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  1. That last hug before I go? MamJ89C.png


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    2. Rikifive


      Oh yes! Two hugs better than one! :yay: *hugs*

      Don't forget about me. :P

      Goodbye. c:

    3. DivineCheer1000


      @Rikifive Who are you? :laugh:

      JK, I'll never forget you! I hope you never forget me either!

    4. Rikifive


      I won't.. I won't. oilUbfM.png

  2. AYYYYY! :love:

    @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000 @DivineShadow1000

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!! :yay:

    Now something for youuu!!!!! :mlp_yeehaa:


    Pack Includes

    IVt9odh.png celestia_smile
    3oOVBSS.png celestia_grin
    QbXRzt3.png celestia_smirk
    30QJkkP.png celestia_laugh
    W75AkmK.png celestia_excited
    JXZh7Fu.png celestia_shocked
    SVuI915.png celestia_disappointed

    - styles, sizing and quality may vary -

    ONLY $29.99 (more expensive 'coz it's royal edition 30QJkkP.png )
    = SPECIAL OFFER!!! =

    BUY NAAAAOOO!! :love:

    also holy balls thanks to her mane I had to draw her second eye myself in each emoticon except in 30QJkkP.png. Thank Celestia she has the ability to close her eyes, that way I had less work with that single one. Well SVuI915.png also saved me that trouble thanks to her sneaky eyes in that shot. She is really tricky to work with, the colors are barely visible, I really had to polish, sometimes even redraw all emoticons. That's why that pack is expensive rVzK55c.png jk

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    2. Rikifive


      I see what you mean and yeah, that would make it look more accurate. However, it is intentional. If I'd move that circle to the left, her snoot would escape the 32x32 square emoticon area, resulting in a rectangle as a final result. Emoticon itself could look fine, but not really among the others. Personally I kinda dislike few of the ones we already have, that stick out like this, bumping the text all over the place once attached; all being nice 32 x 32 has its charm and it is something I aimed for. That's the problem with adult mares, as their face is rather rectangular compared to younger ponies. That's a price I was willing to pay. ;P


    3. Muffinnz


      Are these getting added to the emote list?

    4. Toshigami Equine

      Toshigami Equine

      *Throws my credit card at the computer screen* Take my money! Take all of it! :crackle:

  3. hah I forgot about that... MamJ89C.png


    ... browsing art is impossibru for me now. vaKz6mm.png

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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      It was just as bad, like two months ago.

    3. Tacodidra


      It's nice they still use the spoiler tags for the finale. ;) Otherwise that would have been even worse... :sunbutt:

    4. Rikifive


      Oh yeah, it would be worse; that way I was like 'oh right' and then left the site. :P


  4. going to work now so i was kind of rushing, but-- ?
  5. And you missed the word "virtual". We're talking about virtual keyboards that appear on your screen. There is more than one and even by default there tends to come few built in, that can be switched in the settings. You can browse the mobile market for apps adding input methods / keyboards. No one mentioned physical keyboards. If you got confused by the cursor in my gif, that wasn't the point, as I was showing where to tap to remove it using a workaround. I recorded the gif on PC, but it's the same operation on mobile.
  6. @Rikifive What do you think of this beautiful pony?


    1. Rikifive


      That I haven't watched the movie yet. 09Loo2b.png

      She looks really cool though. MamJ89C.png

    2. DivineCheer1000


      @Rikifive She's so beautiful and amazing!

  7. The first option should be sending you notifications here on the forums (+browser if enabled); The two in the middle are email subscriptions and the last one should prevent you from getting anything. So if you want to receive notifications, but not emails, select the first option. You might also need to configure notification preferences to adjust specific notifications accordingly to that.
  8. Hello hi and welcome to the herd!
  9. Possibly. If you've set them to send emails when you followed these, you'll have to update the preferences now. Don't worry though, it's a quick process. To change the follow preferences, go to Manage Followed Content page click your name in the upper right corner and select Manage Followed Content from the menu. To the right you can quickly select all followed contents on the current page... ... and then at the bottom, click the bell icon and select your desired preference. And that should get rid of these emails.
  10. Happy birthday! :balloon::yay: 

    1. Phosphor


      Thank you, @Rikifive  :coco:

  11. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  12. AYYYYY! :love:

    @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra @Tacodidra

    LOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!! :yay:

    I've made something for youuuuuuu!!!!! :mlp_yeehaa:


    Pack Includes

    09Loo2b.png coco_shy
    SYqGVuB.png coco_unsure
    2Jz8yKz.png coco_thanks
    MamJ89C.png coco_awkward
    vaKz6mm.png coco_umm
    4O5RMdG.png coco_worried
    oilUbfM.png coco_smile

    - styles, sizing and quality may vary -

    ONLY $19.99
    = SPECIAL OFFER!!! =

    BUY NAAAAOOO!! :love:

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    2. Rikifive


      Why, thank you @Flutterstep09Loo2b.png For example in the software I use, using a tool to scale down the layer has different results than scaling down the layer from the options at the top under the 'layer' tab. The one in the layer tab opens a little bit more detailed window, that has 4 different interpolation settings, where the tool gives even other, more blurry result than these 4. :P I'm not sure what kind of pixely you have in mind, but scaling really tends to vary, so yeah, if the image seems to look okay in the normal scale, try different options, eventually polish it up a little. :mlp_icwudt:

      Sounds simple indeed, but tiny images tend to be tricky. :P 

      @Bas Personally I wrote a little silly software that gives me the links. :mlp_icwudt:



      It gets the job done I guess, still faster than looking for the links manually or browsing the imgur gallery. search box yay MamJ89C.png

      checkmate wwVNt9j.png

    3. Phosphor


      Coco_umm is so cute  :coco:

    4. Bas


      LOL, that's a better software than I could write!

      I would have assumed JS as a custom script.

  13. You can disable email notifications in the notification settings (click your username in the upper right corner, select account settings and to the right you'll see notification settings). There you'll find options to configure when you want to receive forum notifications and emails. You can either choose one, both or none, for each case set separately to suit your preferences better.
  14. Indeed! LOL yeah In that case I hope you'll have fun! Too bad it's so short at the moment though.
  15. That's correct, it's because these are the first levels. More types will start to appear along with progress, including... bois that cannot be matched Hmm speaking of Rules of Rarity. Thank you very much everypony!