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      The final season is among us. This forum is for any topics that could be considered spoilers or speculation for Season 9 due to the leaks. TITLES CANNOT HAVE SPOILERS

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      New ponies should introduce themselves here!

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      What will happen in the next episode? What adventures await the Elements of Harmony? This is where we talk Friendship is Magic 'til the ponies come home.

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      Celebrate special events created for the MLPF community. Characters, holidays, and random shenanigans abound! 

    2. BronyCon 2019

      Planning, lodging, hype, and some secret events for attendees and those who can't attend.

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      A friendly, pleasant and peaceful place where we all share stories, tell tales, and all around have a fun time.

    2. 330201
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      The newest addition to Poniverse! Canterlot Avenue is the social media and roleplaying site. Mind the dust, and wear your hardhat, as it's still squeaky new in there.

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      Friday Mare-a-Thons are a weekly event as old as the site itself! Grab a cider and chat with your fellow members while watching movies, videos, and ponies.
      Streaming here: https://equestria.tv/

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      Know someone feeling down and needing some cheer? Are you an artist wanting to do good with their art? Drop by the Gallery of Goodwill and lend you support!

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    1. Everfree Northwest

      Everfree Northwest is an annual convention for fans of MLP. Located in Seattle, WA, it's a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly event created by fans for fans of all ages.

    2. BABSCon

      BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular located in Burlingame, CA, is a nonprofit organization established to promote the arts and culture surrounding the television show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    3. Project SEAPonyCon

      Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia's most anticipated pony convention and the first pony convention in Asia to feature a VA in person!

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      Older defunct conventions and their associated topics will be found here



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    • @Blitz Boom “They say that, or ‘no problem.’ Ponies still sometimes confuse me but a lot about how they talk and act with each other, I learned from watching them. And I’m sure Discord’s magic is still the same. He probably doesn’t use it the way you remember but if you asked him, maybe he can show you. Discord wouldn't be weaker because someone told him to change his ways. He knows he is strong. With his kind of magic, I don't think anyone will disagree." Suppose it is the same with anyone, changing for better or worse. They’re the same and yet they are different. Much as Sen would like to explain further, it might give Omen a headache trying to wrap her mind around the concept. Redemption or otherwise, this would be quite a topic to broach but it may be better to bring it up another time.  Meanwhile, Lin observed what Shrimp did when presented with the box. At the moment, he seemed to have the right idea, putting one berry in and… look at her. It was a step in the right direction and maybe he needed some positive reinforcement. “You’ve got it, Shrimp,” Lin cheerfully said, picking up one berry and putting it in the box. “One at a time.” The longma picked up a few more berries and waited to see what Shrimp would do. Of course, this would likely end up with them taking turns putting one berry in the box after another. Not the most time consuming thing in the world but hopefully it might help the refraction learn about cleaning up and knowing it is alright to approach her, Sen, or Omen for help. 
    • There is no question in that industry went fully Icarus way. Normally I would even laugh about it, because this is level of stupid that can be rarely seen in business world.  And it is correct, industry is begging quite hard to get wrecked even more. It is mind blowing that everyone lashes out on it and all it says is "oh, we disagree with all the excessive research, because we disagree". It gets on my nerves a lot, because at this point they just point a Fat Man from Fallout franchise towards their heads and pull the trigger til they run out of mini nukes.  But industry is merely a "victim" (or more like a criminal facing justice). It is gamers, who have deciding voice here - they are, who government listened to the most, disregarding industry almost right away as dishonest and secretive. It is we, who have the real influence on how deeply will government try to go. In many ways we are even regulating loot boxes now as information delivered by players heavily affects the investigation. Industry, for once has limited significance.   Industry made itself a laughing stock. It has no room to negotiate and burned every bridge they possibly could with inconsistent lies and poor rebranding attempts. Now it is our task to ensure their mistakes will not cost us too much. With current attitude there's a risk that eventually it may. And when that happened it will be our fault as we made politcians too comfortable in our own, little world. 
    • @Etched Daydream "That's a good choice for calling them lazy sausages. Usually, we'd call them lazy bums because we were being random." Dynamo chuckled as he chose Luigi in the player select menu. "I have no doubt about that. That shows how much the two truly care about us." He looked to Orange as they had reached the world map. "I sure do. I could never forget the times we used to have a sleepover at one another's house." He held back another chuckled, but nodded in agreement. "Eeyup. Sometimes, we had to throw the blanket over our faces because Chocolate kept licking out face. Either that, or Milkshake wanted to bit our mane's for no reason whatsoever. Unless that was a way of telling us she needed something. I always remember waking up with your arms around me with a blanket being placed over us. Only to find out that your parents or my parents put a blanket over us to make sure we didn't catch a cold. Those days were the best back in the day."
    • Yes, and the game industry is also egging the government on. I mean, if I was doing something I knew I was not supposed to and got caught (like they did), I would try to comply with everything the government says so as to avoid getting in an even bigger trouble. Except that the industry is not doing that, they keep adding the loot boxes and making them even more obviously gambling. Reminds me of how ICANN had problems with the EU and the GDPR. It was so funny to read about it. In the end they had to comply with the regulation just like everybody else. Or like Icarus seeing that his wings are starting to melt decides to fly even closer to the sun.
    • I can't sleep but I wanna