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      BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular located in Burlingame, CA, is a nonprofit organization established to promote the arts and culture surrounding the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

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    • @Blitz Boom A curious development from how she imagined this was going to happen.  First she thought she'd be rushing to the recuse of her detective that had been out of contact for a time, only to find him in the middle of a celebration in his honor for felling the dark wizard.  And now after enjoying herself a bit of the celebration, she was off to look into what was causing a bit of a rumble.  The other party goers didn't really seem to notice it at all, so she could only conclude that it was a normal occurrence around here.   Now Minty was out doing a patrol with a pegasus she just met.  Oh how it was different to be out hunting monsters and dark creatures instead of other ponies stepping outside of the law.  She wondered if that was a bigger problem around here.  If Harrowmark had other outside sources to worry about that the need for police in the town itself was less needed.  Oh how different their lands were.  Upon reaching the area outside the town where the disturbances originated, they came upon a hooded figure.  "Oh how drab," the large unicorn commented in disgust on the dark hidden creatures choice of attire.  Always with the dark figures brooding under cloaks, even as Rarity attempts to bring capes back in her Spring collection.  In fact for Minty, this was now a battle in the name of fashion rather than whatever the being was doing to cause the ground to rumble. "Halt you fashion disaster!  You are disturbing our cele~" The Captain started with her amplified voice, why did Princess Luna have to bring this back.  She didn't get to finished her declaration when the source of the rumbling appeared and zombie diamond dogs came bursting through the ground.  Oh how unsettling that was.  These kinds of things do not exist in Equestria, only hearing about such dark things in the most scary of horror books and plays.  Especially in varying levels of decay.  Pulling her hoof back over her chest before wrinkling her nose, "Eww" forgetting to drop her amplified voice, not able to hid her disgust. As Caramel sprung into action without a pause, proving very competent in combat with that sickle in her tail.  Three of the zombie dogs encroached on the Manehatten pony.  Minty stomped her hoof on the ground with a loud metallic clang and upturned her snout at the dark creature.  "Hmph!  You aren't worth the stains on this dress," she snootily proclaimed.  Her horn glowed and three mint colored arcs of electricity licked off her body.  Whipping across the ground, carving deep furrows, until they snapped upwards vertically at the three assaulting her like a whip.  Splitting the three perfectly in half vertically.  The extreme heat of the energy cauterizing them along the way to save the dainty unicorn from the sight of any viscera.  A big one appeared dressed in armor.  Minty's eyes glimmered with excitement as arcane energy crackled around her body, her magic ready to be released but having to be kept on a well trained leash. Back at the celebration, Rising's eyes kept flicking in the direction Minty and Caramel walked off to.  Like a light haze over the horizon, the unicorn could see the very edges of a large gathering of arcane energies.  "There are still places in Equestria with an old time aesthetic.  But yes, the stagnation is evident.  Relations with Equestria might be quite daunting.  Caramel seems a bit more forward, so some signs of advancement are evident.  How will you help them advance Thistle?  I'm getting 'Run wild' isn't on the menu," he chuckled.  
    • coffee is the drink of the strong
    • I made cookies, feel free to come by and have some. And when I say "some" I mean one.
    • or just drink the truck's fuel and lay down in the truck ; at some point everything will just go black, and you'll truly be with your truck... forever