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      Each year around the holiday season, the entire Poniverse community rallies around one of our marquee events dedicated to providing a better Christmas to the young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada.

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      What comes next after Friendship is Magic? G5 launches this year with a movie and more. Hype!

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      The third MLP inspired World Cup will be coming back, complete with a new story line, new characters, and a reworked system allowing for users to insert their own characters into the game. 

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      The newest addition to Poniverse! Canterlot Avenue is the social media and roleplaying site. Mind the dust, and wear your hardhat, as it's still squeaky new in there.

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      Everfree Northwest is an annual convention for fans of MLP. Located in Seattle, WA, it's a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event created by fans for fans of all ages.

    2. BABSCon

      BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular located in Burlingame, CA, is a nonprofit organization established to promote the arts and culture surrounding the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    3. Project SEAPonyCon

      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

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      Older defunct conventions and their associated topics will be found here



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    • Gosh, this has got to be the weirdest, most strangely paced episode I have ever seen, but it’s nice that they focused on a background pony this time.
    • The fact that she can be seen making mistakes after her reformation makes her more relatable than characters like Twilight or Applejack or any regular cult favorite that becomes more redundant to watch over the course of the show, she is "socially disconnected", almost literally, I mean the origin of her character is about breaking away from a society of ponies who wrongly believe in the "lie of cutie marks", the MAIN thing I don't like about Starlight was the weak motivation they gave her about "losing a close friend" that ultimately leads her down an authoritarian path that's unforgiving and impressionable. We all "lose friends", it would be weird if I started a cult bc one of my friends had talents and was called to do something with their life. However, Starlight is in my opinion still best pony. I think she's the most "formidable villain" Twilight has ever faced, she's very talented, secretive, meticulous, obsessive and these qualities like Trixie says makes her a really good leader. She is a critical thinker, as shown with her resolving a problem between bullies, and Twilight being at a loss for words seeing that Starlight has looked at things from every angle. She ultimately is the voice of reason time and time again where we see Twilight distracted by her idol, Starlight has to basically be the forgiveness that she received, reminding Twilight basically who the hell she is. She's emotional, impulsive, insecure and this gives her space to be herself, someone that's "learning how to be a friend" not someone who is allegedly teaching how to be. To Where and Back cements her critical thinking and really showcases the fact that even without magic, Starlight's mind is a labrinth, and shes never had "the elements of harmony" to just blast her problems away, she's needed her talent, critical thinking, extensive planning and effort, I loved her as a bad guy and even more as a reformed pony. She doesn't give up, Twilight had to strike a deal, that wasn't an L, that was a W for everyone in ponyville. She's my favorite pony, I love her dynamic with Trixie, I loved the cutie map episodes, I loved the fact that we have a pony who is abundantly flawed, that proves to be to much for Twilight. There is always someone that can match minds with you, no matter how perfect you "think" you are, and that's just something Starlight brings to the table. She corrects Twilight time and time again as Twilight is either starstruck, stuck in self righteous delusion, or is otherwise distracted by her own ego, while at the SAME TIME is taught lessons from others about how to be a good friend, what not to do to your friends, and ultimately that as powerful as magic truly is, friendship/teamwork is MORE powerful.
    • @PawelS @Samurai Equine @Kujamih  Dr. Clue pounders for a bit before speaking up. She noticed that Raven seemed to be very careful to avoid revealing who she got her information from, but she wasn’t sure how she could get Raven to reveal this pony. “Well that seems like an interesting idea.  I do have another idea though. I think I remember some information about Luna that some other royal guard mentioned. However, I’m not sure how accurate it is though.” roll intellect. 
    • She can be a b*tch. But I like that. In the end, you gotta keep it real. I think she looks so bad in your perception, because she is being paired with completely unrealistic stereotypes, like twilight for example. Especially with how denaturalized "the princess of friendship" became by the end of the show. "Acting!". And because I believe Starlight is reflecting certain aspects of your psyche that may be suppressed. She is kinda "devilish". Don't you agree? And everybody likes a saint, but nobody likes to be a saint. So, most of the reasons why people dislike Starlight so much, are exactly the reasons why I like her character to begin with. She is a tiny bit more... realistic or humane in her representation than the rest of the cast. At least in my benign understanding. Which is the opposite of your maligning interpretation. But that is because those behaviours that people call "power abuse", or you call "evil acts", I simply call human nature. So, I feel represented in her character. Especially when it comes to apply her traits to a more realistic setting, such as our own reality. And considering I always make a conscious effort to not hide or suppress any aspect of my own nature from others. I can look at her behaviour and smile without complicity, rather than frown and be all touchy and sad about it. "How dare she be more real than me?!". So, yeah. I like her character, to be real honest. And I think twlight became a manufactured caricature of herself during the end of the show. Boring and unrealisic - the further she turned from her flawed/real self, to her unreal/princess persona, within which there was little space for self-reflection. So, I have no issues with Starlight stealing some of the spotlight. Especially when the main character doubled down into fiction land.
    • Best episode yet, Izzy continues to be great.
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