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    • @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad:
      Dynamo acknowledged Sunlight's comment with a smile and nod, while he continued to look around the shelves of books. "That's true and it depends on the type of books. Sometimes they are paperback and other times they are hardback covers. So, I guess it depends on how many books are stacked on one shelf, or something along those lines." He turned back to her and chuckled as a memory soon resurfaced. "I remember going to a bookstore at my hometown. They had comics that I wanted, but they were always out of order. Either they missed the one book I needed, or they had too many of one copy. It was never fun having to search for said book, but the hunt was intriguing." He raised his eyebrows to emphasize his joke. He turned forward, before gasping in surprise. He briskly walked over, until he reached the intended section of books. "So, they do have a manga section here. Most libraries don't consider manga an actual book. Seeing how they are reading from right to left and mostly picture panels." As he looked through the column of manga, he stumbled upon what he was looking for. "Sweet!" He exclaimed softly as he made sure the manga he picked up was legit. "This is the manga that I've been missing from My Hero Academia. They even have the one that's set to come out this week." He grinned as he levitated both books out of the shelf. He almost began to prance around, while feeling enlightened about finding his choice of books. "I think I know what I'm getting!" He cheered in a sing song tone. He looked back to Sunlight and chuckled. Blushing as he ran a hoof through his mane because of his childish nature. "I'm guessing you saw enough to say that I'll never live that down?" He closed his eyes and grinned sheepishly with a nervous chuckle. Dew Drop:
      Dew Drop could only giggle at Jade's explanation for flying. "O-Oh, I can relate. Seeing how t-the streets are always crowded. You can never get anywhere in town. F-Flying isn't as bad, but always being on lookout for other Pegasi c-can be a hassle." She nods in agreement, before tilting her head in confusion. As Jade had explained why he needed a rope for the book, the ebony Pegasus could only shake her head. "U-Unfortunately, I don't. Maybe w-we can leave the book here. We'll probably be b-back here after our flight around town. S-So, it's better to keep the book in a safe place, before l-losing it and having to search all over town. B-Besides, you can never t-trust other ponies in this town. I-I've seen my fair share of con artists." She says, taking the book he gave her and placing said book upon her front desk. She soon walked to the front door and turned the front sign to closed. Just in case there was a customer, who was interested in stopping by the shop. As the two left the store, Dew Drop made sure to lock the door, so nobody would break in. The ebony Pegasus had soon stretched her wings, before kicking lightly off of the ground. "Okay. N-Now let's get to flying and see what M-Manehatten has in store for these two pegasi!" She cheered, albeit softly to not draw any attention to herself or Jade.
    • Can I just point out that Phobia's are not really logical at all, and in my personal experience have a tendency to resist those things? I have a really bad fear of dentist's, due mostly to one really bad experience as a kid. I've been to the dentist multiple times since then and none of my experiences have been anywhere close to as awful as that bad one, most of them have actually been pretty alright, with understanding dentists, minor amounts of pain and discomfort, etc. Yet every single time I have to go to the dentist, I get a pit in my stomach, I feel sick, I start having nightmares and begin envisioning all the ways things could go wrong, everything from being in pain to even just outright dying on that chair. I still often go and end up getting nothing done, because no matter how much I logically realize dentists are usually helpful, that one bad experience has affected me so badly. Like I said, I have been to the dentists multiple times, forced myself to face my fear, had drills and needles put in my mouth, had a tooth removed. Yet every single appointment I have to go through the routine of trying to get over the fear again, and again, and again.  I'm also a pretty anxious person, and I have a tendency to freak out over my own health and go into panics over what illnesses I might have developed. I once became genuinely convinced I had diabetes, and despite multiple doctor's visits to do tests which all came back conclusively that I didn't have it, and despite buying a Glucose meter and checking every day for weeks, all of which came back just fine, I was still somewhat convinced both the doctor's and the meter were wrong and I had diabetes. I logically knew at that point that I obviously didn't, yet there was a part of my brain which just didn't care about the logic or reasoning, it just continued to panic.  So, it doesn't really matter how logical or reasonable Twilight is. She knows the Ladybug's spots aren't eyes, she knows they are harmless, she's probably tried various ways to cope and faced her fear before, heck I've even seen people offer up the headcanon that Cadance's song might have been an attempt to help Twilight past her fear, which ended up not working, even though she liked the song and dance. Fears and phobia's and anxiety don't really care much about logic. Plus, Twilight's not always that rational anyway, she tries to be, but this is still the pony who became totally convinced she was gonna get sent all the way back to Magic Kindergarten for one slightly behind schedule friendship report.  I could comment on other aspects of your post, but I don't really feel like it. The phobia part here was just the one that stood out to me the most.
    • I think getting angry about a 3 minute short is kinda pointless, since they are only there for the animators and writers to have fun. Alot of people already know about the ladybug continuity error and they don't mind it, because they just see the shorts as just silly fun. No offense, but i think you need to chill.
    • I grew up with ABBA since I was born in 1973.