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  1. @Lucid_Nightlight Ruby would just look Quasi with a look that said 'you only now noticed?' after his first comment, she was fully aware how full of herself she was, and she wasn't exactly trying to hide it. "We call our language, our language, but it can also be known as dragonic, though it is different from the dragonic that for example Equestrian dragons speak, but as you may have realized at this point, we don't really care about naming things anything special, why would we? since most of us never interact with anyone other than our kind and prey." "And kraskdao naushindcal? It translates to 'murder fruit' which is very odd thing to think before a fight in my opinion, though I must admit I'm surprised he knew what a fruit is in the first place."
  2. @Illiad Easle Nothing would look off, everything being like it had been left, and there was no sign of anyone besides them being around. It wouldn't take long for Ædriga to get up, the truth was, she had woken up before Ætheron, she just hadn't seen any reason to get up yet so she had fallen back into a light sleep that was broken the moment Ætheron had started moving. "Good Morning." she said with a slight accent, she had gotten handle on the pronunciation, but there was bound to be an accent considering how different her native language was from this one. She again took lungs full of air and stretched a bit, she then took few sniffs of the air, wanting to know if the night visitor had been there. She got a curious look as she sniffed the air, moving bit away again but this time keeping her head nose in the air. "Same." she would then say "No here, there." she pointed into the forest "night." she pointed at her nostrils "no good." she then stuck her tongue out to indicate disgust. "Go away, there." she pointed deeper into the forest. she lastly let out bit of smoke to clear her nostrils from the scent. Her tone was calm the whole time, as she wanted to communicate that she didn't see the source of the scent as a threat.
  3. Sure. I admit I'm bad with coming up with conflict because my RP style is more reactionary than anything else, so go ahead and feel free to make events with AIDungeon (or even without), only limit being (as already stated), no too much action/combat, though that doesn't mean there can't be any, just that it should be in a form that it can be used to build up the relationship or is more focused on the characters' actions rather than the combat itself. (and it needs to make sense of course, our character are basically mailmen after all, and I know that AIDungeon can be bit...unique sometimes) I'll also take this opportunity to lay down bit of my plans, basically, I'm planning on having cameos from my OCs now and then, these will most likely be mostly dialogue since the characters that would have any reason to harm our characters are all bit too powerful for this. There isn't any specific times I've planned them for though, but one is already spotted them, as you may guess.
  4. "I chose to move here, it's nothing to do with fairness." Jenna pointed out "In areas like these the neighbors don't put their noses in your business, and they won't bother you as long as you don't bother them." "Just what someone like me needs."
  5. "Partly true." Jenna agreed "More people also mean more of their people" "So while we are harder to spot in bigger cities, there's more of those who can spot us." "But our chances are always better if there's more people, so you're not wrong."
  6. @Illiad Easle "Good night." Ædriga would simply respond, only nodding to the first two sentences, she was staring to understand more and more what Ætheron said, but understanding didn't mean she could translate it, and thus replying to it was bit challenging, especially when there was several things he said. She would again stay awake for some time, studying a bit longer before eventually putting the book away and just sitting there for a moment. She would then go to sleep soon enough.
  7. @Lucid_Nightlight "I'll show you what this stuffed animal can do if you keep trying to insult me." she was getting tired of the weird obsession that everyone had to try to put her down, everyone complained about her not liking others while in the next sentence trying to prove that she was weaker than she knew she was. This didn't mean she thought there was nobody who could win her in a fight, no, it just meant that it was talked about in wrong way, there was a way to tell how powerful someone one without insulting her in the same sentence. "And I don't really care what you call my kind, I will always talk about dragons when I talk of my kind, but if you want to give my kind a nickname, go ahead, and if you insist on my opinion, using your naming system of everything being something-wings, Deathwings is at least fitting."
  8. @Blitz Boom "If you can't move, it's hard to use magic or weapons either." Ruby pointed out "And fleeing by itself isn't necessarily cowardice, I would be a hypocrite if I claimed that, it's the reasoning behind you fleeing that determines if you're coward or not." "You also don't need to be physically strong to not to be a weakling, strength is the combination of body and mind, recognizing your weaknesses and turning them into advantages." "This is why I usually overestimate my enemies, even if it may not seem like it, getting too cocky will cause you to make stupid mistakes." Charir kept playing with the cloud, it was partly a conscious decision to keep himself distracted so that he didn't need to worry about Ruby. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sure it's good that there has been creatures to socialize with, but then there's the fact that none of those I have met have been average ponies, no offence of course, so I don't know if it has given the right type of experience." "You are probably the closest to an average pony I have met." Nada responded, she would wait for Ziggy's response and reply accordingly before heading into the water to go for a hunt. What came to the fish, it was its lucky day as Nada let it go for now, but if it hanged around too long, it would meet its end. She would stay underwater when she made her way to where she had hunted previously, she didn't want to anger any oversized creatures again. ---------------------------------------- "No need to worry, I have been on fire before, it's not that big of a deal for me." Scarecrow assured in weirdly casual tone when considering the topic "I'll avoid angering them, but then again, it may be the only way to get these cooked if they don't want to help." he said as he took the walnuts and walked into the clearing, looking as non-threatening as someone like he could, and when far enough from Lyriel, he would speak in a friendly-ish tone that was still loud enough for creatures around him to hear assuming they weren't already out observing him "Phoenixes of the area, I mean no harm to any of you, I only wish you could roast these walnuts to help me in a sick game of a draconequus." he wasn't a master with words by any means, but he figured honesty would be the way to go, and if it wasn't, and some of them would attack him, he would put the walnuts between him and the attackers to get them roasted while he was flamed by them. If he was ignored, he would put his hoof under his head in thoughtful manner as he went through his options.
  9. "It kinda is abandoned, these houses have never been fully inhabited, so now that the few people who have lived here have left, there isn't too many left." "That's the downside of shady areas like this one, non-shady people rarely move in."
  10. "It's less about if I can take them down and more if I should." Jenna pointed out "Any fight, even if I win it, will take energy and has the risk of me getting injured, so it's always better for me to avoid them if I can."
  11. @Lucid_Nightlight "Of course that's how animals live, we are animals, you are animals, ponies are animals, no matter how much you like to claim otherwise." Ruby stated "This is one of the reasons why I despise all of you,you talk like I'm an idiot." "I know groups are more powerful, that's why prey lives in groups, but it doesn't make it any less weak." "And no, an army could not take our lands easily nor quickly, they would eventually sure if their numbers are great enough, but the losses would be so great it wouldn't be worth it, not to mention the economical cost, something we don't need to worry about." "Our land is also worthless for anyone who could take it over" "I also never understand why everyone wants my kind to become stronger, if we got organized, we would start killing other creatures instead of each other, and that would mean so much death and destruction that even I don't want it." "I and that other one are gentle and friendly compared to most of my kind."
  12. @Illiad Easle "No Questt...Questions now." Ædriga replied happily, butchering the pronunciation of 'questions' "I more good read and speak." she looked proud of herself, her biggest challenge would most likely be learning the use of things like prepositions, conjugation, and other such things, because her own language was very simple compared to the one she was trying to learn, but as long as she could learn enough words to then guess the meaning of other words, she would do fine.
  13. @Lucid_Nightlight "Magic." Ruby stated "That's how they keep Equestria standing, that's also why they always send those seven, they have no need for armies when they can just send a small group to magic the threat away." she had looked into things back when she was considering taking over Equestria. "And for my kind, really depends on what you consider an empire." "We rule quite a large area considering our relatively low numbers, and any creature that may have been considered a threat at some point has been either driven away or brought to extinction." "But we are not a nation, we are just lone killers fighting over territory, only thing going above our hate for each other is our hate towards all other creatures." "There used to be nation, but like every empire eventually, it collapsed before ponies had their first town, bringing about the current system of natural order." "This is also why we are unknown outside our area of influence, we kill any outsiders that may find our lands, so nobody survives to tell others about it, which is better for everyone, because if rest of my kind learn what they are missing through new species coming in greater numbers ....well, there's a reason why we are called 'Bringers of death' by our eastern relatives, we don't need to win for others to lose."
  14. @Lucid_Nightlight "You really like to talk like I'm not around." Ruby said as she lazily got up "Also, when your queen isn't around, you can call me Ruby, she just didn't like that we were called the same." "And before anyone says anything, no, I will not do anything else or go anywhere else in this castle, I will leave now"
  15. I agree on that, things are bit overly quick paced, I mean, they woke up in a arena, fought 3 times, escaped, got attacked again, in matter of like 2 or 3 hours? if considering the time that the battles and the escaping most likely took. Also, I have created 3 more dragon OCs that all in way or another is related to Ruby and/or her kind (haven't planned that much.) so I may at some point have a cameos from them so that I can build up their personalities a bit, it's not certain, but if I see a moment where I think one of them may fit in, I may introduce them, though how much that really affects anything will be seen if I do so. also also, if possible, could you describe more of your character's actions? What I mean is, for example, as can be seen from my post I assume Queen Ruby has left the room, but you never stated she did. So in another word, please make it bit more obvious who is around and who is not.