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  1. Rikifive

    I'm Really Late To Make An Another Account

    Hello there! Yep, you can submit your OC in the Roleplay Characters section and then it should appear in "My Characters" tab. c: Welcome back to the herd!
  2. Rikifive

    Hi! New here, looking for some friends!

    Hello there! Welcome to the herd!
  3. Hi Riki!

    Please vote for Luna and her team (if that is OK with you!):fluttershy:

    Thank you friend! :fluttershy: Have a Luna! :P^_^




    1. Rikifive


      Oh no, but the other team has Celestia. :adorkable:

      The Moon has spoopy ponies. :twi: Sorry. :twismile:

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend



      OK. Just kidding! :DI respect you pony preferences!


  4. Rikifive

    Hi! I recently started watching MLP:FiM!

    Hey there! Glad you're enjoying the show so far! Welcome to the herd!
  5. Rikifive

    New Reactions and Emojis! :D :D

    Aww The quick-search-list with emoticons doesn't always want to pop out (well known bugs with mentioning/emoticons), so I'm not always able to take the shortcut - In that case I either have to manually pick emoticon from the list under emoji button in the editor or remember to put "mlp_" when typing these out. That's a bummer. Well, I guess I'll simply have to deal with this.
  6. Rikifive

    New Reactions and Emojis! :D :D

    Speaking of emoticons, is there a reason some of the emoticons have that 'mlp' prefix in their names? It's harder to :icwudt: when it's harder to type out.
  7. Just look at how fabulous Rarity is.
  8. I was just wondering where are your manners, darling.
  9. Thinking of legit theft just like that? Apparently you have to use the simplest of words and say things as clear as possible, so that the Team Dragon Lands would be able to understand. How one can vote for that team? Grogar would laugh at them. jk
  10. Totally voting for Manehattan. Rarity herself steals my vote.
  11. Rikifive

    Been here a short while; about time I came here

    Oh, it's time for official introduction, huh? In that case - welcome to the herd!
  12. Rikifive

    Personal Dilemma

    That's the spirit! You're welcome.
  13. Rikifive

    Personal Dilemma

    I perfectly know what you mean, I've been there. You're supposed to know what is where, but things actually aren't that obvious or simple to achieve, like others say. I do have a job, but I'd love to change it in the future - change to something, where my work actually would be appreciated. It's hard to find a good job, so be prepared for potential disappointment. Either way, I believe in you Taze and hope, that you'll find something you'll enjoy. I wish you all the best. As for the forums - that's understandable. Real life always has something to keep us busy and it's absolutely fine if you have other hobbies you'd like to spend time on as well. I have too many hobbies, so I can imagine how it goes. Either way, you're one of the most active users here ~ I see you everyday, so that's more than enough! Take your time and balance things, so that you can enjoy all of them.