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  1. @Seamore Sandwich The difference is that I have no idea how you might do it, but I know how Blood does, as she over and over tells how to do it: Eating or infecting everything. With you, it could literally be a meteor out of a clear blue sky, and what would trigger it I have absolutely no idea about. ================================================================================================================== @Lloyd Welcome back. I hope you had a good trip.
  2. Hey, we got to 300 pages. Nice work everypony. Here's to 300 more. And please, don't destroy Equestria before that. I know you want to (looking at you @BloodDrops) but no!
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine "Please, he can chase down his own food. I know your ponies in the area have a weird thing with the animals needing to be cared for constantly, or whatever the deal is, but this here's no local critter. I batched him up, and I'm never making a creature without the base instincts needed for survival. Gotta have to be able to survive on their own if something happened. All this little fellah needs is a place to rest, and I can build that in a snap. In fact-" Anomaly snapped her tail, yet nothing seemed to happen. "There. Put a place he can nest in above your house, and added some flowers that'll help attract insects. Just don't get worried if he's suddenly not there. Little thing is probably just going to a lake so he can snag up a fish now and again." As for the lizard in question, he were in the process of socializing with Pringle still, but lazily lifted his head towards the pony and just looked at her indifferently after a little while. Then he gave a small shrug, and went back to Pringle for the time being. The message seemed to be a *Why not?* which might not be the most enthusiastic of answers, but it were likely as good a *yes* as she Fluttershy were going to get from him. She'd need to work with him some time to make him more lively and responsive to things more than likely. Meanwhile, Anomaly figured that she couldn't ignore Lucid anymore (though she wondered how he'd react if she just did) and turned to him with a big grin on her face. "Silly poquus. I used to be the spirit of destruction, and you want to fight me? Well, phooey to that. I don't wanna. Bad things happen when I start to really fight somepony. Like, seriously, bad things, and a couple of instinct things starts to pop up again. I mean yeah, I've fought another draqonequus with large pancake bats, but that's just fun, not a battle. So... Cluck cluck, I'm a duck? Chicken doesn't rhyme with anything fun. Expect fear-stricken, but that's kinda the thing I'm trying to get away from." ======================================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "Close, but you have a few things mingled up. The statues I seek are connected into one, large statue, and the statue you are not to touch are golden. What it looks over is a heavily inscribed box which is not to be touched, or the golden statue will most likely retaliate. Potentially lethally. Beyond that you seem to have the basics in check. I will eagerly await your return, and prepare my end of the deal in the meantime. Best of luck." With that, Scarcity walked away to the other side of the store to inspect something there, done with this group for the time being. They'd get themselves sorted from here on out, and leave her with ample time to gather the information she needed to get Filigree convicted properly. The mare might be a cunning one, that hid her evidence well, but Scarcity highly doubted that she were good enough to not fail somewhere. Not when Filigree relied solely on herself. Even if she had though, evidence could still be procured in other ways, yet they'd see what were to be found first. Who knew? This might even prove entertaining. "We should be on our way. The further we get before we need to rest, the better. Try to conserve some energy though, Lin. You're our sole link to our supplies currently." Rosa could still go at night with little issue, and go on for a few days before needing sleep if he had to, but Sen and Lin weren't professionals in a field that required it, far as he observed. They'd need rest like regular beings, and at night as well. A prime time for his kind, yet it mattered little to Rosa what time of day he had to wander around in. If day were needed, he would, even if it weren't the best time and he didn't blend in as well when the sun were out. =================================================================================================================== @BloodDrops Lyriel fell lower and lower with each word thrown her way. Reprimanding her, painting her as a failure to her creator, and the forest itself... And where it not true? She had tried so hard to make everything well, blend in with the ponies and preserve a harmony here, and what had happened when the first major threat appeared? She gave it a day to leave, causing plentiful of innocent creatures to fall to Droppy's voracious, unending hunger, and then when she tried to fight off the sickly mare, the dryad had failed. She couldn't get this mare out of her forest, and if they were coming here, it seemed as if her dragon friend couldn't either, or were reluctant to hurry the creature out. It would just lead to mare animals dying pointlessly, more imbalance and suffering... All because she were too weak, and now had the audacity to ask questions where they did not belong? To the one being who could set this all right, and for what price? To alter some of the forest? What were that, compared to fixing that which the dryad could not? To remedy a plague that could engulf the entirety of this country that had been so open to her, and turn the ponies she wished saw her as a friend, into nothing but husks? The sphinx's last comment especially stung, as it touched the fear that Lyriel had about being what she had escaped. Of the mad, crazed siblings that had done such a horrendous act, and seemed to revel in it. It were as much a fear to the dryad, as it were to touch polluted or too pure water. She couldn't fall for the same, corrupting addiction they had, and she couldn't do what they did. Even when she tried to end Droppy, it were an action she did with sadness in her heart and as a last resort. Doing it on a far greater scale, like the sphinx threatened Lyriel would be responsible for... "...Do what you must, if it means saving them. I... I accept the deal." "Lyriel! Don't listen to her!" Lyriel heard the dragon's voice, but didn't turn to look, too ashamed of herself to face anyone right now. Nerzhei hadn't broken in, but the sphinx and the dryad hadn't been too far inside the temple currently - as if it were that big to begin with - and the sphinx the beings spoke loudly enough for the dragoness to hear it. She didn't hear Lyriel'd response, as the dryad couldn't find the strength of will to raise her voice too much as she accepted what were likely going to be an ill-fated deal, and if Nerzhei had, she would likely have not waited at the door, not wanting to break into this place as she weren't suicidal. ============================================================================================================== @Rising Dusk Blitz didn't waste any time looking for something to write with, and eventually stumbled over a stick of coal. Grinning from ear to ear, she'd go over and begin to doodle on Molotov's face, adding fake glasses, a mustache and so forth, before going on to his torso. He weren't waking up from it yet, so she didn't see a point in stopping. Not whilst it were still fun. As for the machine Molotov slept on, it were still only about half finished. You could see the framework going into the elongated semi-rectangular shape, but the appendages that seemed to be added as well were not on, and for some reason, it appeared that there were no space for wheels on it either. There did seem to be a large holding tank though, albeit it were uncertain if it were going to be used solely for carrying items, or if more of the framework or some wiring needed to go into it. The part where Molotov were asleep seemed to have an opening too, though for what weren't certain. There were some blueprints on the table near him though, in case the officer wished to look. It were likely still gibberish to him, but it did give the base form of some kind of..: Well, easiest way to put it were a hollowed out tank mixed with a beetle, including a horn that were seemingly going to be useful in digging. The text on the page under it were likely going to give Dusky a headache if he attempted to read it, even if this were a simpler software installation than the AI testing programs Molotov had put in his spiders. This were a simple program for a machine that just needed to do one thing, though there were some notes beneath with question marks. Perhaps he had not yet decided if he wanted this to have a degree of free will or not. Could have something to do with the new shape, as he had so far seemingly only had luck doing so with spiders, but the officer would have to ask him. Speaking of spiders, they weren't alone in the room anymore. Though she didn't make a sound, and slowly moved around her web in the darkness of the ceiling to remain out of sight, Fielicia had decided to come out and observe them again. Well, not them per se, just one of them, though if Dusky would realize he were being observed were anyponys guess. He seemed to have good senses for it, but there were several other things to see as well currently. He might also want to wake up Molotov soon, before he became completely covered in charcoal by the enthusiastic filly. ================================================================================================================== @Dji @Lloyd "You should save your apologies to somepony who deserve them." Zhu were far from a saint, as the conversation with the other group had likely made painfully obvious, even if he did what he did for the greater cause in the end, and he were well aware of it. Had accepted it, and what the perception of others would end up being. As part of that, he had to face himself and in his eyes, whilst what he did were with purpose, he did not deserve apologies. If anything, he should likely be the one to tell others that he were sorry, though when he did, it tended to sound hollow and fake. It often were too, but that came with having to realign your moral compass to do what had to be done. It made him care less about how it hurt others, because if he did care, it would be impossible for him to do what he did. Karmic were honestly a rather good example of somepony who would likely deserve a few apologies actually. Zhu had dragged her out of prison, dragged her towards Emerald because he wanted to keep an eye on the mare, and had in some ways, pushed Karmic to do what she saw fit to evade capture. Certainly, the mare were not without fault, but Zhu were certain that she would not have gotten to this point if he had never taken her along with him. "We should be at our goal soon if we can keep up the speed. Tell me if it gets hard to do so." Their goal were a little south of the old castle of two sisters, which were looming in the distance. There were some way to it, but it should be feasible for them to get there in time. If Karmic couldn't though, he have to use his wind magic to carry the mare. It shouldn't impede his speed, but he found that ponies - excluding pegasi - tended to not enjoy being in the air too much. ================================================================================================================== @Dji @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich Cherish felt bad about how she were apparently scaring Aurora, but this were sadly the reacting some beings had to seeing ghosts. She didn't think she were scary herself, but she couldn't just change someponys view on it with a flash. She'd need time to talk with the being in question, and it were pretty obvious that they weren't going to have the time for that currently. Perhaps later, they could be so lucky as for that to happen. "T-There's somepony in this room who can s-sense changelings. She said there were one n-near, and then you s-showed up. Just t-thought that maybe... Y-You know." Hearing the princess and Serenade talk behind her, Cherish poked her head through the door again to better hear what were going on, and from the sound of things, it seemed like they needed to do a few things. including getting Serenade and Aurora to speak. "I-I can hide princess. J-Just don't throw the piece of the o-old castle away, p-please." She turned around and looked back out at Aurora after that part were settled. "Somepony will c-come out and talk to you now. G-Goodbye." With that, Cherish flickered and disappeared from sight. She were still there, but as a ghost, it wasn't an issue to turn invisible, and it were only a few, select beings that could see her like that. The princess were unlikely to be one of them, or she'd see dead ponies all over the place. The princess were a lot of things, but Cherish doubted that she were a shaman, or some kind of spirit guide. ==================================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich @Dji "Princess Twilight is the princess of friendship. I'm sure there's somepony she were dealing with that needed that, and they just stubbed their hoof or something." Last gave a stare towards Twilight that she hoped conveyed the *Act on this, and don't blow it* message she were trying to get across. Not the best thing to do to a princess, but Celestia had given them specific orders to keep this Celestia away from her, so it were an unfortunate necessity. What else was she going to? Tackle this Celestia and knock her out? That would be insane. "As for the clock tower, it's done. The glass came in about a half hour ago. I gave the clock worker who sets it specific orders to wait for the time to be 16:00 before they start it, so it match up with every other clock in town. It should be between 3-7 minutes until that." The clock had been an absolute nightmare to get right though. The glass had been destroyed, the engine keeping it going had been in five different pieces, spread all over town, and the tower itself had been rubble. Fixing everything up had been a priority for a select group of workers, and it had remained that way, even as the extra help came around. It were better that way, and they had managed to keep the time schedule she set, so things worked as planned. =============================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich So the stick weren't that much in control about his own containment it seemed? As if this trip were not going to be irritating enough now that they had to take use of the forest route... Much as she disliked the idea, Vivid began to run to save some time - For about three seconds before she slowed down again, with a pained expression on her face. Running fast had an unfortunate side effect in making her clothes scuttle around somewhat in the wind, which in turn made it so that she got some pretty solid experiences of feeling like she were falling into a frozen lake with every hit of said wind on her torso, neck, or upper parts of her legs. Vivid had at times been able to manage through that, but it were somewhat windy right now, so it weren't that easy. How she hoped to one day soon meet this Princess Twilight, and hear if she had a way for the demon mare to not feel this chilling cold anymore... In any case, they were at most a few minutes away from the castle by now. If she could just keep Charlie contained, they could make it there and get on with the process. Perhaps if she suppressed him a little, it would do something? It might also influence him poorly, but it wasn't as if she had many options at this point. "Tell me if this makes things worse." Still moving on, Vivid's horn glowed with a deep purple, and a string of veil magic came around the stick, and clamped down around it. It should help suppress things, or it might make Charlie feel trapped. Potentially cause him pain. Though if it were keeping him in control, it were debatable by her if a small amount of pain wasn't worth it. ================================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich "Nice shot." Brute had to give credit where credit were due: Hunter had made a really good shot, without much time for aiming. Good reaction time she'd say, and a quick overlook on everything going on to know how to make his shot count. She could respect somepony who knew what they were doing, without going on in long terms and boastful phrases, and who were willing to prove they could without just talking about it. They might end up getting along fine. Marcus on the other hoof... Even if he were a good warrior like these beings seemed to claim, Brute didn't care much about his personality. It reminded her too much of somepony who just liked to talk, and more specifically, talk about themselves. Kind of similar to a show wrestler honestly. A lot of hype with a disappointing payoff, if you hadn't lost interest from the hyping up to begin with. However, it seemed like she were going along, and he were in charge, so she'd have to try and get used to him. Such as now, when he asked her a question she weren't sure of herself, though she could guess what it meant. "Sounds like somepony working with explosives. Can't say it wouldn't help having that around, in case we got stuck somewhere, or some creature became too annoying to deal with." Throwing bombs on living creatures were an iffy topic, but Brute would go tentatively on the side of it being okay, if there weren't many other options. It shouldn't be the way to deal with things in general, though as the old saying goes *Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it*. Seemed to fit well in this situation.
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    @Rising Dusk "Awh, but there's so much to look at, and big bro always wanna put me on a leash. It's no fun." Blitz knew that her big brother wanted to keep her as safe as you could for one in their family, because he didn't want to have the mourn the loss of her again, but she still figured that he was being way overprotective. She knew how to run off, and not follow strange ponies anywhere. Sure, she hadn't brought anything to defend herself with, but ponies got weird looks in their eyes when she ran around with a bomb half the size of her head, with the fuse stuck between her teeth. The mayor in Ponyville had straight up forbidden it, and this place was likely going to be even less fun when it came to that. The rest of the way towards the shop, Blitz had just spent rambling on about what sort of adventure she had wanted to do, including how she had hoped to find a playground to modify, and how fun it had been to do so at the orphanage in Canterlot she had briefly been sent to. You know, before she were seen as too dangerous to keep chasing down whenever she ran off to have fun and create things, so they stopped sending ponies out to catch her. At least, that is what she thought were the reason, which of course, she also told Dusky. Just in case he didn't have enough reason to consider her dangerous to society already. When they got there, the door would be closed, but with the security systems off, it would be easy enough to get through. It seemed Felicia were either powered down or something too, as she didn't show herself over the door this time, or left any messages behind on the inside. The only thing they'd find, were Molotov snoring on his half-build machine, still unaware of everything that had gone on. "Hey, he's still sleeping. Wanna draw on his face?" The filly wriggled under the magical control to get loose, so she could go fetch a marker or a pencil somewhere, though without her magic being available currently, it were pretty much guaranteed that she were going nowhere, unless the officer wished her to do so. ====================================================================================================================== @Dji @Lloyd "Your path is incorrect." Zhu usd his wind magic to push her in another direction, about 24 degrees to the right of her planned route. "The time before they regroup grows short. We must make haste." He had already begun running as he said this, following, and eventually running side by side with Karmic. Why they needed to make haste he hadn't divulged, but much like his quiet paws, he considered it something that were not meant to be heard. There were words he could use to explain their haste without alerting her if he needed to, yet it were likely for the better that the mare did not know the likely chance of them being spied upon, and the need to move before the witches began to regain too much of their power. The best chance they had would be for the magic users to be somewhat exhausted and strapped for time, just long enough for the delivery to be done to Emerald. ========================================================================================================================= @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @Dji "Uhm, p-please don't be afraid. M-My name's Cherish Heart, and I'm... W-Well, I'm a ghost. Not a d-dangerous one though." It had taken a few seconds of flickering for Cherish to get talking after the reception she had been met with. Something she were rather used to with the ones she talked with at the old castle, the few times somepony came around. Most didn't really like ghosts, and considering the bad one Cherish had met in the old castle, it wasn't like she could blame them. He was plenty scary, and highly dangerous. That he were there didn't help Cherish back then, and it wasn't now either. Plus she couldn't exactly hide what she were, as she were somewhat see-through. It wasn't that bad, but if you had a good pair of eyes, it would be hard to miss it, ad a griffon seemed right to have that. Predatory creatures needed good eyes after all. "Are you a c-changeling?" Serenade should be able to hear the conversation easily, in case the shriek had not alarmed the siren enough already. ============================================================================================================== @Moonlit "T-That didn't sound good..." "Don't be alarmed Brittle. I'm certain it is simply one of the animal asserting its dominance. I highly doubt it will become an issue for us, and if the situation regrettably wanders down that path, I will handle it. You will remain safe, as I have sworn." Briar had decided that with everything going on in Ponyville and the nearby area today, that taking Brittle on a trip to the far, far side of the Everfree Forest would be a good idea, to get some distance to everything. He knew the place well enough to avoid the majoirty of the dangerous things such as the Tatzelwurms at this point, so they made it here with little problem so far. Of course, there had been a few... Incidents, but the carnivorous Evergrown knew how to assert his own dominance through crude, yet effective methods. Usually it involved beating something with his vine, but certain variations were there, though he didn't find enjoyment in it. Violence should be the last of ones options, not the first one to come to use. Briar were not a barbarian after all, and he didn't wish for Brittle to think of him so. He were more of a guardian for the little one, though he had been told a few times by certain ponies in Ponyville that he acted more like an overprotective father. It were a remark that Briar usually just shrugged off, as he did not see himself as that in any way. At best, he could be described as a *Legal guardian*, if he recalled the term correctly. It were not something he had spent a great deal of time learning about, so he may well have understood it wrong, but it were the only words that came to mind when it came to stretching the definition of Brittle's and his relationship to the ones who viewed him as a father, and even then he thought of it as really stretching it thin. But ponies would think what they wanted. He could not fault them for that, nor should he. It were a harmless mistake to make at worst, so it were of little consequence, and didn't need him correcting anypony. Regardless, it became tiring to do so constantly too, which certainly did influence his choices somewhat. Yet those thoughts did not belong here. They were nearly at the edge of the forest, which they had reached in well enough time, considering the delays they faced getting here. Not so much the territories they had to avoid, but rather the issues of certain things scaring Brittle even further, where they then needed to stop and get her calmed down, and Briar wandering slower to take in the sights around him. He were still trying to get used to having eyes, and the sensation of sight took some readjustments, as well as made many mundane things spectacular to him. Granted, the eyes did seem weird, as they were slit like a snake, and a vibrant jade green, but he were not one to complain. Besides, it fitted his color scheme better than the original shade of them, which had been dark red. How fortunate that they had encountered that bored draconequus that wished to make it fit better, and not mutate him somehow in the process. A kind being. "We're here now, Brittle. beyond these last few trees, lies a beautiful meadow that we can traverse in relative peace for a few hours. Simply ignore the small critters that lingers there, and everything should be safe." With that, Briar led them the last meter past the thicj trees that marked the edge of the Everfree Forest, and would then gaze over the several kilometer long, wide, open space in front of them. Surely, this would be just the bit of peace and quiet that they may need. ======================================================================================================== @Pr0m4NV14 "Well, duh. I said I could see and hear the dead, remember?" Sorrow pointed towards the gem after that, seemingly keeping most of her focus on the ensouled piece of precious rock embedded into the blade. "And I'll let you know that there isn't that much dark magic used with Legion. Sure, the skull is a necromantic focus, but that's just because that's the only kind of thing that can house them properly. They're perfectly safe, and harmless." "The pony that carries us talks true. We are but Legion, and we are many." "I swear, there's always at least one of you who likes that cliche line." "Don't fear us, sword spirit. We don't wish harm, just to see and experience before we move on. Every lost soul that makes us want this peace, and the pony called Sorrow helps us there. She also finds more to our collective, who needs us to calm them. To free them. Do you need to be freed, Jennifer?" "Oh right, you can't hear them. Basically, Legion is asking if Jennifer is trapped and needs help. Could be her spirit got locked into your blade after all. From how you said it, it could've been her way of getting away from where she were bound, and see the lands. Huh, you're pretty much doing the same I am, just for one spirit. Cool." Legion wasn't acting threateningly, they just wanted to know if Jennifer needed to be freed, and otherwise simply talk with her. It was rare that they talked with somepony who were not part of them, and there, they all shared the same thoughts. It were not the same as a conversation. Sorrow frankly found this pretty harmless, so she figured she'd mainly do well in translating for Mike, who might be able to hear his sword, but didn't seem to have heard Legion. ===================================================================================================== @woodchunks66 "Were you one of those not in town during the event? As it were, a large, shadowy creature attacked your town, in the midst of an unnatural, dome-shaped hurricane. With bravery and determination, a few dozen heroic souls managed to defeat the monster, yet many a building were found to be broken. This is why so many are now in the town, who does not belong. They have come from far and wide, under the command of the great dragon you may see flying above our town, to lend his efforts to the forepony, managing the rebuilding of Ponyville. Far as Alonsus knows, the princesses have spoken their thanks towards those heroes who had not fled the area before their arrival, yet it seems that you may have missed so. Fret not though, fair maiden. You did not miss much, as they needed to discuss things in private shortly after, so it were as brief as a spring breeze." Alonsus explained things pretty basic, but it were the gist of things, and surely Applejack wouldn't want for him to keep the focus on the details of a large, defeated monster for long. Certainly, he could have shared his own part in making sure the town got evacuated swiftly, though he supposed the she wished to hear of other things too, as delightful as it were to speak about himself. "Yeah yeah, whatever. This here's the interesting thing, and you're not gonna like it. See, your trees have been poisoned. Some pretty nasty stuff too if this here's the thing I know of and if it's not handled, you're gonna loose your orchard in a month or so. At that point, nothing's gonna grow 'round here again. That would suck pretty hard." Berry were so close to yelling *Drat!* though, as this were not a zebra toxin, like she had expected. It would've been so much easier if it were, yet this were something different. Darned if she could remember what though. She'd have to find the book again somewhere for that. ======================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta The two groups would meet up more or less at the same time, and waved over to the side, to not disturb the exhibits or the buyers who wandered around and observed potential purchases. "I see that you return with several things in tow. Did you get what you needed for the trip?" "We'll need a place to store the items while we're away. Lin can help us acquire what is needed, instead of it weighing us down." "Splendid. Brick, would you be so kind as to transport these things to the room cleared for the statue, and then inform my workers that they are not to touch it, while the remove the rest?" Brick nodded and began taking what Rosa had been carrying thus far, so he could get it where it needed to be. After that, he'd have to get cracking with getting the workers to continue clearing the room. It should keep him occupied for the time being. "Lin knows well the room of which I speak. Now then darlings, is there anything else you need, or do you find yourself ready to begin your trek?" ============================================================================================= @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine @EQ_Theta The dracolisk didn't really know how to socialize, but he attempted. Giving a few more croaks, easing his stance further, and moving a little closer to Pringle to see what would happen. "This should be interesting. What sort of thing will instinct tell this little new one to do? Never can tell before it happens. Writing personality into the new ones are boring. I mean yeah, sometimes they can get somewhat docile, like this little thing is, but it's way more interesting to see how they react on their own. Except for the squidmonkeys. Mean, mean, mean things. Hey, perhaps his personality can get more lively and stuff if he's around somepony who gets him? Heh, want a lizard Flutterpony? He doesn't seem to mind you." Good chance Anomaly would just release the little thing somewhere else if Fluttershy wasn't going for him, since he were fairly normal, so there wasn't much of a point in keeping them on her island. That was more for the real freaks of nature she came up with. "And Lucid? No way you could win over Discord in a fight. He's like, the strongest, and things like silver doesn't work on him. He'd just take any strike, and then turn you into a pinecone. You'd likely beat me though, but that's because you'll cheat. Cheating Mr. Cheater, just taking on an iron armor or something and headbutt me. I know your weird ways!"
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    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis @Hazard Time "Hey, this place is doing really well. There's no reason to be a meanie like that." Ziggy pointed a hoof judgmentally towards Jasper whilst briefly pouting, before going over towards the really strange ponies they had gotten into the quarry. Granted, they were not the weirdest ones she had run into, but that had a lot to do with her being from Las Pegasus. You saw street performers and showmanship of all kinds there, including some psychics here and there. Generally they were seen as con artists, but there were a few genuine ones around that managed to rake in a good deal of bits during the festivals. Tourists loved that kind of thing, and the legit ones tended to get recommended more often if ponies asked around. "I've been to a psychic in Las Pegasus before. She said I'd wake up covered in rainbow paint and stuffed down a chimney before the week were over. Didn't believe her, but graduation turned out to be weirder than I thought, hehe." To this day, she still had no idea how the other doctors had managed to get her to put on the paint, especially since they knew she were meeting her family to celebrate the morning after, but it had been pretty fun all in all. They messed around with some helium bottles, sang karaoke, and dared one another to do stupid things. Ziggy hadn't been drinking, but she knew that was a thing influencing several of the others, though thankfully not too much. Wouldn't be a good start to their career to get tossed in the drunk tank. In her defense though, Ziggy hadn't had a lot of fun outside the hospital for most of her life, so she wanted to join in on silly things and try to fit in with others. After all, she had been 14 before she could even get out because of her growth issues, and after that she had spent most of her time studying how to be a doctor, until she finally graduated. Weren't a whole lot of fun she had been able to participate in. But hey, at least she graduated pretty early. The others in her class had been five or more years older than her. Thoughts of the past roamed through her head a like this as she gave a brief examination of the two ponies from the Crystal Empire. They did frankly seem perfectly fine honestly, and with how smoothly they moved and talked, she doubted they had any kind of pain or trauma happen to them. They'd at least wince if it were, or move slower. "Well, you seem okay, but if anything happens, let me know immediately, okay? Better to not have you go home in pain. What is your home like anyway? I mean, I heard about the Crystal Empire, but I've never seen it. Is it true that everypony is kinda sparkly there?" These two were at least - it was soooo pretty - but they were the first ones from there she had seen, so she weren't sure if it was a rare thing or not, and Ziggy were a curious sort. ======================================================================================================== @Randimaxis @woodchunks66 Blitz didn't hear or react to any of the commotion going on around her, beyond turning to her side and mumbling once. Something about *nitroglycerin* but it was brief and barely audible, so it were hard to know for certain what the deal were with that, unless they could get into her head. Likely for the best that they couldn't. One way or another, they'd end up mad, lost, or horrified, as Blitz imagination weren't exactly a safe environment, or typical for fillies. It were the kind of place that Luna would visit once, before sealing the door to Blitz's dreams shut, and scrape the soot off of her face. Potentially her mane would be on fire too, depending on what part of the dreams the princess would look at. Silver should probably be cautious anyway though Even if Blitz weren't gonna wake up on her own currently, getting caught transferring a filly could be hard to explain. Doubly so when her whole appearance screamed trouble. And if it was Luther... He were likely still not all cooled down about the glitter rocket that hit his office, so if he found Blitz... Well, best to try and not let that be the case.
  6. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Victoria Sponge It was really a special moment when Victoria came out again, and greeted her family and friends with a new coat on, so to speak. The mane style had changed, a few additions to said mane and her tail were present, and of all things, she wore a scarf. Seemed odd, until it came up that her mother had made it for her. It was rather heartwarming to consider that Victoria took a new step to blend in more with her family in looks, as well as personality, and now had a cherished thing on that she had previously not dared to show she cared about. If this didn't show how the mare had changed, and were willing to step out of her shell, Pop frankly didn't know what were. "You look great Victoria. It's a good style for you." About three seconds after that, Pop regretted that she hadn't spared some thought into keeping an eye on Benny though... In the midst of Victoria's heartfelt moment, and Pop's honest opinion on how the mare had found a look that were great on her, the dragon had instead gotten a certain glimmer in his eyes, that usually meant that he were about to do something that he well knew were not the brightest idea he could have ever come up with, but didn't have the self control to stop. So he lifted his claws to his mouth... And let out a wolf whistle. "How's it cooking, good looking?" Benny started to chuckle right after that, whilst Pop facehoofed and shook her head in silence at his antics. Something which just made him find this even funnier. "The guys taught me that in the guards. They say it's a huge compliment." "Sometimes, I swear to Celestia..." "Hehe. But really, you look great Victoria. Makes you look more open and happy than before. You're gonna be knocking stallions off their hooves in no time." The two sisters looked to be genuinely happy facing one another now, to a point for Victoria almost said she were going to ruin her mascara if they went on for much more, likely through crying. It was a really great change from the first time the odd couple had seen the two mares interact, and if he didn't think it'd end up ruining Victoria's mascara - and how Pop would likely tackle him to the ground if he tried - Benny would have taken the two of them into a group hug. Hopefully, the next part about Battenberg and Victoria becoming partners would go great too, but Benny couldn't see why it wouldn't. It was clear that Battenberg could see her sister having changed and improved at this point, and they looked as close as could be without involving some rope, so it should be a cake walk. ======================================================================================================================= @woodchunks66 "There's several reason why they could be shedding leaves. Birds or critters could be rustling around the trees, they're lacking some water, the attack on town recently caused some damage you haven't seen, or somepony could've messed with the dirt, causing something to get in through the roots, and they're not as perfect as you think." If she had seen the leaf, Berry would've jumped straight to poison, and listed off a few things that it could be, but Applejack seemed less interested in that kind of information right now. Perhaps she thought that Berry were all out crazy for some reason? Most did, but the mare wasn't as out there as you might think. She were smart. She could see reason in things too. It was just that there were a lot of threads everywhere connecting that she got certain about there being a greater conspiracy. Especially combined with how she got locked up in the loonie bin when she tried to expose a few of them. "Come on, lemme have a look at the leaf. I read up on some weird things that can happen to trees, perhaps I can tell what it is, and if somepony's responsible for it." Her bits were still on the zebras, but one step at a time. Alonsus seemed to be getting closer too now, with the can full of water to give to the likely thirsty trees. About a minute and he'd be within earshot, though he didn't say anything at first. He just hummed a tune that he had heard in one of Pinkie's musical numbers through Ponyville. Fairly catchy what that mare spewed out in his opinion. ========================================================================================================================== @Pr0m4NV14 Legion's eyes were fixated on the gem as the sword were drawn, not moving away from it for a second, as they saw the one they had felt in Mike's vicinity. If the spirit in the sword were aware of its surrounding, it should be able to hear a symphony of voices, speaking as one. "We are Legion. Can you hear us?" Mike wouldn't likely be able to hear this, as it were only rare individuals that could hear the departed speak, such as Sorrow. She just didn't interfere in this, as it seemed to be the sort of thing they should handle, collection of ghosts to ensouled blade. "Cool. I haven't seen a spirit in an item for ages, and this is way more complicated. I can't even see her. Or him? Jennifer sounds like a female name but who knows? Usually I can hear and see spirits, but this one's either really hidden, or trapped pretty well in there. Legion's trying to talk to whoever it is, so we'll see. They're better at this since they're, you know, dead and all. You say its a family heirloom? How old is it? Is it still sharp? It looks pretty sharp. You must be taking really good care of it." Sorrow would lean in and have a closer look, but didn't touch it yet. Seemed like a kinda rude thing to do without permission from its inhabitant. She certainly wouldn't like somepony poking her home out of nowhere. =================================================================================================================== @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @Dji "Home... Sounds nice." It must be nice to have one of those. Wherever Cherish's home had been, she couldn't remember, though it likely didn't matter in the slightest. She had been stuck in the castle for so long that it had likely crumbled away anyway, and anypony that knew of her had long since moved on. Guess she kind of did have a home now, in the old castle. Well, she were bound to it anyway, but it probably still counted, though she didn't like the place that much. With her friend gone, it had started to get very quiet, aside from the ramblings of the crazy one. And even he had been silent for days before these ponies came around. Perhaps she could figure out how to bind herself to this place instead somehow? It seemed nice. Lived in and full of voi-Meep! Serenade's sudden aggression caught Cherish off guard, and she stumbled back, flickering for a few seconds. It weren't as scary or dangerous as it had been when the mare had her true form, but it had been pretty much out of nowhere, and the specter were still nervous because of the present company. Thankfully it didn't go further than that. As it were less... Testing for her currently, what with Serenade being somewhat less scary as a pony, she managed to regain her composure and physical stability after a little while. "I-I can... Look around, I t-think? A little anyway." Three meters were all she had to work with, but it were enough to go through the roof a little, and through a few of the walls, so she started to look around by going for the door first, passing right through and finding somepony watching them. A griffon it looked like. "Uhm, h-hello? I don't think y-you're supposed to be here." Cherish were only halfway through said door as she talked, since well... Her leash ended about ten centimeters after this, and she had just wanted to have a look. Hopefully it didn't spook the feathered one. ================================================================================================================== @Dji @Lloyd "The time to rest have yet to come." Zhu would suddenly be besides the bushes Karmic were in, mostly unheard because of his silent, feline paws, though the voice in Karmic's mind were likely to have ratted him out anyway. He had taken the hood on again, and didn't look directly at Karmic, to avoid wasting time with her talking about tentacles assaulting her mind. It did make him curious though, what would happen if he did so with the strange influence she had crawling around in her head right now, yet this were neither the time, nor the place. Currently, it was time to get moving, while they still had a chance to pick up on what he needed to do. Preferably before they managed to get stopped. "Do you need to catch your breath first, or are you prepared? We shouldn't linger for too long." ===================================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "So he is open to negotiation then, if the situation suits him? Perhaps he and I would have more to talk about than I had first assumed." Scarcity had no idea what kind of leverage she could hold that would interest the lord of chaos, but she would take it into consideration that perhaps she could find something, and then make contact. Nothing like hostages of course, as that would be rather suicidal and idiotic, but he were an old being that had lost plenty when he turned to stone. Perhaps she could find something of his from before that, which he'd want back. Granted, she had no such thing currently, but who knew what the future may hold? She saw and heard of plenty of fascinating things going through the black market, so it were not inconceivable. "But all things in due time. Shall we get back to the storefront? I imagine your brother and interestingly dressed friend will be here shortly." Out with said group, Rosa were about to say a small reply to what Sen had said, when a pegasus in what seemed like custom armor, landed a few meters ahead, came walking straight towards them, and stopped in front. The pony had no helmet on, so it were impossible to miss that he were starring directly at the two of them with waiting, alert eyes. "I see she still have you around. Are you here to get us to them?" Brick gave a small grunt in response, and turned around to lead them back to the nearby store. "His name's Brick Wall. Scarcity's bodyguard or personal assistant, which means she sent him to find us. We better follow." He had never personally interacted with Brick, but Rosa had seen him when he spied on Scarcity, and he didn't want to get on the wrong side of that stallion. The pegasus might seem like a small time lackey, but he had been a highly commended Solar Guard before quitting to join forces with Scarcity, and from what the bat pony had seen, Brick hadn't lost his edge. He wouldn't remain this alert if he had. =============================================================================================== @EQ_Theta @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine The dracolisk let some of the air in his cheeks out as Fluttershy bumped around to grab a few things and help Pringle, which meant he had to either stay on or just let himself down on the ground. He choose the ground, as the uneven pony surface was starting to become annoying. Whilst down there, he puffed up again though, and rose his head high, ready to interact with the aggressive lizard that seemed to want to come over and chomp on him again. The pony owner kept him under check so far, but if he got loose, the larger reptile were ready to respond in kind. Anomaly just watched the whole thing unfold, with a cup of... Pebble and mushrooms it seemed. Anyway, she were simply observing all of this instead of getting involved, enjoying the show in full. Two ponies trying to restrain and help an irate lizard whilst magically created one stood ready to beat said lizard down? This was a great scene that shouldn't be interrupted right now. Sadly, nothing great could remain. Pringle got the splinter out and cooled down a bit, and then he were suddenly a lot more approachable. Getting closer to the dracolisk with a more friendly appraoch by the looks of things, and not with a maw open to bite into the larger being. The dracolisk puffed his cheeks up more at first, but as it seemed like the approach got less hostile, he lowered his defenses and his cheeks went flat again. He opened his mouth to give a large, echoing croak towards Pringle though, but it were okay, this were a friendly one, as the dracolisk had lost the interest in fighting again. Frankly a rather docile creature all in all. Well, the ladybug that flew past him and got chomped would likely not think that, but the food chain weren't always kind. ==================================================================================== @Rising Dusk Blitz and Carmen were both surprised when they suddenly got lifted into the air, as it had seemed like they were about a half second from actually going into the weird alley and seeing what happened there. Blitz had sort of thought she had gotten away with it anyway. Carmen were just surprised it wasn't the case, but thankful too. She even tried to express it by looking over at Rising when he got into eyesight, and rise a leg to give a kind of wave towards him. Molotov had tried to learn her to do it, but her joints weren't all that good to something like this, so it did come off as kind of weird. Yet since the officer didn't understand the *language* she had, this was appropriate, and Carmen actually thought she did a really good job of it. "Awh, I was going adventuring..." Blitz on the other hoof, just pouted at her fun being ruined. It was pretty short-lived , as she couldn't keep her attention on something as unpleasant as being dissapointed for long. Her brain kind of worked in her always looking for something good to focus on instead. For example in this case, the officer pony had come around, so she could say hi to him early today. "Hi hi... Ducky? Dusky? I can't remember. One of them." She shook her head at the questions Rising asked her, and briefly giggled. "Big bro fell asleep in the workshop, so I went to have fun before he got up. It's a big, Big town! Have to be something fun to look at out here, and big bro haven't changed the codes yet, so I could go look and have funsies without him knowing. Can we go back and look at the place with the zappy fence? I bet there's treasure in there." The filly had no self preservation instinct, or thought of how dangerous it were for a filly her age all alone out here, so she didn't see any sort of issue with wandering out here without anypony knowing. It was just a bunch of adventure waiting to happen, and nopony to slow her down. What wasn't to like?
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    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    Basically, anything that have a large popularity that suddenly slows down somewhat, is constantly said to be dying by doom-sayers. It' like that with online games, and it's the same with fandoms.
  8. @MisterRe Sooo, what you're really saying, is that if Corner got spotted and somepony tried to get her out, we'd end up fighting a box, Solid Snake style? ...The only thing we need now is Link, thinking the crates hold rupees, and this would be heaven.
  9. @Randimaxis @MisterRe Well, it depends. Will Corner get miffed at the fact that I think Blitz stole one of her crates when she broke into the quarry? In her defense, she's crazy, and didn't know it belonged to anypony. If that's not going to get Blitz lynched (Let's be honest, Mr. Blackwater will have her hide first) I see no issue. The quarry could use a little more mystery and chaos. Somepony nicking things and staying hidden seems like a fun way to go about it. Oh wait, I do have one question. When you say Corner is Claustrophobic and uses a box to cope, are you sure you don't mean Agoraphobic? Claustrophobia is a fear of small, locked spaces, while agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. like the outdoors. Wouldn't the box feel like a prison for her, more than a coping mechanism? Or is the box meant as what you consider her *home* which is somewhat movable and doesn't cover all angles, and therefor less challenging for her phobia than say, a shed?
  10. Blitz Boom

    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis @Hazard Time "Wauh. That's a really long way down." While the carriage had managed to not fall over the edge, the abrupt stop had still sent somepony tumbling down the steep drop. That being Ziggy, who had held the door when the stop came around, and didn't have the grip to stop herself from going over. Thankfully she just got popped over the edge and didn't hit the rocks, which could have ended very badly. Rather, she tumbled down a hooffull of meters before getting her bearings again and zig-zag upwards to the less-shocked-than-she-expected ponies that had been in the carriage. For some reason, they were actually fighting, if you could believe that. In clothes! Which... Okay, honestly didn't seem so bad, but it stopped Ziggy from being able to check for wounds easily, which could be a big problem. Sure, their lungs were clearly working fine, but an abrupt stop like that could easily cause somepony to rattle around and bruise some bones. As she fluttered over, a few ponies more showed up, including Chuck. A good forepony that one, even if he did talk kinda funny. A welcome sight, though the same couldn't exactly be said for Jasper and Khosan, who had also followed. Honestly, Ziggy thought it was a good thing they had tried to go and help too, as it proved they couldn't be all bad - well, she didn't think Khosan were bad anyway - but the response to their presence were still pretty negative. How many ponies in this quarry had a bad history with this pony, and why? Much as Ziggy didn't like hearing negative things, she were starting to get pretty curious. Thankfully it wasn't her headache to think through right now. Chuck were a smart forepony who knew how to handle anything, and he'd sort out what happened with Khosan and Jasper for sure. Hopefully without causing too much of a ruckus, like Silver had. Which left her time to try and work with the strange-clothed ponies who may or may not be hurt. "Hey, hello? Strange ponies in funny clothes? It was a pretty turbulent ride you had there, so could you stop arguing for a teensie bit so I can check if you're okay? Please? I'm a doctor." Perhaps she should go around with a big hat with a sign that said that actually. Some ponies didn't think that the young zegasus towering over them were an actual doctor, since apparently she didn't really signal it all that much. Perhaps she should've listened to the other doctors and gotten a lab coat sort of thing. It gave some authority when it came to this, even if it did feel weird. Also it tangled up in her legs when she flew around weirdly, so there were that too. She had tried to close it, but it kept unraveling sooner or later. Too many jerky movements or something. =============================================================================================================== @Randimaxis Back in Ziggy's shed, Blitz boom were still sleeping soundly. Things had gotten too hectic for Ziggy to help her, but there were options that Silver could do, if she had calmed herself enough to get some focus on the filly. One were to get hand of some smelling salt. Ziggy didn't have much of it, but if she could gander how the zegasus's system worked, Silver should be able to find a small bottle of it somewhere in there. It should do the trick in waking up Blitz, but she'd still be horridly tired. The options that would work the best long game were to take advantage of what were prepared. Ziggy had left her small cauldron ready on its stand, gotten a bunsen burner ready to light up under it (they hadn't allowed her to keep a fireplace inside, so she had to go alternative), and had the recipe open in the large book on the table. Her herbs were mostly stored in her desk, so if Silver knew what was what, she could fire up the cauldron, and get something whipped up in around ten minutes. She just had to remember to be careful to shut off the bunsen burner so nothing accidentally caught on fire. The quarry wouldn't be a better place if a fire caused their doctor to be fired. Of course, Silver could also just pick up the filly and be on her way to somewhere more fitting. Blitz weren't really that heavy, even with the metal wings, so displacing her would be pretty easy.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Rising Dusk Blitz heard the officer and automatically turned around from hearing her name being called out. She were almost at the end of the alley though. So close to potential adventure and fun! So she just turned around again and walked on until she reached the end. Poking her head around the corner, she saw all kinds of weird things, but not immediately something she'd consider fun. Sure there were an area that were totally fenced in, where she could break in and see what happened, though she hadn't brought any tools, and the sign said the fence were electric. The rest seemed kinda bland. Mostly clothes stores and perfume places. Yuck. The only smell Blitz wanted, were the fresh smell of lit explosives, and clothes? Stupid looking, made it hard to move, and could catch on fire easily. So not the way to go in a workshop. Meh, she should have taken the other way after all inst- Wait, was that a street performer? Hehe, that might be fun to look at. She had been standing there for about two minutes before she'd attempt to move on, so Rising should have plenty enough time to catch up with her before she bounced onward. If not, he could still follow the sound of Carmen protesting this whole thing. She might not be as loud as say, a dog, but she could still vocalize well enough to be heard. She could also pinch down on Blitz, but she had been trying that for some time now, and the filly didn't seem to care at all. Just a few random twitched when it happened and that was it. Molotov at least took notice of when she did it and saw it as a thing to respond to. Blitz on the other hoof, wanted adventure more than she cared about a few pinches here and there. ================================================================================================================== @Pr0m4NV14 "Great. Let's hope we find her soon, so you don't have to worry for long anymore." Whilst Sorrow didn't take notice of it so far, Mike were right in his assumption that Legion had taken some interest in him. Even as Sorrow turned and began to wander besides the smaller earth pony, the skull still directed their eyes towards him at times, apparently seeing something that caught their interest. Nopony else really took notice of them though. With all the repairs, the varied races, and the battle itself being only a few days ago, most of the town had gotten pretty fatigued with weird things, and a skull with glowing eyes plus an earth pony with a sword that clearly wasn't a royal guard, weren't even close to being weird enough tot ake notice of. Plus, it were rather busy on the streets right now, as the last things began to get fixed by the looks of it. They'd soon get to a small side way where there weren't anypony currently, which would be the point where Sorrow would start talking again. It was kinda hard to be heard in the busty streets, and she didn't want to yell things when it was simply conversation after all. Well, kinda simple anyway. "This is gonna sound kinda weird Mike, but do you have a guardian spirit with you or anything like that? Legion keeps saying that there's somepony else with you." Sorrow couldn't see it, but Legion were better at sensing these things than even her, and they knew there were some kind of aura of a spirit around Mike, they just couldn't tell where it were, or who it might belong to, and it confused them. An unusual feeling for the hivemind, since at least one of them usually knew something about what were going on, but currently they were as clueless as Sorrow were, and curious as they were, they sought answers. Perhaps they wouldn't get one, but they could keep watch otherwise until they had some kind of idea what went on. ========================================================================================================================= @Lloyd @Dji "Long as you keep track of the reptile. I want him in a cell before he goes on to cause more atrocities, and then I'm gonna bleed him for any information he have. Something tells me there's gonna be enough to cause several lifetimes worth of incarceration." The way Zhu had spoken had made the general think that there were far more to his crimes than they had been told, and even though he would in fact turn out to have never killed anypony, that didn't excuse his crimes, or letting the crimes of others happen either. Soon as they had him, they could get a scale of a lot of crimes and apparent *accidents* that had happened throughout the years, and perhaps rile up one of the largest ring of threats to the country in recent memory. One step at a time though. First, they had to address the issue of what happened to Void. Hopefully, this wouldn't end up being the first confirmed death by the paws of Zhu... They wouldn't get too far in the other direction though, before the several meters of collapsed tunnels would get in their way. But hey, they had two witches with them. Shouldn't be a huge problem, right? ======================================================================================================================== @Lloyd "Of course, but it doesn't mean that we can't work with him while he's serving his time. And I'm not letting a crippled pony into a prison like that. He's getting his prosthetics, and that is final. What happens otherwise is up to the generals, though I really do hope that we can work with you, Warlock. If you seem to be doing good in the programs, the sentence can likely get reduced for good behavior." Hogweed understood the concerns of the guard, and how hard it were to imagine giving somepony like Warlock an extra chance, but they had a responsibility to help criminals get better, and become productive members of society when their sentence was over. Even Warlock were included in that, and she were saddened to hear that the guard didn't even consider it a chance that they could or should work with Warlock. "Anyway, you uhm... Said something there. About nudging things ahead? You think that your magic can be a deciding factor in making it better?" Considering his magical strength, that might actually end up being somewhat possible. She doubted a full limb regeneration, but perhaps a kind of conversion of the prosthetic? Crazier ideas had happened than that. ======================================================================================================================= @Lloyd Magical potential? Him? Hah! That was a joke if Chow ever heard one. Sure, he had been the prison of a pretty magical being, and as he had seen earlier when he had spilled blood, Emerald's occupation had left her mark on him, but there was a good line between that and saying he could be a strong magic user. But hey, he'd stretch it as long as he could if it meant getting some kind of strength to work with here. "What was that, Misty? You being sassy on my behalf now?" THe notion that Misty gave abut him being stupid gave Chow another reason to grin, and give her a friendly pat on the shoulder. She had been pretty clear on him not touching her mane again, but a nudge hadn't been ruled out, so that was fair game. He had to acknowledge the simple, but rather effective burn on his intellect somehow at least. "Seriously, well played kiddo. Now step back and see the start of a great player in the magic game. Or somepony who'll end up with a concussion. Either way it should be something worth watching I'd say." The first experience he had with lifting a book were still well and solid cemented in his mind, so Chow tried to be a little more careful this time again on this large book. Which got him just about nowhere, so he kept on concentrating and going through the motions like Astral had briefly shown him before they had to get going again. Man, it had really been some hectic days they'd been through by now. Anyway, eventually, he would get the book to start moving, though not impressively so, as it were more jumping up and down than actually floating. It wasn't easy to get done though. The thing was heavy, and Chow were about as green as cabbage. They had to give him a little time to try and get used to this and get it stable. ========================================================================================================================== @BloodDrops Nerzhei grimaced at Droppy's last comment. Whereas she could ignore the rest of the comments going toward the temple, and knew that she deserved these at least, the last one struck a chord that she hadn't considered. "That's a problem, yes. Lyriel is... Naive. Believes that everyone have a good side, and doesn't think they want to trick her. It's a possibility that she'd agree to a deal and not know what it would entail." Honestly, the dryad were far too trusting for the dragoness's taste, and right now, that were a problem. One that she should have thought off before the two groups split up and the naive forest spirit got left with a being whose race were about as known for manipulation and trickery as the changelings. They might end up going into a situation that were going to require them to fight, though Nerzhei would really hope not. Even at her best, she had high doubts that she could defeat a sphinx, and she were not well currently. Her energy were drained, whilst the sphinx were likely strong and ready to duke it out if needed be. Speaking of deals who may be in play, Lyriel were faced with thinking on what she had been presented. It sounded like a good arrangement. The sphinx would have her little part of the forest to herself, and she could govern the building as she pleased, and she would get this privacy and freedom in return for stopping a great threat. What were not to like in that deal? It were not as if Lyriel had not wanted to discourage the animals in the forest to leave this part of it alone anyway, so it seemed perfect, honestly. Yet something were concerning her. A feeling that came up from her roots/hooves, that she were not used to interpret from the earth mother: Caution. Lyriel knew not if it were caution about the plague bearer getting closer, or something about what the sphinx said, but it made the dryad hesitant to simply say yes. Drying the tears from her eyes, Lyriel slowly looked upwards, and gazed upon the large form of her creator. "May I ask, mighty creator, how much land would your greatness require? This forest contain many creatures, and if you take much of their land, I have to know what is left that they can live on. They need me to know." Lyriel prayed that this would not anger the creator, but this were one thing that she might see the earth mother being worried about, as well as something the animals most certainly would care about, so she needed to ask. If there were still room for them in a blossoming, free part of the forest, then she could accept this with little worry, though the sphinx might trick her into agreeing anyway. The plague walker were near after all, and if the sphinx kept going on about Lyriel failing and the urgency on a choice, she could be pressured into agreeing to something she knew nothing about. ============================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich @Dji @Moonlit "W-Where would you go? On your v-vacation, I mean." Cherish had not known other places than the old castle for a long, long time, so hearing about other places were kinda interesting. So were to ask who Muffin were, but it were likely just a pony that the hidden siren knew, rather than an actual, talking muffin. ================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "After what happened with Filigree, and what I saw for myself as we traveled to Canterlot, I am willing to believe a lot of things." An open mind had been needed for a lot of things the last few years. Facing what his work had caused of damage, the crazy plan of his mother, what kind of horrible pony she were in general, and then working with Sen and his strange troupe of friends... It were either to attempt an open mind, or go crazy at some point. Besides, what he had seen from the dark place they were taken didn't leave him with much reason to disbelieve in much. That apparently Omen's mother ruled the place, with powers rivaling or surpassing that of alicorns, were not the strangest thing he had heard of, though it did make him more reluctant to speak poorly of Omen. His own mother might be a horrid, manipulative beast, but normal mothers did not take kindly to their off-spring being mocked. It made him wonder too, about what Omen were exactly, but that were one of the topics they would cover eventually, when they had more privacy. Along with what Sen meant when he mentioned masters, but then claimed it had nothing to do with slavery. Something told Rosa that he would only get more questions than answers, but they'd see soon enough. For now, they were getting closer to the shop,a nd needed to stay alert to spot it. Meanwhile, Scarcity raised an eyebrow in genuine surprise. "A personal sit-down with the lord of chaos? Now that sounds rather fascinating. Would you perhaps care to elaborate? I would appreciate a more detailed idea of how he might be in private, rather than the generic *scatterbrained and chaotic* response I tend to hear when it comes to him." Lin were right in thinking that Scarcity had an agenda in everything she talked about, though when it came to Discord, she weren't stupid enough to think that any plan could honestly stop him. Several were the artifacts that Scarcity had at her disposal too, but even the strongest among them - which she needed to have returned soon from Blackbeak - were nothing compared to Discord, if he cared enough to handle it. No, this were simple information gathering, so she had some idea what to expect if she had to meet with him at some point. Perhaps some kind of interest, or quirk that she could spin correctly to make the meeting more pleasant, and less messy and chaotic. Not that she planned to meet him, but it might unintentionally happen when she visited Ponyville, or if he joined another party in Canterlot that she might attend, so she couldn't rule it out. ============================================================================================ @EQ_Theta @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine The dracolisk didn't care much about what went on for the majority of the time. The extended hoof got crawled up on, and when he got to the top, he were confronted by a bunny. About the right size to be food, but Angel didn't smell or look like a fish, so the dracolisk just glanced disinterested towards the furry menace, even as Angel starred at him like the scaled one had done something to the bunny personally. The pony seemed to want them to get along, so he opened his mouth and let out a short, echoing croak like before. It seemed to be fine then, so why not now? Well, the last being up here would be that reason. A smaller lizard, who kept booping the dracolisk, apparently looking for a fight. Not something the new addition to Fluttershy's back really cared much for, so he didn't do anything. That is, until Pringle went over and bit him. The other things had just been something the lizard didn't understand, and generally didn't care about, but being bitten were different. It was an attack. The dracolisk opened his maw towards the smaller lizard that had let go of him again, and let out a loud, vibrating croak towards the attacker. A challenge *roar* if you would. If Pringle came close again, the lizard would fight, and considering the size, it were potentially a much greater danger to Pringle than the other way around. That is, if biting and such were the method it would defend itself. Anomaly were honestly not entirely sure. The loud sound for example, and the way he puffed up his cheeks, made her think that maaaaaaeby she added a teensie tiny mistake in making it able to croak loudly. It were just a way to make it seem bigger if there were attackers, but even at the volume just now, she could almost feel her ears tremble. Perhaps she had underestimated the lizard brain's ability to use loud noises as a sort of defense as well? Hard to say until she saw what he'd do. For her at least, that were just amazing. For the others, it might be kinda unnerving. They'd see. "Huh? Temperature? No idea. Less than a hundred degrees Celsius, more than ten? I'm not a weather station."
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    @Lucid_Nightlight @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine The lizard looked at Fluttershy with a high level of disinterest as she bolted back from seeing him. The movement were enough to make him look, but there just wasn't anything in it until she came around again, so he just sat and licked up some sun rays. As she got closer though, and shakily attempted to make contact, he the lizard raised one of his legs and tried to touch her. There were no claws, no apparent poison spikes on its palm, and nothing that indicated it were about to explode, so Fluttershy should be safe, right? ...Yes. The lizard only wanted to squeeze her hoof and see what was what, and didn't react badly to being stroked. She wasn't food - far too big - and not a threat, so he saw little reason to be alarmed in the slightest. Fluttershy might be though, but unless she began flailing him around she'd be fine. "You know, if you keep your leg there long enough he might try to climb up. You should try it, he's harmless... Kind of. Long as you don't breathe fire on him, but I'm sorta certain ponies can't do that anyway. I know he looks kinda poisony, but that's not an issue as long as he doesn't get like, *on fire* hot. Run away if you drop him in a fire or something though. He'll start melting things that gets on his nerves then." What? It wasn't like she could make something that were unable to defend itself. Poor thing would be a nerve wreck then, unless it was more or less lobotomized. Frankly, Anomaly thought she had been nice here. Only made the creature defensive around camp fires and dragons - both of which the lizard didn't care to actively seek out - non-hostile, no unusually big claws, fangs, or active poison either, and it lived on bugs and fish. Way tamer than she usually went with, but she were trying to play nice here. ========================================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta "It sounds like you have personal experience with him. Fascinating, yet I still stand unconvinced until I see things for myself. As you said, simply hearing somepony say he have turned around is a hard thing to believe." Scarcity glanced at a watch on the wall. The two others were being rather slow currently it seemed, or perhaps they could not find this place? She supposed it were an option, in case thy were oblivious to their surroundings, though regardless, perhaps it were better to get somepony out to find them. "Brick, would you be so kind as to find our missing guests?" The stallion grunted a non-word reply and went on his way to get the two others directed in here when he saw them. He didn't know much about them, but he could go by how Lin looked to a certain degree, judging on what his boss and the longma had spoken about for the last five minutes or so. Meanwhile, Rosa nodded along, though he wer e thinking quite a good deal about why Sen dodged the question about Omen. Saying that she were simply *eccentric* clearly didn't cover what her issues here. If it were, he could just be on his merry way, yet the way she did things and behaved spoke of a seasoned caster with the mind of a ten year old filly. Something were amiss, though he seemed to need to wait for answers to that. Especially in regards to the semi-telekinesis that should really take a concentrated mind to pull off. "You speak of her mother. Who is that, and had she something to do with the dark place we were to wander through earlier? Also, what can you tell of that place?" It had seemed like a really odd place to be for Rosa at the time, and a strange thing that they seemed to only go there when it were Omen who stood for the gates, so he found himself wondering what the deal were with that place. Were it Omen's home? Her mothers? It seemed weird if it were, but there had to be something, and if nothing else, the questions he had given Sen would at worst be glossed over again. When they had more privacy, he'd have to dig into this further for some more answers though. Mainly about Omen, and what the deal were actually with her. Rosa had played nice so far in trying to gain some knowledge, but so far, he had been told little, and doubtfully something that were true. At this point, he weren't even sure if Omen was a pony. Too many shape-shifters in the world to trust that, just because you saw an equine.