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      PonyExpo was to be a 3-day My Little Pony fan convention hosted at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV! Unfortunately it has been cancelled, but may return next year!

    2. BronyCAN

      BronyCan, Canada's premier brony convention, August 19-21 in Richmond, BC! Make travel arrangements with your fellow bronies or ask us questions here.

    3. Everfree Northwest

      Everfree Northwest is an annual convention for fans of MLP. Located in Seattle, WA, it's a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event created by fans for fans of all ages.

    4. BABSCon

      BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular located in Burlingame, CA, is a nonprofit organization established to promote the arts and culture surrounding the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    5. BUCK Events

      BUCK was Europe's largest Brony convention and while the con is over, the organizers are continuing to produce Fan-based Events in the UK.

    6. FillyCon

      FillyCon welcomes you to Pennsylvania's first My Little Pony fan convention. We will be hosting 3 fun-filled days of My Little Pony themed activities. Attend panels, play games, meet celebrities, rock out at our laser light show concert and so much more!

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      Pacific PonyCon is a fun weekend full of ponies, good times, and friendship! Located in beautiful San Diego, California and complete with panels, guests, and music!


    8. Project SEAPonyCon

      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

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    • @Blitz Boom     What? You're asking clarification from the Spirit of Confusion? Well, it depends on whether or not you'll know soon enough! Oh, look! A convenient distraction!       The draconequus awkwardly dodges Smokey's question and at his last few words of exclamation turns to notice Vivid's magical teleportation into the scene a few suspiciously short seconds short of her coming in. Something one might find odd after looking back and examining the situation sometime later.    Not some few short seconds later after Vivid says her own piece to dismiss the two, Phoenix's scream can be heard some few feet behind Smokey and before he can react to that too, Widdershins gleefully stretches after the retreating newcomer from his standing point in a very rubbery, cartoonish (Read: Pinkie Pie-ish) manner, and in the process leaving before Smokey could press his question, even if he had wanted to.   Stretching after Vivid with what could only be described as a smiling noise of *Ghee!* Widdershins loops around under her in a coiling fashion to land loosely around her, weighing not much more than your average, but weirdly designed scarf.    More Dahhonahknee, you say? Well, I wouldn't be one if I let you go without first annoying the Magical Poof outta you, eh what? ############################################################################ At Blitz Boom again!     Getting wearily up on his shaky hooves, Ambie holds one hoof to his head as his coat darkens to match his mood.    "What happened? I don't usually... they just up and left me... did I...?   *sigh*  ...guess I've messed up again. Guess those etiquette lessons didn't stick as much as Mother said they would. Why does my head feel like it's been gnawed on?... What am I supposed to do now?"    Confused & worried, the plodgy peach pony ambles around to-(Hah! Ambles! Amblin' Ambie! We so witty! Oh, shush you... ) search for anything familiar and immediately sees Happy Hour away in the shadows and begins to walk towards him with a dejected, hangdog look on his face.    "Mr. Hour?... I don't feel so well... What do I do?" ######################################!############################################## @Foxy Socks & Anomaly, because frankly, what with the way you're aiming to roll her...     From behind the momentarily lifted guarding gaze of the vigilant charcoaling chick, the small box from before lifts up with a noticeably loud clanking rattle of the metallic extensions that trail behind it from out of sight and beyond street corners into the distance. The heavily lidded & unenthusiastic eyeballs speaks up again in its plea.    "While I fail to see the purpose in communicating with wildlife like they had any semblance of sentience, you do seem to to handle the diminutive fowl adequately well. Perhaps you can convince it to direct its possessive attentions away from my self. I do appear to have a wooden casing and, while I doubt its underdeveloped flames can do much damage, I would rather not test such a hypothesis.       Stopping for a moment for its eye to flicker for a moment over to Anomaly and glare with a resigned acceptance, the heavy Trottingham (British, btw) accent continues on.     ...and perhaps before your draconequus associate decides to utilize me as a further plaything, maybe we can both head to our own domiciles before this night progresses into ad nauseum." ###################################$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$########################################   Aaaand B.B. yet again!        Head still clearly fixed from the side to avoid looking directly at Spicy, the dragon's eye still flicks back every now and again to keep an eye on the pony & gauge her reactions. His front claws now tightly folded over his turned chest more pointed towards the back of her wagon, the dragon huffily retorts once more.    "Fuh. Like I need to explain myself to some stupid pony!    .....     ...I take it you're too stupid to have read the undoubted wanted posters that have been put up by now about the Great Kaltrop?!   That's the whole point! Once you get up there on the canyon ledge, you either fall off the edge or go into the deep forest! By the time you're on my stupid bridge you either have to backtrack your stupid way for hours or submit to my demands! We're miles out of nowhere! There's no law out here to stop me! This is my land!  ... B-besides, I-it's not like I didn't think of that! I... just... didn't want to... disrupt the local ecosystem is all! I mean, who does that? Ruining the poor animals little homes? Big, stupid ponies building their big, stupid cities all over the place! Like you ponies ever think about anyone but yourselves!"
    • @Ranger22@dragon4111@Acnologia While the journal had been opened, it did not show all of what Draco had written. There were other entries on the next few pages and they continued the story of the leader of Team DARC. Entry one: I found this while I was outside today. I figured I'd make a good writer, so I might as well practice. Anyway, my name is Draco Ignis, or at least that's what I'm told. I wonder what that means. I bet it's something awesome. Either way, I'm a faunus, some type of reptile as far as I or anyone else can tell. As of now, I'm five years old and I don't really have a family. I guess that's a given, though. I live in an orphanage, and there aren't any faunus here, let alone any that look like me. Entry two: Hey, it's me again. I figured I'd just make this a daily thing. It'd be a waste to not use a perfectly good journal. Anyway, I noticed a few strange looks from the other people here. It's not the first time this has happened, but I don't usually pay attention to those people. Entry three: So much for this being a daily thing. Nothing much has happened anyway though, so I guess it's not my fault. Entry four: I just saw a family walk by with their child. Maybe my parents are alive somewhere. Entry five: I just asked the lady that runs the orphanage if she knew my parents. She said my mom died a few hours after I was born and my dad is a hunter on some mission. I also got a picture of them with two other people. So, yeah. I guess it'd be better to find out now rather than later, but it still hurts. On the next page, parallel to the fifth entry, was a picture showing a dragon faunus that looked exactly like Draco, if only slightly older and with  blonde hair. The man held no weapon and wore a dark blue shirt with black pants.To his left was a girl wearing a light purple high colllar jacket over a black shirt and shorts. Her brown hair was tied into a ponytail and she had a light smile on her lips. To the dragon faunus' right was a man wearing red plated armor with a grey undeshirt. His spiked black hair covered around half of his face and was grown out. The last member of their team sat in front of the other three. Her red hair hung over her shoulders and she wore a cream colored kimono. Only a small portion of the area above her green eyes was shown, but it was enough to see smaller flashes of green within brown that seemed to curve inward. If it weren't for the small fangs poking out of her mouth as she smiled, it would be easy to assume that she was a human with some weird hair color pattern and not a faunus. The four were in what looked like their dorm room and seemed to be good friends.  There was no indicated team name, however. Entry six: Ok, so my seventh birthday was on the tenth day of the tenth month, but I didn't do much. I found a few books on mythology and I honestly enjoy the ones normally told in Mistral. I heard around town that the local grimm population is increasing, and some group called the White Fang that is advocating for faunus rights all over Remnant. Maybe I'll join them at some point.
    • Indeed she is!  You're welcome!     Also I've made a terrible error in her animation!  I just noticed that now ~ I've fixed and updated the files, so if you were downloading and/or reposting them, please consider doing this again. What a derp!  
    • "That's great about your brother" U. Will said. "So, how's Discord?" asked the Two Wills. "I still remember this funny moment back when he, me and the rest of Starlight's rescue squad were infiltrating the Changeling Hive. At one point when Starlight had to keep Discord and Trixie from bickering like foals, I kept on moving to keep the lagging group from separating from Thorax up ahead. Suddenly I tripped at the top of these stairs and fell face first into a shiny part of the floor, causing me to briefly see my reflection changed"  "That was when he suspected that I was a part of him." C. Will added on. "When the group caught to me, Discord complained that the code word should be changed from 'Klutzy... Dragonequus' to 'Clumsy...Unicorn' and looking back on it, it was kinda funny!"
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