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  1. Hello Everypony!

    Hello, hi! Welcome to the herd!
  2. Having a really tough week at work. I need to start looking for a better, less stressful job, though where I live it may be a challenge... :twi:

    *sigh* Can I just be a weather pony please? :icwudt: 

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    2. Rikifive



      Oh yes, that's a good approach indeed, I do agree. That's what I'm trying to stick to. :) However, it's harder to stay optimistic when I'm forced to work for 10+ hours a day. :P  

      @Totally Lyra I looked around and it doesn't look well. :P Perhaps someday, thank you ~ no worries, that's more than enough, thank you. :) 


    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Riki I think that you have a good idea. Now it is the best moment for that decision. Good luck friend! If you need some help, advice - please let me know!

    4. Rikifive


      Heh, but it's one of the 'easier said than done' things. :derp: Welp, I'll be looking for something from time to time; eventually I'll end up jobless after all that science. :muffins: 

      Thank you. :) 

  3. Hi

    Hi! Welcome to the herd!
  4. Are there any Sondash fans out there?

    Not a fan, but I do admit, that these pictures are adorable.
  5. Hey Everypony!

    Hello there! Welcome to the herd!
  6. Hello, Everypony!

    Hello, hi! Welcome to the herd!
  7. *Squawk! Squawk!*

    Hello there! I hope you'll have fun! Welcome to the herd!
  8. Make a meme about the forums

    Oooh this is so true. Heh, that's actually the reason why I muted notifications from status updates. It's not that I have anything against that kind of status updates, it's just that 100+ notifs every single day was making it insanely difficult to follow important events. getting back to the topic...
  9. Heyyy!

    Hey, hi! Welcome to the herd!
  10. Awwww why so sad? *boops sad Lyra* :catface: 

    She's sooooooo cute though!!! :wub: 11/10 would snuggle! :love: 

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra


      Thanks! :blush:

      *boops back and accepts your snuggle* :P

    2. Rikifive
  11. Yeah, that happens. Perhaps try using the search page, it seems to perform better. It still tends to throw an error from time to time, but seems to be more stable. Either way, it's a pretty old issue.
  12. Make a meme about the forums

    MEANWHILE IN WELCOMING PLAZA... No offense of course!
  13. wellcome every pony

    Hello, hi! Welcome to the herd!
  14. Hello there! Ouh, that's not nice indeed. Perhaps you may find some still being active-- either way I hope you'll make many new friends! There are many new ponies to meet! Welcome back to the herd!
  15. Will there be more of the Brohoof esc Reaction emoticons.

    Personally I've bumped into lack of 'laugh' reaction multiple times. When I see funny/hilarious content, I'm not sure which reaction should I pick to express that. The closest ones are 'yay' and 'smiley', but these still aren't accurate enough in my view. I'd imagine something like or , rather than just smile of some sort. As for me, besides brohooves, I mostly use 'thanks' 'yay' and 'smiley' reactions; sometimes 'teacup'. Another most commonly used by me reaction would be that 'laugh'. Other than that- I can't really think of more- I think it's enough of these and as @Jeric has said, there definitely shouldn't be too many of these. Not only it may make things more problematic, it may also just look more chaotic. If I recall correctly, only the default brohoof adds reputation; the rest are neutral (don't affect your reputation at all). They may have changed that though - I may have overlooked an update regarding this and I didn't pay attention to that feature's behavior to tell that myself, so correct me if I'm wrong.