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  1. Today I've been wondering how could I draw something within a specified area like this:


    That bubble is sneaky! :sunbutt: Be careful! :baconmane:


    And of course, there seem to be multiple ways to achieve that, yet I've picked a pretty much basic one. My favorite!  :love: 

    So besides obvious x and y position of the image bubble, I had these variables available:
    - left offset (the higher the value, the closer the image bubble is drawn to the x position- basically cutting the left part)
    - top offset (same, but vertically - it cuts the top)
    - width (the lower the value, the more cutoff from the right side the image bubble is)
    - height (same, but vertically - it cuts the bottom)


    After doing some visual representation, maths and silly mistakes, to help me imagine the situation better:
    I came up with this code:

    ///draw_self_rect(rect.x, rect.y, rect.w, rect.h, x, y)
    //                   0       1       2       3    4  5
    var spr_x = round(argument[4]);
    var spr_y = round(argument[5]);
    // Don't draw if the sprite is outside the rect
    // left border // x < rect.x - spr.w
    if (spr_x < argument[0] - sprite_width) { exit };
    // right border // x > rect.x + rect.w
    if (spr_x > argument[0] + argument[2]) { exit };
    // top border // y < rect.y - spr.h
    if (spr_y < argument[1] - sprite_height) { exit };
    // bottom border // y > rect.y + rect.h
    if (spr_y > argument[1] + argument[3]) { exit };
    // Cut-off the sprite to fit it in the rect
    // left = rect.x - x = horizontal-left cut (0 ~ spr.w)
    var left = clamp(argument[0] - spr_x, 0, sprite_width);
    // top = rect.y - y = vertical-top cut (0 - spr.h)
    var top = clamp(argument[1] - spr_y, 0, sprite_height);
    // width = rect.w - x = horizontal-right cut (0 - spr.w)
    var width = clamp(argument[2] + argument[0] - spr_x, 0, sprite_width);
    // height = rect.h - y = vertical-bottom cut (0 - spr.h)
    var height = clamp(argument[3] + argument[1] - spr_y, 0, sprite_height);
    // Draw!
    draw_sprite_part(sprite_index, image_index, left, top, width, height, spr_x+left, spr_y+top);

    Calling this script basically cuts the sprite if it goes beyond the specified borders, eventually doesn't draw at all if there's no point in making further calculations.


    And voila! There are some bubbles within a specified area! :wub: 

    You're trapped, ya silly bubbles! :love:


    I'm pretty sure, that soon it will turn out, that there was a much better way and I was just unnecessarily over-complicating all of this, just like always. :D 


    So YAY! Some progress is finally being made! :yay: 

    Oh it all would be done ages ago if not the job. :dry: It goes sooooo slowly. :icwudt: 

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    This special overall was alright. It had lots of good going for it but a few bad things as well. The biggest bad thing for me was the villain, Wallflower who I think is one of the weakest antagonists the series has ever had. 

    For one thing, considering all the bad things she does throughout the special, I would have expected at least a little more of a reason for her to do these things than just “she is ignored by people”. I mean sure. Her situation sucks but it’s kinda hard to believe that a sane person would try to ruin someone’s life forever just because she is being ignored. Going too far is an excuse that I can buy to only to a certain degree. What Wallflower did here wasn’t just going too far. It was fucking crazy. So because she was ignored, someone needs to have their life ruined forever with everyone hating them? Ya, that’s bullshit. Speaking of her being ignored, that leads me to my next issue. 

    That issue being her strange and very poorly explained hatred for Sunset. The special doesn’t really explain why Sunset is the main target of Wallflower’s anger when she is doing something that literally everyone else has been doing to her. Sunset forgets about her but then again, so does literally everyone else. The special establishes this numerous times. Heck, it’s not even like she is being mean to Wallflower. Sure it’s not good that she keeps forgetting about her but Sunset always seems to feel really bad and embarrassed every time it is brought to her attention. It’s pretty clear that Sunset doesn’t feel good about it at all and wants to change in that regard. So why exactly does Wallflower think Sunset hasn’t changed if she is doing stuff that everyone else does but still feels bad about it? Wallflower is justifiably upset but targeting Sunset is just confusing. Her motivation here just doesn’t make sense and it kinda feels like she hates Sunset for no reason or just picked someone to focus her anger on out of a hat. 

    Also, sorry to say this. But if literally everyone is forgetting about you and you’re not really making much of an effort to standout, it’s also your fault too. As I said above, it’s definitely not good that they are all forgetting about her but if everybody finds you forgettable then maybe you need to make more of an effort to stand out and make friends. Some of that is on you. But the special doesn’t really bring this up at all. We are just kinda expected to feel bad for her and act like her crippling shyness isn’t an issue when it definitely is and is something that Wallflower needs to work on. You can’t just expect to sit around, be rude to pretty much everyone around you (which Wallflower was) and expect friends to come to you. That’s not how it works. 

    The last thing that kinda ticked me off about this special was how much the special sided with Wallflower. She did apologize and stuff but honestly it really did feel like most of the blame was put on Sunset when realistically next to no blame should actually be on Sunset. Especially since as I pointed out above, Sunset actually kinda does show some kindness to Wallflower by trying her best to not upset her and clearly feels bad about forgetting her. If anything, it’s almost like Wallflower is pushing Sunset away more. She is always giving her glares and is just generally not talking to her very politely at all. It’s kinda hard to want to reach out to someone if they come across as a bit of an asshole. It’s also hard to blame people for not wanting to be nice to people like that. And not to mention how Wallflower reacts to this. I have said this a few times already but I cannot stress this enough. What Wallflower did in this special was absolutely ridiculous and crazy. She decided to ruin someone’s life for such a small reason and for some reason we are supposed to forgive her and feel for her. Sorry but that just ain’t happening. 

    What makes Wallflower honestly even more of a shameful character is that the special she is in is otherwise pretty damn good. It has a couple other issues but none that would have held it back all that much. But unfortunately Wallflower is too important to this special for me to call her a small issue. She is the main villain and therefore the conflict. If the main conflict feels weak due to a bad character, the grade of the media will suffer.

  2. Formula 1 2014:
    -Germany Free Practice 2nd(Beated Teammate)
    -Germany Qualifying 7th(Beated Teammate)(5th trough 2 having penalties)
    -Germany Race 2nd(Beated Teammate)(What a race!)
    -Target Qualifying: 10th Succed
    -Target race 6th Suceed
    --Race Result:

    1.Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes
    2.Rising Shine/Marussia
    3.Sebastian Vettel/Red Bull
    4.Nico Rosberg/Mercedes
    5.Daniel Ricciardo/Red Bull
    6.Felipe Massa/Williams
    7.Kimi Räikkönen/Ferrari
    8.Valtteri Bottas/Williams
    9.Fernando Alonso/Ferrari
    10.Nico Hülkenberg/Force India

    22.Jules Bianchi/Marussia

    -Championship 3rd(134 Points)(+18)(--)
    -Ahead Hamilton 171 Points
    -Follower Vettel 123 Points

    1.Nico Rosberg/Mercedes(179 Points)(+12)(--)

    2.Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes(171 Points)(+25)(--)

    3.Rising Shine/Marussia(134 Points)(+18)(--)
    4.Sebastian Vettel/Red Bull(123 Points)(+15)(--)

    5.Daniel Ricciardo/Red Bull(76 Points)(+10)(+1 Position)

    6.Fernando Alonso/Ferrari(73 Points)(+2)(-1 Position)

    7.Felipe Massa/Williams(63 Points)(+8)(--)

    8.Kimi Räikkönen/Ferrari(44 Points)(+6)(+1 Position)

    9.Kevin Magnussen/McLaren(42 Points)(+0)(-1 Position)

    10.Nico Hülkenberg/Force India(37 Points)(+1)(--)
    20.Jules Bianchi/Marussia(0 Points)(+0)(--)


    -Team-Championship 3rd(134 Points)(--)
    -Team Ahead Red Bull 199 Points
    -Team Follower Ferrari 117 Points
    1.Mercedes 350 Points(Rosberg 179/Hamilton 171)(--)
    2.Red Bull 199 Points(Vettel 123/Ricciardo 76)(--)

    3.Marussia(Shine 134/Bianchi 0)(--)

    4.Ferrari 117 Points(Alonso 73/Räikkönen 44)(--)
    5.Williams 78 Points(Massa 63/Bottas 15)(NEW)



    Australia 21st(+0 Points)(0)
    Malaysia 20th(+0 Points)(0)

    Bahrain 5th(+10 Points)(10)

    China 1st(+25 Points)(35)

    Spain 3rd(+15 Points)(50)

    Monaco 1st(+25 Points)(75)

    Canada 1st(+25 Points)(100)

    Austria 6th(+8 Points)(108)

    Great Britain 6th(+8 Points)(116)

    Germany 2nd(+18 Points)(134)

    --Trophy Earned: Jumping Ship( Move to another team mid-season in a long Career. )(Bronze)(Rare 15.99%)


    From Marussia to Lotus

    -Championship 3rd(134 Points)(+18)(--)
    -Ahead Hamilton 171 Points
    -Follower Vettel 123 Points

    1.Nico Rosberg/Mercedes(179 Points)(+12)(--)

    2.Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes(171 Points)(+25)(--)

    3.Rising Shine/Lotus(134 Points)(+18)(--)
    4.Sebastian Vettel/Red Bull(123 Points)(+15)(--)

    5.Daniel Ricciardo/Red Bull(76 Points)(+10)(+1 Position)

    6.Fernando Alonso/Ferrari(73 Points)(+2)(-1 Position)

    7.Felipe Massa/Williams(63 Points)(+8)(--)

    8.Kimi Räikkönen/Ferrari(44 Points)(+6)(+1 Position)

    9.Kevin Magnussen/McLaren(42 Points)(+0)(-1 Position)

    10.Nico Hülkenberg/Force India(37 Points)(+1)(--)
    18(?).Romain Grosjean/Lotus(0 Points)(+0)(--)


    -Team-Championship 10th(?)(0 Points)(-7 Positions)
    -Team Ahead Caterham(?) 0(?) Points
    -Team Follower HRT(?) 0(?) Points
    1.Mercedes 350 Points(Rosberg 179/Hamilton 171)(--)
    2.Red Bull 199 Points(Vettel 123/Ricciardo 76)(--)

    3.Marussia(Shine 134/Bianchi 0/Chilton 0)(--)

    4.Ferrari 117 Points(Alonso 73/Räikkönen 44)(--)
    5.Williams 78 Points(Massa 63/Bottas 15)(NEW)


    10.(?)Lotus 0 Points(Grosjean 0/Shine 0/Maldonado 0)(NEW)



    Australia 21st(+0 Points)(0)(Marussia)
    Malaysia 20th(+0 Points)(0)(Marussia)

    Bahrain 5th(+10 Points)(10)(Marussia)

    China 1st(+25 Points)(35)(Marussia)

    Spain 3rd(+15 Points)(50)(Marussia)

    Monaco 1st(+25 Points)(75)(Marussia)

    Canada 1st(+25 Points)(100)(Marussia)

    Austria 6th(+8 Points)(108)(Marussia)

    Great Britain 6th(+8 Points)(116)(Marussia)

    Germany 2nd(+18 Points)(134)(Marussia)

    (?) because don't have the game on now to check

  3. Here are some of my favorite anime of all time in no particular order

    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt
    • Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls
    • Code Geass
    • K-On!
    • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    • Black Lagoon
    • Angel Beats
    • FLCL
    • Neon Geneis Evangelion
    • Sekirei
    • Gurren Lagann
    • One Punch Man
    • High School DxD
    • Dragon Ball (Original)
    • One Piece
    • Ghost Stories
    • Fairy Tail
    • Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist
    • The Seven Deadly Sins
    • New Game!           

    I'm still trying to catch up with Fairy Tail, and I've been kind of curious about trying Miss Koboyashi's Dragon Maid.

  4. Star Mist
    Latest Entry

    It may not seem much but today marks the 2nd anniversary of joining and finding this fandom/forum. Time passes by so quickly now without even realizing it and I just feel like stopping by to re-look into this place. I've realized that I'm not a good friend here and maybe in those two years, I would had been better or done something more. Alot of other things and such are limiting my time here so it seems. 

  5. Today we will be looking at a non-pony related person... but there's somethings about The Beatles who appeared in My Little Pony so there.

    I think this one's worse than the so-called "Rockstarcrossing (CG)"


    So we start out with this one. It is not too bad and just expresses an opinion. I think there not overrated just managed to sustain there popularity for over 50 years which is actually impressive. They also inspired many other bands. So basically without The Beatles my favorite bands would be very different. Also I am The Walrus and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds are my jam.

    The 90s Sucked by alaska-is-a-husky

    What happened in the 90's

    • 1992 - I Can't Dance by Genesis & Kingdom of Desire by Toto
    • 1994 - The Division Bell by Toto
    • 1995 - Tambu by Toto
    • 1997 -  Toto XX by Toto 
    • 1999 - Mindfields by Toto
    • Red Dwarf
    • The invention of the world wide web
    • Cable Televison allowing for much more variation of content (good or bad)
    • Evolution of animated content thanks to cable allowing animation exclusive channels such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network 

    You were saying?


    Why are you on a site like flipping DeviantArt then? Though this explains why he only has hateful stamps in his gallery? Without imagination we would not have sites like Deviant-Art, music, computers, stories. Our lives would be boring if we kept our imagination to our selves. So p**s of.


    I don't unless you are protecting your farm produce (chickens). 


    Never... it's funny and pleases my autism.

    This artist does have a few things that I argree with


    Yeah , it reminds me of the early Let's Players like PewdiePie... it's pretty cringy but it seems to have been pushed to the side. Though if there done in a right way by a professional comedian in the right context then it can be let aside.


    Yes, use them!

    I'd Eat a Horse by alaska-is-a-husky

    Reminds me of link... and yeah i'd probs try horse... probably already have thanks to Findus and Tesco. I wouldn't eat a pony though... for obvious reasons. IM NOT INTO VORE BOI.

    So there, all in all I think this person is just a troll trying to spark debates. He even admits it, and some of his stamps i kinda agree with. I wouldn't use them though because... i don't really like this artist and think he's kinda of a bad person.

    Thanks for reading!

    Grapefruit Face




  6. .... I know it's been a while since I've been here and just up and left. I have my reasons but more importantly I've realized how badly I've treated long time friends here. I've thoroughly enjoyed my years on this wonderful forums. Honest though as I look back at how foolish I've acted in the past few years here... I've been a very negative, self-centered person, overly dramatic as well. If I could go back and change how I reacted to things that have happened trust me when I say I would changed alot of those reactions. I'm certain many are probably fed up with my selfish complaints, negativity and more but I can't change the past. This place will always have a place in my heart I promise you that one. 

    In the past few months I just feel like I've ruined my reputation to shatters here and that is something that stays with you. Apart of me feels that with all the negativity I have spread here... In my foolishness that something inside me feels that it may be better that I stay away. Perhaps if never let myself continuely spewing the same negative complaints after so long. Maybe I'd would still feel like I could belong here. 

    I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart that I apologize for all the negative posts, attention seeking posts that I have littered here. It's definitely not something I'm proud of. At least though I've come to that self realization that part of me needed to change immediately. Because honestly who would want to be around someone who is constantly complaining about life and an attention seeking narcissist? Eventually people will get fed up with that nonsense and in turn will cease socializing with that toxicity. 

    With all this said... If you want to reach me I've joined a form called depression forums it's a really nice place. 

    I don't know if I should just move on from here because it's been a mental conflict referring to what I said above... I have mistreated my close friends I've made here... I'd change so many things in the past with how I reacted to things.

    I do miss you all dearly maybe this time away will help me to better myself and change those aspects. 

    I hope you all have been doing well

    ~ Lots of love Tommy


  7. I am announcing a new screening of my brand new film "A Stroke Of Endurance"! Please note that I am NOT asking for donations,I do not receive monetary gain, and I am not trying to spam or just get viewer traffic. I simply want to share this wonderful news with fellow bronies. Please note this screening is taking place in the USA. 

    Teatro Paraguas in collaboration with Crip Video Productions, presents screenings of “A Stroke Of Endurance” a film about friendship, faith, and endurance. 
    Dates: Saturday March 24th 2018 at 7:00pm. & Sunday March 25th 2018 at 2:00pm. Located at Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie suite B, Santa Fe New Mexico.  
    Synopsis: A college student with Cerebral Palsy named Ava and her classmates must deal with the emotional and physical ramifications when their professor has a stroke that leaves him disabled in the middle of the semester when they least expect it. 
    Crips Video Productions makes short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and storytelling. The films are created by people with disabilities and are written, directed and produced by Margot Cole, (a former student of The Childrens Theatre and a graduate of Kingsborough Community College in New York). For more info: Teatro Paraquas  
    For questions email or use our website contact page. 
    To share on social media use these links 

  8. I booked myself a hotel and bought the tickets for this years My Little Pony Fair in Orlando.

    This will be my first solo trip and I'm quite excited but nervous.

    I'll be staying for 3 days, 2 nights from Saturday morning to Monday Morning.

    After spending half a day at the fair, I'm going to Universal Studios since I still have an annual pass and want to use it before it expires in August. At least I won't have to pay for parking or the ticket since it's already been paid last year. XD I can also use it for a discount at a restaurant and shopping.

    I can't wait for my summer weekend.

    Anypony going to My Little Pony Fair in Orlando as well? :3

  9. 1) Anything related to Lord Tirek(Especially if its a Guardians of Harmony Tirek figure)

    2) Alicorn Starlight Glimmer

    3) My Little Pony characters as Transformers

    4) Star Wars-themed My Little Pony toys

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    That title has nothing to do with what I'm about to say lol. But I am really hungry though, can't think of anything other than food right now. Perhaps that's why I titled the blog entry that. :adorkable: Anyways, I need your opinion... I hope this doesn't come off as self-absorbed and egotistic because I really am almost the exact opposite of that, I don't have much confidence in myself. I used to be pretty optimistic and outgoing last year but I don't exactly know what happened and now I'm just very socially-awkward and somewhat sad. And that's why I'm asking this question, what are some of your honest opinions of me? If there are any. I want to see what people think of me and try to change myself a little because in real-life (or at least in my mind) my personal image isn't all that positive. So, if anyone is reading this, thank you in advance. :) 

  10. Today, with my magical psychic mind, I shall predict the TOTALLY 100% TRUE synopses of MLP Season 8 by just some released screenshots :o


  11. Cash In
    Latest Entry

    When I was younger, I used to love writing. I don't mean persuasive essays or anything, I mean creative writing. I'm often told that I'm a creative person, but that usually has to do with my sketches or wacky ideas. Back in Grade 5 and 6, I used to write stories and amaze my teachers with them. At school I still write, but now, it's all essays and even if it's somewhat creative, there's always a specific prompt or something. I wish it could be 100% creative, no restrictions, just let your imagination do the work. While I'd love to let my thoughts run free and write a story within my spare time, I can't. Back then I had a lot more time on my hands, but maybe, one day, I'll sit down and do what I used to love doing.

    Today's song:


  12. Yeah, after about six months, I'm back.  The reason why I left this place probably still exists, but I'm going to stop it there instead of reopening that can of worms.


    So, why am I back? I seriously have no idea. At the time I left, I felt like I got everything out of this site, but yet here I am. What good is there for me coming back, even with me completely losing interest in everything related to the show (maybe that could change)? It could be just me reminiscing on my early Brony days after 5 five years (February 2nd, 2013) or I just want something to look at during the day.


    Not sure what else I can say. I'll be around, in the shadows for now. Don't be afraid to hit me up and talk.

  13. I no longer like to identify as any part of the political spectrum, mostly because I believe that identity politics is utterly toxic tribalism that prevents us from talking honestly about issues, but also because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to see anywhere on the spectrum that's a comfortable fit.  My views haven't changed much in the last decade, but the political sides sure have.  For my whole life, I have considered myself left/liberal, and I still have what I would describe as "classically liberal" views.  For my whole life, I have also been under a grave misapprehension, which is why I wanted to write this post.

    I want to speak directly to all conservatives/anyone who considers themselves right of center.  For most of my life, I have been under the impression that conservatives are, for the most part, all backwards, bigoted, racist, sexist, gay-hating religious maniacs, and that this is more or less the definition of conservatism.  This is obviously false.  It's only in the last year or so that I started to look, listen, escape my echo chamber, and realize my mistake.  I've read and listened to the opinions of many conservatives whom I was pleasantly surprised to find are very open-minded, rational, compassionate people.  Some even share many of my views, and it surprised me when they said they identify as conservative.  It made me stop and say, "Wait a minute....but those views you have sound like classically liberal views!"  Most conservatives are just normal, nice, decent people who don't want to stomp on other's rights.  Likewise, most liberals can be described exactly the same way.  I have always considered myself a liberal, but I am absolutely not one of these trigger-warning, free speech stifling, offensive word banning, college speaker de-platforming, SJW snowflakes.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that that's how all liberals are.  Both sides seem to see only the worst of the other.  In one corner the liberals say, "Yer all a bunch of bigots," and in the other corner, the conservatives say, "Yer all a bunch of delusional nutjobs."  Neither is true.  These extremes are just fringe minorities that are not representative of most people.  I believe that the percentage of leftists that are extreme, free speech stifling SJWs is about the same percentage of rightists that are truly racist, sexist, hateful bigots.  Please remember that these are just tiny, yet disproportionately noisy, minorities.  Conservatives are not all my enemies, and liberals are not all your enemies.  If we drop the labels and listen to each other, we might find allies in unexpected places.

    Of course, I feel like I'm probably preaching to the choir in here, as I've always been extremely impressed with the maturity and decency of this community (at least what I've seen of it.)  My words probably aren't needed in here.  They're needed out there.  Like....y'know....on the Twitters or the Youtubes....but I don't feel like being chased down the street by a mod with torches and I hide in here.  :/  It's better than nothing.  Better than not speaking up at all, I guess.  Thanks for reading.  Have a ponifific day.




    Rain poured down over The Doodleybob Forest, and lightning flashed through the skies above.

    For three long weeks now, all the little critters had found themselves at the mercy of Argyle Fox, who had loudly and violently taken over as the one in charge around here.  With his second-in-command, Mean Myrna Mole, out gathering the "taxes" he'd been charging them all, it was little wonder that the collective animals of the once-lovely forest were now nothing more than pawns, toys... or even food... for the wicked duo.

    Taki Turtle's pretty shell had been yanked clean off of him, and was now a fancy bathtub for Argyle to bathe in.  Taki was left, shivering and homeless, to fend for himself.  He'd tried to do what he could to get by, but Mean Myrna had been gleefully making sure that wherever he tried to find a place to sleep, he didn't get anything but a few minutes, at best.

    Poor Dinah Squirrel had seen Argyle's cruelty first-paw, and had nearly lost her mind from shock.  However, it had taken Argyle only a few moments to convince her that, if she didn't bring him as many of her stashed-away acorns as she could, he'd beat down her door and eat her all up!  So, with her threadbare tail, she'd given him nut after nut until she not only had NO stored food for the winter... but her tree no longer had any nuts on it at all.

    Sherrie Badger hadn't been as lucky as the others - Mean Myrna had it in for her from the very get-go.  Sherrie was now Myrna's personal servant... and Myrna was unbearably spiteful to her.  Sherrie's once-proud coat had dulled and thinned to where she looked as though she had the Mange... and that horrid mole loved every moment she could inflict more suffering as she constantly commanded her to clean, cook, and anything else she could find to keep the poor badger busy.

    Shiny the Toy Robot had been seen by both Argyle and Myrna as a possible problem in the future, so they dismantled him faster than a Jackrabbit with his tail on fire.  They then used the parts of poor Shiny to make a throne fit for a king... yet was sat upon only by that nasty fox and his chump companion.  As for Shiny's robotic brain, they had hung it from the ceiling as an ornament... and a warning to any others who might get the foolish idea to rebel.

    Stevie The Stork hadn't spoken a single word since the night of the infamous sleepover.  In fact, he'd hardly slept a wink since then.  He had been 'recruited' by that blasted fox as the one to pull the wagon that Argyle preferred to travel in - and it was a HEAVY wagon.  Still, Stevie did his very best to make his superiors happy... though, sadly enough, the only thing that made them happy seemed to be making the nerve-racked stork make as many trips across the forest as possible... even if it was for no reason at all.

    Mr. Puff-Puff Mousie had been eaten by Argyle Fox, mere moments after his bloody victory over his rival - and THAT was what finally broke the spirits of every single critter down in The Doodleybob Forest.  Dinah had made him a makeshift grave, where his broken and gnawed skull sat on a rock in the fork of a branch near the top of her tree.  Nothing else had been left of him, not even his clothes; Argyle had burped loudly afterwards, and laughed at all the tears the others had shed.

    Now, as Argyle sat on his shiny throne, he delighted in making his new fool, Rocky The Rabbit, dance for him.  The bells on Rocky's cap jangled merrily... but there was no joy in Rocky's eyes.  He might have been all grumbly-wumbly before all this happened, but he swore if he got out of this situation, he would NEVER grouse at his friends again...

    If they survived, that was.

    The fox languished in his grand chair, smiling to himself as he grabbed another acorn and, smashing it against the arm of his throne, he began to chew idly on it and think about how good life was for him now.  He always knew he'd be the one in charge someday... all it took was growing a pair, he thought.

    He still relished the look on the faces of all the local critters when he proclaimed himself The Doodleybob King; the hate, disbelief and sorrow had led to many, many wonderful dreams of conquest, victory, and eating his opponents with a nice cherry-pepper sauce.  Mousie had been kind of scrawny, but the effect it had on the other critters made it SO worthwhile!

    Now that Myrna was out collecting his 'taxes', she'd be back with their bounty and they would be eating soon.  Though, in all honesty, Rocky was looking more and more delicious by the second... and his jokes and dances were wearing thin.  The wily fox considered perhaps some hasenpfeffer might be a good meal to end such a lovely day with, and he licked his lips in anticipation.

    However, that was when the door opened, and Stevie The Stork came in, dragging the wagon behind him as he did.

    Argyle Fox shouted, "IMBECILE!  You'll soil the rug!  You also know that you are NOT allowed indoors for ANY reason!  I already said I didn't like feathers molting in my home, and I never wi-..."

    It was at that point, with a stare that bored into Argyle's muzzle, Stevie flipped the wagon on its' side, and out rolled the limp form of Mean Myrna Mole.  She landed facedown on the floor, and didn't move a single twitch.  Argyle, still trying to figure out what was happening, simply assumed Myrna had gotten into Miss Avery's garden again, and had gorged herself with sweet, juicy grapes.

    "Myrna!" he huffed, "get up, you lazy louse!  Where is the dinner you were supposed to gather from the Doodleybob Forest!?  I'm starving, and you were supposed to be here an... a-an hour... ago..."

    Argyle's words ground to a halt as he saw the blood pooling beneath Myrna's form.  Slowly, as if he expected he to jump at him, he turned her over with a paw.

    Myrna's face was a pulpy mess.  There were five large holes there, and all done from an upward angle, so they went down into her body, probably making a royal mess of her insides.  Argyle hadn't really done more than taken Myrna as his second-in-command, but he had NOT been prepared for this at all... but when he looked down at her belly, his eyes grew as wide as saucers.

    There, on her moley apron that she always wore, were two words, written in the mole's own blood...


    Rocky The Rabbit began to howl with laughter, and Stevie's beak - for the first time since the incident - grinned.

    And Argyle Fox stood there, trying not to shit himself.

    ... and failing miserably.





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    Years ago, there was a thing called the Pony Personality Test that was somewhat popular a few years ago. The site that hosted it,, went into "maintenance mode" back in November 2015, which is just an image of the site. And then everyone just forgot about it. Like it never happened. All that remains is the occasional result image from the test lying around on pony sites. So, with nothing better to do, I decided to see what's going on with it.

    Now, I did some research on this and it turns out that, as expected, it appears totally abandoned. The registration with GoDaddy has been renewed it seems, as some old information lists it as expiring in September 2017, while GoDaddy says it's going to expire in September of this year. Obviously someone's still holding on to this site. Possibly "Domains By Proxy" which is what the owner of the site used to register for the domain. Maybe they're still keeping it up, or maybe the actual owner of Bronyland is. I don't know.

    Now, while all normal links, such as the one to the Personality Test, are dead, it seems images are still working. Any images that were on the site before it died still have perfectly working links.

    And, not everything that isn't an image returns a 404. The link to register an account tells you that an extension required by WordPress is missing.

    I just wonder why this website is still up at all if it's unused. Who's paying for it? Why was it abandoned so suddenly?

    Well, there's only one other thing I was able to find just now, hidden as an "omitted result" by Google after searching

    Everything starting with /oekaki/ works perfectly, though it was only part of the site.

    Here, people posted art for everyone to see. Posts were very far apart until the last one on June 18, 2017, with one reply on July 22, 2017. And according to this, the last time anyone logged in at all was on August 3, 2017. I still have to wonder why it's even still up. The owner, according to the page I linked previously, is called Talisman. They haven't logged in since February 21, 2012. The most recent moderator log in was on Christmas Eve 2016.

    Sad thing is, this website is probably going to be long-forgotten and everything will be lost. Because obviously no one wants to archive all that. And one day, an old regular to that site will revisit hoping to find their memories kept intact, or to collect some of their old art, only to have a generic page telling you the domain is available for purchase. I don't expect it to be renewed past this year.

    So there it is. The website threw itself into obscurity by going into a "maintenance mode" forever, leaving only a few old users of a small section of the site who also eventually also left. And that's how Bronyland, an early fandom site from back in Sept. 2011, died.


    (Now if only I'd put this much effort into my schoolwork...)



  15. DuskSong
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    "I've got the whole world in front of me, I'm not letting go till I say!" ~ Sleeping With Sirens

    I'm finding these days get shorter and shorter as I get older. Hell, it's been 2 years since 2016 already, how implausible is that? I think the only stable, constant thing in my life for a while has been change. It's been a year since I cut my hair short and re-styled it. At the time, it didn't seem like a huge thing to me apart from physical appearance and the fact that I really wanted a new cut, but after all I went through following that event, I can't say I can easily look at old photos and recognize the person in it. I guess it boiled down to the day where I looked in the mirror and realized that I am not the same person I had been for years. My surroundings and the people I associated with changed me for the better, even though I had to suffer to learn some lessons. For years, I loved gaming and used it as an escape to get away from all the negativity that was drowning me, but even that became tainted as my friends changed, too. At the end of each school day, I went home, feeling alone. This was probably a large reason as to why my ex manipulated and changed me so easily, because she was the only one I had. Looking in that mirror became more painful every day before I did something about it, and with each gaze, my mind buzzed with so many thoughts that circled my head and it became like static as I grew in anger with the person I had become. With every reason I had to cut it, and subconsciously wanting to rebel against the ex that I had thoughts of leaving all the way back then, I cut it all off, and styled it into a cleaner, sharper taper.

    I looked in that mirror, and it felt as if an era of my life had closed, and I was right, for the most part. I started becoming skeptical of who I was hanging out with at this time, too. I'd get mocked or laughed at for showing emotion or not always being happy. I was seen as different and I didn't feel like I belonged due to my lack of athletic ability, my humor not being the same, my personality conflicting. The end of the school year of 2017 was one of my lowest points, I was forcing myself to act different to gain approval and I lost sight of myself. I was also changing my whole personality, likes, dislikes for a girl who became my downfall. It only takes one time for me to learn, though. I found myself using gaming as nothing more than an escape as I struggled to truly enjoy gaming as a hobby anymore. I kept gaming, and met some good friends, but faced a lot of drama with some bad people during September. After October, I ditched gaming and haven't returned since, finding other passions and hobbies to take up my time, while also avoiding memories from the past that held on for far too long. I've been taking time to recover, find my happiness, and my self, again. I found help and support in a group of friends who I barely hung out with a year ago, and they made the process much easier. Soon after, I dyed my hair because I needed an emotional reset, and as weird as it sounds, a change of hair color allowed me to escape into a bit of a different personality for awhile. I also picked up new hobbies, rollerskating, guitar, writing, and others.

    Lately, I've stopped caring completely about judgements of others. To quote Hayley Williams, "To anyone who told you you're no good, they're no better". I still hear remarks about me and insults, but I ignore it. They're not worth the fight, and they don't matter. I walk with a confident stride, face forward, while being completely aware that a lot of people I walk by don't like me. I do what I want, regardless of what other people think. I'll listen to music and do small headbangs at my desk while someone across the room is looking at me like I'm weird or uncool. I've always believed that you should focus on yourself and mind your own business, let people self express and do what makes them happy. Dress how you want to dress, talk how you want to talk, listen to music that others think is bad, let your quirks show! It's not a bad thing to be different, too many people are too alike these days.

    I do and act how I want, I don't care about what others think. I think self expression and being yourself is awesome and that you should be true to yourself, don't change for anyone. This is me, and I'm finally happy with the person I am.



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    My depression is getting worse and I don't know if my antidepressants are working and my parents are still pushing my buttons and I've tried nearly everything and my dad still thinks I can't live on my own and my sleeping patterns have been all over the place for too long now and I just recently become single again and I'm loosing more good friends and I got my ex-roommate spreading rumours about me and my dad still wants me to get rid of my MLP collection

  17. I have said this kind of thing before. I have been on this topic a lot. The two easy parts to this are the show might end, maybe not. Either way my choice. It's also hard to make new friends or start a relationship when your a fan of mlp and have all this pony junk lying around. It's just kind of the way it I guess.

    So the main reason I'm doing this blog is this is hopefully the last time I'm going to bring this topic up ever again, though it probably won't... damn it. For those that don't know Toonkritic or what he did, well google it. I'm sure most people know. I've thought about this trash way too much, and the more I keep looking into everything that was happening with this guy. It keeps getting so much darker and so much god damn worse. I'm disgusted for far too many reasons, I came into this community based on what so many people were saying about it that, bronys are really caring nice people, they except everyone, they don't do the awful things that all the haters say they do... but it was all a fucking hoax. It's like everyone uses this to get away with horrible shit. "No way, no one would ever do things like Toon did. He's not a real brony then. He's gotta leave". I watched the skype calls, I read several other articles and other videos that have exposed this guy for doing all of the terrible things he did to people, but... there is one other big issue that is quite obvious in all this junk, and the patterns all lead to it. ALL THESE FRIENDS OF TOON TRIED TO COVER IT UP TILL IT WAS TOO LATE! I mentioned somewhere else already that Josh Scorcher should not have been so judgemental of Toon for the fact that he was dating a 16-year-old when he was 23... this still hurts to think about. There is no hard evidence to prove they are all pedo's, but it seems very likely. I've met some of these people, I regret it and wish it never happened. I hate pedophiles for so many reasons as well. I also think I hate myself for not being close-minded and telling myself don't watch the show. I'm not sure I'll return to read comments... maybe I will. Most of the comments are gonna be people trying to defend themselves. I understand. That's why all the brony analysts did what they did... not cause it was the right thing to do, cause they're afraid to lose their power in the fandom. What's all that horse fame worth when all these people are getting hurt, and whats worse where do they go? Who can they talk to and tell? Like someone else said when Toon was groping girls at Cons, no did anything about it, cause he's horse famous... I also know not everyone in this fandom is like this, but it's very unfortunate that it's hard to trust anyone at this point when so many people knew this was going on as well as they probably know about other horrible crap that's still going on. It's hard to associate with other people in a group because of all this. I'm sorry, but all of this last part is more than enough reason that makes it time to move on from all this. It also feels I've been lied to being told bronys are great people and then this giant wall of text. I'm very disgusted.