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  1. Whenever that subject ( (fanclubs && improper images) || approving posts by mods ) is mentioned - you're appearing, @Steve Piranha. I can understand you there very well. No offense of course - That would be absolutely not what I meant.
  2. Shush! She's sleeping! Awww! Sweet dreams by Bugplayer
  3. It's the part of the history! It's always nice to have the possibility to revisit older threads with past events and such, not just to have temporary fun. That's true it gets pretty messy with time, but if that really would be an issue, then just adding some kind of archive-subforums in these sections would help. Organizing better, perhaps, but removing? That would make everything look empty.
  4. Just adorable. Rainbow Dash by Celebi-Yoshi
  5. @HereComesTom At the moment I'm pretty busy with the forums - not only these forums. There are things happening, so I have tons of work to do, not mentioning, that my job ruins most of the plans. I believe it should be getting better at some point - I hope it will. At the moment this project is suspended, but do not confuse it with being abandoned. Once I'll get done with things, I'll happily get back to this game. Sorry for the lack of progress. That's good to hear, that at least you are doing some progress there. Keep it up!
  6. It's not always accurate, that's true. That value changes every time user loads or refreshes the page. For example, if you'll get to a thread, that I'm reading for 30 minutes, it will be showing, that I was last active 30 minutes ago, even though I'm still reading it, unless I was changing pages in meanwhile. The same as the 'Currently' status (shown below 'Last Visited' when online) can be inaccurate. For example, I'll go to a thread and then go to the main page in a new tab. It will be showing, that I'm currently on the main page, even though I closed that tab and I'm reading the thread, because the home page was the last thing I've requested from the site. The true question is - Does 'Last Visited' value update when sending a message or making a post? Doing this doesn't refresh the page, just adds a reply, so it may be the possibility. That wouldn't be a bug then, but just how it works, though I can be mistaking. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Basically, "brohoof" is a "like" just like on many other social medias, such as Facebook. If you think, that somebody posted something nice - you can brohoof it to show, that you like and/or agree with the post If a post made you laugh (positively) - you can brohoof it to show, that you just liked that comment, because it was funny Most of the time brohoof/like is to tell, that you agree with somebody - to support his statement. For example, to say "Yep, he's right, I agree with this", without having to make a post just to say that. Just a quick way to say, that you agree or just like the post. There's no rule telling what you should like or not - it all depends on you. Brohooves technically don't change much. That's just a number of likes received by others. Usually quality posts get more likes, than spam, for example. Practically on the other hand, when people see, that you have tons of likes, they'll consider you more friendly and more famous (not literally and it still depends), than in case if you'd not have any. It also depends on post-likes rate, but that's nothing to be worried about. Just be yourself and brohoof posts you like. That's the most important thing. "Follow" is something similar to a friend list.. or contact list. If you like somebody, then you can follow him to receive news from that person. For example, if you believe, that I'm a good person and my posts are nice and/or interesting - you can follow me to be notified about new content I make, dependable on your notification settings. Practically it's also to show, that you like somebody. And yes... in some cases it can become the useless facebook friend counter, but it really depends on how that feature will be used by particular member. I'm not sure if that's what you were asking for, so sorry for potential misunderstanding. Also, I'm talking too much again, they should just ban me.
  8. Oh, that's great! Why, thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
  9. @Sir Hugoholic Your pony is ready! Sorry you had to wait ages for that. Yell at me if you want. + Profile Brick If you'd like to make any changes, just notify me. Heh, I think I should try to unstuck some requests. @Cloggedone *boop* Your request is stuck for ages now. I need more information about your pony. I'll message you shortly. @Compeador *boop* Now it's your turn, but I'm afraid your request will get stuck as well, as I don't have any description of your requested pony. I'll message you as well. Once again, I'm really sorry it takes forever. Some things keep me distracted. ...And that thing is the messenger, most of the time. On the other news, I've updated the main post with fancy images. It looks nicer, I guess? On a side note, somehow, I totally broke that text editor. It doesn't respond to enter, nor up/down arrow keys now. Shift+Enter works though. Interesting... Me and my problems...
  10. Mega Thread

    Banning me for being pink? Now that's offensive! You're banned for breaking rules! D:
  11. Mega Thread

    I'm sorry, you're banned. Does that count? x3
  12. Mega Thread

    Ouh, I'm a terrible person, I deserve a ban! D: Banned for spamming with a large font.
  13. Mega Thread

    Banned for talking about caps lock, while we have a slime problem. We don't want to get Nunemon...
  14. Forum games they said... It will be fun they said... Now I have somepony in my bed. Hello there!
  15. Mega Thread

    My time is not your time, therefore I own my time.. somewhat.. Now it's your time to get banned, so even if you can't own your time, the ban is your very own, I guess.