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  1. @Lucid_Nightlight Your pick of either, though you could also combine them, and make Lumen the villain, as he wouldn't only not be taken taken serious, but would be getting hit on by Anomaly whenever he starts trying to seem intimidating. Gotta be a pain in the flank for anyone who wants to instill fear to have a crowd of hugely powerful beings thinking that what you're doing is basically just adorable, or heckles you for not doing it well enough. You decide in the end lad. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do. ====================================================================================== Just letting everyone know that I will be posting today, but then not again until Monday again. Some friends wants me to spend time with them before they have a baby, so gonna spend my attention on that. Wishing you all a great week, and hope you won't feel sad for not seeing me around for that long.
  2. @Illiad Easle There, hope this works.
  3. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle (Void) "No!" Void had felt a lot of things in a very short amount of time as things had unfolded. First worry and guilt, as Silver had wandered forth and reluctantly started to work with the strange stones. She had honestly been close to just raising her voice and saying that she would get it done, and that Silver could take a step back, but she didn't have the chance before the next two emotions overtook, with the appearance of the two-faced projection. That being fear, and shock. There had been no doubt in her mind that this were Panic, though she hadn't expected it to be quite... This. It were like seeing a picture of duality, just embedded into a pony, with one side seeming light and almost serene, whilst the other were dark, jagged, and to her, oozed cruelty and malice. Still one thing connected the two sides. Those cold, cruel eyes, that she normally only saw on creature who were about to do something abhorrent, whilst not feeling anything about it. Not even joy, which just made it that much more disgusting and seemingly pointless when something bad then soon followed. She had taken a step back by then, and opened her muzzle to say something to Silver. Begging words of having to run away, or ordering her - as it had turned out the robots gender had been - to throw the things she were dealing with away. Yet nothing had escaped Void's shivering lower lip as terror had grasped her heart. Perhaps if she had, what happened next wouldn't have come to pass. That fact just hammered her in the face as Panic overtook Silver's body, and threw a jewel away from the robots chest and towards her hooves. More so when he started to monologue, and it became apparent that they had just been used as pawns and tool this entire time by both panic and 900. Everything they had done, and everypony that had died, ultimately lead to nothing. Something which on it own shattered her, but then came the crushing fact again and again that Silver were gone because of her, and whilst the scientists would not weigh on her, as what they did to Null, her, and likely other creatures who had done nothing, meant she could rationalize that they got what they deserved, Silver hadn't done anything. She were just an innocent robot, who seemingly had an array of emotions and thoughts that made Void think of her as alive. And because of her selfishness, Void had killed her. That one were what finally made her snap, and as Panic were about to take off, she went into her outburst, and charged forward with all the force she could muster - which were not an insignificant amount - trying to attack Panic and keep him back. There were no greater plan about it, as this were a purely emotional moment, which also unfortunately meant that she weren't paying attention to where she stepped, which in turn lead to her missing a particular diamond that had gotten out down in front of her hooves. She ended up stepping on it with her false leg at an angle, which meant that it didn't get crushed, but instead would jam up like a splinter to the left side, as well as cause her to loose her balance as she slid down it, stumble forward, and as Panic moved out of the way, ending up bashing headfirst into the floor and keep the momentum going past there towards the control room, where her real back leg would end up either crashing through the window, or if said window were strong, collapse beneath it with a jolt of pain going through her leg from the impact. Either way, she'd up doing the same afterwards: Crying and sobbing over what she had done, and still not taking notice in the diamond stuck to her false leg. (the magic negating effect does not include the false leg, only organic parts) (Null) Null couldn't follow that tempo, with both her being pretty much filly size, as well as having no ability to fly, but for once she didn't think something bad about Pen for making off in a hurry. The look on her face had told the pegasus all that she needed to know about the wonky message that had gone over the speakers before: Panic were out of containment, which meant that the two of them had failed to reach him before Void did. The thoughts that something had happened to her sister after that, with some darkened outline of a pony standing atop her lifeless form tried to crash into her mind, but Null bit down and ran, doing what she could to block that imagery from polluting her mind. The pain from her gums as blood began trickling down her teeth, managed to give her something else to focus on as she ran down the path she had observed Pen speeding down, so she managed to keep despair at legs length, but it weren't gonna work forever. She had to find Void. Now more than ever. Null had just gotten past the smoke that had made her eyes itchy before she were forced to close her eyes and just run through, when Pen came out of wherever she had went and spouted off about taking things down, Codex, and... Omega? Awh hay. "The warhead? Freaking great..." This were gonna make all those years she had to spend running away from dangerous situations to good use, as it sounded like speed and stamina were the key to the next ten minutes or so. Null weren't sure if she could last all of that, but she had to try, so that they could get to Panic before he used that thing that she didn't knew what were, but since it included the word *war*, likely weren't good news. He might end up blowing up Equestria, and then where would Null and her go? Her top priority though, were going to be to force out of him where Void were. She swore, if that dirty monster had harmed a hair on her sisters head, she were going to carve his off with a dull potato peeler!
  4. @Illiad Easle Alright, I have something to work with here, and the control room have given me an idea. Please excuse me if what I do seem kinda like taking control, and if it goes too far, just lemme know. And worry not, I had plans to take the gem. Hopefully something good can come from it eventually, though if the gems is suppressed or drained will end up being up to you. Regular magic is drained, but curse and highly unusual stuff are just suppressed, which means that you'll have to chose in the long run.
  5. @Illiad Easle Hmm... I don't know. Being a sky pirate sounds kinda cool, but the alternative sounded pretty interesting too... Tell you what, I'll let things play out as they do, and then you decide what path to take. I'll just roll with it. Speaking of rolling with things (and also, sorry for missing the post until now. Forgot to check) there's a question I have about the current post you put down. That being that during the process with Panic, you sorta missed out on an potential outcome: That being that as he were getting control over Silver (And yes, I am well aware of who she used to be at this point) and speaking about how Void weren't useful anymore, what then happens if she attacks him before he leaves? Don't get me wrong, she ain't usually an aggressive sort, but she is under a lot of pressure, and have now been told that she wasted her time, that everything they did for 900 were a lie, and that Silver - whom she believes to be alive to some degree - have been overtaken after she made the robot free the entity who did that. She'd have a mixture of grief and a panic attack, akin to what happened to the golem. You know, the whole *furiously kicking at whatever causes her distress with her strong legs* thing. What then might his reaction be? Would her effect work on him? Would he move out of the way? Retaliate and break her false leg perhaps? Or is he simply so fast that she wouldn't have the chance to touch him, even when he were monologuing and she stood in the way of the exit? I have to ask since there is only two ways she will react to this: Either blindly attack him, or chase after him. Both with tears streaming down her face over what had happened to poor Silver. I know there was the nightmarish face, but that would only stun her for a bit, so if you'd please tell me of potential reactions to an attack, or her being pushed aside or something, I can include that when getting the post underway.
  6. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Lucid_Nightlight "Well, the mango got the fight, but the lemon went on to get itself a life... I think they both won?" She snapped her tail and the mango turned to dust, before going once more and patching up the holes that had been left from the acid it had spend time spitting around. Heh, silly pony running off. The coffee's not gonna stop following him. See?" Anomaly pointed at the liquid which followed the decaff pony without delay. Silly thing probably thought that he could just escape the weirdness. Hah! They were draconequui (and Lucid). There were no escape from their meddling. ========================================================================================= @Dji @FanOfManyShows Enzo glanced up towards the dragon on the balcony, who were only a little larger than a regular sized pony, and wore armor carrying marks of both the Night and Solar guards. "Little dragon who acts like a pony. Hardly a threat." He still weren't happy seeing a dragon, considered his history with their kind, but this tiny morsel were hardly part of those who deserved his ire. He looked far too young, and those the sphinx had known were not fans of ponies. They would never wear the equine guards colors like this. "When you're done with this matter, Dew, you will come to us without delay. My patience for your time will not remain forever." With that, Enzo turned and slowly - to make sure he didn't hit anyone - made his way over to a more quiet part of the garden, where he could set both bag and Aurora down, then unravel the bag and start putting the books within into some piles to make them easier to sort through by whatever fool were to assist with this. "Why do you find the presence of dragons shocking, little pony? Are they they not common among your kind, or do you harbor ill will towards their kind?" =================================================================================================== @Dji "Heh, gonna end with that if they don't fly out 'round his parts of the country. Ain't gonna disappoint my queen by letting her message go unsent, though wandering into that hive with the rep she have? *whistles* That's gonna be a tricky deal to get sorted. Sounds like you'd be up for it if it went to that though, eh?" Happy joked about it, but really, other changelings weren't too thrilled with Onache at the best of times before, and now, reaching out to one of those that she were likely to have been pretty harsh on? Were gonna test how much Thorax had been able to let go, along with his subjects, since he'd probably not risk a revolt by trying to connect with a queen that his own drones weren't to thrilled about. Still, could be kinda fun to see some of his old hivemates that had migrated over from what he understood. Might be they'd be less on his case when they weren't hungry and jealous of the attention he got from their queen. ======================================================================================================= @Dji "I'm a scholar. I hardly see how I couldn't know how to use one." Opening her bag, she pulled out a small, elongated wooden box, and opened it to reveal a crude stone quilt filled with squid ink, and two eagle feathers. She picked up the one who had clearly already been used, and put it down on one side of the desk, along with the ink, though she didn't pull any paper up from her bag. It hadn't been something she carried around with her often, and she imagined that what she had were now destroyed after the sphinx had her angry phase earlier, so it were lost. Along with several translated pages of this book, though at least she could remember those and were able to write them down again if needed be. It would be far worse if the book itself had been ruined. "I usually harvest my own materials, but if this isn't befitting the paper you have, I'll work with what you have. That being said, how do you wish to proceed on this? The words are intermingled, so perhaps we each have a piece of paper, discuss the meaning of certain words and write what it might mean from our respective sides, then write it down on a third piece when we are in agreement on the correct translation?" There'd likely be other ways too, but Nerzhei weren't used to working with others besides Lotus, and the bunny usually did what she were doing now when it came to this, by jumping into the bag and taking herself a nap. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "I wouldn't trust this town to hold one great enough with the sort of enchantments I think you would wish for in regards to your necklace. Worry not though, I will ask around when we reach the auction, and see if I can find a name of one who is prone to doing such things effectively, as well as discreetly. Wouldn't want to have anyone tell on you now, would we?" Marley gave her a knowing look, as he were certain that anyone who would just be doing their job would be threatened into silence by the hidden dragon to keep her secret, which might end badly. Using one who were used to dealing with shady types and criminals who should not be crossed, would ensure one who knew how to keep their muzzles shut, as they wouldn't want to be known as a snitch. Those had a tendency to disappear under mysterious circumstances. "As for the my intentions, it is merely to ensure that you are well fed, as it hardly seems fitting to treat one for dinner but then leave them hungry. If your stomach are not sated, and a hunt is then needed, the very least I could do would be to direct you towards a fitting area and ensure that you can do as you wish to undisturbed, yes?" He were but a gentlebird, wanting to do right by those around him. Unless they got on his nerves, or threatened his friends or employer. At that point, one would find a less than gentle side of the muscular griffon. He'd hardly be worth his salt as a bodyguard if words were the only thing he could sling out after all, no? ============================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus Fah'lina started clapping her paws and nodding in response to Nada's question, happy that the siren got what she were on about, before flying up the river at a speed that'd allow Nada to keep pace, though she would test how quick the siren could swim a few times just to see if she could speed up. Eventually they'd reach a point where the river expanded into a minor lake, from where a large hole had gotten bashed into the ground a long time ago. The river continued after that, but this here were a nice enough place in the mimic's opinion. Rich on varied fish that swam in the stream or lingered/rested here for a time, surrounded by rocky formations that kept it somewhat tougher to get to for land dwellers, and there were some underwater crevices to hide in, just in case some troublesome folks came around. The part with all the fish though, were what Fah'lina were mostly focused on, and she pointed down into the water at the swimming dinner arrangement who'd try to scurry away from the siren on sight. The mimic weren't something they really registered as much of a threat that easy, but the siren were large, so it triggered their instincts easier. Nothing a good fish pony couldn't handle though. ================================================================================================ @EQ_Theta "Everything have some limitations. Healing wounds are the basics, but dealing with side effects of infections, such as necrosis or discoloration, requires an advanced understanding of the craft. Magical wounds are another matter entirely, which usually requires a specialist that are well versed in draining the magical residue whilst healing at the same time. Changeling doctors are surprisingly efficient at this, but I know of a few kitsune who could give them a run for their money, depending on the magic used. Then of course, there's the highly advanced arts of reattaching limbs. Not say, a finger or an ear, which any healer worth their salt can do. More along the lines of attaching an entire limb, or in extreme cases, using a suitable donor limb to replace what were taken. Few are good at that, as it requires a being well versed in balancing both healing and necromancy in a harmonious way, which are not easy with opposing magic like that. I couldn't think of one specific that could do so, including myself, but I've read in some books before that the far away country of Harrowmark once prided itself in being able to harness light atop ground infested by dark magic. If there's any credence to that, they'd likely be the best place to look for information about this sort of thing. It will be risky business even if you knew what to do though. Necromancy are forbidden magic for a reason, as it corrupts and decays by its very nature. Good could come from knowing what were needed to reach the peak of the healing arts, but it is far too easy to fall into temptation or get consumed by the darkness, so at least here in Neighpon, both the ponies and us agrees that no practice into necromancy are to be tolerated. Not that there's much of a need for us, as there's being made some strides in realistic-looking, magical prosthetics that are perhaps not as good as a regular limb, but can be made to feel realistic enough. A far better solution than meddle with things that tend to only spell ruin." While talking, the kitsune were putting Sen through the same process as Lin had been through, from the magical needle poking through to the wisp searching through his being, though this time, it went faster, as there were quite the similarities between himself and Lin, which meant there were technically lesser to write. Though even with that in mind, she still managed to fill around the same amount of pages of a new notebook that she had on Lin. Writing differences tended to fill out pages too. "You had a small fracture on your hip that I patched up, but other than that, you seem healthy. Ah, and as for what you mentioned miss, you just need to be out and about some more, so to speak. We can mend up a leg without much issue, but your muscles will need to get to work again since they tend to end up slumbering some after the process. It's not ideal, but the olden days alternative tends to include an incredible amount of pain, so it's seen as the lesser evil. I'd suggest some stretching motions too, just don't overdo it, or start to run around. Let things ease in by itself. I'd tell you to say that to this one too, but I know he's awake and listening. You have to pretend better to cheat ears like these, thestral." "I'm just *urgh* listening in." Rosa's eyes opened slowly, though as he spoke, it should already be apparent tell that he felt tired, drained, and as sore as if he'd flown straight into a house. The gaze he sent into the ceiling didn't hide it either. "Sure you are, and I'm a diamond dog, heh. Joking aside though, before your friends squeeze all the life out of you, we had to rip your outfit off to get to your wounds, but the blood pretty much ruined ruined the cloth anyway. Your head piece is intact though." "I can... Replace the rest. So *groan* what happened? Is the... Statue okay?" ====================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "Following them and seeing what they may have sounds good, thank you. I will speak with Lotus at the next possible time to figure out if she would be comfortable spending time without her draconic friend for a while. Her opinion should be weighed in. But for now, yes, let us return to our friends. They may miss us. Hmhm, or perhaps they've found a tome, and are fighting over who gets to read first?" Lyriel let out a short, pearly giggle at the thought of the pony and dragon pulling on each end of a large tome, both going *Mine!*. It were highly unlikely of course, yet as the imagery had entered her mind, she could not help but laugh at how it seemed to fit the two. In an exaggerated matter of course. That fun little moment aside, she would follow Fluittershy back towards the castle, and feast upon what she had been given slowly. Lyriel were not one to gorge on things, so there were a good chance that both of these things may hang off from her for around an hour, if not more, depending on what her attention would be directed towards. Potentially less if say, a hummingbird came flying around who wished to have a small drink, which she would not deny it. A lot had happened in the short span of time they had been out that would occupy her mind for a time when night fell and she were to return to the forest, yet Lyriel found that it were a blessing to have found a pony like Fluttershy, who had been willing to show her all of these things, and explain to her what they meant. Lyriel wanted desperately to be welcomed among the ponies, so that she may find some connections besides those of the animals, much like she had with her old brethren. The sphinx had seemingly managed to cast the spell over the forest which she claimed would cleanse her brethren of their corruption if they ever were to enter the Everfree Forest, but she held no hope that she could ever get them here, and as such, she would have to find new friends, and if the Earth Mother were willing, a new family. From what she could see, this place brought in many, varied beings at least, so who knew? Perhaps one day, another of her kind would wander in, seeking an enclave. Ah, but that were thoughts for another day. For the time being, there were enough to juggle with for her for a time, yet there were one thing that she needed to do first, after she had wandered and thought for a few minutes. "Fluttershy? I would like to thank you. I had long wished to see this town for myself, but knew not how to approach it, or even when. Then you came forth, and welcomed me to not only join in the sights, but also be told of and experience the lives that your kind have here. Perhaps it means little to others, but to me, it is a kindness that speaks well of your warm heart, and I cannot thank you enough for giving me your trust. I hope that one day, I may be able to repay you for the wonderful gift you have bestowed upon me, and that you will allow me to think of you as a friend." ===================================================================================== @Moonlit @Zephyr / Karou "If you were, I would think it to be a temporary thing at worst, as Discord have sided with the forces of Equestria. Whatever pranks may happen will likely be harmless or reverted quickly, as to not catch ire from his companions. As for the female draconequus though... Well, I will say that I don't think she would turn you into a doughnut, however I cannot assure you she won't do other things, and perhaps make you something more nature-specific. Such as an evergrown. To explain it briefly, I have only met her once, at the outskirts of town before reconstruction could begin, and at the time I learned that she is both a draconequus who take high interest in mutations and plant life, as well as her being a more neutral force than anything, only doing things for her own amusement. She also uhm... *clears throat* Created my kind by mutating regular beings around six centuries ago." The last part were spat out quickly after his pause, as he thought of whatever or not this should be mentioned. However, hard as it were to accept this fact, it were undeniable, and he had to both live with that, and share the word to those who would listen. "I know not her reasons, if ever there were any, but I have sensed the seed that she planted to grow the first of the sacred trees. The essence of nature and chaos were impossible to mistake for anything else, and had I not begged her to stop, she would have planted it in town to prove that it were indeed her doing that created my kind. I am aware that it is a difficult one to believe. I did not wish to either, and I think many more of my kind will be reluctant to trust this, but the truth remains what it is, and it is something that serves no purpose being hidden away. As for how it relates to this, it is simply that if this garden is her creation, rather than Discord's, I cannot say what will happen if you step off the path and thread upon the grass, but I beg of you to not test it, lest the mood have struck for her to set a trap for her own amusement." Some way from them, Cherish jumped back from seeing Serenade growl. Not that she were visible so that they could see it, but regardless, the sudden change in Serenade had stricken Cherish with surprise and honestly worry, as for whom it were she referred to. "W-Who are you talking about? The p-ponies over there? Have they d-done something to you before?" The growling, stomping, head swaying back and forth. And those fangs! Dear Celestia, what had befallen Serenade to make her react this way? And by whom? Had to be one of the ponies up there, but which one? The cape-wearer with the weird tail, or the other one, who didn't have that many things that made him stand out she could easily put a finger on. Not currently at least.
  7. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle (Void) Void didn't understand enough of this system to get if it were hard or easy to get through normally, but something told her that it weren't meant to be simple, and that however difficult it might be were there to make sure that a dangerous creature didn't escape. That being Panic himself. Even Silver didn't seem like he really wanted to do this, which had to be a red flag of some dimension, yet at this point in time, there weren't much of a choice left. Outsiders had come in to deal with this place, and unfortunately, Null and her counted as part of this places inventory in their eyes. The time to think morals and second guess if she could go through with this were over. So that had to be him behind that frosted glass, right? Less imposing than expected, but knowing this place right, he'd end up having a thirteen meter long body with several poisonous claws hidden somewhere behind the seemingly regular pony form. That, or he'd end up proving to be some kind of witch that were limited to that form without his magic. She'd seen magic stones like this a lot of times out in the world, and almost always, they were used by some pretty horrible beings with varied results, ranging from just a mass influx of dark power, to physical mutations as whatever they drew upon were too much for their natural form to contain. This room certainly looked like it were meant with a witch in mind, so that might well be the state of Panic, though it might also be here to keep him locked down... Hopefully it would be the former, as that might actually prove the best case scenario in all of this, as he'd be unable to do much against Null and her. Well, he could collapse the roof on them... Seemed likely really, but again, not like she had a choice in the matter of letting him out. "I-I don't like this more than you S-Silver, but if we don't do this, w-we'll all be tossed in a cell, or k-killed. Would you p-please do as he asked? And... D-Don't hurt him, Panic, o-okay? Silver haven't d-done anything w-wrong here." Void still weren't sure how much free will the robot had, but there had been enough signs now to make her think that he had some kind of sentience at least, and she didn't want him to be hurt. Sure she had done things to others before, but only if it was in self defense, or if there weren't a choice. Silver hadn't done anything but help so far, and wouldn't deserve to be crushed or whatever else Panic might have in mind. She'd fidget a little in place as things unfolded, but she'd also stand ready to move forward in case Silver seemed to be in a sort of danger that she could help with. Might just postpone the inevitable though, as they were likely all going to die today anyway, but at least she could go down with a bit more of a clean consciousness, and hopefully to a blade or bullet of some kind. She didn't want to be eaten. (Null) Null met the stare of the golem below, and openly growled at it. "You again." She hadn't forgotten this particular one, nor what it had almost done to her sister. Seemed like one of the short-sighted kidnappers had removed the feather she had shoved into one of the cracks the panicked Void had made on the creature. Likely ended up killing them all, and good riddance. A shame this one weren't taken down well, but if it got close enough, she would make sure that it weren't gonna get up that easily again. Preferably by shoving a feather so far down its throat that it weren't ever getting it out again. And if it didn't have a throat, she'd go for nearest opening and then again, shove til it couldn't go further. Breaking eye contact with the golem, Null started to get a move on again, wanting to get moving so she'd have a chance at finding Void soon. Would there be some sort of high tech gadget in the next room that she could use for this sort of thing? Some more screens perhaps? Of course with their luck, they instead wandered straight into a large toilet area. If she'd had anything to eat or drink since they caused the riot, Null might welcome it, but with nothing in the system, there weren't really anything to exit either, so she didn't care to linger here. Who knew, they might run into toilet goblins if they stayed here for too long. A sarcastic though which were something that she had wished she made up on the spot, yet sadly, those pesky troublemakers were very real, and far were a nuisance at the best of time. Other times they went ballistic and tried to smash you with a toilet seat or drown you, which weren't what she'd call an upgrade. *urgh* Hopefully they could just get on their way and then get to somewhere or something that could tell them where her sister were. With the strike team or whatever in here, they were under press here.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @FanOfManyShows "I'm sure it's fine, but I'll come 'round after paying up here just to make sure, alright? Get home safely, and no witchy talk on the street. Remember, princesses, haven't given you a pass on that sort yet." Chow would flash a grin and wave at the two gals as they went on their way, whilst he went his own. Had to hurry back home here and get those bits before he'd get in trouble, then over to the gals, and then eventually, finally get home where he'd likely just slump down on the couch and pass out for a while. Been a loooong day, and he needed to get his batteries recharged. After making sure the gals were fine of course, though really, if something had suddenly happened, he got the feeling that they'd be able to deal with it. They knew their stuff, and weren't completely out of magic juice yet far as he were aware, though really, what'd he know about that, right? ========================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows "We will need a magic imbued crystal rank two or higher, about the size of an acorn. If it's not empty, whatever is in it must be used or expelled before the gem can be used for this." Magical gems were not all that hard to come by all things considered, but it depended on the rank. For example, a rank one were a simple find in mainly oceans and other areas with a lot of magical flow through them, that could be harvested and then sold as heaters for a hoofbath, something for a transportable cooling bag, small fans, that sort of thing. Nothing too massively strong, but useful in their simplicity. Ranks above that could do all from being possible to recharge or fill with other sorts of magic, and all the way up to being able to run on itself through a loop, and carry an impressive amount of power. Yet the stronger it were, the rarer it were to find, with the strongest among them that were able to run on a loop, being almost impossible to find anywhere, and being illegal to own for private beings. Which in turn of course made them highly valuable at the black market, where depending on the size and function, it could sell for outrageous amounts of bits. That weren't important right now though, as they just needed a rank two. A simple gem found among the same areas as the rank one's, like a four leafed clover. It couldn't contain an insatiable amount of magic, but they didn't need that either. They needed a sliver of the magic, and as a rank two, that particular gem would be able to contain that if they did it right. This sort of thing were common at most kitchenware stores and the like in Canterlot for a mediocre amount of bits. "We will have to work slowly on it to make it susceptible to dark magic, but it should manage. If not, we will have to seek alternatives. We'll need a second one for soul energy. It's not as difficult to go through, but as Sapphire should remember, it's draining, a messy sight, and we'll have to burn the remains straight afterwards. You don't want to risk revenants. We will dig up Sapphire's corpse when that's done and cleanse the bones, then the blood will be last. And unless you two want to be schooled in how to do everything, I'm going to need a body soon. I can't use magic like this." ======================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows There weren't many guards around anymore. Just four to make sure everything were running smoothly, whilst the rest had gone up to join in the gathering that they had been summoned for. They'd tell the remaining four what had gone on when they came back, but for now, Warlock would be alone in the cell itself, whilst the others stood outside. Lieutenant Hogweed had left about a half hour ago, saying that she needed to attend some things, yet right after Warlock had talked out to himself in his solitary confinement, there'd be some mumbling outside, and soon thereafter, the door would open to reveal her, carrying a tray of some basic food. Nothing incredibly impressive, with just a hay sandwich, some water, and an apple, but this were prison after all, so what could one expect? "Things are a little busy so the staff didn't have time to get down here right now, so figured I'd deliver this myself. Sorry if it doesn't seem like much." She put the tray down on Warlock's bed and went over to examine how his restraints were. They seemed to still be fitting well, though of course, considering his lack of limbs, he weren't exactly mobile. Not chained to the wall at least, but it weren't much better to have the magic suppression chains on in so many places he did, and not being able to walk or float around. Hopefully he should be able to eat and drink normally, otherwise, Hogweeed would have to help him this time around, and otherwise make sure some other guards did so normally. She wouldn't allow prisoners to starve, even if they had hurt a lot of her friends. ===================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows @Dji Iron should be able to see that not everything were as simple as he assumed when he entered the balcony, what with the guards mainly being focused on the newly landed sphinx with the sack on his back. They'd still listen to the new general though, as were obvious when they looked away from the sphinx and towards him briefly, as well as some swaying in the air, unsure of what they were going to do here. Duty, or turning around and greet their new general? Tidal Wave were having a right laugh though as she saw this and pointed towards the big feline with a cheery grin on her face. "See? I told ya your fluffy friend over there would come back." She took a few steps forward and let out a loud whistle to get some attention from down under. "Hey, this one's not an enemy. Put down your pokers and turn around to show my new colleague some respect." "Night Guard, follow troop." Screecher voice were surprisingly loud and commanding when she needed it to be, as were evident when she stepped forward and seconded the notion that Tidal Wave had started, which caused both Night and Coastal guards alike to stop their aggression and turn to face the stage, where there'd then a little by little get down on a knee, and kneel before the new general. The Solar Guards took some time more to follow troop, but when Dew took a few steps and nodded too, they followed troop, which finally left the sphinx able without an aggressive force to deal with. "I am not amused by your underlings." "Yeah yeah, whatever. Stop your bellyaching for a bit would ya? It's time for the ceremonial weapon hand over. We'll talk later, Spanky." The sphinx would bore his claws into the ground at the nickname and stare back at the small general. "My name is Enzo." "Roger that, but keep it down anyway. This here's the good part." "Benny, proceed with the ceremony." Benny had stood a little flabbergasted at what were going on, but as he were called forth, he'd finally have some idea about what to do here that didn't involve looking like an idiot, and walked forward, whilst the other generals and Adviser Dew stepped backwards, leaving him and Iron in the front. *clears throat* "On behalf of the forge of Canterlot, we present you, General Iron Wings, with a weapon befitting your new post. May it serve you well in the years ahead." With that, he'd open it up, to reveal a beautifully formed, double-bladed axe made of a particularly strong metal, about the length of Iron's torso. It were made with attacking in mind certainly, but the notched on the lower parts of the blade could be used to catch some attacks and block via that if you were firm with these sort of things in combat. Furthermore, it were covered with runes that had been lifted from Iron's feather design, which should make this possible for the pony to control like if it were his own, metallic feathers. If he wished to, he could show off now by having it rise into the air and spin it around some, and he'd find it to have the same range as his feathers, though he might need to get used to it before it were as good in a tense situation. (something like this, basically. Just with his cutiemark engraved onto the blades, along with that of his rank in the Solar Guards embracing it) It weren't as good a job as Benny would have liked, but with the time being what it were, remaking an axe that had been ordered for somepony else to begin with, were the best option he had. He'd work on something else another day, if the general so wished it to be, though the dragon hoped that this would still be pleasing to the new general. ============================================================================================= @Moonlit @Zephyr / Karou "I can safely say that I have not taken notice of anything odd here before. The castle does not even normally have a garden, and from what you mention and I feel, it does not sound like it have occurred naturally. However... I may have some idea of the culprit." He wandered closer, along with the always closely following Brittle, who were actually not as terrified of this as some other things, but more transfixed on the weirdness of it all. Furniture grassing, bubble creatures living their own lives and not interacting with the lot of them in any meaningful way beyond just a small glance every now and again, and the garden itself. It were actually kind of nice, compared to the forest where it was full of predators and laughing critters, along with trees that could fall over at any time. It still kept her close though, and wary, as this were the unknown, and that presented terrifying possibilities, yet she she weren't shivering more than usual for the time being as Briar got close enough to feel the grass on the other side of the minuscule fence. "The draconequus Discord have close ties to the Princess and her friends from what I understand, and can at times be found within the boundaries of this town. I think we should assume that he made this, and considering the grass feels alive and vibrant, it is likely meant as a well meaning gift. I would advice against eating anything from it though, just in case. Draconequui have their tendencies for pranks. Though, I should mention that another draconequui recently made travel to our town, and as she made clear, are one who revels in doing things relating to nature. This may be her work, though I cannot say what motives she may have had to do so. Potentially nothing, which still makes me lean towards Discord for the time being." While he kept on this talk, Cherish were about to answer what Serenade had said of the Mane Six - which she assumed were some sort of nickname for Twilight and her friends - when the siren in disguise had halted and started to sniff the air. An action which made the spirit nervous, and starting to look around to see what her nose might have picked up. There didn't seem to be.... No wait, there were somepony up there it looked like. A whole group even, in front of a garden with something moving. It looked almost like... No, that was impossible. Once they got closer she'd surely see that this were just regular living creatures of some sort, and not the benches she could've sowrn they looked like from here. "Uhm, i-is it them you can smell? It looks like a bunch of ponies and... A c-changeling, maybe? The drawings never had them with spikes, manes or tails, but I think I see holes in the legs. D-Do you think they're headed for the castle too?" Cherish had started to whisper as she replied to Serenade, not wanting to be heard even if they were so far from them, and nopony could see her. Thoughts went through her head of Serenade wandering over to them to find out things, and worries that they might then find out their secret, but. surely that'd just be paranoia speaking. Long as she didn't speak, nopony there would know that Cherish were here, and Serenade were used to hiding herself among ponies. This should not be an issue, even if she did wander over there, though the spirit weren't sure what the sirens thoughts were on this. Whatever it were, it would likely define what they'd go and do now. ============================================================================================= @EQ_Theta "Our guards need to be cautious and mistrustful of outsiders. It's part of the job when you need to keep other protected. He on the other paw, are a little too much for my taste. As for myself, I see this like Yazma likely did: A teachable moment on some creatures I've never seen before, and from what I've seen in your friends thoughts, you don't seem like hostile creatures, so what reason would I have to be against you? The evidence speaks for itself really." Hizhel flicked her paw and a notebook appeared next to her, floating in the air along with an ink quilt and pen. "And those kits you mention are highly praised students of the colleague of mine who teaches the courses on healing magic. I have little doubt that they have done a good job, though I will have a look while I'm at it to make sure. Seeing their results on an unknown race should speak wonders on how far along their studies are." She'd wait until Lin set down, then blow on her front paws and rub them together to signal she were about ready, then gently planted the right front paw on Lin's scaled chest. In contrast to the longma, Hizhel's paw were soft and hairy, with a gentle nature to it as the kitsune pushed about a few times to find a good position, before stopping a few inched bellow Lin's collarbone. "Brace yourself, this may sting a little at first." The feeling of having a needle poking through her skin would come shortly after for Lin. Soon thereafter, she'd feel as if something were floating through her as uninhibited as if she were made of thin air, and wander throughout her body for the next minute or until she broke contact with Hizhel's paw, at which point it would stop immediately. Lin would be able to feel its path through as it should feel like a weak rush of semi-cold water ran around inside her being. A potentially bad feeling, but it wouldn't last for more than a few minutes. All the while, Hizhel would keep her eyes transfixed on her paw, whilst the pen scribbled things down into the notebook like there were no tomorrow. When it all finally ended and Hizhel removed her paw - provided that Lin had not moved herself before that - the notebook would be halfway full, and midway through a sentence. Regardless of whatever it had been interrupted or allowed to finish, Hizhel would have the same question right after. "Are you feeling okay?" ==================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta Lyriel smiled at this and put her hoof on the seemingly guilty feeling mares shoulder. "Don't concern yourself with this Fluttershy. You could not know that this were to happen, and I can assure you that it didn't hurt, it were just a little uncomfortable. I would actually thank you for doing this, as now I know what you ponies do to relax, and you too in turn learned a little of my kind. Is that not something to be joyous about, rather than worry of what happened in the moment?" It were a little more painful than she let on, but Lyriel wanted Fluttershy to feel better, not worse, so mentioning that would be about the worst thin she could do. Besides, she wanted to focus on what she said of it being a teachable moment, far more than what had went on as things happened, as it bred better ground to take the best possible from a situation rather than merely focus on the uncomfortable or painful parts. If she were prone to doing that, it were uncertain if she had ever made it out of the Silver Valley or make it through what the sphinx did, without breaking down and just wallow in self pity and bad memories. Life were more than that, as she were sure the Earth Mother would say. "I see no issue with observing and learning from what happens to any of you, Fluttershy, nor to just wait and be told after the fact. A place of comfort and relaxation should first and foremost be for those who needs it and can benefit from it. If that means that it is best that I stand outside to allow you two to go through it, I see no issue with that, and I could easily find something to do. Perhaps I would wander to the sanctuary with her and hear tales from your animal companions? I'm sure they have many a tale to tell, and perhaps some problems I could help them with. Perhaps Angel may be able to entertain her too? They seemed to get along fine from the time I saw them, and I could observe you then, to see what these treatments you speak of are. I think that I would prefer to see before trying more if it came to that, if that is okay?" ============================================================================================ @Rising Dusk Lily were tempted to make a comment towards Scarlet specifically when it were said that the mare and her were going to spend some quality time together, yet what were the point? She'd have time later, when the pegasus couldn't stay away more and wanted to test her own will against that of Lily. It were cute really, but the witch had many years of experience over Scarlet, and had been living in a place where the chance of you getting sacrificed weren't as small as most would want them to be. Especially not if you disobeyed the wrong ponies. To think that a pegasus who didn't like being seen as anything lesser than those around her were honestly laughable. Sos he let them keep on talking like they did, including mentioning this Molotov Boom again. A name she were sure her master had heard too and would send somepony out to track down to gain an edge over these ponies. Far be it from her to say that he were not inventive in his methods, but his actions could be seen as rather predictable if you knew him, which were also why she had a pretty good idea of what were going to happen if he didn't manage to get to this Molotov first. That being letting the monster from the chest out before time, as he'd be tired of simply testing the waters anymore. It were unlikely that they could simply deal with that creature without casualties, so she expected these ponies to do harsh things in retaliation. Nothing that would be enough, but something, certainly. Depended on whoever that captain were. She'd see when he or she came around. As for Felicia, she whirred in agreement to what Rising were proposing, however she also came with a correction to a falsehood in his statement. "ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟: 𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕜𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕡 𝟘𝟝 𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕟 𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕝𝕕 𝕙𝕠𝕞𝕖. ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕦𝕟𝕒𝕧𝕒𝕚𝕝𝕒𝕓𝕝𝕖." She didn't know that the officer had picked up this false name for the place before, after Molotov had yapped it out in connection to a dream she had interrupted when waking him up some time before this. Now that she had though, the fact remained that it had to be corrected in her mind, though she couldn't tell him what the name actually were, not write it, as Molotov had so far not called the place anything beyond his workshop, which were less of a name and more of just designating what it were. She'd have to address this with her creator at an opportune time, though for now, it seemed their time to wander away. She'd do her best to give a wave towards the two ponies who could not understand her, yet refusing to do so to the pony in the cage, before turning around and skitter towards the door. before they could get out of the building though, once they got to the front room, they'd find there was a few voices going off on the other side of the front door, with one of the muffled voices being louder and seemingly agitated. No words were getting through until the door would eventually be opened, at which point a certain pair of sisters stood on the steps, with the smaller one finishing saying something whilst the larger were busy holding her back from trying to enter the building. "- and he's going to regret it!" Null seemed to be about ready to kick something, whilst Void looked drained and strained right now, with her front legs around Null to keep her at bay, and neither of them taking notice of the door eventually opening. Seemed like Rising had something of an issue at hoof here, at least in regards to his passage being blocked. =========================================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus "There are certainly merit to what you say, though how much they would be prey without magic could be up for debate. Not every pony is a unicorn or alicorn after all. yet I will agree that it will hurt them quite a bit to not have access to that on a large scale attack from physically stronger beings who still holds magic of their own, such as dragons or sphinx. I can imagine both parties would hold interest in this country for their own reasons. As for what you say with greed being your motivation, I must admit that I had thought it to be something more... Complex. That being said, it is your own choice, and who am I to say that it is wrong? I do not hold the same background as you after all, nor the racial inclination towards hoarding. I would say though, that at some point, when your riches lays vastly before your eyes, you should consider treating yourself to a good time. One shouldn't live a long life such as yours without sometimes allowing themselves to simply bask in everything their heart desires." Marley rose from his seating position and folded the fish paper up a few times. "And speaking of desires, are your stomach satisfied with your meal thus far? Our time before we are taken away to the auction are ticking, and it might be that you have other places you wish to visit? If not that, a trip to the forest to find something large and squealing could also be a fun little activity." ============================================================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus After Fah'lina were done laughing at things, she rose up from the water and flapped in the air in front of the siren, using the large ears that were attached to her arms and legs as spread out wings. Wanting to show off as well, she took a few spins around Nada's head too, before stopping up in front again and pointing up the river before them, and leading her finger down the stream to indicate direction. After that, she'd try to make splashy emotions as best she could without falling out of the air, before going onward to chomping into thin air and rubbing her belly. Basically she were trying to say that they should go up the river and find some good fish to eat. Sugar were all fine and good for the mimic, but she needed some fish in her diet too, and thought that it might be kinda fun to take the siren along and see if she hunted like Serenade did. Nada were smaller after all, so perhaps she had trouble with fish that size, and after having her fun Fah'lina didn't mind helping the siren a little. Plus she'd get bored if she were alone for too long, so this seemed like as good a thing to do as anything. pack animals like her weren't meant to be alone for longer periods of time. ============================================================================================================= @Lucid_Nightlight The punch were effective enough to pummel the mango beneath the floorboards, and tear it from the suction cups that now dangled with acid dripping out of the squirming, torn ends. "You gonna just take that, huh? Or are you gonna man up?!" Yeah yeah, she wasn't the best at hype speeches, but whatever, it worked, right? Looked that way at least as six new tentacles - this time with spikes and suction cups down the side - latched on to the edge of the hole and propelled the mango up to the ceiling, where the tentacles would latch on. It were in several pieces by now, with a gooey, venomous ooze keeping it's parts together as they stretched out and bounced back like glue. Every time it opened, it would try to lounge more toxic goo towards the lemon as it crawled around up there and attempted to use agility to avoid more blows, but it weren't a winning fight as it stood right now. A good blow more to the fruit itself and it might be all over. Or you know, it would melt into something disturbing. it depended on the limits of its potential mutations. Knowing who made it, there were likely some more gross stuff coming. It was at that point that Lucid stomped down and changed some things around in the joint, which took Anomaly's attention away to have a glance at things. "Hmm... The The fish are kinda tacky, but you can never go wrong with monkey mutants... The decaff one though? Kinda fun, but you need to go all out. Like this." She snapped her tail, and suddenly the decaff - including the spat out stuff - rose up and went to force itself into the pony's muzzle to be drunk. "Rookie mistake, hehe. And y'know, the rest is fine. Monkeys, right?" Snapping her tail, Anomaly turned the counter into a caramel slime, which kept the form more or less, but slung out gooey vines to wrap up ponies and force them into its delicious form, and it wouldn't let go before whoever it had grabbed tasted it. Harmless fun unless you were diabetic, and really, if you were that, then why be in a bakery like this? That'd just be silly.
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    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle (Null) "Who the hay is Seen?" That name hadn't been one that Null could nod to having heard before. Were it somepony invisible that had followed them? Surely had to be something like that if Pen implied that whoever that were could help them with the switches and such, because she hadn't seen anypony else. Unless it were some sort of creature she had trapped with her in the skin suit? Y'know what? Usually that would sound like crazy talk, but this here were a crazy place, so sure, just go for that. Null might've been starting to figure that Pen had just made a bad joke or gone off to the deep end when the light actually came on, following the sound of a switch being flipped, which implied that there sure were somepony in here that meddled around with things. However, she were more focused on the faint, illogical view she had gotten of 900 at the switches after the emergency lights had gone off. It had barely been more than a faint imprint one could say, but she weren't gonna forget that thing anytime soon, so it had been more than enough for her. Unless she were actually starting to go crazy, she shouldn't be seeing the one who led Null and Void to release the coin to start a massive breach in this place. "What's your end game here, 900?" She asked this to them room, pretty sure that she weren't gonna get an answer, but it were helping her vent off right now, in a way that didn't involve putting an axe in some sensitive machinery. Pen could call her crazy if she wanted to for that. Not like Null cared. Unless it turned out that 900 were actually called Seen, at which point she'd end up rolling her eyes and grumble out some pretty colorful phrases. Well, whoever or whatever had pushed around, it at least looked important, if the labels were anything to go by. Null weren't a machine specialist or whatever they were called, but those things at least seemed to be good ones where they stood. Whatever else went on under the hood, she hadn't a clue, and it might not be important for her anyway. (Void) Seeing as the door had been a bust and didn't make Void learn anything else than apparently, Silver could smile - somewhat disturbing sight that had been - she had lead them on from there and into the next room, like the map showed. A pretty strange room it turned out to be, as it seemed to have a containment room that the rest of the area just fitted around, rather than it being placed to not inconvenience the paths and such. Considering the image on the plague, along with the description, it were likely for the best. Whatever this creature were, and whatever Euclid stood for, it were marked as violent, and enough things here were loose already that were prone to that. Where she curious? Somewhere yes, but not enough to risk herself, nor Silver. Void were getting doubts about whatever or not said robot were a little more alive than she had first thought, so that just complicated matters further. Thankfully it seemed to be completely unavoidable, so they could wander past and head for their actual goal rather than waste more time here. Next room were open area with a pathway down, which proceeded without incident, until they reached a door that seemed like an actual containment thing again, though this time without a plague? All she could see were some pieces of paper that didn't seem to have anything to them. Were this were Panic were locked up? And if so, why didn't he have a warning label? Well, whatever the reason, it seemed like they had to get this open now, and then Panic would regrettably be free, where he could cause even more harm more than likely. Whatever his end goal were, it were likely not something that would do anything good at least. Still, she weren't sure how to get this open safely, so she turned to one who might. "Uhm, S-Silver? Could you p-please try and open the d-door?" (both) The responses varied between the sisters, with Void having the color seemingly drain from her face as she heard the task force announce themselves. Sure it could be salvation, but these creatures worked for the same beings who ran this place. They'd just go and lock up her and Null all over again, no questions asked, and this time they wouldn't have the coin to fall back on. As such, her response were more regards to feeling like somepony had kicked her in the stomach, whilst starring at Silver and hoping that he could sort this before they got shut down, and potentially thrown in an even bigger, more light-starved hole next time. Null on the other hoof, openly started to curse like a sailor and stomped on the floor until Pen sped off, at which point she'd follow as quickly as she could as well. "I swear, if the idiot patrol harms a hair on my sister, I'm feeding them to something in here." She really should've been asking about protocol and such, but right now, her mind were more focused on getting hold of Void before these creature did. Who knew what'd happen of depraved things if they got their hooves, claws, or whatever on her first?
  10. @Moonlit @Zephyr / Karou Merged the posts since you both ended up there at about the same time, and Dji isn't around much, so not much Twilight. Figured this'd do the trick. plus y'know, again, there at the same time. Let's gather all them freaks. hehe.
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    @Rising Dusk Lily walked closer to the bars of the cage as Rising got near to inspect the work and starred him straight in the eyes. "You have no idea what you're up against, Equestrian. Not before you stand in the rubble of your town, with the empty husks of your friends strewn around you, and by then it's too late." Though she had been cocky for a lot of this, there were a certain fear in Lily's eyes as she said her piece to the detective. Something born of personal experience, that were not to be spoken, in case her master could somehow hear her. Even in this secure building, there would surely be a way for him to slither in, and with Her supporting him, there wouldn't be a place in the end where anyone could feel safe. Including Lily. She took a few steps back and sat down in what sounded like a work by somepony calling himself Molotov. A blacksmith of some kind likely, and one who were not going to be looked upon favorably by her master when the time came for judgement over this town. A thing that seemed to be destined to happen, considering the resistance he met. "But you'll see. Just like anyone else who stood up against him." The sudden sound of the cage creaking got her attention, and she looked up into the right corner. Didn't seem to be anything there though. Had she just imagined it? Or had it come from the spider perhaps, as it turned to look after the strange pocket watch that were likely a magical artifact of some kind? She couldn't tell right now, but she'd keep her ears up, just in case. "𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕘𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕒 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕠𝕥𝕪𝕡𝕖. ℂ𝕒𝕥𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕙𝕚𝕔 𝕗𝕒𝕚𝕝𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕞𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕠𝕔𝕔𝕦𝕣 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟 𝟜𝟠 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤." Rising were likely still the only one here who knew what Felicia said as she spoke, and her message wasn't encouraging, yet it should have been expected. This were the first attempt that had actually managed to keep the cage in one piece, but it hadn't been properly tested, and the measures taken to try and keep it intact were just an idea. There were no way to say how long this might last, though the fact remained that the likelihood of it being a complete success were pretty slim, as the kinks hadn't been tested out. Of course there were the moments when everything just all of a sudden worked perfectly, but judging by the slight creak from before, it seemed unlikely to be one of those situations, unless it were just the metal settling in, as it weren't long ago that it had been finished. "Hardly seems fun when you don't answer. Farewell for now." The master's last message were weak as he finally cut the connection for good. Annoying building were efficiently warded against invaders, and even with his way in via the connection with Rising, it were being eaten away at constantly. Even pressing as much energy into it as he could, the wards would have won eventually. Besides, he had learned something of interest here. A name of someone called Molotov, that seemed to be the creator of this cage, and potentially the spider. A mechanic of sorts, and one that were close to at least Rising. Perhaps if he went and kidnapped that nuisance, the pony would suddenly be far more willing to trade. If nothing else, it would give him some degree of satisfaction to have taken someone from this meddling Equestrian. As for how to find the pony... Perhaps it were time to send some unwilling scouts out. Wasn't too far away from his current location to a village where he could go and *convince* some locals to do as he said. Rising would have some time to work things out as the master focused on this instead, but it likely weren't a massive amount of time. A half or whole hour tops. ================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "He's stable and should be up in a few minutes. However, he needs to take it with some degree of ease the next few days. His wounds were severe, and though we've patched him up, he will still need some degree of time not dealing with fetch quests, like the one you were sent on." Hizhel went over to a corner and pulled out a small leather pouch. Afterwards, she'd go down and pull out a drawer from the wall, wherein several glass containers with pills in were. She'd crack one open and rolling it between her claws, before shaking her head ad putting it down again. It wasn't going to be good enough in this situation she'd recon, so instead, the kitsune went for the small container next to it, and drew out three pills, that she placed in the pouch and laid on top of the resting bat pony. "We ran a mind scan after the healing was completed, and from what I can tell, he'd be too stubborn to just take these with him on his own accord, so if needed, force them down his throat. One every day after the sun sets will help with his recovery." "What did you find in his head?" She glanced over to the guard who had followed the outsiders into the room, but her gaze didn't linger. This particular guard weren't really worth that much of her time or attention. "You can tell the principal that this particular thestral doesn't work for our enemies. Shoo." The guard didn't look particularly happy at the dismissive tone and the paw waving him away like he were some sort of pet, but he left anyway. He had a job to do that didn't include playing babysitter for outsiders. "That annoyance aside, you should consider yourself clear as well. We pulled some information on you three whilst examining him, and you don't seem like enemies from what we could tell. My colleague wanted to say this to you, but some of the things he saw made him queasy, so he had to excuse himself for the time being, along with the others. They must really start to learn to stay impartial if they want to keep doing this. Anyway, you're in the clear. Does any of you need an examination whilst you're waiting? I wouldn't mind giving a physical to peculiar folks like you, and once Yazma's class are over, I can imagine I won't get the chance anymore. *sigh* Hoards like a dragon that one." ================================================================================================ @EQ_Theta "So Twilight is his caretaker? What a curious situation." The princess had seemed like a young mare herself, yet now it came forth that she had a ward, or adopted child of some kind? Dragons grew slowly after their teens ended from what Lyriel knew, but before that they were akin to regular creatures, and if he were old enough to maintain the library and go off to what she assumed were some kind of competition for mature dragons, Twilight must be older than she appeared. And here Lyriel had though that she had finally gotten some degree of a grasp on what ponies at varied ages looked like. Seems like she had to reevaluate that observation. Seemed like another lesson were on the way, as Fluttershy spoke some about what a massage were, and then wandered closer to Lyriel, who stood completely still and awaited what curiosity were about to befall her. A few onlookers seemed to have halted a bit in their walk to see what were going on, but they weren't being approached yet. Might change depending on what were going on perhaps? She'd see soon en- Oh my. Fluttershy would end up having a strange experience with attempting to give Lyriel a massage. First were merely the sensation of wandering on grass and moss growing on bark rather than flesh and fur like a pony normally were. Much akin to stepping off the path in the forest, though more robust. The second thing would be a certain creaking that would increase with every level of pressure applied to the dryad. She weren't build up under the surface like a pony, so not only did she creak like a tree in a stiff breeze, she also didn't get what ponies would consider a benefit from this sort of thing. In fact, the vines and such that made her motor functions work started to feel irritated by the motions, and at the end of Fluttershy's performance, Lyriel were groaning slightly, as the bark visibly moved whilst the affected parts of her body settled itself more comfortably again. "I thank you for sharing with me what a massage are, but perhaps it is better if only Nerzhei and you attempt it? I mean no disrespect, but it were a rather uncomfortable experience. You must understand, that whilst I attempt to look like one of you, I am not made the same way or of the same things that ponies are. This seems like one of those things that I am not grown to go through, though again, I thank you for sharing the experience with me. At least I know now. Perhaps it is for the better too. Nerzhei trusts that I would never harm Lotus, so I could watch her whilst you two were relaxing, yes?" ======================================================================================================== @Zephyr / Karou @Moonlit "I relish being of service, Zephyr." Briar chuckled slightly as he kept moving away from the main street and head towards the glimmering castle. Honestly it felt rather good to help these two get settled in, sort some potential issues out, and showing them around the place, even if not everything might work out well in the long run and he ended up with a few bruises here and there. It made him feel useful, and really, he had been welcomed to this town too when he had first arrived, despite some ponies being cautious around him. That he could take this and share the welcoming experience felt rather great. they wouldn't end having more strange experiences towards the castle, yet as said castle got in sight, the garden might catch some weird looks by the three who had actively open eyes. A remnant of when a few draconequui were bored and figured they'd surprise the princess with a garden. The lush grass, rose bushes, three layered fountain, and the large tree would make for a beautiful picture. Along with the flowers, the walking path, and the stone arc with hanging flower baskets that framed the entrance quite beautifully. However, the garden also had a curiously short fence, benches wandering around like they were cattle, and small bubble creatures of varied sizes coming from mainly around the fountain, floating through the air and trying to escape from slightly larger ones that seemed like it were hunting them. The tree in question also seemed to have around two dozen known fruits growing from it, and just about the same amount of unknown sorts that were not guaranteed to be edible. Of course, they could just ignore all of it and head for the open door, though at least Brittle's eyes were drawn to the strange sight over the castle that she had seen a few times already. From a distance yes, but it still counted. They might also bit notice in another one headed for the castle, however this one were wandering at a different angle and stationed further back than them, so it were likely that the pony in question were the one to see them first. A mare that were some ways away and seemed to be talking to herself, though beyond Briar, nopony would be able to hear the conversation as it were some distance away. The evergrown however, didn't wish to be rude, so he tuned out what he were able to hear and simply kept his course for the time being. Over with Serenade, Cherish gave out a ethereal sigh at what the siren had just told her. "That's what I'm afraid is going to happen too, and if that's the response, she's just gonna run away. Neither of you deserve to go through something like that just because they're afraid. Hopefully when the princesses gets things done, they will help ease their minds. Ponies still trust what they say, r-right?" Cherish wanted to believe that, and Serenade did seem to have a lot of faith in the princesses, but the nagging concern were still there as they approached the castle. ========================================================================================================= @Lucid_Nightlight The lemon got a nice hit on the mango, but the fruit weren't done fighting even though it had a fist in it. Lashing the vines upwards, it stuck on the suit with the suction cups and started to spew acid into various parts of the mech suit whilst climbing up and forcing itself the arm via the vines to force more of the arm into it's cracked shell, now technically mouth as the acid inside started doing some good work on the metallic creation. It should at least, though this was a chaos fight basically, so immense amounts of cheating were pretty much as could be expected. Like with what Novia did. Sure she didn't win, but she didn't lose either, which were a pretty important thing, And her fighter went out in style. That sorta display got you points. "Peh, not even for a pony are you handsome. You're too ordinary. At least wear something ugly with lights on so you stand out or something, otherwise you're just a big dull dull." ============================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus "I understand the concept of *Survival of the fittest*, and how it produces a stronger genetic line. I merely think that from my objectively more cozy life, it seems a rather harsh way to live. To each their own of course. As for the subject of superiority, I believe that neither you nor us are wrong in thinking themselves the one on the very top, it simply depends on the situation. Say if this country suddenly plunged into chaotic anarchy, your experience would objectively make you a force to be reckoned with, whereas how things stand now, you would be subdued and find yourself trapped surprisingly fast, as part of this society includes several agencies specialized in everything from physically restraining others, to magical and anti-magical means. It all really depends on the situation, setting, and numbers on each side. Personally, I consider myself as being higher up the food chain than some, yet I don't disregard the danger that can come from those below, so I don't sit firmly with my nose high in the sky and consider myself invulnerable. Capable and certain of my abilities yes, but there is a line between that and underestimating those I meet that seems like a fools decision to cross. Since I think we will mostly rotate around the same angles if this goes on, I wonder if I may ask you a question that is somewhat related to the subject of home? Nothing relating to personal details though, as have been mentioned, you are entitled to your privacy, and it would go against that if I ask for things like why you are in Equestria. I just wonder, if your home have mostly focus on strength and solidarity, what purpose do you have in seeking riches? I know dragons who does that, but most have a reason for building such a hoard that relates to influence, or traps to lure in prey. Sometimes an incredible sense of vanity or as trophies, though I can't so far place your reasons on any of those, and what you have said of your home makes me uncertain about what value they'd hold in your world." ============================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus Fah'lina had her fun, so she let go of Nada as she were asked for it, and dove down into the river head first. She'd breach the surface a little afterwards, and look up at Nada, whereupon she'd reenact the siren's reaction to the ambush, complete with gasps, exaggerated faces and waving paws. Once she were done, and had popped up the water after the *got really scared and dove down* part of it, she just started laughing, clearly enjoying herself. Her kind had come forth through untold generations of breeding under the chaos-filled realm when Discord ruled, on top of the alterations he had done from the start out of mostly entertainment, and though they had changed some during the years after his defeat, the alterations had been far too ingrained to just vanish. Some of their more abnormal abilities had gone though, which made them weaker and leading to a need to stay together in large communities, and for certain traits to be less favored compared to others that suited their new way of life, so in the end, this were what they had become. Through it all though, they still retained their mischievous, prank loving nature that were as much a part of their beings as their teeth or tails. They were just more cautious about who they'd go for, and especially when they were alone, like this particular critter were. Not story that many knew though, beyond the princesses. Most had considered these mimics extinct several centuries ago, after the last tribe left the rivers near Canterlot, but had unbeknownst to most found shelter in other water-filled areas that were either hard to get to for beings like Ponies, or had some hazards that kept them af bay, so that they may get some peace from the ponies that they had to constantly stay on guard around, as they had started to be considered exotic pets by some, and didn't want to risk their young being taken away.
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    @Illiad Easle (Void) One of these again. How was it it that she got past these the last time again... Void had to stand and mull over it for a dozen seconds or so before she recalled what were going on. Precious time likely, but the alternative were to just get fried, and that wasn't a real option just yet. Looking back on the uncanny valley robot, she gulped down what felt like a golf ball with spikes. "S-Stay close." The process wouldn't take terribly long, and she could feel some of the hair on her tail feel all tingly and somewhat singed at the tips from the electricity in the air, but if the robot had stayed close, they should make it through unscathed. Once on the other side, Void looked back at the gate, and thought about how it might be to go through that process. Likely it would be painful, but then again... Compared to the golem or goo monster catching her? This might end being the kindest way out for Null and her in the end. Perhaps it would be best if she remembered where it were, though for now, they should get a move on. There were probably still some way to go before her sister and her would be reunited. They hadn't gone long before they were at a crossroad. On one end, there were a maintenance room. On the other, the target they were send for by Panic. Not a creature she wished to obey orders from, but she had seen how he could keep watch over Null earlier, and could bar her from getting on if he so wished. If she didn't follow his word, he'd likely trap her with some sort of horrible entity, and then she wouldn't get to see her again. Void wanted to find her sister and talk things out with her, but working against the plan would just end up causing the opposite, and she wasn't ready for them to die just yet. Still... The maintenance room might have something important... "S-Silver? Could you uhm... O-Open the maintenance door, p-please?" The thing was made of metal, it would be fine if he took a brief look, right? Just a few seconds to see if there was something good there - like food - and then they could get on their way. provided the room wasn't a mimic of some kind who'd devour anypony who opened it. You never knew with those creatures. (Null) Through the first three rooms, it became pretty clear that Pen certainly weren't a stranger to how this place were set up. Her steps were far too secure as she wandered along and lead them closer to what Null would guess were that Codex creature, machine, or whatever else it might be. A demonic rubber duck? In this place, it wouldn't bloody surprise her. Meh, whatever. Sooner they'd get to their destination, sooner she could find her little sister, and with Panic stringing her along, there weren't much time to waste. Guess it were a perk to have somepony here that had been working with the mongrels running this junkyard then, though Null still weren't feeling quite right around the skin walker. Perhaps just her paranoia, and extra layer of distrust to anypony who ever had something to do with this place, even if she agreed that a facility like this were needed for keeping the seriously dangerous freaks locked up? She didn't know, and right now, she didn't care much either, long as she ended up getting closer to Void. "Oh yey, total darkness." The sarcasm rolling off Null's tongue were thick enough to cut into slices, though somewhat muffled from her clenching down harder on the hilt of her salvaged axe. Light suddenly going out like this weren't making her think that anything good were about to happen. Not with her luck. "Taking a wild stab in the dark and say that this is the precursor to something attacking us, so got any bright ideas to light up this joint, or can you see in the dark?" Null hadn't that many things with her that could help. She had some batteries, sure, but what were they gonna do? Beyond that she used to have some electrical stuff, but those had been fused into that weird sensor machine or whatever it were that Pen lumbered around with. So either the skin crawler would get a grip on something fast, or they'd end up having to defend themselves against some sort of goo monster, mutant vampire bat, or pack of ravenous pixies. The later of those being one she had tried being on the wrong side off once, and could testify to being far worse than it sounded. Monstrous little bloodsuckers those pixies...
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    @Lucid_Nightlight "Hah! I knew you'd cheat." Anomaly looked at the mech-suited fruit, then snapped her tail to give her mango some fighting power of it's own via a thick layer of tough bark, along with various tentacles with suction openings at the end to either suck on to something like an octopus, or spew out stuff. In this case, acid. What? Metal was tough, and if one cheated, all of them could. Only fair. The thought that perhaps doing stuff like what they were about to do in a store were a bad idea didn't cross her mind, as she just looked over to the other fruit in the fight, waiting to see what they'd do to get back into it now that cheating was on the table. Could end in all sorts of weird things. "And being powerfull alone is booooring. You'd need some mutations like an extra head, scales, and spider legs. Different spiders of course, since y'know, duh! And that's just a start. You're too... Samey samey right now. Like a pony. Way too lame." ============================================================================================= @Moonlit "I don't doubt the princess. It's the rest of them..." The voice came out of thin air a little to Serenade's left, after the unseen ghost were sure that nopony were near enough to hear her. Not just because the words she said weren't all that kind towards the ponies in the area, but also because hearing a voice come out of nowhere were gonna raise some red flags, and then everything would just snowball from there. The point were that she wanted to not be taken notice of right now after all, not make everypony else paranoid about some sort of invisible entity. There'd be a time for that sort of thing in the future when she'd eventually even be found out, or allowed to float around on her own accord somehow. "Hopefully I'm just being paranoid, but I have seen how ponies react to the unusual when I've shown myself back in the old castle, to warn them away from the other one. I still look like a pony, and they were horrified. Nada and you though, you also have the history of the sirens to deal with. It makes me worried what the reaction to her will be, especially if she's spotted before the princess clears her." =============================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus What an interesting view into how things were in Ruby's part of the world. A place where the females seemed to rule over areas, and only met up with males for the sake of mating, which as much as he had hoped it would not be like that, made Marley think of Ruby's branch of dragons as a bunch of primitive savages, barely any different from animals. Sure the other dragons that he knew off weren't exactly pillars of society, but they knew how a society worked best, and actively build towns where they came from. Ruby's kind sounded as if they had not even reached that stage yet, and were more akin to wolverines, which honestly saddened him. He had hopes that this branch of dragons would be more sophisticated, though of course, saying that to Ruby were not a good idea, as he didn't want to fight her off right now. Besides, who knew? Perhaps he might be able to change her perspective if she hung around Spicy and him for a long period of time, and then at least someone from her area would work on becoming civilized. "Different worlds gives one different perspectives I suppose. I must say that I personally prefer this more calm land, as opposed to being somewhere that only the strong survive. Here I can eventually raise a family in relative peace, rather than consider myself more of a temporary guest in someone else's life. Heh, but I suppose we each have our idea of how a good life should be lived, yes?" Marley chomped down the last piece of fish he had gotten ready for their little dinner and a talk, which had taken quite a strange turn honestly. Where things would go from this point forward would certainly be a peculiar experience. ================================================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus Nada would eventually find that besides the large fish - of which some had some rather impressive teeth - she'd have some other company trailing about twenty seconds behind her at first, but catching up the more she started to halt and explore things. The mimic Fah'lina had woken up and wanted to go for a swim, and seeing a siren go down, she had figured that it were Serenade and followed, since the large fish tried to stay away from her, so there were a sneaking point of safety where she wouldn't get eaten. had turned out to be the wrong siren, but the fish didn't know better, and she had slipped through without much of an issue. If she looked, Nada would see that it were mainly the tail that pushed the mimic through the water. Kinda like a crocodile, just smaller and having less force moving forward, yet more maneuverability to change directions, which were far more fitting of a creature that needed to be nimble in the water, as opposed to a huge, armor-clad biting machine that were more likely to stay and fight. She'd try to approach with stealth, which included hiding behind things she could see, and aiming for shadows if it looked like Nada were watching in her direction, though if she were spotted, she'd just swim out in the open and give a wave with her right paw. The gills would weren't easy to see, so the siren might wonder if the thing were drowning, yet as another creature who possessed such things, she'd likely be able to spot the subtle clues, such as Fah'lina not looking like she were panicking and aiming for the surface. If the siren didn't take notice of the mimic that followed her however, she'd wait until Nada had breached the surface, and then make a dash for it, aiming for Nada's head where she'd latch on like some sort of squid and hiss loudly. A few seconds later that would be followed by a squeaky laughter from the little thing that just wanted to give a scare to the new siren for no other reason than she figured it was funny. ============================================================================================= @Rising Dusk "Only a junior officer? As I said, a sidekick, or perhaps a mascot? Like a little squirrel given a uniform." Lily deliberately poked at Scarlet verbally to get more of a reaction from the easily offended pegasi. Had to hit a nerve since she got so riled up, so were there no truth to what she said? Lily would think so, and with defensive outbursts like this, Scarlet were not doing well in convincing her otherwise, which just made the witch continue, with a smirk spread on her face. Weren't like she could do anything else. She could feel the magic she had with her either drained out or held away, and for some reason the air in this place felt heavier. Like being in a swamp, which would also fit the strange feeling of her movements being sluggy, as if she were wandering through said swamp on bare hooves. When the spider got introduced, the smile faltered some however. Especially as Felicia took a step closer and let out a sound that reminded her of a mixture between a buzz saw and a cat growling. She didn't know that the spider weren't going to hurt her, but merely did one of the things she were programmed to do against enemies (intimidation), so this were a pretty direct threat, that made her think that she weren't as safe in here as she could be. Said spider had a surprise when suddenly Rising landed on top of her, joining the weight from Scarlet, which even combined didn't really register to her as anything large, but more akin to how a pony would feel if a leaf fell on them. It would get noticed, and it could be somewhat annoying depending on the situation, but weight weren't a problem. As for the surprise, there weren't any outside signs that she had been through that, as her systems were quick in grasping who were actually there, before her defense mechanisms set in. She didn't even raise a claw or begin to swirl around, which granted, would not be easy in this place regardless, considering the room available. "𝕀 𝕤𝕖𝕟𝕤𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕤𝕒𝕗𝕖, 𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕣. 𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕡𝕠𝕟𝕚𝕖𝕤 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕡𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕖𝕟𝕖𝕞𝕪 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕘𝕖." He didn't sound in pain, or let out any fluids from his mouth or open wounds to her frame, so the odds of him being fine were high, unless he'd suddenly slump over in the next few seconds. Beings of flesh were some fragile creatures sometimes. "Been trying to find my master? It's no use, he won't show himself before it's too late, and when the time comes, you're all damned. Everyone that goes against him is." "So very true, though I do sometimes spare the ones showing potential. They can be useful if you mold them the right way." Rising hadn't cut the link as he teleported, and whilst the link were fragile now that he were within this building, it were still there, though the pony on the other end had to spend more energy to keep it active enough for their conversation to go on. Rising could dismiss it with hardly a thought though in the current state, or dispel it entirely if he so wished to. He could also try to goat some information out of him, or one of several other things that might include deceiving or threatening the master. ============================================================================================ @EQ_Theta What followed were ten minutes of deafening silence, only occasionally broken by the guard looking at an invisible kit, sneer, and then occasionally getting a small yip back before whoever had come to gawk had left. There were quite a few here right now, but that particular one were a big troublemaker that he didn't want around here. Thankfully the kit were also an incredible coward, so getting him to get away weren't tough, though it didn't stop him from coming back from time to time to see if the coast were clear. The others kits checking about now were older, and content with just wandering silently around and looking over the strange ones, with Omen looking back at every last one who got close enough to catch her attention. Whereas the guard were annoyed, the students seemed fairly curious about her, and started to have more of a gathering around her than the two others, with Lin being second and Sen third. A lot had already seen Sen, so he were somewhat considered *old news* by now, which might suit him perfectly well. Not getting poked again were likely a relief, though Lin were not safe from it. It weren't often, but every now and again, she'd be able to feel a tentative poke, or a brief stroke of a part of her hair from the more curious sorts. Omen felt that too, and it were actually visible how much her tail and mane got pulled around now and again, but she didn't really care and just let it happen. They had thankfully been smart enough to not get too close to Shrimp, who might otherwise had instinctively snapped out at whoever disturbed his nap. After the aforementioned ten minutes had passed however, the outline of a door would begin to cut itself into the wooden wall, and soon thereafter, an old, mostly grey kitsune with glasses and a well worn, faded blue robe opened the door outwards and stepped out with a long, drawn out sigh. "Is the thestral alive?" "Healed up and scanned. Go ask Hizhel about it." The guard rose his eyebrow as the elderly kitsune went away, followed by a few more, until there were only one left in there. Considering her hat, that one seemed to be the one in charge, or a dunce of some kind, but the way she stood rank and serious didn't make her seem like that kind of target. The spectacle-wearing, pale-blue fox with brown markings on her belly and paws were using magic to hang up half a dozen tools that were spread around a large, moss-clad slab of stone where Rosa laid upon and seemed to be resting. Oddly enough, Hizhel only wore the hat, as well as a belt with various pouches in it, and a thin, white undershirt that could barely contain her thick belly fluff, instead of armor, robes, or other sorts of clothing, as every other kitsune had so far. A red robe with a myriad of varied golden birds patterned into the clothing were hung up on the wall, but it seemed like she were in no hurry to get it as her eyes fell on the three visitors. "You must be the outsiders, yes? Come in, come in. He'll need a few minutes before he wakes up, but you can go along and examine him if you wish to." ======================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "Ponyville seems to be a town of many stories and strange connections. I mean no disrespect with this, it is simply that I have heard some things already, and then this tale of two rulers from distant places, connected by a dragon in employment of your princess, comes into the picture, and I find myself impressed with how incredible it sounds that all of that takes place in what I've been told is not even a large town. As for the tale itself, it sounds as if Spike is an influential dragon. Is he a speaker for your princess? Or does he make these connections of his own accord?" Spike were just a name before this, but to think that he were a connection between two kingdoms - one of which represented beings that Lyriel knew were not fans of equines - made her think of him as a great member of the draconic race. Akin to one of the great ones she had seen in the valley in better times, who rose as high as the pillars of the castle, and whose bellowing voice would shake the ground as much as his meaty steps. An impressive figure that were impossible to ignore, yet one she had found generally a kind soul when he let himself, even when he held part in Nerzhei's exile. Ah, but Spike couldn't be as large,or he could not be within the castle... Yet these creatures had strange, and seemingly powerful magic. Who could tell what they might be able to do about something like that? Lyriel took another bite of the doughnut she had been given by Fluttershy in the shop. The cup and it were wrapped around each of their own vine that she had grown from her shoulders to hold them as she wandered along. With no wings or magic like the ponies possessed, it had seemed that she needed to do this, or simply leave them behind, and that seemed highly rude considering how Fluttershy had bought this for her. It had given a few glances so far that she had noticed, but Lyriel cared not. It weren't as if her form were perfect regardless, as she were still made of natural elements, such as moss, wood and dirt. Look hard enough and it would be apparent. Lyriel wrinkled her nose in confusion about what she were told for a moment, before finally the bit dropped. "Hehe, I see. For a moment I thought you meant that they took you apart for some reason. A spot of relaxation may be good, yet still I wonder what this will entail, if it is not music. Does it involve touching of some kind then? I don't mean to pry too much, but if I am to speak with Nerzhei about this, it would help if I could be told what massages and spas are, to a point where I would understand it. Personally I don't mind surprises, but our draconic friend is different in my experience. Ah, may I also ask, does the place welcome animals? It is not easy to separate Lotus and Nerzhei from what I know, which could make things difficult." ======================================================================================================= @Zephyr / Karou "Worry not, a small boop such as that will not do me any harm, nor shed my essence. The vessels of my kind work somewhat different than yours, as well as certain internal organs and such to accommodate certain things, such as my vines. It is a long, tedious thing to go through, but for the time being, let it be said that I am incapable of gaining a nosebleed. My sense of smell can become momentarily erratic though, if the hit is sufficiently hard enough. Heh. I remember one time when I accidentally fell down a ditch with bricks, and hit my nose quite severely. Spent the next three hours swearing that I could smell honey-roasted nuts wherever I went. I was a stumbling mess for the entire process." He could look back on it and laugh now, though in the moment, the laughter had primarily come from other sources around him, who thought it looked rather funny. They did have the common decency to ask if he were okay first though, which he appreciated greatly. "It is not much of an issue for the regular members of my kind, but I can assure you that snaproots like myself are highly reliant on our sense of smell, so it can actually be quite the detrimental thing to go through, depending on the circumstances. I consider myself lucky to have been in a friendly part of a town at the time being, rather than in the wilderness where one could never know what may jump out of a nearby bush. Regardless, let us move along now, shall we? Ah, and while I do remember it, may I suggest that if you wish for the town to know of what happened first, so that they may mull over things and take that into consideration before approaching them, you inform a local news agency of it, so that it spreads at once rather than through gossip, where one can never be certain if all the details are there? It is of course just a suggestion, yet one that I think may have some merit, depending on how you feel about doing such a thing." Whilst talking, he'd keep moving on and guide them towards the castle, on a route that were taking them away from the main action of town a little by little. They should be there in about five minutes with this pace, provided that nothing happened.
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    @Illiad Easle (Void) Perhaps this place was just making her even more paranoid than she usually were, but Void didn't like the empty hallways as much as one might think. This place so far had been a mess of debris, broken stuff, corpses and monsters. A hectic, chaotic mess from which nothing good would spawn. Now all of a sudden though, the place were practically pristine and untouched, and the more doors the robot closed behind her to separate them from the golem - which would obviously just break through eventually - the less immediate dangers seemed presence. It were like an oasis of calm, or a sanctuary of sorts, but in a a place like this she just couldn't believe it. Something had to be wrong here, right? Unless of course, this was one big trap, and the monster in this place were actually the one cutting her off from... Going back... A shiver went down her spine as she thought of that. The path behind lead to nothing biut instant death, sure, yet in a way it also did well in keeping her options limited. Either through its own will or by some control of Panic, and neither of those were comforting. Void were mostly just grasping at straws here though, wanting to find something dangerous here so she wouldn't have to keep worrying about what sort of hell-spawn were going to all of a sudden phase through a wall, jump from the ceiling, or picking one of countless other horrifying entrances to what would turn into her less than pleasant end. Passing through yet another door, they found themselves in yet another featureless room, which Void would scurry through as she had the previous path, whilst sending several paranoid glances to every corner or wall in this room. (Null) "I've gotten through better labyrinths." She had also been trapped and led around some for days or even months, yet Null's story with the kitsune weren't any of Pen's business. Neither were the other instances where things had often gone pretty badly, including being trapped in a hedge maze that had been set on fire. It had been a confused mess of smoke and flaming bushes as far as the eyes could see, and it were frankly a small miracle it itself that Void and her had managed to escape in time, even though they were missing several patches of fur after the ordeal. The particular experience in mind ran through her head as she followed Pen through to the next room. This one seemed nice and quiet, so there were the bit of time for an old trip down memory lane. Not too long, as this was a small room, but enough to get the details flushed out of her head so she could get back to focusing on the important stuff. Even if she could push it away, there'd still be something nagging her, so this were probably a good thing to get over with. They'd pass into the next room in a second, and things were probably going to get bad in there. Aaand instant disappointment. This were just an office area of some sort, with their propaganda and garbage littered around, which would have ticked her off before she had gotten a tour down this messed up place, but now would at best wonder which sort of thing belonged to the *doctor* who stood for her kidnapping, so that she may spit on it. A petty act, but sometimes that were the sort of spiteful thing that made you feel better for at least a little while. "Come on, let's go. Before the coffee starts rising and bite us."
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta "...Fine." He didn't like to have to show himself, but it wasn't like at least one of them didn't know exactly where he were, as he tested by moving around, which she followed without delay. Many a pony had crossed his path in his days, and most of them had been dancing along like the little puppets they were in a kitsune's theater, but this one were different, and frankly disturbing. It shouldn't be this easy to track a member of the greatest illusionists in the world. A claim that certainly had some other competitors to the title, but their kind never would admit to anyone being better than them, and it wasn't like the lot of them met up to test one another. They had better things to spend their time on, plus most others who would dispute the claim were voracious predators, and wouldn't be welcomed within fifty miles of their villages. The air fizzled and gradually, a dark grey fox around one and a half times bigger than Yazma showed himself. He were quite a bit more muscular and wore thick leather armor with ashen scales padding the exterior, which they might be able to identify as dragon scales, yet beyond that, he didn't seem out of the ordinary. Just one more suited for guard duty than the more frail teachers and students. "And for the record, they're called kits, not kittens. We're kitsune, not cats or serpanthers." The last word were said with disdain, as he were no fan of the snake and feline combined race that they sometimes had to deal with in Neighpon. There weren't enough to provide a force to threaten them in the slightest, and their magic - among those who had it - were pathetic compared to theirs, yet they could be formidable physical fighters and launch some impressive ambushes, which he had found himself in some years back. To say that he wished to have a set of armor made from their hides after that were barely touching upon his opinion of them post ambush. "In regards to the thestral, if you had any idea about how magic worked, you'd be able to tell that they're finishing up in there, so you can go to him soon. Hopefully they haven't found anything in his head, so we can get rid of the lot of you quicker." Yazma might be more open to a teachable moment with these outsiders, and willing to give them some leash, but he did not like having outsiders in here. it was his job to keep the kits safe, and in his eyes, any outsider were just a threat to them that had no place in here, no matter how hurt one of their team members were. Unfortunately Yazma had authority over him, and she knew that he would not disobey an order, so there wasn't really anything he could do beyond verbally expressing his disdain over their presence. She had even told him not to interfere with the kits getting near them, unless they tried to strike back at the small ones! How could she even think to make such a demand, even if it had only been one who stayed behind, who had at least managed to keep himself in check? The principal were going to hear about this once he were able to get away from this point... Surely something would happen then to correct this grave mistake of an approach to the outsiders, who should have just been patched up, then mind wiped and booted out at once. ================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta "The dragons lord have visited this town?" Lyriel had heard quite a few surprising things today, but knowing that the dragons lord herself had actually left the Dragon Isles and visited this town several times, were one of the larger ones, if she excluded everything that happened with the sphinx. "I'm sorry if I sounded doubtful, I just thought that the dragon lord would have many things to do in her own lands. To think that she would take the time to arrive here, among the beings that the dragons for reasons I cannot fathom looks down upon the most, is just surprising to me. Nerzhei might well be thrilled to hear this though. She have sometimes spoken of wanting to eventually meet with the dragon lord and have her exile discussed with the highest authority there is among her kind, though I doubt she would return. I cannot say that I understand her reasons to want to have it taken up again though." Nerzhei had just mumbled something about *principles* when they had last discussed this, and then refused to bring up the conversation again any other time, so there weren't much to go by from Lyriel's stand point. In all honesty, it likely didn't concern her, but the news of the dragon lord perhaps showing one day were something that she could pass along regardless. It would likely make her draconic guardian somewhat happy. "I'm sorry to linger on that point, but it is important news, that I thank you for sharing. I cannot say how it will make her think to be confronted with this, or this amount of support from all of you friendly ponies, yet I know that she at heart wishes to make connections with others. It is why she is so eager to help you, and speak history with the princess. She may hide it as simply being about honor and finding someone to listen to her words without judgement, but at least to me, it seems like her way of taking the first step. We will see in due time though. As for the massage... I'm afraid I don't now what that is, so I cannot tell if Nerzhei would enjoy it. Is it something that can be enjoyed by a large flock? Some kind of music perhaps?" ================================================================================================ @Zephyr / Karou "I wouldn't worry of that if I were you. This town appears to want the best for their fellow ponies, and though they will of course be curious, from what I have heard in the time I have been here, I find it more likely that you will be offered sympathy, and best wishes with your health. I highly doubt that anypony here will actively try to make it worse by asking a mountain of questions that are likely too personal and which will invoke you pain and distress to go through. Well... Anypony but Pinkie Pie, now that I think of it." Briar felt Brittle shiver as that name were mentioned again. The two of them had never met, but hearing of how the pink pony interacted with others she had not seen before, the changeling had become terrified of the mere notion of meeting her, and ending up being on the side of one of her party barrages. It were meant with the best of wills of course, but brittle were not one who wanted the ramp light on her, and feel as if there were an audience watching her. Even mentioning it in those terms tended to send her into a horrified state from bad memories, so he had found that he needed to watch his phrasing around her a lot. A bit troublesome, yet she were his responsibility, so he would make whatever effort it took to keep her from experiencing such things. Something which worked to a degree,l as even with the ponies watching and starring, she were only whimpering, and not having one of her episodes. It were still heartbreaking to listen to - which even if it were low, were easy to snap up by his sensitive ears - yet it did represent progress. Albeit a small step. "Make no mistake, I doubt there is even a single evil bone within her being, but she is a very... Intense pony with seemingly little understanding of personal space, which combined with her wanting to make everypony new in town feel welcome, can make for some hectic situations and rather personal questions to try and make a connection and show that she cares. She will likely stop if you inform her that some things are painful to speak of, but just be advised that it may happen as she ambushes you with a party, and oddly enough, choreographed singing. I still don't know how she makes that happen out of nowhere. Regardless, if I hear right, we are about to get out of the main street and head on the more direct road towards the castle, so things should calm up around us soon." Going a few meters more, Briar made a turn- And slammed directly into a low hanging metal sign. The action disoriented him slightly, and he heard giggling from some nearby foals who appreciated some slapstick humor by the sound of it, yet he'd be fine, as his speed had not been incredible after all. Brittle on he other hoof, had gotten a shock, and the commonly known green flame of the changelings covered her as she changed her form somewhat from the sudden jolt that went through her. The change consisted of her tail vanishing, long, grey feathers growing from her eyebrows, and green spikes appearing down her spine, though other than that, it seemed like nothing had happened. "My apologies. For reasons not completely understood by me, I have issues sensing metal, and the wind is not a foolproof thing to go by when it comes to orienting oneself. Let us be on our way again, shall we?" He'd keep leading the way to the castle, along with Brittle, who hadn't changed back from her weird appearance slip so far. It didn't detriment her walking though, so it were nothing that would slow them down. ========================================================================================================= @Lucid_Nightlight Anomaly pulled her tongue at Lucid, which would then open the tip to pull another tongue, and so forth about four times more. "Heey, cheap shot. I don't mock you for being born a pony or anything. That much. And spatulas aren't evil alone, but in a pair, they start getting antsy, and soon as you have four? Eat the mind of the being holding them, and then yada yada, the ducks are all dead. Everypony knows That." A snap of her tail, and a dunce hat fell on Lucid from... Somewhere. Clearly he hadn't been paying attention in Crazy Talk 101, and if he wouldn't even make an effort there, how could he expect to become a draconequus? By cheating? Okay, he totally did actually, and it were exactly what a draconequus would do, but he should still know the basic stuff like spatulas, the taste of the color red, and who Darkman were. Essential stuff people. =================================================================================================== @Rising Dusk So this were where Rising worked? Not what she had been expecting. Felicia had helped push the cage along as best she could, though with the angle she had to take to pass through, the entrance had been a bit of a hassle. She could help much more afterwards, as she'd effortlessly lift it up with her front legs and just re-calibrate her balance to cause her movement to not be impacted. They'd have to go through this again with every other narrow path, but she'd manage one way or another. As for this place itself, it were more of an office space than what Felicia had been expecting out of Rising's work space. From what he had said, she expected something like large rooms with circles full of symbols meant to work as magical focus points, tools of his trade covering every wall, and at least a dozen or so enclosed areas for prisoners. This were far more mundane, and that came from one who had never seen another living area than the one from the Boom's workshop. It just seemed like more of a place for paper pushers, as her systems told her they were called, and barely had any functional prison areas. Still, looks might be deceiving, and all the important things could be hidden. Might also be that she had misunderstood how a work environment should be, given that she came from an area where tools lined several walls, yet she'd need a bigger sample size of interiors to gauge that herself. One thing that she had not expected were the late teen filly in question who the cage were for, who seemed to be wrapped up in a blanket. A strange sight to say the least, but Bash and Scarlet appeared to not find it a weird thing at all, so she'd have patience, and see what would happen. She might be surprised, just as she had been when Bash had thanked her before. Considering his initial response to her, that had not seemed like it were going to happen anytime soon. They'd see soon enough, as Felicia would help push the cage inside the room, and watch as the pony got placed inside, and almost immediately started to move around. The blanket would be successfully repressed it seemed, and it appeared as if the cage were going to hold so far as it got closed, which made sure to keep the occupant inside. "Urgh... Annoying headache..." She'd be slow to get out of the blanket, as a possible side effect of the cage manifested itself. Likely from the strong suppression of magic happening within, which seemed a small quirk, but one that would need to be fixed in the long run. Eventually her eyes would focus on the ponies, through the bars of her her prison, within her prison. "So the sidekick is still here? Guess I wasn't out for long then." Meanwhile, elsewhere, the master would bring a bowl towards something in the corner of the room, whereupon he began chanting. The words were essentially gibberish to anypony who'd listen, if anypony had been there, but it seemed to have an effect, as a pale glow pulsated in front of him, and something oozed down to mix into the liquid in the bowl. "It is nothing but a small setback. I have not lost this war yet." It were annoying that he had to go to this extend, but the corrupted spores were spreading too fast, and his own methods alone weren't going to do much in itself. This however, should help do the trick, even though it would ruin his own setup. Not that it mattered really. His adversary in Equestria had already done plenty enough to do that, and attempting to reset everything would just waste precious energy. Raising the bowl, he'd open a rift high in the sky above the city he had tried to set under siege, and slowly pour the pale, misty liquid down from above. It would spread on the wind and attack the spores, along with the flowers he had set up, showing nothing to the regular ponies in the area, yet Rising should be able to see a familiar green thread, along with a new addition to it devour the entire thing, including the flower, which seemed to just pulverize right in front of him, a little after he got to the last one on his route. The new magic would be a very pale, dimmed green, resembling more a puff of smoke that engulfed what it had been sent for than anything else, whereupon it would seemingly just absorb it, and begin to vanish into thin air. Rising should be able to find some connection to the magic that had been used, though this would carry a sickness to it that betrayed the seemingly innocent look. Whoever or whatever had spawned this were potentially even worse news than the unnamed master, who would attempt to open the link with Rising as he went through removing every trace of his normally effective weapon of corrupted spores. If the line were picked up, he'd start the conversation with a few, bitter words, then wait and see if there would be a response. Much as he didn't want to hear what the pony had to say after this meager victory, he were reluctantly curious. "You win the first round, Equestrian." ============================================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus @Moonlit "Well okay then Nada. Take care, and try to stay out of sight until everything have been sorted, please? You're a nice creature, and I don't want to see you hurt by somepony who doesn't know what's going on and thinks the worst." Cherish were more or less dragged along as the little slab of metal that clung her to this place - part of an old door hinge of some kind - were taken up by Serenade, who believed it time for them to get a move on. "I'll uh... Stay out of sight until we're there Serenade. It's for the best." The spirit gave a wave towards Nada, with worry lingering in her eyes, before fizzling out of sight. Much as Cherish wanted to hope for the best, she were concerned that things wouldn't keep going well, and that Nada would end up in hot waters. Her being alone would just make that even more of a danger, as they couldn't try and help her. Celestia be willing, she were going to be okay, though there weren't anything Cherish could do right now, except heading back, and she didn't know if the siren even wanted to have others with her right now. *sigh* Guess the dice had been thrown on this. Time to worry if Princess Twilight would be okay with the undead visitor. ============================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus "Don't get me wrong, I strongly promote interracial friendships, as it can prove highly interesting and give you some fresh outlooks on the world, but I don't personally favor being romantic partners if there is no chance of offspring. Exceptions can be made if the couple in question considers adoption, though a foal raised by a mare and dragon? It seems a disaster waiting to happen." Now, Marley wasn't going to confront the strange couple or try to have them torn apart. He wasn't so insecure in himself that he had to destroy the happiness of others, just because he didn't agree with it. However, he were a more traditional griffon in some aspects, and wouldn't enjoy hanging around others that were like that for prolonged periods of time, so he just avoided them if possible. "As for how things are in your part of the world... I must admit, it saddens me to hear it. A bird must of course fly from the nest in due time, so to speak, but being driven away, and not have any family connections from there on out, seems a harsh way to get through life from my perspective. It does explain a few things though, by which I mean no disrespect. I take it from your explanation that a father is only there for mating purposes, and have moved on before the eggs are laid? Or is his fate more akin to that of a typical male spider?" He considered a joke at this point, but this were a more serious topic currently, so such a thing would have to wait for a more appropriate time.