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  1. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) Riiiight... The machine seemed to be threatening her again. If she had boots, she were sure she'd shake in them, though she were more irritated that it seemed like the whole thig took about half her time. Barely left her enough to think about what this might be. As she got to the safe, it sure weren't the bandages, though what in the world then... Hmmm, the part that would kill her... Well, she had a gun. Might be the bullets? Sure you could beat someone to death with that thing, but it'd probably do more harm if it were loaded. Might be the last piece? Though where in the world were she gonna find bullets for this thing? If she had a microphone option, she'd use it, to both say, and ask something. "Cabinet Mare broke down again, I'm here to fix it after you close. Just getting something upstairs first." If she couldn't, she'd just move away, and go up to look in the trash cans she were at before. Might be the piece were in there, actually? She'd have a few minutes to work with there, and it were the best shot she had, in the small amount of time she also had. (Troy) "I were t-thinking we would all try and have a n-nice sandwich. You can c-customize that with the things you l-like in it, so it's a g-good dish for you to try more v-varied things. It's also on a Trojan s-sweet bread, so you can t-try other variants than the magic one y-you've been talking about." If Vale had cut a piece of the large loaf yet - which she hopefully should have - Void would take a piece, and cut it it up into small cubes, before handing it down to Elef, and encouraging him to share it with the others, so they could try this. It weren't candy-like, but there were a certain undertone of sweetness to the bread, that made it more pleasant for especially young beings. It were also likely more fluffy than the stuff they were used to, since that apparently were used with sour dough, and that stuff could be a bit dense in it. She'd cut as fast and safe as she could, but it'd be about ten more minutes, before she'd be able to get the bowls of varied fruits, greens, and such to the table, a little by little. Vale would hopefully bring the board with the bread she had been supposed to cut, though if the cutting were an issue for her, Void would take over and do that too. Once everything were set up, Void would point between the varied bowls, and tell them what were in it. Which currently were a common Trojan salad, tomatoes, some crushed hazelnuts - never hurt with a bit of crunch - sun dried tomatoes with a bit of heat to them, some chopped up, skinned cacti slices, some hay, and a few other things, that were found locally. It'd all in all, work for a wide arrangement of tastes. There were of course also some butter and mayo, along with a small amount of Trojan Critter Butter. She'd like to say the name was misleading, but it really wasn't. It included some small insect parts that you could feel crunch, though it were safe for ponies in these small amounts, and gave off a surprisingly good taste. If you liked a little more spicy butter. Legends told that in ages past, when chili and the like were scarce and hard to come by, some inventive folks figured out a way to incorporate some smaller bugs, who had a natural spiciness, to goat milk and varied desert spices, to make the first variant. Which had been horrible. It would take some years more according to the stories, before it'd be perfected to what they now just bluntly called what it were. Though some places who wanted to be more fancy instead tried to rename it as Desert Heat Butter. It didn't really catch on in most places though. "O-Okay then, that should be it. Any q-questions? If not, then p-please, feel free to start t-tasting, and then b-build a sandwich."
  2. @Illiad Easle Nah, I'm not stressed on this. I know you're like, 95% not gonna let her actually win the darn thing. I'm just waiting to see how much you're pulling her leg on this. So far, rather intriguing. Also, I know it's a short one, but it felt like a setup post, so not much I could think of there. And the Void part, it seemed as if Vale were making a statement, which did not need to be answered. Hence why I moved to the part with feeding the foals. Ah, and added some ambiguity to what goes on the plates, to allow you to make up some things yourself, if you so please.
  3. @Windy Breeze "That's good, though I'd like to know perhaps what you're doing here at least? You know poltergeists are too dangerous for you. What wouldn't Grim say if he knew you had been sent here?" "I weren't sent, and I didn't think it was too bad. It just sounded like a lost soul, who had gotten a little towards being a poltergeist. I didn't think it was an entire city area taken over, and when I did, I were already there, and I felt sorry for her. I figured we'd just look, and see if it could be done. And then later when I knew we were in over our heads, we couldn't escape anymore. We had to try and confront her. Windy and I were gonna take a ferry to somewhere at first, to help a town that might have a lot of spirits. Things just sort of... Derailed. I promise uncle, I would've sent word home instead, if I knew how bad it were. And you know grandma. Do you think she'd ever send me, if she heard about this?" "*sigh* No, you're right. She would've sent Tomb, or Banshee instead. Or heaven's forbid, try and lure Mourners Puppet to join get here. Ancestors knows she's capable." "Yeah, of creeping everypony out in a five mile radius, and be a general hazard to the entire area. I'm not sure there'd be any survivors coming out of that part of town, if she were involved. And I don't want to know what she'd do to the spirits..." They both seemed nervous when the talk came up about that one again. A name which Windy would have heard Sorrow speak of before, when they were flying to Fillydelphia. She hadn't been overly enthusiastic and filled with joy back then either, and it seemed to be a more general feeling towards this pony, than just coming from her. "Well, in any case, it is good you got through it. Both of you, that is. And if you must go and take care of things, I must at least insist that you get some rest first, and figure out if you feel ready tomorrow. I still have four hours of work left, but when it is-" While talking, he'd scribble something down on a piece of paper, which he then gave to Sorrow. "- please come to this address. You can share the guest room until tomorrow, and I can keep a more personal eye on you, in case your conditions worsen. I hope that won't be a problem? It just seems like you have had a long day, and are not in any condition to move out like this." The question were mostly to Windy, as he knew that Sorrow were going to agree, and as such, he'd ask it whilst looking at her. It likely felt a little... Intrusive and weird, but he had only the best of intents with this. ============================================================================= @EQ_Theta "Every race have something special about them. Some are more subtle than others, yet all have their uses in their own way, and are usually related to their natural environment, How their species had to evolve, to function at their best. Thestrals for example, have evolved to have great night sight, and varied degrees of sonar. From what I can gather thus far, I would say that the longma have certain properties that are well defined with you as well. Though I need more time to say what they are for sure. You two on your own, does not show enough for me to get a general idea of your species as a whole. Though surely, you yourself have bitten notice in something special or unique about your kind? It might seem normal and minute, but ponder it, and see if you can't think of something, you have not seen others do yet. I can answer if it is wide spread then. Just keep in mind, that it does not have to be flashy, like it is with the changelings and kitsune. It may be a little less obvious than that." "Very well then. Omen, might I please ask for some of the bits you had? You have my word, that one day when I am able, I will repay you my share of what have happened today." Omen would cough out about thirty bits, all stacked along her tongue neatly, as Rosa started to collect them. A few onlookers gave them a few funny glances, but nothing new there. This were a rather weird thing to behold after all. "It does not matter. I do not use them for anything." "Maybe not now, but in time you might have something you wish to use some money on." "I want to use them on my friends." Oof, that one were harder to respond back to. At least in a way that she could follow him up on, as she did have a rather solid argument in the fact that it were her bits, and she were allowed to spend them as she saw fit. And currently, that want, were to spend them here at the festival, with those she cared about. It were rather sweet actually. So he'd concede, and bow his head in defeat, whilst thanking her once more for the bits. Though he'd still endeavor to one day be able to repay her. It were a matter of honor. "Let us go then Sen, and try the real weaponry first. We can finish on the game to try and earn some plushies at the end, and see how well things have gone until then. It seems the throwing knives are free now, so let us start there. Please try to not be demoralized. I am not well trained with a bow and arrow, so that could well be where you defeat me." Approaching the stand, the one at the counter would turn around, and wander up to greet them, welcoming them to Fizzy Rodent and Rot Blossom's entertainment corner. After that - and him getting paid of course - he'd give them a standard rundown of the safety rules, have them sign a waiver, and then lead them towards the first attraction on their list. That being the throwing knives. "Do you need some instructions on how to throw them properly?" His voice were a little squeaky, but it were hard to judge him, with how happy and jovial he seemed. It were frankly almost infectious. Like a less intense version of Pinkie Pie, in a sense. In response to his questions, Rosa would wander over, grab hold of one of the knives on the table, and give it a small throw up into the air. It made a swirl, before he grabbed it by the handle, and threw it right at the board, hung on the wall at the end. There were a target with varied colors in the circles, where the more points were given, the further in you got. Rosa would hit it in the middle. "I'm sure I can explain it to him well enough." "...Okay. Good luck." He'd say this primarily to Sen, as he left them in the room, and went in next area, to see how the archery were going. The current hall were theirs for six minutes, before they could head on to the next one. They had gotten a good price for a full run of all five, so there were bits to spare afterwards. "Give it a shot Sen. And don't try the swirl, or you might stab your hand by accident. I am a trained professional." The throwing knives were rather light, and were made pure of metal. Sen might want to hold and juggle it a bit in his hand to get used to it, before giving it a go. He had six minutes to work with, so there were time. Omen and Lin would stick outside then, waiting for them, and as they would be gone for upwards of thirty minutes, it might be worthwhile for them to try and do something themselves for a bit. Lin would have to take charge though. Omen were used to just staying and waiting for things, even for years on end. She wouldn't really get bored doing so, and could easily just stand still, and look. "I wonder who will win."
  4. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) Yeah, like she were falling for That one. Last time she had tried that, she had found out she were being pulled by her leg. Quite brazenly even. She weren't going anywhere, except towards the next piece of this puzzle. Though at least this one had been fairly easy to get hold off. Hadn't taken more than a few trash cans. It seemed the objective one were off its meds though, as there now appeared to be two separate ones, each on their last step. Frankly she trusted neither of them, and assumed it were just to mess with her again, so she went straight towards the workshop to see if whoever the weird *NPC* in there really were, couldn't just point her in the next direction. Even if she didn't trust her, and suspected it'd feel somewhat nice, if she just ended up kicking her for all of this playing around eventually. She almost got there, when this weird timer got active, and she now actually had a deadline, for when things would move on. 15 minutes, and she had to find the final piece? Piece of what? Her patience that hadn't been tried yet?! Just... Just ask the workshop mare, and see if she were possible to wrangle anything out of. Stay calm. Just staaaaay calm. It were just a game. No need to get massively riled up. Even if it felt good, and like it were something worth doing. So she'd go to the fourth wall breaker, and ask in about this. And if she wouldn't get an answer, she'd start wandering to the casino, and trying to figure out what exactly she were supposed to get. The bandages from the safe, maybe? Were those perhaps possible to pick up now? (Troy) "It's not t-that. It's just... He's very d-direct, and that mortified me b-back then. It's getting better these d-days, so I'm sure it won't b-be that bad, and N-Null probably won't b-be home to kick him i-into a wall again. Besides, it's b-been over three y-years. I'm sure he's m-married by now, so he won't h-hit on me. I'm mostly just s-shocked, because I d-didn't think he were alive. A little h-happy too, as he seemed like h-he were a well m-meaning stallion, and very r-resourceful, so he'd be u-useful for somepony o-out there. But I'm a-also a little terrified. Not b-because of him. He t-tinkered with stuff, and a-apparently liked making small r-robots and gadgets, but he s-seemed mostly like he d-didn't want to do evil. I'm worried b-because of the link between h-him and me. Uhm, the m-messenger I mean. Who a-are they? How l-long have they been f-following me? Do they k-know about the foals? And if t-they do, what is t-their intentions? That is m-more what worries me, and it's m-making me a bit u-uneasy. I think m-maybe not a dragon c-commando or something l-like that. Perhaps just a s-spy, or other sort of s-stalker? If this one h-have been following me w-without being seen, they m-must know hot to k-keep hidden too. I t-think it will t-take another one l-like that, to catch them. Also, the f-foals might get scared if there's t-too many stationed a-around here, and it will d-draw suspicion by the l-locals. Probably w-wouldn't hurt with a few g-guards though. Long as t-they are low brow. And I m-might need to start taking my h-hammer around with me. J-Just in case." It also felt a little eerie, as she had been thinking about him a few times the last week or so, in context to other things. She weren't sure why though, and now suddenly, she got a message, indicating he'd be around within a few days, soon as he were done with some sort of project? It seemed weird. Though most of her turmoil, still came from the unknown entity in all of this. She didn't like those sorts, and especially not when the foals were involved. Who knew what might happen to them, if this being were of bad intentions? So far, all she knew of them, were that they had delivered a letter, and hadn't been seen. At least not by her. At least the foals provided a welcome distraction, even if they also represented the very thing she were worried about the most. Poor things had been through enough, without getting into potential danger again, from some unseen, outside force. And now one had entered the picture, seemingly because of her. She needed to sort this out, at the latest when Molotov showed up, but hopefully before, if there were someone that could help track down, whoever had seemingly been stalking her. "Be c-careful, okay? The knives are very s-sharp, and I don't want to accidentally d-drop one near you. We'll be done very s-soon, and then you can try some s-sandwiches." She'd safely put down the knife, and ruffle a few heads before returning to chopping and dicing. At least the nuts and so were already sorted when she bought them, so she'd save time with those. Still a good deal of salad and stuff to cut though, but she were an efficient cook. Just a bit slower now than usual, as she preferred not accidentally chopping into herself, when her mind were not focused. One false leg were plenty enough for her, thank you very much.
  5. @Illiad Easle I am noting you seemingly being able to drag this on. Combined with Null being rather stubborn, she's likely in for the long haul. As for the cannon, nothing I have planned, should work against your established cannon. Things relating to it have been brought up and discussed before, and did not flag issues. Not ones that weren't resolved at least, as I don't remember having to retcon things, but we'll see when things move along. I have prepared several arguments for things already, to hopefully make it fit. If not, I'm flexible. I'll change what's needed to make it flow.
  6. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) Okay, now the game were definitely just in full on troll mode. It didn't even care to hide anymore, to a point where it were flat out admitting that she were getting her chain yanked, and that the game weren't supposed to be won. Though it were so *kind* as to tell her that the necklace were unlucky. Which likely meant cursed. Which were frankly not something she were overly bothered about right now, since she were either gonna lose this game anyway, or the curse would do diddly squat against her. Wasn't her first curse, and it certainly wouldn't be the last, so this bundle of bolts could bite her. She weren't saying more to the mare, before leaving and starting to look around for her next thing in a long line of likely irritating side gimmicks, until she ended up giving up, and wandering away. She'd thank the staff member, then be on her way to head back to the front desk. Though as she did, she'd impact one of the trash cans and bite notice in the fact that she seemed to be able to search it. Which made her stop up, and curse a little under her breath. Considering what had been said earlier, it didn't seem too unlikely that someone might have had a misfortune fall upon them, from having the necklace, and then tossed it. Doubly so considering she were supposed to check the lost and found. So with some irritation, she'd start to press to search the trash cans as she passed them, though if a given direction seemed to have empty cans, she'd walk to other route. Since that way would obviously had the trash emptied already, and she didn't want to waste her time too much on this. (Troy) "Yeah, I think t-they'll be fine. Whoever d-delivered this, were p-probably tracking me to deliver t-the letter. It's uhm... Not The G-Grey though, or a-anyone local. It's..." Void would take a few deep breaths, and close her eyes, to try and get herself under control. She were in a bit of an emotional turmoil right now, and weren't sure what to do with herself, after the letter she had received. It were making her both act and feel rather fidgety, and she needed to moment to try and gather herself a little. Good thing this hadn't been before Troy. With the sort of thing going on right now, she'd pretty much be a wreck for a while right now, rather than at least being able to perform some tasks. Which were good, as there were food to prepare. "...Could you p-please help me with making their l-lunch? I'll try and e-explain as best I can." She'd scurry over to the kitchen table, which seemed to be far enough out of ear reach, if they just kept their voices a little low. When she got there, she'd pull out some things from the boxes, starting with a loaf of locally made sweet bread, a salad head, some tomatoes, etc. It seemed like they were making some sandwiches. Maybe not with the healthiest of breads, but seeing as they only knew the sour one, it were about time they tried some other variants. Trojan Sweet Bread were a good, albeit not exactly majorly healthy alternative. But they were allowed to try the other end of the spectrum, right? In any case, the veggies needed to be cut, as well as the long loaf of bread. That task she'd give to Vale, as she were given a bread knife and some space on the chopping board, while Void started to work on the salad head with her own knife. Still a fair bit of things to chop up and separate around, so the small ones could taste them, and afterwards put together a sandwich from the options that they'd like. "So uhm... I d-don't know how to start this... I g-guess by telling you who sent it, r-right? His name is M-Molotov Boom. I met him a f-few times in Equestria. First in P-Ponyville, then later in M-Manehattan. He's very u-uhm... Direct, I g-guess? Null and him d-didn't get along too m-much, since he hit on me t-the few times we did meet. Null's v-very protective, so she d-din't take kindly to it. A-Anyway, he apparently l-learned I was here, and sent a m-message to say that he'd c-come visit in a f-few days. It were a b-bit more w-wordy than that, but the fluff isn't t-that important. He's a t-tinkerer. They tend to r-ramble, you know?" Tinkerer, engineer, inventor- Call it what you wanted, it were still someone working with metal and technology, on varied scales. She just figured tinkerer fitted better when it weren't someone making houses and the likes, even if she were somewhat sure he had presented himself as being an engineer. It hadn't been many meetings they had, but he had certainly been able to make enough of an impression to linger in her mind, that much were certain. She still weren't sure if it was in a good or bad way though. He were pretty weird. "I don't r-really know much more t-than that. I don't k-know who got the letter here, w-where he heard about me f-from, or even how h-he's still alive. I think he w-wants to talk about it when he s-shows up in person, m-maybe? Though uhm... T-There were one more t-thing in the letter, but I d-don't understand any of i-it. It's s-some sort of s-schematic. I'm thinking t-that maybe later, when t-there's time, you and P-Pen could look at it? You k-know a lot m-more about machines t-than I do." It actually felt a little better now that she had gotten it out, but there were again, still a lot of uncertainty, and questions. The middle link between Molotov and herself for example. Who were they, and what motives did they have? Were they still looking? Because if so, the foals could be in danger, and that were not going to help her calm down later. At least it wasn't The Grey, but still... It were rough dealing with unknown entities, as you had no idea what their end game were. And those who were good at sneaking around, were usually some variation of trouble.
  7. @Windy Breeze "Nnngh... T-This is my uncle." Sorrow were still wincing, and not able to speak freely just yet, so the doctor would have to take over, to get it from further than that. "Please don't try and talk until you're ready for it. In any case, my name is Asphyxia. I'm her uncle on her father's side. And I'm sorry for the unprofessional display before. I haven't seen her in a while, and I didn't expect it to be her of all ponies, when Dr. Pin asked me to come set a dislocated wing. As for the nickname... Well, Asphyxia is a hard word for a young foal, so Sorrow were told what the meaning of it were, and she clutched on to it from the aspect of drowning. It just kind of stuck afterwards" "This were an unexpected turn of events, but it's good that your relative weren't in a worse condition then." "I agree. And I think I know what happened in the other end of town now. If you're here, it must mean there were a ghost, yes? Have he or she been... Dealt with?" "Ghosts? Surely you jest?" "I've been very upfront about my families legacy, Dr. Pin. And when one of the mares of said family is found in an area so far from home, that is more often than not, the reason they are there. I am not terribly surprised though, in hindsight. The way the town were looking from the outside, it fits with a poltergeist." "It's true. I didn't think it would be such a strong one though." Sorrow would wince a little more, but she'd be ready to tell the story after that. From the looks of things, Dr. Pin were skeptical, whereas Asphyxia nodded along, as if he were considering the facts as factual. Though as it were over, Dr. Pin would still excuse herself, and leave the room. "That was unexpected. I know she's not a believer, but... Ah, it matters not. I can still report this to the guards. Boy is this going to be quite the thing. As were your adventure it seems. You were lucky you made it out of this alive. It's a shame I can't say the same thing about Autumn and Razor though." "Did you know them?" "Not personally. I've been here for years now, but we weren't moving in the same circles. I heard good things about them though. To think this were the fate that befell them... I pity them both. As for you two, I see Dr. Pin already prescribed you some pain relief medication, Miss. Breeze? I'm writing a weaker one down for you too Sorrow, just in case. Your wing is going to hurt for a few hours while it sets fully, so try not to use it in that time, and take the medication if needed. Also, for the love of the ancestors, go home. Speak with Tomb, and make her help you get some combat training. I weren't kidding when I said you got lucky. This could have ended far worse." "I know..." Sorrow looked away a little, as Asphyxia let out a sigh. "Let's just be thankful it went well this time. Might I ask then, what you're going to do now? I can give this report to the guards myself, so you don't need to give this any further thought. With all due respect, I think they'd take my word on this more to heart. They don't know either of you after all. Even if you are a Wonderbolt, Miss Breeze." ============================================================================= @EQ_Theta "Equestria is a relative paradise. It is not however, a utopia. There are problems in this country, ranging from laws, some systemic issues with tradition, those who want to abolish the monarchy, monsters, and so forth. A utopia it is not, as it is not a harmonious, perfect country. However, compared to many other places problems, Equestria are among the better there is to find, if you look at it objectively. The country does have a good system mostly, that for the most part, helps those fallen on tough times, and works diligently to reform and rehabilitate criminals, rather than continued incarceration, which tends to just lead to more trouble. It is also a resource rich country with strong magical leylines, highly fertile soil, and a strategic position to other important countries. It makes it an attractive goal for those who wishes to conquer, and as Equestrians are seen as singing, dancing farmers and non-combatants, a fair deal think it will be easy enough to do. As you can tell, they have so far been mistaken. In fairness here though, if I were to mention what I would consider to objectively be the best country one could find, it would be Zebrica. The zebras have a strange, yet complex and robust network, a strong legal system, and have found peaceful ways to deal with what races remains in their country, rather than warring over territory. As a lot are aware that zebras have mysterious, hard to define powers too, and the country has a substantial advantage to those living there, due to their familiarity with the sometimes hard to traverse environment, and knowledge of what plants are dangerous, it is not seen as a good choice for potential invaders. They are odd creatures though, zebras. Which is why I did not suggest that you made contact with them first, even though they too have a great respect for nature. I believed it might paint a bad first impression of outsiders to have their rhyming ways, and tendency to know things they shouldn't, be a starting point. That, and I would rather not the talk went into your shared laws regarding exile. It is a very rare thing for them to impose upon one of their kin, but it is known to happen at times, and I would rather that the longma potentially moved away from that for anyone but high criminals, rather than fall into discussions on what point would be best to do it. A topic that will happen eventually, but I would suggest to not have it, or the zebras, color the impression that the longma will have of ponies." He'd point out in the crowd, to bring their attention to a zebra. A young mare from the looks of things, wearing only three rings around her neck and legs, with her mane braided with some sort of flowering vine. She also had a small satchel to her right, and a scabbard for a knife on the left. The knife had likely been confiscated until the carnival were over, for security reasons. Or she had willingly given it up, or even left it at home, to appear more agreeable to the local guards. He couldn't tell. Rose just wanted a visual representation. "You shouldn't fear them though. They hold great knowledge, and their kind holds some of the foremost alchemists in the world. There may be something positive you could each learn from one another." The mare either ignored them, or didn't pay attention, as she didn't turn towards them, but just kept on looking between the attractions. And there were a good deal to look at too, though for their group in particular, there were two things that would incorporate dart. One were almost a classic board, though with a softer material for the board, as the darts themselves were made with no metal, but dulled, plastic ends instead. The stand didn't have the room for proper security measures, so this were what they were able to work with. On shelves next to the board, were a bevy of minor plushies. The sort that Rosa knew well were sold in bundles for very cheap, but quality control at least ensured it wasn't the sort of thing that'd just fall apart. It were just not high end stuff and were used a lot by these sorts of places as prizes. Even if someone got a lot of hits in, it would at worst make them come even, and this were mostly used by parents that wanted to try and win a small plushie, or dolly, for their foal. Most of those were not that good at it, so these sorts of things did well for themselves. Another nearby, were a larger area, properly chained in, with thick boards walling up around several boards, each separated by at least a meter, and with another, though thinner bundle of wood, separating them. The whole stand were about ten meters in width, and were one of the largest one here, which were likely costly. But the sort of entertainment it could provide, were great for the right audience. Darts with the classic arrows were one of the options, but there were also throwing knives, blow darts, a line for using a large bow and arrow, and at the end, one with a crossbow, with equine friendly settings. Which meant a leg band with an alternative trigger, if need be. The whole place had several signs posting that one had to be an adult to attempt these games, and several security rules too, that had to be followed strictly. The chipper looking, scrawny thestral that at random intervals would go between keeping the front occupied, and ready for new customers, and checking what happened in there, made it somewhat clear that it were kept under close guard. As were the fact that there were a guard there too. A young earth pony mare, wearing seemingly loose chains around her mid section and legs, who seemed to just keep a general eye on the place, and the ones around it. Couldn't risk someone trying to go out and throw darts at the audience or something, after all. One of the reasons why there were a see through, resilient barrier spell behind the entrances too, to ensure that the marked weaponry couldn't pass through. Though no system were perfect, so best to have one keep an eye on things. "Seems like we have a few choices then. How lovely. Would you like for us to start with the more foal friendly darts game first, and potentially win a plushie, or shall we go straight to me trouncing you in the proper deal? Worry not, I can win a plushie to help afterwards, if it is." He were mainly teasing Sen as he said this, for his own amusement. Playing up the *rivalry* a little more, though he'd be the first to admit, that smaller scale weaponry like this were his specialty. Sen's with a spear, were likely greater though, as that weren't the sort of stealthy, or easily concealed weapon that Rosa had much interaction with. "I will get him." Omen took from this, mostly that she were supposed to pick up Shrimp, and went off to do so. She'd be back within a minute, with the refraction, napping on her head. Seemed like he weren't done resting yet, which were likely good too. In hindsight, having him wake up alone were not a good idea. It might make him fear he had been abandoned, and cause him to get quite sad.
  8. @Illiad Easle Trying to see if I can't post more frequently here. I can't guarantee one every day, since some days at work really drains me, but it should still be mostly every day now. Also, advancing my own plot a bit on Troy. You're having fun yanking my chain in New Las Pegasus. So figured I'd have a bit of fun with something I've been toying around with in the thread for a while now.
  9. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) ...How did she just know that this were going to end up biting her in the flank? Likely because this machine were seemingly sentient, and bent on dragging her around by the nose for its own amusement. *sigh* Whatever. She had made it this far. Might as well go right into the maw of the lion, and kick its teeth out. She were pretty sure the saying went somewhat like that. Going over and poking at the machine in game, she'd only get confirmation that she were meant to come back later, so she'd go to the maintenance shop, and see what the deal were there. And boy howdy, were she in for a delightful surprise. And with delightful, she of course meant aggravating, as what she were getting more and more sure of were a trapped spirit, started to change things around, and breaking the fourth wall. Starting with actively changing what were apparently a false objective, with another one that spoke about getting some sort of ruby necklace. Right before going into a spiel about how it were unlucky, and were likely somewhere in the hotel, after being stolen by a member of the staff. This just kept getting better and better, didn't it? "Like blowing smoke up my flank, do ya? Well you ain't deterring me that easily, you mischievous bundle of bolts." Unless she could get more out of poking at the *NPC* in the room, and get more info out of her, Null would move on and try to look for some staff around the place. Finding the owner didn't really matter anymore, since he were less likely to be the one to have stolen the necklace, so he she had to look for likely the cleaning staff. Or some other on the ground worker who'd know where to find them. And judging by things, it were likely she didn't have a lot of time before this joint shut down, so she had to get on with it, so she could be back to do the maintenance, and see what sort of idiocy would come from that. (Troy) Void looked down tenderly, on the two napping infants. They had a fun little playtime, with the energetic little bundles making the time seemingly just fly away, but it had eventually tuckered them out. Up until she had been interrupted then, she would have only shouted out about them needing to eat soon, but would otherwise have done little more than to lay down, and watch them with a big, motherly smile on her face. "They're adorable, aren't they? It's hard to looks away from them like this..." Void trailed on, and carefully ran a hoof down Piecey's mane. "*sigh* But you're right, I have to go get their lunch, so try to keep an eye on them until I'm back." Void would reluctantly rise up, and look over towards the others, being taught by a truly engaged looking Vale. It were honestly rather nice to see her in a good mood, doing something she seemed to really burn for. Perhaps it weren't just here, but in general, that she'd make for an excellent teacher? She might want to consider it at least. She had to think of something to do now that she were not a lab assistant after all. "I don't think we have to worry about their schooling. Vale seems to have a good grip on their attention." She'd move towards the door, and would open up, then stop up in sheer surprise. Hanging from a string, right outside the door, were an envelope. With her name on it, and a seal resembling a few interlocking gears, with a metal wing bending around them on both sides. It were a symbol she had not seen in a long time, and it left her with pause. She didn't know in the five or so seconds she just stared at it, if Pen took notice, but regardless of if she did or not, Void would pick the letter with a shaking hoof, and take it with her as she left. In case Pen did notice, and ask about it, Void would say that this were a personal matter, and would wander off. She might answer more on it later, but for now, she were seemingly needing some time to think. Fortunate that she were going for a walk back to her workshop then, to pick up food for the foals. She'd be back with it in a box about fifteen-twenty minutes later (depended on the distance from her workshop, at walking speed), containing the parts needed for their food. She also seemed to be caught in her own thoughts, which the now opened letter in bandana were likely a culprit in. "H-Hey, sorry for the wait. I uhm... I h-had to read this. Let's make some lunch for e-everypon- I mean, e-everyone, okay? I'm sure everyone is h-hungry."
  10. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) She barely noticed, but she did hear enough to make her think it best to later have a little talk with Arcade, about things to maybe not say. Especially not in a town, run by a monster like The Grey, who thrived off of information. And now the machine in game, seemingly took away all maintenance folks who worked on it? Seemed like an important thing. And right on, the objective got to 5 now... Out of 6. She'd curse some under her breath. Seemed like this machine couldn't even be trusted to keep that number in the corner correct. And here Null had went, and not used cheats, since she assumed this machine liked fair games. Seemed like that were a load of bogus. *sigh* Since she weren't leaving the in game town, and now had no idea what to do, she weren't sure how to proceed here. Maybe she were supposed to see how it worked, when it were taken care of, and then find evidence of some sort that way? She'd see if she could have more interactions with the staff member that held any sort of meaning to it, or the machine in game itself, but if neither worked, she would wander back to the workshop, and see if she could find out something new there, as that seemed an ideal place foe said things to be done, right? Though if not there... Maybe try and find the owner? last she had seen him, he were in the theater. Maybe he were there again, if a new show had started? (Troy) Void would pull a hoof forth, and try to wipe the tears away from Ardee's eyes. "That's what They wanted you to be, but that doesn't mean you Have to. You have the right to chose, and anyone who tells you that you were meant to be something, or that it were your destiny, is wrong. We chose our own fates, Ardee. And you have the same right to do that, as anyone else." Poor thing. So many things on her shoulders, and now that she had some sort of breathing room to think over things, and were told she had freedom to chose for herself, she were confused. She had only been told one thing, and didn't have this sort of freedom before, so Void understood her. It were not easy to deal with this, but hopefully they could all help her to understand, that she were allowed to chose for herself, and that none of them were forced to be heroes. Yet it it kept going, it might get poignant to tell them, that the ones they were cloned from, were bound to return eventually. They weren't dead, and as such, they did not have to fill their shoes. Though it seemed like a lot to lay on them, so she would try and keep this back for now, unless needed. "No. Burial at sea isn't u-usually something that happens as much, but it is known to be a t-tradition for some. Or if not a tradition, then at l-least a want, to have their remains wander to the sea, where it m-may rest in the waves." Granted, they normally were burned first, and their ashes spread, but that did not seem important. And there were still those who had their whole bodies buried at sea like this. Sea captains mostly, but still. Small details like that were not important right now. She were trying to comfort Ardee after all, not make her worry that her friends were left behind in ways that didn't seem proper. She had enough to deal with, without this fear piled on top. The foals and her had a lot of bonding time, but eventually, time did pass on, and much as Void didn't want to stop playing with these adorable little bundles of joy, she did have to raise her voice towards the class. Had to make sure something important were taken care of after all. "Make sure to watch the clock. We wouldn't want the class to be late for their lunch break." She had to go and get something first, as she hadn't expected she'd be here for this long, but someone else had to handle the infants then. No way could she risk taking them with her. Though maybe if Ardee wanted to, and were willing to wear a cover, she could bring her? Might help ease her mind, if she saw the workshop herself, and had an idea of the sort of things she might be working on later on.
  11. @Rising Dusk Magma waved a hoof dismissively. "It's fine. Just one of those things that one does not think about much, until you are presented with a situation where it can be interpreted differently." It weren't ideal, but she could understand how it had gone to that point. It weren't as if somepony like her were a normal thing to witness, nor interact with. Though Flare still seemed to be a little... Well, dense seemed harsh. Oblivious, were a kinder way to put it, and she were sure that normally, he did not have these sorts of issues. It would be hard to argue for his work in an active protective force like the O.M.I. if he were after all, right? Though of course, she barely knew anything of them. They might work as an odd group in some way. Celestia knows that she could mention some dysfunctional teams in Center Zero that defied logic, and somehow worked best together in apparent disharmony. Magma would soon have more pressing things to focus her mind on though. Particularly, Bash getting up from his seat, and showing himself in all his towering might. An impressive sight the closer he got actually. A little intimidating even, though she weren't afraid of him. Frankly, she were just impressed. He seemed so far, to be the most guard-like entity in this station. One of the good ones too, who didn't seem like he'd just attack out of nowhere, unless provoked to do so. Poor fools who ended up on his bad side, even if he did not make use of his alchemy skills, though she would personally fear those more. A kick to the face you knew what were. A mystery concoction thrown at you though, could be all sorts of unpredictable things. "I were attempting to blow bubbles near a candy store, before I were found. It accidentally caused a minor display, and the pavement had a few minor points of melting. I assure you that nopony were even close to getting hurt." She had taken precautions, just in case. Despite her condition, she had not experienced anything that would cause her to accidentally make a severe amount of damage at a range. Intentionally, she had been able to do a few things, which she were sure had usage. Spitting magma balls for example, which were a considerably weird feeling. Having something the size of a golf ball slide up through her throat, until it were ready on her tongue, to be spat away, were not painful. You'd think the pressure in her throat at least would be, but it were more just slightly uncomfortable, and feeling unnatural. It weren't good for whatever object she hit with the ball though. Of course she hadn't tested it on live subjects, as she wasn't a monster in that sense, but varied rocks, scrap metal, wood and so forth she had salvaged were viable test objects, as she explored her limits and new approaches to life. She just had to make sure that she weren't near flammable areas, such as forests, when she did so. She'd prefer not risking a massive forest fire. "Might I perhaps get a little more details on this, please? I don't wish to sound worried about your intentions, but if it somehow withheld the pressure, it is important that I know of it. That way, I could refuse with proper reasons for doing so. How best to explain this... Try to imagine a kettle of water. The boiling air blows out of the kettle when the pressure gets to a certain point therein. Now try and imagine that instead of taking it off the fire, one instead sealed the holes in the kettle, allowing the pressure to not release, but instead just continuously build up. There is no guarantee it works exactly like that with me, but pressure and magma in general, still does not mingle well. It tends to lead to volcanic eruptions if it is allowed to build up, and we would all likely prefer to not have that happen." Her worries properly given, she would begin to wander over as close as she could get, without getting some sort of reaction from Bash, and examine him at work. Seemed like his kind of alchemy were very visual, and went through a myriad of stages, considering how often it changes colors, and gave off minor visuals like the smoke ring. The colors especially were fascinating to her, as it went through several total color changes, instead of mixing to one near the previous one. It lead her to believe that this were not adding to a base, with minor variations through other liquids. This were seemingly more of a strong shift around, which made her believe he were making more of a new mixture entirely. Maybe something custom in nature, rather than a generic thing with a variation to overlay her? It were very hard to tell without her even knowing what he were working with, but she'd still observe with great fascination. "Intriguing... Do you per chance, need a sample for this mixture, to make it more fitting? I have plenty of essence to spare, or flakes of hardened outer shell if need be." She may or may not, also just want to do it, to see how he'd make use of it. She were still a scientist after all, and were curious by nature because of it. ===================================================================== @Rising Dusk "It's a dark place, seething with strong magic, oozing through the soil. Some light, and other schools, but mostly dark magic. And primordial magic too. Not so much Viz'nay's though. Not after what Twisted caused, but there's still vague fragments of her energy here and there. I've smelled it. It's... Weird. I can't really explain what it smells like, but it's really easy to tell when there's the magic of gods involved. No pony can just make that sort of thing themselves... I hope." A mortal with the power of an actual god, without having said magic blessed upon them, or stolen? Now there were a frightening thought. Maybe this sort of thing could happen, if a god were reincarnated into a mortal, but even then, it sounded like a stretch to her. Impossible even. And that were taking every other crazy thing she had seen, into consideration. No to Grave, mortals could only have primordial magic, if they had stolen it, bargained for it, or were being used as a vessel for them. Which tended to not be able to last for long, and would more or less cripple the one that had held their presence. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mortal bodies weren't meant to hold a presence like that after all. They could still gain access to some of their power though, which could be wielded safely. The more knowledgeable and strong you were with magic, the more you could carry, without it beginning to backlash. Twisted had been tempered enough to carry quite a lot, but even he were cautious with how much he used, and did his to ensure it were stored in for example, those gears on his boots. He thought it best to avoid having it mingle with his own magic source, and potentially corrupt him. The cryptic message that Grave were given, occupied her mind some, as they neared their destination. What did that sort of thing mean? Were he magic resistant? Did he know good deflect spells perhaps? They were within eye sight of the door now, so she should be able to see herself very soon, but still. It sounded odd. Before the door unlocked, she'd sniff at the door to try and get some idea of what were within, and blinked confused a few times. A weird smell had wafted out towards her from behind, that didn't make much sense, and she weren't sure if perhaps she were just wrong. She had to be, right? "There's something... But it's so vague, I can't say for sure." It were more that she refused to believe she got it right, as she did have a smell to work from, but it might just be a cross contaminant sort of situation. It were possible, if you dealt with enough high ranking magic after all, and she got a weird mixture coming from in here for sure. As the door opened, and she were presented with the form of Rising, she'd give him this. He didn't look like he were a threat. Pretty innocent and eating some sort of meal even, if she had to judge on looks alone. But that wasn't why she were here, and she stepped nearer, whilst sniffing the air in his direction. Then she'd sneeze, and shake her head violently. "Mighty Suusha, it's so mangled up. A powerful arcane user were there recently. Before that, another strong user, then a slew of Harroish energies, including soul magic.." She needed a few seconds to gather herself again. This were a powerful melting pot of varied energies, and a lot of them smelled like they came from varied strong sources, with each their kind of feelings and intent behind their magic. She needed a second to just kind of sort through them, one by one. "...You were in contact with Twisted. I know that, but a strong soul too. Filled with determination and desperation. He's not taken over. There's not enough of Twisted's energy to corrupt him. It's just residual- As is Suusha, and... Viz'nay? *sniff sniff* Malice from one, gratitude from another..." She took a few steps back from Rising, and looked at him as if he were a dangerous animal, who might jump her at any time, and devour her face. "...I don't understand. How can you have been close to the tyrant, and the gods alike? And why did she bless you? Wha- What kind of pony are you?" Rising might have taken notice, that as his dream were ending, Viz'nay had taken the chance to cast her blessing on him. It wouldn't really do much, in protecting him in any sort of way, as she didn't have that kind of power currently. It just marked him as having gotten a sort of spiritual pat on the back, and best wishes of a pleasant day. She'd gather more magic, and hopefully be able to cast a proper blessing upon his bloodline, if their date went well. ================================================================================ @Windy Breeze The skull would faintly glow again, but it would fall silent again after that, as the spirits returned to speaking with one another instead. "She understands, Windy. But it isn't just you, it's everypony else. And as sad as it is going to be, they have to know the truth, so they can understand what brought this on. Autumn's reputation isn't going to falter for this, long as we explain it. She's a tormented soul, who didn't have the chance at the life she had seen build around her, and went mad with anger. It might take time, but eventually, they will come to understand what went on. Razor's reputation... *sigh* He made his choice, and the consequences of that, will have to be known. I try not to judge him too much, as it seemed he were pressured to some degree, but there were still a choice to make, and he made the wrong one. Though perhaps, his actions will at least bring some closure to others, if there are evidence to be found about the ones who sent him to kill Autumn in the first place. He seems eager to earn his redemption, and I will wish him luck with it. Just have to send word back home, to get somepony better at this than me to help him. This sort of thing could get far more dangerous than this whole situation were, and I were already in over my head here. I'm glad you had my back, Windy." Sorrow would give a tired, yet warm smile to Windy. She'd think a hug were normally in place, but they were both injured, and likely did best by holding off on that for a bit. Practically right after this, the door would open, and the doctor would once again walk in. This time, she were carrying a large ice pack, which she'd come over with to Windy. "Here you go. Let's put some ice on the swelling, to try and ease your pains a little." She'd use her magic to keep it on her back, and hopefully, it should do well in easing up the pain Windy were feeling. There were also somepony else here though. A doctor in his forties, wearing a typical medical jacket, carrying a chart, and a belt of varied medical tools around his waist. He wore small, rectangular glasses, and had a long mane, that were combed back over his back, and stuck there with a collar. A simple white one, with a small array of sugar skulls embedded into it in red. There were also a bright red flower stuck in the unicorns hair, that wobbled slightly as the brown coated pony walked. As for the tail and mane color, ir appeared to be the same as his eyes. Which were a light blue tint. "I also brought somepony to take a look at your wing. This here's my colleague, Dr. -" "Uncle Drowny?" The unicorn looked up from his chart, confused at what he heard, as he locked eyes with Sorrow. A mare who were also mighty confused in the moment. A sentiment that also went to Dr. Pin, as this were not something she had expected. Nor were it that after a few seconds, the two ponies would go into big smiles, and her colleague would wander closer, so the two of them could gather in a big hug. "Sorrow! Of all the places in all of Equestria. It's been a long time." Sorrow would respond with a strained sound of pain, and he'd let go off her right away. "Right, right, sorry. Let me just..." He'd take a good hold in the base of Sorrow's wing, and then yank it back into its socket. Considering the loud, pained sound that came out of Sorrow, it weren't exactly a kind affair. But at least it seemed to work. Her wing weren't slacking as much anymore, even if she weren't folding it in. She were waiting for the wave of pain to soar through her first. "Sorry, sorry, I know it's not feeling good, but it had to be done." "I feel as if I am missing something here. Is this one a relative of yours, Dr. Asphyxia?" The doctor would push his glasses up his nose, and clear his throat. "Yes. My niece, in fact. And I'm guessing you got her here safely then, miss? Thank you for that." He'd say the last to Windy, clearly showing that he had not been given a lot of information on all of this. ================================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus "I don't know about the other things, but with Charir, it seemed like a maternal instinct. You heard the cries of a young dragon, saw he were in peril, and rushed in to save him. Logic doesn't have to be part of that. It's just something that happens. Maybe you are more prepared to taking care of whelps of your own one day, than you've been given yourself credit for?" She would have taken off for much the same reason, had Ruby's hearing not been far superior to hers, which allowed her to pick this up first. Though she weren't sure if that were the reason. If it ended differently other times, but she still took off towards others, could there not be a more unifying reason behind it all, rather than the two being different? It were hard to tell, when Ruby herself didn't even have any idea. "As for the other times... I can't say. The best guess I have, is that when it came to others, you felt as if there were some sort of threat, or you were still angry for what had happened to you, and wanted to lash out. Charir isn't much of a threat currently, and this is far from your country. It may have had something to do with how you subconsciously looked at it. Maybe you also suspected him to be family, and there were some degree of spite in it. Or again, the maternal instinct are a factor, as you do share some similar looks. On some level, it might have felt to you as if he were yours. *sigh* I wish I had answers for every question you had, Ruby. But sometimes I can only guess. Stuff like this sounds like a matter of instinct, and we're not mere beasts. We're far more complex than those simplistic creatures, and that also means it's harder to guess what really makes us tick sometimes. I'm sure the answer to it is going to become clearer as times goes on though. Sometimes, these sorts of things just need to thought over for a while." Likely not the answer Ruby hoped for, but right now, it were sadly all that she had to offer. Unless there were more then, Leviathan would turn her attention some to Charir, and see how he were progressing. Seemingly well enough, as he kept pushing sparks from himself, but they were still weak, and with little direction. For a first time magic user though, it were surely well done. Though he should tone it down eventually, or he'd end up spending all his energy like this. Not that he likely knew how, or wanted to. He just learned he could do something special now. Why wouldn't he be curious about it? "Y'know, when I try to imagine how he's gonna be when he grows up, I keep imagining a somewhat small, tightly build dragon. A real tanky little thing, and if he gets good at this electricity usage... Hmm, if he learns to coat himself in it, and how to press his limps in close, he might end up as quite the little wrecking ball." ==================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus The mare nodded vigorously, and let out another yawn. "Many hunts. Many, many frogs. Fish. Hunts with friend." From she were taken here until now, she had been more or less rushing around, and first chasing the frog monsters, then wander around and ask others if they had more of them hiding in their houses. And then after that, she had gone into the forest and looked to see if she could find other frogs. Nada had met her more or less right after that. So yes, her day had been long, and it were finally starting to catch up to her. Were just a matter of time before it had to happen really, though that were okay. It had been a long day full of experiences, and she were already looking forward to the next one again. "T-iiiired. Is big hunter friend tired? I tired." Nada were bigger, so she likely had more energy. Yet at the same time, she'd also use more energy, and the shark mare had no idea how many things she had done today, so maybe she were indeed tired too. Maybe they could take a nap somewhere? She still had to find some sort of safe space to sleep, where she wouldn't be eaten. It were dangerous to try in the ocean without a safe space, and she didn't know too much about this forest yet. She'd look around, gazing her eyes over the water, varied bushes, and into the deep underlayer of the forest beyond the trees, before looking up at Nada once more. "S-aaaafe. Where is safe?" She's tilt her head a little to the side as she said that, and hoping that her best and biggest friend could answer the question. ======================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus If he had actually tried to leave, Crow would have made him turn back. They had a connection to the dryad, and it wasn't going to let him take off from that. no matter how annoying it were to deal with the draconequus, and her little spawn, that were currently fluttering around and examining the statue. As for the tower he'd reach up into first, both Crow and Rose would fly ahead of him upwards, racing to see who'd get there first. It would turn out to be Crow, as he cheated, and nudged her to the side, causing her to fall into a potted plant. The plant itself were long dead, but there were still some dirt and withered greens to she could impact with, and cause a good array of dust to be pushed around the top of the pot, before her little fist rose from the middle, and shook upwards. "Ooooh, cheater! Next time, I'm gonna cheat, and then we'll see who wins." Scarecrow could likely feel the disappointment before he got to the top, proving that Lyriel were not there. Yet if he decided to push on and see what were instead, he'd find a display of silverware. Literally, they were made in pure silver, and clearly not from any sort of recent times. A bit odd how that hadn't been looted, even if it were halfway buried next to the nearly collapsed remnants of a pair of old couches. But if they went up there and found it, Rose would shriek at the sight, and fly further away. "Nasty silver! Keep that stuff away from me." If they just went downstairs again instead, and went on, then this whole thing weren't gonna impact things at all, and they could move on to check out some other area. If he then checked the closet, he'd find that the armor wasn't an illusion, but would give off some bubble green sparks when touched. Usually this sort would mess with whoever touched it, but Anomaly had forgotten about the whole *undead* thing that were going on with Scarecrow, so it wouldn't do much more than tickling him, and give him maybe a faint interest in the armor, rather than a compulsion to wear it. A shame, but oh well. Everything couldn't go smoothly. In the next room, there'd be two paths to pick, both of them going upwards. If he went with the staircase to the left, they'd end up in an extensive library. If they took the one on the right, a large dinning hall. Each of them would have a singular way upwards too, which would meet in the same large hallway, that would lead down to many a room. It were uncertain if there were any way further up, or if if this were the time to check the rooms, just to make sure they were here. =========================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "Sadly, it is one of those stereotypes that are true. It doesn't affect everyone, and I personally, have never partaken, but there are the strange situations where equines suddenly partake in what I can only call an *impromptu musical*. I always assumed it were some sort of herd mentality thing, but you'd have to talk with shrinks about that sort of thing. Or at least go into some sort of book covering it. I tried reading through some of them, and all I really got out of it, were a headache, and the rough grasp that equines more than likely have a herd mentality of sorts. When they then see one wandering down the street and singing, they might then feel compelled to join in. And considering most ponies especially, are more playfully natured, and joy-craving than most other races, they are likely to follow this compulsion. Most learns to simply tune it out, if they are not joining in. And even those who does, tends to merely go along with things afterwards. It is a weird, racial quirk. As for the music... A lot of ponies enjoys making music, and you'll find that most times, there is in fact a source of the sound. Even if it comes out of a window. Though I am somewhat certain too, that at times, the music is conjured magically, or they merely imagine it. I've seen a few episodes where it is done fully a cappella. This also marks a weakness though, that makes ponies even more attractive as prey for the sirens. They feed off of warring emotions, and they spread it via magical song. As ponies are more likely to listen in on music, and are used to being compelled to listen in, and follow the rhythm, they are easier to have fall for it. Equines are also the majority race on the planet, which makes them more abundant, along with the fact that we are generally highly emotional creatures. There is a reason why several emotion eaters, have equines as their primary prey. And both the changelings and sirens are more evolved in each their own way, to be natural predators to us, because of it. I believe that when Cheshire eventually does a more well known performance, with songs that calls for a crowd, you will see it yourself. At least to some degree." Equines... All of them having some advantage in some way, and they were certainly the most widely spread, and in some ways, they could be seen as the top race of the world, if you included all sub races of equines. However, they were also prey, and it honestly wouldn't take too much for a dedicated front of their predators, to potentially cause an upheaval in the current natural order. He at least could see some ways it could happen, though it would require the other races to play well together. And that so far, were their saving grace. The sirens and changelings despised one another, and would never come together to share their prey. And as for the sphinx. and dragons... Both of them very prideful creatures, who considered themselves the top being in the world. Yet the dragons had adapted, and made deals with the quines to not cause all out war, as it were pointless to start a dragon pony war again. They both had better things to do, than to end up in this stalemate of constant warring once more. The sphinx however, no one really knew why they stayed behind on this. They had stronger magic than ponies, with their elder council rivalling the magic of draconequui, yet they were seemingly content with ruling their main capitol, some surrounding towns, and accept payment from others, as a sort of protection deal. One which did have some benefit to the citizens of said towns too, as even if they had to pay the toll, they were safe from others. Sphinx did not take kindly to the towns in their possession, to be targeted by anything, and they were not shy of letting that be known. Though they could spread wider and take over far more, if they wanted to. Yet it seemed only a few rogue individuals here and there, cared to. Most were seemingly content with how things were, and though they kept some ponies as slaves in their capitol, it were not as bad as it could get, were they to focus on domination. Why they showed restraint? No one really knew. Best guess anyone had right now, were that they were biding their time, to a point where their position, and way of life were threatened. Or they just didn't want to put in the effort. Felines were weird, even if you didn't just refer to your typical house cat. "And regarding Cheshire's current performance, it were indeed rather good. I imagine that your standing invitation to join a show at her theater, would give you some good seats to fully enjoy the spectacle. They seem like performers, and good ones wants to make sure that the audience have something to remember. If at some point, she were allowed to tell stories of the outside to the younger longma, I can only assume that it will be done in great details, and in a way that would keep their attention. Though I imagine this would be far, far into the future. Now then, we seem to be done consuming our meals and drinks for now. I say we start to move out there, and head towards the gaming area. I think we-" Rosa grew silent and looked to the side, then shook his head. "...Never mind, it were nothing. In any case, let's find a place with darts, and other games involving throwing things. I believe it will be an interesting experience, to see what you'll make of it." He'd deposit things in the garbage can nearest them, and made sure to put the cups in the right one. They liked to recycle some of the wooden ones, so that were written on some of the cans. It didn't work fully of course, as some didn't care, and others didn't notice, but every little they didn't need to sort through later, were a little bit less work after the festival. He'd try to lead them through to crowd to the right, and let the others decide on what they wanted to do first, soon as they got to the playing area. Would it be darts? Throwing knives? The classic ball throwing game? They'd see, very soon. Unless they wanted to go elsewhere for some reason, in which case he'd follow them. Might be something interesting. ==================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows As Skall left, he kept the magic prepared, as there were a chance he would return. Yet Zhu would smile to himself. 39 were the dangers to her life that he had to avoid. 39 scenarios to derail, and have lesser evils take their place. Skall had been one of those, though he had originally foreseen this encounter to happen years past. At the time though, Skall had been otherwise occupied, and went another route, though the scenrio seemed possible to recreate the much the same anyway, as he were bound to return as a player in this game. Thus after the great shadow of the future had been defeated, leaving him clarity again, he had seen that this would yet again happen, in the time that had previously been shrouded to him. It left him little time to prepare, but he had been ready years past. Now it were just a matter of doing what he could, to make sure that things processed as originally indented. And from what he had seen, it were going to. All the way to Skall's likely future. Or at least, the one whom he had wanted him to thread. Hhmhm. It would be up to Skall's actions to decide how well he came out of this. As there were ruination, so too were there triumph and happiness for him. It all depended on himself now. Though the fact remained: He were one of the lesser evils that would face her, whom could now derail the true threat. Blessed be the short-sightedness of evil sometimes. "I think it is attuned to him, but if one could find a way to tear that power from his possession, I know it would be you. It might waste our time though." The graveyard were currently abandoned, leaving it easy for them to break in, and do their deeds. Even though the destruction of the decoy mausoleum were bound to attract some ears eventually, due to the noise it made. Perhaps Skall should consider threading more carefully, and thus avoid additional eyes upon him, when he could simply deal with things with a modicum of stealth. The trip inwards would be simple. There were the blockage, which gave little resistance as it were blasted away - though it did collapse the tunnel behind them, if it were not a clean cut through the debris - and soon, they would be in the inner halls, where Canterlot kept their guarded, magical items. Many things one could imagine, all gathered in a myriad of sealed up curse boxes, made for keeping the magic in, and outside magic from opening it. They were still metal though, so there were always the physical route. They'd all have varied signs, indicating what they were, with the belt being kept in one at the back, behind a few other rows. They could have a look around to try and find something otherwise, as there might be some things of value - no elements though - but they needed to hurry. They had a time limit, before the guards would overwhelm this room, and detain Skall with methods specifically designed to handle magic threats. Might be best if he first rushed out and found what he came for. =========================================================================== @FanOfManyShows "Be silent child. You think I do not understand the concept of betrayal, and would trust her to make a fair trade? No, but now she knows Sapphire have value to us, and she will use that to extort us, rather than outright kill her." Impudent whelp thought one as young and inexperienced as her, were a threat to her? She had a vessel now, bearing the potential she needed to unleash her power. This meager filly, were no match for her, and she tired of her insolence. Yet a small, cruel smile were still on her face as she talked, and she glared at her niece with a challenging ember, flaring within. "I also made sure to put a track on the gem, in case your mother attempted to escape with it. Better if you all stay here, and let the adults handle this now." With that, Emerald would suddenly turn bright green, and then crumble apart into a small pile of fake jade. A minor flair to her own teleportation, that she did not use often, as it took more energy. Yet she imagined the look of terror, as Chow would suddenly seemingly turn into gemstone, and fall apart, would be quite satisfactory. They could argue over that later though, but for now, she had an idiot to track down, in whatever hole she were hiding in. How lovely that she were so willing to lead Emerald right to her hideout, were it not? The draconequus would barely have gotten to where she likely thought she got to, scotch free, before Emerald appeared about a meter behind her. "Perhaps I did not make it clear enough. Give me Sapphire, NOW!" Her voice reverberated, as a wall of bones erupted from the floor, and fenced the path in front of Rose, while the irate Emerald stood and glared at her. There were usually some bones dug down everywhere, from varied creatures dying through the ages, so this were a minor feat. Though if no bones were present, she could use rock or stone. Less dramatic, but it'd do. "I don't care what your vendetta might be, nor what your goal is now. But I have not gotten through the bother of resurrecting this buffoon, just to have you take her away, before I have had a proper chance to yell at her. Leave her with me, and we can both go our separate ways. Ignore this again, and I will ensure your existence will be the very definition of pain." She couldn't kill one of their kind, sadly, but she had no issue causing damages until it stopped being fun. And this one were annoying her enough, to make her imagine it being fun for a very long time. That being said, she might be willing to parley, if that were Rose's want. Yet Emerald were not dealing with further insolence from her, on this matter. Sapphire belonged to her, and no circus reject would change that.
  12. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) "You'd be surprised what innocent looking things like this can do. Once you've seen a stuffed bear paralyzing, then eating folks alive, you get to learn than twisted minds enjoy making gullible folks fall for traps. The less it seems like it'd be able to hurt anyone, the better in their mind." And this example wasn't just some sort of made up one, she pulled out off the top of her head. She had actively carried around said bear, after they discovered it in Harrowmark. Whatever twisted Wilderness Witch had crafted it, had seemingly set it around areas where others might pick it up, and then hope that some gullible pony, or diamond dog, would come around and think it had been dropped. Might be a teddy belonging to one of the nearby towns foals after all, right? Or they'd make a good present to your own offspring. Most there were too smart to fall for that sort of thing, but as the saying went, the last idiot hasn't been born yet. There were always eventually someone who'd fall for it, and end up feeding themselves to this thing. Which as they had found out, were collecting life energy, to use for the creator. Though tough luck for whoever that were, as they didn't get it back again. The sisters saw the last few seconds of what it could do, and had taken it with them instantly. Weren't much time to think about it further than that, what with the pitchfork wielding mob chasing them away. She could always give Harrowmark that. Most other places, torch and pitchfork-wielding mobs were more of a saying. But for them, it were an actual method they went with. Had to at least give them that they went with a classic, the way one should. Her hoof hovered over the options, ready to press *leave town*. It were the objective after all. Had to be what she were supposed to do, yes? But then again... It were still a 4/5, and it felt like something were a little off. Maybe just the paranoia talking here, but... She'd think for a few seconds, then press to stay, and would walk her character back to the casino. A last check through just to make sure, wouldn't hurt here, right? Not like there were a timer of any sort in the corner. She just had to start from Cabinet Mare, and then walk from there, to see if anything had changed. The staff member near the machine were a different thing at least, that were for sure. Maybe she were right in going back here after all then. Or it'd be a red herring, and the game were just yanking her chain. They'd see soon enough. Not like this should stop her from just leaving later if it were, unless the character like, stabbed her or something. That'd suck. Directing her character over, she'd interact with this character, and see what would come of it. (Troy) "I w-wouldn't tell them. And if anyone thinks you're them, just s-say that you've heard that one before, and move along. ponies a-aren't unique. Faces can be pretty close to others, and you're not l-looking exactly like them. None of you are. You shouldn't p-put yourself next to them either, Ardee. They are w-what they are, and even if you look somewhat like t-them, that doesn't mean you have to fulfill t-their lives. You'll find your o-own wants and joys in life, and live it, j-just like any other pony will. Maybe you'll be a hero. Maybe y-you'll be a baker. Long as it makes you h-happy, that's the life you should live. Not what o-others expect from you." Poor thing already had too many weights on her shoulders as it were, taking care of the other foals. She did not need these expectations making it an even heavier burden. Likely wouldn't have been the case either, if not for the scientists constantly comparing her to Rainbow Dash, and saying she weren't as good as her. Monsters the lot of them... Except for their mistress. Clearly another one working there, who were seemingly the only one with enough heart and spine, to go ahead and do something about it. Oh gods, this was going to be a rough one... Best answer this quickly, and then hope there were no follow ups. It'd be mighty awkward otherwise. "W-Well, uhm... Depends on the c-culture, but most equine societies, b-buries or burns their dead." In parts because it appeased the spirits, which caused less ghosts to stay behind. Something which everyone were interested in, since a wayward poltergeist could ruin a lot of things, and in general, any sort of haunting could be an issue Plus, the ghosts tended to be in pain, for reasons she weren't entirely sure about. The few ghost enthusiasts she knew of, had their own opinions on things, though she trusted this kind of medium she had met before more on this matter. Sullen Moment she were called. A mare draped in mourners garbs, wandering wherever the call came, according to her. Far as she put it, there were never any single thing that made ghosts stay. There were were a lot of factors that could come into play there, but isolation, great, sudden trauma, and a feeling of injustice, were often things that could lead to it. Apparently, burying the spirits in whatever way their beliefs defined, tended to help ease them some, as it made them feel as if they were not forgotten, and nobody cared. Something with seeing their loved ones mourn also making them open their eyes, rather than grow blind to reality too, but that sounded a little odd, so she weren't sure about that. Seemed like there were bad sides to that too. Not everyone were appeased easily though, which made those like Sullen needed, apparently. Folks who went out there, made connections, and tried to help them move on. It had been a brief meeting honestly, but odd mares like that stuck out in her memory. Not exactly every day you saw someone wander a dark forest, wearing garbs like that. The bunch of candles floating around her, also did theirs to make her stand out. "I'll do my best. Enjoy class." She'd watch Ardee take off, and direct her attention to the two infants. One of whom were easier to grasp were were, as she were playing around in the crate like some sort of cat. The other likely needed to be scooped up though, which were who she'd aim for first, before she just wandered off on her own. Kids of most species, had a bad habit of doing that, soon as someone looked away for a few seconds. "Hey there Piecey. Don't worry about Ardee, okay honey? She's just gonna be right over there." Void would point over tot he others, were Ardee would be joining in on the class. Well within line of sight, which should help. Especially from this taller vantage point, that came from being cradled on one leg by a tall mare. Unless she didn't like the height, or wanted to come down to some sort of toy on the ground again. She'd let her go back on the floor in that case. She'd also nudge to the cardboard box with her snout though, and chuckle a little before answering. Silly little box filly. How couldn't you adore her? "I wonder who's in the box? Must be someone really sneaky."
  13. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) Didn't seem like there was a reply option to wither of the two things she had just been said, so there wasn't much she could add to it. Though she sure thought some things on it. The first one, being what it might be that the sister had wanted to show to her, but were unable to, before her untimely death. It were likely something with Cabinet Mare, if she were to venture a guess, and it might well have been accidentally activated. Could well be what trapped her soul here, as thus far she felt pretty sure that this were the very thing that had happened to the mare. Some things just didn't make her seem like a simple NPC, and if the chance were there, she'd try to see if she couldn't get her spirit out of here. Being trapped like this seemed wrong. Maybe completing the game would help on this in some fashion? Sounded a bit like there were some sort of connection between the game and this one, so maybe completing it, would open the lock, so to speak. Time would tell perhaps. As for the second one, she would vocalize that, so Arcade and whoever he were talking with, could hear her. "...Alright, this game's weird. I got the safe opened finally, ended up with a revolver, and now it tells me to leave town. Better be in game. I ain't getting scared away that easily in real life." Famous last words for some likely. Though for the game, unless it did something to her, she'd start to move her character towards the exit she had passed through before, to see the guards. There'd likely be an option for her to move even further out from there, that she could go with, and see what'd come. IN case it did do something to insinuate that it wanted her to leave town in real life, she'd get stubborn, and likely a bit miffed. No glorified Pacpony game were gonna chase her away from her vengeance that easily. (Troy) "They w-were, yes. To Equestria, they were h-heroes in fact, and though we d-didn't get to know them for long, we didn't h-hear much bad against them. They weren't p-perfect though. Twilight were very i-intense, and uhm... Rainbow Dash seemed to be a l-little overconfident and reckless. Rarity and Pinkie Pie didn't u-understand much about personal space e-either, and well... More things. No one is p-perfect though. What matters is that you t-try to be the best pony you can be. You don't have to be more e-exceptional than that." Her parents used to tell her that, in times when Null and her were unsure what their purpose were, and what it were that others were expecting of them. The way others around them acted and looked, did at times get to them after all, and it wasn't like they gave any answers to the foals, so they asked their parents, who just assured them in varied ways, to make them feel better. Telling them what she had now told Ardee, were one of the more used ones, when the topic came to whatever or not they expected something from them, and what it were. Of course they knew now that they were all either guarding them, or studying them, in their own ways, but it hadn't been something they could understand at the time. How could they? They were small fillies. To them, it just looked like everyone looked at them in a way, as if they wanted to say something. And since they were always silent, they started to believe it were something bad. In hindsight, the answer they got too from their parents, were rather cheesy, and a little flat perhaps. But at the time, it had meant the world. The difference between what a silent, judging face did, and what a smiling, comforting one replied, were large, and their parents had meant the world to them. It honestly sometimes amazed her that after losing them, they had managed to keep going. Even with all the damage it had given them mentally, to add on to the physical ones. Turned out that it were worse than she had thought, when it came to Null, but that wasn't a thought, nor story, for this place. The fillies did not need to hear about this. "Null were born that way, w-while I grew larger. It's a weird thing. As if we w-were meant to average out to two regular sized p-ponies. But that's just how life can be s-sometimes, and there w-were some perks. She w-were able to ride around on my back from we were t-ten. Sometimes that w-were useful. And uhm... I'm s-sorry to hear about the others. It must have hurt your m-mistress to leave some behind like t-that." With some luck, or decency, she had terminated the unviable ones. It sounded very harsh, but if they were not able to survive outside of where they were at the time, the kindest would be to end their suffering. It were more merciful than to leave them with the facility, and have them do gods knows what to them, just to try and see what they did wrong. "It's good that it s-still works at least, even if he have to use it in odd w-ways to make it function. He m-must be a smart pony to figure that sort out, w-when most I know of, have to go at spells rather s-standardly." She almost went on, but figured they didn't want to know about witches and the like, who used magic, even without having a horn. They'd likely ask in more, and then came explanations about ways that could happen, which included the forbidden Sacrificial school of magic, and well... It'd just be dark and gloomy. They didn't need to hear that, and she might let it slip, until she had better examples in mind. Something to think of another time perhaps. "You d-don't have to leave, if you don't want to, Ardee. Troy is a good place now, and it's safe. If you w-wanted to be there and make sure they did well, you could do that. Maybe even become a town protector of s-sorts? I don't know wing combat, but I could show you a few other things for self defense if it were. Though you have a long time to think about it. There's not anyone that's going to try and force you apart." She'd pat the filly on the head, as her voice started to shake less, and she got calmer. These sweeter, emotional moments, helped her nerves. And seeing how Ardee cared for, and worried of the foals, and the infants especially, were deeply touching. She were a good big sister for all of them. "Hopefully soon, but we still have to wait for them to connect the oven. Soon as they d-do, we can start trying to make something. I'm thinking perhaps baking a pie? It takes some finesse, and handling heat well, but it's not too difficult. And it tastes great when it's done." Void were hoping within the next three days to a week, but the workers had already surprised her a lot. It might end up being there sooner. Or it could take some time to get the pieces there, in which case they'd have to improvise eventually. The foals needed good, warm food too, not just could stuff. "I promise you, that when everything is set up, you're gonna be the first one to help me in the kitchen. And don't get discouraged if it goes a little wrong at first. It takes a bit of trial and error to know your way around a dish properly, even if you follow the recipe right."
  14. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) Null had seen a few races use guns before. Minotaurs were one, but there were some variations used by a few griffons she had seen before, and due to the black market, and some smart tinkerers finding ways to adapt them to most beings if need be, it were hard to say who this would fit. Minotaur likely, but griffon were a chance. The lack of the right sort of firing mechanism, ruled out ponies as at least the primary source. Might be it'd get adapted to be used by one another time though. It were hard to say for her. She rarely bit note in these sorts of things, unless they were aimed at her, and she could identify more brands of pitchforks and bows for that reason. Guns were a bit too high end for most she ran into. Well, at least the mare with the weird name weren't stuck in a loop like before. She said something new, so they could get on with things. She even had the option to just get right to it in the options. However, Null would pick to ask about the workshop first. Might not be important, but so far, everything to do with the mare that made this machine, had seemingly been the real story to follow. This were her workshop, so why not ask about it? Might be she'd learn something important that way, and it surely couldn't take that long to just ask this, and then get on with asking about getting the revolver fixed. Might make her seem less demanding in game too, if she tried to ask into things with her like this. No one liked one who were yapping orders at them constantly, and clearly didn't care about the one doing stuff for them. If it were just a small bit of trivia, with nothing more to it, she'd ask into the revolver right after. Might be she'd soon get to the end of this game. Which knowing her luck, included her needing to use this revolver to shoot someone. (Troy) It were a risk to do this, but... *gulp* She'd try. "I've m-met her once, and you're right. She d-doesn't have this sort of fine control. It's just being a bit f-full of herself, and speed. Big s-sis didn't like her that much." Bless her heart, she were sure that Rainbow Dash were cool and kind, as others said, but she did get a little grating for them at least, the short while they had been around her. She seemed a nice enough mare though, long as you didn't need to be with her for too long at a time. Like Pinkie, but for different reasons. Honestly, they all had their flaws for them, but Applejack at least were one Null and her agreed on being an okay mare. She were respectful, didn't talk down to any of them, and didn't interfere with personal space. Best of the bunch in their opinion, likely followed by Fluttershy. Mostly because she didn't really say anything, and just hid behind one of the others. It seemed like she were worried about Null after her and Rarity had a moment. Void would raise a hoof and start moving a block, but would have to stop halfway, as the tower started to shake a little too. Took her a few more seconds, before she carefully pulled it out, and put it on top of the tower. Seemed like her nervousness were making her set up to lose this fairly soon, if she didn't watch out. Though with the control that Ardee had over her wings, that were likely to happen regardless. she were incredibly skilled at this. "That m-might explain why my sister d-didn't mind hi coming along too. She has dwarfism too. It's m-made life pretty hard for her, and she c-constantly feels like others are looking down, and j-judging her because of it. Arcade is p-probably one of the first ones she can r-relate to. I'm sorry to hear a-about his horn though. I hope that h-haven't hampered his magic? I've m-met a few unicorns whose horns got d-damaged down to the core, so they couldn't c-cast magic anymore. They all seemed to have a hard t-time adjusting to that. And uhm... He m-might be out there now, Ardee, but one day, it c-could be you, if you end up with an a-adventurous spirit. I know some g-good survival tricks I could teach you someday, that m-might come in handy if you felt like the g-great wild called for you." It'd be a while, but still, the foals would eventually be free to go out and explore the world, if that is what they wanted to, though she hoped at least some of them would stay here. Troy could be a good home, long as some... Unwanted elements were handled, and that were currently being taken care of by Null. With The Grey gone, it might be a really good place to live. Unless remnants of the facility still roamed, and decided to cause trouble. In that case, she'd have to intervene to make things better. They had caused enough harm to these foals already. "Well, I w-wouldn't mind an apprentice in the workshop, but we should p-probably start with cooking first. Have to make s-sure you're all settled in first, and g-glass blowing is very warm, potentially d-dangerous work. If you can handle the h-heat in a kitchen well, it m-might go better. And the kitchen is a g-good place to learn about safety and p-precision too. Otherwise it'll just l-leave a mess everywhere, and b-burn your hooves. I'd prefer that d-didn't happen to you, Ardee."