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Episode 78 - The Lutz

The last two entries were pretty serious.  Time for a silly one. Y'know what really grinds my gears?  The lutz.  I'm talkin' about this thing: And now you're going, "...what?  The f*ck?  What are you talking about?  Are you high right now?" Well, I told you it was silly. So, I'm a figure skater.  Or... at least, I once was.  I'd like to be again one day.  Point is, I actually did this stuff.  Well, single jumps, anyway.  That was as far as I got.  I was never very high leve


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Feeling Very Anxious, Tired of This Work Debacle

I hate blogging about stuff like this, but I just can not believe how garbage my luck has been with work ever since I quit Macy's and it's driving me nuts. I thought I was doing the right thing after I saw that guy who was mistreated break down on the floor and start punching a pole, I thought I could get something better with all these places that are now hiring, but my luck with getting work has just been so unbelievably bad. Got laid off on my third day at Dick's, got terribly misinformed abo


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BGP (April DevLog): Bug Hunters 2021

This is it! The home stretch! We're basically in like, the Beta of our Pre-Alpha if that inception makes sense. The biggest mysteries and implementation challenges are behind us as far as the scope of this demo is concerned. All that's left is to fix an incredibly long list of minor & major bugs we've been taking note of this whole time and make sure 99% of this game works (and looks) exactly as intended.   Graphics. Pacing. Space-time Placing. All these things must be in nea


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Rising Shine in Numbers 2.0(2nd May 2021)

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Deae Rising Shine~

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How did I not see this obvious pun before?

I guess it's a testament to the loving subtleness of introducing the theme. It's particularly moderate here because it deals with merely the rigid teenage roles enforced through peer pressure. It's a bit like an antithesis to Rainbow Dash, I guess, who is authentically (well, more or less) tomboyish. Although we could also discuss what in society made her be afraid of being known to like reading books. That must also be a story about peer pressure. She'll have spent a lot of time with flyers a

Episode 77 - Litter

Continuing the theme from the last entry... Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Litter.  The tendency for humans to throw their f*cking garbage all over the place really steams my beans.  Okay, human life produces garbage.  That's just reality.  I understand that.  We really need to figure out how to produce less of it, and soon, but without Star Trek level tech, we're always going to produce trash, and that's just a fact of life.  What to do with it is a big problem as well, and we need b


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Update (April 2021)

So this is an update on how things are going for me in life right now. I'm still working a job that I've had since November 2020, and even though peak season is over (the time around Black Friday and Christmas), they are still making me work a ton of overtime due to sales like a Spring sale. I think it was last week when I worked 6 ten-hour days straight, and they were going to make it 9 days straight but decided to give us a day off. I like the job, but they make us work really hard and do

Self-Acceptance 3: Who eats pizza above the sea?

Heyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Check it! I finally got a third commission! Well, actually I got this one over a month ago, but I wasn't able to pay the artist until today, so I did not touch the art until I had done so. As the title gives away, this is another Self Acceptance art piece, as I call it. Now part of a trilogy! Of course if you don't know what this is about, do check out the first two as well! They are pretty cool.   Behold the stuff! This time, this artist went wit


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Episode 76 - Glitter

I'm sorry Rarity, and I'm sorry Pinkie, but I have to do this. Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Glitter.  Not just glitter, but also all disposable party decorations of any kind.  Streamers, balloons, etc.  Glitter's particularly annoying because it just makes a horrendous mess.  Glitter's also more of an arts and crafts materiel than a decoration, but I lump these things together because glitter always makes a mess and most of it gets thrown away.  I mean, if someone uses glitter on an


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.out.of.character. Review

I just reread .out.of.character. and it's... okay. Like, it still has some good stuff, but it's a lot emptier than I remember. This used to be one of my favorite fanfics, so it's a shame that it dropped so much. (SPOILERS IN CASE YOU CARE ABOUT THAT) First let's talk about the good stuff. I like Rainbow's characterization. She is supposed to be the only one who's in character so it's important to get her right. If she's out of character too, the whole story and its message falls apart.

MLP Season 5 Reflection

MEH SEASON   Before I go into general thoughts and trends, I'm going to go through every episode and give my brief thoughts   The Cutie Map: Starlight is definitely the most threatening villain to date and the atmosphere here is great, but this isn't the kind of stuff I come to MLP for. I can see why people love this episode, but I just don't. 7/10 Castle Sweet Castle: Pretty dull overall. There are some good jokes at the beginning and the ending is nice, but that's abou
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