad.

      Witnessing them fight back against the Storm Creatures made her re-realize their friendship never died.

    4. When they reunite and have to retrieve the Staff of Sacanas, Twilight told them "We got this. Together." This excellent callback refers to their first song together, but rather than them reassuring her everything will be okay, Twilight said it to them. For the first time all film, she trusted her friends.

      This trust and love ebbed off one another as Twilight glided down the eye in the old funnel cloud. When everyone group-hugged her, the Princess of Friendship really re-understood how much their love meant to her. Her exhausted expression, wrinkled eyes, and contented sigh told us everything without a single word. To say it's heartwarming is an understatement.

    MLP:TM's story is about Tempest, but she wasn't the only one to have a reformation/redemption arc. Twilight had one, too, and it was beautifully told. :)


    As a longtime brony (since July 22, 2012), the announcement of Friendship Is Magic having a movie marked how far the show had already come. FIM's success as a show and overall product convinced Hasbro to give MLP a theatrical release for the first time since 1986. Even though I don't remember how I felt about the movie throughout its long production, I wasn't too hyped as it was about to be released in theaters. Let's just say it was controlled hype. :P

    Meghan McCarthy, Michael Vogel, and Rita Hsiao combined to write the script for a movie that, while might not have been a gamble financially, it could add new bronies young and old regardless of gender into the all-ages series. Reports came out saying it succeeded. Into my sixth year as a brony, MLP:TM continues to put a high-quality stamp on the franchise.

    Are there flaws in this movie? Yes. Some of them were big. Many characters contributed little or nothing and can be cut out to make it polished. Many celebrity-voiced characters are underdeveloped. The Storm King is passive and generic. Out of all four categories reviewed and analyzed, the order of best to worst is as follows:

    1. Music
    2. Animation
    3. Story
    4. Characters

    Fortunately, the anvil-load of good outweighs the bad. Despite following a familiar adventure template, My Little Pony: The Movie adds a lot of action, comedy, drama, and emotion to make it stand out. When it got serious, the script was very blunt about it. Toon Boom Harmony is an amazing program, and the animation studios did a fantastic job animating the characters, designing the sets, background, and framing the puppets. The animation itself is very expressive, leaving the writers great ability to relay awesome visual storytelling. Daniel Ingram makes his theatrical debut, and his musical talent shines. The background score is absolutely breathtaking, but his musical numbers are even better. Character-wise, Capper, Skystar, and Celaeno (despite being rushed) are really good, but Tempest is the star. The movie is her story, and McCarthy et al execute a masterful backstory, making her characterization thorough and convincing. Pinkie Pie was the best of the RM5, and Twilight's arc was handled really well.

    In all, My Little Pony: The Movie is good, worth the pre-order, and highly recommended. :)



  12. Forget about Autumn and Thanksgiving! We're skipping straight to Christmas Time, and starting by drawing a Snowpony!! :D


  13. Doom has recently been released for the Nintendo Switch. Reading reviews of the game, it seems to be hitting good notes overall, but there are some criticisms. Seeing these criticisms, and some of the limitations of the Switch made me think of something. Gamers these days love to compare their gaming preferences to each other, battling for some kind of superiority. That is human nature, really. We love to compete. It sadly takes a tone of negativity among gamers, it goes too far. People for years have been saying "This system is better than that system" "Oh yeah? My PC has a 666ghz megabun processer and rules all!" This has been even more apparent this console gen.

    Thing is, while some comparisons obviously happen. I feel many of them are not placed right. Take for example, the Switch version of Doom, while fairly competent, is obviously technically inferior to the other versions. The graphics are lesser, it is muddier looking, and the framerate is half that of the other versions, with dips below that as well. That is a downgrade for sure. Thing is, what I keep hearing is that we should not compare the Switch to the Xbox One or PS4 because unlike those two, the Switch is a handheld system. I actually agree with this. I do think comparing the Switch to the other consoles is not exactly valid as it a different type of gaming experience. Many probably agree with that as well.

    What I wish would happen though, is for people to use this same logic towards the other consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, in relation to PC's. Like comparing the Switch to its other console brethren, comparing those other systems to PC feels out of place and not accurate. Consoles and PC's offer a different gaming experience from each other. One is more customizable and technical (PC) while the other is more enclosed straight forward (Consoles). I prefer consoles myself, Xbox One in particular. It is works great for me as a gamer and I prefer its way providing me gaming content. PC has theirs and the Switch, basically in the handheld category, has its own way. I wish people would take a step back and remember the different preferences that these machines cater towards and one thing catering to one particular preference doesn't make it better than the others. 

    Comparisons will always happen, that will never end, but I want the gaming community to not be at each other's throats over what they prefer, because each thing is different in its own way and caters to different people. Unless we are talking about TIGER Electronics games. Those are just not so good. XD

  14. As some of you may know, some time ago I claimed that I would be going through the MLP:FIM series, installment after installment giving each of them a review, going into depth with each's strengths and weaknesses and just giving my overall impressions, thoughts and opinions on the different features that each season brought to the table. I was really excited going into it and, I really wanted to contribute something something into a fan-base which, I'm sure has so many other people who are older than me and more experienced than me when it comes to the show. I haven't been a brony for nearly as long as many other people have been and combined with my love, enjoyment and enthusiasm for reviewing, debating and animation in general, it was an endeavor far too tempting not to take up.

    However, off the bat, I realized that I'd perhaps bitten off more than I could chew. With 26 episodes in a Season, 7 of those seasons as well as all of the Equestria Girls movies and more, it was all just too much. I posted my Season 1 overview about 7 months ago and, I'm quite proud of it. I expressed what I wanted to and, for my first attempt at a professional review, it came out just like I wanted to. However, as time moved forwards and I started preparing my review for Season 2, which arguably as the fan-favorite season and one of the reviews that I was particularly looking forwards to, I became aware of a few...problems. And, the more and more that I pondered about these problems, more problems started coming to my attention. Too many problems for me to just go ahead and release the review regardless and, I started to realize that, perhaps my Season 1 review wasn't THAT good after all. I still have some affinity for it but...I don't know. And above all of the others, 2 problems in particular continued to irk me the more that I thought about them.

    If you'll allow me to explain my primary concerns about continuing, the 1st issue that was a problem for the 1st review and, was only ever going to become more of an issue as time went on was time management. That review was extremely lengthy to watch and analyse every single episode of every single season, complete the initial draft on paper and then to copy that out digitally, it just took too much time. Overall, that review took, approximately 12 hours to complete and, it was only going to get worse from there. Look, I'm in my final year of Secondary School, my GCSE's are coming up rapidly and my entire future is riding upon them. I despise school work as much as any rational human teenager, but in these late stages I really do have to dedicate almost all of my spare time to revision, homework and making a secure future for myself. It's not optimal but, sadly it can't be helped right now. My 2nd issue was that, maybe it's my age, maybe it's just my personality but I came to discern that many of my opinions on the series in the first place came from a multitude of sources (reviewers, advice, the general opinion of of the episode among the fan-base) were fundamentally flawed. Many of my impressions on Season 1, for example, came from an experienced critic of animated shows, a man known as John Enter, known to the majority through his YouTube channel TheMysteriousMr. Enter (I believe that it's just on word ), a person who's opinion I had the utmost of faith in. But after a significant blunder of judgement on his behalf and the increase of age and knowledge opened me up to the fact that his opinion was not fact and was rather seriously flawed. And, the more that I thought about it, the more that I perceived that this same train of thought could really apply to any source of "wisdom" or "professional"input. The purpose of these reviews in the first place was to reflect ME and MY opinions about the series and, merely repeating what others said about the same entity added nothing to the fan-base that wasn't already there. I needed to become to sure about my own opinion and to realize that it was just as valid as anyone else's and that my lack of experience was irrelevant in the long run. I could do just as well as anybody else in this area. I need to return to these reviews with more confidence in myself, that's the bottom line. And, with these problems continuing to persevere, I had 3 options. To continue the series at a steady pace and for it to be a constant obstruction to my time and school work and to be completely unsure about it at the same time, ultimately possibly becoming a risk not worth taking, to half-arse it and to limp through each and every installment, making continuous delays and false promises to you all in the process, which is something that I really didn't want to do as I want these reviews to be something that I look back on with fond memories and satisfaction in the future. Or, lastly I could endeavor in a complete overhaul of the series, which is what I've ultimately decided to do.

    So, what does that mean in terms of the near future of the series? Well, on the off chance that you enjoyed the little content that I have already posted, and want to see more of it, don't worry. I DO plan on not only continuing with the series, but also, perhaps re-doing and improving the installments that I have already put out there. However, it will not happen for some time, certainly not until I finish my GCSE's, which, hopefully will be in July. Even then, I can only give a general idea, time-wise. I'm not going to make any promises that I cannot keep, so all that I'm going to say is that it WILL happen some day, hopefully not too far from now. I sincerely apologize for letting down anybody who wanted to see this series continue in the present and for not giving any sort of explanation until this moment, I was just confused and unsure about what to do, this is new for me and I want it so desperately to be of a quality that I can be proud of. As always, appreciation for your patience and concern, this is Rarity the Supreme, and have a great night.:grin:

    One last thing actually. Just something that I want to make clear before coming back, is the schedule that I'm going I'm going to follow, just so there are no surprises when they eventually do come into existence. Comprising of every season, movie and more:

    1) Season 1 (Yes, I will likely re-do it.)

    2) Season 2 (Same story as Season 1)

    3) Season 3 (Looking forward to this one.)

    4) Equestria Girls (I've said it before, but I will be taking a look at the Equestria Girls series as well.)

    5) Season 4 (My favorite season:grin:.)

    6) Rainbow Rocks

    7) Season 5 (The season that I've seen the most of.)

    8) Friendship Games

    9) Season 6 (Another controversial season.)

    10) Legend of Everfree ( Good times with this one.)

    11) Season 7 (Just a shame that it won't be new when I get to it.)

    12) Equestria Girls Specials (A bit of an anomaly when it comes to the series, but I do plan on reviewing it.)

    13) The Movie (The definitive installment, the one that I really want to get to.)

    14) Season 8 (Because, let's be honest, by the time I get to this stage it will have definitely have released.)

    15-??) Whatever lies beyond this point.








    Image result for funny mlp memes/comics

    (I thought that it was context-appropriate:grin:.)




  15. Well it's been a while since I have used this site. Well to explain why I didn't return was the fact that I got into the game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. The game was so fun I entirely Forgot about the social world I was in. Which was this great site. I'm mostly playing as Peashooter or the All-star class. My brain still hurts from solving puzzle after puzzle in the trials of gnomus. So yeah here I am

  16. So this is probably the weirdest radio program I'v ever heard, and this is coming from someone who listens to the radio a lot and has heard many weird programs in the past. I never did catch the beginning of this program, but when I turned into the local MPR station, they were like reading a book or something on the air with people acting it out and I listened for a while and it turns out it was about this girl that slowly turns into a pony over a period of several months. At first I thought, "Wait, are they reading this off a FIMfiction or something?" because to be honest at first I thought that they were literally just reading pony TF stories off of FIMfiction and broadcasting it to thousands of listeners all across the state. I thought that they were reading a FIMfiction TF story because of how dark it actually was at some points, (and some of the stories on that website are really dark) like the girl beats up this guy who was staring at her half pony half human limbs. At the end of the broadcast I find out that it wasn't a FIMfiction TF story, but it was still a human-pony TF story from this book called "The wrong heaven", I guess in that universe you could turn into anything that you wanted too. So anyways that's by far the strangest and possibly darkest radio program I'v ever heard.    

  17. So yesterday, my package of Japanese imported Kit Kat bars arrived in the mail after a whole month of "expedited" shipping. I have decided to type up a blog about it all so far and my opinions of the flavors that I have tried.

    1) Green Tea Kit Kat:

    This one was an interesting flavor to me. As someone who has never tried green tea before (I only drink sweet tea), I had no idea what to expect from this one. It was not bad but I did taste a lot of the chocolate that was still in the bar itself so there wasn't a whole lot of distinct "green flavor" taste to me. However, it did leave a minor aftertaste but it wasn't so bad. I would try this one again but if someone offered it to be but it wasn't one that I'd be overly excited for. Overall rating: 7.5/10


    2) Raspberry Kit Kat:

    This is one of the ones that I would love to see imported in the US. As soon as you bite into the Kit Kat bar, the Raspberry flavor rushes in. It was a very sweet raspberry flavor too and pretty right on with it too. Almost as if I was actually eating a raspberry (kudos to them for achieving that). Overall, this is a Kit Kat flavor I would buy again and one that I would recommend to others too. Overall rating: 9/10


    3) Caramel Pudding Kit Kat: 

    Okay, so I didn't know what to expect with this one really. After all, I've never heard of "caramel pudding" anyways (Is it in the US?). This has been the best one that I have tried so far. The caramel flavor is very sweet. In fact, it was so good that I wanted to have another bar (don't have any more :( ). This is definitely a flavor I would buy again and recommend to others. Hopefully down the road, it will be in US stores too (one can only hope). Overall Rating: 10/10 PERFECT!


    4) Shinshu Apple Kit Kat:

    this was a flavor that was pretty mediocre to me (and I like apples too). At first It was pretty good, as if I was biting on a freshly ripe apple but then the flavor turned sour and it left a very bad after taste in my mouth that was nearly impossible to get rid of, even with soda. This is a flavor I can say that I don't recommend others to try all that much. It was a bit of a letdown flavor to me. Overall Rating: 5/10


    I have not tried all of the flavors that I have just yet so I will be making a part 2 of this review. So far, it's been a very interesting experience to try all of these different Kit Kats. I never knew there could be sooo many different flavors of them and it's been very fun to try them all too. 

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    Today’s topic: Open up your eyes, from the MLP movie soundtrack. Now, I know you might be thinking, the theme of the song isn’t the most constructive in what it’s conveying, but there’s one line or two I think you can take something from, or at least, I know I can. “If you depend on others, you’ll never find your path” in the context of the song, sure, it’s about “being alone is the best” but if you take it on its own, there’s at least one other way to interpret it. If you depend on others to make a path for you, to pull you along, you’ll never be able to find what you need for yourself. In other words, be selfish once in a while, follow your own path, not someone else’s. 

    Or, at least, that’s what I took from it.

    anyway, that’s all for now, maybe a part two will come one day. Bye for now!