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  1. My cats, a boy and his mother My sister's cat And last but not least, our oldest cat :3
  2. "It doesn't really matter to me other than that I'd prefer being able to stay close to you, my kind has evolved to sleep in cold caves on top of treasure and stone, so we can sleep standing on our heads as far as my comfort is concerned." the latter part was a joke of course, but she did really mean it that id didn't really matter to her "But knowing you, you will probably insist that I'll choose, so it may be better to be laying down as that way we are more hidden and we may even avoid getting back pains." human body was awful in the sense that wrong sleeping position many times caused pain.
  3. "That is also a possibility, since I got mine seemingly out of nowhere, but with the little we know it would be more likely that they would get your powers since they are provably inheritable." Jenna said thoughtfully "But ultimately we won't know until something like that happens, I just like to think about things like this."
  4. @Dynamo Pad "Names of cards and chest pieces are used quite a lot, I'm not sure why, it's symbolism that is lot older than I, but he specifically didn't use others than queen." "Yes, the armor is rather special, and so is the spear, they were custom made for me by a very talented blacksmith, and they have been made from magic-resistant metal, the same one Storm King's troops used in their shields. They have also been made using a specific type of dragon fire, making them more durable and just generally better than most items made from the same material." Ember explained "The funny thing about the nickname thing is that those most scared of me don't have anything to worry about because I don't go after small criminals like them anymore."
  5. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight chuckled at Gentle's joke even though it could have been more accurate than Gentle knew, she then just smiled during Dynamo's and Gentle's conversation, waiting for a chance to speak without interrupting either of them "It sounds like it could be fun, so sure, but i'd like to know when this class is in advance because along what Dynamo told about our plans, I also have a bit work to do here, so I need to do a bit of schedule planning." Jade: Jade stayed quiet for few moments longer before suddenly saying "Ah, there it is..." and proceeding to head towards the ground, though for Dew this may have been bit confusing as there wasn't any buildings or anything similar around, just uninhabited nature, and the point they seemed to be going towards was just an empty field. When they landed, Jade walked few steps seemingly to a certain point and turned towards Dew "...Welcome to where it all started, the place where I along my sister first woke up 15 years ago with memories we never experienced....a random field in middle of nowhere"
  6. Jenna just smiled at the joke staying quiet, until after some moments she spoke again, sounding more relaxed "So, do you want to lay down or do we try to sleep like this?" "Don't get me wrong, I love being like this, but what about you?"
  7. "That was my first though too yes, but if that was the case, does it mean there's people going around with big arsenal of different powers?" Jenna pointed out "We also don't know if my powers can be inherited like yours can." "And based on the little that I have manged to figure out during my time looking into potential cases of powers being used, there didn't seem to be any cases where there was a strong indication for several different powers being used, so though it's possible that a kid would get the powers of both parents, there isn't any solid proof that that has ever happened."
  8. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight smiled as Gentle spoke, though she didn't necessarily agree on how she had handled the proposal part as she believed it should be fully out of the pony's own decision to propose, especially nowadays when it wasn't no longer only the stallion's duty to propose as it was socially acceptable for the mare to do it too. "I am glad you feel so, and I'm happy to be part of the family." Jade: Jade nodded when Dew asked if he meant Lunar, and smiled at Dew as response to the rest, there wasn't really anything to respond and he felt that it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a moment of comfortable silence.
  9. @Dynamo Pad "I'll leave some details out for several reasons, but here's the gist of it... Like stated, it was my first big case, so until then I had dealt only with what you could call meaningless nobodies, but then I finally got a lead on who was responsive for the fate of my friends parents, and it turned out he was quite a big name back then. I started small, stopping trades, taking down useful goons, you know, general interfering in his business, they had no idea who was doing it, but it clearly annoyed him, as the amount of guards in trades and such only got bigger as I continued doing my thing..." "...After a while I went after bigger fish, I started taking down creatures that were actually important for him to make money, and it didn't take long until he sent his own hunters after me, though they still not knowing who I was made them easy pickings. Then I went after his queen, they weren't together or anything, that's just what he called his closest associate, vice-leader of sorts, she was an unicorn who was very talented in very dangerous magic, she also had two dragon bodyguards. The fight was tough, and I got pretty severely injured, my armor was also heavily damaged, and I know that if I would have been wearing any other armor or been without armor of any kind, I wouldn't have won that fight. During the fight I also was certain that I was going to die..." "...My victory sent waves in the underworld, she had made a name for herself as one of the scariest creatures around, so someone taking her down was quite a big deal, and my target was furious, sending everything he had after me, too bad for him I was already coming for him. He didn't really put up much of a fight, he had some bodyguards but he himself was quite pathetic fighter. I left him in a place where every other piece of scum could see him. During all that someone had seen me without me knowing, and soon after I was done the stories about a red dragon started going around and I got plenty of nicknames, one of my personal favorites is 'The Crimson Queen', and though nowadays the bigger names use 'that bounty hunter', 'she', and other similar terms when talking about me and call me by my name when talking to me, the nicknames are still used among the smaller criminals as they are still truly scared of me."
  10. @Blitz Boom "He does?." Ruby asked "I thought he just tolerates me." she faked her voice to sound as drunk as Spicy was, even though she was positive that Spicy wouldn't remember much about any of this. When eventually Ruby would finish the drink, her drunkness would be on the level that her balance and such were slightly effected, but her sense was still mostly there, she also appeared notably more friendly, though there was still a recognizable coldness mixed in. She of course acted more drunk just in case. ------------------------------------------------ "Mostly the problem is with new words they use, I learned lot about the new language through songbooks that found their way to my lake, but even they didn't have many of the new words." Nada responded "The written language is also its own mess, but I can handle it, even though it does take some patience." "It would probably be best if instead of trying to explain the difference, I give you an example, I'll sing the same exact verse first in the language I originally learned it in, and then in the newer language." she then proceeded do do exactly that, she first sang a verse from a song in old ponyish, then she followed that up by singing the same verse in modern ponyish.
  11. @Dynamo Pad Ember didn't comment anything on Dynamo's description on her situation, it was close enough to the truth. "I indeed did eventually find him, he was my first big score, it was also the job that made me infamous in the underworld..." she smiled indicating it was a specially good memory, before turning a bit more serious "'s also a good example why I wear the armor I do, I think it was then when I got over my fear of death too..." "...I can tell the story if you're interested, it's not like I have anything else to do right now."
  12. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "Well, I wish to gain your son, I'd really like to have him..." Sunlight joked "...but in all seriousness, for the future, I'd just like to have an average and peaceful life with him, a cozy home, no need to worry about anypony trying to harm either of us, maybe having some addition to the family at some point...things like that among few personal goals that aren't related to our relationship but I'd like to celebrate with Dynamo when reached." she had learned from the time she had replied to similar question by Dynamo so she gave some examples on what she meant by average life Jade: "Well, it's hard to have someone to fly with when all of your friends are unicorns..." Jade pointed out slightly humorously "...or well, one of them have magical wings but they don't really like flying..." "...but yeah, it's nice to have somepony to fly with, even if it may take time to get used to."
  13. Jenna smiled at Oliver,"Happy to hear" there wasn't anything that needed to be added. She leaned back and looked towards the sky again, staying quiet for a moment before seemingly realizing something "A random thought appeared on my head and it got me wondering something..." "...I don't really know how to word this well, so just know that this is fully hypothetical question that isn't relevant in at least 10 years...if we would have a child, would the kid have both powers or only one."
  14. Jenna followed Oliver's suggestion and took deep breaths, still staying curled in "Thank you, that calmed me down a bit, why didn't I know about that earlier." her voice was unusually tame, making her sound rather vulnerable compared to her usual self, she looked up towards Oliver, her expression made her look lot more like a normal helpless human girl than a dragon in a disguise that had taken down two killers "You are incredible at making me feel comfortable and relaxed, I don't know how you do it, but please never stop." there was bit of humor in her tone, but it wasn't hard to tell that she was still feeling scared.
  15. @Widdershins I hope you don't mind that I start embracing the nonsensical potential of Cerberus in the RP because otherwise I really don't know what to do between our characters.