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  1. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle Okay, this were frankly unexpected. Were whatever magic this thing carried hidden somewhere below the surface or something? Usually their aura still messed with such things, but if it were deep and floated in mid air, it could... No, no it still didn't make sense. Bah, she should've gone for the acid then. Perhaps she could've melted herself a way out that way, though with these small cup sizes? Something told Null that it wouldn't even get through a single wall, or at least not in a big enough way to make it so that either of the siblings could escape. At least she had some caramel tea, so there was a single, shiny speck in the hourglass of darkness this rotten experience had been so far. And she'd give the machine that it tasted good though if it were better or worse than the last time, she wasn't entirely sure. It had been a long, long time, and she had mostly forgotten the taste. This was just what she thought off the top of her head when she had to actually push a drink in. Void however, could remember the last time she had drunk what she picked, and as such could appreciate the superior taste. It didn't make her bleak outlook on their current lives any better, but the warm, rich taste of cocoa at least calmed her nerves a little. It was probably the best thing you could hope for here. It was strange how the machine worked though. Like Null, she had assumed that the thing ran on magic and as such, they'd negate it. If it wasn't though, then what were this? Something... Something from another world? Were they only able to negate things that actually came from their world? Perhaps it was best not to think about this too much, or she'd just end up getting paranoid about space magic. The dragon gave the siblings another indifferent, slightly polite response to seeing that the machine worked, before dismissing them and ignoring the siblings in favor of examining the cups for some reason. Null didn't care, and as soon as both Void and her were done drinking, she'd guide her sister over to the guards, a little less on edge, but still ready to go for the throat - or in the case of any minotaur, the shins - of anypony trying something. One doctor being less of a complete dungbettle didn't mean that magically, everything were okay and she'd be completely thrilled with being here. This were real life, not some sort of fairy tale. "W-We're uhm... Ready."
  2. @Illiad Easle Sorry, but I'm busy the rest of the evening, so I can't reply to it today. :/ I'll reply early tomorrow, then hopefully, I can squeeze one more in during the evening to make up for it.
  3. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Catpone Cerberus "Well, yeah, if there's anypony actually in there, so we're just gonna have to be careful. Pretty sure it's just gonna be the princess and whoever she have with her we'd run into though. Or some of the nutters in the forest, and they'd take our word for it if we claimed you were just an illusions of some kind from the desert heat. Except for Zecora, but she's a seer, so chances are she'd known you were here for years and didn't think it'd be her place to interfere. No biggie there." So it sounded like they had a plan now. Head towards the desert, slowly creep in and see if they could find the princess. If they ran into somepony else, either try to make whoever believe that Nada wasn't real, or beat 'em up and hope nopony would ask questions. Guess they might also try to reason with them or something, but the option of violence had to be there if it came down to it. Like her old man told her *Never start a fight, but if it's gonna happen, make sure you strike first.*. But she supposed that thinking violence right away wasn't good, especially if the princess saw them, so... Lie her head off or something might do it too? She'd have to think this over a little when they were on their way. "Well, no time like the present. Let's go find ourselves a desert nerd. I mean, princess, hehe." If it wasn't for the hammer on her back, Berry might've just jumped into the river and swum alongside Nada for some of the way, but if she tried that with it on her person, she'd sink like a rock, so she'd just follow the riverbanks and try to keep up the pace as best she could. Berry really hoped that was going to go well, and that her new friend would be accepted by the princess. Poor gal had been away and for herself for far too long, for doing basically nothing. She deserved a chance to come back into society and experience all the little things in life, like friendship, baked goods, and taxes. Last one sucked, but what could you do? Bits for roads and such didn't just magically appear out of nowhere. =========================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus "Considering how much of it he had, I'm thinking he must've done something that majorly miffed off some dragons in his lifetime." SPicy half-shouted this towards Ruby, who were leaving the room, whilst Marley and her exchanged funny looks about the reaction from the mare. It was just perfume, and frankly some really good stuff, even if you weren't into it. Yet she had seemed like it actually repulsed her? There were an easy answer to that, but it just seemed ludicrous, and both of them needed some more proofs. For now, they'd just silently nod and make some facial emotes at one another to get that point across to one another. It were a crazy thing to even consider really, but the clues were lining up that Ruby might actually be a dragon in pony disguise. But... How? Even if it was an artifact kinda thing, she wasn't holding anything, and surely dragons couldn't just do this, right? Their magic were simple and elemental based, and that was when they even had it. Illusions were more of a changeling and pony thing. They'd have to see how this went on, which started by following Ruby and seeing what she were doing. It might end up giving them some more answers. Or rather, Spicy would follow her. A pretty stern look told Marley that his job were to secure the perfume first and foremost, as he had been told, so with a sigh, he resigned himself to that and went on his way back to the wagon, with the one that had been opened before in tow. He'd get it sealed up again before coming back to box up the rest. Meanwhile, Spicy followed Ruby into the room that were clearly the place where the big guy in question had been buried. The walls were full of carvings that depicted somepony standing against a large dragon, whilst he himself were placed on a pile of gold and gems with a spear risen in his right hoof. There were some more to it, but this seemed to be the basics of it, and marked this guy as having had the galls to steal from a dragon's hoard, and apparently survive to tell the tale. That'd get you in some hot water with the overgrown, talking lizards for sure. The room had also been cleaned of everything obviously valuable, but this depiction on the wall itself may be a hidden treasure. It were in perfect condition, whereas the rest had been either damaged or just weren't as impressive, and somepony were bound to want this piece. If nothing else, a historian with a weird fascination for dragon stuff would likely offer 'em 50 bits, which weren't much, but every little bit helped. And who knew? If this pony had stolen from dragons, he might be a figure of some historical value, so they could jack up the price a little. Spicy would have to ask around about that. With no obvious treasure in the room otherwise, the things were mostly just broken jars that some ruffians had manhandled, stone formations that hadn't been bothered to be examined which may hold something, and in the middle, on a small layer of risen rocks - which made Spicy think of the bottom two parts of a pyramid - a sealed up stone coffin sat. It seemed the robbers hadn't bothered looking at the body itself apparently, which may be because the coffin had writings on it warning of a great curse befalling any who dared to open his final resting place. The usual overblown threat that didn't mean anything, but worked in scaring off the superstitious. Seriously, if this place had been cursed, why just let that work for the coffin itself, and not the entire tomb? Whoever was buried here would've gone that route if this held any merit, so frankly, Spicy considered it safe to open, long as you kept your face away. Just in case there were an acid spray or something, which were more common in these things than you might think. As for Ruby, she'd likely find interest in this too, as within the coffin were the object she so sought, wrapped around a jar full of the dust of the inhabitant. Pretty rare to find one of the old timers who had been into cremation, but it wasn't unthinkable. Might be he had also went out in a fire, and whoever buried him had just gone on with the preparations set in place regardless. Anyway, there'd be some trinkets and jewelry as well, laid out in a position as if somepony should have had them on his person when laid in here, but for Ruby, there'd be one thing that weren't so welcome in here: Mainly the perfume that had been sealed within the coffin. Opened up and laid on each side, the imprisoned smell would escape the second the lid were moved, and quickly engulf the room. Whoever this had been, really didn't want any dragons to get in here and get any funny ideas. ============================================================================================ @EQ_Theta Confusion. That was the impression Omen got from looking at Lin, after the mare had sat down in the fire and described what it felt like to her. The poking feeling ran down her throat and tongue too, as Omen slowly ate the cooling coal she had grasped up, but she didn't get any side effects. Nothing inside her would burn, and blisters weren't something she had ever tried having. To her, eating this were just a funny feeling, and a special taste. Much like everything else she ate randomly, just to find out what it would taste like. Returning to Lin though, confusion were the only thing Omen kind of understood the expression of, as she had that expression herself more often than not. It were not exactly the same - which she knew as she had once spent three weeks starring at a mirror to try and learn something from herself - and something seemed off, as if something else happened too, but there was just something about her sisters eyes that made her think that this was at least part of what the longma felt. The rest of them, Omen would have to study other times when she thought she'd see them again. It might help things. Hearing the explanation of fire and how it related to pain though, gave her a good deal other things to think about right here and now, rather than potentially stalking Lin. "Normal beings burn like wood? Things that breaks them, is pain? ...Okay." It were a lot to take in currently, but she had gotten the gist of things, if nothing else, and now knew that fire were seen as being pretty bad to be in contact with from other being's perspective, which were probably a good thing to teach Omen before she accidentally gave somepony a lit torch if they said they were cold. The next question from Lin however, caused Omen to pause for a few minutes, mulling over how to answer it. Describing the feeling she had when she saw Sen and Lin hurt on the occasions that she could remember, were not good, but how could she describe it, when she didn't even understand the feeling beyond it not feeling right? "...Yes. It felt wrong. Strange. Like poking sticks, but not on legs. In my stomach, poking at bad things. I wanted the bad feeling to stop. Helping you worked. You in pain, makes me hurt then? Heard ponies talk before on this. Friend in pain, they say it hurt them too. Same thing? If it is, I don't like pain. It's a bad feeling." ==================================================================================================== @Rising Dusk Blitz spread her front hooves out wide as she were told that Dusky and Felicia had a good trip, causing some of the batter on said limbs to fall off and splatter onto the ground. "Hurrah for adventure! Hope the next one's fun too." As fr Carmen, she couldn't see who were picking her up wit their magic, but she let go off Felicia as she were, thinking that it was perhaps Molotov.Felicia seemed to tense up a little, with the light glowing slightly darker as her small sister were grasped from her chassis, but she didn't interfere as the officer took in the spider and began to try and calm the still spiderbot, who now finally began to stop repeating the same two words over and over. It were not her creator that were going to help from what sound she did get, but he worked with the one who would, and her bigger sister had gone with him outside, so that meant he could be trusted in her mind. Dusky were a curious thing for the smaller mind to comprehend. He had been found by the group to be given some paper, and before she knew it, he were in the workshop, talking about making things with her creator, and talking about - and eventually to - Felicia, before getting her off her leash. Carmen's bigger sister had talked a lot about the officer that first knight after she had seen him, and greeted him with the sign she had written. Something about him had caught the large spiderbot's attention, and she had actually wanted to bait him out,and see how long it would be before he demanded a physical confrontation, rather than just being observed. It had been far quicker than the large spiderbot had imagined, but she had risen to the challenge, and before you knew it, here he now stood, trusted by Felicia enough to take her outside and learn new things. Carmen wanted to know what that was like, and find out if it were like the time when she had gone outside the first time, minus the clown attack that her creator had to stop her from assaulting. It had been a wondrous, strange experience, but scary too, with so many large creatures who could squish her if they didn't like her, and ponies of many kinds. Felicia was bigger, so she was safe from the squishing, but it could still be dangerous out here. Yet, she had returned in one piece, apparently after having had a good trip, and Carmen was sure that Dusky in some way were responsible for that. It was one of several reasons - mainly revolving around how Felicia and him did together - that made her trust him enough to clean her up without trying to resist. Not that she could do much damage really. Carmen had strong legs that could pinch, but they were rounded and not meant to cut anything, opposed to Felicia, who had been designed to defend, which had meant adding large, sharp legs that could cut or poke if needed be. Carmen could just crawl on you, nibble hair, and pinch, that was about it. As for the cleaning, the officer did well really. The cake batter outside were sticky, but it could come off, yet the fake fur covering her actual body itself were going to need to be detached and given a good wash from the looks of things. At least it wasn't singed and needed a total replacement, so that was good, along with the fact that neither of her two eyes or legs were broken, and she didn't feel a crack in her chassis either. Much as Dusky would try though, he wouldn't get all the cake batter, even if he made sure to clean out between the joints of her legs, as again, some would be stuck in her fake fur, and the parts in her speaker and receiver had to be cleaned out with a pipe-cleaner after said fur had come off and the sound parts could be detached, but she did feel a lot better regardless, and looked at him with slightly flickering lights in her eyes, which were her version of getting glimmer of joy in them. "Clean. Thanks, new pony. Happy help." As her vocabulary were very basic, complete sentences and some phrases that even Felicia had weren't part of her system, but she tried to convey a thank you to Dusky regardless. ====================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Dji @EQ_Theta @Moonlit @Storm Shine @Lucid_Nightlight "Nerzhei is my dragon, just like Fluttershy is your pony. She's the one who came to warn you about the sphinx." Lotus hadn't grown up with many notions of friendliness in Dragon Land, and Nerzhei had mostly introduced Lotus as being her bunny, so eventually, Lotus had just come to calling close friends that. Nerzhei was her dragon, like Lotus was the draconesses bunny, and Fluttershy was Angel's pony. It did sound a bit like ownership, but Lotus didn't think any of them owned another. It was just her way of saying somepony was close friends. If she thought there were more, she would've asked if Fluttershy was Discord's mate. which she wouldn't, as that seemed weird. "I hope she'd okay. Stress makes her head hurt a lot, and things were bad before we came to look for help. You are close to your pony too. You're worried about her? She gets caught easily, and doesn't seem like she'd be good at fighting." Meanwhile, while the bunnies went on, and the dracolisk crawled up a table not too far away to show Pringle where the fish were, the dracone-trio were getting on with the show, starting with the introduction of the blitz wold that Lucid worked on earlier. It still weren't as cool as a pocket mimic, but Novia seemed to like it a lot, and that was the most important part. The blitz wolf seemed to find her okay too, with no biting or anything of the like, so they were off to a good start. Anomaly wasn't however, as the anvil almost fell on top of her. A few inches more to the side and it would've smashed her head clean off. For some reason it actually kinda irked her that it hadn't, since she would've loved to experience what the others might react to that. A few of them were pretty squeamish, so it could've been fun. Though that Happy fellah did visibly jump and cringe as he saw the thing just suddenly smash down, so there was that reaction at least. Barring that option however, she instead drew out a piece of chalk from... Somewhere, and started to doodle random animals from her isle on the anvil. She would've written some fun profanities, but the author kept erasing it whenever she tried, so that was quickly a no-go, sadly. What a sensitive, weird monkey-man. She did stretch over towards the future couple though, and Lucid in particular, as he had been interrupted in saying something that would either push the plot ahead for himself and Novia, or make Anomaly want to slap him in the back of the head for not growing a spine. "Because? Come on Lucid, don't leave the nice lady hanging."
  4. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle At least this one didn't call them by numbers. Sure, it was still wildly impersonal and annoying, but if it came down to Null having to chose a few that wasn't going to meet their ends here, this one were the most agreeable so far. It could still change, but they'd see how far this went as Null stepped towards the machine with a little test of her own in mind. "Any liquid? Okay then, how about this? H-Y-D-R-O-C-H-L-O-R-I-C A-C-I-D." She spelled it out one letter at a time, though she didn't actually write that in, as tempting as it may be. She just padded down *Warm caramel tea*. Her intent if it did not jam or something from her presence, were to keep the cup in hoof, and just drink it as normal, unless whatever came out of it were clear. She knew enough about acidic substances to know she couldn't confuse it for caramel tea, as neither smell, color, or the fact that the cup should just dissolve on the spot, were exactly small clues. Chances were though, that this weren't going to work. No, not the prank, but the machine in general. If it did something unnatural, chances are it were run by magic. And if it were run by magic, her presence would mess it up. If it for some reason didn't, Void would try to get some warm cocoa out of the machine, unless she were stopped, as the soup in the cafeteria had been lacking and she'd like to get the taste out of her muzzle.
  5. @Illiad Easle No worries, I barely finished my post before midnight anyway. And yes, Blackwater one will be good to see running again. Been a bit slow lately.
  6. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle Null didn't care enough to even stare at the thing herself. It weren't gonna go after Void or her when it couldn't move, so she could focus on consoling Void. She wouldn't have as much time as she would like unfortunately, but that were sadly the norm here she ventured. And true enough, here came the clowns. The good news were that at least Void had gotten to the point where she opened her eyes again and could look around, though she wasn't saying anything and she were still crying. Those last few things were the bad part, though hopefully it would be enough to get Void to walk with her at least. Whoever these dingbats were, it appeared to be two other prisoners, and two guards by the looks of things. D likely stood for Detainee or something similar, so they were in kind of the same boat as the sisters, though Null would still break their legs for a good word. Just because they too were imprisoned, that didn't mean they were safe from her wrath. Wait, when did the fruit bat get down here on their level? Urgh, who cared? This wasn't the time to make good of her want to gut him like a fish. That'd have to wait until another time, as she slowly managed to get Void back on her hooves, though the large earth pony refused to make eye contact with any of the inmates or jailers in this proverbial prison of future corpses. Having to care for her sister now more than threaten the others, Null surprisingly didn't smack-talk anypony right now, though once again, one one movement, and she'd be upon them like the wrath of a thousand demons. Far more demons than she had ever actually seen, but Null had seen what even one demon's wrath could do, and what she'd do would pale compared to that. And now they were throwing around monopoly money? What the hay was their problem? Were they all mental or something? No real coin had a minotaur and a labyrinth on them, except forgeries. What, did they use these to pay off the dogs or something? They'd be the only ones dumb enough to fall for it, surely. Or well, perhaps the minotaurs too, since this seemed to be a coin for their taste. Probably wasn't even worth the raw material it was made of. To think that the fifty bit coin they had with them might make them the ones with the highest currency... What a joke. Still, she didn't say anything for now, and would just follow, and spend the time consoling her sister, and in case anypony else tried to interfere, sneer at them in a way akin to a guard dog, who were about to go straight for the throat. So long as they didn't try anything, she wouldn't either. So this was clearly not the way they came in, but frankly, this was better. A lot of varied creatures they had seen before were here, along with more of the personnel/jailers, in rooms that Null at least doubted would all be protected from some kind of mimetic influence. This would be a good place to let the coin out one of these days... And apparently, they got through this route long as they behaved well, and did the experiments? Much as she hated everypony here, Null may have to try and vocalize death upon them constantly so they could get here more. It's open up the perfect option for escape eventually. It was a pity that they didn't see any sphinx, as having one of them would be brutal, but honestly, their minds were insanely strong. If any being could withstand the influence of the coin, it would likely be one of them. THen again... Perhaps she just missed it, among all the other things? Even if they couldn't have a full grown one here in a normal cell, perhaps a small chick or an egg could've been found? She could just imagine they'd love nothing more than to raise one of those in this place, and indoctrinate them to their ideals, so that they could use the creature. They wouldn't gain the boundless power and intelligence of them, since far as she knew, that were only granted through living in their own country and sharing in untold ages of magical books and tales, but even an untrained sphinx could be strong. Void had been lost once and run into a stray, and it had taken what, four weeks of varied tasks before Null and her were allowed to leave? Something along those lines. They had promptly left the country the same way they came in, in fear of running into the main town and become slaves for the rest of their lives, but some of the babbling exile's talk had stuck with the sisters. Perhaps it was just exaggerations from an old fool, but still, if even a sliver were true... They had no interest in getting anywhere near their High Council. With all their power, it'd be like an atom starring down a god. And then came the cafeteria. How tri- Oh come on! A dragon too? Seriously? What the hay was wrong with this place? *Sure, let's lock up the ponies who had never asked for doing what they could and just wanted to be left alone, but let's allow the fire-breathing lizards to work here!* Null even bet that it was one of those annoying ones who could do magic too, just to be an extra kick in the teeth. Considering how small it were, she were definitely not thinking earth variety, as they were mostly large, but it could be any of the water, fire or wind leaning ones. And that was only if they came from Dragon Isle. Dragons outside Equestria had varied magics, with one they had run aground once, being masters of illusions and transformation magic. Man they had been miffed once the ponies that dispelled all kinds of magic came around... But that was neither here, nor there. Doubly so when one of the irritating tin soldiers began yapping off like a dog on a leash. Null snatched the phony currency like she owned it, which technically, for the time being, she sort of did. Void on the other hoof, shakily took a hoof forth, but jerked her leg back three times before she finally took the coin, thinking that it'd be another test, and that all of a suddenly, either her or Null would explode. "Whatever, Enjoy your miserable existence. Come on, sis." Null more or less Dragged Void for some of the way towards the food area, where they'd get something from the vending machine, or whatever they called it in here. Void would get a bowl of soup - root vegetable if possible, but otherwise any vegetarian sort - whilst Null would get a cup of water, and two lemons. Whilst Void usually cooked for them when they had the option, and had a fondness for hearty soups and stews that could really give you some energy, Null couldn't cook worth saving her life, and generally just ate whatever were near. She enjoyed what Void made, but she wouldn't eat the swill they'd mix together here, and so opted for going for the base things like what she did when she stood for their food. Void generally liked pears or dates if they could get to it, whilst Null had always had more of a thing for sour food. Regular apples frankly tasted revolting to her, and the only times she ate apples were when there either were no alternative, or they could get some green ones. Yet, her favorite were lemons. Sour to the core, and to the core she ate them too, without flinching one bit, whilst standing next to Void who had decided to sit as far away from anypony else as possible at the tables and slowly eat the soup. It was bland and lacked taste, but what could you expect from prison food? They should frankly just be thankful that it wasn't poisonous. When they were eventually done, they'd go to the next torturer in line for Null's *Deserved deaths* marathon later on, and stopped. Whatever he were talking to somepony else or not, Null would just say something, as she frankly didn't think she had any reason showing any of these respect, when they couldn't give it back. Yes, she'd comply so that they could keep coming in here, but that didn't mean this were service with a smile. If they wanted that, they'd let her shoot a few, starting with the sadist from the first encounter. She'd be happier then. "Fine, we're here. Just show us whatever stupid little toy of yours you want us to poke and let's get it over with."
  7. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Catpone Cerberus "Roger that. I'll be back as soon as I can." Berry would run off by then, somewhat pleased that she didn't have to threaten Alonsus into becoming her guinea pig for this experiment, though it would have been rather fun and potentially very enlightening to see what'd happen in a test run like that. But Nada had given her judgement of the situation, and Berry would listen to her new friend on this. It was the siren this were all about anyway. She'd be gone for fifteen minutes, before Nada would see the mare wander back towards the river. Though unfortunately, nopony was following her there. Once she got close enough, and had made sure that nopony else were there by checking some bushes and rattling a few trees mostly - Berry would start talking to what were likely a somewhat disappointed siren. "Well, she wasn't home. Remember that whole desert setting I said just popped out of nowhere? Yeah, she went there to figure out what was going on, along with some of her friends. If we wanna track her down, we'd have to go there, otherwise we'll have to wait. Might be all night for all I know though. The princess is... Well, gonna be blunt here and call a spade for a spade: She's a nerd. Really big into getting info, reading, and checking stuff, so she might end up cataloging every speck of sand she can get her hooves on. How are you with sand? I could get some jugs for water just in case, and we could stop if it's too harsh, and just wait at the edge. Whatever it takes." =========================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus "I agree. Shall we?" Marley went first, sharply followed by Spicy, to provide him with some light as he took a few steps in to see what may be hiding of traps or the like in here. This were simply a catacomb, but some ponies were paranoid about their resting places being disturbed, and set some things in place in case somepony got into their heads that they wanted to snatch their belongings. It seemed like there wasn't anything here though, or if there had been, it were sprung by the others who were here before them and whatever evidence of it were gone. Perhaps there had been some blood spatter here and there, but that must've hit some items if it were, and they weren't gonna find out what those were, as the room were picked clean. The only thing not gone were the dust on the floor, but everything else that had been in here had been pillaged, leaving only tracks and imprints in the dust. Still, that was ground floor, but in here again the ceiling went high. Might be there were something up there. "You two stay down here and have a gander. If you find anything hiding in the walls or under the floor, work together on getting it out. If you sense something up there though, tell me where to start looking, Ruby. I'll deal with it then." With that, Spicy spread her wings and went to the ceiling to snoop around. Ruby and Marley shouldn't worry about the light though, as the things were bright enough to still light up the room, even if it were a little dimmer. She didn't stay there for long before something caught her eye however, and the pegasus fluttered over to a wall, and pulled out a jar around the size of her eye, that she carefully opened and kept her head away from, in case it were something dangerous, but nothing seemed to spray out or anything as the lid had been cracked a millimeter, so after this attempt, she went closer, slightly tipped the top again, and sniffed. Whatever was in there seemed to really surprise her, and she jerked back as the lid closed again, before letting out a bellowing *yippee* sound. "Oh hay yeah! Now we're talking." Spicy would fly down to the others with a big grin on her face and a look in her eyes as if she were a foal on Heartswarming Eve. "I take it you found something interesting? Care to share?" "It's pure jackpot. Just take a sniff of this." Spicy would then open the lid fully, showing off a jar of some kind of lavender colored liquid, with dark red swirls, and a delightful smell rising from it, which for the mare and griffon, would smell like a symphony of delightful flowers and spices, somehow mixing into a delicious harmony. To Ruby however, this would be about the most foul-smelling thing in the world. The more she'd breathe in of it, the more it would attack the senses, and should instinctively make her want to not be within at least a meter of this jar's content. "Aaah, how delightful. Can't say I know this one though. Is it rare?" "Rare? Hah! Nopony have found out how to make these for centuries. It's called Foul Dragon, and it's worth an easy thousand gold for a jar this size." Now it was Marley's turn to look like he had been given a magical gift. "Oooh, that's some good news indeed, though the name seems incompatible. Are you certain about it?" "Positive. For some strange reason it is absolutely repulsive to dragons. They can't stand being near it. But that's not the important part. Know what is? There's more up there. I counted at least a dozen. You have to get back to the wagon and get some crates for this, and be careful! These things can be worth even more if we go for auctions in the Alchemist Guild. Treat them like they're made of glass. Holy Celestia on a stick, this is starting off fantastically. You hear that Ruby? We're already rolling in dough." Spicy would look to where she had last seen Ruby at that point, though what may or may not have happened to her had passed her by unnoticed. Not like Spicy knew that their new comrade were a dragon after all, and would likely not have taken well to this find. ============================================================================================ @EQ_Theta "I don't know if I don't feel pain. Standing in fire, there is something. Strange, but not sure if wrong." To be able to describe it better, Omen wandered into the campfire, which were not as blazing anymore as when it had first been lit, but still had flames licking up against the wood and charcoal ready to singe anything that got near it. Omen didn't get set ablaze though. The tips of her hair on her legs would get slightly singed, but she wasn't flammable, and whatever small exterior damage it would short term provide to her, would be fixed up not too long after, as the patch of missing mane after she had pulled some of her own hair were showing. "Feels like being poked with many small sticks. Warm. Don't want to leave it, or scream, so is that okay?" She had been designed to live in an unstable, and often dangerous world, so Discord had perhaps went a little overboard here and there when molding her, but on the bright side, if Lin could ever convince Omen to learn some firepony basics, she would be perfect for going into burning buildings and looking for others. The fire didn't bother her, and she didn't breath, so smoke inhalation weren't an issue. Back on topic though, Omen looked at Lin, head tilting from side to side, as her prehensile tongue slid down, and made a loop around a piece of charcoal. She'd put down the hair she had wrapped around the tip of her tongue, next to the fire, before bringing the charcoal to her muzzle and starting to gnaw on it. "Ponies and you scream in fire. It's bad, and they are in pain? Being melted, also wrong? I think I understand that." She wanted to warm her belly to, so Omen laid down in the fire, and felt the same prickling feeling on her tummy as she did on her legs. She didn't really know if it was a good or a bad feeling, so she just kept there. If anything, it was fascinating to her. "Remember something. Sen hurt once, you gone. And in cave with strange things, showed me you evil and Sen's legs bending wrong ways. Strange feeling inside. Felt wrong, didn't like it. Wanted it to stop. Is that pain?" ==================================================================================================== @Dji "I find no interest in causing you, or your host an harm. I simply wish to assist, to drive the boredom at bay, at least for a time." Another long, drawn-out sigh escaped Enzo's mouth. How he dreaded these dull times he were in now... Hopefully the two-in-one-host mare would be able to clear the clouds of his melancholy through the actions taken to provide these two with a deal they could both agree upon. Who knew? Perhaps they would be able to find a way for them to separate, and not be bound to a compromised body. "So let us commence, I suppose. Atzy, I ask of you first: What is it that you seek? Dominance over this body, a share in it, or to escape it, and enter into one more suitable for your wants and needs?" In a way, Enzo hoped it were a shared want from the two that Atzy got a vessel of her own, rather than this shared entity. It would give him something to do. The generals may have to wait a long time for him, but well... Time for them to try that for a change. ================================================================================================== @Rising Dusk "𝕊𝕞𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕡𝕠𝕟𝕪 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕𝕤 𝕒 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕚𝕣." Quite honestly, Felicia wasn't even sure if it wasn't too late for that. Blitz were a high risk threat to herself and everypony else within a five mile radius. The safest procedure for maintaining the population, would be to have her in a small, padded room with nothing except soft, non-flammable items given to her, and only visits through the window of a seven times reinforced steel door. Something told the spiderbot that this may be considered cruel, but seeing as the volatile filly may well end up accidentally destroying half the city in one of her experiments, it seemed like a necessary evil, for the betterment of everypony else. Yet, long as Molotov were around, that would never happen. He were both too protective of her, and wanting to encourage her to explore her mind more, which made for constructions such as Felicia necessary, and bomb shelters for the rest of the city nearly mandatory. "Don't say *wheeze* *cough* that." "𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕠𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕚𝕤 𝕣𝕦𝕟 𝕓𝕪 𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤. 𝕀 𝕣𝕦𝕟 𝕠𝕟 𝕗𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕤." "Hehe, spider nanny talks funny." Blitz had no idea what were going on with the two of them. She had tried to sit down and read the language that the spiderbots ran on before, but it was just so long-winded and boring that she had wandered off pretty quickly and hadn't returned to it yet. She kept meaning to, but there was just so any other things to do, like trying to bake without an oven. Tougher than she thought. "It sounds like you and her had lots of fun Dusky. And I guess it's good she didn't munch on anypony. Somepony would've just gotten all grumpy and stuff, even if she can't eat actually eat them. I think big bro finished the metal stuff you two were working on. Wanna see? After the smoke is gone. Kinda hard to see anything with that rummaging around in there. Perhaps I should just use one smoke bomb next time?" The workshop wasn't done pouring out smoke yet, so saying that one would have been plenty, were probably still one too many. Hopefully this wasn't gonna attract attention from anypony, in the few minutes more this would go on before the ventilation system and the open door would finally have gotten the smoke cleared out of the place. "Clean. Help. Clean. Help." Throughout all of this, Carmen just kept repeating the same two lines, muffled since her microphone were covered by half-finished cake batter. She couldn't call out for things as easily as Felicia, since her vocabulary and brain were far smaller, so this were the best she could do until Molotov were better and could clean her up, as well as see if there was any damages that couldn't be seen. He'd be furious with Blitz if there were, that was for sure. She were his sister, and though she sometimes made his life a living hell, he loved her dearly, but Carmen wasn't just some kind of toy to him. She was a small life that he had created. A living, non-breathing being. She shouldn't be damaged. ====================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich @BloodDrops @Dji @EQ_Theta @Moonlit @Storm Shine @Lucid_Nightlight Somepony did indeed eat the chocolate, and unsurprisingly, that one were Anomaly, who frankly didn't see any issue taking magic candy from strange beings of unfathomable chaos. Sure, she turned bright pink with purple swirls, and got a constant stream of bubbles that burst into giggles escaping her mouth, but it were still pretty good, and if she didn't want this in the long run, she could just change herself. Mutation was her game, and she were pretty gosh darn good at it. She rose her head and looked over to Novia and Lucid again, who had done some talking between one another that was clearly not flirting, but which Anomaly wanted to be flirting. Lucid should grow a spine and just tell her. Or surprise smooches, that worked. Hay, even the lizards were getting along more, and that were just friendly croaking and hissing, as well as the still unnamed dracolisk apparently wanting to show Pringle where he had found some fish on the tables, in case the other lizard ate it. Even if Pringle was Anomaly's arch nemesis - she really needed an actual enemy - it was kinda cute, and she may or may not have caused some crickets to appear right next to them just to see what'd happen. Okay, she totally did, and it looked awesome, as the dracolisk stunned them with a reverberating, croaking sound attack, which caused them to fall to the ground. Munchy food for lizard things. "Okay, but when you find his pet is plain and boring, then just get riiiight back to me. I tell you, pocket mimic is the next big thing. Somepony tries to sneak a bit out of t here? SLAM! Tiny teeth gnawing on their appendages. Absolutely priceless." Onache heard what the three were going on about, and made a mental note that she definitely needed to put a *draconequus free zone* sign up somewhere, and hope that they'd stay away from the temple itself, but kept her gaze upon Aurora. "In the past, I may have whipped you for that, but I have come to accept that all changelings have a choice. I made mine because a queen must do the best for her hive, yet you are but a drone. Your choices are for you alone. You do not carry the same responsibility upon your shoulders." Aurora's choice were one that she could respect, as she too had held her ground for a long time, and refusing to ever consider changing. Yet as had been pointed out to her from multiple sources, if she truly wished to be the best queen for her subjects, and no longer need to think of who to cull to make sure there were food enough for all of them, she had needed to change. That Happy had followed troop were a huge, deciding factor too though, she had to admit. She doubted it would have been possible for her to see reason if she had not had his loyalty to depend on. "Regardless, you can consider yourself welcome upon these grounds. Think of it as a safe haven for our kind, for the time being. Anypony who wishes to wander in here with harm in mind for changelings, will be met in kind with fury and destruction, of which they will never have seen." She were allowed to protect her new area, and by the gods, Onache were going to do so, if invaders attempted to come in here and cull from her ranks, or those of other changelings who sought refuge. She may be kinder now, but that were mainly to her own kind. For whomever rode here to hurt those under her care, she would have no mercy, and they would find their final resting place to be among the dunes they now stood in. Meanwhile, Happy made a small bow to the sphinx after the compliment returned. "My pleasure ma'am. And you know princess, perhaps take a step back and think about the possibilities here instead of getting your saddle in a twist? This here's a sphinx. I don't know a lot about 'em, but this one at least seems insanely powerful, and holds a good head on her shoulders. Even if it's a bit of a bash to your ego, don't you think you might be able to learn something? You know, soon as you pass your math exam, heh. Plus - and this here's just a crazy thought - I'd think you'd want to try and connect to miss sphinx here, considering that being on her bad side is likely gonna end up biting you in the flank several times over. Spending some time together and bonding might do the trick, eh?" Happy wasn't one of them fancy intellectual types, but he knew a good bargain when he saw one, and understood the concept of building bridges, rather than burning them. The sphinx and Twilight would do better if they integrated some, even if Ponyville might end getting a jump scare of another world from seeing the large feline wander near. It was cool though, surely. Discord were there more or less constantly, right? They'd have to be used to special things happening everywhere. Over at the bunnies, Lotus more or less ignored the larger creatures, and focused on Angel, who seemed to have gotten a lot more talkative now. That was a plus really, since trying to communicate in sign language and emotes were kinda weird for her. At least with other animals. Against larger creatures like ponies and dragons? She had to do that there, since they didn't understand anything she were saying. Just wait until the day when she were better at writing, then they'd understand more, although it'd likely not give her many cute points to hold up sheets of papers with several profanities on the, directed at whoever were addressing her. hearing what he had to squeak though, Lotus gave a funny look towards the main draconequus, then Fluttershy, then back and forth a few more times before pointing at them with a confused look on her face. "She's his pony? Seriously? Nerzhei isn't gonna believe that at all, and she reads weird stuff all the time. Isn't it strange for her to be around him, when he makes all kinda of weird things happen? I thought ponies were boring and wanted things to be calm and full of dancing." If Angel had ever listened to how dragons stereotyped ponies, he'd likely hear some of it in what Lotus said, even though the pink bunny weren't as harsh in it as the scaled ones could be. She had mellowed out her opinions some after the three ponies had popped up in the valley Nerzhei helped oversee, and eventually caused the draconess to have to leave Dragon Isle, but some things were still there, like the dancing and not wanting things to change up and mingle with strange things. Except for the filly, but she were pretty sure that that particular pony were crazy. No normal youngling stayed in the forest to make bombs.
  8. @Illiad Easle I'm not blind to you making an obvious option to take a stab at things, but I still have to adhere to how my characters would react, and with Void being the way she were at the time, Null wouldn't try anything. Her sole purpose is to make sure that Void is okay after all. Perhaps another time.
  9. @Illiad Easle I know you hoped they'd stir all kinds of things, but I couldn't make it fit, so that'd have to wait for another time. :p Ball's in your court now, chief.
  10. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle There, an opening in their defenses. The guards would be too focused on this thing that needed to be watched constantly by the looks of it, and if they got a quick smack whilst the ponies went past, they'd lose that contact, and die. This thing might even get loose in the facility and kill some folks. Now wouldn't that be a sight for sore eyes right about now? Another alternative were for Null to take advantage of her position on Void to pop out the coin, and throw it to one of the guards before the two of them made a run for it. The entity within would get itself a host or perhaps more, depending on how close-by others were to observe things - with the nervous minotaur, the distance would be the least of his trouble when it came to not be overtaken by the wider area of effect - and then while these stinking fools tried to contain that one, the two sisters would make a run for it, and look for an escape. None of these were going to happen though. Void were currently in a whimpering state that she couldn't just snap out of like that, and Null would sooner die than to attempt to escape on her own,and leaving her sister behind. Void deserved a chance at a life, whilst Null had long since accepted that there wasn't anything else for her. She socialized poorly, got into fights, and being without the skies had always made her feel broken, and worthless. She put on the tough act for Void's sake, but the truth of the matter were that Null were a wreck. Unstable, and caught between great floods of rage and suppressed depression more often than not. Her only purpose in life were to make sure that Void got taken care of, and as soon as her sister had somepony who gave her the love and affection that she deserved... Null would cut the last weight that tied Void to their tormented past, and finally let her live the life free of burdens that she had always been promised. After getting to this place, the option might also be that Null would trade herself for Void's freedom, one way or another, but it didn't change much. It would only make Null regret that she wouldn't be able to be there to ensure that Void found her happiness out in the big world, though at least she would go out on a high, like their parents once had. In any case, they were staying here until further notice. Void had to be ready to flee with her before Null would try something, and regardless, they didn't know how this place were set up. They could be frantically trying to find an exit for hours before getting caught, and the punishment for an attempted breakout were likely harsh. They needed a little more information, or the option to truly cause chaos and potentially blow a wall down to make a door. Still, if they were going to stay here, Null weren't taking chances. Though Void tried to cling on to her, Null wriggled out of her sister's embrace, and rose up to the statue. She didn't flinch or blink, as she neared it and stretched her wing out. From it, she would pluck a single, small down, and either place it in the creatures mouth or nostril - if it have either - or in one of the dents/cracks Void left. One way or another, it would stay on the thing, and even if their aura didn't destroy this clay monstrosity for some reason, it still seemed to suppress it, so this should do the trick for a week's time. Be they big or be they small, Null's feathers all carried her aura for the same amount of time for some reason, which were another reason why it really got to her that the flesh-ripper from last had taken one of her big feathers. He could've just plucked a few downs and be done with it. They grew fast again, and didn't hurt to get out, since they were prone to fall out through preening anyway. Null usually picked them up and kept them with her when it were, but that was out there, in the free world. Not this kind of hell. Well, to this or any other hell with him, she had better things to do. With that thought, Null would return to her sister's eager hooves who flailed in her direction, looking for the one being that could bring her some degree of comfort.
  11. @Hazard Time I hope you'll soon have the time to post again mate, so we can get the show running. ^^ With illiad back and Widdershins poking in to see what's what, we might be getting this place more lively than it have been in a while.
  12. @Catpone Cerberus Alright, so something that looks like a cheap tourist souvenir, wrapped in real gold and sapphire, but is actually containing the preserved, shrunken eye of an ancient dragon? Sounds grand to me. As for the jars, it's pretty standard for Spicy to check for things the ones who have been there before wouldn't, and the walls would be as good a place to examine as anything. Since she knows what's worth something more than the average looter or adventurer/grave robber (and isn't under a time restraints or distracted by gold and gems) she'd actually look and take her time, which would lead her to find some clues to something being movable, and find jars of something she would recognize as being valuable. Though fair's fair, so let's say it's more that they're higher up in small holes into the walls, and again, the ones who had been there before were busy nicking the stuff that shined. As for why they're there, I'd say that dragon-proofing your tomb would be a good thing to do if you had done something they wouldn't like, say obtain a dragons eye, and whatever extra he had in his collection got buried with him. And really, go watch LotR. It's some good stuff.
  13. @Illiad Easle I should've specified. My bad.
  14. @Illiad Easle I'm pretty sure that calling someone out as being a lesser creature with a mental issue is considered some kind of insult to bat ponies. In any case, just felt like writing it, and you're right, Null generally doesn't apologize. It's a sign of weakness in her eyes, and she rarely think she have any reason to show that when she needs to keep Void safe.
  15. @Catpone Cerberus Sounds funny, let's do it. So the question is if we want Ruby to go full on Gollum then... Well, I'm a man of cruel visions, so I'll say we take both items. In one room, they'll find an item which is highly valuable but is repulsive to dragons. I'm thinking some kind of rare, ancient perfume perhaps, hidden inside jars packed so closely into the wall that they'd be hard to spot for anyone who wasn't looking. That sort would sell for a high price to both those who loathe being around dragons, and alchemists who'd want to replicate it and make a mint from that. Another room then, will contain a locket on a long chain (So that it can fit on Ruby in both forms, though the pony form would have to wrap the chain a few times around her neck). It will be pretty uninteresting, with the chain being silver, the locket gold, and covered in a generally worthless /these days anyway) gem called... Let's go with Volcano Rubies. Spicy would suggest just melting it down for the gold and sell the chain separately, after they crack it open to see what may be inside. Ruby may feel something within that she wants and feels that if the locket is broken open, that thing will be gone, so she'd be fiercely protective, and would want it for herself. Her very own precious. To make a link that may eventually be possible to follow, let's say that what's inside is a... Actually, you know what? There's nothing inside (unless you wantone that can be open and hold some pictures or whatever), it's the outside that's important, as the gold could just be gold-covered scales from an elder dragon. That sort would be more a novelty than anything for a pony, but for dragons? To hold a piece of ancient dragons that still feels like a sliver of the primal, raw power of their kind is embedded within? That would be essentially priceless. Your thoughts on this?