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2017 Toro Rosso STR12

Posted by Vulon Bii in Motorsports blog, 26 February 2017 · 1 views

Now THAT is a sexy livery! :wub: I like McLaren's Papaya Orange, but Toro Rosso wins this one.  
The only car other than Mercedes to not have a thumb on the nose,...

Going to Lexington Comic Con

Posted by Sarge Sixteenbit in Sarge Sixteenbit's Blog, 26 February 2017 · 13 views
comic con, ed edd n eddy, cosplay and 2 more...

No, not as a special guest, fat chance. Just going to buy autographs and various collectable doodads. I'll also be seeing what ever other kinds of nonsense I'll be getting up to. 
I usually go with my friends as Ed Edd n Eddy (I'm Eddy). 

Entry 86 (Life)

Posted by Dusk Claw in DuskClaw's Blog, 25 February 2017 · 79 views
Life, Progress.

I feel like my life is in a never ending loop where I can't do anything right or correctly and nothing in my life has gone right so far and I just don't know what to do anymore and all I want to do is curl up on the couch and cry cause of what's been happening in my life and I feel hopeless at points in my life. This year alone I lost around 15 frien...

Some more questions for my Ryder

Posted by Thuja in Thuja's Blog, 25 February 2017 · 39 views
OC, Mass Effect: Andromeda

1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?
​My full name is Darius Hawk Ryder, my sister calls me "Dairy"  2. How old are you? When is your birthday?
​I am 24 years old, my birthday is on September 27.  3. Where were you born? Where do you live now? Are you patriotic?
​On the Citadel, I'm currently Stationed on the Arcturus station....

Past and Future Activities Lists

Posted by weesh in Cowtown Brony Happenings, 25 February 2017 · 59 views

Past Events!
Mad Libs : takes a bit of experimentation to get the hang of writing, but they are VERY fun, and we've had two good meetings with them. the first meeting was just as a quick activity while we waited for people to arive, but it as so popular that we did a meeting of nothing but fan-written mad libs. want to try one? CLICK HERE
Nametag game...

Giving MLPF another chance

Posted by Dark Qiviut in Dark Qiviut's Columns, 24 February 2017 · 220 views

A few months ago , I said I was packing to leave because of the culture of abuse plaguing behind the scenes. I had been preparing to leave, but as the abusive guard left their posts or departed from the site, my plans halted. For the past two weeks, I have been visiting this forum more and more. Today, I'm giving this place one more chance. This place has...

S4E07: "Bats!"

Posted by PrymeStriker in PrymeStriker's Episode Reviews, 23 February 2017 · 68 views
S4E07, Bats!

*shivering* So...much...bullshit . There was Equestria Girls , then there was "Daring Don't", and now "Power Ponies". I've only done seven reviews this year and half of them are me ranting off my dick about how stupid what I'm reviewing is. I can't keep channeling my inner Nostalgia Critic. That was what I did years ago. I need to keep up wit...

who would win? (battle of the century)

Posted by F.A.D.E in F.A.D.E's Blog, 23 February 2017 · 54 views

who would win in a fight between darth vader and nightmare moon? would it be the bringer of eternal night, or the dark lord of the sith? or would the comeback champions in the rebel alliance come in and steal the win from everybody? place your bets in the comments section.

Me on instagram and getting back to watching old mlp episodes

Posted by flurryheartlove in shiningarmorcadence's Blog, 23 February 2017 · 62 views

Over these past 2 weeks my mind has been forgetting things from mlp. So i decided to rewatch as mlp as posible in a reasonsble time period. So far ive watched all the finales but the season 1 finale,typically becuse it had no physical villian and had an internal conflict instead. Dont get me wrong,theres nothing wrong with the galla episodes.also heres my...

My return to Poetry?!?

Posted by JRex95 in JRex95's Blog, 23 February 2017 · 49 views

At least 13 years ago, when I was in Elementary, I used to write a ton of poems. I had this notebook that I wrote them in, but when I hit 6th grade, I stopped, pretty much because I lost the notebook. Now in present times, I would like to get back into poetry, and this one thought has been running through my head since 2015, but I never delivered, until n...

Chapter Preview: Rainbow Rocks I... Joy...

Posted by Stardust Balance in Fanfic: A Journey Beyond Sanity , 23 February 2017 · 48 views
Chapter Preview and 1 more...

The following first scene towards next weeks chapter of AJBS, Saturday March 4th! Making his choice, Stardust has returned from his home world to his one calling! Problem? It's the wrong world! Instead, the man must tolerate another tedious adventure with the aid of a reluctant Sunset Shimmer and five teenagers with attitude. The stakes are high and the s...

Starting to dream more again from

Posted by Lil Pip in Dream Journal, 22 February 2017 · 76 views

Been watching cartoons and playing dev-pro experimentally, and doing cardio exercises every other day give or take. My imaginaiton improved alot (when I work out I have a headset on listening to tunes) 
Now that I tacked on some reading my dreams are increasing as well. Had a FO4 dream, a dream I was on a beautiful island that a mafia was in control...


Posted by ProbablyNotLyra in Probably Not a Blog, 21 February 2017 · 94 views
Littlepip, Mint-als, drugs

Because who makes drug abuse more adorable then Littlepip? Poor little thing, she tried so hard to stay off of them. Eventually it worked, but It was tough on her. I really like the way the story portrayed her addiction, not fixing it right up with a simply doctors visit, but having her r...

"Tech Plays Portal: Ep 7: I Am Nowhere"

Posted by Tech Reel in MethODDical Monologue, 21 February 2017 · 80 views

Next Portal episode is up! Watch me run from GlaDOS and kill tons of turrets ;)

Hoping to reconnect with people from my old forum.

Posted by Stellar Hunt in Jimster55 Looking for old friends., 21 February 2017 · 98 views
Friendship, Is, Magic, .org

Hey! I am very sorry to say that I actually forgot that I was a member of this forum! I used to be a member of FriendshipIsMagic.org and my username for that site was jimster55. I am looking for old friends that used to be on that site. Some of my old friends went by Justice, soldierofamerica, Spitfire, Yep, and Sky_Chaser. If anyone recognizes thes...

Final decision and last MLP stand.

Posted by Sly in Sly's Blog, 21 February 2017 · 141 views

Hey guys. In the last months things have been pretty hard and rough for me in deciding what to do for MLP right now. I said it plenty of times: I suffered so much because the S6 finale and how it treated the Mane 6 like garbage, I couldn't stand that happening again, and while I already decided to quit with the Movie (which is looking KILLER in every way...

what did i do

Posted by ooBrony in ooBrony, 21 February 2017 · 125 views

i dont really remember what i used to do here all that time other than scrolling and waiting for something to happen when in reality there isnt really much that can happen at all i just spend time sitting around 
posting in topics would be fun but there arent many topics that genuinely interest me anymore. or there are but when i try to say something...

Just Starting Out

Posted by Rhapsody in An Artist's Weary Path, 21 February 2017 · 63 views

Hey Everyone! My OC's name is Rhapsody and I love art. And I don't just mean drawing, I mean music as well, plus writing. I've often fantasized, (as many people do) about becoming famous from my art skills, but I just don't know where to start. Obviously becoming 'famous' is a bit of a stretch, so for now I'll start with getting noticed. I would love any...

The Danger of Being A Dreamer

Posted by dreamstream in Dreamstream's Blog, 21 February 2017 · 65 views

My OCs name is Dreamstream and for a good reason. My OC is based off me. I am a dreamer. And as a dreamer, I want to talk about it. Everyone knows that dreaming is good, but have you ever been told it's bad? Or even dangerous? I have had the experience of all types. Metaphorically, if my dreams were compared to dogs on a leash, a majority of the leas...

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