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  1. @MiragetheChangeling Huh, didn't even know you were an artist. Cool. ^^ With drawing on tech, do you mean like one of them drawing boards, or more akin to Paint? =========================================================================================== @GingerLightning Roger that. I'll have something thrown in for you then when I post tomorrow.
  2. @cwhip9 Well, out of boredom, we had Mr. Blackwater sacrifice Crescent to the dark lord Azatoth. It was a fun evening really. We made snow cones. :3 Heh, in seriousness though, not much. It's the start of the day, and the gate guards have been potentially poisoned. We also have a new face here that's just stumbled in, and other than that, Hazard is waking up the two visitors in Blackwater manor. Pretty lazy start of the day thus far.
  3. @MiragetheChangeling That sounds cool. ^^ What have you been requested to make?
  4. Open Casual stroll

    @Battenberg Almost as if on cue, a dragon would indeed fly down towards them. A female from the look of it, who stared down on them with a determined glare in her eyes the whole way, whilst her green wings laid flat to her body. It wasn't until she nearly hit the ground that she spread them out, stopping her fall and blowing dust into the face of Benny, who started to cough like a smoker. "Gotcha." She were only about a half head taller than Benny, but incredibly vibrant in her varied green colors. Considering how most dragon scales tended to look rather dull from dust and genetics, this were likely due to polishing. There were some specialized stores in Manehattan that focused on providing such a service, though most of them were run by ponies, and it was still a budding industry. Not too many that were okay with getting waxed and polished like a piece of furniture thus far. Whilst the entrance of the female dragon with the curved horns might've ended up scaring Sprinkles, she barely seemed to notice her, and instead went directly over to the slightly smaller dragon and patted him on the back with a huge grin on her face. "Did ya miss me baby bro?" "*cough* Why? Why always me Toxen?" She leaned up against him, picking her teeth in a mocking manner as she replied to his little inquiry. "Because it never gets old pumpkin." She glanced over and looked at the ponies then, having a greater look at the ones she had dived towards. She had almost dusted them in too, but eh, she figured it was easier to get a look at them without the cloud. Besides, this was more something she did to get on her brothers nerve than anything else, and she didn't wanna involve these three into something as special as sibling torment right off the bat. She just met 'em after all. "Neat crowd you're hanging with here. Figured you'd upscale and start a harem eh? Grandad would've been proud. How's it swinging ladies?" She smiled, blinked and pointed towards them with her thumb upwards and her index towards them. Something which Pop at the very least had no idea how to respond to right now. she knew siblings could be a little weird with eachother - Celestia knew what her and her brother did to eachother sometimes... - but this was rather unexpected. Especially after meeting Jade, and thinking that that were going to be the attitude of the entire family. =========================================================================================== @Storm Shine @EQ_Theta Fiddler shook his head. "Y-You don't understand. Rose is Filigree. I thought she were just micromanaging, but I..." The soothing words from Lin, and the feeling of the light smack she had gotten from Brute (light for the brawny unicorn anyway) helped him focus, and he stopped to take a few deep breathes. He had to try and get this out like they said, or there were going to be so many problems. More than there likely already were. "12 years ago, this eccentric bat pony came to me, looking for a middlepony to discreetly finance a dig. She had a deed and the bits ready, so I figured that she were just a little out there, and I... I took the job. The worst mistake I have made in my career." "What happened next?" "I set the dig, hired a team, and functioned as the front figure as I was paid to be. Things seemed to go great. Swimmingly even, once they hit the crystals. There were... A-Accidents, but I had made sure to keep a specialist too, and with that huge a vein of these things... It were turning profit within a week of starting the first hack, do you know how rare that is? Usually it's a bust or it can take a month, but this was exquisite. Even with Filigree packing most of the profit, we were all going to become rich within a few years at max. I was out there a few months after it started and I saw... Her." Fiddler gulped and winced, clearly remembering both that time, and the one were she had unexpectedly returned. "She pulled me aside and said that she just wanted to keep tabs on her invest. Making sure nopony was stealing from her, and getting to know who was hired. It was weird, but again, everything just pointed at her being eccentric. I-I didn't know..." He was about to loose it again, when a meaty hoof got placed on his shoulder and helped him to focus on something else than the horrid imagery that came to mind next. "I was there when it happened. The lost miners we had thought had quit were found, one of them in pieces- Dear Celestia, so many pieces of those sickening gems... And I heard them inside. I ran and I saw her, raging against the others, spitting curses at them whilst being tied in ropes and enveloped by a strange glow. I-I can still remember the hateful glare in her eyes as she screamed of them to let her go, or be consumed by her spell. Then there was a flash and... And..." He started to cry and had to stop and sulk for a few minutes. Time that Omen used to project the thing that came to mind when she heard this. "I didn't think bat ponies had magic. Ponies are confusing." She turned her head to look up at her master, looming above her in one way or another. "Some humans have magic, right? Siblings can't be given bodies without magic, that's what Mother says. Forms us and binds us to their world. Like you did." Meanwhile, Fiddler opened his muzzle a few times, trying to push words out, but it took some tries before something actually flooded out. "They were all gone, trapped in statues of disgusting, parasitic emerald! And the r-rest of us, we had to keep silent. W-We collapsed the mine, s-swore to never tell anypony, so that nopony would come and find a way to f-free her, and we split. Clayton, Spelt, Amethyst and me... W-We were all that were left, and we had to live with knowing how the others were... I can't sleep. T-They come to me in my dreams, b-begging to be free. And everywhere I look it's just... I-I see them, and see the families I h-had to tell lies to for me. All of those who cried from thinking their l-loved ones were l-lost in an explosion... it's not a life, it's a p-prison without bars, and a sentence too c-cruel to bear. I didn't think it could be worse... And then s-she came back. C-Crashed through my door and sealed it shut with c-crystals. She is... She used to be so elegant, but now? She's a m-monster. Covered in those things like armor. S-Spikes, everywhere... And that horn. Twisted, p-pulsating... S-She used it to infect everything she wanted with those t-things. and I couldn't do a-anything. Just stand in h-horror and she started to ramble on how she was p-perfect now. Powerful. How she would have r-revenge on all four of us, and then take control of Equestria with s-something she called the J-Jeweled Beast's Heart. And then she hit me and... Y-You s-saved me..." He broke down and started to cry again after that, unable to speak more for the time being. Though if they wanted answers, they could ask Discord. He should know well the sort of ensouled relic she had stolen the gem powers from now, which would also explain why Omen hadn't worked the first time they saw her- Her spirit had been used to replace the one in the bauble, so that Filigree could take out the one she wanted to steal the power from. Thankfully, Omen's spirit were strange, so it hadn't just wandered on after she had put a crack in the gem prior to leaving. "Mare I saw talked about a beast heart too. Said it could do lots of things, and make somepony immortal. I just had to stand still and she'd help me with Sen. Then she were gone and you were there." ==================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight Anomaly snapped with her tail and summoned a beanie bag out of nothing underneath her, rising up as she slumped down, before it turned towards the pony with the strange stick and talk about Nightmare Night. Usually one of her favorite pony holidays, as she liked to play tricks on ponies and having her pumpkin head chase fillies to rile them a little, but it wasn't that time of year yet. "Heeeey, this isn't a costume. I'm a draconequus. I'd show you some tricks but... Blearg, bad day." ======================================================================================== @Lil' Lovebug Bath smiled at Satin, and nodded slightly. "No worries miss. If you do find your friend, feel free to come around and I will assist you however I can, though right now I need to get back to work. I'll spread the word when I get there, and hopefully your friend will be found. Have a nice day." With that, he gave a slight wave and went on his way again. Secretly he hoped to not find the mare from last night in the spa since, well you know, she was creepy, but finding somepony else who did wouldn't be an issue. It should be easy for anypony to tell who he was talking about too, as burning ears and a large, purple scarf in early Autumn would be hard to mistake for anypony else. He had another reason to find her creepy, which also tied into why he went off towards work five minutes before his shift technically started, though he wasn't sure if he had just imagined it. It was just that when Satin had said Vivid before, he could've sworn he heard a low whisper in cryptic words. Nothing he could understand, and he wasn't even sure there actually were something, but the hairs on the back of his neck standing up had him thinking it was best not to be sure. Whilst he would not know where it was from, Satin might. After all, she were the one who carried a certain scroll with her from her demonic friend. Though if she would notice or react on the unsettling sound were anypony's guess. The sound wouldn't be there for more than a few seconds, and Ponyville was busy. She might well have missed it completely. ===================================================================================== @Widdershins "After I've helped you out, I'm thinking about going to town and restock on apples. Apple Cider is frankly revolting in my eyes, but to have a good customer base, it's smart to have a varied stock. Plus it's good for sharing a drink, as it's cheap to make and tends to put ponies at ease. You wouldn't believe how much of my job is actually keeping everypony at the stall feeling at ease. The nervous ones tends to rattle away if they're met with any sort of unsettling vendor. Reminds me, when your folks show up, do you know if any of them drink Brandy? I had a bottle break during the night, and had to store the half I salvaged in a jar. It's still good, but I can't sell it like that, and my personal flask is already full. Might as well go to use if it were, eh?" Whilst he talked, Happy were putting the tools he had used back in his wagon, oblivious to the love wafting through the air. Even though Ambie was only a half-changeling, Happy was still unable to detect any kind of emotions from his own kind, and the buffoon was completely blank for him. For all he knew, the stallion was beset by a hunger for larvae right now or something else unsettling, and he wouldn't know better. Getting out again, he looked at the wood that the hybrid had spoken off before and shook his shoulders. "And for the record, I thought that wood there was for whoever made you transport stuff in the first place. Seemed like a full order not to be used from. Are you sure that it is yours to use of, or might it be one of the Apple's? I'd rather not get into any more hot water than I already have been." ==================================================================================================== @Widdershins @Dji "Hey, if she's gonna jump you, I'd say let her. It'd just make you even after how you took a piece of her before." Yeah yeah, she shouldn't poke to him and yada yada, but at this point it seemed like he were unlikely to run away anyway, so why not? Worst that could happen were that he got miffed and complained some more. So far the only sort of threat he had been to her were to her patience, and he would have to up his game if he wanted to compete on that front. Spicy sorted hoped that his new marefriend might jump in and defend him honestly. That would be kinda interesting. Better than playing glorified babysitter to two beings who hated the others race, but were attracted to eachother regardless. =================================================================================================== @Widdershins @~Phoenix~ "He's more like the nephew who always gets in trouble. Thanks." The way these things were made were unsettling, but the cotton ball were a good fit for his other nostril, and would help keep the blood in his body rather than on the floor. He couldn't smell anything right now though and had to breathe through his muzzle, but that was a small thing he wasn't going to nitpick over. "While I do hope that you're here with good intentions, I don't think you should be poking around in those two's business. I think it's best to let them come to terms with things themselves and then let it bloom on it's own. Might be the slow way, but some things can't be rushed too much, and honestly, you should let the mare decide for herself if she want to revert. If she prefers the way things are now, there's no need to toss a monkey wrench in it, right?" Whilst Widdershins seemed both willing and capable of ruining the budding relationship between Phoenix and Smokey, Grim were hoping to get through to him that it was likely not a good thing to poke at. At least not in the way that the draconequus seemed to want to at least. That sort of life-altering thing should be the choice of Phoenix herself, and the more he spoke with Widdershins, the more he believed that he might be able to talk some sense with him. He didn't seem as random as Discord reportedly were, and had set forth some logical points so far, so the being wasn't a random idiot, so hopefully they could simply talk things out. He would've said more, but the loud *Eeeeek* sound of hi daughter before something hit the wall int he hallways caught his attention first and foremost, and he ran into the hall. Out there, he'd find Sorrow rubbing the back of her head and let out a small moan in pain from hitting a chair. An action that had tossed it around a little, but it thankfully seemed unharmed. "Sorrow! What happened?" He rushed to her side, praying that she wasn't injured. "Urgh. One of the souls reacted heavily on seeing the draconequus. I tried to calm him down, but he's taking dominance. Screaming in agony and making the others keel under from his pain. Something horrible must've happened to him because of a draconequus." She pointed into the room she had been in, where the door was now wide open and the sight something to be seen. The room was absolute chaos. Everything that had been in the tea room were beaten or broken, and twirling in the air like a tornado had gone loose. And in the middle of it, previously strung around her neck, was the skull that contained Legion. The light around it were pale and sickening, increasing in volume whilst the light in its eyes glowed red. Though no lower jaw was there, Sorrow could hear the agonized scream of around half of the three dozen souls that inhabited it right now, and more would soon join in, which would mildly put be bad. Their mind were split now between calm and pain, and if they all joined in agony, this would become a poltergeist unlike any she had faced before, and none of them would be safe anymore. It was unclear if Widdershins could currently hear the pained tune of the dead that Sorrow were *gifted* with, but he likely could if he wanted to, and it might be needed sooner rather than later. Something about him had triggered this, and right now, he were the only one with enough power and potential insight to interfere, and hopefully stop this from escalating further. ================================================================================================ @Lloyd Slowly, a shaky hoof would be put around Astral's neck, and she'd be pulled into a hug by Chow, who halfway had to lean on her just to stay upright anymore. He was drained, felt like he had been beaten by a cement truck, and was likely less than a minute away from passing out, but he didn't care right now. "If she's back... We'll find her... Before him. He won't... Win this war." Having to halfway crawl in the first place and then feebly struggle against a freezing spell of some kind, had taken a further toll on his energy, and his breath was raspy. Even without his lung ruined anymore, it took energy to push the words out, and every time he did so, it took that little bit extra of something that he frankly didn't have anymore. At this point it might even get dangerous, but he had felt like Astral needed somepony to be there for her right now, weeping as she were over having thought she had killed her mother, but being faced with how she might just be free, and potentially even haven abandoned her for no reason. He'd feel more pity for her if he could right now, but the darkness was closing in. "Don't be... Sad..." He'd fall silent then, and the shaking stopped. It might be a good sign for some, but not him, as she would find out if she tried to move him even a little. A frail state which would cause him to collapse into a heap. He wouldn't feel anything though. His consciousness had shut down, and nothing would register with him for a while. He were going to need a long rest, just as the unknown griffon lying on the floor behind them did. It would be around this time when Brick, carrying Blackbeak, would come up from the staircase and look at the scene in front of him. Not good from what he could see, but the hostages were alive, he'd take that. Though they should likely keep some distance still, since Astral might try and cast something, and the mirror would end up chasing her down this time if they were too close. The griffon on his back started to twitch and groan, seemingly about to wake up, which would leave them with one groggy griffon, one unconscious pony and one griffon in the same state, and Astral, whom he didn't know the state of just yet. Though even if she were battle ready, this would still not be a situation in their favor if they were attacked. They were going to need a find a more defensive position. ============================================================================================ @Lloyd "Me? Oh you flatter me dear. Golden simply asked me to hold unto it for a day or two, as he suspected something might happen that would lead to certain... Unconventional methods being optimal. As an antique dealer, he knows that I have plenty of secure lockers, and we have a mutually benefiting friendship he trusted. What an intriguing thought it is though, to think that I would have possession of something like this on my own. Why, I barely know off it beyond what he told me." The look she sent Iron made it very clear that she held a lot more cards on her hoof than she was letting on right now, and that she were the sort who kept them close to her body. No surprise there either really, as owning severely dangerous items like the Screaming Path could have her arrested and tossed in jail for years, but there was something more. A kind of knowing look towards him, in which she tried to convey that the mirror might not be the only - or worst - thing that she had access to. Though she wasn't sure if he could see her. If he hadn't healed his eyes before his magic were taken, he were still a few days off from regaining sight. "One could wonder how he got possession of it too, hmm? Hypothetically, who is not to say that he acquired this from some unsavory type and kept it hidden for a long time, unsure what would happen if it came into the hooves of the wrong pony, and thinking it could one day be of use? But of course, that is just a story. I'm sure the guards simply had a coffer with this somewhere, and forgot it existed." Meanwhile, the doctors went away from Iron, satisfied with him not being in any critical condition, and rose their ears as an alarm went off downstairs. "Sounds like they need staff downstairs. Everypony, go there. I will remain and keep the ambassador and the other patients under watch." The others would leave shortly after, and the doctor would send a grim look towards Scarcity. "What did you do down there?" "Whatever works. And for the time being, be a good colt and check on your colleague in the other room." "I have patients in here." Scarcity waved him off dismissively, without even looking away from Iron once. "I know where the alarm is, and I know basic CPR. In case something happens you will hear it, and you will be only a few hoofsteps away. Now leave." begrudgingly, the doctor left and closed the door behind him. He'd tell the guards outside that the ambassador was secure, but needed rest, and would send them down to see if there was an issue. He'd excuse it with staffing issues making it easier for somepony to sneak in, and them needed guards to ensure that nopony tried to get up the stairs, including supposed doctors. Inside the room, Scarcity sat down, and chuckled at the ponies she had arranged to be left alone with. "It is so much better when one can speak freely, don't you think so, Iron Star?" She were certain now, even if the pony had not given her a name himself. The clues were getting too hard to ignore, and she found delight in having this small bit of information on him. It was a largely insignificant step above him, but she did so like to sit with more cards than those around her, even if the card was a 2. ========================================================================================= @Lloyd Dandy smiled slightly, hearing the sorta praise that he got from his queen. Any sort of recognition for his word were always appreciated, and felt like how he imagined getting a special piece of chocolate were for ponies. He had not been able to find himself that fascinated with chocolate himself after the transformation made it possible for him to taste things ponies made, but the way it were described by those he had heard, it would fit well. "Thank you your highness. Would you like for me to place myself at the train station and wait for them?" He had done a good job of blending in witht he guards as some random newbie so far, so he were sure that that would not be an issue. Whatever he could do to make himself feel helpful to his queen, and to gain those highly sought after signs of appreciation. Something he craved more than most, but after his injury happened, and considering how he wasn't fit for battling even before that, he wanted desperately to prove that he could still serve his queen. ========================================================================================= @Lloyd "I know much, but not all is for your ears to hear. The balance is frail, and those who seeks to only weigh one side will use what they can to tip it in their favor. Even when everything have yet to be written, some of what I see could make others change and make it worse, or avoid disaster that is needed." "Enough out of you. Unless you're helping, I will have you returned to your cell." "Incorrect." A powerful gust of wind send Dew several meters back, though he managed to stay on his hooves. "I guide how far I must, but I do not serve you, nor the good that you hold valiant. I am balance, and the only reasons I remained were to calm Enzo to make him an asset for you, and to ensure that the darkness is not blown away by your actions. What reservations you may have against that is not important." "Say that to my fist." Zhu were surprised by the strike he got into his face as much as anypony around him were, though Enzo seemed slightly amused by it. The serpanther wobbled, and fell to the ground with a barely noticeable thud. "Guess that proves that theory. Too many things to see and evaluate, so he doesn't notice what happens right in front of him. You should put him back in his cell before he wakes up again." Dew gritted his teeth at the dragon. "We could have talked with him." Scorn scoffed, and nearly seemed to laugh at the pony. "You heard him. Do you think that he would not have interfered somehow if he was loose?" Begrudgingly, Dew shook his head. He did not like to see that, but the dragon made a fair point. whilst he signaled for two guards to come and drag Zhu back to his cell, Enzo would stop his amusing look and spread his large wings. "Fun as that were, let's get on our way. I feel like wrapping up a few traitors like presents." With that, he'd get into the air, and wait for Iron to lead the way. Potnentially with some random guards too, in case they'd listen to the general whose rank they did not know of. Could be he just wanted this to be done with the few closely by, but Enzo would see. ========================================================================================= @genessee Getting to the door, Alonsus got the food ready whilst Lance knocked the door. A few seconds later, a stallion with a crazed look on his face, a hammer in his muzzle, and pulp of different fruits all over his coat would open the door. "Melon, your food have arrived." ALonsus were still a little shaken, but e did his to keep a smile up, whilst the pony let go of the hammer and grabbed the box. Smelled like almonds, but other than that it was hard to say what was in it. "Thanks. Can't have time to make something when there's art to be created!" With that he closed the door and went back into his house to do whatever it were that he did, which finally made Alsonsus chuckle again. "He is an ice cream vendor, not strictly a crazy pony. Large is his passion for finding and testing new flavors though. Shall we proceed Lance?" The shot of normality (for him) helped Alonsus a great deal right now. Strange as it may be to think, seeing a borderline fanatic try his 150th attempt at a new sorbet ice were tremendously effective in reminding him where he were and the sort of life he should focus on right now, and not the one that briefly came towards him before. Though Lance may well see that this would not last long, as a certain pegasus were closing in on them from behind. This may end up ugly.
  5. @Lil' Lovebug @Widdershins Good to see, but it will depend on Widdershins. I'm game if it comes down to it, though a wooded area will be needed then for... Reasons. No spoilers. =============================== @Widdershins @~Phoenix~ Phoenix will be taking a hiatus for a time, but worry not, Grim and Sorrow are still there, and I do plan to take the later in use. :3 It should be time for a little... Incident. *evil laughter* Oh, and just go through the station. They don't use all the space, and the forge might make enough noise to mask said train. It will be rather noisy. =============================== @GingerLightning Hello again my friend, long time no see. Quick summary: Ponyville is being repaired, outside workers are here, and both them and the large dragon controlling them are just to be mostly ignored. I will write them out when the work is done. Now then, do you wish to return? I could whip out a setup like it was nothing. ============================= @MiragetheChangeling If in doubt, say we reached town. New scenario might help your blockage.
  6. Open Casual stroll

    @woodchunks66 So this was a pie? How intriguing. She had heard the word being used in town a few times in the early hours when she had stood as a tree, but what it were had been beyond her. It appeared to be a heated meal of some kind, and from what she could smell, there were wheat, apples, and a whole selection of things she were not sure about. She could not even see where the wheat were supposed to comein, but she were certain that the faint smell of it rose to her nostrils. Slowly she reached a curious hoof out towards it, and the roots making up her hooves grew out, adding three root *fingers* and a sharper edge that cut a small part of the slice she had gotten off, so she could bring a taste towards her muzzle. She stared at it curiously as she got it closer and had a look at how the insides were looking. Being in a valley with the most technological thing in her vicinity being spears, she had no idea about ovens, or what they might create. Honestly, she had thought the oven she had seen were a kind of commode or closet. They had those where she had lived, so she could understand that. The heat of the meal were strange to her though. Her kind did not do well with fire, and being around things that were quite warm tended to make her concerned, but this were like a stone you had taken out of the sun. Warm, but cooling by the second, and seemingly not enough to set fire to her. It were likely to be enjoyed warm, so she took the small bit to her muzzle, and started to gnaw on it slowly. Partially because she wished to savor the taste, but also since her new mouth were rather different from the old one, and she needed to get used to chew like this as well. It were not as bad as when she had to try and walk, but it would still take time. As the taste started to spread around though, Lyriel's eyes widened some in surprise. "Oh my. This is delicious." Crispy, not too warm, juicy, and full of flavor. Lyriel were amazed how the pony were able to put so much into such a small and simplistic-looking dish, and when the piece she had tried before were consumed, she would not wait long for cutting off the next piece of her part. She usually used knives and forks to meal on plates, which were why she were cutting it into small pieces like this with her roots, though the thoughts about rising the whole slice and taking bites out were starting to become rather interesting. In fact... The piece she had went down fast, and she rose the entire slice after that. She had to hold it in a particular way with her roots to not make it spill all over the place it seemed, but thankfully she didn't have to just rely on the somewhat smooth surface of a hoof. She honestly weren't sure how ponies hold on to things like this, so she were thankful that she did not need to, although it may seem somewhat strange. Slowly she took a bite this time,a nd felt the texture of the larger piece go through her teeth with delight. She wished to say something about this for now, but not until she had swallowed this piece. She did not wish to botch her words or spill from her muzzle, so she finished this whilst putting the other half of her slice on her plate once more. She would be able to eat the rest of her offered meal soon enough she would think. "I know not what magic your kind uses to create such things, but it seems well invested. Thank you for letting me try this tasty meal Applejack. Now you asked of the dragon? I did not know of him before reaching Ponyville, but he seemed to know of my kind. He is the one you see looming above your town, directing his various servants below. Ancalagon was his name, the largest creature I have ever seen of their noble race." ======================================================================================== @genessee During the next minute or so, Alonsus would be behaving strange. He kept looking from side to side with his head held lower, scouring the workers of the Courier's Guild that surrounded them nervously. Lance would not know why, but Alonsus had to make sure that there weren't others who knew him like the one from before. His past were meant to be somewhere else, and he did not want to have ponies around here to know of what happened there. He had come here because nopony knew him, which meant he could start fresh again, and beyond Straw, he had not seen anypony else knowing about him. And his boss were not going to tell, he were certain of that. When he was finally certain that they had put some distance tot he one who knew him, and that nopony else seemed to have a clue or care about him, he would begin to look more himself again. "To the right up here, and knock trice on the first door to the left. Therein resides our first delivery. If you can knock on the door, I can prepared the package. That is not an issue, right?" ==================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight Whatever he might've figured would slosh out of the cocoon, it were unlikely that he had expected anything like this. "Urgh, stupid mechanical spiderponies..." Anomaly keeled over and opened her mouth to vomit out a stream of building blocks in various colors, scuttling around on the ground and eventually forming up to the word *yick* before just melting away like morning dew. The draconequus rubbed her eyes slowly and sat down where she had been released. Though her head were a literal pumpkin with cat ears and eyes, she still managed to look like she had a horrid hangover, which sat nicely with the half-withered flowers around her neck. Whatever she had been through, it hadn't been pretty. "Stupid human thing, saying bad things..." Ah, so you can still hear me. Pity, I figured I'd have some time trash talking you without your knowledge. "I will get you for this." Keeping an iron rod right next to me in case you do. Seems like that worked nicely against you at least. Now stop teasing the poor sod you're hanging with and say hello. He might try and stab you or put a straw in your head and drink up. I have no idea. Not even sure if he can see this, or he thinks you're just talking with the sky like all the others. She turned her head and looked at the pony that had freed her from the webbing her creations had eventually put her into "Urgh, hello pony. Don't drink my brain." ========================================================================================= @Lloyd Chow didn't have the energy not to maon loudly in pain from being patched up. Feeling bones break was ne thing, but having them forcibly connect and grind together like that? It were unimaginably worse, even if it did work. The pain would thankfully be brief, but it were still a moment before he could focus, and open his eyes again. He felt the bricks on his hooves and struggled to get them loose. He felt more drained than he had been in a long time now. Not since Athriel had used him the last time had he felt this horrid, and the thought alone brought forth the images in his mind of seeing her taunt and threaten Astral, whilst he was a prisoner in his own shell. At least the first time she had taken hold of him, he hadn't been able to see what she did, and seeing and feeling what it was like to be a puppet like this now just made him feel even more useless. Fear came next, as he wondered why Athriel were no longer in him. It had something to do with all the pain before, he were sure of that, but he did not know anything beyond that. Voices started to filter through to him. They were low, but he could hear somepony yelling. A female by the sound of it, chouting about a chariot for some reason. The mumblings of Warlock also came, but why were there no Athriel or Astral? Were the voice... No, Athriel could not have taken Astral, could she? ...Get up Chow. Come on, you can do it. He kept chanting this in his head as he slowly got lose, turned towards the room where the voices came from, and crawled/limped towards the room, scouring for anything that could be seen. He saw Warlock, and a little away were Astral, and the unconsious body of Athriel's first vessel. He couldn't see others, but it was possible that he just couldn't focus on them, and that they were somewhere to his side. "Leave Astral alone you... Two-time hack. Go back to impressing... Foals with your weak tricks." The words were strained, taking from what little energy he had left, as did getting on his hooves more stably, though a this point it was more will than anything else that kept him up. A breeze would likely be enough to knock him down. Meanwhile, Athriel wished she had a mouth to speak with, so she could scream back at her traitor of a sister, but right now she were still unable to do something like that. Going down, she did see somepony unconscious that she might be able to use, but the Griffon were guarded by a combat-ready pegasus, carrying the horrid mirror in a chain around his neck. She wouldn't get anywhere near those two, which Scarcity would have liked to know. She had made sure to tell them to kee close since there was a body-snatcher with Warlock, so seeing Brick keep Blackbeak safe by going around with her on his back, protected by the Path relic, would have made her pleased. it also slowed Brick down on his way upwards, where he were now sure the others were, but it kept the Griffon safe. It were important. As for Athriel, she just kept going downwards, thinking hateful thoughts about her sister whilst bricks were passed with ease. She should soon be at the lowest level, where perhaps she could find a rat to use. It was demeaning, but it could ensure her escape for the time being. She needed to retreat and plan things over now that Sapphire was back. ============================================================================================ @Lloyd "My associates should be with them. If something were to try the amount of heavy magic that such a thing would require, I don't think they will succeed. Not with the Screaming Path in their possession. Hungry little construct, at least from what Golden told me." Scarcity knew that there was the chance that they were not close, but she had little use for panicked ponies, so she would attempt not to make things worse by saying that yes, Sapphire may well have become a slave via heavy dark magic before they could reach her. "Now then, tell the doctors how you are dearie. It did not look good before when he drained you, and they worry about your health." Her back turned on them, they could not see her smirk. Things were starting to get interesting, and =========================================================================== @Lloyd Dandy cleared his throat to try and get a bit of attention away from his queens favorite. "Actually, I know where they are. They got a message in the scroll room a few minutes ago about them being on the train from Ponyville. I think they are about an hour away or so? The train is picking up speed to get here fast due to official business, so it isn't as long a trip as normally." He had no illusions of taking favor away from Francis. He often had the queens attention, and those like Dandy could only look on in envy, though at least it made sense with him. He was just a scout and spy after all, and now that they didn't need to harvest love from ponies or find out who might be preparing an attack on their hive, his usefulness would soon end up being drastically reduced. Outside, Enzo glared cautiously at Wing, before slowly nodding. "...Fine, I will be a boon instead of a burden. But you better keep your word. If I suspect otherwise, I will turn on you." "Good, your work for now is done then." "We still need to find Warlock and Athriel. Where do they hide Enzo?" "We went directly here, I haven't a clue. If you want information, ask that one." He pointed a claw towards Zhu, whilst the guards around them started to ease up and sheath their blades once more. It seemed like the threat were not from Enzo anymore currently, at least from the sound of it, and how Dew signaled them to stay down. "Dolly here knows more than he is letting on." Zhu had not looked like anything touched him thus far. Prison, fire, potential of being struck by a sphinx, etc. Yet that first word were enough to make him take a small, shaky step backward. A sight that clearly pleased the large ally of Equestria. "You should not be aware of that." "You should guard your mind more when you're sharing memories then. Now start talking, or I will." "...They are either in the old castle in the Everfree, or within the unfinished pyramid in the heart of Saddle Arabia. The first is more likely, but there is never a guarantee." ============================================================================================== @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine The table wouldn't hold anything that seemed of value. There was an unfinished tax return for a Mr. Filth, a half-eaten sandwich that frankly wasn't looking all that well anymore, a watch, and a framed picture. The last one did hold something that might be useful though: A picture of Fiddler, a unicorn mare, a bearded earth stallion, and a roughly 16-year old earth pony that would carry a striking resemblance to Clayton, if you imagined him less well groomed and with larger glasses. Fiddler looked younger and less marked by time and stress there as well, which would make it clear that this picture was some years old. And considering how the four of them had only half smiles and looked either ready to cry or about to just hit somepony, something bad must've happened not long before said picture was taken. It were all still beneath a layer of gems though, but as Shrimp had started to eat away at this too now, the gems had gone harmless and clear, so they'd be able to see through. As for Fiddler, he reacted from getting poked at by basically letting out a very feminine screech and hide behind his hooves, shaking and begging for mercy. "Fiddler, calm yourself down, okay? Whoever was here is gone. These folks say they're are here to help." "H-Help? How can I help with anything? This is all my fault... All of them gone because of me, and now she's going for the rest... She knows... She knows!" He nearly shouted the last out before tears started to fall down from beneath his hooves, and the sulking started. Brute were not pleased since this might ruin her jacket, so she put him down on the ground before he'd end up with a ruined office and a cleaning bill. "T-Ten years. A n-nightmare that never ends..." Brute rolled her eyes and went over to do something a little unorthodox: She slapped him on the side of the head. First once to make him stop, and then when he looked up, confused at what was going on, he got a second one. "What are you d-doing?" "Getting you back to your senses. We need you to answer some questions before you start weeping, or these folks aren't gonna know who to look for." Brute still wasn't entirely sure about Discord's team, but they knew more than she did here, and hadn't done anything beyond helping thus far, so she'd default to them and then see what they'd do about it for now. Fiddler looked up, and locked eyes with Lin. He was in a pretty fragile state, so she might want to be cautious with what she asked about right now, but at least it was possible to communicate with him. Hopefully he'd know what they were looking for. "Y-You're hunting Filigree? It's not s-safe. Not anymore." ================================================================================== @Battenberg "I don't know, I think your mane looks nice." Pop was happy that Victoria and Sprinkles seemed open to being friends with Benny and her. The two of them didn't really have that many friends that didn't have an issue when the two of them were together, so anypony that didn't mind were golden in her eyes. Plus, the real Vitoria were rather nice, and Sprinkles, though a little odd, were lovely to be around. Besides, pop had lived in Ponyville for a while. She were used to energetic, somewhat strange bakers. Pinkie were basically the queen of strange. "You know, the one I told you about earlier, Snip Snap? He's a pretty well liked hair dresser. perhaps you could ask him for a style change when you meet him? Don't worry, he's not the one handling my mane." She said it jokingly, but frankly she figured that it was best said anyway. Her mane was a little weird in it, and certainly not something that she'd imagine Victoria with, though what she might want were beyond her. She honestly thought the current style were good, but she could see it being an issue when baking perhaps. Hopefully Victoria hadn't forgotten about the talk earlier about Snip. It hadn't been much that was told, but she had put him up as the pony that she thought she might get along well with. The current mood Victoria showed now did not change that. It might just help on things honestly. Snip tended to be nice to those who were, but give back when he were faced with some of the more nasty types. A good combination if you liked somepony to match wits with, but not so much if you just wanted a cuddly bear that never let out a snide remark. Whilst she talked, they kept on walking, and the area seemed to be right for where Jade would be. The houses were more massive here, both in height and width, and dragons were flying through the air. There were no ponies in sight beyond them, and that seemed to get a few looks from one of said dragons, who were now sitting on a rooftop. Likely a good thing the houses were more solid here as well.
  7. @Randimaxis @woodchunks66 @Hazard Time Mares and gentlecolts, the game is now ahoof.
  8. Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis The miner wasn't even done before Ziggy's eyes went big and wide with worry. The gates were never open this time of the day, and the guards being drugged? This was bad, bad, bad! She zoomed off faster than the miner would be able to keep up, whilst her thoughts razed on about how the guards were doing right now. Were they in pain? Were there any neurological damages? Were the poison leaving their system, or just starting to work? She knew at least three off the top of her head that presented themselves like that, and two of them would start to show off as being rapidly worse. They also required ingredients only found in Neighpon, which made it incredibly unlikely that it was this, but who had time for logic when somepony might be in danger? She had to check for growing black dots behind their ears, and bald spots on their bellies just to make sure. Then came the thought of what caused this, and her thoughts came back to Blitz. She had barely seen the little one before she had gone unconscious, but it wasn't likely that a foal could just sneak in without being spotted somehow, right? And she seemed like one of the smart heads, so- No, what was she thinking here? Bad Ziggy! Even if Blitz had done this, somepony would have noticed during the day yesterday, or when the ones who had a home outside of here went off after the flute blasted ye olde tune. Even if Blitz had gotten hold of something, it were impossible that she was the culprit, and how could she even think that about a foal? Loopy as the little one seemed, nopony would be crazy enough to work with what she was thinking about, and nothing like that would ever be sold to a filly. The parts for the poisons were too dangerous even on their own for the small ones, so it was forbidden to sell to them, at least as far as she knew. It was a footnote in the book she had read with the poisons back in the day, so she had to go on that, as she had never been that far out into the world. It wouldn't be long after that line of thought had passed through her head that she zig-zagged over the gate, made three sharp turns, and landed with a small *fwoosh* on the ground in front of the gate guards. They were pretty easy to tell apart from the others, in part because she had seen the ones on shift as she flew across and had her morning flight often enough to know who she were looking at. "Picky said you might've been poisoned? Quick, show me your bellies!"
  9. @Randimaxis Still need some confirmation from you mate before I can begin. The rest seems on board with things, but I want to know if you are okay with when Ziggy hits the gates, Woodchiunk's char will be basically right after, which will make the whole situation potentially worse. And just as things seem like they can't get worse, the loose carriage tumbles down and through the open gate. You're the boss, so we sorta need a sign-off on this.
  10. There, gotcha reply out @Lucid_Nightlight It may seem weird, but it's a setup to use a char I think will befit your characters look on reality and alternative times. It will make more sense after the next reply.
  11. @Lucid_Nightlight Alright. Soon as I'm done with my raid, I'll edit in a response to your post in my list. As have been mentioned though, please don't quote reply. Just press @ and then write the name until one shows, then press that, and it will tag. I make loooooooooong posts, and it doesn't need to be quoted.
  12. Open Casual stroll

    @MiragetheChangeling "Don't we all." He smiled a little to himself and looked at Amanita and Jelly. Might be the former was technically an adult, but it didn't change the sentiment in what he were thinking. About how as a parent,y our purpose wasn't just to educate your young, but also shield them from all the harm in the world. An impossible undertaking, but a good father or mother would want to keep them safe, no matter how impossible it actually were, and it reflected well on Mirage that she seemed to have the same way of looking at things. Perhaps Changelings were really not as different as Ponies as he usually thought... Meanwhile, jelly's jaw nearly dropped to the ground as she heard that Amanita didn't know what music were? "You don't know music?! Poor new friend." Jelly would try and flutter closer and hug the mare, feeling sorry for the tall bug pony. "Music is amazing. There's pretty songs, machines that gives out loud drumming noises, and instruments! Ooooh, I should've brought my flute." It was a thing in the Canterlot school. You had to be part of the music class at some point, and when she had, the flute were the only thing that really drew her in. They had tried to teach her the harp, but... She'd rather not want to think about that. The vibrations that close to her head had hurt, and she got her hooves tangled in the strings twice in the first hour, so that was no good. ========================================================================================== @Lloyd Much as she had examined what Chow did and knew how to fight with him as a vessel, she did not have the sense of battle that he had gained through years of training his senses. He would've seen the first strike were a rouse and blocked the strike to the gem, whereas Athriel struck where it seemed to make sense, and got one of the larger surprises in her life when Astral cut through the germ where her mother resided in. She didn't have the time to say anything after that before the shockwave hit, and with her wearing the necklace, she got blasted with the blunt of the strike, and hammered back into, and through the wall behind her. The damaged to Chow's body from this were extensive. she could feel broken bones, ruptured veins, internal and external bleeding alike, as well as the massive burn on his front from the force... His vessel was no longer worth holding on to. She would have abandoned it outright and taken her old one back if she hadn't looked through the hole and watched the last thing she had imagined happen: Her sister getting reformed before her very eyes. It was impossible to think it anything else. She knew how Sapphire looked like, and she could almost taste her magic from over here. There were no doubt, and with her between the Griffon's body and Athriel, there would be no escape that way. She gritted her vessel's teeth. "This is not over... Traitor." It was the last thing she said as she expelled herself from Chow through his pores, and went down into the cracks in the stone floor, taking advantage of the only good thing about her current state: She were basically a soul in mist. It wouldn't be hard for her to go deep, where she would try and find herself a new host. Had to be something she could use in here. With her gone however, Chow were woken up to a world of pain, and would let out what he felt like should be a large scream, but were more coughing and troubled breathing. His best bet were that a lung had collapsed, but it was hard to focus through the pain. With the best of will, he could only really focus somewhat on keeping on breathing. Just breathe, whilst he was helpless after the incredible fore he had been slammed through the thick wall with. He was going to need help, and it had to be fast. ============================================================================================ @Lloyd Blackbeak looked triumphantly on Warlock. The mirror had taken from his armor, and kept his attacks from doing much, leaving him to go on the defense, even after the mirror stopped the assault, and just reacted when he used new magic, rather than the latent one it had feasted on when it came to his armor. The element didn't seem to interest the creature for some reason, which were likely lucky for Warlock, or the tendrils might well still go at him. As for the stones tossed at them, Brick handled those. He didn't even draw a blade yet as he smashed them to the side so they didn't hit the Griffon behind him. It was clear that this was a step up from the low-rung guards Warlock had run into before, or the mostly self-trained Chow. This were a fight against professionals equipped to deal with him, and it would take a miracle to not have this all end here and now. That was when the shockwave from above hammered through the rocks and down to them... The shock itself were not magical down here, or at least not enough to really catch the interest of the hungry relic, so it hit Blackbeak without protection, and caused her to hammer into the floor, slam her head pretty hard, and pass out instantly. The mirror in her talons scurried across the floor towards Brick and Warlock, vulnerable for somepony else to pick. Brick would be the one. He had felt the pressure, but refused to bend his knees and fall down. It had taken a lot out of him to stand his ground from the pressure, and the pain on his normally stone-faced expression would also give off that it were not without cost, but he had been able to withstand it. He had turned around instinctively, used to seeing if once his squad, and now Scarcity were safe, and saw Blackbeak fall, and the mirror get out of her grip. Instinctively, he stomped down and caught the chain that way without hurting the glass, which were good. Though the sound of something cracking above him made him do something he had not thought he'd do here: He would take it up, hold it in his teeth, and retreat to the Griffon. Stones were falling from the ceiling, leaving him with only two options to reactively chose from. Save his associate, or take down Warlock by jumping forward. Not a real choice, though he wasn't even sure if Warlock were still there at this point. He had thought of Blackbeak first, and it would have left him time to escape, or be slung away out of reach. If it had done neither, he would certainly have a chance now, as the Pegasus charged over to Blackbeak, got hold of her, and dragged her with him away from the rocks falling down towards them. ========================================================================================= @Lloyd "Sir, you got to calm down." The main doctor had jumped back a little to avoid getting hit by the suddenly awake Iron, but now he had to step back in and handle things. He needed the pony calm and able to tell them what might be wrong with him, and not whatever else he was jabbing on about. He frankly had no idea, so he would focus on the stallion's health first and foremost. Others could handle what he was talking about. Scarcity didn't know much what was going on either, but she did know who Sapphire were, which were a plus in her book. After she had handed over the house to Astraland Misty, she had made sure to send some words to a few contacts that were skilled in digging up dirt, so she could find out some backstory on who she were dealing with. Considering the magical talk the three had engaged in now and again - they really should have listened when Chow told them that the city had ears everywhere - it helped give enough information for her to get something useful on Astral. Misty on the other hoof, she had yet to hear something back about, though she suspected that what she would learn would not be pleasant. Something bad had to happen for a Zebra foal to be away from her people. As for Astral, it was sadly still very little. Mainly just a hasty birth certificate and a few stories so far, though she had been assured that there would be more coming, as one of her associates had managed to track down where she had grown up. It would not help her right now though, but what would were that first thing: The birth certificate. Only names on that one, and it did seem oddly unprofessional done - Perhaps a shaky hoof or somepony who weren't a doctor, which one she did not know yet - but the name Sapphire were there, as well as her father. "Ah, so her mother have returned? I would think that would be good news. Unless of course, something is wrong with the dearly departed?" A story about Sapphire's death was something else that had been brought her, but it was all that was found about her, and somehow, she were suspecting that this would be everything she would ever hear. There was no proof of that yet of course, but it just seemed so sparse what she were learning about the family right now. Usually she would have a heap of starting information, but this were barely anything. Too little to just be a coincidence. She suspected that they were either reclusive and lived outside the boundaries of civilization, or they had removed most of the traces themselves. She supposed she would see when she got some more information on Astral she supposed. It may be that she were the key. There was feelers out to find out something about her father as well, but so far, nothing there. Though she suspected that this stallion, who seemed so connected to both of them, may well be the dear old father of the witch. What a curious flock they were. ====================================================================================================== @Lloyd "I was not a slave of the element I was forced to carry. The wards kept it dormant." Enzo rose his head a small bit so he could look at the metal-winged pony who were talking with him now. The one with the throwing feathers that had been harassing him before the wind got weird it seemed. "It would have been easier. At least then I would have had something to blame." He were reluctant to answer what else was being told by the pony. The thought hat a sphinx would be seen as a hero by ponies were ridiculous, and he should trample the pony for even teasing him with this, after he had been dragged around the nose for so long already. First by the pillars, and then Athriel and Warlock. His claws scratched into the ground when he thought of them, and how they had used him as a distraction. An action he noticed, which made the guards around them prepare a battle stance. The way ponies would likely always approach something like him. It was the way he had always been told when he were a kitten at least, yet if he looked back to the ones in charge, here was now this tiny, iron-winged pony who reached an olive branch to someone who had just attacked them, and behind him the one in the helmet - whom had been quick to charge him before - stood still and just watched, waiting for what would happen. Scorn were still looking distrustful and in disbelief that anyone would try and trust something like Enzo, but he were one of the new generation of Pillars, so he were not surprised. As for the cloaked one, he seemed to just stand and watch the diplomatic pony as he went through this. An odd one for certain, though not one worth his focus right now. That was on Iron Wing, and the thing he had said. Minutes would pass in silence, as the sphinx would ponder the suggestion and the implementation, and weighing the pros against the cons. This was not something to pick from lightly, as it may well just end with him in another trap, which would make it a better option to simply fly away now, and never look back. "...If I agree to helping you, what guarantee do I have that I will not be bound in spells or chains?" Meanwhile in the castle, the Dandy looked out a the sphinx nervously, before gazing back at his queen. "T-The entire army? What if Canterlot thinks they're being invaded again? Chrysalis actions caused a lot of us to be hurt by association alone..." He brought a hoof to his blinded eye, and ran a hoof down the scar. It was a painful reminder of what could happen when the perception of changelings changed from annoying parasites, to unholy monsters. At least with the first he had been able to work for his food, back when he needed to drain love, but right after the news about Chrysalis' attack came out, things got drastically changed. Not just for him, but for all of their kind. Small hives that were working with ponies got attacked and had to flee, the bigger hives increased in size, as the smaller ones were now unable to sustain themselves, and the alluring words of the stronger ones telling them that they needed to live together to make it got more enticing. Then there were rampant attacks, retaliations, starvation... It had been a nightmare for their kind,t hat was only now slowly coming to an end. If they started to do something stupid, it might just end up making it even worse for years to come, =========================================================================================== @woodchunks66 "When the time of a dryad is at its end, we are reclaimed by the ground, and sent to rest in the Earth Mothers warm embrace. Her love will soothe the pains we went through, and make us forget our worries, so that we are ready for the day when she will return us to fertile soil." This were what she had grown up learning, and it were what she believed in as well. In the end, all of them would be allowed to return to their deity's embrace, and she would cleanse them off the worries that weighed on troubled minds. Even those of her people who now turned their backs on her teachings, would one day be reborn in new shells. At least she hoped so, as it were the only hope left she could see for her troubled tribe. "Nothing is forever my friend. Everything will eventually pass, and from the mulch will grow new life. From the phoenix who rise from their flames, to the beetles who picks clean those whose time were done. Death will lead to life in one way or another, and the great cycle of nature will continue." Lyriel did not fear the end, as long away as a natural one for her were away. She knew that it were just a small part in the larger picture, and she found peace in knowing that even when things ended, she would still be part of the nature she loved, one way or another. As she entered Applejack's house, she found herself fascinated by everything within the place. It were not the first place she had seen, as she had curiously glanced through a few windows during the night, but it were no less fascinating to her. So different from what it were in her old home, and yet with some smaller similarities. How intriguing. Sitting down, she were reminded of her family again as she were asked a few questions by Applejack, with the first sparking the most glimpses of better times. "In the valley I sprouted in, there are no more like me. Those who remains are tormented husks of who they once were, and it fills me with sorrow to think that their heretic ways have driven them so far into the arms of madness. I have been told that there are others though, who thinks and guards like I do, somewhere out there. Perhaps the day will come when I will meet them? It is a pleasant thought at least. And others did see me. The dragon hovering over your town wished to speak with me, and they got a good look at me, when I was more humanoid in shape. It is why I needed to get away a little. I had a want for a little space, and an escape from strange glances. It is my hope that perhaps now, I can mingle better with your kind. Ponies were most of whom helped me escape the Silver Valley, and I hold your kind in high regards partly because of that. Though I must admit, that in general I simply find you fascinating. You are quite the joyful creatures." ========================================================================= @Dji @Widdershins Spicy and Marley exchanged knowing looks, but kept silent for the time being. The mare because she wanted to see if the two of them would start to make out again as she slowly started to walk with her wagon, and the griffon because he were getting curious if the dragon were gonna move in for another kiss and swoop her off her hooves. He were a bit of a romantic in his own way, and liked seeing couples blossoming like that. Just you know, with a bit more confidence. He could just say that and make himself seem a little better, but unfortunately, the romantic side of him had to go through a few filtering layers of confidence and sass that would cause him to sound more like a donkeys flank. ================================================================================== @Dji @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich If Cherish were corporeal, she would've winced at the comment from Twilight. "Ghosts are like everypony else, we mostly don't want to hurt others. The good ones just eventually go mad from pain, sorrow and longing after something that isn't there anymore, and they lash out. Some more lucky ones just gets caught in a loop of thoughts, going through the same things again and a again until somepony comes and help them. I was once like that, but I got a friend to talk to and play with. He helped me keep sane until the strange mare with the burning ears and the bat pony came and helped him to let go. He's someplace better now." She missed her friend. He had been with her for centuries by all accounts, and they had been through a lot of stuff together. Including the occasional different mares who came around and cleared some of the other ghosts out. The two of them tended to hide when it were, but with the newest and strangest mare, her friend wasn't the same. He had started to slip into loops and sorrow over the past few months that she couldn't help him get rid off, and at the time the duo had shown up, it was hard for her to even get in contact with him anymore. He were having such a strange, glazed over look in his eyes for a long time whenever he saw her... When he was finally able to let go, she briefly saw him as how he used to be again, and she knew that wherever he were going, it was a good place. Someplace with ponies who waited for him from what she had heard. Perhaps one day, it would be her time, but she wasn't ready to let go yet. She still had something in the world, now that these uhm... *assorted creatures* had helped her out of the lonely castle. "I'm still sorta sane, and I want to try and help again, like I did when I was alive. starting with the poor doctor I hurt. She's too young to move on." About the same time she said that, the group would find themselves at the hospital, at which point Last would whisper to Cherish that she should get the doctor out in the open. As she did this, a nurse that had been taking a breath of fresh air came wandering towards her, not looking all that pleased at Last. "Miss Stand! What did the doctors tell you about exerting yourself? It's a miracle in itself that you can walk around in your condition." "I'm not pulling this. Her majesty, Princess Twilight, is doing so. I'm just directing it. Now help the doctor." The nurse looked confused until Ziggy came into view of her, and she nearly let out a scared meep. The way her leg was bend were really not a good sign, as were the swollen right wing and the fact that she was unconscious. "W-What happened?" "Accidental collision with a bunch of trees further into the forest. She's been out for about a half hour." The mare didn't waste more time, and let out a loud whistle towards the hospital. Three others would be there soon after with a gurney, and would take the doctor in pronto so they could have a look on her. The doc was in safe hooves now, though it seemed to annoy them some that Fah'lina went in with her, and refused to let go off her. "Where do you want the payload, your majesty?" Last's focus were now on Princess Sparkle, who would direct them to where Serenade and them needed to be. Preferably the castle she would think, but they would see. Long as the siren could remain hidden this should be an easy undertaking. ======================================================================================= @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine Brute grunted and observed then. There wasn't much else to do really, other than waiting until Shrimp had taken notice of the crystallized pony. Either he understood that it was more important that the pony got loose than him eating the gems on the desk, or an encased pony was just more delicious. Considering the licking of lips going on, one would lean towards the last option, but that may just be a coincidence. Regardless, the refraction would get to work and slowly, you could see the shifting colors on the crystallized ponies drain and make way for a few small craxk. Then those became larger as the pattern spread, making it seem as if the pony was about to just break up into small pieces. Brute was not looking happy when this went on, and especially not when the last drop were cleared from the top of the statue, and the cracking gems just pulverized around the pony. "-wear i won't tell anypony!" Fiddler were in motion, like the ponies in the mind had been, and stumbled backwards into one of the shelves. It looked like it was going to fall too, but Brute kept it up with her magic, though the pony hardly even noticed her at first. He was too caught in a widely confused and terrified facial expression, and had to blink slowly several times beneath the greying hair of his usually orderly mane, before his brain kicked in again. The pony he had been attacked by were gone, it was early instead of night, and there were crystals on his desk, being chewed on by some kind of white and gold snake-dragon. His door was also gone, and behind it were two strange creatures and Brute. "B-Brute? Oh dear Celestia, you have to call in the guard. All of them. We have to stop her before she escapes." Brute stepped forward, doing hers to avoid the crystals as she got closer to the terrified pony with his back to the shelf. "Whoever were here is long gone Fiddler. Now come on out before the shelf falls on you, or that strange creature d-" She didn't get further before a gem fell from the ceiling towards Fiddler, seemingly aiming to latch on and spread, but it barely hit him before Shrimp let out a small blast of glittering fire towards it, which both hit the hoof-sized gem and Fiddler. Behind them, Omen looked on as the accountant got blasted, though it didn't seem to do much else than make him space out enough for Brute to just pick him up, sling over her back, and walk out with. "Things are strange in there." With that, she turned back to her master, and looked up at his (in her eyes) perfect form. Chaotic and majestic, as she had been informed by him in times long gone. "How does humans make chaos? Don't think siblings from human worlds speak with me. Big with two legs and no coat are human, right? They look weird." She were curious a to what else he could teach her, and was more or less uninterested in what was going on behind her, were Brute would go up to the side of Sen and Lin and told them that they might wanna give Fiddler a bit of a slap to wake him up from his daze before asking him things. ======================================================================================== @Battenberg "I dunno what make up is, but hey, funny to see the pony beneath the face paint. Looks like she even got a little more color on her cheeks." Benny grinned at the blushing Victoria. She seemed to be lighting up like a Christmas light right in front of them. Something which would just get more apparent when Sprinkles came over and the two of them had a heart to heart. No joking there, they sounded like a pair of actual friends there, and it seemed to put Sprinkles off her game entirely. It was kinda fun to look at. Not as funny as when Victoria called Sprinkles a brat though. It was delivered so perfectly that Benny just couldn't stop himself from letting out a laugh and a few small chirps. It happened when he was laughing quite a lot, like with some beings and snorting during it. Pop didn't laugh quite as hard, though a good chuckle did escape her over the delivery. It was a pretty well done joke after all, she had to admit that. "What did you do to her Benny? She seems so alive now compared to before." The cherry tone from Pop that had rejoined him now were just what he needed to her, and he leaned over to hug his mate. "Big ol' heaping of love and understanding, wrapped in a dragon hug. Just as the doctor prescribed." Pop enjoyed the embrace for a time before she nudged loose so they could follow the two baker mares. Some mares might have then started to think about whatever or not Benny might have had a deeper connection with Victoria than what he had said, but Pop had no reason to be afraid of that. She trusted Benny on that matter without question, and knew that he was just a friend to Victoria. Hopefully she could be too at some point, which were sort of the reason she caught up before Benny did. She wanted to try something. "Hey, Victoria? Sorry to bother you right now, but you seemed to do better and I just wanted to ask you something. You uhm... You wouldn't mind Benny and I calling you our friend, would you?" "Sprinkles too. Anyone throwing cupcakes are friends, it's in the law." She chuckled at the comment from behind her. Silly dragon. "And Sprinkles too of course. You're both nice ponies, and we'd be happy to hang out with you some more at some point in the future. You know, if Jade doesn't eat me." She chuckled at that too, though a little more nervously. She knew it was against the law, and Benny had told her that his mother ate purely gems, but the thought wasn't out of the real of possibility in her mind after actually meeting the dragoness. Intimidating lady that one. ====================================================================================== @genessee "Ah, Melon Scooper, He is not far from us. Onward my friend, so that we might vanquish his hunger." Alonsus let out a small, deep laugh. He'd laugh more naturally, but he did what he could to avoid that, even if it sounded a bit fake what he had going now. The bellowing laugh he could give off bordered on something a cartoon villain would let out, and after being told in the self-help classes that it made the teacher imagine Alonsus with a twirling mustache and a cape, he had started to try and fade it out. It was a rather embarrassing image to have connected to you, at least in his mind. As they went on their way, the stallion poked Lance surprisingly gently, and pointed towards a house where the roof were being set up by different beings working as efficiently as a bundle of ants. "That house were little more than rubble when I made my way past it earlier, and none of them were doing more than clearing it. Fast workers." A beanstalk of a pegasus seemed to take notice of Alonsus and rose a hoof in greeting at the pony with a big smile. Alonsus were about to raise his hoof, but then suddenly had the smile freeze on his face, and stomped down with worry plastered over his face. "W-We should be on our way. Ponies are waiting, yes... Yes..." He'd scurry along, whilst the pegasus sent weird, confused looks towards the retreating earth pony. ============================================================================================= @Lil' Lovebug "Yeah, that might be it. Unfortunate circumstances it seems. Pity that your friend didn't know that though... Hopefully she will return at some point." He didn't actually mean that, as she had kinda scared him actually, but as long as he were not near, then sure, he hoped that the two would reunite. Had seemed like they were friends at least, and the flaming ear mare had appeared rather dimmed when she heard that Satin had left. "My name is Bubble Bath. I currently work in the reception over at the spa. Perhaps it would be a good place for you to stop by at some point, if you have issues sleeping? A good massage, steam bath, etc. can really help ease a troubled mind sometimes." The spa really did help, so he wasn't just trying to make a sales pith here. There had been many a lonely night were he had been thinking nervously about how he might approach Bulk Biceps and ask into his uhm, *preferences*, where a good mud bath really helped him ease up and get better rested the day after. A shame he still hadn't buckled up the courage to say anything, but that was neither here nor there, surely. "If I see her there, I can also tell her that you're still in town. We get a lot of troubled ponies who feels a little under the weather there, so perhaps she's enjoying a treatment." ============================================================================================== @~Phoenix~ @Widdershins A blush spread on Smokey's face as well as she kept silent and looked away from him. He were pushing her too much again it seemed. When would he learn the right amount to not wander into traps here? Foolish heart of his could not regulate it well after their moment, even if the draconequus had spoiled the mood at the end quite drastically. "Could we perhaps... Go to the adjourning room and talk? Grim seems to be entertaining who I think is Widdershins right now, so perhaps we can have a few moments to speak? Please?" He had been looking at Widdershins as he had talked, unable to look at Phoenix and that adorable blush spreading on her face without wanting to embrace her, and now that he wasn't looking at the draconequus through angry glasses, something seemed off about him. Not in the sense that he was odd, that was a given. Quite the opposite was the weird thing actually. Thinking on it, the way he spoke was more connected and less random. He also weren't doing anything strange currently, or had really done any tricks whilst he had been here beyond that one, incredibly disgusting one. The last time they saw him he were far more unhinged than this, and there was little reason in what he said. Didn't he also look more scruffy last time? Even with his appendages gone, this one seemed more elegant and less... Crazy homeless person in it, to put it simply. Perhaps later when he had a chance to speak with Phoenix, he would confront Widdershins about this. Perhaps he hadn't been joking around before. it might be that he really didn't recall being set on fire or meeting them, because this wasn't the same him as the one they had met, though how and why he wasn't sure. Draconequui were defiler of logic and reason. ================================================================================ @Foxy Socks Agni did not like being put on the floor, and drowsily flapped up, looking for something to grab hold in or sit on. She settled on a bit of particular thick moss near where Brittle were laying, which originally were going to be her pillow of sorts. With the groggy phoenix quickly falling asleep again though, not noticing who had been next to it, she didn't dare to touch it. She didn't want it angry with her, so she just sat a little away, looking cautiously on the bird, afraid of what it might do, but also fascinated with how it looked this close. The dark wasn't that much of an issue for her as she usually slept during the day and rummaged at night, since the night had less ponies wandering around that could harm her. Briar was trying to change that, but it would take a long time, along with everything else he had to work on. Behind Foxy, Briar came up and slowly opened his eyes towards the darkness. It was less harsh than it had been in Rarity's store, as the colors were darker and less varied, so it were a lot easier to adjust to it. "So this is how my home looks. How amusing." The moss in particular caught his eyes. He had grown stuff like that for years, but he had never guessed what kind of color it were, and telling a blind pony about the color green wasn't really doing much. "It is well protected, yes. I found it as a usage for one being, but after Brittle and I reunited, I gave her my sleeping space. I rest outside instead. It is quite lovely out here too, and the morning dew is refreshing." He didn't drink through his pores that much, but the morning dew were a small amount of water that went in easily. As for the river water, he had shaken most of it off after he had passed. He did not get as easily soaked as a pony, so what little were left now were currently quenching his thirst. Refreshing, if he might be so bold as to use a description that had recently passed his lips. "Being outside also means I can ensure that nothing that are not supposed to walks in, and I can get my morning fish without getting up. It is a mutually benefiting arrangement really." ==================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight Ponyville wouldn't be as normal as one might think. Even from the edge of town where he had landed, the stallion should be well able to see that some structures were damaged from how at least three roofs were currently being laid by a variety of creatures. Changelings, minotaurs, dragons, griffons, ponies of all varieties, and likely more. It might have something to do with the large dragon looming over the town, but it was hard to say just from looking at it. Still, for Ponyville this was still relatively tame, although if he had that impression, it would not last long. The air in front of him would start to vibrate and stretch, as if something tried to break through, and a few seconds after, the vibration stopped, the air violently bulged, and before he knew it, there would be a pony-sized cocoon in front of the stallion, and a hole in the air that repaired itself almost instantly. If he would look though, he'd be able to see the dark outline of strange creatures, and a darkened shop of some kind, with silk spread around the floor. The cocoon wasn't made with regular threads, but seemingly some kind of rope instead, and it was wriggling from side to side as whatever was in there were struggling against what looked like the spider wrapping of a pretty large specimen. Or a prank gone horribly wrong, though neither would explain why this had just appeared in mid air like that. Only way to find out that particular answer would likely be to cut the ropes and see what the price inside was.
  13. @Widdershins This is the sort of thing I'm on about. Seems like it's in Tokyo, and it is a complete Pokemon-based store. Rather cool in my eyes. Going on to Halo, I think it would be pretty interesting, but if you wish to introduce her somewhere, perhaps it would be in a collaboration with myself and the talented @Lil' Lovebug? She holds a scroll to summon Vivid when she wishes to, though it seems she is unable to read the instructions. Demonic hurts the eyes to read, so lets just go with Vivid's hoofwriting being awful in the moment she wrote, making it akin to a doctors note. Of course, Lovebug haves plenty of say in this as well, and I will not force things. I merely state it as an option, in case the stars and opinions align. I am merely here to support you all. ^^ And thanks for the clarification of Widdershins. I will see if I can keep that in mind at some point, though I apologize if it will be simplified a bit when I do. Sometimes my brain refuses to access higher functioning thoughts. Oh right, almost forgot: Something that you asked earlier it seems I didn't answer. The thing Happy is fixing is the part where Ambie is securing it on his back, and then to the cart itself. I have no idea what it is actually called, so I just tend to go with harness. Ah, and @Lucid_Nightlight? YA still need to lemme know if you would be up for running with Widdershins instead. Makes it easier for the two of us to know who gets a stab at you when we know who you would prefer. ^^