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    • @The Cerberus Dynamo chuckled along and nodded. "That does make sense. I'm not the best when it comes to remembering things. That, or being able to predict what the other pony is saying, but I know I'd be able to figure it all out eventually." He noticed her starting to blush heavily from his partial confession. He nodded slowly as she asked if the blue unicorn was talking about her. He watched as she awkwardly looked toward the ground. He felt his blush intensify, if he could blush any more from what she had just told him. It seemed that she felt the same as liking him more than just a friend. He smiled softly, before continuing. "I would tell you that I am definitely sure and I can tell you this." He paused for a brief moment, before looking into her eyes. "I know that we just met today, but I really do like you, Sunlight. I know that it might be sudden and I don't know where this road will take us, but I want to walk down this road together with you by my side. So, what do you say? Would you like to be my marefriend?" He asked with kindness and caring in his eyes. As well as a warm smile upon his muzzle. This was it. He knew he put everything on the table, but he wouldn't turn back now. 
    • This is a MLP / Care Bears crossover fanfic   Part 1- Alchemy It was a gloriously sunny day in Care-a-Lot, the gorgeous cloud city that was home of the Care Bears. A bright yellow bear by the name of Funshine stepped out of his cozy home and greeted the day with an exaggerated stretch. “Ahhh, what a spectacular day!” he hummed in a sing-song tone. He waved hello to his friends, two pastel pink bears who happened to be passing by on their morning jog. “Good Morning, Love-a-Lot! Morning, Cheer Bear!” “Good morning to you, Funshine!” they called out in unison. The warm-colored ball of fur watched them go by as he made his way down a paved pathway. He was thinking about taking a leisurely stroll, perhaps into the Forest of Feelings to visit his Care Bear Cousins, when a familiar voice called out his name in a cheerful whinny. “Funshine! Hey, Funshine, over here!” Looking around, the golden bear spotted a lavender equine trotting his way. It was Care-a-Lot’s co-founder, and patriarch, Noble Heart Horse! “What’s the matter, Noble Heart?” Funshine asked, a worried expression settling on his muzzle as Noble Heart’s hooves came to rest upon his shoulders. “I’ve got a job for you, and it’s very important. I’m extremely busy, but our old nemesis, No Heart is up to his old tricks again.” he warned, his voice commanding every bit of Funshine’s attention. “But the thing is, he’s not after us this time. Truthfully, I don’t know what he’s after.” Fear and concern dawned in the bear’s eyes as he listened intently. “So, what is it that you need me to do, Noble Heart?” he asked, warily. “I’ve been informed by a close friend of mine that No Heart may be lurking in the shadows in their lands….” he trailed off to momentarily will the apprehension in the pit of his gut back down from where it had lodged itself to create a lump in his throat. “A friend?” Funshine parroted. “Do I know them?” “Not yet, you don’t. But you will, soon. Come with me.” Taking his paw, Noble Heart quickly guided Funshine Bear toward his house, through entertainment and dining areas, until finally they came to the basement. Against the back wall stood a wide arcing rainbow with a reflective surface that gleamed and glittered with magic at its center. Funshine stared, confused and flabbergasted. “Wha…what is this, Noble Heart?” “This,” he gestured with a hoof. “is a magical gateway to a place that I hold just as dearly as Care-a-Lot. Someone very special to me helped make this bridge, and only True Heart Bear knew about it. Now you do, too. The lands that lie beyond here are like a second home to me, Funshine, so I need you to take this Caring Mission very seriously. If No Heart has invaded over there, for some reason, then I need you to do everything in your power to stop him.” Though this information was a lot to take in, Funshine hardened his gaze and gave a sharp nod. A paw raised to his forehead in respectful salute. “Yes sir, Noble Heart, sir!” “Good. Then off with you!” His own pounding heartbeat thundered in his ears, drowning out Noble Heart’s words. Step by step, Sunshine willed his shaking knees not to buckle as he advanced toward the magical portal. What would lie beyond its reflective surface? Was their long-time enemy, No Heart truly over in whatever strange and unpredictable world he was about to enter into? There was simply no telling anything, he supposed, until he made his way over into this brand new territory, to find out. His eyes shut tight as he passed beyond the multi-colored rainbow, his fur standing on end and surging with what felt like static jolts of magic. Then suddenly he felt somewhat heavier, as if gravity had somehow increased. “What the-?” Eyes snapped open so that he could survey himself, hoping to draw a conclusion about the added weight. But then his breath caught in his throat as he surveyed a landscape of lush green valleys with impossibly high, snowcapped mountains in the distance, white, cotton candy clouds overhead, a small, lavender-colored horse nearby, with a plum mane who Funshine could swear might have been related to Noble Heart Horse. “Hello!” he nervously called out, watching as the creature’s ears pricked and swiveled in his direction shortly before a pair of amethyst eyes landed on him. “Oh, thank Celestia!” she replied, lifting herself onto her hooves from the sitting position she had been in. Instantly, she closed the short distance between them, and momentarily seemed unable to prevent herself from doing some sort of nervous trot pacing. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting! Are you the representative that Noble Heart sent? Who am I kidding? You have to be, right?!” she shook her head, as if to clear her head and re-organize her racing thoughts. “I’m sorry. I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle. The ruler here….Princess Celestia of Equestria, sent me as an escort for you. You….you are Funshine Bear, right?” she asked. Funshine could only blink, trying to wrap his head around all that she had just blurted out. “Um…y-yeah, that’s me.” he nodded, unable to keep himself from staring at the feathery wings that were fanned out on either side of this creature. He had never heard of a horse having wings. Why on earth did she have wings? “Great!” she smiled nervously. “Come with me, then. Hop on!” “Pardon me?” “On my back!” she clarified, curtly. Her purple wings folded into a rest position at her sides, allowing him to mount her more easily. “O- oh….” Funshine fumbled, approaching her warily, and maneuvering himself onto her back. Barely having time to hold on, he found her flapping hard and rising up into the sky, taking him with her. “Wh-whoaaaa!” he yelped, furry arms wrapped tight around Twilight Sparkle’s neck. Higher and higher, they ascended until the trees and what he assumed were other colorful horses on the ground far below looked like ants. In what seemed like an eternity, though Twilight had assured him in between panted breaths that they had only been traveling for two, they reached a glistening city of gold and royal purple hues. A fantastic castle with alabaster pillars and lookout towers that seemed to scrape the clouds stood at attention, commanding admiration and awe from any citizen who dared to step within its courtyards, or even admire if from a distance. “Wow, we don’t have anything like this in Care-a-lot.” Funshine Bear breathed. A gentle, playful nudge was given by Twilight, a smirk pulling at her lips. “This,” she spoke. “Is the Capital City of Canterlot, and the home of Equestria’s brave and radiant ruler, Princess Celestia.” Walking side by side with him, they passed through the castle gates and guard towers, past two security checkpoints, and were provided with a royal guard to accompany them to the day courts of the Princess, once they had been cleared. “I believe that you’ll find the security measures appropriate, Princess Sparkle.” The stallion guard spoke as she and Funshine kept pace with him. “Princess Celestia has decreed the increased security at the palace and throughout the city the behest of Princess Cadance in the Crystal Empire, since rumors of a threat had been traced from the north.” “I understand. We can’t take any chances.” Twilight nodded, though this was all fresh information to her. Though she too bore a crown that would identify her as royalty to the Equestrian populace, Twilight understood that she was far lower in rank than the three other known Princesses, and played less of a role in being allowed knowledge that the others were privy to. Thinking back, she realized, that that was how it had always been, even before she had been crowned. However, she bore her mentor, Celestia no ill will in spite of it. The three arrived towering golden double doors that shone like the sun itself and was polished to the extent of it seeming like liquid diamond. Above the doors themselves was an intricately detailed sun insignia. The two guards that were posted at either side of it stood at attention before the higher ranked stallion and purple pony Princess that approached them. However, both drew curious glances at Funshine from behind their polished helmets. Funshine, though wary of the muscled and stoic stallions smiled and waved a paw in greeting. Once access had been granted, the two guards pushed open the heavy doors and announced their presence to the Princess awaiting their arrival inside. A snow white mare seated upon a cushioned golden throne solemnly nodded her thanks before the guards retreated to their posts before Twilight Sparkle and Funshine were allowed to enter. “Greetings, Princess.” Twilight said, respectfully. “I brought the guest to you, just as you asked!” “Thank you, Twilight.” Celestia’s voice cooed, melting like warm butter in Funshine’s ears, and putting him at ease. “You may be dismissed.” he then heard her say, before Twilight departed from his side, albeit with a disappointed look on her face. And then he was alone with the regal white Princess, save for three winged ponies of different colors who immediately flew from three of the four corners of the room to flank the Princess on either side. For a while, hardened purple eyes surveyed him, studied him intensely, and the bear soon found himself shifting uncomfortably under the weight of the silence between them. A moment more, and she dismissed her Pegasi guards back to their posts, once having ascertained that the cub was of no threat. “Funshine Bear, is it?” Celestia at long last spoke, her voice for his furry ears alone. “Child of the Ursa?” “Yes, your Highness.” Another moment of silence passed, shorter this time, before Celestia rose from her throne on long, slender legs. Golden horseshoes on the end of her hooves clacked and clopped lightly as she descended a set of stairs on her elevated platform and advanced toward him. Her hair, the color of auroras radiated around her, as if defying gravity and having a life of its own. “Thank you for coming all this way. Noble Heart spoke fondly of you in his letters, and ensured that you would be able to assist in the protection of my subjects.” Funshine only watched her, wondering what she could possibly have in mind for him to do that dozens of trained guard ponies and at least one other pony Princess could not. Just how powerful was Care-a-Lot’s nemesis, No Heart, in this world? “I assume that Noble Heart made you aware of Equestria’s circumstances?” “Only to the barest minimum, your Highness.” the bear replied. “I really don’t know what he…or you expect me to do, or even why No Heart chose to come here.” “You will soon enough.” she murmured, just as mysteriously as the Care-a-Lot co-founder, Noble Heart had. Funshine really wished that they would quit doing that! Though, on the other paw, he supposed that he could see some slight resemblances beginning to surface….. “Come.” she urged. The noble ruler moved with fluid grace out of the throne room and down a lengthy corridor lined with luxurious ruby red carpeting. Up flights of spiraling staircases she walked in silence, Funshine cautiously following behind, rather than alongside, as he remained unsure whether he had the right, and remained ignorant of these ponies’ customs. “Behold,” she finally said, once reaching stepping outside onto a veranda that overlooked the entire city and far out into the valleys below the mountain on which the elevated city sat. Funshine took in the breathtaking sight, his heart soaring in his chest. Directly below, there were countless ponies bustling about the paved streets, and further still, into the valleys, he could spot numerous clusters of towns with an unfathomable amount of ponies inhabiting them also. “My subjects are very dear to me, Funshine,” she continued in a motherly tone. “I would give everything I have and everything I am in order to protect them. I have succeeded in doing so many times, both alone, and with the aid of my dear sister. But now, I need your aid, Funshine, child of the Ursa.” Her gleaming, golden crown atop her gravity-defying mane glittered in the sunlight, almost as if announcing its presence to Funshine and alerting him of the gravity of the responsibilities placed on the head of the one who bore it. The bear fought to swallow the hard lump that had lodged itself in his throat. His paws instinctively moved to touch the gleaming symbol that was a smiling sun on his tummy; his own unique Belly Badge. He, too- with the help of his own friends and family had vanquished many villains who sought to destroy their home and ideals. His sense of duty trampled whatever fears and apprehension he might’ve had at that very moment, and he puffed out his chest, determined to do his very best to protect these ponies’ lands too. “Next week, my subjects will celebrate a most momentous occasion, which is the Summer Sun Celebration.” she told Funshine. “I have reason to believe that an enemy from your lands has trespassed into ours, and may be planning to disrupt this event with their nefarious schemes. My abilities allow me great power, and due to the sun’s position at the height of this event, it will be exponentially increased, but I’m sure that you are aware that with great power comes greater control.” Funshine nodded, locking eyes with the magnificent ruler. “How can I help?” he pressed. Celestia smiled, looking back out into the distance. “For starters, we shall get you caught up on the traditions and aiding in preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration, here in Canterlot.” The bear blinked slowly. “Excuse me?” he was uncertain whether he had heard the Princess properly. Was she truly expecting him to come to these strange lands merely to be a party planner?! The proud Alicorn winked, clearly planning more than what the initial assignment entailed. “What better way to keep an eye out for danger than to be ready to spot any suspicious activity among my subjects, wouldn’t you agree?” – – – – – “Haaaaaa!” Funshine heaved an exhausted sigh as he threw himself into the nearest plush chair and stretched out once the day had come to an end. His paws sore from walking the endless expanse of the Canterlot castle, muscles stiff from carrying tension under constant surveillance, and his ears ringing from the voices of hundreds of bustling townsfolk and the demands of the elite upper class, the burned-out bear couldn’t recall a time where he had ever been so utterly bushed! Princess Celestia stood, though she appeared just as tired from the day’s activities as he was. However, after a thousand years or more of ruling, she had gotten accustomed to the role that was required of her; as a ruler and protector of her ponies. “Many thanks for your assistance today, Funshine Bear.” she spoke formally. “When you are ready to retire to your quarters, you’ll find that any guard posted along the halls of this castle will take you. I hope you find your accommodations suitable.” “Thank you for your generosity, Princess Celestia.” Funshine found just enough strength left in his furry body to remember to sit up properly in the presence of the noble Alicorn. She gave a small nod and a warm smile. “May I count on you tomorrow to lend your aid to Equestria’s defenses. Until then, may Luna bless your night and guard your dreams.” Watching her and her accompanying guards leave, the golden bear stretched his legs and reluctantly got back on his feet. Finding his room and getting to rest sounded like a fantastic idea! Much as he would’ve liked to avoid having to spend his remaining hours of the day in the company of any more guard surveillance, Funshine highly doubted that he would be able to manage to find his room on his own. There were far too many corridors that were lined with the same looking door in every one, in this place! There was no doubt that if he tried to get to his room alone, he’d be up searching for it clear until the next morning! No, with as much security there was around the premises, it’d be easier to find a guard on patrol or at their post than it was to go it alone. With his mind made up, Funshine Bear headed in the opposite direction Celestia had gone, hoping he’d run into someone soon. Fortunately, no sooner had he stepped around the corner did he get his wish! At least two unicorn guards were stationed around one of the doors in this hallway, perhaps protecting whatever precious artifacts or royal treasures were locked up in the room. “Excuse me.” he called out. “I’m Funshine, a guest of Princess Celestia’s, and I was hoping that one of you could take me to my room.” The guards looked at each other, then back to the brightly-colored bear as if he had suddenly sprouted a second head. “Sir, this is your room.” “Then why is it being guarded if I’m not in it?” Another exchanged look between them began to rouse Funshine’s curiosity. “The Princess had decided it best to accommodate you with a room that would be shared with another guest.” One guard explained, vaguely. Eyebrows drawn together, Funshine pushed past the door to be greeted with soft, childlike laughter and the soothing fragrance of lavender. A young pony, a periwinkle colored filly, bounced with abandon around the room, clearly having more energy than he at the moment. “Hi, little one. Who are you?” he asked once having closed the door behind him. The energetic young equine threw herself face down into a plush pink pillow, laughing all the while. Once all her gleeful giggles had been expelled out of her system, she looked up and smiled. “I’m Star Dreams! And who are you?” “I’m Funshine Bear! Celestia invited me to….stay with you….I guess….” he trailed off, still not understanding the Princess’ line of reasoning. If putting him in a room with someone was for security reasons, then surely this young girl couldn’t be the one to watch him. Or was he to watch her? The tired bear sighed, spotting a second bed on the other side of the room, and immediately went to it. Whatever questions he had, he was sure that he could run them by the Princess in the morning, if her – or his- schedule allowed it. “Well, time to get some shut eye. Goodnight, Star Dreams.” he allowed his eyes to close, and quickly fell into a deep sleep. – – – – – – “Pleasant evening, Sister.” Princess Luna spoke as she landed on the elder siblings’ balcony, just as Celestia was retiring to her room for the night. “Welcome, Luna.” the white Alicorn sighed just as she wearily collapsed onto a plush pile of cushions, allowing her tired bones to rest. “As you can see,” The navy blue Alicorn reported, as she hopped down from the golden banister that she had been perched upon. “The moon has been raised and thus now begins my patrol of the Everfree forest. I will patrol the dreamscape after I ascertain that the forest borders are secure.” As she stepped to Celestia, she offered her a tender nuzzle. “Sleep, my sister. May your dreams allow you a reprieve from the day’s anxieties.” Celestia returned the affectionate gesture, offering an additional whinny of reassurance to keep Luna from worrying too much. “Before you leave,” she spoke, just as Luna turned to depart back out from her balcony. “That little one who you invited to sleep in the castle…..are you certain that she is the one?” Luna nodded. “Make no mistake, sister. That filly is strong, though she is only beginning to come into her powers. Whatever threat may befall our lands, she will assist in protecting them. I’m certain of it.” Her wings flared out to either side and she leapt into the cool night air. “Just as I do not doubt that your guest will look out for her.” Saying nothing more, she took off into the sky, leaving Celestia to re-evaluate and reinforce her trust in her planning. – – – – – Funshine Bear fidgeted as he walked through an unfamiliar landscape of smoky tendrils of shadow. A chill ran through the air. There were no warm, fluffy clouds of his Care-a-Lot home, no cheerfully singing birds or joyful voices of his Care Bear family or Cousins, just a deep, dark sense of loneliness within the dreadful landscape. “Hello?” he dared to call out, though he suspected that he was truly alone. “Is anyone out there?” As he trudged through the desolate wasteland, his footsteps appeared to grow heavy, as if he was walking through water. A hazy image, a tower of some sort, he realized, could be spotted in the distance. Just as he considered taking another step toward it, however, a familiar voice, like that of the coldest shadows, slithered in his ears. “It is nearly time, and the preparations are underway! Your arrival will be met with terror and darkness the likes of which this world has never seen!” There was no mistaking it! It had to be No Heart! But then, a second voice, unfamiliar to Funshine, issued an amused and confident chuckle. “I do not doubt it, heartless one. Just make sure that everything proceeds as planned, without any interference. Or else.” The bear’s fur stood on end, and his heartbeat quickened as he overheard these nefarious plans. It was clear to him that the gravity of the situation had suddenly become far more dire! No Heart wasn’t working alone! What was worse, Funshine decided, was that he had no idea what horrible villains were capable of in this world of magical little ponies! Even so, he had been summoned here to help them. He had given his word to Princess Celestia that he would aid in protecting the lives and virtues of her subjects! Whoever No Heart was scheming with, there was no doubt that both of them had to be stopped! It was then the ground shook and split open, throwing Funshine into a freefall to the deepest pits of the ears. “Nooooooo!” he cried out, his paws fumbling to grab hold of something, anything, that would halt his descent. Desperately clawing the air, he awakened, wide-eyed and gasping for air. His lungs burned and his heart raced. “Ooooh.” coming to a realization where he was, in the safety of a room in Canterlot castle, he allowed his head to sink heavily into his paws. “What a horrible dream.” An unfamiliar tightness around his tummy made him peek through his paws at the young filly cuddled up close and sharing his bed with him. Last he checked, he had gone to bed alone, though…..he didn’t necessarily mind her company, tonight. “Are you ok, Funshine?” a small, sleepy voice asked him, though partially muffled by the fur of his tummy. “Did you have a bad dream? You were yelling…..” “Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t mean to wake you, Star Dreams. Let’s go back to bed, ok?” Not wanting to worry her even further, he said nothing more. A yellow paw lightly combed back her tri-colored mane before Funshine willed himself to lie back down and think of things more pleasant than impending doom upon this world. “Funshine Bear, sir!” a Royal guard pony commanded attention as he thrust the door to the shared bedroom open with a hoof. “Princess Celestia has requested your presence in the western wing of the castle, immediately! Her Highness wishes to discuss your duties for the day over breakfast, and her schedule cannot be hindered!” Without waiting, he advanced to the bed, levitating the sheets off of the still snoozing bear. “Hup, hup!” “Wh-wha-?” Funshine groaned, wincing automatically, though no harsh light had even begin to shine through the window. The sun had just barely risen over the horizon! He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and inched out of bed, noticing that Star Dreams was just beginning to rouse from sleep also. “Alright, I’m up. I’m up.” he moaned, as the burly stallion pushed him toward the door. He combed down his fur the best he could with his paws as he tried to keep pace with the guard. “Mr Bear, you are precisely three minutes and forty-two seconds late for your arranged meeting with Princess Celestia.” An aged unicorn who worked as her royal scheduling adviser scolded the bright yellow fuzzball no sooner had he entered the room where the Princess was just finishing a healthy breakfast and demurely wiping her muzzle with a napkin. “Funshine, good morning!” The Princess chirped merrily. “I trust that you slept well?” The tardy and uncertain ursidae tried his best to hide a frown from his own muzzle, hoping to push the frightening dream that he had from his mind. “I suppose that I don’t sleep well in unfamiliar places….’” he trailed off, deliberately dancing around the subject. “Oh. I’m terribly sorry.” Celestia apologized. “Well in any case, I hope that you find your day to be more enjoyable. There’s a lot to get done before the Summer Sun Celebration gets underway, here in Canterlot. Perhaps you can assist a special guest that I booked for the event? She’s situated in a suite within the east wing. My guards can take you there.” she decided. Funshine bowed. “It would be my honor, Princess.” “Very well, then I shall see you at the day’s end.” – – – – – – Funshine Bear soon found himself standing in front of a medium-sized door that led to the reserved room of a pony by the name of “The Great and Powerful Trixie”, from what he gathered from the guard that led him there. “Here goes nothing.” he sighed as he knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked once more, louder this time, and pressed an ear to the door. There was no doubt about it, he could hear her talking to someone from inside. “Come In!” Funshine heard Trixie say, at long last, and entered the room. However, there wasn’t a pony at the door to greet him. Muzzle scrunched slightly in confusion, he wandered about until he came across the bathroom, finding the door had been left open. “Uhm…I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Funshine murmured as he peeked in, only to find a sky blue made soaking in a luxurious bubble back, and talking to….herself? “Coming soon, to your back alley little town….The Great and Powerful Trrrrrrixie’s Incredible Equestria Tour!” the boisterous pony bellowed as she fawned over her reflection in the large mirrors surrounding the bathtub. “Excuse me, Trixie?” Funshine cleared his throat. Startled, the stage performer shrieked and splashed about in the sudsy water. “Guards! Guards! There’s an intruder in the Great and powerful Tricie’s room!” Funshine held out his paws. “No, I’m not! You said ‘come in’!” he insisted. “I said ‘coming’!” the pastel pony bickered. “And I wasn’t talking to you, I was rehearsing my lines for my stage show! And just who are you, anyway?” she hissed, climbing out of the tub and grabbing a towel to wrap around her. The bear averted his gaze, allowing the pony her privacy while she dried off. “I’m Funshine Bear, from Care-a-Lot. Princess Celestia sent me to assist you in setting up for your show for the Summer Sun Celebration.” “I see.” Trixie hummed. “The great and Powerful Trixie does have a lot to accomplish before then. There’s a new act that the Great and Powerful Trixie has been wanting to perform, but I’ll need a few items to make it work.” she decided. A moment later, she adorned herself in a purple cape and a tall, pointed magician’s hat. “Come on, assistant!” “Maybe you can tell me what we’re doing?” Funshine wondered as he followed Trixie to the Canterlot castle Library. Trixie grinned, a mischievous spark lighting up in her eyes. “Alchemy. It’s a lost art that was rumored to have been practiced in the days before Equestria was ever founded. Rumor has it, it was far more spectacular and powerful than the magic that is practiced today! And seeing as how the Great and Powerful Trixie needs only the very best for The great and Powerful Trixie’s show for the Summer Sun Celebration, we have to find these artifacts!” she explained while she waltzed through the library’s door, pausing to flash her guest I.D. to the librarian and two on duty unicorn guards. “That sounds dangerous.” Funshine fretted. “There is no trick too dangerous for the Great and Powerful Trixie to perform and come out unscathed!” the blue braggart bellowed, only to elicit a round of strained shushes from the librarian. “Oops. Sorry.” she squeaked, tiptoeing to the ‘restricted’ shelves. A heavy, leather back book was grabbed with her magical aura, and flipped open. “Here it is.” she smiled. “The first item we need to find is the Solstice Necklace. Given its name, I’d assume that this would be in the possession of Princess Celestia.” “You mean, we’re going to steal it?” Funshine frowned. “I don’t think I like this idea very much.” “Not stealing,” Trixie huffed. “Borrowing! And of course we’re going to ask her for it, and give it back by the end of the Festival. There’s no way that The Great and Powerful Trixie is ending up imprisoned in some dark and dirty dungeon for stealing from Equestrian royalty!” Funshine Bear suppressed a sigh. This pony, he soon realized, had quite the personality! Though the day had just barely begun, he could already suspect that it was going to be a long one. Though neither of them were privy to Princess Celestia’s schedule that day, they made their way through the complex maze of castle corridors in attempt to find a pathway that led to what Trixie believed would be the royal quarters of the alabaster Alicorn. Perhaps, she figured, that rather than wearing the necklace out in public, Celestia would have it kept in her room until it came time to wear it for a special occasion, such as the Summer Sun Celebration. Funshine studied the self-proclaimed ‘great and powerful’ magician, beginning to wonder what this pony was truly capable of. “You know,” he hummed, hoping to break the monotony of silence between them as they pressed forward. “I’ve been meaning to ask you…..do you have any idea where you’re going?” Trixie froze, then turned to look at him in disbelief. How dare he! How dare he imply that she had no sense of direction, to have been leading them in circles! Her muzzle began to take on a shade of rose pink beneath her blue fur, and she stomped a hoof down on the carpeted floors. “The Great and Powerful Trixie is beside herself with indignation! You, a lowly assistant, dare to insult Trixie’s intelligence by having the audacity to imply-” Funshine held up a paw, before she began a ‘great and powerful’ grand speech that would’ve kept them rooted in the spot for at least another hour. ‘It’s just,” he pointed out. “We’ve passed that same flower vase up ahead twice now.” Walking toward it, he waved a paw at the miniature golden Belly Badge symbol that he had marked the vase’s stand with. Trixie’s face turned even redder than before, before she lifted her muzzle in the air to maintain her elaborate facade. “O-of course, the Great and Powerful Trixie would familiarize herself with the area by ensuring the same path be traveled thrice! Forward, assistant!” Thus, after many wrong turns, and retreaded corridors, they finally came to what appeared to be the Princess’ private chambers. A lone guard stood stiff as a board beside the closed door, but turned his head the very moment he and Trixie approached. “Halt!” he barked, making them both freeze in their tracks. “No access is permitted to the public or castle guests beyond this point.” ‘So much for that plan.’ Funshine decided. Of course they wouldn’t be allowed to simply waltz in the Princess’ room and window shop for a powerful artifact that would aid Trixie in her silly magician’s tricks! What had she been thinking? Just as he was about to turn around, her hoof stopped him. Curiously, the bear watched as the conceited, yet clever magician began to engage the guard, putting on her best puppy-dog look and pout, while pitching some sad story about how they were lost- which wasn’t entirely a lie- and how Celestia had possibly left an item in her room that had been needed, although Trixie conveniently didn’t go into detail about the matter of who needed it, so that it would appear to the guard that Celestia was the one who had sent Trixie as a courier. Funshine was about to protest, but he hesitated, suddenly unsure if he should. The magician hadn’t necessarily lied, though she did use choice words in a sort of slight-of-hand way. He really wasn’t sure if he should chastise her, or commend her. “Thank you, good sir.” Trixie tipped her oversized hat to the guard as she and Funshine were granted access to the room and began their search for the Solstice Necklace.
      To Be Continued….. COMING SOON! Arc 2- Sleeping Garden.
    • Belgians continue to beat up weak teams (no offence, Tunisia), Mexicans got another victory and Sweden vs Germany is the most dramatic match of Round 2, and maybe of the whole group stage. Now if Sweden beats Mexico and Germany beats Korea, we'll have 6x6x6. This group is the most interesting one so far.
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