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  1. New Guy in Town

    Hello there! Soon you'll start to think how to not make friends, because you'll end up being flooded by them. Welcome to the herd!
  2. Thunder Dash - Celestia’s Ballad for Piano and Voice

    Yeah I agree with @SharpWit. It actually sounded quite well, but there were times, where the deep-ness felt kind of unnatural. In general it's good, but a slightly softer voice would fit better I think. I do loved piano though... Great work there.
  3. needs ponifying Default Profile Picture

    @Jeric Yeah it is, though I didn't want to poke them like this, just wanted to share the idea on which things could be decided afterwards. Now that you have mentioned her, it will be enough I think? -- but I could send a PM too I suppose.
  4. Hey thanks for the follow Riki :3

  5. Old Fan, Just wanted to reintroduce myself. XD

    I'd do everything to see that smile as often as possible.
  6. 1. It can be disabled, but that is a global setting, so it would apply to everyone and yes, it is set to prevent users from spamming, why do you have a need to disable it? There is a timer set as mentioned above, so if that bothers you, then that means you're trying to make two posts one after another in a short period of time (though not sure for how long exactly it is set) -- why? That's how 'foruming' works; one user posts after another, rather than talk using multiple messages like it tends to be in live-chats. The staff (admins) would be able to tell more details, such as how long exactly you have to wait to prevent your posts from merging. 2. I'm afraid what you can set in the notification settings is all the forum software can offer. Adding more options would require struggling with code, which I doubt will happen, as there are other things requiring 'fixing' first. 3. Yep, the text editor has some bugs in it, but what exactly is broken for you? I'm aware of many bugs there, but just typing should work well; the problems start when formatting kicks in. 4. No need to worry, it's fine. It just requires things named differently in order to make them hard to find with that feature, due to not being able to come up with correct keywords. -- or what you're looking for simply doesn't exist. Either way, there's nothing wrong with asking questions - looking for answers on your own may take a while, where asking may bring you them faster thanks to 'experienced' users, who have been on the site for a while and more importantly - STAFF members. Besides, you'll most likely get more accurate answers that way, as these will be up-to-date, rather than what you could find in some old threads. That's what this section is for! Hope that helps!
  7. Greetings! Newbie here!

    Hello there! Decent art, I approve! Welcome to the herd!
  8. needs ponifying Default Profile Picture

    @Nightfall Gloam Here is one with Buffy. c: Based on this reference: Example: or perhaps with Buffy-themed background?
  9. needs ponifying Default Profile Picture

    It would suit these forums much better than the current default one, that is completely out of place. Don't worry about this; it is totally possible to change the default profile picture in this forum software, without any black magic (coding) needed. And as you said, there was a custom default picture set before. This is actually a really good idea. I took Pinkie Pie because she has the most iconic mane for purposes like this in my opinion, but yeah, I think Buffy would be a much better choice here. I may make one with her if needed.
  10. Hello everypony! I've been wondering on something for some time... If I recall correctly, there was a ponified default profile picture, that was set for users, who didn't have their custom avatar set. What happened to it? Now if you'll take a look at newcomers, you see this: ---which is the IPB very default 'default photo' with a mysterious shape of unknown monster. The problem is, that I'm worried about Rarity... Just look at her... We cannot let Rarity suffer like this, can we? I think that ponified default photo was a nice little detail, that welcomed new users. I don't remember how exactly it looked like, but even something like this would be nice. Now this is something familiar! Eventually with a different background color? It's not a complaint of course, nor anything like this - just a question/suggestion. Either way, Rarity, what would you say to this? Everything is worth that smile, don't you think? Thank you for reading! UPDATE: As suggested below, here is one with buffy:
  11. Ooh I hope everything will be okay. :(  

    If you'd like to talk, I'm always here. :kindness: 

  12. SALUTATION!!!!!

    More or less, I've heard about that country many times. I'd say I recognize the name and stuff, but wouldn't say I know that country. Either way, this is really far, far away from where I live (Poland), interesting!
  13. SALUTATION!!!!!

    Hello there! Where are you from? Welcome to the herd!
  14. Old Fan, Just wanted to reintroduce myself. XD

    Hello there! Oh that Twilight image is too much for me to handle... Welcome back to the herd!
  15. Greetings and Salutations Everypony.

    Hello there! Have fun and welcome to the herd!