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  1. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Casual stroll

    @Moonlit@Blitz Boom Nada raised her head from the water, she wasn't any less confused than Cherish, what did mangoes have to do with that sound, which she only could guess was made by one of the guards, since she had hard time believing a siren had made it. She didn't say anything, nor did she come fully out of the water, she just waited for the reply to Cherish's question, which was perfect wording to her thoughts too. @Blitz Boom Ruby just followed Marley quietly to her usual manner, and though she didn't really bother looking, she could sense the other dragon that was just leaving the area with fish, but she didn't really pay any attention to it, local dragons didn't need meat like she did, so them getting fish wasn't the most non-logical thing assuming Marley was right when he said some of the locals liked to have a taste of meat regardless of it not being part of their natural diet. She could tell what Marley had meant with his question, but she also knew what the indication behind his choice of words would be in any other situation, though she didn't think much of it, and she didn't realize he was trying to fun on her expense, but she did reply accordingly "I would say that you should at least buy me a dinner first, but you already did, so yes."
  2. Catpone Cerberus

    Private Infiltrator. 1x1 with Unicorncob

    Jenna returned the warm smile. "In general, treasure, power and food." She replied "But what they think about humans, well..." she then took a serious expression and spoke with a tone that was clearly a imitation of someone "Humans are inferior to us in every way, their purpose in the world is to serve us, blah blah blah Talon blah blah taking back the world blah blah, Ut onimous sergimous, as one, we rise."
  3. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    While Oliver was washing up, Jenna put on bit fancier clothing than she usually did, and looked herself from the bedroom mirror, she wasn't used to this type of clothes, they felt bit..revealing, even though they weren't really that revealing. She wanted to mess with Oliver a bit though, so she also took a bathrobe and put it on top of the clothes, hiding them from view, she wanted to see how he would react if she walked in front of him and dropped the bathrobe without saying a word, if he would realize she was actually fully clothed or if he would be taken too off guard to realize he has been fooled. When Oliver came out from the bathroom, Jenna did exactly that, she made her way to Oliver's field of view, and just dropped the bathrobe, looking directly at Oliver to see his reaction.
  4. Catpone Cerberus

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad "I find it very unlikely." Sunlight replied to Dynamo's suggestion that something about their past would come up "There's no way that ponies have anything to do with our existence, since we are far too advantaged to be even imagined by a pony in Equestria, so I have hard time believing that there would be anything about that in pony ruins. Only thing I can imagine that could happen, would be finding about us existing back then, which isn't impossible since we don't know our real age." To his comment about Jade's unconsciousness she replied "He was unconscious when we came out of that game, and considering that Frozen was also knocked out, I think it's safe to say that he had gotten mad then." "He doesn't have less freetime." Sunlight claimed, sounding bit heartbroken "He's avoiding us, avoiding me. He just doesn't want to say it directly." she was still looking out of the window "I don't know if I'm going to be okay, I know I have said that disagreement is normal, and that everypony argues...but that isn't true." "We have never argued with Jade, we have simply been unable to argue, even in disagreement, which has been very rare since our ways of thinking is almost identical." "And Jade knows this too, that's why he left, he doesn't want to argue either, but he refuses to tell what's wrong."
  5. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Life in Canterlot Castle

    "What a disgrace for the lizard kind." Ruby coldly commented "To abandon one's nature for something like that, how disgusting." "Well, it's good to know so I can avoid dealing with them from now on, shame."
  6. Just popping in to notify you people that I'm less active today because I helping my Sister to move. 

    Here's a picture of me in a Urho Kekkonen mask for you:sealed:




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      Good luck with the move, my friend! :kindness:

      Also, that mask is quite interesting... :sealed:

  7. Catpone Cerberus

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad "We can't know if it's meant to happen as long as we don't know what our original purpose is." Sunlight pointed out, she was also keeping her voice low "Everything could be going exactly like planned, or we could be going totally against what we should be doing." "And for the falling asleep, it might just be a failsafe going off, Jade goes unconscious when he is too angry." "And the argument...I don't really know what it was about." she admitted "I just asked him about his unusual behavior, and he got annoyed. It just took off from there."
  8. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Life in Canterlot Castle

    "I know, but I was talking about my kind." "And that's exactly why we don't have a leader." Ruby commented "Dragon leader is bound to be a tyrant, which is bound to cause a uprising, which will put the next tyrant in power." "My guess is that's exactly why my kind has ended up where it is, since there has to have been a culture at some point since we have written language."
  9. Catpone Cerberus

    Private Infiltrator. 1x1 with Unicorncob

    "Well, if you really want to know, I can tell you exactly what they think, I was one of them after all." Jenna suggested "And I'm glad that I've learned to not think like them, and I'm glad it was you who taught me that."
  10. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    "Again, if I minded, I wouldn't ask." Jenna pointed out as she headed to the bedroom, "Here." she said, throwing a towel and a black t-shirt to Oliver, "You can leave the towel into the bathroom when you're done."
  11. Catpone Cerberus

    Private Artificial Love. (with Dynamo Pad)

    @Dynamo Pad "We'll see when we settle down." Sunlight simply replied. Sunlight kept her eyes outside as she replied "We came to the conclusion that it's something to do with emotions messing with the programming, but there's no way knowing if it's malfunction or if it's meant to happen. But there shouldn't be anything to worry about other than emotional overflow, which is basically what happened when we saw the neighbor, but with other emotions." " And for the rest of the conversation...." she sighed "....we argued..again."
  12. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    The sound of shower could be heard, and after some minutes it was turned off again, then there was a short silence before Jenna came out of the bathroom wearing a black top and pants, though she was covering that with a towel. "Done, do you need to wash up? I can borrow you a towel if you want to?" she figured that Oliver could want to wash the sweat from their little exercise away."I even have few men's shirts that may fit you if you want to borrow a clean shirt." she had bought those to herself as exercise shirts because she had had hard time finding good ones from women's side back when she was looking for new ones.
  13. Catpone Cerberus

    Private Infiltrator. 1x1 with Unicorncob

    "What it matters what they think?" Jenna asked smiling "They already either want me dead or don't know about my existence, so what does it matter if I break a one more rule." she looked Oliver to the eyes "Besides, what those emotionless monsters know anyways, they don't know what it is like to love."
  14. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Life in Canterlot Castle

    Ruby shrugged "Like said, I don't know how he actually fights, I only know what he claims to be, but he prefers not the fight, as he rather deals with his opponents through potion magic and poisons." "Our kind also has the capabilities to other than fire breathing, those types that can do that naturally just are very rare because they tend to be physically weaker, so their bloodlines have slowly gotten smaller and smaller." she explained "But technically I could do that too if I bothered to study right spells, but I see it as unnecessary."