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  1. @Rainbows2424 Just for the record, whom Shell refers to as a Breezie, is Azure. She have never seen a breezie before, so seeing a miniature pony with wings fits what she heard of the small ones.
  2. @Moonlit See? More sneaky talk! This family had loads of secrets, and Ziggy were getting preeeeeetty sure it weren't all siren related. Oh well, not her right to dig into it unless they wanted to share after all, hehe. Perhaps eventually, they'd just tell her, and she'd learn all sorts of strange things. Like why Harmony were hiding who got a retirement party that wasn't given officially, nor for any job she were willing to specify. Or why they had so many foals here, which she loved, but were still kinda weird. That'd likely require loads of trust, so she had to show them that she were completely trustworthy. Then she bet they'd tell her all sorts of important things. Just nothing Too important. Sometimes, her muzzle worked faster than her brain. ...Huh, perhaps that's why she weren't let in on super secret stuff then? "Sure! Sounds like it could be fun, and if he's important to Serenade, I wanna meet him for sure." The mimic were starting to stir a little lured in by the smell of food, and rose her head a little to look around with barely opened, groggy eyes. =================================================================== @cwhip9 Much as he'd talk and point towards the statues, they remained as inactive and indifferent as ever, as stone tended to be. Regular stone it would turn out to be too, as no magic would be found on them, nor the entrances below them. Past some of the entrances however, there would be something, which should be strong enough to give some readings for the peculiar creation, as well as for the explorer that had brought it along, even from outside the room and through ice. The dragon entrance were the strongest, and would grow considerably if they moved nearer to the entrance. The magic were dark and alluring, with hints of illusions and a pull that would make following it intriguing. It may simply be the entrance itself, or something were stored in there which gave off a dark signature that attempted to draw in the unwary. If they were good at tracking, they'd find several other, smaller signatures, though these did not seem to try and reach out towards others. The bat pony entrance would be silent, containing nothing noteworthy of magic, and the same would mostly be the case with the griffon gate. Something seemed to be very weakly stirring in there, from a few, varied sources, but even with good tracking, the reach so far were flimsy at the best of times, and would tell nothing. At last, the zebra doorway radiated strange magics from it that did not seem to reach out for you, as that which laid at the dragon statue, yet it were still something easily felt out, especially if you got closer, and would carry several strains of magic that would feel foreign to most. A natural aura would be the most prominent though, and feel quite old. Like wandering through an old forest, where the smell of wet moss and thick tree sap would waft through the air. As for the paths behind them, there would be nothing, though if they looked everywhere, they would find one more source of magic: The sphere hanging above them, yet it seemed weak and fragmented. Likely it were either losing power, or had been broken somehow, and were meant for more. Potentially it had once upon a time been a heat source, and they would find the key to reactivating it again in one of the rooms? ============================================================================= @EQ_Theta "Quite honestly, I would be more concerned if you didn't worry about this. I will not lie to you, Sen. Things will change, if you chose to accept being an ambassador. How will depend on the longma's approach, but I can tell you roughly how I expect it to go, based on how it is for others. First off, you will not lose your home, but you won't be there often, I would think. More than likely, you would be sent to various towns and settlements, whom will provide you with adequate housing for the time that you are there, before things have come in order, and you will move on to the next place. At the start, this will more than likely take most of your time, as various details will need to be discussed several times over, counter offers on trade will come into play, potential worries of racially motivated attacks will need to be discussed several times, so on and so forth. I can imagine the first few months will feel dishelsving, but I believe you can manage, and it will become simpler as time goes on. You may even end up making some strong friendships with either the ones you need to bring along as your guards, or some of the other ambassadors you meet. Potentially both. As yes, and the guards I mention... Point number two, you will need to have a small amount of bodyguards with you, as is standard. Personally, I would advice two, along with one adviser, though if that does not seem enough protection for you, do not go above four guards, and show yourself to be carrying a weapon of your own. Too many guards will mark you as overly paranoid, whilst being alone or unarmed will get you depicted as foolish. It may work for the ponies to go against these rules at times, but usually that can be attributed to their large degree of potential magical powers, and even then most tends to bring an honor guard. Although, before any of that, you'd need to know how to speak politically with others, as trade is not as simple as saying yes and no. If the time comes, I can give you a moderate crash course, though this is one of several reason why I would recommend an adviser. Someone with the smarts and paranoia to see how things may be used against you and your village, and inform you of it, so that you can take that into consideration. You will find that those you meet will not hesitate to skew things in their own favor, if they think you're gullible enough. At least not until you have proven yourself. Does this make some degree of sense to you so far, Sen?" Rosa could have put in a mention to what else Sen had said,instead of only focusing on this, but it seemed as if the longma had as little interest in knowing of his methods, as the thestral had in sharing them. Let it never be said that Rosa had tried to sugarcoat that the spy business were not a pretty and innocent thing. Even if he had spared them of the more grizzly details, fact of the matter were that sometimes as a spy, he had to do some things he should not be proud of, to get the job done. This could include everything from lying, and kidnapping, to... Forced coercion. He tried to avoid going too far, and he always made sure that if he had to kidnap someone, they would be delivered or found unharmed, yet it still didn't make his work prettier. Just a case of the ends, justifies the means. Turned out it hadn't though, and he imagined that he'd have to atone for that, for as long as he drew breath. Shrimp groveled a little, none too happy about seemingly getting no playtime yet, but getting put over towards the gem and go through what little he understood of what Lin told him, combined with the lack of pets and where they now were, made him understand what she wanted him to do. And so far, when he had done something good the others liked, he'd get something. Perhaps food to put in his chest, or Lin would be willing to play? That he weren't sure about, yet he were grasping cause and effect, so he'd slither over and start to chomp down on the gem, and drain some more of it. He'd sporadically start to let out some glittering fire to be rid of excess energy, and would aim towards the entrance to this place, since he had noticed the others - minus Omen - weren't too happy getting the fire in their faces. It would be telegraphed quite easily though. Lin just had to watch for whenever Shrimp's scales started to crackle with energy, as had been shown a few times before. ================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "Nawh nawh, I Know the guy, alright? It's real easy to see the difference between those he likes, and those he doesn't. Not that he Likes likes you. Nuhuh, that guy's waaaaay too stuck-up to think about going interracial. Griffons Only." Spicy noticed how Ruby had downed her drink, and as her instinctual reaction to this were *Yeah? I'll show her!* he went over and downed the rest of her own too, almost losing her footing entirely, and had to start leaning on the table to not fall down on the pretty, suddenly wavy floor. "I... I know this couple right? They're not as weird about it. No no, There's a mare knows that there's some good loving to be found in a dragon, Hah! Awh man, could you imagine that, just getting-" The world spaced out for her again, this time for several minutes where she almost started to drool down her glass, before suddenly the light flickered on again. "- big mouth. Must be a fetish thing o-Oah!" Her power to keep hold of the desk suddenly vanished, and Spicy slipped down to the ground and wobbled around, moving to what she perceived as the floor being a good deal less solid than it had when they had entered this room to begin with. "Ehehehe, hello Mr. Floor. Fancy a drink too?" ============================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus Lyriel stood and listened closely to the song, and to what differences it contained. Quite a bit more than she had first expected honestly, even if the language seemed similar in many ways. "I see why you struggle now, Nada. In some ways, I can hear the similarities, yet much have indeed changed. I find myself amazed at how easily you have managed to adapt regardless of this, in the short amount of time you have been with these equines of the current age." Perhaps it were not everything that Nada adapted to with much haste, yet to understand and communicate with others were important, if she were to talk and smoothen things out with them, so in many ways, were this not the most important skill to obtain? Lyriel would think so, and it impressed her how easily Nada seemed to have adapted, as prior to the comparability song, the dryad had not once heard the siren speak in the olden manner. "Still, I have not seen you in many places yet, so I cannot say for sure if things are sometimes worse when you are in the presence of your other friends. I hope it is not though. Communication is a valuable thing to have, and it would be a shame if the waters got muddied from a small misunderstanding, due to what words you may say." ================================================================================ @Critical-Hit @Rainbows2424 ("Hmph, she's very rude is what she is...") Shell had the thought go through her head as she saw the two of them communicate, whilst the small breezie that had landed on Thunder's muzzle just flat out ignored her. Sure she had heard that these small ones were not the most fun to be around, but this? This were just plain rude. *sigh* Well, since those two were getting along or something now, she might as well just... Look around herself, and have a looksie at wha- Oooh, a pegasus riding by on a slow moving cloud. Man this looked weird up close.
  3. @Illiad Easle Null just passed by Illiad, not really in the mood for idle chit chat after what she had just been told. "Whatever." Void on the other hoof, stopped up, and looked at the Consul with a red streak of embarrassment blushing on her cheeks. "Sorry C-Consul. I just t-told her about the G-Grey and... She d-didn't take it too w-well. I don't b-blame her, really." It wasn't an easy one to swallow, but it had to be said, and at least Null hadn't been in denial about it. Just furious, which hopefully weren't gonna impact how she dealt with others too badly right now. They were gonna need every bit of good will between them and the team for this trip, Void were sure of it. "Still, we h-had a trip over to see t-the Equestrian s-stones. It uhm... R-Reminded us of b-better times. Princess C-Celestia might not have b-been perfect, but I'll m-miss her, and hope that s-somehow, she's not g-gone after all. I know it's f-foolish, but no trace, j-just vanishing... I'm just not c-convinced it's that simple." Perhaps she were the one in denial here, but the thought wouldn't leave her, and she wished to have some hope of the world not being as bleak as it were. Given enough time, she'd likely have to just accept things as it were, though for the time being, there were still a glimmer of hope for at least some of Equestria. The sisters had looked at Illiad like he had gone off the rails, and in Void's case, with some worry, as he mentioned taking off. Perhaps it wasn't optimal to have the only one capable of dealing with the sun going into a potentially fatal situation, but she had still hoped he'd follow them. At least a little more. Yet now he were suddenly going to take off, and... It were something good? It had to be, if it included a celebration, but what were it? Sadly it didn't seem like they were going to find out, though Null still stepped up and raised her voice to respond to Illidad, before he had the chance to take off fully. "A story for a story, Consul. You wanna hear ours, you better not bring a boring one back." Probably the closest to friendly, yet teasing banter Void had heard Null have with another in years. Not what she had expected from her big sis at all, but as could be seen from the small smile on her face, she rather enjoyed this. And honestly, it were a fun little tease, that unless Illiad came back with something worth talking about, he wouldn't be told what they had been through. A little cheeky perhaps, but somewhat fun too. And like that, he'd be off. And so were they, towards a mission that might determine the fate of the world. No pressure.
  4. @Sekel The tension didn't seem to lessen once the two guards saw that it were a changeling of the old kind. Who could blame them really, what with the open hostility some of the original variants of their species tended to have towards them, and the memories of how life were with Queen Chrysalis. "Hey hey, relax guys. Don't you see she's just a bit shy in it? No need to get all riled up." Honestly, Happy felt like it were gonna be way easier to just sort this by knocking out these two, and perhaps handle the nurse and the kiddo with a sleep spell - one of the few spells he actually tended to do relatively well - but that were going to cause so many more issues down the road, so yeah... Better to try and be smiling, jovial, and defuse the situation the old fashioned way. "It could be an... Ambush? Maybe?" "By two changelings, of which one is reformed? Come on mate, think it through. Plus, if this were an ambush, you would've been swarmed by now." The guard who spoke up looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn't really have an argument against this. "I guess that makes sense, but... King Thorax will have to decide on it." "And we directly asked to be brought right to him. See? We're all aiming for the same thing. So just start leading the way, and we'll be following you, no tricks." The guard nodded, and started to wander in front along with the nurse and Whistle, whilst the other went around and would get ready to follow the cart from behind. "Afraid staying behind ain't an option anymore, Aurora. Now brace yourself, and don't get spooked, alright? This lad's just there to make sure that we actually are following the others, and not trying to veer off the path or something. You can come up and walk a bit more at the side if he unnerves you." This were working out pretty well in his opinion, though for his nervous companion, it were probably somewhat nerve wracking. Oh well, she had to face their kind sooner or later, so it was just ripping off that band aid and get to it now. Heh, not like there was another choice, because of she tried to run off, Happy were pretty sure she'd get wrapped up in a little spell he'd noticed a few other guards at his old hive make use of before. ========================================================================== @Sekel "Times like these, I wish I had been given more books to read." Enzo were frankly feeling irritated at what he heard. Not because Karmic got on his nerves, no. It were more because he had no idea what sort of creature she were speaking about. The few things he knew of the outside world did not cover anything like what he had just been told about. Elongated pony heads at best made him think of Wendigos, but with a snaggletooth? That were more the kind of thing mollusk eaters had, and their kind certainly didn't eat that, from what he had been told. As for the eyes of this unknown creature starring down at her, Karmic would find that there weren't just two anymore, but rather six, spaced out, and indicating the presence of three of these creatures. They'd stick around for about three seconds after Karmic had spotted them, before the eyes closed, and whoever they belonged to went away, this time in the direction of the mine shaft they had followed to get here in the first place. It appeared as if they wanted to egg them on, or surround them at the very least. "Enough of this. They wish to face us? Then they shall have their wish." With the torch held high, Enzo summoned a thick line of parchment where one end wrapped itself around the handle, and the other his forehead, causing it to function sort of like an antiquated headlamp, or peculiar candle holder. Why he did this? To keep both paws free of course, in case something came towards them. If they were, he would have more mobility to swat the insects aside. It also functioned to give him a chance to move faster forward, which were what he did next. If these things looked for a fight, then so be it. If not, then he were going to the heart of this matter and figuring out why. ============================================================================ @Sekel "Uhm... That it's harsh, but makes sense." Cherish stopped floating after them once they entered Ponyville, and set hoof on the ground so that she could walk instead. Optimally she wished to have just vanished from sight currently, but the princess had asked her a question, so it seemed like the wrong approach to take right now. Especially since said princess were going to help her. Being rude towards a pony like that were just wrong. "If you don't have anything to work with, you have to make due. I just hope it doesn't have to come to that here." She also had some thoughts on the implications of what Last had said, which rang quite a bit more sinister to her than it likely did Princess Twilight, but she really didn't want to start something bad here. Talks about what she suspected Princess Luna might have used the Shrine Maidens for, and why it were they weren't mentioned in history, gave her some rather bleak ideas that were probably best left for Last to explain herself, if the time came. As for Last, she didn't answer at first, but instead looked around her at the calm energy wafting through the currently peaceful town of Ponyville. "As I am not used to yours, your majesty. Blessed be the stars that I have to get used to your world, and not the other way around." Last had grown up in a harsh, unforgiving battlefield, and had the scars to prove that. To her, that were the reality that she were used to, and thrived in the most, but Twilight were more innocent of mind than that. She weren't accustomed to those harsh realities, nor the environment in which they were fostered. It would cause a cultural divide between them for the time being, yet as said, it were thankfully Last who had to get used to Twilight's reality, and not the other way around. And while Last had issues with the idea of a relatively calm life currently, she were adaptable enough to eventually tolerate and live with it. The same would likely not be true if the princess had to spent the rest of her life fighting varied kinds of monsters and invaders, often with less than kind results. ============================================================================ @EQ_Theta "Their cider is well regarded for a reason, yes. The amount of things that some will do to gain even a thimble of the stuff would amaze you." An image ran through Rosa's head that gave him a small smile, of a small glass of this being auctioned off right at the back of the long line, where no one would have a realistic chance at getting to the register in time to buy their own. The Apple Family had not been too thrilled about that, but it had been an entertaining sight none the less. "And it is good to hear that you are getting more accustomed to other races, Sen. It will potentially be of some importance if your kind are to extend a friendly invitation for trade to the outside world, in case your elders wishes for ambassadors of their kind who are less judgmental, or fidgety, when meeting other higher ranked individuals. Having one who does not need to be trained for that part, but only the beginning steps of general diplomacy, would certainly be something that I would consider valuable at least." He could say more, but talking politics and implications constantly were not the wisest thing. Either it bored others, or they got stressed about the magnitude of what it would entail for them in the future. Or they got really into it, and he'd have to make pauses himself as to not end up with an annoying knowledge sponge. Somewhat like Princess Twilight, just less tolerable. Ah, and here were the question he had waited to hear. It were just a matter of time before Sen would ask what the connection between the spy and Apple stallion were, though he would be honest here: Rosa hadn't expected the question to come before they were back at the cave. Sen's inquisitive mind in an unfamiliar territory spoke well of how he - as proclaimed - were getting more used to others, and were more relaxed than Rosa had at first given him credit for. "I came to this town to lay low, several years back, and hit at a time when the Apple Family had gone through a robbery. Someone had broken in and stolen their entire storage of cider, and the sheriff weren't much help finding clues. So I approached Golden Delicious, and offered him a hoof in the matter, in exchange for him holding on to some things for me, if I succeeded. Desperate times caused him to say yes, and I managed to find the necessary clues to track down a small band of thieves that had thought this an easy task. I had them personally deliver the barrels to this farm again, and turn themselves in, without mentioning my involvement. Trust me, you do not wish to know how I got them to do so." He might be acting kid around Sen and the others, but that were him personally, whilst the other had been work, and there were little room for emotion and morals in that. It were not as bad as he made it sound though. He didn't torture them or anything. Not physically anyway, though his beat down and consequential list of things that he could make happen to them if they did not follow his instructions to the letter, were pretty illegal, and best not discussed. "I kept my end of the bargain, and so did he. I had to lay low for a while longer though, so I assisted here and there in the shadows, and helped with a few papers or... Other troubling matters, in exchange for shelter and nourishment. Golden is not a fool, so he figured out to some degree what my deal were faster than you may think, yet we managed to keep a fairly respectful tone towards one another. I do not think we are friends per se, but reliable allies are often nearly the same in my line of work. As for the thieves, far as I am aware, they were sentenced to some community service, and most of them left town afterwards. I believe I heard some rumors about one of them marrying into the Apple family last spring, but I did not follow up on that enough to say for sure." Shrimp joyfully went at the berries one by one, chomping them down with a big grin on his scaled face from the praise he had gotten. As Lin had said, this were good for a first hunt, though a real one would have to wait until he found some more lively prey to go after. Not meat, as like Amethyst had told them, refractions were strictly vegetarian, and could barely take a few bugs here and there. Still, there were some fruits that did require more, such as climbing large trees, dealing with living flora that weren't keen on parting with their fruits, and carefully extracting a little cactus meat from a prickly bunch of cacti. It'd be a little painful for him now and again as he learned, but it were still better than having to deal with Shrimp suddenly slithering over with a partial bird or something along those lines. After about four berries, Shrimp had gotten his fill for now, and went over to climb Lin again, as he had a tendency to do to. He wouldn't go fully up to the top of her head right now, but rather keep slithering around her torso, legs, and membranes, patting varied parts of her with his forehead at times and letting out a few chirps. It seems like he were in a playful mood now, though Lin might have to put in a bit of authority here and try and get through to him that it were time for work first, and fun later. Or she could play along with the refraction, as he'd try to avoid her grasp and continue to pat at her. ================================================================================================ @Moonlit Eeeergh, yeah. Ziggy could understand the want to not go on with that story, since it sounded pretty nasty. Poor Serenade, to have her own birth mother be the ponification of everything bad that sirens had their bas reputation for... Good that Harmony and her friends were able to deal with that, and then keep Serenade away from the bad siren's grasp. "My brother says that my singing sounds like I've sat on a sneezing pelican. Kinda harsh, but I guess it's fair since it's reeeeally bad, hehe. I'm better at whistling though, wanna hear?" Ziggy would whistle a little in a clear, happy melody. She had forgotten the name of the song a while back, but it were something about gumdrops and jelly beans. A foals song that were almost out of her mind, but the melody were there, and whenever she felt a little sad, she'd always feel better by flying around and whistle this tune. She just made sure not to whistle too loudly. She didn't want a face full of mimic teeth. "See? Why do you ask though? *gasp* Are we gonna make a barbershop quartet?" She were pretty excited at this idea. Sure she didn't sing well, but she could add a bit of melody in it. She were sure that'd work just fine too somehow, and she could wear one of those cute little striped outfits that sort ran around in. That'd be pretty sweet too! ======================================================================================== @Rainbows2424 @Critical-Hit The lieutenant sent them off soon as Shell nodded that she were ready, confirming that both were prepared, and in the blink of an eye, they'd find themselves at the steps to the Cloudsdale library. A bit of queasiness would be here this time too, as this were still a long distance teleport, which tended to be felt, but it should be as bad as the first time. For Thunder at least, though Shell looked like the world was spinning for her for about a minute after they landed. Once she regained focus, the earth pony mare would look around herself at the cloud city, and let out an excited gasp. Sure she were still feeling a little wonky in her tummy, and the air felt a bit thin in it, but just at this town! It were so pretty, and unlike anything she had ever seen, what with her never having been away from Shark Bay before. Closest thing she had been were around three meters outside of the city limits to get a ball she had kicked too far when she were little, but that didn't count to her. It wasn't a trip away from home, as long as you could still see said home. "This is Cloudsdale? Just look at all those pretty bui-" Shell had looked around as she talked, but halfway through, she had turned towards Thunder, and seen a most unusual sight. A small pony with wings, seemingly no bigger than a kitten, had landed on Thunder's muzzle. "Wauv, is that a Breezie? Hello fairy-pony! I swear I'm not going to hurt you." Shell Tooth might be a pretty strange sight for the small pony, considering that the mare were completely covered in gauze, with armor pieces of varied blue on her, and a well polished trident slung over her back. The only thing that showed off any actual part of the mare were her right eye, which were the only part of her that were uncovered, and if not for her speaking in a tomboyish, but feminine voice, it would've been impossible to even tell that this were a mare, as she didn't have a mane or tail currently. As for her calling the small one a breezie... Well, she had never left Shark Bay before, and those creatures never went there. So all she knew were stories that said that breezies were tiny ponies with wings. This one seemed to fit that description. ================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus "Y'know why else I know you're a changeling? It's... Hehe..." Spicy went over and took another sip of her drink. Whatever sense of dignity or smarts were visibly just draining out of her as she did, and showed once again that she were just about totally plastered, but still had no intentions of stopping until the glass was empty. Still, as she could still walk - kind of - she'd go right back to Ruby and lower her voice, whilst looking from side to side. "Don't tell anypony, right? It's a secret. It... It's because Marley likes to hang around you... Hah! It happens all the time. He likes somepony, he starts to really get into a talk, and then Tadaa! Changeling. It's the funniest thing ever. Oh man, this one time, right? He just-" Spicy's eyes rolled around in her head and she looked like she were on the brink of just stumbling back and bashing her head into the counter, before suddenly, it seemed like the light on the top floor turned back on again. "- with her own queen! Crazy story, start 'til finish, but there's a lot of life lessons to learn from it too." =================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus "It sounds like cautious optimism, among confusion of a world that seems foreign to you. Perfectly understandable though, is it not? We are many who wishes to help you, but what history I understand, have not been in favor of you, nor the other daughters of the ocean deep. Much as those who holds you up can bring you hope, it is only natural to wonder if that is enough, against those who does not know you as we do, and does not wish to risk doing so. Such caution is valid, Nada, though I pray to the earth mother that in the end, your worries will be unfounded." Lyriel could certainly understand this apprehension to feeling too confident in being accepted. Though she did not carry the baggage that came from being part of a race that had historical hostility towards the ponies, she too had her worries that much as others told her that she would be welcomed, others may not think so, and would try and take actions against her. She wished to think better of them, and had entered the town twice since arriving in the area now, to try and confront her worries, but even one as open-minded as her, were not blind to the potential issues, and it were a worry that she carried with her whenever her hooves exited the forests domain. Being cautiously optimistic were a healthy attitude to have, though it were likely hard to maintain for Nada at times. As thought, the poor thing had far more stacked against her than the dryad, which also increased the odds of the princesses reassurances in the end, meaning nothing, as the people would not accept Nada. One could only hope that this would not be the outcome. "At least your other worry can be mended with knowledge, which can only come with time, and perhaps help from your equine friends. Hearing them speak, or reading of their history, no matter which, I know that you will learn, and adapt to the new world around you. I have tried to read and understand too, but alas, I can read and write only draconian, so it must wait. Though... How much have the language truly changed since your time, Nada? You speak well with the ponies from what I have seen, and appears to understand most of what they are saying. What have changed since your time?"
  5. @Critical-Hit @Rainbows2424 So like this, yes? What popped up after I googled around for a bit, which means that you're essentially a pygmy pony of sorts? Alright then.
  6. @Critical-Hit @Rainbows2424 Alright to make everything fit then, they will get in just at the library door, which will provide a way for Rainbows to see them, that fits with everything already put down. I will still need a rough size estimate though Rainbows, since you decided to land on Thunder's muzzle.
  7. @Illiad Easle They wouldn't address Foe, both thinking that they'd respect her privacy in whatever were going through her head right now, though Void did send a sad glance towards Foe. Seemed like another who had lost some due to Discord's actions, and one of importance, to have a stone marked like that. Perhaps it were something she'd ask about later, to see if Foe wanted to remember whoever she were mourning now, by telling tales of them. Yet for the time being, she had another place she wanted to try and find here, and quite frankly, it were very disrespectful to interrupt someone when they were remembering their lost. She certainly wouldn't enjoy being approached at such an emotional time, unless it were really important. "What're we doing here?" "...Visiting family." Null glanced at her little sister, trying to sort out if she were pulling a cruel joke at her right now. Something which sadly did not seem to be the case, as Void went towards the stone, and solemnly started to read the names on the slab of stone. Her gaze did not stop until it reached the one who came first, who had started all of this: The Oracle Del Phi. The next few minutes were tense for her, as she laid out what she had tried to avoid to bring up so far around Null. The adoption, their father, just... Everything that the Consul had told her. It did cause a few moments where Null looked like she were at the brink of yelling at her, but she managed to keep it mostly to herself, and just look like she were experiencing a massive migraine attack. "- and that's all I know. Look, I know this is difficult, but it doesn't change anything, r-right? We're still family, and mom and dad did everything real parents did. Blood doesn't matter here." "Yes it does." Void felt like she had just received a gut punch when Null coldly said these words in response. Surely she didn't mean that, right? They were still family, no matter what some blood or papers said. That it weren't as directly as she had always thought, were no reason to just dismiss that. *gulp* Were it? "It means that... Thing, not only cost us our parents twice. He also have the gals to keep tormenting us? His own flesh and blood?" The small pegasus looked up at Void, who took a small step back at how incredibly cold Null's eyes were looking right now. "I am going to take great pleasure in getting my revenge on him for this. As for these -" She indicated the stone with the Grey names on it with a dismissive wave of her hoof. "- I don't care who they are. The Grey name is a curse, and one that we've been dealing with for long enough. Soon as he dies, so does his accursed legacy." Null would spit at the stone, and wander off after that, not wanting to look at this thing anymore. Soon as she'd get a chance to ponder over this more rationally and with less emotion controlling her mood right now, she'd realize that she couldn't personally do anything to actually stop the bloodline. They could change names, and denounce this accursed legacy, but they'd still be shackled with all the burdens their blood entailed. So there were something that would sour her mood soon enough. As for Void, she could already see that it weren't that simple, yet at the same time, she didn't want it to be either. Something told her that there were far more to the story of what had happened with the Oracle and her son back then, and she needed to find out sooner or later what it were. Which would require her to remember these names, and find what tomes and other kinds of history that she could at some point. After all, nothing had explained what it were her bloodline had been cursed to see, and why there weren't anything there, but just something that destroyed magic. Something weren't making sense in that equation. *sigh* But that would have to be another time. Right now, she needed to try and catch up with Null, before she got lost.
  8. @Rainbows2424 Just before I address your character, I would like to state that I do not tolerate rudeness towards anyone, nor do I intent on practicing it myself. It sounds as if you have had some... Rough experiences with others, but here, long as you are respectful towards others, so too will they be expected to be the same towards you. It's a calm, safe place. Y'know, if we ignore the monsters that sometimes pop up in the thread, but that's more of an in RP hazard. Basic is: No need to expect the worst right off the bat mate. Even if it does not work out with @Critical-Hit I personally guarantee a slice of the RP for any approved character. Worst case scenario, I'll see what I have of flyers that might be traversing Cloudsdale, and we can work from there. Now then, onward to the character. I will be honest here: I have no idea why anyone would reject your character. There's a good deal of details, everything seems to fit together well, with room for in RP backstory to pop up and cause intrigue, and there's really nothing bad I can point at. I had to google what an Easle were, but that's more to do with me not knowing the word than a negative, so yeah... I see no issue slapping a big 'ol Approved! stamp on you. I do have one tiny question though, actually. In the post you made, you states that she were a tiny pegasus, and that she landed on Thunder's muzzle. Seems like she'd have to be a real small one then? Could I perhaps ask of a rough estimate of size? Are we talking like... Applebloom size? Smaller? A bit bigger, but very light weight perhaps? Or is it more like she's one of those show-offs that can control her flight speed enough to make it seem like she'd landing on someone's muzzle, but are actually still flying? That'd be sort of impressive.
  9. @Rainbows2424 Excuse me, but while I do appreciate enthusiasm to our thread, I must ask that you go through the same process as everyone else before writing. So please, would you mind writing who your character are, some general info, potential powers, a bit of story, and a description on how he/she looks? After that, if that all seems alright, we can ask if @Critical-Hit is okay with including you in things. Until this have been sorted, I'm afraid that your post will be considered ignored. It's just since people running in without us knowing who they are can cause all sorts of issues, so we need to have a small Introduction process here. No worries though, I won't demand an entire essay on your char. Just y'know, some basic info in a few short paragraphs. You can essentially look at the length of this OOC response as a good example of how little it might well take. And worry not, I have only denied 1 in the five years we've been here, and that were due to issues of overpowered Mary Sue'ness. I doubt we'll have much of an issue.
  10. @EcstaticWind I don't know. I keep tabs on the sites, so I see the notifications that way, so if there are other ways, I am sadly not aware. Also, good on you for finishing your exams. I hope you aced them. ============================================================ @Catpone Cerberus Just for the record, I've never drunk alcohol in my life, so the way Spicy acts now is likely not properly representative of actual drunk behavior. Just lowering the expectations for an authentic representation. ========================================================== @Rising Dusk I recall you saying it had been some days now, since he took off? And that cage had a failure rate of 72 hours maximum. Seemed like a fun time to mess things up a little here. Good luck saving a life, chief. I'll let you do whatever here, including a bit of godmodding if need be,as to not ruin your flow.
  11. @Critical-Hit "Oh, that's easy enough." A short flash of the lieutenants horn, and a few strands of silvery light would speed across the two of them for a few seconds. "That should last you for a few days." "Thank you sir." "That's uhm... Fine, recruit." The lieutenant rubbed his forehead a little and sniffed in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Just a little longer, and he'd be able to get the first cup of this batch at least. "Lieutenant Frizzle? General Tidal Wave asked if you'd help Thunder here get back to Cloudsdale, and put a marker on him so he could return when we're ready for the new recruits. And well... Like he asked, I'd like to accompany him, at least for a little while. Just to make sure his family will know it's legit and everything." Frizzle looked like he were thinking on this for a while, though in actuality, he were just stalling a bit so he could get a cup of coffee. Getting that first swig of a nice cup of joe, with a few drops of soy milk and a tea spoon of honey, really helped his get a bit of pep back in his step. "Well, technically you should be on patrol, yes? But then... I guess the doctor would be happier if you had a little time away? That uhm..." "And the general would probably want to know what happened too, right sir?" Frizzle shook his head a little from side to side, looking like he had just been told off. The guy didn't act much like a commanding officer, but at the same time, he had never aimed to be either. It were just what had happened, and he didn't like to be confrontational and say no when he were asked. Honestly, the responsibility tended to make him a little nervous. "She would, yes. The general likes her stories, and she did ask me tog et him here in the first place, so I guess everything makes sense. Just uhm... Say when you're ready, and I'll teleport you to the library in Cloudsdale." His horn would flash before that again, though nothing seemingly happened to either of the others. The markers he used tended to be rather subtle like that. Made tracking potential trouble makers easier, among other things. Soon as Thunder said it, they'd both be transported, and were fully able to travel in the cloud city. ================================================================== @Sekel "Lack of materials. Without regular access to metal or anything else but rocks, we had to adapt, and make use of what we could find. We had to scavenge the battlefields a lot too. Couldn't waste good armor or weapons just because somepony didn't make it." Last's sword were one of the original pieces, yet that had been left in the realm the shadow they had guarded had commanded, along with a remnant of her ancestor. At least that's what she figured where the whole deal with that. It had been a rather weird turn of events, though regardless, it had ended in her gaining a strong sword, with family ties to it, so there were something good there. Her sister had most of the metal they had gained and reforged a lot throughout the generations, as she were the better fighter of the two, and needed it more. It were probably for the best to make contact with her, and exchange stories on how things went one of these days, even if Princess Twilight wouldn't require some manetid parts. "It might sound harsh, your majesty, but the Shrine Maidens were formed only of the most devoted to the throne. There were nothing our ancestors would not go through if the kingdom needed it, and we have not forgotten our legacy. All of us will still do whatever it takes. And yes, that includes living in a hostile environment for generations, just to protect something we don't even know what is, all because we were asked to do so. I doubt your history books remembers us though. We respected Princess Celestia, even after she banished Princess Luna, but she did not care much for us. She didn't understand the necessity of our kind." A bit of an understatement maybe, but she were sure. Their own history books had not spoken of this much, and after returning to Equestrian society, Celestia had not really done anything for or against them, so it were hard to say how things stood now. All Last knew were that according to their own tales, Celestia were not too thrilled about having a bunch of *fanatics* do some rather shady things, regardless of how much the kingdom needed those who would hesitate to get their hooves dirty, whilst keeping their muzzles shut about where the orders came from. That, and that there were no mention of them in any history book in Canterlot. She drew her own conclusion about why that were from there, yet weren't judging Celestia on it. They didn't go through all of that to be framed in tales and enshrined in history after all. They did it for Luna, and one day, it may be that Last would have to do so for Twilight. They'd see. ========================================================================== @Sekel Whoever the eyes belonged to, did not answer. It just kept staring down at her. That were, until Enzo reacted on this and swung the torch upwards to try and get a better look at whatever Karmic were looking at, and the creature let out a low, guttural growl before slithering off and further into the cave. For a brief second, Karmic might have been able to get the outline of a vaguely equine head, but more elongated and with a singular sharp, large tooth sticking out in its upper muzzle. More of it wouldn't be shown before it took off though, clearly not too thrilled about the light. Enzo did not manage to get a look at this, and frankly it annoyed him. He did not like being looked over by something he couldn't see. "Did you see anything? Were it a specter, or something living? And where did it go?" Urgh, just the thought that might be a ghost, or remnant of some kind... It made the hair on his tail stand tall. Ghost always meant problems in the old stories he had heard when he were a kitten, as did any creature who didn't announce themselves, but just observed, and kept to the shadows. ================================================================================ @Sekel They wouldn't have to go far before they found three reformed changelings. Two wearing some pretty rough looking armor with spears that were little more than sticks with a rock tip, and one mare who seemed to desperately look around in a panic, whilst calling out for a whistle, over and over, in a highly panicked voice. The guards seemed more collected, but they were still a pair of nervous stallions from the looks of things, and not too trained to remain cold and calculated during a situation like this. Said guards saw their group first and lowered their spears, to which Happy just responded with a grin and stopping up. He could almost smell how nervous and inexperienced these two were, and frankly, it would be pretty easy for him to use this against them, and take them out if he were so inclined. A good thing that he wasn't. "Hey there. You wouldn't happen to be looking for this lil' champ, would ya?" The mare looked over, just as the nymph rose her head and made eye contact with her. "Whistle!" "Miihrahm!" Happy bent his neck to allow the rapidly approaching nurse to quickly scoop up the little thing, who were about as happy as could be to finally be back with someone she recognized. "Yeah, we found the lil' one a bit off the path. Figured there'd be someone out looking for h-" The nurse threw herself around his neck and gave him a hug, to which Happy looked well surprised, whilst she kept rapidly spouting off *thank you*. Seemed like she had been really riled up by losing this nymph, but who could blame her? Nurse changelings took their role raising the lil' ones pretty serious. Having one just wander off and get hurt would be mortifying. When she finally let go off him, she quickly went over and grabbed hold of the Whistle, who had decided to go over to the more relaxed looking guards to wait, and got a good, solid hold in her, with a little magical leash. Better safe than sorry, right? And it were only wrapped a little around Whistle's mid section. She didn't want to hurt the nymph after all. "I can't thank you enough, but... Who are you? And what are you doing here?" "Call me Happy, and this over here's Aurora. We wanted to see if we might have a shot at a lil' chatter with the big guy on top?" The guards tried to focus on Aurora, trying to see who were hiding behind the cart, though both them and the nurse looked rather confused, and stood silent after Happy had spouted off his words. "Not familiar with the lingo, eh? I meant King Thorax. Hey Aurora, be a sport and come up front so they can see you too, eh? Just a small peek, before these two gets more antsy." ============================================================================ @EcstaticWind "I have not tried this in quite a while, and my first impression were less than perfect. I were unaware at the time that it were unwise to consume a large bowl of it in quick succession." Brain freeze were a horrendous experience, which his own kind were unfortunately not immune towards. in fact, as his nervous system were a little more spread out, rather than being completely focused there, it presented a rather... Troubling time for him, which he had not wished to test again. "I c-can't remember if I e-ever tried it..." The issue were the opposite for Brittle, who had no memories before the circus, and were never treated well enough to get stuff like ice cream. Combined with the fact that she couldn't eat all kinds of food, she couldn't say for sure whatever or not it were even a good idea to try. "Perhaps then, this is a sign that it is time for us both to take a chance. Would you be so kind as to inform us the price of them, Velvet? I'm afraid the sign is not speaking loud enough for me to hear it." Sometimes it made others uncomfortable when he joked about his eyesight around others, but in his mind, it were less awkward than having to deal with others stepping on eggshells around him. He could understand it, yet he wished to cause less discomfort in his presence. Why else would he try and keep his teeth hidden, and wear this cape to shield others from watching the buds growing from his body, if not to try and seem less of a threat? Or at the very least, an outsider? ============================================================================== @EQ_Theta "I'm in no hurry, but I don't want to keep you here, if you prefer to leave." "Sounds like you two're at a stalemate. What about you, Spotty? You got an opinion on this?" He'd look past them, and towards Omen, who had been so quiet for a time now that it were possible to forget she were even there. She hadn't been too focused on what they were talking about though. She had been looking outside, with her back turned, and gazed upon the work the others were doing to get the apples down from the trees. She didn't react to this inquiry either, as she didn't know who were being spoken to, before Rosa poked to her a little and she finally turned around. "Yes?" "Ome-" "Woah, what's with the mind messing here? Sounds like some of those folks at the carnival." Rosa let out a sigh. He supposed it were too good to imagine he wouldn't have to explain this today, but if he must- "Omen is mute, and can only communicate telepathically." "Awh, poor gal. Sounds like somepony who could definitely use a glass of our famous cider, and a slice of pie. You folks just stay here, and I'll be right back." There wouldn't be much point in arguing, as the stallion wandered off, and with determination took off towards the main house. Guess he had been set on this, and just looked for an opening to force it through before the guests would take off. "Members of the Apple family tends to be overly hospitable, so it can be difficult to get away from partaking, unless you stand steadfast. In his case, even that is not always an option. I guess we may have a little time for ourselves then, until he returns. Perhaps you could humor me a bit then Sen, and tell me how you are currently doing? It have not been too stressful or odd to interact with the Apple family so far, no?" Shrimp got his head back out of the saddlebag, and gave off a small sneeze from some dust tickling the inside of his nose. A small flame spouted from his nostril as a response, but it thankfully only hit the ground, and the sudden movement did mean that the small refraction would get to look around again. Something which finally made him see the box in which the berries were stored, and with a triumphant yelp, would slither over and wrap himself around the box as best he could. He'd try to show off after that, by pulling the box out into the open, and look up at Lin to see if she were impressed with his hunting skills. He'd get to the food soon, but like with many other small beings, he were looking for approval on his improvements. Hunting for something on his own - even if it wasn't actual prey who could fight back - were one of the things he'd seek approval from completing, then get to the food if he were ignored or got that. ========================================================================= @Moonlit "Well, Fah'lina's not really that difficult to work with, she's just very prideful. Others thinks that she's some sort of pet, but she's still a wild animal. She just figured out that hanging around us were safer, and that we had food, so she hangs around with us. Or it's a flock thing, maybe? I've never seen her go around with others like her, and I couldn't find any sort of books on her sort, so I dunno if it's normal that she's on her own." In fact, it weren't. Mimics - Or Discordian Snappers, or any of the other roughly eighteen or so widely discussed names that were used for them - were a communal creature. Being on their own weren't normal for long periods of time, with the most being a few hours whilst out scouting or scavenging for food, before returning to the village. Fah'lina had been without her kind for an unknown amount of time so far, but had found a community in Serenade and Ziggy, along with a safe base in the formers home. Necessity had forced her to adapt to this, but it weren't all bad. Less mouths to share with like this. "I think the two of them get along a lot since they're kinda the same. They hide what they're really like, they're mostly active at night, likes to nap a lot and eat waaaay more than you'd think when looking at them. If they had normal tummies and metabolism, we'd have to roll them around. And me? Well, I'm tall. She seems to like high places, hehe. Sorta surprised you had to get in fish. Were Serenade not good at hunting fish when she were tiny? Oooh, wait, I get it. You were trying to hide her. Whoops. Certainly can't have her swimming about and robbing fishing nets then." Whilst talking, Ziggy had snuck over all ninja-like, to get a better position to hear what Harmony were on about, if she elaborated more on what were in her letters. Ziggy sure wanted to read them too over her shoulders or something, but that seemed kinda rude, so she just sorta... Waited, and wondered who had retired. =================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus About six gulps in, whereas Ruby were only feeling the start of this, Spicy were swaying, and looking like she weren't completely sure about what were going on around her. Sure didn't mean that she couldn't have just a little swig more now, did it? Hehe. That sort of mindset is what tended to cause this drink to be an issue. One of the reasons why Diego had made sure that she were locked here in The Bunker. It were less about protecting his property, and more about making sure that She were safe. Something which his mother would likely scold him for in time, but he could always use the argument that she were purchasing the room, as well as the drinks, from their casino. That entitled her to as much hospitality as anypony else, long as she paid her bill. Something which she so far, had always done. "Ehehe... This here's some good stuff, huh? Just looking all nice and sweet, and then Whammo! Right in the kisser, Harh!" Then came the eight sip, which meant that around half the glass were now empty. At which point she'd put it down, and come over to stand a bit to the side of Ruby, then would attempt to get her front right hoof around her shoulders, and poke her in the chest. Push her away some and she'd eventually just give up and just poke in Ruby's general direction. "Y'know, you're alright, Ruby? You're always so stiff and boring, but I think you're fine. And a changeling. Hehe, whoopsie, did I say that out loud? Now now, don't go get bent, alright? I like it. I know, it's not easy to just show your itsy bitsy bugsy side to others. It's just that you're weird for a pony. Reeeeal stiff and dry. Like a twig. Hehe, Ruby the Twig." She'd be able to have a good laugh at this for a bit, even if it weren't really funny. ==================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus Lyriel came over and put a barked hoof on Nada's shoulder. Or she'd try to at least, though it may be too high up, and she'd settle for holding the tip against the sirens chest. "I thank you for your offer, to bring word if you find them in your books. As for my maddened kin among dragons: Please, don't worry yourself about that. When time comes, my aid shall come from pony and dragon, as the travel are between their lands. It will be up to them what happens. Besides, your own life have much more immediate concerns than that of my kin. Soon enough, you will be called upon to stand with the princesses, as a shiny example of what your kind can be, and speak of peace. It must be a relief to to think that you will soon be welcome to live openly, without fearing being sent away. Yet I can imagine that it must be quite a nervous endeavor, given what I have understood of your kinds history. How are you coping with it all so far, Nada?" ====================================================================== @Rising Dusk "The correct term is scrying, young man." Peeping. Urgh, much she had to hear for, but this were just demeaning to be accused off. Made it sound as if she had used her baubles to glance at public baths or something of the matter. She may look young, but that kind of frivolous idiocy was far, far behind her. "As for Harrowmark... It depends on the eyes that see. To some, I would have just assisted Twisted in his madness. To others, I would be just as guilty in creating his monstrosities. My guess is that the high priestess will be the one to judge, and I can't imagine she's as forgiving as you make it sound like. Not after Twisted's betrayal, and imprisonment of her. Still... There's no turning away from going back there. I need to face my daughter, the high priestess, and pray to both Suusha and Viz'nay that I can get to Her, and help her out of the country before word start to spread. With him gone, I can't imagine it will take many moons." The cage started to creak again, though this time, quite a bit louder, and as Lily looked up, she saw how one of the bars above her physically bent inwards, quite forcefully even. It were still in place, but seeing this were making her quite nervous about what were going to happen, in case more parts of her current prison ended up doing this. "...If I tell you who I'm looking for exactly, could I ask for a new cell? I don't think this is st-" She didn't even get to finish the sentence before the next bar bent inwards, then another right after. This were about the time that Lily started to lose all color in her face and get panicked, which she had every right to be. The catastrophic implosion that Molotov had said were going to happen sooner or later, were beginning it's chain reaction, and within the next three minutes tops, all that would be left of the cage and its prisoner, would be an extremely dense rectangle the size of a common dice. "For the love of the gods, I'll tell you everything! I swear!" In Lily's eyes, as she did not know the technology behind this, it seemed as if this were a scare tactic being done by Rising. Which were working quite effectively, as even her backwards view of the world could tell where this were headed, and she were rightly terrified of the prospect of it happening.
  12. @Illiad Easle "...I guess he had a point." Null had scoffed at what the Consul had said before, when he claimed it might be good to reflect on those who had been lost, just like the others were going to. Now though, standing in front of the stones marking the loss of the three princesses she had actually met, along with Ponyville and Equestria as a whole... She were finding it hard to argue against what he had said. There were something to find in reflecting over this. Chief among them being regret, which Void shared, though more deeply as she started to cry at the sight. "*sniff* They didn't deserve this... Why would Discord do this?" "I don't know, but I hope that wherever his soul went, he's suffering right now." His grinning face and jovial laughter flashed by her eyes and caused Null to grind her teeth. The princesses had trusted him. Hay, the entirety of Equestria had trusted him enough to give him another chance, and what had he done to repay them? He had killed them. The element wearers, the princesses, countless civilians... And then his evil had spread to a point where even after his death, there were no end in sight. Tartarus were still open and spawning out more monsters that hunted on the few remaining creatures of the world, who were forced into a fight that they couldn't win. Images of Ponyville and its residents flashed before the both of them. Happy faces of mostly ponies whom Null had perhaps not always been the kindest too, but had started to feel a little warmer towards, as they had tried to do what they could to be inclusive and welcome to the two Trojan refugees. Seeing those faces back then had made her feel a little better, but now, they were just grim reminders of innocents that Discord had taken away. Like Void had said, they didn't deserve this. None of the countless creatures whom these stones represented did. "I just wish we could have done something." "Even if we had been there, I doubt we could've done anything to stop him. We would've just been added to these stones, along with the rest of them. No, the best we can do is to go and make things right. Just like they tried to do for us." Void nodded and recited a little prayer in her head, whilst tears flowed from her eyes and impacted the dry ground beneath them. Null would simply just stand there, and look at the stone whilst thinking more on those who had been lost for several minutes in pure silence. If nothing happened within the next five minutes, Void would run a leg over her eyes to dry the tears from them a little, and look at her sister. "*sniff* We're gonna make it, r-right?" "...I hope so." Void would turn her gaze away from this, and start to wander slowly away from these stones, and see if she could get towards the ones marked as Troy. There were nother members of their past she wanted to see if there were marked here, even if she and Null had never technically met them. It seemed right somehow. As for Null, she would follow, though with her sisters back turned, she would briefly halt at the stone, and run a hoof gently over the obelisk, where the names of the princesses, and the element wearers were written down. "...Goodbye, everyone. I'll never forget your kindness..." From Celestia's open welcome, to Fluttershy's worry of their well-being, and Rarity's insistence on wanting to help them decorate their home properly once they were settled in, all of them - and most of Ponyville - had been the kindest creatures that Null had ever met, and it felt like a dagger were twisting in her chest the more she thought of them, and had to remember that she'd never see them wandering down the streets again, or even hear Pinkie Pie's annoying little laughter as she got into one of her party fits. It had gotten on Null's nerves back then, but right now, what she wouldn't give to hear that joyful little lunatic going around and keeping the mood up in her own, special way, or deal with any of the other creatures they had met in the strange little town... Yet, that wouldn't happen. They were all gone, and much as she loathed to admit feeling for others, she silently missed them, and likely always would. A tear fell from her eye and landed on the sands beneath, before she forced herself to look away and begin to follow Void. They couldn't stay here and lament the past forever. All of them had to go and finish this, once and for all. She just prayed to whatever deities that may still be listening, that they were going to succeed.
  13. @Randimaxis Hehe, Dax-Dad's face were all tough and full of muscles, but with soft'ish fur on it. Totally opposite of how he looked, what with him looking tough, but being soft inside. In his own way perhaps, but she were sure that he were a big, happy snugglebear somewhere in there, even if he looked like he were all business and serious stuff most of the time. Just look at how he had been to her! Sure he had been kinda grumpy at first, but he had told Silver to let her use good materials, had actively asked her to make good explosives from it - something which nopony she could remember had told her to do before - and then shown her this place where they could fire them off safely, so that nopony got accidentally hurt. And then when the explosives had been a huuuuge success, he complimented her and told Silver that she could keep her as an apprentice, which included learning all sorts of things from the smartest pony Blitz knew about, whilst also supplying Luther with loads of explosives. Long as she didn't explode something out of nowhere, which were totally fair. It was his place after all, so it wouldn't be nice of her to make a big mess of that unless he asked her to. Why, he had even bee receptive to her hug this time around! What kinda pony would have done all those nice things, and welcomed hugs? Not a bad pony, that were for sure. He were just a little tough on the outside, and not anywhere as bad as the ponies she had asked for directions from made him out to be. Perhaps they just hadn't given him the chance to show the happy pony inside of him, and just judged him on how he looked? They sure missed out on a nice stallion if that were the case. After Blitz had been put down on the ground, she'd look between him and Silver with a big grin still plastered on her face, as the two of them started to talk terms and conditions, from the sounds of it. Seems like it were just details on what were said before though, as no random explosions meant that Blitz wouldn't have much of a chance to destroy things - wasn't like she wanted to cause mayhem like a crazy pony after all - and Silver already fed her and kept an eye on her, so that were already set and done. This were just sort of Luther making sure it were kept that way it sounded like. Never hurt to be sure though, so that was a-okay, hehe. "Don't use lot's of stuff, and don't go poking at things alone, or when I'm told no? I can do that. I think? I'll try my bestest to remember it. Bye bye, Dax-Dad." Blitz would wave at Luther as he left, doing her best to keep what he said in mind. It seemed fairly easy to keep in mind, so long as she didn't just walk around and got inspired without thinking, she bet it would be easy enough. That being said, school and the orphanage had also had rules, and... Yeeeeah, things would depend a lot on Silver's ability to keep an eye on Blitz, and not letting her have idle hooves for too long. And speaking of Silver... Blitz felt like a squeaky toy as she were scooped up by Silver, and given a hug that would have made her give off a big ol' honk, in case she had been one of said toys. Not that she would've been heard over Silver's happy voice just zooming out of her muzzle like she were on a time limit. Honestly she didn't understand all of it, but she got the gist of it, and with the energy Silver were pushing it out with, the filly were feeling mighty hyper about this herself as well. They really had an amplifying effect on one anothers moods, once one got started on getting riled up. "Yeeeeey! Dax-Dad likes me, and the explosion? It's my bestest one ever! Just look at the blast damage, and Dax-Dad were impressed too. I bet Dax is gonna be really happy to hear that." She'd try to wriggle free, though Silver were the deciding factor in whenever she were gonna be able to do that, seeing as Blitz were too unfocused to use magic right now, and Silver were physically superior to her. "Oh, Ooh! We gotta find Dax now, pleeeease? I wanna tell him what happened, and then take him to his dad so we can see the pretty fireworks I made for him! I bet he's gonna be Really happy about everything." She wanted to show off to Dax and drag him up here so that he could see things eventually, but more importantly in her mind were it to go and tell him that things had gone over great, and that not only had his dad not kicked her out or anything like that, but asked her to stay and make explosives for him. She bet he were gonna be relieved by hearing that, and when he were then told that she still had a fireworks display for him, that he could see along with her and his dad? Hehe, he were gonna be smiling for days, she just knew it!