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    1. Welcome Plaza

      New ponies should introduce themselves here!

      But don't come trotting in with muddy hooves - that's what the welcome mat's for!

    2. FiM Show Discussion

      What will happen in the next episode? What adventures await the Elements of Harmony? This is where we talk Friendship is Magic 'til the ponies come home.

    3. Sugarcube Corner

      All pony talk that doesn't directly have to do with Friendship is Magic belongs here. Fandom discussions, merchandise, meetups -- you name it!

    4. Equestria Girls

      Everything to do with the Friendship is Magic spin-off series of movies and shorts, Equestria Girls!

    5. My Little Pony: The Movie

      Ponies on the big screen! This section is for the movie based on MLP:FiM!

    6. Classic Generations

      Celebrate the old school (pre-FiM) generations of My Little Pony here.

    7. Pony Life

      Something something chibi G4 

      hey, short notice this is the best I could do.

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    1. Forum Events

      Celebrate special events created for the MLPF community. Characters, holidays, and random shenanigans abound! 

    2. Golden Oaks Library

      Live and recorded fanfic readings will be found here

  3. Roleplay World

    1. Everfree Planning, OOC & Discussion

      Plan, prepare, and discuss your roleplay here.
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    2. Everfree Roleplays

      All in-character roleplay topics belong here.

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  4. Octavia's Hall

    1. Commissions

      Looking to buy some custom artwork? This is the place to go!

    2. Requestria

      Whether you're looking for a new avatar or to offer your artistic skills to other members, this is the place for you. This is for free requests of any media (text, music, drawings, etc.).

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  5. Beyond Equestria

    1. General Discussion

      A friendly, pleasant and peaceful place where we all share stories, tell tales, and all around have a fun time.

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    3. Forum Games

      Pass the time and fight boredom with forum based games.
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    4. Ask a Pony

      Want to know other members and OC's better? Ask them questions here!
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      A place to relax, shoot the breeze, and talk socially without the need to exchange too much information.
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  6. Canterlot

    1. Throne Room

      Important updates on the continuing development of MLP Forums are posted here.
      All members are expected to keep up with new topics here to remain informed of major changes that may affect them.

    2. Feedback

      Provide feedback on MLP Forums - tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you think we can do better!

    3. Site Questions & Technical Support

      Got a question about MLP Forums? Experiencing a technical issue with the site? Staff are standing by to help!

  7. Poniverse

    1. Canterlot Avenue   (4130 visits to this link)

      The newest addition to Poniverse! Canterlot Avenue is the social media and roleplaying site. Mind the dust, and wear your hardhat, as it's still squeaky new in there.

    2. Equestria.tv

      Friday Mare-a-Thons are a weekly event as old as the site itself! Grab a cider and chat with your fellow members while watching movies, videos, and ponies.
      Streaming here: https://equestria.tv/

    3. Pony.fm

      Come on in to talk about Pony.fm!
      Or visit Pony.fm itself: https://pony.fm/

    4. PoniArcade

      Poniverse's own Minecraft server! We've got survival, creative, and soon we'll be adding a brand new freebuild world! What are you waiting for? Come build with us!
      Server address: play.poniarcade.com (Supports Minecraft versions 1.8 through 1.12.)

    5. Ponyville Live!

      Ponyville Live! is the pony community's leader for live and streaming pony radio, video, podcasts, convention coverage, and much more. Join the community and chat about the best in pony media or share your own ideas!
      See Ponyville Live! here: http://ponyvillelive.com/

    6. Gallery of Goodwill

      Know someone feeling down and needing some cheer? Are you an artist wanting to do good with their art? Drop by the Gallery of Goodwill and lend you support!

  8. Conventions

    1. Everfree Northwest

      Everfree Northwest is an annual convention for fans of MLP. Located in Seattle, WA, it's a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event created by fans for fans of all ages.

    2. BABSCon

      BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular located in Burlingame, CA, is a nonprofit organization established to promote the arts and culture surrounding the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    3. Project SEAPonyCon

      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

    4. Old Convention Partners

      Older defunct conventions and their associated topics will be found here



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      @Snow You may or may not like this picture, it involves fighter aircraft.
      Hope your day is a good one.
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      Do you know of Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog?
       They had a villain in there that was just a literal horse. But evil, so evil he led the Evil League of Evil. Admittedly, his name was "Bad Horse" but I have the song stuck in my head with a parody of your name in place. I suppose *cough* it would be uncouth of me to chant it about the forums?
       Your name is just so simple but awesome! You have a fanclub I can join?!!?
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      I do agree with your stance on Rainbow Dash having potential confidence issues, Soren. I've seen how fast her face changes and she's got about as wild and cartoonish a range of emotion as Pinkie Pie does. It's been my headcannon she pushes herself too hard for goals she can't admit are unreachable. A sort of self-forced extrovert, I daresay. Think I've got a bit of a reason she may be like that too.
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      Good morning, all! I hope this Thursday finds you well. 
      Have a Sketchy Horse~
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      It's only now that it's happened. As big as a pokemon fan I am, I've never had that moment where I wished this one species of pokemon was real. Given my favorites are an anthro fox with pyrokinesis and a murderous god-mutant... think most realities are fine without. 
       But I have fallen in absolute love with the Galarian Fossil Pokémon! They are MY kind of cute!

       I balk at talk of them being against the rules of nature! Those fiddly, diddly widdle heads with happy lil' beaks! Those chunky bodies! Happy, smiling beaks filled with razor sharp teeth of friendliness! 
       They are my innocent, precious, mutant children!
       DO expect incoming screenshots of my squawky children!
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    • The same thing I dream about every night, virtually nothing!  
    • Ok, so like, this is a new "WTF" one for me. lol I've had a lot of dreams recently where I get on a plane, because that scares me. Well, this one was... the opposite. That's the way I interpret where it came from. I ended up getting on a "plane" (can't call it anything else, because that part of the dream was so vague) that went underwater. Somehow even though this was underwater I ended up in a new land that had people and looked exactly like the world above, with the sun shining and everything. At first it was like some form of vacation, I believe. But then it was revealed that this land was actually ruled by a bad, totalitarian government. And now there was a resistance force against the government in my dream, and somehow Barack Obama was connected to this resistance force or him being president of the USA sparked the resistance (so this dream was set in the past? I don't know, but yeah that was a big WTF there lol). Then I learned that I was simultaneously a part of a group that this government wanted to exterminate, but also like some important figure to the resistance, which made it very dangerous for me to be there. The people of the resistance guided other people like I (including randomly a guy from my French class LOL) into this covered vehicle to escape. But for some reason the vehicle was not covered on the left side and we had to hide ourselves under blankets hoping that the government wouldn't see us. Gunshots were firing everywhere, but no one was actually hurt. We all suddenly (it was noted as such by me in my dream, and it made no sense to me in it lol) ended up back on in USA land (somehow from the vehicle, which was just like those big army cars) and for some reason the land was the town where my grandparents lived, which is faarrr from the ocean. And it was Christmas time, just like it is now, because there were pretty lights everywhere.Also, for some reason even though it was December, it was really hot. Like it was dark and it was 82 degrees, and in typical me fashion, I was really mad about it, despite the much more serious situation I had just gotten out of. The dream ended with me at the mall in that town thinking about how I had been gone since early in the morning and my poor dog was at home and hadn't been outside to go to the bathroom in a very long time and I freaked out.
    • Yes. I think that's obvious to anyone. 
    • Standing while everybody's sitting. Reminds me of giving a speech. You just completely stick out.
    • I'm afraid I'll have to go with Coco here.