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    • The results are in! March 2024's theme was Winter Wrap Up. The community voted for their favorite submissions, which you can see below!
      1st Place - @Rafa Stary
      2nd Place - @Wizard
      Honorable Mentions
      @Brony Number 42
      @Luna the Great of all the Russias
      @Lawyer Slip
      Thank you everyone so much for all of your wonderful submissions, and thank you to all who participated in community voting!
      We are in the process of granting badges to winners, so please stay tuned for that. You can also check out our new April 2024 Art Contest!
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    • Welcome to the MLP Forums April 2024 Visual Art contest

      Visual Art contests will start every other month. In some months there may be a theme, and that may be a character, a general emotion, holiday, or prompt.

      The theme for this month is:



      Create artwork focusing on the official pet(s) of any canon characters (no OC's!) in the franchise (any generation allowed)

      Canon characters may be in the artwork too, but the main focus should be on the pet(s)

      When submitting, please say which pet(s) are represented so we can confirm they are official pet(s) of characters

      All members of MLPF are eligible including staff

      No AI art will be accepted, however it can be used for initial inspiration



      Submissions will close on April 25th, 2024.



      Voting will be open from April 26th - 30th, 2024. Afterwards, voting will be finalized and results will be posted as soon as we are able to share them.



      Winners will be granted the Canterlot Artist Rank and Badge. All entries will be eligible to receive an Art Achievement Bronze Badge. Future participation will count toward Silver and Gold Art Badges.


      Submit Here or you can use the top navigation menu to add a submission.


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    • Voting for March 2024 Art Contest! 

      Thank you so much to all who participated in the March 2024 Art Contest! If you didn't get the chance to participate don't worry, we will be hosting a new art contest in the near future!

      Here are the submissions we received. Please vote for your favorite using the poll above!



      Submission 1


      Submission 2


      Submission 3


      Submission 4


      Submission 5


       Submission 6


       Submission 7


      Voting for the March 2024 Art Contest will be open from 3/27/24 - 4/1/24! 
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    • There was a time I was dreaming to restore an old AN2. It's like a school bus but plane =) Clumsy, loud, crazy XD (probably like me) Also I thought that it would be nice to have a sailboat if I would live on the coast. I know nothing about sailing nor piloting, but I love a wind and feeling of physical freedom. ^•^
    • There's something so endearing about seeing a junked car come back to life, especially weird janky ones like this.
    • Oh, you made it! I love your style ^•^ Looking forward to see more of your arts ^o^
    • Wow, I enjoyed reading your take on the episodes and comparisons to similar issues I have encountered several times from the fandom since G5's airing. FYI- I'm going to go a bit off tangent at times as I have so many thoughts. I'm sorry to hear that you have been insulted by others who claim to be a part of this fandom. I have been told to "go kys" and other horrible things before by "G4 purists" who cannot accept anything that isn't G4 or any valid criticism, however they feel like they can nitpick the tiniest things from G5 and basically make it their premise of hate. I don't mind if someone has a different opinion and has valid criticism, but if they start insulting me from the start and aren't willing to hear a different opinion, I realized that I cannot have a healthy discussion with those people. I felt MYM had a great batch of episodes where the writers explored several ideas introduced back in FiM and tried to improve upon them. It was refreshing to watch.  I thought they did a great job with Misty's arc. You mentioned redemption arcs and I understand that some people do not like the redemption of a villain trope, but I liked the notion that they tried to attempt it for Starlight. Some people don't believe in second chances or that by forgiving these characters somehow means that we're okay with all their previous heinous actions, but that is not the case or the idea at all. For all these redemption stories, the idea is to look further beyond that as person. It sounds crazy to some, but people can change and everyone changes in different ways as we all grow in different ways. Some can argue that things could have been executed better and more, but these situations are never perfect. The examples you provided regarding Nebula, Tempest Shadow, Princess Luna, and Lilith sound like nice exceptions at first, however when examined further- they have all done some terrible things that people would never forgive, but they were forgiven just like Starlight. It's purely subjective and there will always be some form of scrutiny from fans. Hell, I remember seeing arguments from people who thought Luz should have tried to redeem Belos! I give Dana Terrance props for doing something different for an animated kids show. I do agree to an extent that some people are projecting their own personal issues and want to impose all these negative and toxic behaviors from these adult shows to kids shows as well. I have seen IRL and in shows where friends and couples have trashed each other as well. They would seemingly classify it as "normal behavior", which is sad to see. I'm glad G5 is doing something different and portraying healthier relationships between characters. As much as I loved G4, I think that those later 4-5 seasons felt like a chore to watch at times. G5 generally doesn't feel that way for me. Sure, FiM had some fun little moments sprinkled here and there, but it wasn't the same show I came to love in the first few seasons. It doesn't mean I hated them, it's just that I found that the consistency of quality fell through after season 3. I was surprised to see that the G4 purists overlook all that stuff due to nostalgia, but nitpick the smallest thing they don't like about G5. I recall seeing a while back that some people were trying to compare the best episodes of the entire G4 franchise to only the best episodes of Tell Your Tale. I have met people who act like MYM does not exist because, and I quote, "it is 3D/CGI and therefore does not count as a series". In my opinion, the reality is that G5 has "caught" up to G4 in terms of general quality when you examine the entire plethora of series so far. It's just that a certain group of think that anything that is a sequel must be 100% better in every way or it's considered a complete flop and in this case, it's not. Every series has its ups and downs. Some people may not agree with that and other opinions I expressed here- and I'm okay with it. There are plenty of valid criticisms where G4 and G5 have plenty of issues, but they are still wonderful in their own ways. There are some passionate fans here who see that and I'm thankful for them. Unfortunately, there are other people who do not want to give any credit where credit is due.
    • Awh thank you so much!! c: I'm hoping I can share more of my doodles with everypony eventually
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      Early 2000s outfit vibe check.

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    • ThatPinkPone  »  Shiny Silvermoon

      BOO! Did I scare you?
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      oOOooo, love the Chrysalis pic! It's drawn by EmbersLament IIRC no ?
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      Check my profile!
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    • ThatPinkPone

      Remember my status update about that book from last night? I found it after all this time! 
      It's called Serendipity the Pink Dragon! Anyone else here remember this book?

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      Good morning everypony.  How's it going? 
      Happy Tuesday 

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    • Rafa Stary

      [Stary Pony Story Report #1] Rediscovering The Ponies 
      Haaai Everybody! It's been 1 year since I started watching My Little Pony and I became a fan of these lovely funny horses! To celebrate it, I'm going to show my full story with these creatures, from the day I rediscovered them to the day I joined this forum!
      A lot of funny and unexpected things happened, so if you're interested to see my journey with the Pones, stay tuned! 
      In this first entry, I'll be showing what made me remember about My Little Pony and how I decided to start watching Friendship is Magic!
      June 28, 2023
      On the left you can see me sharing a post showing a page from the My Little Pony and Transformers crossover comic, while on the left it's a post featuring a lot of old creepypastas from the internet (censored some of them because I'm not sure if I can show such images in this site ), you can see me trying to remember the name of every single creepypasta on the image, and I did remember about Pinkie Pie! But not the name of the creepypasta "Cupcake" or "Pinkamena", so I just straight called her "Evil Pinkie Pie" haha 
      At the time, I saw more posts than just these two, but these were the only ones that I ended up sharing in my profile, also, I watched a few videos that contained ponies in the middle of nowhere, and they were completely unrelated to MLP. So all of this made it impossible for MLP to go unnoticed by me, making me finally remember how MLP used to be a hit a decade ago, and specially, how I used to love the ponies as well! So I made this post!

      "I just remembered a bizarre time from my childhood
      It must have been around 2012-2014, there, basically I became "obsessed" with content related to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube with ponies, it must have been right at the time of the rise of the "Brony" community, even videos that I didn't even expect to have ponies, had ponies at some point, like some YTPs, and of course, some creepypasta videos and horror games involving the series, I even remember playing some of that mobile game haha (Gameloft's Magic Princess)
      The most bizarre thing about all of this is that even though I watched this bunch of videos, I never had the courage to watch the series on my own, I remember here in Brazil it used to air on Discovery Kids at the time as far as I remember, but I never watched it and I just can't explain why, I don't think it was because I was afraid someone in my family seeing me watching a cartoon for girls, after all I did watch excerpts from some eps, I really have no clue why I refused to watch the actual show.
      I believe this obsession disappeared around 2015, since then I don't remember having any more contact with anything related to the series, to the point that even before making this post I had completely forgotten about when I used to be obsessed with it.
      By the way, man, the brony community has completely disappeared from the Internet, right? (No) In the past, you could see a lot of pony and brony related stuff on the internet, but now there are simply no more traces of it (lie), it's bizarre, stuff from the internet from the early 2010's we still see from time to time nowadays, but this community simply seems to have been a victim of the blip of Thanos's gauntlet. (Lie)
      I don't know if that means anything, but it's interesting to think about it."
      July 3, 2023 

      "I'll try to start watching a certain animated series, for now, I'll keep it as a secret which one it is."
      Here I really wasn't sure if I would like the show, so I was more curious than actually excited about it.
      July 7, 2023

      "HAHA MAN HAHA this cartoon I'm watching haha the similarities between it and Dragon Ball are simply unbelievable! (Joke) haha Seriously, if Akira (Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball, also, R.I.P) watched this cartoon he would pull out his hair! (Joke) haha!"
      This is enough for today, good night, bye."
       Here you can see my excitement with the show, how much I was enjoying it, also, I was making comparisons between it and Dragon Ball (my favorite series), of course it was just a joke, I made it because of my friend on Facebook who used to love making comparisons between Sonic The Hedgehog and Love Live! So I wanted to make something similar by looking for a "girlish" show to watch! And My Little Pony popped up in the right time! 
      Well, that's it for now, here I was still hiding my love for the series, but next time, I'll be showing how I decided to stop hiding it and show all my obsession with the Ponies, it was fun and crazy! 
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