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  1. Hello! It's absolutely okay if you're not a fan of MLP like many others are - it's not a requirement. Many people like MLP, because they understand it in a specific way (long story), so it is understandable if you found that to be not appealing to you. Personally I'd never guess I'll be even watching this and now... a plot twist happened. Welcome to the herd! I hope you'll find what you're looking for!
  2. Hello! Welcome to the herd then!
  3. Hi! Welcome to the herd!
  4. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  5. Hello! How everything works? It just works- you're not required to do anything particular to be here. Welcome to the herd!
  6. Hello! Good luck then~ Welcome to the herd!
  7. Yo

    Hi! Welcome to the herd!
  8. Hello there! Good luck with your channel and welcome to the herd!
  9. Hasbro pls nerf alicorns, they're OP Just kidding! Hello! Birds are wonderful entities and their chirping/singing is one of my most favorite sounds. So peaceful - a great ambience in forests/parks and not only. Welcome to the herd!
  10. Hello! Even though I know, that nobody will watch/listen to my stuff, I'm posting these anyway, for myself. That way your works will live longer, rather than on hard drive, that can break. Besides, you never know if your works will actually gather interest! I've found your profile on Soundcloud and listened to what I found there - Not really my genre, but they're great. I liked the instrumentals. They made me think of movies/RPG's. Yeah... MLP is absolutely surprising.. Welcome to the herd!
  11. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  12. Yeah, I get what you mean. Though it's still just a fictional world with other rules, so you really shouldn't be worried about physics and stuff. Besides, I'm pretty sure hooves don't help there either. They kinda do, though it's still noticeable, so everything was telling me sh he was a mare. Sorry about that!
  13. I know that issue very well. I was whining about this short after the upgrade to v4. You also mentioned spoilers going wild and 'eating' everything. Yup, there is such a bug indeed. A bug, that destroys the whole post, by moving its contents all over the place. It literally generated me hours and hours of redoing things, so I know what you mean. That bug is caused by manually putting the spoiler tags. If the post is relatively long and/or it contains special boxes such as spoilers/quotes etc., there is a chance, that the whole post will end up being completely messed up after posting. To be honest I didn't try that on MLP Forums yet, but from my past experience with IPB4, I don't even dare to check this out. Though now when you mention this, then I guess the same rule applies here. The solution is to not type spoiler tags manually, but use the button in the editor (the one with the eye, before emoticons) instead, to create that 'box' directly in the WYSIWYG editor to avoid initializing it during posting. That's how poorly programmed that system was, it's not MLPF's fault.
  14. Not sure about the exact timing, but I'm pretty sure it is after LoE, because they mention renovation of Camp Everfree. At the beginning of LoE, they weren't aware of camp's condition and such - they've discovered that later, so I think this episode takes place after they were there.
  15. Oh, I see - I derp'd then.