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    • Wonder what this little cutie beauty is thinking about.  I'd like to imagine it's me, but that's probably just wishful thinking.
    • I watched it because I found the ponies cute in everything they do and the show promotes friendship, something that everyone today spurns for the sake of agendas or whatever. And I still think this up till now: F*k all those who insist on pushing "debates" founded on ageism, gender roles, and "unwelcome" sexualities.
    • How’d you get the suit  nvm I think I know
    • I am all for the existence of Kiwi Farms & 4chan. I don't think either of them should be shut down.  I mean sure, a small few of the users of these websites have done questionable things, but I see no reason why the websites themselves should be taken down or blacklisted. Every forum has users that do shitty things, it's not exclusive to these two. While Kiwi Farms is mainly focused around the discussion of eccentric and bizarre individuals online (e.g. Chris Chan etc.), 4chan has a huge variety of boards revolving around specific topics, most people seem to think it's just /b/ & /pol/ across the whole website, which really isn't the case.  But yeah, censorship solves nothing, and restricting internet freedom does set a dangerous precedent for the future.  
    • @Sekel "Thank you for the kind words. If ever you have something you need to know, be advised that you can always come to the castle, and ask to meet me. I cannot assure that I will have the time, but if nothing else, I can give word back when I do, or have an assistant help you." Over on the table, three rolled up scrolls would suddenly appear on a silver platter. Golden would then float them over. One to each of them. "As promised, your papers. Please try not to lose them." The papers would have an official seal on them, and when rolled out, would reveal thick, sturdy paper, where in beautiful hoofwriting it put their status, as he promised earlier. At the end too, would be another seal, yet this one were not his. It belonged to Princess Celestia, meaning that this had been approved at least, by the one on the very top. "Forgive the time it took. The maids informed me that the princess wished to sign these herself, and to bring a message, to after you had received them. An invitation for you all three, along with your queen, Karmic, in two weeks. I apologize the duplicity, but she wanted it to be a surprise, and I did not wish to deny her this modicum of entertainment." He'd start to slowly rise from his seat, to prepare to leave, along with the others, though it were clear on both him and his attendant that it were hard on him. Hopefully now, he'd be able to rest some, as they wandered off. ================================================================   @Sekel Cherish were indeed following them, bound as she were to the piece that Last were wandering around with. Last however, didn't focus on that, as much as simply cursing out loud, with some rather choice words not heard around nicer places like Ponyville, as she saw the princess sapping the creatures. "I were trying to get away from them, without them seeing us, so I wouldn't have to hurt them. Like you asked. If they come for us now though, you've forced my hoof, your majesty." And indeed, with a few of them going down, the other ten or so would indeed see them, and focus directly on the lot of them. "Krrgxh. Shrine Maiden!" The largest of them would point down as he spoke, and the group as a whole would then begin to fly down towards them, whilst Last picked up speed in forcing them into the forest. "Don't draw their attention again, or I have to start cutting them down. I will obey orders, but if your life is in danger, I will do whatever I must. Up to and including disobeying and restraint you." They'd see if they could get away from the Manetids. Would help that the forest were proper dark, yet very, disturbingly silent. Things might go badly in here. ===============================================================   @Sekel Happy were holding a hoof to his head, looking pretty dishelved after his tumble, and like a big 'ol headache were going over him. A small prize, compared to what could have happened honestly. "I have no idea. One moment we're just wandering, the next I get impacted right in the face by something hard. Uuuurgh, my head feels all messed up." He'd take the hoof away, and the faint imprint of glowing, glittering lines where the thing had hit him were shown for about a brief second, before they faded away, seemingly having left no other impact. If you discounted the big bulge that were growing up there, from the impact. He'd definitely feel that one for a while. "Guess if I ain't dead, it could be worse, right? Freaking ouch though. Head's knackered, and the rest are starting to whine a bit too, after that tumble. You alright at least?" ==============================================================   @Sekel @Widdershins "Some creatures just have big families. In more ways than one, sometimes." Stare would look at Sunny as she said the last part, as the mare were big in multiple ways, and for some reason, she had felt like putting it in the way that she had. It were not mean with ill will in mind of course. The mare were simply just rather large. Nothing wrong with that in and by itself, right? "We can just go home, if you don't want to stand around and do nothing. It's fine, I'm sure these nice ponies could handle things." She did send a nervous gaze towards Chop though, not sure what were happening over there, beyond Sunny getting somewhat personal. She guessed... Yes, perhaps it were best if she went out of her comfort zone a small amount. So she wandered over, and planted a kiss on Chop's cheek. The one with most of the scars on, before brushing her head against his. Something which he would do in return too, and for once, actually look as if the tensions in his body eased up, and he found some degree of serenity in the moment. She hadn't told her sister - who surprisingly, responded with a raised eyebrow and brief pause, as she actually had not thought this were the case - nor the ones at work... Or really anypony else in town... And they didn't usually do public showings of affection like this, since she mostly spend her free time back home, and weren't sure how to tell her work buddies about all of this. But still, she thought that perhaps to help him, she'd do best in sorta marking that yes, Chop had a marefriend. And it were her. She'd back away again after this, and let him get back to talk to whom he were, whilst she returned to Dazzle with a blush on her face. "Sorry. I uhm... Thought it might be as good a time as any, with Sunny asking questions, and Alonsus being away. Please don't tell him though? I'm still trying to find a way to tell the others at work, without it getting weird." ===============================================================   @FanOfManyShows "Can't say that they look familiar, personally. Perhaps something worth reading up on, at a later date, if it turns out to be important for anything." Despite being a knowledgeable being, Emerald were not aware of everything, and horns from some creature that had no other features, said her absolutely nothing. Had to be someone more distinct to get her to know them from so little, like Tirek, or perhaps Sombra. This? This might be any garden variety ram, for all she knew. Or another taur like Tirek, just lesser known. It were hard to tell from the form and some horns really. Especially since if Chariot weren't sure, there were no guarantee that the representation were fully correct. Mattered little currently. If it became important later, she could read up about it, or ask her talking tome, if need be. Something which had rudely been stolen from her, but as she demanded it back, or Sapphire's ressurection spell would be held off indefinitely - partially due to the book having some of the information she needed for this endeavor - it had been reluctantly returned. The general had been insistent on this, yet warned that if she took notice of anything shady going on, that book were going to be her kindling. It had been somewhat mouthy after that, but Screecher had been quick to make a point in her usual, discreet fashion. Pulling out a torch and going towards the book at a slow pace, with a rather *on business* look grazing her face. First time Emerald had ever heard a book shriek in fear, but she supposed there were a time for everything. "Regardless, it's soon time. Let us go over the procedures until the mixture is ready, okay? Just focus on the work." It would be easy enough to fill the time until the procedure like this, which would also prep Chariot for what she wanted him to do during it, as well as some warnings about what would happen if he tried to screw it up. They should be well prepared when time came. ================================================================   @FanOfManyShows Skall might be able to feel the joy that came from the element, as the spirit saw him agree with her, that they were much stronger without the tools hanging around them. She may be a deceiver, fully ingrained with the concept of lies, but Skall were not like the pretenders that tried to wield her powers. He were better, and to him, she wouldn't feed him lies, only the truth. However, being that she were the spirit inside the Element of Lies, truth were a subjective term, and might skewer heavily towards her objectively ignoring some of it, to make her own truth. Whatever it would take, to make Skall stay away from the weaklings, and remember that the only one he could ever rely on, were her. They never needed the others then, and they didn't now either. "They would never be there for you, like I am. They'd stab you in the back for their own agenda, but I stayed loyal. I never obeyed another. Just used them, to signal to you." The young Solar Guard would turn around, and give the strange arrival that he hadn't noticed, a sheepish grin. "Hello there sir. Tirek you said? I'd go to the library then. It's just two blocks down that road, and on the left. It's impossible to miss it, and the receptionist can probably help you get to the books talking about what he did. My sister even said they've gotten an updated tome now, about what happened after he escaped and came to Ponyville. She says it really adds a lot of story to his tale, even if there's still more to come. The librarians can probably help you more about that than I though. Not the biggest reader I'm afraid." He'd point towards a road going west down the main street, leading to the center of their capitol. With how the library were marked, and the size of it, it should be no problem for this pony to find it. He were sure of it. ==================================================================   @FanOfManyShows Shade's eye glowed a little for a few seconds, before he started to nod and look towards the door. "She were nearby. I've had had intercepted, and she will be here soon." Within three minutes as it turned out, flanked by two of Shade's troops, and looking like she were about to cry. Something which did not diminish when she came into the room, and the first thing she saw, were the one in charge of the silent troops. "N-N-No! I s-swear I'm not a traitor! Please don't h-hurt me!" The troops stopped her from being able to exit to room, and they actively pushed her towards the strange pony, after closing the door behind them, and staying there to ensure the meeting weren't interrupted. It appeared as if Shade's reputation were getting to this mare, which could work in their advancement, if done right. However, the general would probably not be thrilled wit him, if he went on to cause the lieutenant to end up as little more than a ball on the floor, weeping and shakingly saying everything she knew, so he'd lay off her somewhat. For now. If for nothing else, because he didn't much care to hear General Screecher tell him to do so another time anyway. "You've been brought in for questioning, but not from me. She's all yours, general." To prove this further, Shade would step away, leaving plenty of room for Hogweed to see the general, and focus solely on him, rather than the stallion standing some three meters away. "S-Sir? You're... W-What do you need me for?" A terrified look were still in her eyes, but it were lessening some, as she were faced with a friendlier being to be questioned by. Though really, an irate bear would be friendlier to her, than Shade were. At least she knew what a mauling were. Shade she didn't know what would do, and the rumors of what might be, were plenty enough to assure her that she really didn't want to, either. =====================================================================   @EQ_Theta "Appreciated, though thankfully, we got the way-shrine repaired quickly. Uncle Rot Farmer is excellent at keeping the trees alive and well, even if he doesn't have our talents, so we had what were needed to make a new one, with Great Aunt Mourner handling the runes on it. Only took about a week, and the rest did well in carrying the burden for that time." "Yes, even if the stallions of our family can't interact with spirits like we can, they still have tangible talents that can help it in some way. Dealing with animals in one way or another can be one of them, though I can't say any of them ever hit others with snakes. Maybe Gloom Shire, but he's a little strange as it is. Hermit life doesn't go well for everypony, though hopefully now that he's living with Ellis Bitter. Still hoping they come around tonight. I haven't seen either in years, and Ellis promised to bring some of her cider along when she did. Even made hints that she'd come this time, if things were looking okay. Heh... Heh... Sorry about that. Sometimes just keep talking, even if it ends up going away from the topic." Rosa almost said something here, about him understanding that, but he remained silent, and instead let the others talk, whilst he took in the sights. Much the same that Omen and Shrimp did, though the former were likely to have questions later of what she saw, and the latter were more interested in snapping after fallen leaves, and occasionally gander at weird things, like the big way-shrine they approached. "Geist Hoarder were just good at making enchantments, knicknacks, and that sort of thing. Eventually when a few of our family started to show they had what it took to maintain the right trees, she started to experiment, and found that when she did certain markings, it affected the spirits in new ways. After a few years, she made her first way-shrine, and managed to craft about twenty in total, before she died. She's helped make around ten more since then. Honestly, she's more interested in teaching other things to the others, and just make sure that there's always somepony who knows enough about these sort of things to repair and maintain these, just in case. Currently, she's trying to teach Weeping Mary, who's actually doing pretty good. Probably the most promising of this generations fillies, when it comes to rune-work and spirit vessels. You might see her down there later actually, alongside her older brother, selling trinkets and the like. You won't be able to miss her. She's the only filly wearing a mourning veil. Don't worry though, she haven't lost anypony. She just sorta likes it, for some reason." ======================================================================   @Windy Breeze 🥧 "I think it worked?" For good measure though, Sorrow dropped a few more drops on both Windy's and Wine's faces, to see if they had further reactions. It were hard to think this were the case, that maple syrup helped on these things, but the evidence were unquestionable. She had to start carrying two bottles around with her, if she survived all of this. One for spirits, one because it were yummy, and she might meet a wild pancake that needed to be eaten. The folks back home weren't gonna believe her on this, but hopefully, she could prove it to them, and this wouldn't have been a harrowing, dangerous experience for nothing. One that were sadly not over with yet, so it weren't time to rest on her laurels, so to speak. Doubly so as it seemed like Quill were about woken up, and would likely want to know what in the blazes were happening. Sorrow couldn't answer that just yet though. She had to find out how much syrup they had left, so that she could see roughly how many more they could save/ward off. "Quill? Wine? Are you okay? No... Hostile thoughts?"