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  1. If you'd like to share your ideas, feel free to message me. And these purely selfish reasons are more than enough! Seriously though, I don't require you to know how the works would look like behind the scenes, I'm just asking for the simplest opinions regarding which one would you like to see. As for difficulty in making- both styles have their pros and cons, that's why I can't decide, so I was thinking of some random thoughts from the others, to help me decide. I'm also a fan of retro games (Amiga and NES will be always remembered), so I know, that the game doesn't have to be in majestic HD to look good. I value gameplay over visuals. Actually a mix of pixel and non-pixel art is pretty common thing nowadays. Sometimes you may notice pixelated characters in not exactly pixelated environment, such as slightly blurred backgrounds for visual effects and such. I may also 'cheat' a little like this, but that's another story. Just sharing opinions and helping improving things are more than enough. Ah, the fun fact is, that I haven't touched the code that much lately, as these graphics took the whole spotlight now. Either way, thank you!
  2. I'm running a tiny poll related to my game project, because I can't decide on something. I'd appreciate any input, thankies! :catface:


    1. Compeador


      lemme guess: HD or pixel?

    2. Snow


      No, it's totally fine to model the tank class character after my OC :orly:


    3. Rikifive


      @Compeador Yeah- I really like both styles and I can't decide myself. :P 

      @Snow There will be tanks somewhere...  (?)

  3. What do you mean exactly? Something like a barrier? That wouldn't solve all the problems as you'd have to touch the water in some cases, to wash your hands, for example.
  4. Does it happen automatically when we touch water, or do we have a full control on it? That changes many things. If we'd have the full control over it: If that would be optional then yeah, why not- being able to change the form always comes in handy. I wouldn't complain even if I'd have the ability to temporarily turn into a rat to be honest. If that would happen automatically: I'm not sure if I'd like it. At first it could be nice, but then it probably would bring more problems, than anything else. Sure you could explore the deep sea and experience something unique, but that's the only good thing I can think of. Now it would become much less fun if you'd bump into problems- - What if it would be raining? Turning into a mermaid/merman on the street wouldn't bring anything good. You'd get stuck and probably have to wait until it stops raining and also wait for the ground to get dry, thus probably spend the whole day lying on the ground. - A big NOPE to Winters. Snow is water, so it would be great if we could hibernate. - Wash your hands they said, you'll not get stuck in the bathroom they said. Kinda feels like in games- you can 'restore' your hygiene only in 'save points', that exist only in your home and probably few specific places. - Plot twist - water as your weak point. Just a bottle of water would be more than enough to stop you- robbers' new favorite weapon; Somebody wants to make fun of you? water will be perfect. - and many more problems due to unexpected transformations. I think I'd treat that as a curse. Mermaids are helpless on land and let's be honest, we spend most of our lives on the ground, thus it has way more cons, than pros. Speaking of turning into mermaids, the same concept was used in H2O: Just Add Water, so I think I could say, that I'm aware of some of its pros and cons. Heh, I got ninja'd with that tv program.
  5. UPDATE: - It seems to be fixed now - MORE DETAILS: ~Thanks.
  6. Oh it seems to be working now. I managed to put an image into my signature and save it successfully. YAY
  7. It really was? Why, thank you, I'm happy to hear this.
  8. Happy to hear that!
  9. Hello there! Welcome to the herd!
  10. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  11. Hello there! Perhaps try playing some Forum Games with the others? Welcome to the herd!
  12. Hello there! You're doing great already- I wish you good luck!! Welcome to the herd!
  13. You're welcome!
  14. Glad to hear that! I hope you'll have fun here!
  15. I'm pretty sure many developers know that feel. What does that exactly mean? How the works are going? I think pixel art-- but it really depends. Some things are easier to draw normally, than build out of pixels- some work the other way around. That's why I can't decide... I enjoy drawing the typical digital art, because I can practice my drawing skills better that way. As for the current progress- to be honest I don't have much. There's literally not much, so having to redo things will not be the problem here - that's why it's a perfect time to consider which path should I take. As for the progress visible in screenshots in the main post- well they're pretty much irrelevant now, as I'd have to edit them either way. (They're from the game I had in other engine, back before I have switched to GM). Sooooo everything basically is up to be made. I know, but the HD one seem to look nice. Aww, I don't know!