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  1. @Catpone Cerberus "I didn't threaten him. I just expressed my annoyance with him digging into something I didn't want to hear about, since I don't believe that there are many good enough reasons for dragons to kill dragons. We're supposed to have some fights, and perhaps cause some damage, but killing another of our kind is too far in my opinion. At worst one should just beat them up until they are no longer a threat, not... Urgh, just no." "I will keep my opinion on this matter to myself, as it seems to be neither warranted, nor wanted, though I will say that I find it heartwarming how much you appreciate me, Ruby. It makes this simple bird feel very delighted." He considered adding another stab at her pony costume here, with some wording on how she'd end up singing and dancing soon, proclaiming her joy for his presence through the same means as them, but he did not want a claw through his chest, and there weren't a bunch of witnesses here that kept him relatively safe, so he'd stay his beak for the time being. "That being said, I do not wish to make our new companion uncomfortable without reason, so I will abstain from further inquiries about the subject." "Thank you." Leviathan seemed like it made her actual sick to think about dragons getting killed, which were more or less the truth. She didn't think it were something any of their kind should do, and to think that Ruby willingly had done so, took some open-mindedness. Especially since she might have known some of the dragons she went after for what? Sport? To prove a point? What reason were that to take a life of their own kind? At best she could relate to the ones who attacked Ruby as likely having deserved it, considering the sort of dragon Ruby were, but the other she had gone after just as a test were not sitting so well with her, best as she tried. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus The mimic let out another deep sigh, but kept laying down for a bit more as she mulled over what she had been told. Despite what some might think, these mimics were not dumb creatures. They understood what those around them said and did, and in some cases, found certain ways to respond to that, such as writing, or charades. And understanding what she were told now, she needed to process it a bit, and think of a new way to go at this whole thing. Eventually, she'd nod, and start to rise up again, having made a decision on what to do in this situation. Raising a paw, she'd poke at her fingers with the other, one, two... Seven times, indicating seven days, then pointing at herself, and then the bed she were standing on. She'd then jump off it, and go to the dresser on the side, then point at the wall with both paws, whilst keeping her gaze on Nada. If the siren knew her directions well, she might realize that what the mimic were pointing towards, were the forest. Likely where she were currently staying, or at least planning to. It'd be a long wait she were none too happy about, but there wasn't any other choices, so she had to live with this. Provided that Nada understood this, she'd wait until there were an opening, and begin to see if she could get past the siren, and back downstairs to her entry point, so that she could get out again. A shame it had been shut since then. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "Sounds like some kind of rot-based magic. Maybe necromancy? Don't know a whole lot about that sort of stuff I'm afraid, but the talk about undeath seems to fit. Usually not in a good way, but you're a good example that you can't just go by what rumors you hear toiling around." So, Scarecrow were some kind of zombie then? A peculiar development, but one that Straw were sympathetic towards. It couldn't be an easy *life* like that, though at least he wasn't like the fables said, right? No brain eating, no moans and attempts at tearing up random strangers, and he were rather articulate. Not somepony you'd consider a flesh-eating ghoul, so that were a nice variation on the lore. Made him awfully curious about what went on, but it sounded as if Scarecrow himself didn't even know, so there wasn't much he could do there. Find some books maybe, but inquiries about one of the forbidden arts might get him into some hot water, even if it were just anecdotal stuff. It were a risk assessment he'd have to consider later on. "Flying badger aside, so far it seems we are making good way. With some luck, this will be little more than a pleasant stroll." ================================================================================================ @EQ_Theta "You needn't apologize to me. You made your statement in good faith, and I appreciate it. I am just saying that you should keep in mind what is going to happen soon, and the limitations that will cause." Unless he were directly asked, he were not going to divulge further details to their hostess, as he already knew her opinion on him were somewhat clouded. Learning that he were going to prison for high treason, might not help that matter. He could try a side lie, but attempting that before had gotten him shushed, so he did not feel as willing to go that route again currently. "As for what I would like to do... I could mention several things which I might find good to get done before tomorrow, but were I to pick, all I'd wish for, where to sit atop a hill, and glare at the moon with a few ripe blood oranges in my grasp. A simple wish, yet it is the only realistic one I can think of at the time." "What then, were you not to limit yourself to only what you found attainable, dear?" "If that were the case, I wish I could see my father and properly say goodbye to him. Yet considering it is far too dangerous for me to go where he is now, combined with his severe dementia, such a thing can never be." Amethyst had a hard time not looking at Rosa with sadness and pity as he said this. Losing somepony to a disease like that were horrendous, and despite her personal opinions on the stallion, she could not hear something like this and not have sympathy with his plight. "I'm sorry to hear that." "So am I." An awkward silence would come from Amethyst after that, who were not sure how to tactfully talk after this revelation. A gap which Rosa would fill, as he did not want more uncomfortable atmosphere to spread, than what had already been there. "Moving on... There are several hours more until the moon rises, and until then, I would like to help you two with whatever you wish to get done. I'll rest easier, knowing that I've done what I can for you while we still had the time for it. Perhaps speaking with that elder of yours, would be a valuable usage of said time? If not, I suppose we could try and think of something which we'd all enjoy that doesn't carry a lot of gravitas. I hear carnivals are a popular pastime among regular beings." ============================================================================== @Midnight Both of them looked at Icy like they had no idea what she were on about, yet still tried to smile about it to seem supportive. Kind of like a pair of parents to a smart kid, who were doing his darndest to make them proud, so they made themselves be so. Even if they had no idea what they were being told. "So... Lotta magic heebie jeebies, it's wrapped in ice, lots science stuff happens, and it's real good at dealing with some big nasties? I heard hydras were pretty big, foul creatures to run into anyway. Very hard to defeat according to the other guards, but I dunno if it's just stories. Never even seen a picture of one." "I have. From both that, and the stories I've heard out there, it's best not to try anything with them." When you were as well traveled as Pop were, you got to see and learn quite a few tourist spots, as well as local legends and stories. Hydras were by far not the worst of those, but they were generally spoken off as big, nasty, and insanely hard to defeat, leaving it the better option to just leave them alone and do your best not to catch their ire. "Huh, neat. Anyway, what's the verdict on the portal. Icy? It snipped some of your tail, so I'm guessing it needs some fine tuning, maybe? Or were that just kind of an accident? All this magic stuff's really confusing sometimes." ================================================================================= @Pastel Heart @Widdershins The owl spread his wings and gave off a happy coo, before rubbing his beak softly against Pastel's scalp. Clearly, he were enjoying the positive energy that radiated from the filly, and considered her to have been an even better seat than he had at first thought. A tree stump were great, but it didn't compliment you, whereas this curious, four-legged creature did. "Nuhuh, you're the cool one. You didn't even flinch when that badger ate your pipe. I would've flown off right away But that doesn't mean that you should just face anything without worry. You're my friend, and I don't wanna see you get hurt, so I'll do anything I can to protect you from all sorts of mean, dangerous things." She'd give Pastel a small hug, since they'd have to get on their way soon, before the matriarch took notice of them. Between the young owl and her, this would surely show Pastel that she were well loved by her new friends, who wanted only what were best for her. "Now come on, we gotta go before the big dog fi-" Jelly hadn't the chance to finish her sentence before the crazed, speedy pony suddenly started bawling on, finishing in a very yell that got them the unwanted attention of the matriarch, that the fillies had wanted to avoid. Apparently they were the smart one, and the adult were the one who shouldn't be listened to in this situation, since he had just about thrown them straight into danger again. "Wh- Why would you do that? It's gonna find us now!" She were baffled by this, but didn't have time to do more than a small yelp towards the stranger - complete with a hanging jaw of bafflement - before the matriarch quickly closed the distance and towered above them. This one were smarter than her children. She weren't going to leap and potentially miss small ones like this. No, she would show her dominance through sheer size, and then hunt this prey. Not to eat them though. She had long since learned that chasing those to eat were a bad decision, so she were mainly focused on getting them out of her territory, and to warn them that whilst she did not eat their kind, she could still do bad things to them if they tried anything with her. Sometimes, being the top predator around were a hard job. Getting in really close, she'd start to growl right down at the fillies, where one of them were getting a little pale from being way in over her head. "R-R-Run!!!" Or fly, or whatever worked,, long as they got out of there before the big bad wolf did something unspeakable to them. Jelly for one, would surely get a move on, not wanting to be anywhere near something that could use her as a toothpick, whom also seemed to be in a bad mood. That sounded like the recipe for a very short life, and they were all too young to die. Three of them were in fact just kids. =============================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows Last few weeks had not really been all that exciting for any of them. When they finally got on the same page, it turned out that they were able to talk some of their differences out, and without being able to find out where the mysterious Opal were, they eventually just resigned to waiting until she popped up to do something about her, and went on to do what they each did best. For Emerald, that were currently sitting in her swamp, making use of a pony that they had *liberated* from a hospital. A coma patient with a family that had been desperate to get her back, and through a lot of convincing and headache-inducing magic talk, they reluctantly agreed to let her be possessed for a time, in exchange for the guarantee that she'd be brought back to the waking world again. A promise which would be kept by Emerald, yet she still had two days to go on the body, and were still in the process of making the proper concoction for her sister to have her resurrected, so it would need to wait for a little while longer. It had sadly taken more time than expected to prepare everything, as they had needed to get some more materials ready, but soon enough, they would only need the blood. As the moon were at it's highest on this night, to be exact. By then, the last concoction should be finished, and everything be ready to get this show on the road. Including the long dead mare's bones, which had been cleansed over a week earlier. Double Chow in the meantime, were splitting his time between hanging out with his new witch friends to just sorta hang out and learn magic, as well as getting his business back up running Took less effort than he had thought, but he were pretty sure that the word around the block that he were back were helped some by Scarcity, despite him not seeing much of her, and not getting an answer out of her when he asked. Just that usual, all knowing smirk of hers. As for Warlock, his trial had gone fairly well, with Hogweed talking his case and as promised, took on the responsibility of his reformation process. A pretty big deal, but she had made a long, compelling case that eventually won the generals over enough to let it proceed, though so far, it had all still happened within jail. Today were going to be the first day where as part of his rehabilitation, she'd at least get him out to have a walk in the yard, which had not been possible until now due to orders from up top. Also due to the leg for him taking some extra time, but all the necessary prosthetics were here now, and Hogweed were diligently purring them on Warlock, and asking about his comfort levels as they went along. She didn't want to risk this being painful to him. He were her responsibility right now after all, and so far, she felt good about it. He had shown some good improvements. Still, he'd be required to wear a few chains on his person, just to make sure that no magic escaped and tempted him. It'd be some time before those were allowed off. ======================================================================== @Rising Dusk Lily wouldn't openly admit it, but she had actually smirked at the joke about Thistle. She really shouldn't be, as it were rather bad, but there had been a certain quality to it that in the moment, had become briefly amusing. "You shouldn't underestimate High Priestess Thistle. She is the herald of Viz'nay, and even through being weakened, tortured, and punished by Twisted in ways you could not imagine in your darkest nightmares, she still remained herself. He couldn't break her, nor corrupt her. She's too devoted to her beliefs. And now that Viz'nay is given souls again, the goddess of blessed sleep is growing stronger, and with her, so are her herald." Viz'nay were a kinder goddess, yet every god needed the same: Devotion, praise to their names, and souls to empower them. Viz'nay had been without much of any of those things for centuries, but now, Thistle were actively feeding her souls again. As had been seen earlier on their trip, when the spirits had lifted into the spectral wings, and made the high priestess start to look more regal. "I'm sure this disturbs you, but the ways of Harrowmark are not as simple as here. To us, the afterlife is not a guarantee, but a wish, yet there are so many ways of undeath that can be your fate instead. Follow the name of Suusha, and he shall grant you the unlife you want. Praise Viz'nay's name, and she will let you rest in her embrace. Do neither, or don't believe enough, and your fate is impossible to predict. There are ways to force the spirit onward, but it requires help, and we can't say for sure what happens afterwards. Is the spirit reborn? Lost? Does it randomly go to whichever god is in control? We do not know, and I think most would be afraid to know the answer. Not as much as they are when faced with what they could become the fuel for, but still. Some answers are best left to the gods and their offspring." While she talked, the ferryman lead the way towards the boat he were formerly chained to, and floated to the side to allow the others to pass him, and place both themselves, and the cart on the boat. It were sturdier than it looked from afar apparently, since it did not seem to have any issues with this, despite the raggedy look of the vessel. Might be magically reinforced (it were). Regardless, they'd all soon be boarded, and the ferryman would row them with powerful pulls across the water. What water monsters might lurk below, it would be ready to handle them, as it always did when it had passengers. Such were its duties before, and no matter the current status of it now, that seemed to remain what it would be doing. At least for the time being, though who knew what might happen, now that it did not seem to be chained to its vessel anymore. Whatever had been done to it by Thistle would likely determine that, and unless Rising could suddenly see emotions in beings without visible faces, that one were gonna have to be chalked up to guesswork for the time being. ========================================================================================= @Windy Breeze "Sorry, she's not here. But I haven't been to Hoofshores yet, so she might be there? Most who becomes ghosts, tends to haunt the places where they died." Sorrow felt bad for the mare in front if her. Poor thing just wanted to have her final words with her birth mother, which were totally understandable. She had met several likethat, and sometimes, shecould help them, though often that wasn't the case. Most who died went to the great beyond, where they'd be assigned whatever afterlife the Reapers, or their masters, decided they should go. Only rarely did anypony stay behind, and the longer they remained, the worse they tended to get, since being a ghost tended to be an experince that over time made the poor things go crazy. Well, sometimes. There were both ends of the spectrum too, with those who went mad right away, and were stuck in the same loop, unable to escape their emotions or accept what they had become. And then of course were the ones who stayed sane over long periods of time, though those were the rarest of them all. Usually that took quite a lot of willpower, acceptance, and more often than not, company you could interact with. The loneliness were really a nasty thing to face that just grinded you down, far as Sorrow had been told. "I can't promise anything though. Not a whole lot of beings becomes ghosts, but if you say there was a tragedy, that makes it more likely she's there at least. Tragic ends are one of the things that have a bigger chance of causing you to become a ghost. You know where the town is? We could go there right away and find out if there's anypony still lingering around. Poor things could probably use some help."
  2. @Illiad Easle Well, seemed like this was it then. The deal were made, she weren't feeling like she had been left in the freezer as much anymore, and the Consul looked like he were gonna go through the facility with a fine tooth comb. Might be she'd have to prepare for taking one for the team here, and act as a scapegoat to let Void escape from charges later on, if worst came to worst. Which really, would be fair. It had been her plan that caused the entity to take over, and whatever chain reaction came after that to come. Void were more or less just there, doing what she were told. *sigh* But whatever. That were for the future, but for now, she had to get back home before shed make her sister even more nervous. "So, baseline: I need to give a preemptive warning for the snow-cloak, so we need to sorta balance this going forward, until the whole scale have been evened out, yeah? Sounds like we got ourselves a lot to do then, cause Void and I didn't exactly leave a trail of happy faces behind us. Anyway, mind filling me in on what these *gifts* of theirs can do? I get the idea with the eyes, and the cloak now. What about the head wear? And is the things in my wings just a power-up, or some other sort of drawback item?" Whilst talking, she'd be walking too, dragging her hooves a bit as she wasn't looking forward to getting outside too much. It might be interesting in a way, but having to see the vengeance meter or whatever of others, sounded like it were gonna be a hassle that'd take some time to get used to. Guess they'd see in about fifteen seconds or so though, as she could see the door to the outside now, get closer and closer... With a slightly shaky hoof, and a deep breath, she opened the door, and stepped outside, expecting this to be a sight to behold. A confusing one to be exact, though who knew? Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad, and she could just go home to her sister again. She wasn't gonna go to her parents though. There were risks now that she had to keep in mind when meeting others now, and with them... She had her concerns regarding their pasts, and what Vengeance might demand of her.
  3. @Catpone Cerberus Two centuries? Not the largest she had seen for that age, but it were still above average among those that she knew of. Given the time to reach the same age as she were, Leviathan were sure that Ruby would become quite the impressive sight. More than she'd ever be, but such were the curse/blessing of being of mixed blood. Dragons might technically be the same, but the varied elements of at least the Equestrian variants, had an influence when it came to the offspring. In her case, it stunted her growth, yet she had at least been one of the lucky ones who had the magical potential of both her wind and water dragons ancestry. Seeing as that were the only strength she could realistically harness against those towering above her, she had made an effort to not squander that. Still, she would admit to have a duality of pity and jealousy for the larger of her kind. Pity because they could not wander as easily among the lesser races, and infiltrate their societies. Jealousy, because there were a certain intimidating factor and prestige that came from towering above those younger and more inexperienced than you, that she sometimes wish she possessed. "...I do not believe in hunting our own, but your home isn't the same as mine. Back there, I'm sure you had your reasons to do so." It were clear that she did not agree with it, seeing how uncomfortable it made Leviathan look to hear about dragons hunting dragons, but as said, she could at least understand the way it worked in Ruby's home. It sounded more savage than here, and as such, there could well be times were death couldn't be avoided. That being said, she didn't believe it to be the same here, and she wasn't condoning that sort of behavior towards her local kin. Something which should be evident by her not touching that subject in the slightest, but rather focusing on what came before Ruby ended up in Equestria. "Pray tell, what caused you to fight local dragons, Ruby? I am to understand you consider them weak, so why go through the effort? Lest they attacked you first, or you merely wanted to test them?" Whereas Leviathan weren't gonna touch the subject, Marley had no issue doing so, as he were quite curious about this. The death glare he got from the smaller of the two dragons as he asked it though, were as could be expected he supposed. Perhaps not the best timing on this, yet the dice had been rolled. No chance to take it back. Seeing how hiding were likely not going to help against these, just in case, he'd just stand where he did, looking like he were calmly awaiting an answer. In reality though, he were observing the two, and getting ready to fly off, just in case either one would start to try something that he had to avoid. He were far too young to become dragon chow, even if he were still sure that he could fight them quite a bit better than they would give him credit for. Yet why risk it, no? ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus The mimic looked really joyful for a brief second, when it were mentioned that the siren knew who she were looking for. The name wasn't familiar to her, yet that were no surprise, as it had been gifted to her from Ziggy some weeks ago, yet this one knew this were still the one she looked for. The smell were unquestionable. Then however, came the news that she weren't here, and that this predator had no idea when she'd return. In response, the little one would let go of the piece of wood - which would fall forward and slam almost silently unto the bed - and throw her arms up into the air. The chitter chatter weren't decipherable, but the way she were pretending to pull her hair, walking back and forth, and giving off exasperated noises towards the ceiling, made it somewhat clear that she were annoyed, and letting off some steam. Yet when that were over, she started to slow down. Her ears began to flop, and her tail dragged, as she eventually just fell down on her belly and gave off a deep, surrendering sigh. This were really not how she had wanted this day to go. Not only did she get caught trying to salvage a few things, whilst looking for clues as to where Fah'lina were, she were now also told that she were gone, with no estimate on when she'd be back. Oh, and she were also faced with something that had fish breath, and looked like it could feed on basically all aquatic creatures in the area. Including her kind. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "You certainly sound equipped to deal with the predators of the Everfree." So this one couldn't die, nor feel pain? It sounded like a blessing of sorts, but at the same time, wasn't it also a curse? What if he wanted to just sleep in and move on? Something which Straw assumed weren't exactly a thought that had never ocurred, considering Scarecrow's loner status out here in the woods. Isolation and lack of positive talks with others tended to end up making others crazy and/or depressed, at least that's what his experience were from the hermits that he knew. Even counted for everypony he knew here in the woods, with Zecora doing the best, though she too interacted fairly often with others, which likely helped. Then on the other end of the scale, were the filly. Sure she interacted as well, but it were hard not to call her out as being somewhat crazy. Same with those truly right off the scale, such as Chard Burrower, before he suddenly vanished a few years ago. It were bound to happen, considering his lifestyle and tendency for feeling drawn to a few of the worse predators out here, yet still, he had lasted for a long time until he suddenly weren't heard from again. Best bet? A bear ate him. Not that mysterious, but he'd eventually have to pay up front for poking hibernating bears. Returning to this conversation though, he didn't think it good to pry too much into what were going on with Scarecrow, so he had to think of his next words carefully, as they made their way further towards town. So far, without any timberwolves attacking them. "Have you any idea as to why you can't d-" Something suddenly fell from the sky, smashed through the tree tops, and landed on the ground in front of them. An action which made Straw take a jump back in shock, unsure what were going on. Were this an attack? Looking down, they'd be able to see an unconscious badger, claws extended and tongue laying lazily out of it's open maw. A pretty nasty variant of its kind, considering the length of those claws and the size of it, yet fortunately, not an issue to them, as it appeared to be knocked out cold. Probably from impacting the tree tops, which undoubtedly took some of the blow out of its descend, but the branches after the leaves would've knocked it around quite a bit, and likely lead to its current state. "Huh, flying badgers. You don't see that every day." ================================================================================================ @EQ_Theta "I've been told they have rather succulent meat." He had of course never tried this himself, but the races who partook in this apparently had a fondness for this kind of meat in certain circles. Even the griffons, who usually preferred small critters like mice, or of course, fish. Dangerous things to keep around compared to say a trout farm, but higher risks, higher rewards maybe? He honestly did not know enough about what it took to be an alligator farmer to say for sure, but it better pay well. He certainly wouldn't want to be herding something that would make the average shark bite seem like a friendly tickle. "Ponies likes to do all sorts of things, darling. Ranging from sewing, to walks in the park, readying, hunting- There's as many interests as you can imagine. I for one enjoy caring for my garden, having tea gatherings, and reading, as a few easy examples." Amethyst took part in a good deal of social gatherings actually, but at the end of the day, sitting down with a book, a bit of dirt under her hooves, and a nice cup of tea, really helped her unwind. It hit just the spot on the more stressful days, such as the one where Filigree had come for a visit. "I appreciate the effort, but it's pointless to push for that when it comes to me." "Oh nonsense. Your friends are trying to help you, so try and accept that." "You must understand that I- Mmmph." Rosa would find with a bit of magic, Amethyst were pushing a piece of cloth she had ready for polishing normally, against his muzzle, which muffled his voice. "I will hear none of it. They are trying to help you, and I will not remove this until you accept their help. Stubbornness will not get you out of this situation dear." He could just cut the cloth honestly, but she likely had more, or would press the pieces into his muzzle to gag him if he tried, so no matter how he turned this in his head, the only way out of this, were to incapacitate her. And that really shouldn't be one of the options he'd even consider. So after a little while, he just gave up, and slowly nodded, until Amethyst floated the cloth away again. Though she kept it floating nearby, just in case. "...I like playing bagpipes..." It felt somewhat shameful to say, and judging by the smirk on Amethyst's face, it likely were, but it were one of his guilty pleasures. The tunes might be a little loud, but it took a good deal of control and effort to get right, which translated into focus. Having all of that focus on doing this right, helped him relax, and the music weren't bad if done right. Just misunderstood. "We're all allowed our guilty pleasures, though music in general is of interest to me. It helps soothe my head, and I can appreciate the effort it takes in playing most of it." ============================================================================== @Midnight Both of them gave off a sigh of relief as they saw Icy come back out again in one piece, and wander seemingly unscathed from the potential death trap too. It were not without some kind of casualty though, as her tail got a little snippet removed from it as she made her way out, which weren't bad per say, but had to be uncomfortable at the very least. Benny tried remember what it were like to have the tip of his tail chipped off, and it made him cringe. "I've been there. The tail getting messed with really feels wrong until things regrow." Dragons were kind of like lizards, as they could regenerate their tail long as it weren't too damaged, but nothing like say, a whole limb. They sadly weren't that far along compared to the small, scaly critters. Especially the one that were known to just drop its tail as a distraction and grow an entirely new one. That one were advanced, and kinda gross too. "I'm just happy that's all that happened. It Is the only thing though, right? You don't feel wrong in any other way, Icy?" The mare might look fine, but it were impossible to say if she actually felt like that too. Might be that something else had been lost they just couldn't see, like some muscle, or a half pint of blood or something. Stuff that's be harder to detect, but probably easy to feel. "Hopefully not. It'd be nice if you got through this mostly whole, miss. Though... What's a *Plahsmah Canon*? Sounds dangerous." ================================================================================= @Pastel Heart @Widdershins "That's a really big doggo." It were amazing how large this timberwolf were, compared to the other one they had just dealt with. That one felt big since they were pretty small. but this one? It'd be enormous even for adults, and probably way more dangerous too. "Uhuh, we can go back when the big one's gone maybe. We also have to help him go back to town too, that's important." Suddenly, a nearby bush started to russtle, just behind Pastel! If she were quick she might be able to turn around in time to see the most ferocious of all the forest jumping out, and aiming straight for her- "Coo." - head, where the small owl would flap up after seeing Pastel, and make itself comfortable, nesting in the filly's mane. The little thing were dark brown and for all intents and purposes, were just a regular young owl. It did have a weird, dark-green strip of feathers going down from the top of it's head to it's back, where it branched into three, with one continuing down to the tail, and the other two towards the very tip of its wings. Not the easiest to see right now, as it's wings were folded in, and it were on her head, but still.
  4. "If you can lessen it then go ahead and do it. Please. I'm a desert mare, not a polar bear." So these two effects would go on, even in the back of her mind, until her personal score got more settled? She'd give Vengeance this: It knew how to motivate it's workers at least, because this were something she'd be plenty happy to be rid off, soon as possible. Gave her even more incentive to go out there and dole out some vengeance, likely starting with her *father*. Where it'd end? No idea, but they'd see when they got there. The world's gone down the creak in a hand basket for the past few years after all, so it depended a good deal on which ones were even still alive. Going back to the chill effect though, the word on what the cloak did were interesting to her. Stopped her from feeling pain? Sounded like it'd be handy, yet at the same time, not feeling pain, might also mean she didn't know when to stop before she'd die from her injuries. This were gonna have to be one of those things she had to test later on. She'd also have to figure out if it only counted physical pain, but that one were likely a definite yes, as she didn't suddenly feel all chipper and fixed up. "Yeah, gotta test some limits, see what's what, and then practice these wing blades. Y'know, beyond the flying training. Ain't gonna be silent days ahead here, but something tells me that there's gonna be long waits between those anyway now." She also had a pike to prepare, as she had made a certain promise about what she'd do to her *father* and his head. Seemed like since that had been the one to draw in Vengeance, she should probably keep that, word for word. Frankly she were almost feeling gleeful about the prospect of doing it, but that said more about her than anything else. What? She wasn't perfect. "I didn't go on a murder spree or anything. Things happened, and we tried to make the best of it and made a break for it." That were true for both the past, and the present times they had been there, although the one in the past were a little more... Iffy. She had no idea how many minds that coin had taken over, but looking at things, it had certainly started a chain reaction, which caused some to be taken down by this other weird monster that apparently thought a hunt at the same time were just right. What they had done were on them, whilst she had just sorta... Indirectly nudged things along. She hadn't personally murdered anyone there, no matter how much they deserved it. Even that intern or whatever she had scared outta her skull for info and a card, had just been knocked out. Could've done a lot worse there. "But yeah, I guess that's all. I gotta go see Void, before she starts getting a panic attack over how long this is taking." She'd start making her way out of there too, but did halt momentarily to give the Consul one last question. No matter the answer, she'd start moving out of this place, and into the street afterwards, which should be an... Interesting experience, considering her eyes and everything else going on. "Vengeance mentioned that my birth mom's name were Wild Pointer. You know who Void's were? They didn't deserve to be used and killed by him, so I'd like to keep them in mind whilst I'm chopping off the mongrel's noggin." She didn't care if it were birth complications that ended them. He knew what would happen, warned nobody, and left them to rot. Like they were little more than breeding stock, that had outlasted their value. Far as she were concerned, he were responsible for their deaths.
  5. @Catpone Cerberus @Widdershins Sounds like you could use a hand. Might I offer you a villain in these trying times? ======================================================================= @Pastel Heart Thinking that whilst we wait for Widders, we can still have a back and forth talk at the scene until he responds, and I can see if I can't think of some distractions to keep us entertained between posts. No reason you shouldn't have something to do as well.
  6. @Windy Breeze Sorrow were all smiles as she saw that the mare actually could hear Legion after all. Sure it required physical contact with their vessel but even that hadn't been guaranteed to work. "Ooooh, that's great news! Not a whole lotta beings can hear the dead, even when doing this, so that must mean you're pretty special." The response from Windy were nice too. It didn't always go well when Legion got contact with others, due the whole *being dead* thing, but Windy here were all excited and happy about it. Sounded like she even had questions, which were kinda cool, though the silly mare did a small whoopsie. "Hehe, you forgot to ask the question. What sorta things do you wanna know from them? They're usually pretty honest about things, and I know lots too, if it's ghost stuff in general." ============================================================================ @EQ_Theta "My job is... Were, to know things, and be prepared. It requires me to know things like this in advance, though I wouldn't envy this knowledge if I were you. Researching all of these sorts of things takes weeks, if not months at times, and happens frequently enough that I have had little to no time for a personal life. Even hospital stays and laying low had to be used efficiently to study up on things, to avoid potentially not coming back from my next assignment. To put it into further perspective, the time I have spent with you in the recent few days? The closest thing I have gotten to a vacation my entire life. Even with King Thorax, I had to spent most of my time educating him on the political aspects he needed to know, or preparing for the next time." Rosa could understand why they might be surprised and amazed at what he knew, but quite frankly, he often wished that he didn't. Knowing how the world turned and the few creaks in the wall you could move through to gain an advantage were useful, but the sacrifice of his own chance of much of a life, and not being able to stay ignorant to the ugliness beneath the surface of society were not worth it for him personally. When you then included the alarming high risk one in his former line of work partook in, it were a high risk, ugly job that consumed his life. If he were able to go back and chose, he would've left the town as fast as he could, and become an accountant or something instead. "I were not aware that King Thorax had a teacher." "It's more a matter of amnesty in exchange for knowledge. It's a long story, but suffice it to say that traitors cannot be beggars." Amethyst wrinkled her nose at this, but kept her tongue, which Rosa frankly appreciated. The courtesy of not telling him off for being a traitor, even though she seemed to have issues with that, spoke of her being if not open-minded enough to think there were nuances to the story, then perhaps at the very least, some common decency in not saying it to his face. Shrimp didn't understand what the larger creatures were talking about all that much. Too many big words and things he didn't know what were for his small brain to grasp it. But he understood what Lin meant at least. Not all her words, but being cradled and spoken to softly made him understand the gesture, and he's wrap himself around her leg as best he could, embracing her in a snake-hug. Just without fangs in her skin, and instead with his scaled head resting sideways on her skin as he let out a long, drawn out happy chirp. "You'd have to sign an waiver I can imagine, but they're mostly concerned with potential Equestrian police forces. You're not equines, so that makes you far less likable to be with the guards, and long as you do not raise suspicions by asking how they finance things, I doubt you'll have any issues. As for the alligator... Imagine if you will, a lizard. Now give it a huge maw full of teeth, a predator's instinct, and make it several meters long, as well as weighing roughly 400kg. That is an alligator, and I would strongly suggest to stay away from the swampy areas they live in. If you do find yourself with no option though, they cannot climb trees, so that is an escape route, and while they have the strongest bite of most creatures, their muscles to opening their mouths are weak. If you can tie their maws up, they lose most of their battle prowess. Though I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to try. They could easily snap off a leg." ================================================================================================= @Rising Dusk "With all due respect, I am not a fan of high society. When you live scrounging together what little you're allowed to keep, and have to make it last, the idea alone of overwhelming opulence becomes... Taxing. Dramatic flair on the other hoof, is at least entertaining. Brings a little entertainment to the dreary day to day life." The rainbow wave before were a nice touch, and she wouldn't say a word against it to Dawn, but the sort of high means beings she had here were something that'd likely always make her skin crawl out of sheer principle. Perhaps also some degree of jealousy too, when seeing how much they had, when she could pool together the entire net worth of everything, and everyone, that existed in Oaksbrook, and likely not even be able to scrounge up what Dawn had given for that seat of hers. Even with Twisted now gone, it were going to take time for their economy to stabilize, though at least they'd be able to harvest lumber to repair their homes, and could stockpile some grain for a bad day. That were about the best thing they had going for them for the time being. *sigh* But the situations were different, and she were sure that Dawn had somehow earned her riches. Opulence were just something that irked her, and it weren't easy to make an old dog think in new lines of thought. It would take time. She would say more, but it seemed like something were happening, which made Rising fixate on the orb, which in turn also madet he old witch give it a glance, and grimace. "One of the ferrymen. This is the sort of work which my old master did, and I hope he suffers eternally for his deeds." She'd rise the orb so that Dawn could also see better, instead of it being solely for Rising's entertainment. Felt like he were meddling against then. Something tingling in the magic... Urgh, felt wrong on levels it were hard to describe. "Observe what happens, when the creation of a god's servant, faces the herald of another." There would sadly not be sound, but the visuals should provide plenty to see, as the ferryman slowly floated more towards the high priestess. When it got within a few meters, a minor assault of glittering, pale moths started to erupt from the air around Thistle, which would start to assault the ferryman. You wouldn't think the small things would do much as they swarmed it, but the way the creature started to swing around and attempting to crush the insects, you'd think it were being stung by a herd of bees. Rising could likely feel what were actually going on though, if his senses already felt the influence of Twisted. The moths weren't simply there to annoy, they were causing the creature pain by biting into the energy that kept it animated. Not enough to destroy it, but there would definitely be pain involved in this distraction. And a distraction it were, as whilst this went on, the large diamond dog if their group suddenly came lounging forth, skipping to the side of the creature, and jumped upward. His claws glowed with the same energy that made for the priestess's moths as he struck down, and shattered the chains connecting the ferryman to the boat. It wouldn't cause it to stop existing though. As a matter of fact, it seemed to more or less just anger it, as it rose a hand surprisingly fast, and used it to grasp around the diamond dog's throat, seemingly not as focused on the moths anymore. He'd likely be in trouble, had Thistle not then used the time to jump directly into the ferryman, and apparently disappear. An action which made the ferryman drop the diamond dog in surprise. Then a crack suddenly appeared across the ferryman's chest, reaching from from where its heart should be, and rapidly increasing until it reached the top of its head, all the while whilst the moths started to swarm more and more, and it reached up to its head in an attempt to stop what was happening. But there were no way of stopping it, as the crack reached the top, and it cracked in half, falling off like a torn piece of clothing. An apt description, as it seemed to only take away a small layer, like a shirt or sheet would be. Nothing physically interesting, as it looked the same, minus the chains, but it should be evident to Rising that the corruption of Twisted within it had been lessened, and filled up somewhat by the essence of Viz'nay instead. Floating above it, Thistle would get herself to ground level, and place herself in front of the spirit, whom grabbed hold of its sickle/oar once more, and slammed the ore part into the ground. Afterwards, it'd start to kneel in front of the high priestess, in a fashion that made it seem as it were pledging its services to her. "From the tool of one god to the other. I hope for it's sake, that High Priestess Thistle will be a kinder master than Twisted were." It had been too much to hope that Thistle would have released this creature from its likely miserable existence. Much as she might be more benevolent than Twisted, it were clear that she either had no intentions of dismissing a useful servant such as this outright, or that she were waiting to do it, until they had reached where they needed to go. Call her a pessimist, but Lily doubted the later to be true. ============================================================================================= @Midnight "That doesn't really sound like you're careful though, miss. Kinda more like you got a lucky break and almost got into real trouble." "We hope you're lucky here too, just with less of a close call, and more just proving that there's nothing to worry about." Icy were seriously not helping them get less nervous about this whole thing, with that story of hers. Neither were the reassurances that she were trying to put out, by more or less saying that inventions took risk. Something were true, but that didn't mean that one shouldn't worry about safety precautions regardless. Taking a risk were one thing, but dying for your invention seemed to be taking quite a big step too far. Soon as Icy were ready, Pop would reluctantly put a hoof forth, and push the button, grimacing as she did so. She were expecting something bad to happen, though she prayed to Celestia that it were just her paranoia talking here. Icy seemed like a kind pony, who didn't deserve a tombstone going *She vanished into the aether, whilst making a hole for gumballs*.
  7. @Illiad Easle Well then, they were gonna have a bit of an issue here, since no matter how many places she had been, Null were still a desert pony. She thrived in warm, dry air. Cold? Not so much. Exactly how bad were this thing to be though? A mild cold? Or like, trapped in a frozen tundra? Because she had been there, and it narfing sucked! What the fudge? When she had heard cold, she figured something like chilled to the bones, or at least a sort of cold wind that'd make her skin feel like it were slowly glazing over with tiny snowflakes. This right here were surely unpleasant, that much were a given, but it weren't as cold as she had thought. Still, cold sensation to the eye, she were bound to close it out of instinct. Just to find that now, she could see others in colored vision. Reminder her of the last time she had gotten blood in her eyes and had to look for enemies outside a stained-glass window. Just with less of a coppery taste and shattering headache from a shovel hammering down on her before. Urgh, this were going to be a weird thing to have to get used to... See? This were the sort of chill she had expected. A deep freeze that ironically, made her wish for a cloak to get some feeling back in her hide. Just not another one of these, since frankly, this one sucked. What were they going to do next? Set her on fire, which for some reason covered her in actual ice? No, they went on a covering spree, which now extended to her face. Nice. Why didn't they just go the full route and say that she had to carry these garments because she looked fugly as all hay? It better not be mandatory to wear these sorta things. She hated wearing full body garments, unless it were to get some warmth or cover from the raid, and she were pretty sure she'd get better of both things from wearing a large leaf tied around her with a net, rather than these frozen pieces of clothing. Following the theme, were the next part gonna be her legs then? This... Alright, this she could work with. No cold feeling from this, it didn't seem to mess with her wings, and it gave her a pretty good, reinvigorated buzz. Finally one of the faeries had brought a nice looking gift to the party, and as were tradition, it were the last one. What was it about presents and the first ones tending to suck flank, before ending on a high note? Were it just that the expectations had lowered or something? ...And why the fudge were she thinking about that right now? Focus darn it! "Thanks... Vengeance Outliner." What? She had never been given a name to go by here, just the shape of what were essentially a pony outline. She figured it were just Vengeance, but now it sounded like it were sort of a title? Well, if it wasn't, or she were way off, Vengeance Something-Or-Other could come round and correct her later. Right now, it seemed like their deal had been struck, and it went back to just being her and Illiad again. Y'know, long as you didn't count internal beings. "Yeah, got a few. For instance, is this chill effect gonna keep 'round? Because these here clothes got bloody cold, and I dunno how much vengeance's gonna be doled out if I'm frozen in place, or down with a constant flu. Second off, you mind telling me what these sorta- Y'know what? Forget that one. I'll get Nine to cover that. Sounds like we're gonna be stuck for a long time, and I'm thinking he's integral enough to things for him to gimme the low down on this. So the actual second off to you, is just... What now? I'm gonna go straight into the street, see someone who needs a kicking for their actions, and then go to town? This here's your turf, Consul, and I've already been pardoned. Gonna have to question if I don't get into an issue here if I start beating up random strangers in the street. Actually... Alright, this might be real bad timing, but I've been wondering about that pardon. I never did any sort of crimes before we got forced back to Troy, so either that's a comfort thing, or you know more about the facility than you've been letting on." Yeah, might not be the best time, but in her defense, she had just been accosted by four ghosts, most of which chilled her a good chunk, and now she were a tool for vengeance. She'd like a little distance to this, whilst she processed her acceptance into this fancy cult of theirs, and talking of something else might help with that. Of course, unless these fancy things she now could, made it hard to look at the Consult he same. Somehow she wouldn't be surprised, but there were no way of knowing in advance,before she started to talk with, and look at him. This might be a literal eye opener.
  8. @Sekel I assure you, that our staff does their best to be professional, which to them are synonymous with simply entering, doing their job in silence, and then leaving as quickly as they can, to not disturb. If it did seem otherwise do, I offer you my sincere apology, and my word that I would have a word with them about this for another time, if need be." He'd sit still and try to keep silent as best he could, despite the occasional low, pained breath of air that came when he moved around in angles that he should not have done. He did his best to keep it low though. Both to avoid his esteemed guests to feel worried, and because things were starting to get quite interesting as Atzy kept on talking, and he had to be able to focus on that as much as possible it sounded like. "Mutually assured peace between our kinds are something which we as a nation, would gladly like to pursue, and there would be no qualms in sending ambassadors ro speak with your rulers, about the laws which you yourself might not be aware of. As well as share with them, what ours are, so that we may stand on equal hoofing. Yet pardon if I focus on this part a little much, though... Unifying you say? It sounds like a troubling process." "One which I have doubts about being true." Enzo raised his voice briefly, to ensure that he would gain the ear of those around him, lest his works would be spoken in vain. "The queen of queens among the gemlings, are united. In a way, so too are Atzy, but to a far lesser extend. As the drones whom I've met though, I have doubts of this claim. They seem to have been birthed, rather than fused. I want to think that it is only those royals whom I know of, who may have been offered the choice to be more than one, to ascend. A result somewhat akin to your alicorns, but with different responsibilities, and path to attain it." "I see. And this process, does it require a specific kind of host to be formed? I apologize if it seems rude to ask this, but I simply wish to know if-" "-It requires ponies? It does not." Golden nodded in silence, pondering for a little, whilst Enzo went down and grabbed a fish from the bowl with his teeth and slowly bit it in him with a slight purr escaping the side of his mouth. How long it had been since last he had been able to eat this... Blissful ocean, may you never again hold back your bounty. "... Mr. Binder, would you please reach the tea leaves and warm water towards our guest?" His medical assistant did as he were asked, and moved them a little closer to Lin, as to encourage her to test it, and not wait for others if she were thirsty. So Gemlings are creatures were at least, the royals are more than one? They are united with another, be it in mind, spirit, and body I will admit to have never met creatures such as this before. Might I ask, how does it feel?" Atzy did not get a body that had previously been used, so she wouldn't end up like Dia'thiz, yet she could probably still give her perspective on what it were like to have taken this body, or simply try to lie of it. Potentially derail it, or share more than she originally cared for too. It were hard to say, yet Golden here intrigued and hopeful that he would get to know more of this whole thing with the gemlings and unity. It sounded as an important, potentially religious part of their society, which were going to be a tradition that he were best versed in if it were. =================================================================================== @Sekel "Y-Yes. Not queasy before though. That's a new one. She had followed closely what Twilight had done in scooping up a sample of this thing, whilst being able to seemingly not get affected by the usual effects that came from ectoplasm. Either she had dealt with this before, or she had a stronger mind than it looked like. Wasn't like it could have been a spell after all, right? Her horn hadn't glowed, and that were still a requirements for it to be a spell... R-Right? "Ectoplasm happens when there's a lot of high emotions, and it tends to show different ways too. If it's sadness, it falls from the ceiling like droplets. Anger it seeps from the walls. I've tried fear, and best I can tell, it shed off whilst I were trying to run away. It's a very emotional substance. Kind of uhm... S-Surprised it didn't affect you actually. Whenever somepony ran into any of it in the castle, they started to act strange." =================================================================================== @Sekel "This false queen whom you speak of, holds a name which we will remember. We would have words with her, were we to cross her path." The tone were still harmonious, but there had come a small vibration in their current communication, which felt like anger. Whatever Dia'thiz wished to *talk* over with Chrysalis, would likely not be a kind thing to witness. Even if neither of them knew who Chrysalis were, they both believed that it were unforgivable to be the sort of queen whom others had to whisk their offspring away from, lest they kill them. This had not been directly confirmed to be the case, but it fit the narrative in their mind, so this is what they would stick with. "We know not what this *griffin* form you speak of are though. Yet if it makes you feel more comfortable to wander in that hide, you needn't feel obligated to stay like this. Now then, king among changelings, we wish to parlor with you." Their attention went away from Aurora, and towards Thorax, who suddenly felt a good bit nervous again. Being in the spotlight like this were not his strongest suit, but... Guess this were part of the job, right? Just had to muscle through it the best he could. "Uhm... Yes, about working relations between our hives, or?" "Yes. Our hive yet holds little, but we can find much out there, and our area are deserted and safe. There is shelter to offer, are your hive ever in need of it. While there is little we can give beyond that though, we do not wish for much either. Our deal have been made with the guardian, so we will remain located on that isle, which hold what it is that we need. Yet we long for wisdom of these new ages, for oursevles, as well as our children. We would wish to trade knowledge for what we can procure. Including diamonds in any quantity and shape. We saw the weapons your troops hold, as an example. They could stand stronger, with spears and shield of diamind. This offer we extend to the other hives too. The one which includes this human, and yours, young queen, when you eventually find a place to settle your hive. Unless you plan on merging your efforts with this king? A royal couple among changelings are unheard of to us, yet so too were a king. Perhaps times have changed enough for this idea to hold merit now?" =========================================================================================== @Sekel @Widdershins "Alas, Alonsus is but the caterer, ensuring that this family have food on their table as they gather. A thankless job so far, yet who are to tell if they have simply not been too focused on other things yet? Certainly they will soon see the great feast before them, and appreciate the hard work put in by our esteemed chef, and his helpful coworkers." He sure liked talking an earful, and the boastful nature he possessed nearly oozed from his pores, yet perhaps Dawn were able to not find it that obvious, or see past it, and find a stallion that did not look around with a hurtful expression that he weren't the center of attention. Merely somepony with a bit too much air around his head, who still gave credit to the one who did most of the work. Egoistical beings tended to refuse to acknowledge that, so it were a point in his favor, yet one that not too many looked upon as much as his boastful nature, which caused them to find him annoying to be around for a long period of time. "And what of you, miss? What part plays you in this grand symphony?" =========================================================================================== @Windy Breeze "Awh, that's a shame. Oh well, guess I'll just ask around Cloudsdale when we go there another day. I sorta doubt you can hear Legion though, if you can't hear them talk already. Not a lot of ponies that can hear the dead talking, but.... Oh what was it grandma used to say..." Sorrow patted her chin, looking into the sky and thinking for a bit, before the light finally went off above her head, and she looked back at Windy. "Right, I got it. She said that sometimes, some beings can hear them if they touch the skull. Wanna try?" The mare leaned forward, giving Dawn full acces to putting a hoof or two on the skull. If she so chose, she'd find that regardless or not if she could hear anything, she'd feel a chill that would reach further down than even her bones. Not a massively freezing feeling, yet a deep rooted chill regardless, that were impossible not to bite notice in. Beyond that, one of two things would happen. Either she'd head nothing, or all of a sudden, she'd find that a chorus of voices would speak as one, calling out to her in an otherworldly, curious tone. "Does the pony hear now? If it can, know that we are Legion, for we are many." Didn't really matter how many were in there, at least some parts of Legion kept liking to present themselves with that quote. Might honestly just be a ghost thing at this point. ============================================================================================== @Midnight "But what if-" "If this is the only way to test it, then go ahead, but try and be careful, alright?" Benny could practically smell how worried Pop were, but in the end, this here seemed to be the only way to get it tested right, and Icy were both willing and wanting to be the one to go through, and see if her invention worked. He didn't like it any more than she did, but it were Icy's decision, and if she were insistent, they should respect that. Pop looked like she wanted to say something more, but in the end, just resigned, hung her head a little in defeat, and got closer to Benny as they both watched Icy. "Just be careful, okay?" ============================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "I appreciate the thought, but the little one will not accept me on a day like today. He appears to be rather protective of you currently, which I assume have something to do with there being as lot of things happening, and his primary caretaker not being present, yes? Times like that, you can't make a youngling like this take in new experiences that easily. Especially not if said experiences is trying to accept one that appears friendly with their current caretaker. They can be rather jealous, clingy little things when the mood is bad." She'd look at Shrimp from a distance, at which point he didn't seem to care that much, but just kept on staying on Lin, and looking at her with big, worried eyes and a few small chirps of endearment, to try and avoid getting scolded. If Amethyst got closer that this, he'd likely start changing again, but with less snapping. More than likely he'd just get more clingy, and refuse to touch or smell her. "He have accepted Sen because your smell is akin to her primary caretaker's, as well as his, but I am an unknown entity. I can imagine in this mood, Rosa here is not too welcomed either, no?" "..." Rosa wouldn't answer, but would nod as he kept to his own thoughts for the time being, waiting for the right time to interject something which seemed to be somewhat important to the conversation. "Case in point, I think that currently, it is best to ease the little thing into these sorts of endeavors, and that would be best done at a time when he is more relaxed. Likely when his primary caregiver is present, or he feels more relaxed. You won't get good results by forcing him into things, I can assure you of that. As for the plantation, it is indeed a shame, but things happens. Perhaps one day it will be remade and you can see more, though I could still suggest several other gardens with quite the delightful varieties." "Six point five kilometers north-east of the Galderan tower in Keggington." Amethyst turned with a confused stare in her eyes, and a risen eyebrow, to look at the so far silent bat pony, who suddenly came in with his own input. "Pardon?" "The location of the plantation for the past three years. They don't advertise it since they don't want massive flocks of tourists or legal oversight constantly. Arrive at the gates with a willingness to lay down your weapons, and with a good bottle or two of malt liquor, and they might let you have a tour." He's raise his head and look around, between the ones that he knew, and the confused, surprised Amethyst. "What? They run a rather large scale money laundering business to support the adventurers they hire to get them varied plant samples, and New Hayshire had too much oversight to make that easy to get through. A little fire for the insurance money, some shady deals, and they were back in business in a better place. I'd be doing a bad job if I didn't know of a soft target that's open for a little trade in bits, the right words, and the owners favorite drink, to offer somewhere to lay low for a few days." "So you've... Been there?" "No. A colleague of mine have been, and I'm going by his notes. It also mentions that if you hit the alligator ranch, you've gone too far, so keep that in mind." ======================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "Appreciated, but I would counter that by saying that I do not have the physical size to take on larger prey as comfortably as you. My assets are a nimble body and magic, and I wield them as proficiently as you do your teeth or claws when it comes to hunting." "I'm sure that with enough time, you will grow large and can compete without it though, yes? It is merely a matter of time." Leviathan rolled her eyes and looked over on Marley. "You think this much magic potential comes without a trade-off? I'm 974 years old, this is likely not far from being as large as I can naturally get. Gigantisme or stunted growth are common side effect when mixing elemental breeds." Marley looked as if he had been slapped hard in the face by that rather blunt comment, as this basically made it out that he had just teased a dragoness about what many might consider a handicap of sorts, among their kind at least. A mighty awkward situation that quite frankly, were worse to deal with, than if he had simply gotten a tail to the face. At least then it would be over quickly. Seeing as the bird were put in his place, Leviathan would return to focus solely on Ruby, and look up at her with some degree of admiration in her blue eyes. "You I doubt are anywhere close to your greatest size, Ruby. You seem young, yet already of such an impressive physique... I shudder to think what you might be able to hunt, if the millennia treats your appearance as kindly as it has so far." Kind of an indirect way to compliment Ruby that also included calling her... Well, *pretty* weren't often something she'd use, nor hear, when it came to dragons describing another's appearance, but she would not mind calling Ruby out for being a physically impressive dragoness. Surely she were proud of her strength herself, judging by all she had heard so far, no? As such, it should be fine enough. "Then again, genes are one thing, effort is another. You don't get to be a good hunter by sitting on your rear and reading a book. Training and experience comes above all else, just like it does with magic. Can I ask, what is the largest thing you have so far struck down? A bear seems trivial so... Minotaur? Ursa Minor? Potentially a Hayzanian Howler Yeti?" ============================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus The mimic scratched her head before she just sorta pointed at the things and shrug her shoulders dramatically. She were trying to get across a message close to *I figured: Why not?* but she didn't know how to express it other than this, so hopefully the siren would understand it. The only item she did not do it with, were the piece of wood. Arguably the most worthless thing here. yet the one that she seemed to have actually come looking for with purpose. However, she had issues trying to explain why it were that she had this one with just paw gestures and the like, so she'd try something else. Carefully though, as to not make the predator feel threatened, so that she'd get eaten or pummeled. Reaching into her tail, she'd pull out a rather large sowing needle. For a creature her size, it might as well be a small spear, or sword perhaps, but it wasn't what the stainless steel tool were for. It had several good uses, and i this case, it were used for her to slowly run the sharp point over the piece of wood, and starting to scribble something down with quite a bit of effort behind it. After a few minutes of this, she'd put the needle back into her tail, and make sure it were nicely stuck with some hairs tied up around it in there, before turning the piece of wood, and showing a crude picture of two mimics. She pointed at one of them, that being herself, judging by the bow on the head. Then at another with no accessories, before sniffing the air, and pointing around her. Hopefully that one would be somewhat self-explanatory. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "It'd be very much appreciated, though don't put yourself in danger for me. I've been in some tussles in my day, and still got a few tricks up my sleeve in case it gets harrowing." Of course, nothing that'd win him a fight against the matriarch. That were just crazy talk. But he did know a few distraction methods, and how to run so it mattered. He had managed to get away from the last bunch she sent after him after all, hadn't he? Of course, he had then fallen into a pit, but that had not been part of the equation, and he would have made it out of there. Eventually. He wasn't as young and spry as he used to be anymore, so it would have taken him a little while longer, but still. He were sure it would have been fine. ...That being said, it never hurt to have a helping hoof now and again. You know, just to speed things up some. "As for the others, you're probably right, they can likely handle things themselves. If they need help, the town's not far away, and we have a few residents out here, so there should be some help to get if worst comes to worst." If Scarecrow wished to go now, Straw would be ready to follow, and keep his eyes and ears perked up, just in case there'd be some tussling in the bushes or something, indicating an ambush attempt from somewhere. Never could be too safe when you were off the beaten path in the Everfree Forest.
  9. @Illiad Easle Null had indeed taken the photo. Very carefully, and with quite the odd look on her face, but she kept her muzzle shut as she tried to process both the one she had most definitely seen in that photo, along with the response that the Consul were giving her to her own inquiry. One which helped settle her paranoia some, as it wasn't a big, hidden reveal about how she'd be enslaved and brainwashed or something like that. It wasn't all gone, but there were nothing he would've been able to say that would've done that anyway, so this were probably as good as it got. "Look, we all have our roles to play, Consul. Me? I'm the protector of my family. That's the only thing that's ever given me purpose throughout this rotten life, and despite what they might've wished for, fact is that they're still not safe. Ain't just our so called *father* who proves to be an issue either. Over the years, we've gotten a lot of enemies, from the siren brothers, to a half dozen minor revenge-driven lunatics, a few demi-gods, the grim salesman of Saint Hayworth- Hell, even La Perine, and dozen upon dozens of others. Doesn't matter of Discord got the world ravaged, some of them are still going to be alive, and soon as things are safe enough, I don't trust they won't come around for a piece of us. Our parents and our little sibling too... They need to be protected. And I know that even if it's gonna be tough, the best way I can do that, is going out there and facing these dangers myself, and make sure that they don't try to hurt those I care about. Ain't gonna be pretty, but to preserve what matters to me, I'm willing to pay that price. Besides, I'm not meant for this quiet life. Been trying to adapt to it best I can, but it feels wrong. Like I'm trying to live someone else's life or something." Kind of the best way she could describe it right now. Might be she'd get something better to say on it later on, with more details and a bit more emotional gravitas at the end, but right now, it were the only thing she had to offer. "...Also, I dunno what an Æther is, but either it's leaking, or you have a serious ghost problem, because I've seen this guy before." She'd point at the stallion in the picture that she had seen some nights ago. "Around when Vengeance and I had a chatter. Saw this guy in the same room this here picture were. I figured he were your assistant or something, since his hat looked like your greenery. Y'know, just with silver in it." (in case this didn't cause any interruptions, and they went on, this describes what happens at their destination. If not now, then later on) Ooookay, this here were some freaky stuff. The Consul had seemingly been possessed, the shadows were apparently watching, and this felt very much like she were about to be sacrificed to a cult. Also, she learned that Nine apparently had a last name. She had to debate if it were in bad taste to tease him about it later, since it sounded like they were gonna be stuck for a while. One thing above other things though, caught her attention, and made her feeling a little at unease. Which she responded to by lifting a hoof, and rubbing her forehead in annoyance. "Great way to break to me what my real mothers name are. Do you eternal beings even get the concept of timing?" It might not mean a lot per se, as she had a mare she considered her actual mother, but it were still a shaky thing to know her actual last name, as well as what her birth mother were called. The one whom the Grey had impregnated, and seemingly left to rot until she had passed on due to birth complications. Another victim to that filth, and one whom she'd be bringing up now, the next time she saw him. Which coincidentally, were also going to be the last time, far as she were concerned. Depended on how many she had to push/cut through to get to the slippery weasel. Aaaand now it was her who didn't grasp the timing of what the focus on. This were really going excellently, weren't it? "*sigh* Whatever." She rose her head and looked directly into what she would assume were the face of Vengeance, masked over Illiad for the sake of this whole spectacle. "I, Null Pointer, accept the bargain. Though leave the curse. I hate it, but it helps against magic, so it's a necessary evil." It had mostly been an issue because it meant she couldn't fly, and that it made it very hard for her to be accepted and have a shot at settling down. Now though, she got a new wing, and settling down wasn't gonna be an issue, since she'd be on the move all the time anyway. So at this point, much as she despised it, she had to leave it be, as it were a benefit that'd be dumb to throw away with what she were gonna be doing now that she had passed the point of no return. IN case she still had time to say something before whatever would happen next, happened, she'd get a somewhat nervous grimace on her face, and utter a few words. "This here's gonna hurt, right?" It were likely she'd soon get the answer to that. Likely through action, above words.
  10. @Catpone Cerberus "Seems like you two have found yourself with a bonding experience. Although it is somewhat wasteful to simply discard a good pelt like that. It's not all that hard to fetch a fair price for that." "I agree with that at least. No need to be-" The sound of bones dislodging rung out, as she removed the head of her prey, and set it besides the pile of meat that she had separated the moose into. "- wasteful. There's some use for everything." As she went about taking out wrapping paper, salt, and blowing out a bit of ice to cover some of the pieces, whilst leaving others in jars, etc. the only things that wasn't at the end packaged up and put into both her right bag and the satchel she were carrying on her bag, were the pelt, which had been hastily cleaned with a bit of magic, folden up as best she could, and put on top of said satchel. Everything else were reduced to a neat pile of mostly clean bones, a small bag of intestines, and the head. The first and last of which were buried, whilst the bag were slung to the side. The head seemed to be getting a bit more attention though, getting buried by itself, rather than with the other bones, and with the dragoness mumbling something to herself as she did so. Marley considered asking, but something told him that he'd get a face full of ice again if he so chose to. "Good moose pelt, some jerky, rations for a week or so... A good hunt all in all." She'd turn her attention to Ruby after that, and now finally had a chance to look at the dragoness in her entirety, face to face. The look from the other angles had been intriguing too, but there were something about starring one into the eyes that were different. At times it made them feel less important, yet in this one, Ruby felt more imposing. One who were hard to miss, had you first taken notice of her, and that wasn't just by size. It felt like she had a kind of... Aura over her, you could say? It were hard to explain. There were just something that made it impossible to not feel her presence, just looming over her. "I like your hunting style. It's clean and decisive, and you're a lot stealthier than I expected. It's admirable, as is seeing you as you truly are. This form suits you far better than what I first saw you as." Ruby didn't seem too thrilled with compliments, so she figured she'd start in the slow end of things. Try to grow on her a bit, before adding something more to it. It'd also give her a chance to get to know what sort of praise Ruby might like more in details, which seemed like it would be important. =========================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus The critter nodded vigorously again. It seemed like they were getting somewhere after all, and with things not seeming as hostile anymore, she'd even think it were okay to lower her paws again, outside of the charades. Seemed like she wasn't about to be eaten just yet, if the larger predator were this curious about things, rather than simply going over to chomp on her. Might be things would go okay. At this point, the critter were more hesitant with her answer. Yet slowly, she'd reach a paw up, and point towards Nada with a cautious chitter, as if to say *...You?* It didn't smell exactly like it were Nada, but the smell of something very similar were around here, and there were other strange smells too that might interfere, so this could still be the one who actually lived here. Heck, it could be one of several of her kind that lived in here, and that were why there were varied smells of this sea predator around here. Guess she'd find out soon enough, right? ======================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "Hmmm, can't say I have an idea who they are then, but their security could maybe a ward against soul magic, necromancy, or some other kind of reanimation? We sometimes get folks talking about this sort at my business, but I don't get enough on the details to call myself an expert. Could be that somepony else in town had some idea though. Perhaps the princess? The young lady fancies herself as being rather smart. Might be it's worth putting to the test someday." No rush though, it sounded like, but it'd be something to bring up eventually more than likely. Considering what her position were in the grand scheme, and how much she toys around with magic and books, Twilight might know something here, and could share some info on it, rather than get all up in a tip if this actually were some sort of death magic. Some ponies got really upset over that, whilst his thinking were more that he'd like to know the story of the one using it, before he tried judging too much. Sometimes bad things caused you to go to unconventional methods, and it'd be best taking that into consideration, far as he were concerned anyway. "I could also just go in and ask them, I suppose. Still some time before dinner, and considering the timberwolf matriarch were the one who caused me to get chased off the road, I'm not thinking it's smart to try and move back to town before I know she's gone back to whatever part of the forest she usually lingers around in. I'd wrangle a regular timberwolf all day, but that one's a bit too big for my liking." ============================================================================================= @EQ_Theta Amethyst were widely impressed by seeing the tea that she got. A rarity in the Jade Orchid leaves that would make for quite the tea to special occasions, along with Osmanthus, which she hadn't had a taste off for years. Not because it wasn't somewhat widely available, it were just not something she had felt an urge towards for a long time. It brought her memories of grizzly days, as it had been one of those teas she had drunk often, back when the mine were still open, so it weren't something she had felt the urge to indulge in again in a long time. Blessed be Lin for perhaps making this bring up a kinder memory now, of a new friend, rather than the loss of those who were thankfully now back. And then, there were a third one that really made her eyes go wide in surprise. "I fancy myself as knowing at least about all kinds of brews. Even those who are no longer to be found, ever since the fire. Yet Qimun? I have never even heard of an herb of this name. Not even from Barley Brew, and she can speak yours ears off about all kinds of rare, obscure plants with usage in food or drinks." Caring little for Shrimp this time, she'd reach forth and embrace Lin's head in a heartfelt smile, whilst the small one kept on hissing and trying to push the mare away with his feeble little arms. This were His longma, not hers. She kept the embrace brief, before moving away along with one of Shrimp's pushes, as to make him think that he had caused her to go away. It would lessen the risk for her, and she were already rather fortunate that he had not bitten her. Small draconic creatures of all kinds and subspecies tended to be very expressive in that particular way. "Thank you so much for this wondrous gift, darling. I will make sure it is used at just the right time, where I will have the time to treasure every drop." Leading them further inside, past the business side, she'd keep an eye on the curious refraction, just to make sure that it didn't feel the urge to go down and have a snack on her wares, but it didn't seem like he cared enough right now. A little too full from all the energy draining he had done earlier for him to care about chasing crystals right now, so he'd return calmly to his little nap. They'd likely know where she were leading them, as they had a delightful time in the back of the shop earlier, which didn't seem to have changed much since last. It were merely a bit cleaner, that were it. "I never mentioned how I knew of the Jade Orchid? My apologies for that darling, it must have slipped my mind for some reason. It isn't much I can tell you though, I'm afraid. Most that have ever tried that plant, have done so through an extremely limited supply made at a specialty plantation that once stood outside of New Hayshire. They had marvelous, curious plants from all over the world, which they claim to have gotten via trade deals, but it's generally a mystery. Nothing I heard of technically disproved it, but regardless, that isn't much of an issue anymore, sadly. The whole place burned to the ground years ago, and the owners allegedly went down with it. All that is left of the Jade Orchid for us these days, are but stories and obscure collectors allegedly holding a minute amount. Occasionally I hear of adventurers who claims to have seen places where the plant grow, but there are no proof to go along with it, and they seem reluctant to try and find the place again. As if something bad happened to them that they wish not to revisit." Rosa seemed to be tempted to say something as he followed them, and heard Amethyst speak on, but he kept his muzzle shut and focused elsewhere instead. It were probably nothing, and that's why he chose not to speak up, just as there were little reason for Shrimp to suddenly sleep nibble Lin's ear tip. And yet, here they were. Hopefully it wouldn't annoy her too much. =============================================================================== @Windy Breeze "Nono, I've heard about the Wonderbolts before. I just never saw any of you, and he never really spoke about what sorta colors your uniforms were. Guess I should've asked. Hehe, and you don't hafta worry about Legion. They're not alive. All of them are way dead." That sentence could have more gravitas, were it not said with a joyous tone, a happy smile, and the mare doing both, patting the skull like it were some sort of pet. "One of them's talking about the Wonderbolts now and again, when he feels like sharing. The others like his stories, and he's really starting to share right now. All of Legion's buzzing with questions for Flight Fright." Any Wonderbolt worth their education would know that name, as one of the more infamous Wonderbolts in recent memory. A reckless showoff, who had made a point of combining his speed and sense of flair, to do some harrowing shows for the public, as well as making his rescues overtly dramatic, and place himself above others. A rather obnoxious pony really, but gifted enough to get away with it. That is, until the event that cemented his place in their history. The details were rather... Graphic, but the short of the long were that he had been trying a new show, using a new wind machine, and been too reckless in both handling it and had thrown wind to the safety precautions. The machine malfunctioned, sucked him in, and... Well, the weather had been biblical for a little while. His memory these days served as warnings to aspiring Wonderbolts, of what happened when you thought too highly of yourself, and disregarded the rules. In fact, he were mentioned in about seventeen counts throughout the rule book, including in warnings about non-acceptable apparel, such as wing streamers, or overly fanciful tail extensions. Turns out that it is a nasty bit of business when that sort of thing get stuck in an untested, prototype weather machine. Flight had also been dead for about sixty years, which made any notion of him telling others anything a matter of impossibility, unless you employed some sort of seance, or necromancy. "Hey, do you know if they ever got the wind machine clean again, or did they need to build a new one? They're getting really curious about what went on after he turned the lever and his wing streamers jammed into the gears. Y'know, without the grizzly details. They all know about that part, and I sorta want them to have less grim stories to share." Sorrow were completely open about what she did if she were asked, but she also acted as if it wasn't really a big deal, and as such, didn't figure that what she were talking about, was maybe a little crazy. At least to normal ponies, who didn't deal with death on a daily basis. Not that you'd think that of her just by looking at her. Sure, she had a skull and all, but the stereotype were cloaks, skeletons, ghoulish faces with no smile on their faces, that sorta thing. Sorrow looked like somepony who had gone into a thrift store on holiday, and had bad taste in jewelry. ========================================================================================== @Midnight "Could we perhaps not try to consider throwing somepony into the fathomless whatever? I'd really like my shop not to have a death count." Dear Celestia, both of them were trying to give her a heart attack here, weren't they? Sure the test had to be done she guessed, but wasn't there a safer way to do this, that wouldn't accidentally get her place to become a murder scene? "I dunno, it sounds like she wants it tested, but I do agree that it sounds a little dangerous... Couldn't we like, catch a squirrel or something? I'd really prefer if I didn't have to go back to Canterlot and tell the generals that I witnessed a real nasty version of a magic trick." A bit hypocritical of him, since he had been willing to test it before, but he hadn't known of the risks then. He figured he'd just be stuck there for a bit if something happened, until they got the code right. Not actually vanish into nothing. Might be the warning had been said before and he just didn't listen though. He had kinda been in candy mode and missed a few things here and there. "I'd much rather try to explain that to Fluttershy, than having to worry about you not coming back again. Are you sure we can't just get a critter, Icy?" If the answer were no, Pop would slowly, and very reluctantly, go over and push the button, whilst Benny held her other front hoof for support. They were both gonna need it in this nerve wracking situation, though hopefully their worries would be for nothing, and everything would go okay. =================================================================================== @Widdershins Griffons had many ways of responding to attacks. Most of them included scars that the recipient were going to have a really tough time getting rid off again, or an outright need to go fetch a shovel. At the kindest of times, you could usually count on at least a black eye and some sharp words if you tried you luck pouncing on one of them. Chippy though, didn't have that sort of instinct. It were why he grew up alone and frail, unable to take part in battles that his heart wasn't in anyway, and ultimately, it were what forced him out of Griffonstone, as even though he weren't technically exiled, the wholesale disappointment that clung in the eyes of his family whenever they gazed upon him, made him feel as unwelcome as if he had been actually thrown out of peak, beak first. There wasn't a life for that sort of griffon up there, and down here? Barely. It had taken him two years of jumping through varied towns and jobs, trying to do his best, but mostly being taken advantage off as a fall guy, or someone who got paid nothing for grueling hours, because they knew he didn't have a choice, nor wanted the confrontation that came from saying no. That were, until he got to Ponyville. Or well, two months after he got here. The first employer who had hold of him were not kind either, but Straw had found out, and had helped him through getting away from that. Given him another job, which might be meager, but it paid fairly, and he never exerted a dominating position over the griffon. The pony gave him his space, a friendly environment, and it helped give him a little more confidence over time. At some point, enough to face this sort of intruder like a real griffon should. Especially since it seemed like an attack on his turf, and instinct for him should be to defend it. Sadly, that day were still far off, and the only response to the assault and subsequent forceful questioning he were given, were a continuous whimper, before he'd feebly try to wriggle out of Flit's grip. All the while, whilst tears ran down his face, and he looked as if he were expecting to be beaten at any second. He were a failure as a griffon in many ways. However, he were not just A griffon. He were Their griffon, and Berry for one were royally miffed when she saw how the poor lad were being treated by this boisterous lightweight, and stomped over towards them. "Hey! Get off Chippy, or I'll throw you into the coffee grinder, and make you the special of the day!" There were certain limits to what were acceptable to Berry, and lucky stallion he were, Flit had found one of the buttons and pushed down hard. ==================================================================================== @Widdershins @Sekel Scarcity looked not towards the door, as the sound made it rather obvious what had happened, but rather at their guests whom had been glided over towards them. "And this would be Dazzle and Mister Stack, respectively. Only the later part of their extensive line of siblings, whilst Dazzle comes from elsewhere." Alonsus would reach a meaty hoof down towards Dazzle as he saw her there on the floor, offering it to help her up on her hooves again with a big smile on his face. "Please, let Alonsus help you up." Had to be hospitable, as Straw always told him, so seeing somepony on the floor meant that you should offer them a hoof. And he saw himself as nothing, if not the perfect gentlecolt in situations just like this. Meanwhile, Last would look at Shortstack briefly, and instinctively move away to hide behind Chop, who only gave the midget pony a brief glance before getting back to prepping the last of the food. Both of them had pretty good instinct to tell who looked like trouble, and this one looked like several pony's worth of trouble. The sort who'd be wise to keep in mind that Chop had a meat cleaver on him, and that he knew how to use it. "This all of 'em? Food's not gonna stay warm forever." "I believe from the previous descriptions that Blither gave, that there's still some missing. 2- Maybe 3." "Hmph. Gonna get cramped then." "I am certain that we'll be fine, Chop. Worst case scenario, a few of us may simply wander outside, whilst this diverse family have something to eat. I expect this banquet to be in their honors at least, no?" She'd get a short nod in response to that, as he kept on working, and Stare sent a few worried glances towards her sister. She knew enough of her sister and what she really did to be concerned what her end game were in all of this, and so far, she didn't see it. Probably above her head, as most things Scarcity did were. Not that she were jealous of, nor envied her sister. Stare were somewhat aware of what that balancing act on a knife's edge she dealt with had cost her, in many senses of the word, and she wouldn't want to trade places with her for anything. She enjoyed her life being mostly simple and generally safe, long as you looked away from the monster attacks, but she had a bunker build under her house for situations like that. Not legally at first, but Scarcity had pulled some strings, and gotten it done. No expense spared, nor moral boundary obeyed, in the pursuit of keeping her sister safe, which made her shudder with a thought that had crossed her mind ever since she had seen her sister here, face to face for the first time outside of their arranged meeting spots. What had she done, to suddenly make it safe for them to meet openly?
  11. @Illiad Easle I did not forget the second part, by the way. Just the way you wrote things, I couldn't see Null reacting in any other way than she currently did, so she ain't going anywhere voluntarily for the time being.
  12. @Illiad Easle Illiad wasn't the only one who got a serious face on. Upon seeing how the Consul reacted to her message, Null's internal paranoia switch had flipped and sent her into high alert, thinking that something were most definitely wrong here, and prepping herself for the worst. That could be seen in her stance getting tenser, as if she were ready to make a jump in either direction, and her glance at the Consul narrowed and grew both colder and more suspicious. As if he were some sort of shady, used cart salespony. "Hey, what's going on with you? Weren't all that long ago you looked all relieved that I even considered this, and were talking in high words about how it'd be nice getting some help for this. Now all of a sudden, you're acting like I brought you some bad news? What's the big deal, Consul? Something you ain't telling me?" If he tried leaving to get on to the place where everything were gonna be set in motion, she'd place herself in his way, or just flat out refusing to follow him if she couldn't. "Nonono, we ain't going anywhere until I know what's bugging you. Because this here's starting to smell like a trap, and I don't much care for that. What's eating you?"
  13. @Widdershins @Windy Breeze Widdershins plays a variety of characters. Among them a draconequus, and he embodies the sort of spirit that those sorts require, rather well. Which yes, could well mean that he'd have you be swallowed, and then likely spat out, having grown three extra wings or something. It's better to just roll with it than question it at some point. And for the record, we have three draconequui in the RP. Widdershins is one, Catpone have another (pretty sure it's a draconequus anyway. Sorta lost track) and then I have the third, called Anomaly. None of them are attempting to take over town or anything of the sort, so it's somewhat low brow when they're involved in things. Figured I might as well get that out of the way since we're talking draconequui, and I know that some at times worry that they take over every aspect of the RP.
  14. @Catpone Cerberus Neither of them would try to interrupt Ruby's hunt, nor alert the moose. Marley knew her enough to understand that he'd - rightfully so - get a substantial slapping, and as such went silently behind the others, whilst Leviathan considered it a matter of respect to not meddle in another dragon's hunt, unless they seemed like they were about to lose, or hunted something they weren't supposed to. Mainly ponies. Her whole point about trying to show Ruby that someone cared wouldn't really be helped if she started to show the lack of respect it'd be to potentially chase off the dragoness prey. Besides, she were rather intrigued by looking at Ruby, now that she had a chance to fully see the dragoness as she were. Larger than herself, with a color befitting her name, she were an impressive enough dragoness, and as had been brought up earlier, clearly not meant to be inside most pony dwellings in her normal form. Her way of hunting were a joy to watch too. A little... Brutish perhaps, but the efficiency and stealth right before the pounce were impressive. Personally Leviathan wasn't a fan of making her prey struggle though, as she felt like it soured the meat, but to each their own. It were still an interesting sight. Not a chance she could stay and watch the show though. Another moose had been nearby, and were trying to get away from the scene. With the distance it had from Ruby, it might have a fair chance actually. If not Leviathan had taken flight and followed after it. The dragoness were smaller and leaner than Ruby, which made it easier for her to navigate around the trees, and giving off a performance akin to seeing a serpent slither forth on a recording, yet on fast forward. With little effort, she'd make it to the moose, at which point she'd strike from above, and pierce its heart with the spear. A quick, clean ending that didn't make the poor thing suffer, and soon enough, she'd have it dragged back with her, with the slowly melting spear sticking out. "Now comes the fun part." She'd have a gleam in her eye as she started to skin the moose, then set the hide on the ground, with the fur side downwards, whilst she began slashing it into small pieces on said pelt. She'd have a few bites here and there, but overall, she wouldn't eat much currently, beyond the heart and liver. The rest were going to be salted, packaged up, and kept in a spare sack she had in her left side bag. It'd take some time though, but still, there'd be plenty of food for another time for her. A rationing thing that Ruby might not like, but perhaps the joy that went over Leviathan's face as she skillfully butchered her prey would be a point in the smaller dragoness' favor. At least it meant she wasn't squeamish, right? ====================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus The critter hastily grabbed the bag and piece of wood more firmly, grasping them with a semi-relived expression on her face. Apparently, these were the most important of the things she had in her possession, and the food were more a sort of afterthought. Came from being a scavenger as part of your nature. As she were asked whatever or not she understood Nada, she started to nod fervently, and yappered off in critterspeech. Something which of course, Nada wouldn't get, but she were panicking a bit here, so logic had to take a backseat for a few seconds until the moment of realisation came up for the mimic. Once the penny dropped, she'd grab her head with one paw, trying to think of how to approach this, before pulling the piece of wood forth and putting it in front of her. Once it were there, she'd start pointing at it, then sniff it, before pointing at herself again. After doing this a few times, she started to look into many directions, all whilst holing a paw above her eyes as if she were scouring for something in the horizon. After that it were basically just pointing at the board and looking up at Nada expectingly, to see if the Siren would get the point of her little game of charades. If not, she'd have to try something else to get her point across, and attempt to smooth things out before she ended up as the larger predator's next meal. A fate which the mimic had no interest in taking part in. Which were also a reason why she seemed to cover somewhat behind the piece of wood, as if it were a shield. Sure she cared for this thing, but she cared even more about not ending up as an appetizer. ============================================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus Straw scratched his moustache thoughtfully as he heard the explanation about what were going on around the ghostly perimiter. "Hmm, I've been living in Ponyville all my life, and both seen and heard of my fair share of weird things, but I can't say I've ever heard of something like that before. The animals being able to get through is the oddest part to me though. Makes it sound as if the ponies you're talking about have made a kind of safe haven for them, or at least is trying not to meddle with the local ecosystem. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Fluttershy could have something to do with it, but I know she have her own sanctuary already... Perhaps there's a second? How does the ponies you're talking about look? Is one of them per chance a yellow mare with a long, flowing hair and mane in rather bright pink, wandering around with a bunny?" It would be weird that Fluttershy did something like this, but it were the only one he knew off that might have a hoof in this sort of thing. Could be that she were working with Twilight to make another sanctuary out here? Or somepony else? Sounded mighty interesting if it were, certainly. Something worth exploring even. ===================================================================================== @Windy Breeze WIndy would soon find that a shadow started to loom over her from behind. A tall presence, blocking the sun from shining down upon her, and imposing the height difference between them in a somewhat ominous way. If she turned around however, she'd see anything but an ominous presence, as she'd be starring right at a rather tall, soft colored mare with a bow in her mane, looking down on her with a happy little smile on her muzzle. "Are you looking for the Cake's? They had to go and get their foals to the doctor." She'd reach over and try pushing the door, but were a little dismayed to also find out that the place were indeed closed for the day. "I guess Pinkie and Glazed Over couldn't take over. That's a shame, I were kinda thinking about bagels. Hehe, oh well, there's other places to find baked goods in town. For some reason this town have like... Three or four places were you can get baked goods. Kinda crazy, huh?" The lanky mare would take a step back, whilst folding her large wings in again. She had been flying here when finding this pony in her rather peculiar outfit, being followed around by a group, and figured she'd go say hi, once the mare appeared to not go inside, and talking about the bakery being closed. An unusual sight, but stuff happened, right? No biggie. And speaking of unusual sights, the large rodent skull that she were wearing on a piece of rope around her neck - already something you rarely saw with equines - suddenly had the eye sockets flare up with two small, pale wisps of fire. The *eyes* would seemingly be focused on Windy, and would follow her, even if she moved to the side, though that were the extend of what went on. The skull didn't suddenly come alive and try to chase her or anything. "Anyway, I'm Sorrow, it's nice to me- Huh? Wonderbolts? This is how they look?" She seemed to get interrupted by a voice that only she could hear, which might make her come off as a little crazy. Y'know, in case her necklace didn't already make you question things. "Oooooh, That explains the crowd! I were sorta wondering why everypony were hobbling after you." Sorrow would chuckle with her eyes closed for a few seconds, before looking back at the mare with big, curious eyes. "Never seen a Wonderbolt before you. I sorta thought you'd look more... I dunno, purple, I guess? The uniform's are a lot brighter than I thought." ================================================================================ @EQ_Theta They'd find that the door wasn't closed, as this were after all, still a business, and closing the doors kept the customers away. Still, Amethyst would come to them if they did not wander in first, and get a pleasant smile on her face as she saw who her visitors currently were. "Lin? Oh it's so good to see you again dear." She went closer to embrace the longma, but were stopped by Shrimp, who rose his head and started to hiss at the mare as she got too close. "It seems that someone is in a somewhat bad mood. Perhaps he have overeaten? Please, come in come in, one and all." She'd give Rosa a somewhat curious glance as he passed, yet Sen, Lin and Shrimp would get a pleased smile from the mare, who were more than happy to have her guests back again. She were more or less done with cleaning up anyway, and there were currently no customers, so she had the time to spare. Just had to make sure to keep an eye on the refraction, lest the little thing thought it were time for a snack when he saw the jewelry on display. Among the jewelry in question, they'd be able to now see several rings, necklaces, and a single broche, embedded with the purified Changeling Crystals. These color-shifting little things should be able to fetch quite a nifty sum of bits, though they might also give a few... Bad memories to the group. Rosa at least, were none too happy about seeing them, but kept his muzzle shut for the time being. "So what is it that brings you here this day, darlings? I think I heard you saying you were here with something?" ===================================================================================== @Midnight "Yes, please. And you're staying right here where I can keep an eye on you, mister." Pop looking up at Benny with a bit of an edge to both her glare and her voice. She did not find this little impulse of him to be funny in the slightest, and judging by the apologetic, awkward look on Benny's face, he well knew that he had gone and done something really stupid there, and didn't have a proper reason or excuse that he could give for his actions. She weren't really angry at him, more worried that it might have actually ended up hurting him, though thankfully, Icy had bounced him out like he were a ragdoll, and now they could test this without potentially ending up sending Benny to the dark ends of nowhere. As for what to test on this, Icy were free to pick whatever and try using that. A lot of candy around, so perhaps a bag of that, or some pieces from the mixing bowls in the corner would do well? Only inanimate thing off limits were the old timey register, as that were a well taken care of antique that had been hard for Pop to get hold of in the first place, much less get to work right. Still worth it for that satisfying *ding* sound whenever she pulled the lever though. For some reason it just made her happy. ====================================================================================== @Rising Dusk "There's something to learn from everywhere around the world. Harrowmark have plenty of magical research that might be interesting to others, and with how isolated we have been the past six centuries, whoever gets their stake on some of it first, might be very fortunate." Lily wasn't blind. She knew the sort of lustful glare that lingered in Dawn's word and look as she talked about there being things to learn from Harrowmark. A hunger that she knew well, having had that be her own goal for quite some time in her original younger years, as well as for many others that she knew. It would be interesting to see what would happen, as Harrowmark got into contact with the world again, and their knowledge were traded for what the world around them could teach the stagnated country. Likely they had more to offer than her own country did to most, seeing how society had moved along in other countries, whilst Harrowmark had stagnated, yet what others had in technology, they might be able to offer in studies. Her country were a deeply magical one, and she for one, were in possession of some rather intriguing, and disturbing, tomes of how to wield magic. Including primordial magic, which she imagined weren't as prevalent everywhere. Equestria at least, had not stricken her as a country praying to any god so far at least. Their depictions and praise seemed mostly to be towards their regents, though in fairness, she hadn't heard enough to tell for sure. It were a very small sample size she had gotten, though she'd stick to her theory for now, until she knew otherwise. "I find it curious that with all this splendor, your guests seems to find interest in someone growing a flower. Earth pony casting a spell or not, that seems like nothing, compared to what else the eyes can fall upon in here." The *audience* here were focusing on the wrong things in her opinion. What about all the splendor here? Or the levitating table? Heck, what were On the table were even more interesting than a flower being grown. How much would it blow these ponies minds to see actual, high end magic if this were enough to draw their attention? She for one, were more curious about what were going on in the bauble, which were about to turn ugly from the looks of things. The group had reached the shore rather quickly, likely because the diamond dog driver had been given another spike of energy from the priestess, who wanted this over with as soon she could. Regardless, they were now at the shore, and they were getting some company, as they approached a large ferry that would have room for all of them, as well as the wagon, yet it were being guarded over by a specter. A tall one at that, draped in soaking wet rags, obscuring the view of the somewhat hunched over, tall creature, hovering in the air. Chains hung from its back to connect it to an enchanted anchor on the ferry's back, and to it's side, it held a long piece of wood in its obscured hand, where the bottom of the piece of wood were carved into an oar, and the top were given a large, rather nasty looking scythe head that glimmered in the faint sun light. It appeared that it were floating towards them, limited in distance by the chains which held it in place, and that Thistle were about to approach it. A confrontation between a creation of Twisted, and the herald of the goddess he had tried to help snuff out, seemed unlikely to go well. ========================================================================================= @Pastel Heart @Widdershins Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! They were in so much trouble here if they didn't start to run fast, and run far! Eeep! Nooo, it were too late, the badger were gonna tear Pastel! Much as she wanted to fancy herself a great protector, and somepony who would one day be the bestest Night guard of them all, Jelly were still an inexperienced filly. She didn't have the muscle to fight a creature like this, and sadly, weren't able to always react on things as timely as she wanted to. So as she were trying to get Pastel away, it left her unable to get her out of the way in time, which meant that she were going to have to helplessly watch her ge- What the hay? Normally she wouldn't want to curse, even internally, but seeing the badger suddenly blasting off like a rocket were mind boggling, and there really wasn't anything else she could think of right now than those few words for several seconds. "We... We did it! We're safe." She'd let go of Pastel and lounge forward to pull her friend into a giant, tight hug from the back. Praise be the moon, they were okay! They had defeated two enemies - well, one of them wandered off - and a third had suddenly been sent packing, which meant that the pony they had been chasing were safe, and so were they! Everything had turned out okay after all, including her friend not becoming badger dinner! This were amazing. She'd be clinging on tight for around five seconds or so before the relief roaring through her like an ocean finally subsided enough to make her let go, leaving her with a huge adrenaline rush and a heart that felt like it were about to burst out through her chest. This had gotten way more intense than she had thought it were going to be, when they first went into the forest. "Yes yes yes! They're all gone. We saved you, and I think you saved us after that?" Jelly would take over, though she were perhaps a bit too hyped up right now for the nervous looking stallion. A pretty weird looking guy too, who looked like he had been rolled in feathers. Were it some sort of coat? Way too many for regular wings, that were for sure. Might be he just grew extra ones on his body, like a chicken. Who knew if that were something pegasi could do? He also seemed to be about three seconds away from taking a hike in sheer panic, but again, Jelly were a bit too high on the adrenaline to calm herself down to the sort of level he likely needed right now, and were actively jumping in place. "Are you okay mister? Everything's safe now so you can rela-" The sentence were not spoken in full, before the sound of heavy paws stomping down on the ground got nearer, and if they followed the sound, they'd find the timberwolf matriarch wandering nearby, with her head held above the trees they were standing near, and sniffing the air. Usually she got nowhere near Ponyville, but due to the desert, then reasserting her dominance over her territory, and unsuccessfully chasing a siren, she had gotten far closer to town than normal, and right now, she were smelling something weird. Potentially the equines, or maybe the broken up timberwolf from before, or something third entirely. Yet whatever it were, the gargantuan timberwolf would likely not be happy to find any of the things she could smell right now, and it would be wise of them to get away before she got nearer then the ten meters away from them she roughly were now. Considering her size - even if they weren't exactly among the tallets trees in the forest - it seemed unwise to catch her ire, or even attention. Opportunistic predators or not, something this huge, which had managed to keep control of her pack and the parts of the forest she dwelled in for as long as she had, were not gonna be taken down by a simple string.
  15. @Windy Breeze @Widdershins Well, soon as you're more caught up with things Widders, you can join in here, and I can always just wander off, or tag along, depending on what goes on. Though of course, completely up to Windy. And don't worry Windy, we're like... 60% sure that Widders doesn't bite. You're probably safe.