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  1. I understand that. And it's certainly true that I tend to be a bit critical and to more clearly see the problems than that what's working well. In my previous comment, I tried to explain a little bit of what I perceive to be the game's shortcomings and what would make it better in my opinion. As it is combat is somewhat dull and grindy (e.g. rinse and repeat). You just get more experience to get more levels to get more HP and Damage Potential to beat the next stronger big bad. And in my experience you spam skills until the MP is gone and then resort to regular weapons because the former are much stronger in general and you need to take as little damage as possible to avoid losing/game over. This might be mostly a balance issue of some sort and a limitation of RPG maker's combat in the sense that it's very win/lose unless you go to some length to work out alternative outcomes. Also there really should be, imho, more game content of some sort between 'bosses' and a bit less constant combat (slimes and snakes all over the place, changelings, etc). Some actual investigative elements and meaningful interaction with the citizenry would help. There is very little discovery required besides "check all the trash cans" kind of monotony. Why is every place just seemingly abandoned, it's really not clear that this corrupting darkness should cause that kind of change in general. At least in Cloudsdale you're presented with a plausible pseudo-explanation for the empty streets, albeit it's difficult to grasp why this would be happening.
  2. So I downloaded this and played it for a bit. That said I think there's awful lot of blunt 'hit them with a bigger stick' combat so far substituting for game depth. And the "solution" to the corruption of the mane six is apparently to beat them really hard until them vomit it out/admit defeat? I know the show didn't do it much better with fixing being discorded by applying UberMagic:RememberWe'reFriends, but come on... Blunt trauma with a side of background pony narration (and occasional random gifting of items with gameplay value that make no sense for those ponies to be carrying around) is rather dull and uninteresting as RPGs go. I'm not sure what exactly the formula would be for a better/more substantial story. Rainbow Dash claims to be defending Ponyville, but from what? And surely someone would have figured out she's hiding out near Fluttershy's house. And there's no more depth to Applejack's 'story' at all despite her apparently trying to find all the others (the mane six) and having failed and just giving up on them, the farm, her family, and Ponyville. Hopefully there is a bit more substance to the changelings. In my opinion there really needs to be a bit more story and RP/interaction in between the smashing ponies upside the head bits. Corrupted Luna wanted to rule Equestria and have eternal night (of course that involved removing Celestia from the picture, even if might mean killing her) if we loosely try to tie together show canon and this plot, so shouldn't the other ponies be doing something equally screwy. I think 'The Return of Harmony' having the discorded ponies act opposite to their sort of intrinsic nature was a pretty powerful plot device even if it wasn't really leveraged much. For example imagine: - Applejack as a greedy, manipulative pony working only for her own benefit [not being honest or working together w/friends and family] - Fluttershy as a rather unkind pegasus, perhaps even cruel, possibly trying to protect animals by preventing ponies from having pets or say using anypony's mistakes as an excuse to mistreat them [not being kind at all] Right now the game feels really grindy and as though you'd better build the levels so the next arbitrarily difficult enemy will be possible to defeat without a massive item collection or endless rinse and repeat (aka reload and try again). Tangentially it seems quite silly to have Luna advisecaution so bystanders won't get hurt (in a seemingly empty place no less) and then the very next course of action is to scour the hotel and confront 'Applejewel'. P.S. I think the graphics could be more custom and pony-y, but that's a matter of polish that isn't super critical.
  3. Love2D is a good game engine, especially if you're relatively new to developing games and don't mind learning a new programming language. Getting started is pretty simple and mostly involves defining a few functions that the engine will call at particular points and then filling those in with the code you want to run. It is rather barebones though, so unless you start digging into libraries, you do have to kind of pieces things together yourself.
  4. Um? These seem to cover the basic process, at least as far as creating the individual tiles.
  5. Well there's Ashes of Equestria and Fallout: Remains So unless you aren't talking video games, there are some options.