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  1. "Like I said, first we observe." Jenna said "I have some stuff back home I will bring here for tomorrow and I have to think about the roof situation for a bit." "For you, I suggest you bring things you may need and maybe even some food and water as there's no way of telling how long we'll be here."
  2. "There's a small city, that's why we landed." Jenna pointed out "We need to walk there and it will take anything form half an hour to bit over an hour, but it's too risky to fly any closer." she put out the fire and after Oliver was ready she started walking.
  3. @Illiad Easle The dragon put her leg under her chin in a thinking manner after Ætheron's response, as it was clear her question hadn't reached the target, and she really wanted to know. She stopped her thinking when Ætheron asked about the pheasants, and she responded by first pointing at the pheasants and nodding, and second pointing at the fire and shaking her head. She would then try again with her previous question, she first drew what looked like bit misshapen Equestria's continent, and added trees close to where Everfree was on actual map, she then pointed at Ætheron, herself, and the surrounding area, before pointing at the trees. She then pointed at the rest of the 'map' by circling her claw above it and said in asking tone "Dragon?" she also tilted her head in case the tone wasn't clear enough.
  4. @Blitz Boom Ruby nodded at Leviathan's conclusion "In the books was mentioned the time of civilization briefly, and though it didn't really go to such details, I got the picture that my kind did indeed get more offspring back then, though I doubt it ever was as high as twenty." "And don't worry, as much as I like killing, killing weaklings like this one gives me nothing, and it would only put me on the same level as the cowards I despise." "Besides, I doubt he'll be much of a problem, males are considered inferior by our kind, and they are treated as such, so when you add that to his defect, he will most likely be too scared to even move when he realizes the company he is in." "Especially if we share the same mother, since I look quite a lot like her and I'm sure she treated him even worse than I was treated." This is where Ruby's differences to most creatures would make themselves known again, because while what she said sounded like it could hint some sort of sympathy being felt, the way she said it made it clear she felt nothing, it was like she was talking about a weather or something, though even weather would probably bring up more emotions in her. ------------------------------------------------ "I used to be lot more optimistic when I was younger." Nada stated "But when you see your friends turn on you because of something someone else did, when you're forced to hide for a millennia because you don't want to be forced to live in another changes your perspective on things." "And don't get me wrong, I'm optimistic about this situation, and really the worst case scenario is that I have to wait another millennia to try again, but I can't ignore the negative consequences of things that may happen." --------------------- Scarecrow would have rolled his eyes if he would had such things, "Figured." the darkness made no difference to him, after all, he had spent most of his current existence in the darkest parts of the forest, but he had expected something like this for some reason, though he wasn't sure if it was a good judgement of character from his part or if he had some history with draconequus that he just didn't remember. He nodded in understanding to Lyriel's response, he could tell she wasn't aright, though it really wasn't a surprise, and he was going to say something regarding it before the 'bird' did its thing. "So I guess we'll follow the....hawk for now, but I also know the general direction where it is so we shouldn't get lost even on the chance that it is as sadistic as its creator." but before he would start moving, he faced Lyriel and put his hoof on her shoulder, now that she didn't have her connection, she most likely wouldn't feel anything unusual besides maybe the lack of warmth that was to be expected from a walking corpse "I can tell you're distraught from what the draconequus did to you, but don't let it get to you, it is likely exactly what she wants." "I know I'm not necessarily the best being around to comfort anyone, but focus on the task at hoof and nothing else, that will help you keep sane, I will make sure you'll get through it." he didn't have lot of experience in lot of things, but one thing Scarecrow knew was how to deal with problems you can't solve. After everything was said and done, he would tell the 'bird' to lead the way.
  5. "I wouldn't say anyone is ready for this." Jenna said "We can be prepared, but can you really be ready for something like this?" she looked at her own hand as she closed it into a fist "But complaining about it won't change anything, it is happening and either we deal with it or fail trying, but it would be wrong to not try."
  6. "We'll need to look for a place to stay for long enough that we can figure out our situation." Jenna said "More equipment could also be useful, and a new vehicle, preferably something we can use bit longer." "After that we'll keep moving."
  7. @Illiad Easle The dragoness declined the apple and the bread, as she was indeed fully carnivorous, and though non-meat didn't make her sick or anything, it had absolutely no benefits to her, making it waste of time and food for her to eat them. The rabbits in other hand, she ate quickly without too much hesitation, at this point she didn't see a reason to think they would be tampered with, not that it would ultimately even matter, because there was only some very specific things that would actually harm her. After she was done with that, the dragoness decided to at least try and ask something that she wanted to know a answer to, she first pointed at Ætheron, then at her eyes, then herself, and lastly around them, finishing it with a tilt of her head to indicate it was a question.
  8. @Illiad Easle The dragoness didn't seem to be bothered by Ætheron leaving, and she would be still sleeping when he got back, but she woke up the moment she smelled the raw rabbits, though it seemed to take her a moment to remember where she was and she didn't get up yet. She would patiently wait for Ætheron to cook the rabbits, staying in the cave until she was motioned by Ætheron to come, not because she was waiting his permission, but because it was his catch, it was a pride thing, though it didn't really hold up when she was offered food because she was still hungry from her travel, rabbits and birds only kept it away for so long. Though she did prefer raw meat over cooked, she would happily take what was offered, beggars can't be choosers, and she honestly had no other option since she couldn't hunt herself at the moment. She again would leave a space between them, but there was no sign of fear anymore, instead it seemed like she didn't know what to feel or what to do, she was confused, this friendly creature, the peacefulness of the situation, it was all new to her, she was used to being worried about her survival constantly, so not being threatened, it felt unnatural.
  9. @Illiad Easle The dragoness nodded, the sun part wasn't necessary since she was able to connect the dots from sleeping and walking, but she did get why Ætheron saw it necessary, though she did hope he didn't think she was stupid due to her limited knowledge, because she wasn't, she just grew in a place where one wasn't really taught anything that could be considered unnecessary. She didn't pay much attention to Ætheron when he went to sleep, she did notice the scars, but she didn't really react to it in any way, just eyeing them for a second before looking to a different direction, at this point it was pretty clear Ætheron wasn't a threat, he even got ready to sleep near her, which was quite a show of trust to her. She stayed outside the cave for some time, looking towards the sky seemingly in thought, but after hour or two, if Ætheron hadn't come out for reason or another, she would head inside the cave, and lay down, taking the most comfortable position she could with her injuries, and if nothing woke her up, Ætheron would find her in the morning sleeping in the cave, closer than she had previously been, but still far enough that it was clear she liked to have some personal space. It would also be noticeable that her sleep wasn't deep or peaceful, as she was twitching now and then in a manner that indicated some sort of discomfort, and if there was any sudden noises, new smells, or if Ætheron tried to get close, the dragon would wake up and look around in full vigilance.
  10. "Land, resources or want to destroy." Jenna repeated once again "As far as we know, something like grass is like oil to them, or maybe their world is overpopulated." "Or they're just evil." "Ultimately it doesn't matter why they are here, all that matter is that they are." "And how someone knew? No idea, but like I suggested before, it could be someone with foresight, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing."
  11. Jenna just shrugged, like she had said, she didn't expect Oliver to know the answer, she just wanted to share what she found weird about humans. She ate few more pieces before getting up and stretching with a yawn "I guess I should get my stuff and get ready to leave." she would then do just that, but she didn't hurry, and before heading to her backpack she would walk past Oliver patting him on his shoulder in reassuring manner. After reaching her backpack, Jenna pulled out her usual attire and put in on.
  12. @Blitz Boom "I never said my kind would win, just that they are brutal." "As long as Equestria has magic, my kind can't take over, if I thought we could, I would have done so, but you have to realize we are not just brutes that attack everything that moves, we observe, plan, and then attack, it's a game for us." "It is true that most of my kind isn't as...patient as I am, but they're not stupid." "They would most likely attack a city, and the amount of death and destruction they could cause before the backup would leave a mark." there was no pride in Ruby's tone, her expression and tone were serious "It's not a threat ponies can friendship themselves out of." "But that aside, regarding siblings, in a way, they're not a thing." "There's obviously the blood relation yes, but that's meaningless to us." "There's usually only one offspring at a time, so most of us will grow up alone, and after we leave our mother, only interactions between dragons are either fights or related to continuing one's bloodline." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I don't actually remember if I have heard about the changelings already, other than that one unpleasant one I met that is." Nada admitted "But yes, we could live with negativity that appears naturally, but the question is, would others my kind want to?" "I really don't know if they would, I haven't really been interacting with my kind since my decision to stop feeding, besides Serenade that is, so I have no idea how they think nowadays." "And I hope they miss me, but since our family wasn't as close as ponies tend to be, they may not." she didn't sound sad about it or anything, it was clear the she didn't feel too bad about it. She just smiled at the comment about Agni, she too was curious to see how he reacted. ------------------------------ Scarecrow had only one question "Is cooperation allowed?" he figured they would be teleported apart if it wasn't, but he wanted to make sure since it was stated specifically that both needed to find one. Regardless of the answer, and even if they were teleported apart, Scarecrow would mutter to himself when Anomaly was gone "I figured these things were more imaginative, but no, took the eyes away instead of turning off the lights, or she's sadistic, could be either." she was referencing to how Anomaly had blocked Lyriel's connection to nature instead of just inventing a challenge where talking to animals didn't help. If Scarecrows muttering didn't cause Anomaly to react in any way that would stop the game from proceeding, he would look Lyriel with concern, assuming they weren't teleported apart, and depending on the answer to his question, would either wish her luck and safety before heading away to look for either shed scales or a manticore, or ask if she was aright and suggest a plan. "Do you know where we could find shed scales? I'd say that's the better option now that your...abilities are limited, since I don't want you to get hurt." "I can work as distraction for you to get yours if needed to." If they were teleported apart, he would just proceed to look for what he needed. ------------------------------------------- @Widdershins "Firstly, what's a man?" "Second, purchase with what exactly? I don't have any currency with me, I mean, I'm sure I could find some but...still, I didn't get anything with me when certain someone teleported me here?" Cerberus asked "And lastly, I'd like the identification of all of these, though I'm not fully sure what I would even need" The narrator must admit he has never played any zelda games and doesn't know anything about them.
  13. @Illiad Easle Ætheron's conclusion wasn't fully accurate, but since the dragon didn't know what he said, she couldn't correct him, luckily it wasn't too far off. She again repeated the words as Ætheron said them, but gave equivalent from her language only for the cave, as ponies, manticores, nor any type of wolves lived around where she were from, her kind had eradicated every creature that they didn't consider prey. Seeing that there were lot of creatures around here that she had never seen or heard of, the dragoness decided to show Ætheron what she actually knew. She drew four pictures, a deer, a rabbit, a fish and a bird, the deer looked bit different to Equestrian breed, but it wasn't certain if that was because it was on purpose or because she just drew it like that, the other three were more a general shape. The first three she pointed at and said what they were in her language, but for the bird she pointed at her eyes while nodding and her mouth while shaking her head.
  14. "That isn't really what I meant." Jenna pointed out "And don't get me wrong, I don't expect you to know the answer, it has been a thing for most of your history after all." "It just feels so weird that humans look at their bodies in such way, it gets even more bizarre when you consider the details of that, like, for example, like this I would obviously get lot of attention and would most likely get arrested, but if I put on small pieces of clothing that cover less than me putting my hands around myself, it's not only fine but very popular." "Then there's the whole underwear versus swimwear thing." for a creature that didn't wear clothing naturally, the concept was quite odd even after being educated on humans.