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  1. @Lucid_Nightlight It went slightly differently to what Ruby had planned, but since the end result was the same, she considered it a success. She didn't mind the kill getting stolen from her because she had no personal interest in the fight. "No" she said coldly to Quasi's suggestion of mercy as she made her way to the clone "It will come after us if we leave it alive, I won't make my mother's mistake." she would then kill the clone in quick an painless way if Quasi didn't stop her in physical way, if he did, she wouldn't be happy. ------------------------------------------------------ "Because unlike your dear princess wants you to believe, not every creature cares." Ember said in surprisingly cold tone "And while they don't care, they know you do."
  2. @Illiad Easle Ædriga did notice Ætheron's disappointment, but didn't really know what to think of it since she didn't know the exact reason for it. "Five tens is very young." "And I small, if I no small, I over double big." she had figured that Ætheron had a short life like most creatures, but wasn't happy to be right, the idea of outliving friends wasn't a pleasant one. "Thirty" "120" she said quietly, she had learned the words for 20-100 but she wasn't sure on how to say them so she said 5 tens when meaning 50 "I can live tens hundreds."
  3. @Illiad Easle There was no deeper meaning for why Ædriga ate like she did, it was simply because it was easier for her, her wings weren't build to be used like her legs, so it was lot easier to drop the food from above rather than carefully place it, and since she didn't really chew her food, lacking teeth to do so, as her teeth were build to rip off pieces off meat instead of chewing, it was also easier to get bigger pieces down when you dropped them directly in your throat. She though for a while after Ætheron's question, she had wanted to ask the same from him but hadn't figured out the words to do so, so it was good that he had asked it. She didn't have trouble understanding time in long term, in fact, quite opposite, it was short term that was harder to keep up with because for creature that could life thousands of years, short times were very short. What she had struggled with was the idea of years and months and such because her kind didn't really count time in that way, but thanks to Ætheron's rewording, she got the idea of what he was asking. "Many cold times, five tens, some more." "But I still young dragon." her kind matured around 50, so she was basically a young adult, though she wasn't sure of her exact age, as she counted it in tens.
  4. @Lucid_Nightlight Ruby didn't say anything, as she had no reason to talk to Darkstalker, and him thinking that was her only plan was only a good for her. She would continue trying to break the clone's neck. That is, until she heard what Quasi said, she had to give it to him, she hadn't even thought about the fact that the clone probably spoke her language. She then spoke to it in her native language, saying what would roughly translate to something along the lines of 'He is right, you will be played by this male like all the inferior creatures, you will be used and then removed, this big male can steal your mind with mere words. So kill him before he kills you, and steal the impressive kill from those you hate the most. Inside of his mouth is unprotected.' Darkstalker may have given this dragon a free will besides who it hates, but he never erased Ruby's nature from the clone, which made Ruby believe that the clone would still think very close to how she thought about things, and hey, what was there to loose in trying? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Ember put her armored hoof on Arrow's shoulder, but not in comforting or gentle way, instead it was firm and professional "If" she then said in rather emphasizing tone "But you did stop." "I don't know how things work when you only hunt dragons, but in my work I have seen plenty of creatures using innocents as their meat shields." "That's most likely true in war too." "It is mental warfare, and if you let it get to you, you have already lost." while her words were cold, her demeanor told of sympathetic mind.
  5. "Yes, but I was talking about the Viper-suits advantages, there may have been a misunderstanding from my part." Jenna said "I though you meant having to take clothes off as the waste of time." "Though I must point out, while you are correct that new clothes can be found, it will still be very...complicating, if I at any point end up destroying the last of my currently available clothing while somewhere in a city for example." she sighed "But this was supposed to be a relaxation day right? So we probably shouldn't keep talking about potential attacks all the time."
  6. "That'll be planned when it is relevant, currently everything is safe as nothing has happened yet." she took out a small box that had in it two pairs of sound protected earmuffs, some earplugs, two pairs of very dark sunglasses and two welding masks, she gave it to Oliver "Here, this is what we need on the roof."
  7. @Lucid_Nightlight "Just because you know the words doesn't mean you can speak the language, most of that was nonsense." Ruby said to Quasi, but in her mind she 'said' got the message, though she said it word at a time. And for strategy regarding the clone, it was simply, 'break neck', it may be double Ruby's strength, but it was still her size and with her build. While she tried to get behind it so that she could grab its head and twist it beyond its limits by using her whole body weight, she also tried to lure it after herself so that she could keep luring it near Darkstalker, because while it was made to hate her and Quasi, Darkstalker never said it would be on his side fully, so if Ruby didn't succeed in breaking its neck, she could just make it angry towards Darkstalker. There was something that Ruby didn't tell though, her plan B, there was another reason why she went so close to Darkstalker all the time, more specifically, why she stayed so close to his head, and that reason would come apparent the moment he would start another spell, as she would fly directly into his mouth and sink her claws in his tongue, and while she could be pulled out, either the tongue or her fingers would be ripped off. Or he could bite down, but while that would hurt Ruby quite a lot, it would make her stay put well enough to go crazy¨inside his mouth, destroying more than just a tongue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ember would continue on her way, avoiding any non-creature security as she did, until there was something unexpected she wouldn't have any trouble with dealing with anyone, even if there was more than one. The crow now and then left her and later came back and told how many guards it had seen in various gestures. Ember used both the spear and her hooves to take down guards, sometimes even using their own weapons against them if necessariy.
  8. Names: Sheska and TroxGenders: Female and Male Species: KoboldPersonality and morals: Sheska is caring but quick-tempered, many times acting before thinking, she can turn from a friendly almost child-like to furious and dangerous in moment's notice. She has very curious mind, and because of that she likes to investigate things she hasn't seen before in situations where she feels safe. She's also bit of an hoarder, having grown up with barely anything, and is very protective of things that she sees as hers, including her brother and any other living creature she may form a bond with. Trox in turn is his sister's counterbalance, he's cool-headed, calculating and more reserved in general, he rarely loses his cool, even under grave danger, but there is exceptions, as he is very protective of his sister, and will react strongly to defend her, even overreacting in some situations, which partly comes from his overall caring nature. He too shares a bit of his sister's tendency to hoard, but while Sheska hoards anything she likes, Trox focuses more on the usefulness of what he gathers. What comes to their morals, they share the same ones, believing in doing good and being good, but they also believe that sometimes less moral actions are necessary for one's own survival or the greater good. Skills: Their agile and quick bodies combined with their fighting skills makes them powerful fighters both unarmed and armed, and what they lack in physical size and strength, they more than make up with their magical capabilities. Trox is also experienced tinkerer, while Sheska knows thing or two about taking care of injures.Source of income: -Backstory in short: Info about their world can be found here Born in The Realm of the Night, Sheska an Trox lived relatively good life at first, they didn't have much as was the case for most civilians in the war, but they got enough food and they had a roof over their head, and that was all they could have asked. They were home schooled, as schools were all military schools and it was hard for physically weaker creatures like Kobolds to get in, not that it was even tried, as their parents didn't want them to go in one. Their parents taught them a lot, including fighting and magic, and while the twins found it bit odd at the time, those skills ended up being crucial later in their life. Normal life lasted through their childhood, but around their teenage years, things took a turn, when the twins were woken up by their parents and told to run, there was no explanations, no goodbyes, just the order to run, and so they did. When they later returned to their home, it was no longer there, the building had been burned to the ground, and their parents gone, witnesses said it had been a raid by the Royal Nightguard. This started a chain of events that lead to them learning of small rebellion group that their parents had started, it was tiny and rather powerless, but having no other place to go, the twins decided to join the efforts to go against the tyrannical rule of Nightmare moon. To say that the rebellion was a failure was an understatement, but that didn't stop them from trying, and the group itself grew bigger as time went on. Trox lost his leg and one of his arms during the various efforts of the rebellion, but thankfully they had gained access to some outdated but still highly advanced replacement parts, allowing him to gain those back in mechanical form. The twins were a big part of the struggling rebellion's operations for years, but unfortunately their luck had to run out eventually, and they got captured, getting locked up in one of the various high-security dungeons, where after brutal "interrogation" they were locked up in their own cells and put in what was to be endless sleep. But it wasn't endless, as something happened, one day, the both siblings woke up in their cells, still chained up, and while their magic was still suppressed, something seemed to be wrong with the security systems, the building was on emergency power and the various machines in the cells had lost connection, something that was supposed to be impossible. Neither of them celebrated yet, as this could be just a small error and guards would soon come to solve it, but no guards came, and eventually even the backup power shut down, shutting down all the security, including the magic suppressing fields in the cells. This was their chance, and with some effort both of them made it out of their cells, only to face a collapsed hallway, which they started clearing little by little and moving forward slowly, it was very time consuming and exhausting, but they had no other choice. During their slow progress, they found the guards, crushed under the rubble, and after a while Sheska fainted from fatigue, as she had gotten the worst of the "interrogation", and while they had technically been in sleep for unknown amount of time, it wasn't the kind of sleep to give you rest. Being exhausted himself, after carrying his sister while also clearing the way for hours, Trox was on the edge of giving up, but then he saw something that confused him, light, and not just any light, but sunlight, he didn't believe it, they were underground, in the darkest parts of Nightmare moon's forever dark forest, and there was sunlight coming through the rubble? Where were they?.... OCs who they have met but aren't in backstory:Depends
  9. @Lucid_Nightlight Ruby just grinned, there were some things in the world she feared yes, but there wasn't somebody, not that it mattered since fear itself didn't paralyze her or otherwise hinder her, so even if she got scared, it only make her even more vicious. But since the wording was, 'fears the most', the one appearing would be someone she almost feared, a clone of herself, who would have thought, someone who sees themselves as the best also sees themselves as their biggest threat. The real Ruby would ignore the clone Ruby, who would also ignore the real Ruby since she was identical clone and thus thought identically to the real Ruby, Darkstalker had really hit himself in a knee with this one. The both Rubys would speak at the same time because again, it was 100% identical clone "There is no one I fear, as I fear nothing anyone I know could do to me, only one creature I know is capable of such actions that would make me feel fear, and that is I myself, but why would I do that?" It was hard to truly scare someone who had already lived through their worst fear, there was ways, and if one managed to do it right, she would be out of the fight for some time, but could Darkstalker word it right? "Also, fear only fuels me, so go ahead, make me fearful, you'll see just how dangerous this young dragon can be." -------------------------------------------------- Ember would move as was planned, and when it came time to take down someone, she would silently get close to them and just as silently take them down, it was clear that she had done similar things before, though it was also noticeable that she wasn't really a fan of doing it with someone. The crow would silently follow and if needed would fly to opposite direction from Ember and start doing crow-things to get the target's attention long enough for Ember (or Arrow) to take them out.
  10. @Lucid_Nightlight Considering that the idiot had quite literally shouted his next move, Ruby had no problem dealing with the tree herself, bit of fire and a one good slam and only burning pieces were left, the fact that Quasi had already made it bit weaker also helped, not that Ruby would admit it even in her thoughts. "Look who's talking, at least he doesn't need magical invulnerability to manage in a fight!" she would try to hit him few times to see if there was any point to even try or if she should go with her original, more dangerous plan. She would constantly fly so close to the giant dragon that if Darkstalker sent more trees or anything else flying after her, he would end up needing to doge them too, and if they flew fast enough to catch her, it wouldn't be that easy to doge them when you were as big as he was. ------------------------------------------------- Ember just blinked at Sky's comment about the fire, it was clear she didn't appreciate being talked to like to an amateur, but she didn't say anything because she knew that arguments and other verbal clashes were waste of time. "How exactly does that spell work? only reason why I'm asking is because you won't be able to use any spells on me directly, my armor and few other protective things prevent that." "Not that I have any trouble moving quietly without magic, I have done it for most of my life after all, but just a heads up." she had various magical protections on her and her armor, she had to have those because of the kinds of creatures she usually went after, she would have been mind-controlled, put under nightmare-spell and many other things many times already if she wouldn't have had those.
  11. "If the situation ends up being calm enough that we have time to worry about beds, it will be safe to head to my apartment." Jenna pointed out " The reason why I brought sleeping bags instead of anything better is because I'm not sure how long we can stay here."
  12. "The hope is that we'll never see them again but I know what you're saying." Jenna pointed out "But it's not really about being prepared for those coming after us, I can transform regardless of what I have on, the problem is after the threat is gone." "Because if I transform with clothes on, those clothes will no longer be usable as they will be ripped into pieces, and while I have spare, it is limited."
  13. @Widdershins Even though the laws of nature and seemingly some higher power tried to stop Cerberus from having fun, he didn't give up, in fact, he started jumping in place to make the boulder fall faster, he was going to ride down this mountain no matter what the various gods and other beings of power had to say about it. "No!" he simply shouted back at the orb, he wasn't coming back as long as it was under his control, this was an adventure after all, and what fun was adventure where nothing exciting happened? ----------------------------------------------------------------- @Blitz Boom Ruby picked up her jewelry and put it back in the box, not showing any reaction to make sure she didn't provide entertainment to their annoying playmate, thought oddly enough the plant-life under her feet burned into black crisp without any obvious reason. She also made mental note on the direction that whatever she was sensing went, but didn't follow because as much as she hated to admit it, he was right, she wouldn't be able to find Leviathan as long as he was around, or as long as he knew she was looking for her. She started to walk towards the exit, but to her surprise, Charir refused to follow and said something, though again he looked like he regretted everything right after, so she just calmly looked at him and had bit of an conversation with him, which was so neutral in tone that anyone eavesdropping would have hard time even trying to guess what they were saying. After talking a bit to each other, both dragons started walking away again, and they walked until Ruby was fully certain that they were far enough that the magical fox didn't know where they were. After they reached such distance, Ruby said something to Charir and both of them took flight, flying high in the air, and then turned back, flying the same route back and turning to the direction where Ruby had sensed the weird sensation going. Her hopes were that if they were high enough, they wouldn't be noticed and thus no illusions would target them as they scanned the forest with their eyes from above. If there was storm clouds or other signs of angry weather-dragon, that would obviously be their first target location. ------------------------------------- Nada nodded "I appreciate it Berry, I really do, Thank you." "Because while I understand it's not much of an sacrifice from your part necessarily since the food would be going to trash otherwise, it means a lot to me that you'd do something like that for me." she smiled, she didn't really need free food considering she could just hunt it to herself, but this was about more than food "Ponies like you make old siren like myself feel more optimistic." Berry may have been bit out there, but it couldn't be denied that without her being like she was, Nada would most likely never left the lake. This of course wasn't to downplay Ziggy in any way, but Berry did have a special importance to Nada since she was the first non-animal coming to see her in thousand years, even if it was part-accidentally. ------------------------------------ "God or demigod, make no difference for me." Scarecrow stated "And wishing for mercy from them is bygone for me." "I wish to not disrespect your trust in Earth Mother of course, but I do not believe beings of such power care for opinions of others." he kept a short pause "Then again, I do not claim to know how they think, I only know that no such being has shown interest in helping me."
  14. @Lucid_Nightlight "It's only a legend for you, for me, it's just another overgrown lizard." This was yes in Ruby-talk. She would take the vine and wrap it around one of her legs in a way that she could easily use it when she saw fit. If combat was initiated, she would first observe how the enemy fought by acting more defensively, dodging and countering before she would take on more offensive strategy where she would exploit the weaknesses of being bigger, and would eventually tie the vine somewhere where her opponent couldn't reach, this all of course assuming she didn't just get smited by unavoidable magic attack right away or otherwise get made useless, because while she could take some nasty physical hits and continue fighting, she had no natural defenses against magic. ----------------------------- "I can see in the dark, I need no goggles." Ember said "And I don't need any of your fancy weapons, my spear is like part of my body and I can breath fire far and wide if I can't get close." "If I'm going to part of this, I'll do things like I know how to do them." she continued "The crow can go for recon, and also cause a distraction if needed." "It would also be wise to disperse instead of going together, until of course your weapons don't allow that, but that's not my problem." she pointed at locations on the schematics "I could enter from there, they most likely will have security there and there, but places like this are usually overlooked." she had infiltrated the bases of rich criminal masterminds, she knew thing or two about getting in places without getting noticed, because while they lacked the technological security like this place may have, they had magical ones that were as if not more effective and hard to avoid than modern stuff is. "This also will be on my bill just so you know, I don't do anything for free."