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      FillyCon welcomes you to Pennsylvania's first My Little Pony fan convention. We will be hosting 3 fun-filled days of My Little Pony themed activities. Attend panels, play games, meet celebrities, rock out at our laser light show concert and so much more!

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      Pacific PonyCon is a fun weekend full of ponies, good times, and friendship! Located in beautiful San Diego, California and complete with panels, guests, and music!


    5. Project SEAPonyCon

      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

    6. BronyCAN (archived)

      BronyCAN, Canada's premier brony convention, ran annually in Richmond, BC from 2012-2017. This forum is archived as the con has had its last event.

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      BUCK was Europe's largest Brony convention and while the con is over, the organizers are continuing to produce Fan-based Events in the UK.



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    • DivineGuard1000

      Out of just Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis, who would you compare me to?

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    • Emerald<3

      Yep, my cover photo is a bunny now, y'all. 
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    • Prometheus

      Alright, not a bad start, just finished episode 5 there. Gotta say, it's looking pretty good so far! Think I'll continue sometime tomorrow, I could do with some sleep. 
      Night everyone! 
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    • Zarosian

      Why I stopped taking Cutie Mark Requests (And Artwork Requests in general): 

      People just don't listen, or act completely ungrateful when I actually do things for them.
      Granted most of the people who I did the re-designs for were very happy with the work and grateful for it. But this always happens every time I open a request board. People start to ask for things without reading the requirements, such as telling me EXACTLY what they want...
      When people don't read the requirements I post, (e.g. having a reference image, or a pre-existing image of some kind to work with) I lose all my motivation, because people want me to do something for them which makes the job harder for me. There is always a reason why I ask for those things, it makes my job easier, and stops me from struggling too much with colours or shapes they want.
      I might re-open requests in the future, but until people can actually learn to read properly (and not blame me when they don't...) I just can't deal with making them. I'm sorry.
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    • Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Gallus is best student.

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    • Xelto.r

      Good night to all those still here
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    • Twilight and Starlight

      Awww how cute mini Rainbow dash is an alicorn.
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    • Twilight and Starlight  »  TheAnimationFanatic

      Awww how cute Mini Rainbow Dash is an alicorn. 

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    • Oh my goodness, I can't believe this worked: // This is a counter whose range is [0, some_arbitrary_max] // Setting the max really high mimics a range of [0, infinity); this is also the default // This can be used for all sorts of applications, including a healthbar public class Counter { private int _count; private int _max; // Constructor with a preset max public Counter(int presetMax) { Max = presetMax; _count = 0; } // Default constructor public Counter() { _max = int.MaxValue; _count = 0; } // Increment the count by an arbitrary value; decrement using a negative value public void IncrementCount(int amt) { int newCount = _count + amt; if (newCount < 0) _count = 0; else if (newCount > _max) _count = _max; else _count = newCount; } // Additional functions for zeroing or maxing out the counter public void ZeroOutCount() { Count = 0; } public void MaxOutCount() { Count = Max; } // Increment the max by an arbitrary value; decrement using a negative value // If the max ever becomes less than the count, the count should be reassigned // to be the same as the max; this ensures the count stays within [0, max] public void IncrementMax(int amt) { if (_max + amt < 0) _count = 0; else _max += amt; if (_max <= _count) _count = _max; } // Setter-getter for the max; this can also force the count to be any value, but // will readjust the count if the max falls below the count to keep the count within // the range [0, max] public int Max { set { if (value >= 0) _max = value; if (_max < _count) _count = _max; } get { return _max; } } // Setter-getter for the count; this can also force the count to be any value public int Count { set { if (value >= 0) _count = value; } get { return _count; } } // This is the same as the regular counter but instead of having a count // within the range [0, max], there are two counts (count1 and count2) such that // 0 >= count1 >= count2 >= max; since this class encapsulates two instances of // a counter, any and all calculations are handled by the individual counters public class Bicounter { Counter _ctr2; // Effective range of [0, max] Counter _ctr1; // Effective range of [0, ctr2.Count] public Bicounter(int presetMax) { _ctr2 = new Counter(presetMax); _ctr1 = new Counter(_ctr2.Count); } public Bicounter() { _ctr2 = new Counter(); _ctr1 = new Counter(_ctr2.Count); } public void IncrementCount1(int amt) { _ctr1.IncrementCount(amt); } public void IncrementCount2(int amt) { _ctr2.IncrementCount(amt); _ctr1.Max = _ctr2.Count; } public void ZeroOutCount() { _ctr2.ZeroOutCount(); _ctr1.ZeroOutCount(); } public void MaxOutCount() { _ctr2.MaxOutCount(); _ctr1.Max = _ctr2.Max; _ctr1.MaxOutCount(); } public int Max { set { _ctr2.Max = value; } get { return _ctr2.Max; } } public int Count2 { set { _ctr2.Count = value; _ctr1.Max = _ctr2.Count; } get { return _ctr2.Count; } } public int Count1 { set { _ctr1.Count = value; } get { return _ctr1.Count; } } } I may need more tests, but this is the healthbar-inside-of-a-healthbar thing I was talking about a few weeks ago such that 0 >= count_1 >= count_2 >= max, and I achieved it by encapsulating two separate counters inside of a bicounter class. No, I'm not gonna think about making a tricounter or an ncounter; even though the code can be generalised, I don't have a use for anything beyond a bicounter. No, I have no idea how this would be done using ECS since the counter is an overly generalized healthbar. I can't justify using Unity's data oriented tech stack when I have a fairly puny project where everything would be represented by a UI. If this was a healthbar, then the counter works fine. However, I have a situation where I may need the bicounter instead; EG, instead of distinguishing between occupied buildings and unoccupied buildings, I have to distinguish between unused plots of land, plots of land with an unoccupied building, and plots of land with an occupied building. Now that I think about it, a bicounter may not be needed if a plot of land can contain more than one building; instead, it'd have to be two separate counters, one for used and unused plots of land, with a means of getting the number of individual buildings, and another for occupied and unoccupied buildings.
    • @Blitz Boom Selena had a concerned look directed at the sisters when they finally left the room, but didn't say anything about how long it took them to leave. "This way then, try to keep up. You'll be able to set your stuff down and freshen up a bit before dinner. I wasn't going to say anything with the others present, but you two clearly haven't properly showered in a while." There was a slight smile to her face at that. She led them down the hall, opposite the direction of the office Illiad had spoken to them in, and near the end of it she opened a door and gestured inside. It was a small room, but the bed was large enough for the two of them to share comfortably, they could even fit a few more ponies without any crowding. There was an empty dresser opposite the bed with a large mirror, and on the far side of the room was a door that likely led to a bathroom, which if they entered they'd find the standard compliments of a full bathroom. The only downside of the room was that it was primarily lit with the magical crystals that seemed rather prevalent in Trojan architecture, and Selena noticed this, "I'll have some candles brought in after dinner to brighten this room up a bit, but until then feel free to make yourselves at home. I'll come back for you when dinner is ready." When Selena left, they would quickly find that they weren't alone in the slightly darkened room, as the shadowy silhouette of a pony seemed to step out of the shadows, it looked around for a bit before it focused on Void, waving in a sort of pantomime, which was accompanied by an odd humming noise. It was a similar noise to what she might have heard when Pen was talking with the thing she called Seen.
    • We've finally reached it. After so many weeks, I've finally finished the last of the randomized ponies from this challenge. And here she is, submitted by Clear Vision on discord.   It's a little hard to believe that it's over. It almost makes me a little sad. maybe I'll rename this thread, and continue to use it for more challenges in the future. I've got at least one other one in mind I'd like to do eventually.