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  1. Yep, can confirm, sounds dumb. Notepad is right up there with the worst editors ever. For one it doesn't respect/understand anything other than Windows line endings. Also word wrap is a select-able feature that shouldn't even exist, because enabling it means you can't tell the difference between a file that is just one long line and one with actual line breaks. I'm sure I could come up with a few other reasons. It's even more terrible when it comes to coding for a hundred reasons, not least because it doesn't syntax highlighting, indentation handling, line numbers (and jumping to them), and half a dozen other really useful baseline features.. It's okay for quick note taking, reading old school text documentation for games/software, and editing config files. For every other case I'd rather use almost anything else.
  2. Our own genetics can lead to outcomes which on the surface are seemingly improbable such as two light-skinned parents having a dark skinned child. And there's all kinds of other stuff in play besides the genetic recombination including mutations, epigenetics, etc. It's even possible to be chimeric and have cells in the same body that have different DNA, which can potentially result in women giving birth to children that seemingly don't share their DNA. I'm not sure that two earth ponies having offspring that aren't "earth ponies" is proof of anything. besides an argument that they really are the same species, or three very closely related ones. Going on a real-life model, you might infer the presence of hormones or genes which either control or code for the development of wings, a horn, or neither. And from that you could branch out to ponies born with a horn and wings or ones which might technically be a different species but never fully developed the outward characteristics. Perhaps you could have pegasi that can stand on clouds but can't fly because the wings aren't functional or unicorns who have very limited magic because they basically don't have a horn. With the right system it's not very hard to conceive of a situation where there are earth ponies with unicorn ancestry who might end up with unicorn offspring under the right circumstances. A lot depends on how you figure the differences work. Something as ridiculously over-simplified as variants of a single gene which separate pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies (or a distinct gene/set of genes that separates them) could produce odd combinations given Mendelian Inheritance. Pick your favorite pairing, and then what? And what if a pony who appears in most respect to be a earth unicorn actually harbors earth pony genetics that just aren't dominant/active/etc?
  3. @Rikifive To be perfectly fair, I got the impression at the one point (maybe incorrect) that Legends of Equestria (LoE) was trying to avoid being too violent. And honestly if the game didn't seem rather content poor otherwise it wouldn't bother me that much. Nevertheless the last time I played it, it still felt really lacking in content and very placeholder-y, which is a shame. The introductory content for foals/fillies seemed somewhat interesting, but not sufficiently engaging. It really, really needed engaging interactive content so that 'fun' isn't dependent wholly on other players contributing value via informal RP. Of course it's hard when they can't use show-specific location names or characters and so have work out of whole cloth so to speak. I mean they might as well rename it Legend of 'Equus' or 'Equendria' or some other knockoff name since it can't really be Equestria... Given that, aside from the art style and character design, story is what the television show runs on it should be no surprise that games without much, if any, story (i.e. weak plot/narrative) aren't all that exciting. This is particularly so when the other game mechanics aren't particularly engaging.
  4. Usually it's Eclipse for Java development and Notepad++ most of the time for anything else (like Python or Lua). I've used Sublime Text (v2) and VIM a bit, particularly for C in some of my college classes and I like them both. But NPP is better for WIndows and I'm not keen on what seems like an excessive price to actually have a ST license (it's up to $80 now). Atom and VS Code are neat, but both are too unsure of what exactly there are imho and then, well Electron...
  5. Some of the problems I see with the redemption of villains are whether there is enough of episode time/a plot arc to explain background, intermediate period/immediate problem. And then how probable, sensible the cause/effect are of whatever change in heart is supposed to happen. At least with Fluttershy and Discord there was sort of an ongoing dynamic tension. After all he's the self-styled? "Lord of Chaos" so he's not exactly going to become a perfect, orderly goody two-shoes, but he can be persuaded not to be as wantonly antagonistic. I'm not sure what to make of Chrysalis and Sombra, I guess they're irredeemable villains? However the way Starlight is treated vs Cozy Glow seems kind of skewed... For what it's worth he could have been a villain, not every single one needs to be cataclysmic world ending matter, but they already had Cozy Glow. He didn't seem to be holding Twilight accountable so much as just generally being a lead weight saying that things needed to be the way they'd always been and she had to bend to the way of doing things that he was in charge of. I mean it's right in his name (neighsayer -> a person who criticizes, objects to, or opposes something). Heck the guy was even a total speciest from the start. If the "friendship school" had been less of a gag act... And then once she was out of the picture temporarily, he tried to take over the school and was going to kick out non-ponies.
  6. def main(): print('Not cool, huh. Well take this!') print('I\'m betting that\'s some kind of Lisp.') main() P.S. Yes, previous example is Java.
  7. class DefinitelyAProgram { private static String msg = "Indeed, it does require execution, but I'm pretty sure that's Brainfuck. Running it through an online interpreter for that language did yield a plausible output."; public static void main(final String[] args) { System.out.println(msg); System.out.println("This one had better be easy to guess!"); } }
  8. Yes. It's not quite the same as being somewhere (in many ways) and I wish Discord wasn't everyone's favorite thing (blech), but it is something! I was pretty sad to see HAHCon ( go away, for all that it was apparently masterminded by one person I thought it was reasonably well done. They had been going for four years (though I wasn't aware until 2018) and had a proper website, a nice schedule page with links, and for a small donation would send you art files to print yourself a badge. PonyFest Online ( which afaik became a thing post-coronavirus seems to be headed the same way. I kinda wish there was a bit more in the web presence department, though. I know that forums take quite a bit of effort though and are better for longer term stuff. I'd be pretty happy if it became a little bit more of a thing in general. Personally I've been fortunate to make it to a couple Pony conventions including BronyCon twice (2013, 2019) and PonyCon (NYC) a handful of times, largely because my parents were willing to help me get there and in the case of BronyCon 2019 because I spent a fair chunk of money to do so between a ticket, a hotel room, and a train ride. But I also happen to live in upstate NY, so it's only ~5 hours to Baltimore and around half that to NYC. Presumably a lot of people can't go or at least weren't able to go to the really big events (like BronyCon, EFNW, and BABSCon?). I recall an online forum topic? chat? where somebody once said it was like 8+ hours of travel for them to anywhere with a con and most of them involved crossing over from Canada to the US.. P.S. Good time for people to hang out on LoE or something too, probably, if just being in a Discord chat room is too boring...
  9. Care to elaborate on that? Will it be a digital board game or a physical one?
  10. I suspected as much on the latter, but some of that's just the game and it's mechanics not earth intrinsic per se. Most likely what you're after is a total conversion mod as opposed to a pony skin (so pony leaders, pony civs, pony units, pony buildings, possibly an equestria equivalent map w/appropriate art style and terrain, a pony tech tree, etc). And ultimately, even with the monumental effort that would be, there will likely be a hard limit to what can be modified . Unfortunately there is a world of difference between a game which can be 'modded', a highly flexible engine that was used a particular way and can be used other ways, and a situation like Minecraft where -modding- means mucking around with the game's source code to the point that you can make so different as to be barely recognizable.
  11. @Misscellanio And how exactly are you defining 'open world'? That terminology is used in multiple ways, from flexibly about player actions/choices to non-linear progression to a substantially explorable world. I'm afraid a mane6 storyline would probably get any project C&D in short order. I believe there are pony mods for Civ V. Searching 'pony' in the steam workshop for Civ V gets you 60 results.
  12. Reminds me a little more of the layout of that room they had the royal wedding in than the throne room itself. (which was part of the show intro). Looks nice for a basic map though, albeit it doesn't quite have that MLP art style and the thrones seem a bit primitive.
  13. Sure, any time. I'm never sure what to make of Equestrian technology, it's kind of an unfortunate hodge-podge in the sense that it's hard to place it in a real world timeline. Some things seem practically medieval (circa 1400-1500) like Ponyville and Canterlot kind feels like it should be lit by torches or at best gaslamps. And all the guards are wearing plate armor and carrying swords and spears. Oh and there are pegasus/earth ponies pulling wagons and chariots. And then other places seem somewhere between victorian and early 1900s like Manehattan. I mean they appear to have electric lighting, but you have trains run on pony power or steam/coal. And then there are taxi cabs that sort of resemble these -> I think we can rule out using Discord related references but I see a couple phones here -> Manehattan of course seems to be significanlty 'ahead' of most places. That's understandable, creating art is a lot of work. If you're hoping for others to contribute significantly on the art end you might call that out a bit more directly; I just saw the tag on the thread today. And in that context I can see you might have been making hinting at that in the first post. I could try modifying your TARDIS so it looks more like what I'm thinking of, but idk when I might get around to that. Tangentially I was looking at the background for the inside again and was thinking that if you want to be able to move the character around inside you'll want to slice up the image into a couple background pieces and some assets so you can draw the character in front of/behind various bits of scenery. Most of the space is pretty open but in a few spots used as a simple background you'd have the pony standing in front of something they should be behind.
  14. Nice art choices there. What's with the weirdly thick, rectangular border on the TARDIS? Is there some artistic purpose to that or is it a game engine thing? I am wondering because the original has a considerably more distinct 'box you can walk into' feel that's not quite coming across. As it is your TARDIS looks rather flat. I do like the horseshoe motif, though you might consider giving it some gems/lights on that to kinda give the impression of the original glowing blue light. Also it would look nice to have a a pony/equestria appropriate notice sign or warning (possibly against using magic near/inside the box) and a proper door handle. On a similar note I would recommend either going with the full 3 panel + glass like the original or shrinking the overall height so that 2 panels and glass fills the door. Ideally it should feel like doors rather than rectangles. The color difference between the door and the sort of 'inset' panel is not particularly great either which leads to the impression that they are the same color and may be responsible for the 'flatness' I am perceiving. Making the surrounding edge a darker blue and introducing a center strip of dark gray/black might make the 'groove' seem more pronounced. The sign seems a little odd to me too, given that neither pony/police nor magic/public are equivalent in any way, but I suppose what matters is that it's vaguely recognizable. ^ nice example of the real thing here at the top of the article. ^ this is an example of a five-paneled door. this was a fairly common way to construct doors at one time
  15. Alright. Having to go out of the game to change the date is a little weird, just my two cents. Surely it's not that hard to store values in the game and provide a point and click interface to adjust them. Seems like this could be at least an amusing point and click 2D adventure with a bit of work.