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      FillyCon welcomes you to Pennsylvania's first My Little Pony fan convention. We will be hosting 3 fun-filled days of My Little Pony themed activities. Attend panels, play games, meet celebrities, rock out at our laser light show concert and so much more!

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      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

    6. BronyCAN (archived)

      BronyCAN, Canada's premier brony convention, ran annually in Richmond, BC from 2012-2017. This forum is archived as the con has had its last event.

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      BUCK was Europe's largest Brony convention and while the con is over, the organizers are continuing to produce Fan-based Events in the UK.



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    • Surprisingly good. I just started taking anxiety medicine today, and it makes a world of difference. Small things that normally stress me out don't really affect me anymore and I'm more relaxed than I remember ever feeling. Though, I wish the pills weren't so big.
    • Alright, it's been a very busy couple of weeks. Lots of news to go over. First off: AEW's return to Chicago has been very fruitful. With only one match announced, they've once again sold out the Sears center. That's arguably three sold out PPV shows sine the Elite got into hosting shows.        In other news, New Japan concluded the silver anniversary of their Best Of the Super Juniors tournament. Your winner in a fantastic final against Takagi Shingo is  This was the best produced Super Jr tournament to date. Multi-camera set up and English commentary for every match, and the final was held in the historic Ryogoku sumo hall. It was the biggest crowd for a Super Jr. final in 20 years. Highlights were the first main event, Shingo Takagi vs. SHO, Osprey vs. Romero, Osprey vs. El Phantasmo, Dragon Lee vs. Shingo, Osprey vs. Bandito, Phantasmo vs. Romero and of course the near 6 star final in Osprey vs. the undefeated Shingo.  Of course there was more breaking news on the Super Jr. final. The first official match for the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose since leaving WWE. And the end result? Jon Moxley has claimed the belt in his NJPW debut in a total slug fest against Juice Robinson, putting him away, with an elevated brainbuster variant of his dirty deeds.  All of this transitions nicely into NJPWs second biggest show of the year, Dominion. Here is where Moxley defeated Shota Umino in a tune up match, where he announced  his intentions:    Later on the card after Shingo lost to Osprey, he said one of the reasons he was beaten by him was due to Osprey's experience fighting juniors and heavyweights. So Shingo issued an open challenge to any heavyweight on the roster. That challenge was accepted by Satoshi Kojima, one of only three men to have ever held the IWGP, AJPW triple Crown and NWA world championships., in a battle of barrel chests and stiff lariats. A battle won by Shingo, after which he staked his claim into entering this years G1.  Then right before the junior heavyweight title match, we got a special visit from Katsuyori Shibata, friend of both Osprey and champion Dragon Lee. But that match wasn't why he was here. Instead, he was here to announce New Japan's latest signing: That's right, the ace of pro-wrestling NOAH and the man formally known as Hideo Itami, KENTA has now jumped from the emerald green canvas to the cerulean blue. And he made it clear, he wants in the G1 too.  Onwards to arguably the match of the night, both Osprey and Dragon Lee delivered on giving the heavyweights a run for their money. Stiff strikes, crazy high flying, Lee propping Osprey on the barricade, then mowing him down with a suicide dive through him and the commentary table. But he could not stop Osprey's hot streak, and one super Os-cutter and one storm breaker later, Osprey has broken his Dominion loosing streak. And he had a message for the rest of New Japan: Mox wants in the G1. Shingo wants in the G1. KENTA wants in the G1. Osprey wants in the G1. This maybe the most exciting field of wrestlers to date.    However, none of this is what made headlines at Dominion.  The real talking point was Ibushi vs. Naito for the IC title. Specifically, the nasty German suplex neck bump Ibushi took on the apron. It's gotten people talking about how far strong style has gone? How necessary is all this? How long will this go until something goes wrong.? Like it did a decade ago with Mitusharu Misawa, arguably the most influential wrestler in all of Japan.  Whatculture's Adam Clearey does bring up a fair point. I'm not saying NJPW should go full PG. No one is. But it should be NJPWs prerogative to try and lessen the need for such wreckless bumps. The damage adds up, and Misawa died in the middle of the ring because of it. Some are rightly concerned that such a risky style is coming back. Remember, the goal is for strong style to temper it's use of such brutal spots, not nueter the style completely. Because even 'safe' styles of wrestling can be done dangerously. Just look at WWE.    Regardless, we can only hope that Ibushi and Naito are the outliers. For the vast amount of talent marching forward for NJPW can put on good matches without resorting to that. And they will be showcasing such for G1 Climax 29. Which is making a historic first by starting out in America. Anypony in the Dallas area, you're in luck.  Lots of new combatants. A couple of regulars missing this year round. Still, this tournament is stacked.  And it won't be the only one coming to U.S. shores.     The beast king himself, Jushin 'Thunder' Liger, has announced that the Super J Cup is back in action and will be taking place in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. So over the Summer we are getting All Out, the first night of the G1 Climax and The entire Super J Cup. It's a good time to be a fan. Not to mention that New Japan will be flying to Australia for their tour of shows. So all you bros south of the equator are gonna be in luck.  It's gonna be a busy Summer. 
    • Probably the weeb fanbases on YouTube or 4chan
    • Have you seen my candy bar?