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  1. "I'm fine, I just sensed a good meal." Jenna said "Which brings me to, what do you want to eat? Will you eat your part supplies or would you want to try dragon-fire cooked meat?" "And don't say you're not hungry, we'll have a long flight in front of us, so you need to take care of yourself."
  2. "I'd actually prefer if someone was after us." Jenna muttered "I can't explain it without sounding like a madwoman, that's why I said if the video is real, because it's really quite unbelievable." she would lead them somewhere where they were alone, and then took out her phone and showed Oliver a video. The video was seemingly filmed on a phone, and whoever was filming was...jumping from tree to tree? When the person finally stopped, the camera focused on a small opening where military was putting up defenses and seemingly checking for radiation. This lasted for some time, until suddenly the personnel checking for radiation shouted something and everyone started to take cover, but then whoever was filming was knocked back by something and a sound too loud for the microphone to capture caused the video's audio to break. When the camera rose again, there was what could only be described as rip in the reality, and from that rip something started coming out in huge numbers, it had became too dark to see what that something was, but the military didn't seem to slow it down. The video then ended.
  3. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "I'll talk to her the next time I see her, there's really no hurry since it won't change anything now and I avoid using that way of messaging anyway..." Sunlight explained "...but enough on that, it's my problem to deal with and i'll deal with it in due time." Jade: "I think you are really overestimating how many unicorns can actually teleport, it's a powerful spell that takes lot of practice, it's not like levitation that every unicorn knows..." Jade pointed out "...and no, he was never caught...before the aforementioned event...that would be evidence. It was known because he knew things he would only know by visiting somepony's apartment, and he was never invited inside by anypony."
  4. @Dynamo Pad "Like I told you earlier, it was expected he would require few checks before he would let me leave, and morning makes perfect sense, since this day is most likely booked full already, not that there's much of a day left anyway..." Ember responded "...because ultimately I'm just a one patient among many, and there's probably those who need, and deserve, more attention at the moment."
  5. @Widdershins Cerberus just rolled his eyes, he felt that if he tried to remind Widdershins what the dragonwhatever had just said a moment before, they would only end up in a loop. "I guess that makes sense, if you are even supposed to make sense, I don't know if not making sense is species wide thing or if it's just Discord." he shrugged "I'm still not sure what weather station has to do with this though, are you saying that parasites are visible there?" "Why do ponies need such station anyway? they control the weather, they always know what will happen." he kept going into the direction he had chosen. --------------------------------- @Blitz Boom "First, I want to clear things up right away, I don't really care for this necklace other than it shines, it just happens to be cursed in a way that I can't help but wear it." Ruby explained "Then for your question, the answer is very simple, revenge." "She attacked me and stole from me, so I'll do the same to her, the only difference being that only one of us will make out of it alive this time." "And not being sure if you were joking or not, I don't know anything about my father, it is very possible my mother ate him, it wouldn't be unheard of, but I don't know, nor do I really care." it was easy to tell that this topic didn't really cause any emotional effect on Ruby besides hate towards her mother. Ruby didn't comment on Leviathan's first comment because all she could have said was 'fair enough' since she didn't know the small dragon well enough to know if it was true. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I think I mentioned this before, but it's not actually my house." Nada explained "It's my friends house, I just have gotten the permission to live there until I know if I get my own place or not." "That's why I didn't want to show you the place, I don't know if my friend would appreciate me bringing everyone I meet there, after all, there's a reason why it's where it is."
  6. "I know." Jenna said pridefully before stretching her wings and folding them to her sides. She then lowered her head closer to Oliver "How are you feeling?" she wanted to make sure Oliver was fine before going for a hunt.
  7. "It happened, the event that the dates point at." Jenna said quietly but fast "And if the video is real, it being a trap would have been lot better....but more on that when we are alone, because though it will probably be in the news soon enough, I don't want any curious ears around."
  8. Thanks If you want to see more of my art, you can find my Oc art from my about me and non-oc you have to find by checking my content and filtering topics. No actually. She doesn't have the soul of a dragon, she is dragon, she just can transform into a pony using magic. Won't go to more detail here since visual fanart is not right place to discuss it. Glad to hear it Thanks It's nice to make art again, I have had a quite the artist's block lately

    1. Tacodidra


      Great job, my friend! :pinkie: She's adorable! ^_^


      And that shadow dragon looks cool! :yay:


  10. It's been a while since I last drew a pony, and this time it's not a new OC. I used medibang paint pro. edit- I forgot the cutiemark, but whatever
  11. Jenna flew forwards quietly, there was forest in every direction, and there didn't seem to be anything of interest anywhere, and even though the weather was clear, Jenna didn't seem to be flying any faster than before. After some time Jenna seemed to spot something that Oliver wouldn't be able to see and started to lowering towards the ground "I'm hungry" she simply said before finally landing. The landing itself was surprisingly smooth, Jenna did hit one or two branches on the way down, but they just snapped and Jenna didn't seem to even notice them.
  12. Jenna didn't really have anything else to say, so until Oliver said something, the rest of the class would be spend taking turns on the punching bag, with Jenna now and then instructing Oliver on how to do things better. After the class, Jenna would take unusually long in the changing room, but would eventually come out regardless if Oliver tried to contact her or if he just waited. She had a uncharacteristically worried expression when she came out, and would just tell Oliver to follow her without saying anything else.
  13. @Blitz Boom Ruby just blinked when she heard Leviathan wasn't actually a water dragon, she couldn't really be blamed for thinking she was considering she had just said she had never interacted with water dragons. "Taking the easy route is quite weak don't you think?" Ruby pointed out, she hadn't listened every word of Leviathan's argument because it sounded too much of like the friendship speeches the ponies liked so much "And unlike you, I...and my kind in general, don't see treasure's worth as currency, it is more a sign of strength, since having a lot tells others you have not only gathered, but also been able to protect all of it." "And what are you gonna do when all of this collapses? it will eventually, and when it does, those who haven't let themselves to become weak will take over." "You'll probably try to point out that I too am here living among them, but that's simply not true, I'm here temporally, only until I'm ready to kill my mother and take back what I have lost." Leviathan would find that convincing someone who has believed one thing for their whole life isn't easy, even if your arguments are good ones. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's actually more on the edge of town, and there's a second entrance that is hidden well enough that you wouldn't notice me even if you were standing on the front door." Nada explained "But I'm always prepared to flee in case there's any reason to think I have been spotted."
  14. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "I will talk to her, you aren't needed, because as much as I like your company, it's my job, not yours." Sunlight hoped she didn't sound too harsh, but the truth was that she didn't believe Twilight would appreciate her bringing others with her since they weren't friends, only an employee and a boss. Jade: "If unicorn that can teleport wants in, they don't need a key..." Jade pointed out, "...and regarding the snooper, he didn't actually steal anything, that's exactly why there's no evidence, he was just snooping around..." hatred could be heard from his voice when he spoke about the pony, and more he talked, more obvious it became that Jade really hated that pony. "...until of course the day he first came after Sunlight."
  15. @Dynamo Pad "We'll see." Ember simply said, not having anything else to add, which was good since she didn't want to continue with the topic regardless. Single nurse came to visit the room and informed that X-ray and other medical tests will be done early tomorrow morning, after which she left without another word.