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  1. Blitz Boom

    Private The Æther Project

    @Illiad Easle "Fortunate for him as well, as I would have gotten defensive. I am willing to partake in much, but involuntary surgery to investigate my inner parts, are not among those. I may be willing to offer some samples of non-vital parts though, in reasonable amounts. Once I get to know the place better that is. I would prefer to know it is one I can trust, that does such a thing." There were also the matter about conventional pain meds not working on him to consider, which made surgeries painful, and not something he wished for Brittle to see. And right now, she were too fra
  2. @Illiad Easle Understandable. I got something out now though, and hopefully getting the Æther Project done soon too. Best of luck with your studies.
  3. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) "Not a lot to say about myself, frankly. When I was six, some townsfolk wanted to trim my feathers, because of what I could do. Didn't want me flying around. But they botched it, and I ended up losing my whole wing. ...Don't think I've ever seen dad as hurt as he were, when I woke up, and he knew he had to tell me I'd be stuck ground side for the rest of my life..." That one still stung to remember. Even more than knowing that she were doomed, which is what tore into her at the time. It'd be years before she could look past that, and understand
  4. @Rising Dusk Whoops, missed the post. Must provide boops!
  5. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Midnight_Aurora "H-ooooney. Honey." The odd mare seemed to taste the word as she tried it out, and trotted after Cacora. She had nothing better to do, so she'd follow this new friend, until she thought of something else to do. "Smell... You hunt? Honey hunt?" She'd start to sniff the air, but didn't know what honey were, so it were hard to single it out. If she could be shown it though, she may be able to help, as her sense of smell were rather good. Mostly she had experience with blood, but ponies were not food. She understood that much, and could end up helpful. If gi
  6. @Midnight_Aurora The one I picked for Cacora is a new one. Rather literally. She were spawned to deal with another problem, made by a draconequui, because that's how you sort issues as one of those: You make a new one, to deal with the former one, and sees how that goes. She's a friendly one, currently nameless, and you'll have to forgive her broken speech. It's been less than 20 hours since she were teleported from the sea, and mutated, so she's still getting used to words. ====================================================================== @Kujamih ...E
  7. @Illiad Easle Sorry for a short one today, but work, then WoW raid, so had to hurry things a bit. It'll get better next time.
  8. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) "We may as well try the theater first. If they're out helping around, we could at least leave a note, and have them come to meet with us." The theater had clearly seen better days. Twice, actually. It were nearly in ruins, and actually condemned, before it were originally given to Hive Cheshire. They managed to fix it up well, including via using changeling bile to harden up cracks, which were then painted over in time. Now the paint had more or less cracked off in many places, and the sign once saying this were a theater, now read *Hive Cheshi
  9. @Illiad Easle This should cover roughly how the main part of Briar's body functions. Hope it makes sense. I were thinking of the gender thing as I wrote that, and frankly, this felt right for their kind for some reason. They're not flesh and blood, so no need to function exactly like those either. So let me know if you have questions or comments to it.
  10. Blitz Boom

    Private The Æther Project

    @Illiad Easle "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Dr. Conegher. My name is Briar Trapjaw, and this is my ward and friend, Brittle Buzz. Regarding allergies, I have none. Unless you count an adverse reaction to fire, due to my kind being rather flammable, as I am sure you can understand. I am not certain what an X-ray is, I'm afraid, but I doubt it will do much to harm me. My kind are closely build up as ponies, but are not exactly the same, as some of our internal makeup are required for other things. Such as my vines, which are made of smaller strands, spread throughout my bod
  11. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Midnight_Aurora Once the shadows were entered, Cacora would find that she wasn't alone anymore. Something - or somepony - were buzzing above her, and if she looked up, she'd see a pair of large eyes, with small pupils, starring down at her. Not with malicious intent though. It seemed more like whoever it were, were just curious and trying to sort of judge how she were. If light got cast in here, or her eyes got more used to the darkness, Cacora would find that she'd be able to see more of the other one, and well... Fitting for Ponyville, it were a strange sight. It appeare
  12. @Califorum I see some similarities, so kudos for catching that. xD ============================================================= @Califorum Issue is that I can only go by what is written. So I see manor, I have to assume it is a large house somewhere. And when I don't know where the somewhere is, it becomes troubling. Especially as this RP is spread around varied places in Equestria, currently. A lot of somewhere to chose from.
  13. @Quinch I have no idea how it got this far, but thank you.
  14. @Illiad Easle (New Las Pegasus) This almost made Null smirk a little, while she chewed through her bread, as she had some idea of whom were helping to look out for the foals. Void always were a caring mare, who wanted to look out for others, and with their shared experience with the facility, she'd volunteer in a heartbeat, if she were offered the help. And frankly, calling her not broken, would be a rather large lie. Though she supposed, it were in a different way. And Void had gotten better. She didn't say any of this aloud though, as frankly, she had other things on her m
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