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  1. "Nobody said everything is aright." Jenna reminded "Something doesn't need to happen there to be a problem, just a threat of something happening is...well, a threat." "I still thing this is something to do with the dates we got."
  2. As they got closer to the city, Jenna took out a piece of paper with road names and other place names, and started looking at road signs and such. Eventually she spoke again "Go to the right from next one."
  3. *boops the cuddly cat pone* :3 :catface:



  4. Though morally that would be something he'd do, the monk training has stuck enough that he will avoid fighting if possible even if it takes bit longer, but of course if it ends up seeming to him that there is no way to get it otherwise, he will of course try to take it by force. That works, I don't have plans for them, I just figured that Erwin would know a thing or two about the since they breath fire. Works for me
  5. "Because people are scared." Jenna repeated "If army suddenly came into your house and started chilling there telling that nothing is wrong, while still staying there, wouldn't you be a bit worried too, even though nothing has happened yet?" "Now, think that instead of your house it's your street, what about the city? whole country? the whole world?" "You have to remember that all wars were stopped for this, this is a freaky situation, there's no way past that."
  6. Jenna was again surprised by the hair stroke, she wasn't used to someone touching her in this context, usually it was either in hostile interactions or more intimate interactions, not in context of caring, with hair especially. "Thanks." it was really all she could come up with as response as she pushed all the negative thoughts away.
  7. "If it helps, there's other curve-horned unicorns out there." "As you can see, I don't have one, and considering I already know what I'm good at and don't have it, I'm pretty certain I will never get one..." Ember replied with a friendly tone "...and you're right, you shouldn't apologize, because as I said, I don't blame them, besides, that all happened before I was old enough to know what's happening around me, so I haven't exactly lost anything, as far as I know, it could be actually a good thing I don't know them." even though her words could be taken as bit...non-friendly, her friendly tone made it clear they weren't meant in that way. @Dynamo Pad
  8. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "No, there isn't, but I still will be keeping my dress on, you don't need to wear your suit if you don't want to though, I know suits aren't the most comfortable piece of clothing out there." Sunlight replied as she continued cleaning herself up, it wouldn't take long after that until she was ready. Jade: Jade rested his head against Dew's head when she rested her on his shoulder and smiled, not saying anything since he didn't really have anything to say to what Dew had said, and he didn't want to ruin the moment by changing topic. After a moment though, he remembered something, he dag around in his memories a bit, searching for something he read quite long time ago when they weren't yet read everything there is....he spoke quietly, directly to Dew's ear. "I never knew true happiness, I thought dreams wouldn’t come true, I couldn’t really believe in love, Until the day I met you...." "...If you fall I will catch you, If you cry I will hold you, If I breathe I will love you..." "...You are the sun of my mornings, And the moon of my nights, You are always on my mind, From day to night." to think that the random poem book he had read years ago actually came to use in form of saying what he wanted to say, he knew it came kinda out of nowhere, but he didn't care.
  9. @Blitz Boom Ruby just nodded like always, and right away moved to take out her part of the treasure from the wagon and moving it to her corner, it didn't even come to her mind that what she had said could be taken as she actually liking mares, so she had no idea Spicy had came to that conclusion, though even if she could have somehow known that, she couldn't really say anything else, because saying she didn't care for ponies would bring even more questions to the table, and saying she didn't want a partner had it's own implications too, especially considering her history with seducing ponies, even if that was only to be able to steal bit of money. When she eventually got her stuff in the corner, she did the lock spells to each box, one of which she had put in a way that the mouth of the money bag was stuck inside it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nada just blinked, she did understand somewhat what toaster was now, but that didn't mean she understood why it was a thing, what's wrong with a fire-oven? She watched as Berry used the toaster, and she started understand the use of it, it was faster and maybe safer? She nodded to indicate that she understood. If Berry was to offer Nada a slice, she would take and eat it, but she didn't really care for bread because it tasted like plants, like it was, and she would say as much out loud too.
  10. You probably noticed I buffed his staff a bit, I got some inspiration while looking for a picture, and really, why would your character take my character with her instead of just consuming him if all he can do is to hit things with a unbreakable stick he can call back if he loses it I'd say his goals for now are, Collect as many of the artifacts he can (I'd say there's 6 in total, his staff and Velvet's amulet being 1 each, so 4 to collect) and figure out and kill whoever is behind the attack (which I was thinking could be a general or something, which brings me to...) The amulet could work, and it's magical ability could be something along the lines of becoming fire proof (but it would require one to truly..worship? follow? love?....the goddess for it to do anything (or it can just do it if you want to)), but to add to that, he could also have reason to come with her if the attack ends up being some one higher up in the military who also lives in the castle. ' also, one question, are the dragons in this the intelligent type with their own language and such, or just animal?
  11. OOC: @Dynamo Pad What looked like a armored dragon and a crow were flying over ponyville *caw* *caw* "I know, I know, I'll give you food when this is done." The dragon was Ember, a red pony-dragon hybrid, and she was wearing a full set of armor, wielding a custom made spear, which both were made from a dark metal. She was a bounty hunter, and she had just gotten a new target to go after, though this one was bit special, because unlike usually, she wasn't meant to capture or kill anyone, instead she had been asked to just scare the target. She hadn't actually been given a clear reason why it was what she was meant to do, but since it fulfilled her requirements, she didn't have any reason to not do it. The pair was heading towards the home of their target, when the crow started to caw, signaling to Ember that it had found who they were looking for, he seemed to be just leaving somewhere, a great timing in Ember's opinion. She observed him for a second from the air, before eventually landing right in front of him, holding the spear with her wing, the crow landing on one of her horns. "Dynamo Pad, I assume"
  12. OOC: It was night, sound of sirens could be heard as smoke rose to the sky in the distance, Jenna was running as fast as she could, holding her black backpack on one of her shoulders with one hand while holding her other hand against her side. She was injured and tired, and she was amazed she had gotten away with so little, after all she should have been dead after a fight with a Viper. She collapsed on her knees and breathed heavily, Damn this body, how can humans even live with pain tolerance this low, she couldn't continue too much longer, she needed to tend her wounds and rest, but she didn't have place to go. Jenna wasn't what she seemed like at first glance, because though she looked and normally acted like any girl at her age, she wasn't just any girl, in fact, she wasn't even a human, she was a dragon, she was just disguised as a human. But she was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, there was countless dragons living among humans, hiding in plain sight, and most of them belonged to a huge organization called Talon that had been established long time ago to save dragons from extinction in hands of The Order of St. George, organization of dragon hunters. But not everyone wanted to be part of Talon, and Jenna was one of them, but Talon didn't like those who didn't follow their rules, thus Jenna had just had her first encounter with a Viper. Vipers were what Talon called their assassins, they skilled killers who were feared by every dragon and human who knew about them, and it was pure luck that Jenna had survived the encounter with relatively small injuries. Jenna looked around here, there was no abandoned buildings around, but she would need to find a hiding place, she scanned through the area and noticed that one of the houses had still lights on, she pushed herself up and started walking towards the house, I guess I have to rely on good ol' human kindness, I just need to make sure they don't call anyone. She stopped in front of the door and looked behind her to check nobody had followed her, she then turned back towards the door and rang the doorbell. She let her fear show on her face, knowing that it would help to persuade the human to let her in.
  13. OOC: It was sunny Friday afternoon and last of the classes for the week had ended, Jenna was standing outside the main entrance of the school listening music through her headphones and playing with a coin she had found from bottom of her leather jacket's pocked (1, 2, 3, 4,). She was bored, and didn't have any plans for the day, or for the whole weekend in that matter, and was killing time as she was trying to come up with something to do, but it was nothing new, because while everyone else in her age group were hanging with friends and or partying, she was usually alone, not because nobody wanted to be with her, in fact, some people wanted too much to be with her, but because she had made the conscious effort to make them to leave her alone. It wasn't that she didn't like company, no, she just didn't like the type of people most of the choices for that were, that and there was something she didn't want to risk showing to said people.
  14. OOC: It was calm day in Ponyville, and with nothing better to do, Sunlight had decided with his brother Jade to go to an arcade to kill time, neither of them were really good players, but they enjoyed little competition now and then, even if they knew the winner from the start.... "I win again." Sunlight cheered in friendly manner "Naturally" Jade laughed "You are better at everything after all." Sunlight gently hit Jade's shoulder with her hoof "Don't be like that, I know we'll find something you're better at than me." Jade shrugged "Maybe, maybe not, I don't mind either way." he pointed at the machine "New match?" "You bet." They then proceeded to continue playing, and yet again Sunlight took the lead like in all of the 10 matches before, but it wasn't because she had played more, no, it was because it was like Jade had said, Sunlight was better than him at everything, and the reason for that was more than just difference in skill...