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  1. Props to you, @tinker, Solar Bliss, and @Twilight Sparkle ✨ for working day and night to resolve the issue! We site devs are forever indebted to you.
  2. That's right! MLP Forums' sister social/roleplay site Canterlot Avenue is looking for talented web application developers to help fellow MLP fans just like you! You would helping to maintain and add new functionality to the site in an effort to improve the overall user experience and to help foster a more positive and inclusive environment. If you're looking to get your feet wet in the world of social networking and web development, being a Poniverse/Canterlot Avenue developer is a great resume builder! If you're already a professional, why not have a fun little side project? Please note that this is a volunteer position. Per Poniverse policy, you must be 18 years of age or older to be considered. Responsibilities: Program new "apps" and update existing ones as needed Oversee and analyze general user behavior and improve the user experience Answer user technical questions on the Canterlot Avenue Development page in a professional manner Be responsive Requirements: 18+ years of age Must have Discord, per general communication practices Experience in PHP development and comfortable working with frameworks Experience in database design and usage with MySQL Experience with JavaScript, jQuery, and possibly Node.JS for a future project Experience in HTML/CSS (LESS) design Benefits: Access to Poniverse's extensive developer tools and network Resume experience Possible god-like status If interested, please email me at for more information or reply here.
  3. Dang, not much love for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code here. That's a shame considering some of your beloved Poniverse staff have started using it (and have liked it).
  4. Hi SkyDive! I'm a developer on Canterlot Avenue. If you're still having issues but are still interested in joining, please message the name you signed up with on CA and your email address.
  5. Comp


    *gasp* A familiar face!
  6. At this stage in football history, anything can happen. Some of the perennial teams aren't there and Iceland might surprise us again!
  7. Comp


    Thanks Jeric, but no, I will not do it for Rarity.
  8. Comp


    I mean you're not wrong.
  9. Comp


    Just warm, fuzzy feelings. I could get used to this.
  10. Comp


    Longhaul, It's so...nice here.
  12. Comp


    Thanks guys. I appreciate it!
  13. Comp


    Hello! I'm Comp, a developer from MLPF's sister site Canterlot Avenue. I'm looking forward to being here.