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  1. *boops your avvy C: *

  2. Heeey- good catch! Closer than you may think. Instead of adding all the buttons, just add a second line by clicking "+Add Toolbar", then throw at least one button there to make it stay (leave it blank to remove). That way, the toolbar will have two lines by default. You can balance the buttons between two lines to make it look good in any size. You can do the same for smaller resolutions, to fix that for most of mobile device users as well. If that really is an issue and if you'd like to just disable it, then why not asking Poniverse/MLPF leaders for temporary permissions for plugin settings? You're an admin, so you should rule this land! You'd disable this and the Character Box Fanclub would be sad.
  3. HERE IT COMES, ANOTHER WALL OF TEXT If you meant tablet, then it just inherits the settings from the size, that the tablet allows do display, which is the 'small' one, in most cases. The 'Page' button adds a horizontal line into the post like this: You can draw that line manually using this BBCode: [hr] That's what I'm doing quite often, though a button for that would be unnecessary I believe. The BBCode is simple, at least for me. Not like anyone uses these as much as I do. If you're going to add 'Center' button, it would be good to add 'Align Left' as well, basically to allow members reset settings regarding align. Otherwise they'll be stuck in center. Extremely rarely, but it gets some use, from me, to not search far. EXAMPLE or even in this post as seen above. While it's kinda not needed in smaller resolutions (mobile devices, for example), I like that button, because it quickly opens the code editor, which can't be brought up using BBCode. It can be also used to bypass BBCode and stuff like this. It's not very useful in v4 though, as everything is automatic and there's no need to show codes for confused members (some didn't know how to open spoiler back then, for example). Either way it's convenient, leave this. Hmmm... I think that would be actually better for small screens. Desktop (most likely large screen) users can easily use keyboard to perform these actions. CUT CTRL + X COPY CTRL + C PASTE CTRL + V UNDO CTRL + Z REDO CTRL + Y ~which is much faster. These are widely used shortcuts- even in Paint there are exactly the same shortcuts. And as @Yellow Diamond mentioned, that would take some space. Besides, we can still find these in the menu brought by right clicking. As for other suggestions- Personally I got what I wanted, so it's okay for me as it is now. Rarely I also use subscript and superscript, but- extremely rarely, so I don't think it will be necessary to have them there. I can always manually use BBCode for that. I'm not using other screens besides the biggest one, so I can't really say anything regarding the smaller ones. Summarizing- I got what I wanted, thank you! IF I'LL EVER BE A PRINCESS, IT WILL BE PRINCESS OF WALLS OF TEXT
  4. Even Princess Celestia has troubles with that character box.
  5. You may also consider adding few buttons for the smaller resolutions. One of the members had some tiny problems before, due to lack of buttons on smaller view. It's obvious enough. Thank you! One more thing I'd like to ask for, if you don't mind of course- Could you drag that button to the left like this? It's just my personal preference (I believe it was placed there back in v3) and it blends better that way in my opinion. That's a number one issue in v4 for me. Lack of that plain text editor is extremely problematic, I agree. I'm afraid it's not possible to get that back and it's not MLPF's fault. However, they could allow us to access source mode, which would be a good workaround, but that's too dangerous to allow random members toy with this.
  6. Hello there! This time I'll try posting something without images and in-depth description. I'd like to ask if you could add extra buttons to the text editor. Namely, the one called "Remove Format". I kept using it a lot in the previous version and I'd like to have back in the current one. It is really essential for me. Why? Let's assume, that I modified one word to highlight something like THIS. Now when I want to continue typing with the default format, I need to reset the font size manually, then reset color manually, remove bold and italics. Whew, a lot of clicking for such a simple thing, don't you think? Also when I have a formatted text, then even - going to next lines doesn't work, so in some cases it gets kinda tricky to 'escape' that, because you have to reset it manually, unless you've made an extra line before formatting, so that, going down will allow you to write further with the default settings... There are tricky (yet kinda glitchy ) workarounds though- 1) Go to next line; type one character; go back; type again - if that doesn't work - backspace to previous line, go to next line again and type. Still doesn't work? Keep doing this until it will work... 2) Go to next line; type one character; highlight it; cut and paste it without formatting (ctrl+shift+V) - sometimes it doesn't work though, so you'll have to paste it normally and then paste it without formatting.. Still doesn't work? Keep pasting with both methods until it will eventually work. A workaround to avoid all of this is to make the whole post, then format it at the end. But all of that could be replaced with one working-anytime solution- 1) Highlight text; press the button; Done. Increase Indent and Decrease Indent would come in handy too, but that's optional. What do you think? Thank you! Still a wall of text... but I tried!
  7. It has been fixed, at least regarding my case, thanks. Ah that v4 downgrade upgrade...
  8. Maybe not a huge issue, but a popular one. Now look at these threads, that I just found! Visit these for more information.
  9. I also dislike being redirected to user's profile when wanting to load all comments or when simply posting a comment. This is extremely inconvenient and slows down the process.
  10. Hello everypony! I wanted to create a thread in the Feedback Section, but I seem to have a problem with that. When I'll click the 'Start new topic' button, I'm getting the following error: and I'm redirected to: where it should be: And basically that's it. I can't do anything. ...Unless you want me to create a feedback thread in Welcoming Plaza.
  11. Why, thank you! This is just a gif I've made in an image-editing software. As simple as that. Oh, I've overlooked that one, good catch! I've toyed with this for a while and ... I'm disappointed by the results. I've took your images to get the correct proportion of the image - it turned out to be 1270x584. These dimensions should fully cover the spot on your device. I thought, that these are fixed dimensions for mobile view, so I've edited the template and re-uploaded my cover. To test that, I've opened my profile page on my mobile device and I've noticed something unexpected - that height still wasn't enough. That's when I realized, that we have to deal with dynamic dimensions and how poorly designed it is. On the desktop*, aside from that tiny glitch ~it seems to be designed quite well. Even if you'll make the browser's window tiny, the image will slightly scale down revealing its contents hidden behind statistics, but not much*. For example, I've marked what I can see at the forums' maximum size and what I've managed to 'discover' when reducing the size of the window: At the maximum size, you can see only the 'full size' part, as the 'maximum* extra view' is hidden behind the statistics. It is revealed after reducing the size of the window. (I believe it's possible to view more using that glitch, that occurs at a specific window size*, but let's leave that glitch alone ) So.. generally an image with height of ~400 should do the thing - in any resolution*, theoretically. Now why I'm disappointed by the results? To this point it is nice* - now it gets worse on mobile devices. I've checked your profile on my mobile device and your cover didn't fully fill the spot. On the desktop* (as seen in the image above) I barely can see the half of your cover. On the mobile device, I was able to see the full image and still, the 25% of the spot was black, which means, that you need to have a cover almost three times bigger (possibly even more), than you'd need for desktop* to make it look properly, where about 65% would not be even visible on any desktop* resolution. For example, there's the size of your cover: So much is hidden... For additional reference, @Salty Sweetness's cover fills only 50% of the cover space on my mobile device, where it's about 80% on yours. It would be best to just put a 1270x5000 image. That is simply inconvenient, because it's more difficult to come up with a proper image design for that feature. There should be a fixed maximum size of the cover, not completely wild like this. * - That all was tested in Google Chrome, which seems to have a minimum width of the window (604px [including window's borders]). It may be possible to reduce the size even more in other browsers, but I haven't used these in ages, so I'm not aware of their possibilities. Feel free to point things out. Of course don't get me wrong- these were just my random thoughts not aimed to anyone. Always some additional information!
  12. But profile picture seems to be 120x120 in both, posts and the profile page. As for the cover image- I've toyed with it for a while and this is what I came up with. Cover's maximum width is 1270. This is preferable width, as images will be scaled up maximally to that width. Cover's minimum height should be 248. Below you'll see a template, that shows how the cover looks like in the maximum forum's width. Smaller resolution will scale the image down revealing the contents past these 248 pixels. Cover's preferable height is unknown, but something around 1000 should be enough. It all depends on resolution. Note, that on desktop you'll probably see only the first 248 - 400 pixels. Unlike with width, different height will not scale the image. So it basically can have any height, without any quality loss. Maximum file size is 0.25MB. Preferred image format is .png. This format doesn't hurt the quality, unlike .jpg, for example. I've made a template, that represents the cover at the maximum forum's resolution. This probably will be the most common view, but consider using taller images. Everything past 248 pixels (template's height) may not be visible for most users, but some actually will be able to see that. This is a template based on what's visible on the profile page. Template size is 1270x248. Can safely be set as a base to start with, but keep in mind the tricky height. Borders in the template are the part of the cover. Do not crop the image (width), otherwise it will be scaled up/down. Different height will not scale the image, however. AT MAXIMUM FORUM'S RESOLUTION, the part with "--- STATISTICS ---" is not visible on the profile page (it is covered by user information and profile picture), but is visible when previewing users by hovering the cursor over them: However, it may be visible on smaller resolutions! How to use the template: Open it with an image-editing software, that supports layers. The template is partially transparent, to allow you adjust the image correctly for the best result. Additionally you can adjust its opacity in the software for better preview.~ Thanks to @Jeric for pointing out the differences with resolutions. The rest was answered I think, so I'll end here. Hope that helps!
  13. That's true- I perfectly know what you mean and thanks. Though it's not even about promises or rushing things - I'm just worried about that project myself, as job successfully blocks me there. While I know it's not dead, it's not really active either. Ah, I just wish I could work on the game on daily basis, just like when I was jobless back then. I keep thinking of things I could make (literally that's what I'm often doing when I'm at work), but can't really get into them (when I finally have some free time). Having free time divided into parts makes it harder to stay motivated, but I'm looking forward for that to change. Thank you for your kind words and support. I really want to make it real and I'll do my best to find a solution. Hopefully it will not be 1000 years. Thank you.
  14. Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  15. Hello there! I know what you mean. Welcome to the herd!