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  1. @woodchunks66 Sorry to hear that school is taking all your time and brain power. We'll welcome you back in any capacity if you feel like you have the energy for it of course. When you're ready.
  2. @Holiday Agnaktor Well that's a shame, but long as you're happy. Remember though: If the feeling strikes you at some point, we'll still be here. I'm far too lazy to move. have you been doing well?
  3. Open Casual stroll

    @Dji "To move forward, one must sometimes step back." Zhu was focusing more on the walls than what Karmic was saying right now honestly. There might be a mechanism, or a place the spell were stronger that could be seen as an origin for it. If either could be found, they may find the path out, or a way to disable this trap. Though he had gone through many kinds of spells and kept some ready for situations that seemed dire, sensing magic was not his strong suit, and neither were unraveling magic, like some of the more knowledgeable Kitsune and Unicorns could do. They had an intricate knowledge of how magic worked, and as it were part of them normally, they could work with it easier. He on the other paw, had to learn his craft like a mage of old, and that caused some limitations, such as time to cast a spell, and the more personal level of magic. He might have wind magic as part of himself, but it wasn't the raw potential of the magically inclined races, so it were not as effective. He could not even do as well as the so called *Heretics*, or *witches* depending on your perception of things. The earth ponies who learned magic that were not meant for them. Still, he would work with what he had, and scour the walls as they moved along. perhaps he would find something, or get a vague sense of what magic held them here, and where the source were exactly. ============================================================================================================ @Widdershins Happy's eyes narrowed as Ambie talked badly about his queen. He had been ordered to leave this one be, and he would follow that, but so help him if the hybrid talked badly about Onache much more... Hives and queens might not mean anything to Ambie, but to him, it was everything. It was purpose, home, and family. Without the hive, and the queen who ruled it, he had nothing. Just a cart and a life on the road, consisting of selling booze and leeching love off gullible equines. He could live with doing that now because he felt like he did it for somepony, but if he were to just wander without a goal, or somepony to follow? He'd end up going mad, or worse. "Hey, that's my queen you're talking smack about there. And you don't know the sort of pressure she's under, or what it does to you to lead and feed a hive. It's like taking care of a village of children all by yourself. Have to get some thick skin for that, and not get too attached to strangers." Whilst he didn't consider himself swayed by foolish arguments and empty promises, Happy had gotten pretty indoctrinated overt he years. Even if he had originally gone with her off his own will, as the hivemind didn't keep a crushing control over him, Onache had done well in making him believe everything she said. Not by forcing her will on him, but just by showing him the facts of life from their perspective, and then play along with the instability of his mind in the early years to make him think that only she would accept him, understand him, and give him purpose. By the time he had gotten himself properly under control, he had already been hooked for far too long, and at this point, he were as obedient as any of the drones who didn't have a choice in the matter. "The head thing will pass soon enough by the way. Just her testing to see if you'd react like a pony or a changeling if she tried to communicate with you, the Changeling way. Seems like the connection just wasn't there." He knew well what she had tried to do, but not entirely sure why. She were always so adamant on only getting the strong there, even if they only spoke about the labor force, and Ambie were... Well, Ambie. Strong or versatile wasn't really the words he'd use to describe the goof, so the best bet he had were that she just wanted to see if a hybrid could be swayed. Still seemed a bit odd though, but she were his queen. It wasn't his place to question her. ====================================================================================================================== @Widdershins The blast didn't affect Rose, Grim or Sorrow much, but as were sadly evident, their guest had been hit rather severely. Apparently it were more literal than expected when ponies talked about the Draconequus race being spirits of something. "Grrr, now there's two of them loose in my house. I will not tolerate this!" "H-Hey Rose, please relax." Sorrow followed after the irate mare into the room where the skull laid silently in a pile, half-way covered by books, and the shovel that the inhabitant of this residence picked up. Sorrow wanted the skull so she could get ready to gather up the loose spirits again, so she had more some ulterior motive for going in here right now, but she also wished to try and calm down her friend. She seemed pretty angry right now, and considering what she had done to Widders just before... Oh boy, wouldn't be good if she suddenly went loose and looking for a target. "Shut up, Sorrow You don't know what that... That... Pumpkin-headed monster did to my garden. I'll find both of them and chase them out myself if I have to." While the two of them were at it, the vague words of Widders caught Grim's ear, who started to follow it. He were next to useless when it came to gathering up the spirits anyway, so he might as well see if he couldn't make himself useful, and find the Draconequus, wherever he were. Well... Wherever both of them were. Perhaps not at the same time. he didn't know how territorial those creatures were. ============================================================================================================ @Lloyd "I will not be interrogating you. Your fates are up to the generals, and Advisor Dew. Warlock however, is mine." He looked on as the guards opened up the padded cell and clamped Warlock to a bed in there with a crude slab of metal around, locked with a clamp. They had to hurry to make something, so until a proper chain could be made, they had gotten the two ponies in the forge to whip up a band of metal, embed some of the anti-magic rings they usually wrapped around unicorn's horn in it, and then make a link that could both close it and make it still have the properties of the closed rings. It wasn't perfect, and it were going to feel rather tight on Warlock, but he would be able to breathe relatively normally, until Benny returned and he could get to work on making a proper chain. Hopefully this one had enough of the anti-magic properties to keep him in check. If not... Well, it was his interrogation chamber for now. He would do what he had to in order to keep Warlock subdued. Before he walked into the room - with the guards he had around him following to provide a protective detail around it, just in case - he turned to Iron Wing and salutes the fresh life on top of the food chain. "I'll take it fro here, General Wing. You should escort the witches to the throne room and begin talking. it shouldn't be long before the others arrive." Upstairs, the front door to the castle would open and reveal a strange group wandering in. General Screecher in front, looking as stoic and composed as ever, followed by Benny, who were walking on his hind legs for now, which were rather unusual. He claimed that it was uncomfortable for him to walk this way, and preferred to be on all fours if he could help it. Straight behind him were a sheepish-looking changeling in guard armor at least two sizes too big. A scar went over one of his eyes, from an old injury that had made him blind in said eye, though right now he seemed to be more nervous and terrified than reminiscent about that. Potentially because of the two mares walking on either side of him. Both dark with swirling, purple vortexes as cutie marks, yet one was a large earth pony with a glass eye and a dark, wooden leg, and the other was a small pegasus, lacking her right wing. Both of them had saddlebags jingling with something, though what was obstructed from view currently. ============================================================================================================= @Battenberg Pop were the first to grab the hoof of Heather, whilst Toxen stood besides her with her hands in front of her mouth, trying not to laugh. Something which she were failing horribly at, but at least the sound was muffled. "Hello there, my name's Circle Pop, and this here's Toxen." She looked to her right quickly as she shook, focusing on a violet flower with delicate petals gently moving from the wind coming in. "You have a beautiful store. Many of these plants I usually don't see in this good condition actually, but then again, I do have a little issue keeping plant life. Mom always said I should just stick to cacti, since I wouldn't have an easy time withering those." The hooves were disconnected, but before she had the chance to move anywhere, Toxen wandered over and wrapped her arm around the neck of Heather, and booped the air right in front of her nose with a big, silly grin on her face. "Hehe, nice meeting ya Heather, and thanks for the show. Nice save by the way. Really thought you'd end up getting yourself in bigger trouble then you ended up with.." "Toxen, not everypony likes that." The dragoness put on an obviously fake offended face on, and rose a hand to her chest. "Well ain't Benny rubbing off on you nicely, Mrs. Buzzkill. I'm just doing mine to be all friendly like to you folks tend to like. I'm integrating and everything here." She looked down on Heather and rolled her eyes, whilst pointing at Vicky and Pop with a thumb. "Can you believe these guys? Ain't a funny bone left in 'em." It were starting to dawn on Pop why Toxen didn't seem to have anypony to talk to, even though she had been in this town for years. She were doing her best to be friendly and be nice to ponies, but she went too far and became pushy, and somewhat clingy. That along with her sarcastic nature... Well, she didn't want to say that Toxen were a lonely type, but something told her that there was more reason than helping her dad behind why she hung around Vicky and her. Or she was off the mark and the dragoness was just a massive goofball. It could go either way honestly. Though regardless, Vicky might want to step in and sort things out soon. Both so that they could actually get along with things, and to potentially handle some weirdness between Heather and Toxen, depending on how the mare took this behavior. =========================================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine Things were happening too fast for Filigree right now. Her head felt like it was spinning further and further down a deep hole, and her vision were murky, shared between the cear vision of the crystal side of her, and the blurred vision of her regular eye. She didn't have the focus, or the mind power right now to react fast enough to- Well, everything. Ropes, rocks, wings and legs tied together whilst pies - literal pies! - were pelting her from every direction. She attempted to fight back, but having her movement restricted and vision completely covered in pie crust and creme, she were just firing randomly. Rosa looked at the scene both impressed and a little disappointed. Considering what he had read of his mother's plan, seeing how she were getting crushed by a simple assault like this just seemed too easy. The joined attack were great mind you - restricting movement and covering her in pie to relieve her of her basic sensory skills - but it was... Oh crud. He didn't have the time to think it through before the entirety of Filigree suddenly blasted outwards with a shockwave that would knock anypony near her away, and every rope, rock, bolas or speck of pie off her being. "You are fools! The vessel is nothing, we are the true masters!" Most of Filigree's face were covered now, by the appearance of what seemed to be the beginning a rather angry looking, crystalline bull head. What was still left of Filigree seemed to show her being unconscious, with the rapidly growing gems layering over the parts of her that was still fleshy, and adding bulk to the rest. Several daggers came flying towards the beast, but got blasted away whilst the crystal parasite glared at Rosa. "The vessel's little mongrel think you can save her? Foolish, pathetic bag of flesh. Noone can be saved from us." An array of beams were sent their way now. The worst of them would be taken by Omen opening gates - who would then get them to hit the ground elsewhere via an exit gate - but the rest still required some degree of finesse from the rest to avoid. If they go hit, they'd end up in serious problems, like Belladonna had earlier, Especially Sen should be aware, as he were carrying their end game: The refraction, that were wakening up from all the noise and hissing whilst looking for the one yelling. If Lin started to throw the liquid, she would find it would be effective too. Like it was poison, the creature taking possession of Filigree would let out a yelp and step back, whilst layers of gem would just melt away. It would be effective in exposing flesh beneath, but they'd have to think smart. It wasn't too many bottles they had gotten with them after all.
  4. @Lucid_Nightlight Oh right, forgot they were in that scene too. Well, let's wait and see what they say about that one. Good to see you're still around though.
  5. @Widdershins Nah, most of the stories you are in are separated. There is either just you and Dji, or you and me. We can have some patience, and then see you come back with a vengeance, after you have defeated the Japan region's Elite Four and claimed your title as champion. Remember to bring plenty of Full Restore. ================================================================================================ While I'm here, might as well see if I can get some contact to some of the lost ones I haven't seen in a while, so here we go mentioning then. @genessee @cwhip9 @Seamore Sandwich @Lucid_Nightlight @Lil' Lovebug @The Resident Brony @woodchunks66 @Holiday Agnaktor @GingerLightning I think that was them. Those I can remember right now at least. Anyway, if any of you see's this: Come by and say hello. Not seen any of you in a while, (varying degrees of time though) and figure it can't hurt to see what happened to you all.
  6. Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine The rest barely had the time to properly hide before a shard of color-changing gem broke through the surface of the earth a few meters away from Sen. It'd soon be followed by an entire block of pointed changeling emerald, which cracked in half once it had fully surfaced, revealing the mare that had imprisoned Belladonna a half hour or so ago. Even more of her were covered in gems now, with her tail now noticeably fully encased, and waving into a large, bushy tail behind her. Filigree looked towards Sen with a growing anger in her eyes, once she saw that he were there. "You... Come back to try and s-stop me? You won't have the chance. P-Perish!" Her words were oddly slurred as she spoke, and fired a blast that would hit just right of where the longma stood currently.. "Won't get away this time... I'm your g-god now." The mare's exposed eye narrowed, whilst the somewhat slurred voice threw threats at Sen, whom she currently thoughts were Lin. Her vision was clouded, and from the way she slightly swayed and had sweat wandering down her face and non-encased body areas, she frankly seemed sick. Something had seemingly infected her fleshy side, which were good in the sense that she were less accurate right now, but seeing as the crystals were visibly growing over her now, her resistance to be completely overtaken were hampered as well, and the gem part did not have the issue with whatever plagued her. The glassy, icy eye that followed Sen with a burning passion spoke well of that, and from the looks of things, the face was going to get encased fully within a matter of minutes. Whatever time he had to work with here whilst the two sides were unable to correctly work together between their stages, were rapidly diminishing, and he would do well in taking advantage of it whilst he had the chance. ============================================================================================= @Dji "A trap on a path already hidden. Something must be worth protecting for this to be needed." What could be so important that they'd actively trap a section like this? A path to Luna's room? The royal coffers? Some kind of room with old, dark secrets hidden from plain sight? It seemed foolish to keep something like that close, but then again, Celestia had decided to keep the statue of Discord in the garden, and see where that had lead. Mother were not perfect, much as he had once thought otherwise, so perhaps something were indeed hidden that could cause much pain in the world of Equestria if set loose. However, they were currently trapped in it now, so he could not simply let it be and then think it best to leave undisturbed. They were going to need to find a find a way to pass out of it. "A way should be to let one out again, we must examine the area we are stuck in better. If a path is not shown, we will make out own." He would prefer not to go that route, as it might crash some of the foundation and leave him without a trinket he had likely use for eventually, but among the things he carried there were something which could work to force their way through a wall. A potential, yet less elegant way to exit, in case they didn't find a center for this spell, or a way to pass through it normally. =========================================================================================== @Lloyd Hailstorm did not hesitate in going over and striking Warlock in the back of the head, knocking him out once more if he were still enough of a normal pony to have the pressure points to hit. Part of his training to neutralize his targets without using excess force, so it was either this, or a headlock until the oxygen had been cut off long enough to cause the pony to pass out. It was far too touchy for his comfort, considering what kind of pony he were dealing with, but for the sake of the kingdom he'd do it if needed. "The seer I refer to, is called Zhu. I only just heard we had him in custody before Warlock attacked, and I had planned a long session of questioning him once this was over. I heard he called himself The Stranger too, and wanted to see if I could connect some sightings to him." He had gotten some reports over the last few years about a hooded figure calling himself that, being near areas where things of varying degrees of good or bad happened, and he had hoped to gain some answers. Sadly, that seemed to have to be another time, as the prisoner had escaped. He would have to get a full overview of how he looked with and without the robe and then send out some wanted posters after this. One way or another, he were going to get that Serpanther in and get some answers. ============================================================================================ @Battenberg "You must have a big family since there's so many spread all over town. It must be nice." "Depend son if she gets some breathing room from 'em. I got six brothers and a sister. Trust me, you don't wanna get cramped in with that many in the same turf." Pop knew how big a family Benny had, so this sentence from the dragoness didn't surprise her, yet she still didn't think it was that justified. Dragons and ponies weren't the same, so a big, closely-knit family would likely be seen upon differently from both sides. She for one would've loved to have more than just one brother, whereas Benny had said things like Toxen just had. Though to be fair, he was the youngest, so he was the butt of their jokes more often than not. Little brothers had to go through a bunch. She knew, she had one. "It's a big town, I'm sure it's fine. Besides, it's always nice to have some family around in case you need somepony to talk to, or help you out. Like you're doing with your father." "Yeah, you got a point there. Since when did you become all smart, rugrat?" Pop didn't flinch as much this time, as the dragoness ruffled her mane, though she still didn't find it too comfortable. It seemed to be something she were going to have to go through a lot when she ended up in family with Toxen, considering how often she had done this already. A bit demeaning since it kinda looked like she thought of them as puppies or something, but she'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Might just be that since dragons weren't much for hugs, ruffling eachother like that was the next best thing, and she couldn't let go off it. Or she was just messing with them. It was hard to say. "So Victoria, think you can tell us about your cousin? What's she like, beyond a little too positive for your taste? And what's her store like?"
  7. Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis @woodchunks66 "I'll get you some water right away." Ziggy zoomed in to pick up one of the bottles of water she kept around for various reasons - mostly drinking and cleaning minor wounds - and went back out again. Her patient seemed weak, but he was alive, and the toxins had been expelled alright. Pheeewie a ripe one he had let out, but like she had said, it wasn't going to be pretty. Frankly he was lucky from the looks of things. Yellow meant it was getting into the dangerous stages like she had thought, and if he had been away for just an hour or so more... Oh the poor thing. Praise Celestia that it hadn't gone that far. She looked down on the stallion when she came out again, towering a head or so over him like with most others around here, and reached the open bottle towards him with a smile on her muzzle. "Here you go. Try to drink some of it after you're done cleaning your muzzle, okay? You're pretty dehydrated right now, and you need to get your fluid balance in check again." Just in case, she had brought another bottle out with her, but hopefully he'd be able to make due with this. She could get on to answering his questions about where he was after that, but it wasn't like there'd be an issue with that. it was a slow morning, and everything was great. Aaaaand that was when Silver burst out of her hut, and had a go at the other Zebra's boss, who had now been identified. Unfortunately, the one in question turned out to be the one pony less welcome by most ponies she had heard utter his name than even the Blackwaters themselves. Not the regular, sorta intimidating way, but like *Pink slips poking out of pockets* sort of thing. Getting fired was among the top things on most ponies lists here, with the sentence *Meeting Jasper Cragg* being about the same or above on that list from what she figured. She hadn't really paid attention to many of the stories, as she wanted to think nicely about others, and hearing only bad things gave a wrong image, but Jasper seemed like a really unpopular pony. Truth be told, his attitude kinda gave off the impression that the bad words weren't completely unjustified. Who went to a place just to brag and rile others up this way if it weren't for a bad reason? Except for some comedians, but they delivered it better. He couldn't be all that bad though, right? He had let his worker help her with the poor stallion that had gotten poisoned, and the one she had heard snippets about wouldn't be like that, right? Okay, truth be told, she wouldn't know exactly how much the quarry despised him, or if his reputation matched the arrogant stallion that were here now. If she had to be completely honest, the only things she did know about him were that he were competition that Mr. Blackwater didn't like, and that he shouldn't be talked about, just in case the owner of the quarry heard it and got irritated by it. Sounded pretty bad really, but again, she tended to walk away when the talk fell on him otherwise, so she didn't know that much. Should have known enough to have realized this when she heard his name the first time, but in all fairness, she had a patient at the time, and that tended to be more important to her. Well, sicne she couldn't hide behind ignorance being bliss, she were going to have to go for plan B then: Roll with it and hope for the best. Tended to work out one way or another. "Ooooh, That Jasper. That's uhm... Vauw, this is awkward then." Ziggy scratched the back of her head and turned tot he two unwelcome visitors, looking between them with a sheepish grin before settling on the zebra for starters, and inching over to see if she might be able to drag Silver away from Jasper before they got into an actual, physical fight. They were getting a bit too close for comfort right now. "It kinda sounds like I'd get in trouble if I showed you my potion book, but it's mostly just *Zethana's Mixology & Oddities* with a few recipes from my dad. The book's a ton of help if you'd wanna learn and can find it. Sort of like a *for dummies* the first forty pages or so. Thank you for helping getting the patient here. It really helped save his life." She gave Khosan a big ol' happy smile, though she regretted not being able to just rush over and hug it out like she usually did. But between trying to get Silver to walk away from Jasper and not wanting to make things worse by making it look like she were getting up close and personal with Mr. Blackwater's enemy's bodyguard, she had to keep it down for now. She really needed to find somepony or thing to hug after this... She were already feeling itchy. During her internal struggle between hug and don't hug, she'd end up looking towards Jasper and opening and closing her muzzle a few times, trying to find the words she could use. She didn't want to get in trouble for being too nice to him, and he were kinda rude in it to Silver, but he had been part in helping her outside patient. "...Thank you for the help, but please don't be mean to Silver. She's better happy and full of energy and smarts." A smile couldn't help spreading on her face, making her words seem less dire than those of Silver by quite a bit, but she didn't really do angry and mean either. Best she could do was like the time when she thought Oglevy had been kidnapped for nefarious purposes, and kinda scowl for a limited time, but she couldn't muster that right now with all the things that brought her relief. But hey, the inventor mare seemed like she'd have angry words enough for all of them. Made her wonder if Jasper had done something personal to Silver at some point... Oooh, why had she never listened to any of the stories so she would've known?
  8. Open Casual stroll

    @Dji "The castle were build with the intent that it would last. I have no surprise that the secret halls withstand time as well." There was a time when he had even played in this place, unseen from the eyes of others, with the blessing of Celestia. She had known it was safe, and in their quieter times, she had even joined him for a few games of tag. Such innocent times it had been back then... A pity they eventually had to end. Even if they would meet up again, and she would somehow accept him, the innocence was gone. He had done too many questionable things in the name of balance to maintain his innocence, and he had been away from simple pleasures for so long that he didn't even know if he could enjoy those things anymore. Truth be told, he did not enjoy much about life anymore, but perhaps now that his chains were loosening, things might change. He had doubts about it, but he couldn't predict his own future, so nothing was certain. The thoughts would wander around his head as they made their way forth, towards whatever were at the end of this path. A room long forgotten perhaps? One in use that had simply never had a reason to use this path? Or was it more of an underground lair, used for storage perhaps? There were no shortage of options, but they would see soon enough. ======================================================================================== @Battenberg "Oh Victoria, don't beat yourself up over this." Though she had been slightly rattled at seeing Victoria show her old side again at the poorly timed joke, Pop didn't hesitate long to go over and gently embrace her new friend. "You're changing, but it takes time, and it was a bad timing on my behalf. Please, don't feel down over this." Suddenly, a pair of scaled hands join in around them, and the looming Toxen grinned down at them from above. "Yeah, you heard her sunshine. Ain't no being that's perfect out there, and, and it takes time to really get over yourself. Gotta get you some thick skin so you can take a bit of jest while we're down cracking you outta the shell. One squishy little layer at a time." She squeezed the both of them somewhat hard together, finding this highly amusing, and - considering the low *mmmm* sound - apparently also found them snugly. "Come on Vicky, set that frown upside down, and show this us who's the toughest mare in town." ======================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine @EQ_Theta "Are you crazy? Last time I used one of those, they destoooooooh, pretty thing." She looked at the creature with big eyes. It wasn't very chaotic, and frankly she thought it could use a few more arms and perhaps flaming wings, but still, it was not something she had seen before, so she liked it. Abnormal creatures were the best. "Aaawh, isn't he just adorable? Hello beardy creature, I'm Anomaly." She rose a hoof and waved with a big grin spread on her face, like a jack'o lantern without the light. "Did you make this? Ooooh, so wish I could show you what I made, but yellow mare seems angry when I mess with nature. She'd likely think even Datt Mamon were weird! Stone creatures just get no love." A sign poofed into existence over Fluttershy's head that had a downward arrow and the word *Buzzkill* above it. Not the nicest, but the truth should be heard. let there be freedom! =============================================================================================== @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine Considering how Omen historically did with string, Sen really should have known better than to hand some to her and tell her to spread it out. Within about a minute of the others putting their mind to other things, she would find herself wrapped like a sausage, tied between two rocks, without much of an idea about how it happened in the first place. "Help." Yet again, Rosa shook his head at the strange mare, and pulled the larger knife from the holster on his back. It was about twice the size of the throwing daggers, and the holster was clearly needed, as the edge were kept sharp enough to cleave a hair. It were not his most used tool, but some things could not be done with a thrown blade, and needed a more close up, personal touch. In this case, cutting loose the idiot who he frankly had no idea how had gotten stuck the way she had. "Just stick with the refraction and distraction. I think it's best to leave these to the rest of us." Speaking of which, Belladonna were currently attempting to use her horn to throw around a bolas she had been handled. It went wonky at first, but bit by bit she seemed to learn the intricate ways to actually use them, and improved. She would need a while to be as good as a hunter of course, as it were not as easy as snapping your fingers, but she were an analytical being. Objectively, she could learn from trial and error with things such as this with some degree of speed, and make a workable showing when it came to practice. "Never dealt with weaponry much, but this seems tolerable. Restrictive in nature without too many complexities beyond application. Considering how she looked last we saw her, I would suggest using these on only her back legs however. Her front ones had developed spikes, and would cutt hem off if it came down to it, though i suspect the main purpose would be to bind the wings, yes?" Suddenly, the earth began to slightly rumble beneath their hooves, paws, claws and what not, It wasn't much, but this area was not exactly known for geological events such as this - otherwise,a mine of this caliber would have been a substantial hazard to maintain - which left a few options. S large species of earth worms moving nearb y, an aftershock from a point further away, or the same thing that had caused the last rumbling that some of them had experienced. "There is a 87,4% chance that we are out of time to prepare. I hope that all are prepared."
  9. @Randimaxis Sorry for the delay, but many things, little time. I'll get a post done today or tomorrow.
  10. @Widdershins Sorry for the delay. Been visiting family this weekend, and I completely forgot to check the OOC. Sounds like you're stressed out of your mind these days mate, no wonder you haven't been around to check up on things. Poor sod. Don't worry about us as much as yourself, alright? And as for the others, brief is that Onache left, leaving Happy with Ambie, the dracopony lovers are fooling in the sky like you said, and in the mansion, you said something about wanting Widders blasted off with the spirits, so just a small setup there eventually, and I can go look for bits and pieces. All in due time though. And I usually don't go for evil really. But figured it'd be fun to have at least 1, with some morally questionable ones here and there. Onache might well ask a more worthy being like a changeling queen or a general about directions, but the most she'd do with a pony is telling them to direct her, and if they don't, she'll meddle with them. She doesn't think it's fitting to look at your food like they're equals. Honestly, your interaction with her is likely done. I just needed to set up that Happy knew where she was for a future engagement, and then she's gonna be more of a side-line character until further notice. Might use her again if other evil comes in, or if some of the new changelings comes in, and it can be a confrontation, but we'll see. Who knows really? If Onache could be converted/evolved, she might be able to feel remorse for what she had done and change to one who had to try to be better, with a lifetime of cruelty behind her to hold her back. Could be well interesting, but all in due time, no? Anyway, go eat, and get some sleep dude. When you eventually perhaps get to take the vacation too, I hope it will ease your mind a lot as well. Sounds like you could need it. Worry not about us. We'll likely still be here when you return, and things will have been normal for so long that you can weird everything up with more of an impact. Hehe.
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    @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine "I'll strike at her, and see if I can make some openings for your traps and assorted weaponry. If we can string her down, it will hopefully make things simpler." Belladonna had a weird few minutes to process currently. First being turned into crystal and now being soft and free again, on the ground and starring up at a weird, spotted mare with pale eyes, and a methodically flowing mane and tail. "New friend?" The assistant rose from the ground as she quickly assessed the situation and went through things so far. It seemed easy really. She had been blasted after applying two more needles to Filigree, then Discord had seemingly freed her and taken them away, leaving the bat pony to seethe with rage in the coal mine. Where they were now would likely be the diamond mine mentioned earlier to her by Clayton before they left him, and these the rest of the good alligned beings that were out to fix things. From the voice in her head, she could tell who had *spoken* with her for now, though she would still need to evaluate them herself. Clayton were not as perceptive as her, so she could not assume that all he had said would be correct. "No, I am the personal assistant of Clayton Quartz, Belladonna Venin. I take it that you are Omen, with the ones behind you being Sen, Shrimp, and Sub Rosa?" Omen nodded as the unicorn pointed to the ones she mentioned correctly. "Interesting. Now on to the next point of order. Discord?" She turned to the lord of chaos that was getting a talking to by Lin for his actions, or rather his percieved lack of such. "I believe I owe you thanks for the assistance in getting me out of there. It is greatly appreciated." She bent her neck towards him in a sign of gratitude. Not a situation she had expected, but it would be unseemly for her to recieve help and not show that she were pleased with it. "Are you certain it was a good idea to bring another civilian into this?" Before they had shown up, Rosa had been exaiming how Sen had done his performance with great interest. The longma seemed rusty in his movements, but he could see that with a little practise, he could end up being a great threat with weapons such as that. Perhaps he'd see some more when the fight eventually started. "Clayton were less equiped than I to deal with the issue, so I made him hide and took his place. As for you, I believe that your judgement of me is premature. You have not seen any action from me, and I posses no physical strains that would perclude me from being able to contribute to a fight. That I am not a sactioned guard does not mean that I am a liability, otherwise I could say the same for you. You posses no unform yourself, and simply cloak yourself in the darkness to strike unseen, which are less effective in daylight. What is to not make me think you were the useless civilian instead?" Rosa rose an eyebrow at the well spoken lashing that he had recieved, but decided against pursuing it further. It sounded like they had a battle closely by now, and they needed to focus on that, rather than him arguing with an assistant as to who were the most useful in a fight. "Regardless, how close are she to get here?" "If she needed to only find Clayton before, I would expect her to travel here next. It sounded as if she were aware of his location in Canterlot under normal circumstances, but unable to reach him, or she would not have said that I should fetch him when she heard his name. The defenses of Canterlot seemes to be an issue for her currently, and if not, she will simply be able to destroy some of his property, not find him. I would expect her arrival to be with 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on if she goes straight here, and if her speed have been increased in her current state." Belladonna went on to describe how Filigree looked when they had seen her, though Omen just went over to Sen instead for now, and let the others about doing the thinking work. "I can get Shrimp to bat mare. Wait til she is on the ground?" ============================================= @Lloyd Hailatorm were quiet for a ling time, and pondered what he had been told. "It is not an easy situation to evaluate. If something is horrid enough, action needs to be taken, but at the same time, I cannot condone actions like this... I believe this will be a situation for the generals to evaluate at the meeting, as it involves the Warlock situation. General Wave should be arriving soon, and I were informed just before this that General Screecher arrived at the station, and should be on her way with some associates. It will be more fitting for them to pass judgement on this." While they walked, there were indeed some movement on the station. Where Benny, Null and Void arrived, and were met with both General Screecher, and the changeling disguised as a solar guard. They'd be on their way, and should arrive within the next ten minutes. Meanwhile, Sapphire's group had reached the prison, and were stopped by a guard holding a dented helmet in his hooves. Hailstorm pointed tge guards dealing with warlock to keep walking, whilst he looked at the seemingly groggy guard. "What's going on?" "A rock hit me on the head sir, and when I woke up, we..." "Spit it out." "The seer escaped sir. Along with some drunk mare we placed in to sleep it off." A thick wrinkle went over Hailstorm's forehead as the message were handed to him. He detested having to deal with things not going right in the castle, and a prison break? By somepony they had to be kept in check? The generals were not going to be happy about this. ======================================== @Battenberg (Before leaving the shop) "What we don't do for family, right? He ain't yours, so I ain't judging you for trading a bit to help out. Long as both parts feels gravy about it, there ain't a cow on the ice in my book." Honestly, all Toxen would judge on were the weird trade. A hair for a flower? What sorta weird economy happened here? Then again, in her old home, they traded gems for trophies sometimes. Perhaps a little weird to these ones too, though she would consider a nice necklace of shark teeth having some more cool factor than a flower. Might be a dragon thing though. (After leaving the shop and gearing Victoria's comment) "I don't know, do you think Canterlot has enough flowers for that?" Pop held a hoof in front of her muzzle after she said that, whilst Tozen bellowed out another laughter that made a few assorted strangera to turn and look at them. "Bwahaha! Oh snap, the rose is showing her thorns." The mare felt slightly embarrassed, and a red tint spread on her cheeks. "I'm sorry Victoria, I don't know where that came from." "Oh come on, show some pride. That was an excellent stab at her." A small smile spread on Pop's lips as the dragoness praised her for her little unfortunate outburst. It was true that she did feel it was pretty good, but she liked to get along with others, and usually only were like this towards those she felt close to, like Benny. It felt a little early to be like this around these two, even though they were as friendly as could be, but apparently she were opening up without realizing it. ================================ @Dji "Perhaps they know, yet they might know this too. But there is a little time to spare. I will follow, and see where your vision guides us." Honestly. He were very curious about what this would lead to, but he tried to keep that down. It involved his old nanny after all, and potentially a situation after he had left in silence, following the incident where he had decided that he needed to leave. It would strain the time he had to use for his other engagement, but it should still work. Moving with some more haste after this should alleviate the time needed, and if he were correct, the one he needed to meet were in need of some time to rest regardless. It should still work. He would shut the hidden door behind them, just in case, and waited for Karmic to move on before he'd follow. Whilst turned towards her though. He didn't look at her, and instead relied on his hearing, and the information he gathered by tasting the air with his forked tongue. He did not want to see more of her future right now, or hear her complain about tentacles across her mind. In a way, he envied her version of sight. She could still look at others, and not find herself see what could be unfold with no control. Even if her visions came randomly, she could still gaze upon othes and attempt some semblance of a regular life, whilst his curse removed that chance from the start of his life. The blank spots he met were far and few between, and only Celestia had ever been able to devise a spell to block his vision, and he could not share that with anypony, as he had never learned that one. An oversight that he had regretted several times in his long journey through this life. (Sorry for no colors, but on the phone. I hope it is still readable)
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    @Lloyd Hailstorm frowned slightly at what he heard. Murder? Sapphire's sister being the accomplish to a great evil? Body snatching? Their family tree seemed dark and twisted if what they said were true, and it elft a disturbing thought in his mind: What if the sister who could take bodies, were already within the castle? A paranoid thought for sure, yet one that he had to take into account when it came to Warlock, as he had seen the kind of thing he could do when he was free. They couldn't chance him being released again. "Change of plans. Retrieve the chain from the prepared cell and bring it to us. We're putting him into isolation cell 7." One of the guard nodded and went off to get the prepared sort-a chain they had gotten ready so far, whilst another took off to prepare the ones standing in wait to move further down into the cell block. The isolation cells were normally not that huge of an issue for prisoners. They were put there to either stew in their own thoughts for a few hours, keep them safe from other prisoners, or as impromptu drunk tanks, where the drinker could sleep it off in peace. Isolation cell 7 however, had been one they had some issues with in the past, which caused it to be quite heavily reinforced. Two layers of thick steel, bars from bottom to ceiling on every wall, the possibility of introducing a sleeping agent from the ventilation hole - where the path were lined with too many bad things to trespass unless you were the size of a roach - and most importantly: It required three keys to open. That was the main reason he wanted to use this one now, rather than one if the other isolation cells that he believed would have done better under other circumstances, and would also be watchable. Cell 7 had no windows and only a single door, so you were unable to look out, or to be looked in at. It was a safety risk to not have him under constant visual observation, but so it were to have his friend suddenly sneak in and unlock his cell. "And unless you wish for me to prepare another cell miss, I would ask you to justify your actions. Confessing to murder is a serious oiffence" The general might intervene here, but he still felt like this needed to be turned and taken into consideration when it came to the talk on what would happen with these heretics. It was a serious crime that were brought into things now, and it may well be damning enough to end up getting Sapphire arrested on the same terms as Warlock. Astral too, if she had any part in this as well, which would be somewhat sad. He did not wish to punish their saviors, but the law was the law, and the circumstances in which a murder would not be met with justice were scarce. ======================================================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine @EQ_Theta "Oh, that silly thing? Doomsday cult brought me back to life, tricked by Zhu. They thought they got a destroyer. Hehehehe, they were wrooooong. I couldn't remember anything from my previously, apparently evil life, so Zhu took me away and taught me how to be a good draconequuui on a deserted island. That's my home now, and I keep changing it around to be more fun! Except the beaches, you don't go down there. Squid monkey's rule that turf." She shivered at the thought. She might be able to remake them into something else, but there were a lot of them, and they were viciously aggressive. THey'd get some good stabs in on her before she'd be able to keep them under control. And that would count for every colony of them, which were frankly a good deal. Better to just leave them be for now, until she thought of some kind of animal she could use that could handle them, without making it even worse. That's what happened when she made the squid monkeys in the first place, when the harpoon crabs got too feisty. Once were enough to teach her about the cause and effect of escalation warfare. "Oh well, home sweet, crazy home. Where everything knows my name, and only about a third of them tries to eat me." ======================================================================================================================== @Battenberg "A scale? Sheesh, you folks need some odd stuff for your brews, but alright." Toxen grabbed hold of a scale around a fourth the size of her hand, that were placed near the start of her tail and drew a deep breath, squinted her eyes, and pulled roughly. A yelp escaped her as the hardened scale tore off and got clenched in her hand whilst she mumbled obscenities. A tear rolled down from her eye as she griped with the pain, but she wasn't gonna go all out weeping. Her mom would never let her hear the end of it if she heard that, though she'd likely point out the hole in her scales now instead. That was gonna be about as fun as pulling a scale off. "Son of a diamond dog that hurt. Bad day to have gotten the loose scales wriggled out." A service at the place she went for a beauty treatment were to have the dull scales that were replaced with never ones and were just in the way, removed. She had gladly taken that then, but right now, she were starting to regret that. Aaaand that was when the zebra told her that she didn't need it straight away, and that she could've just picked one up. Come on! "Nuhuh, you're taking this darn thing now if I have to chain itt o ya. That hurt way too much for it to have been to waste. And I'll fetch your coal alright, if that's what it takes. Whatever's needed to get dad down and sleeping again." "*cough* Well, we should be on our way and fin the flower and your coal then miss. Come on girls, there have to be a flower merchant around here somewhere." Pop had let the others talk here since it seemed like the thing to do, as they were addressed, and not her. It had given her some... Interesting thoughts about them, as she saw how her friends went on their way with forking over what they needed to. Toxen were brazen, and not hesitating much when it came down to handing over a scale, and it seemed to hurt a good deal too in the moment. It must've been pretty well stuck. Honestly she found this admirable, and a good sign that she wasn't gonna delay helping her dad, but as were evident after that, when it was confirmed to her that it didn't have to be her own, it did make it painfully obvious that Toxen were a bit more rash in it than was for her own good. Benny's big sister indeed. Victoria... It made sense honestly, n ow that she had the time to think on it. The mare were still rather vain, and that she'd want something for her hair did seem somewhat in character to her, but in the moment she had thought what the hay she were doing. It had seemed rather brazen to ask for something in here for a hair, even if the zebra agreed with it. But there was nothing to be done there. The scale had been harvested, the hair and flower had been exchanged, and now they just needed some foxglove, and a bag of coal. Seemed simple enough. ===================================================================================================================== @Dji "So your visions can be guided then. Interesting." Zhu came to a halt, as Karmic focused on a piece of the wall that he were not even aware had something behind it. "The one that you saw, were my nanny. The only pony Celestia trusted enough to watch me when she could not be there. Not that you would find proof of it. I were always hidden away, not to be seen, or to see others, for the betterment of all of us. I miss them both, but I had to make a choice. What consequences I might face now that I have attempted contact are solely on me. Perhaps I can tell you more later, though know this: My past is a secret I value, especially in this time, so what you learn should be kept to yourself. You have seen what I am willing to do to get things settled correctly." It was a threat, though considering how important he had said she might be, she might also realize it was a hollow one. There were not a way that he would do something irreversible to her, or something that would lead her towards seeking vengeance on the world, and him in general. Yet it was something he thought were worth an attempt, in case she did not realize that. "As for behind this wall, I were not aware that there were even a path. If your vision have shown it to you though, I find myself curious as to the meaning of it. Perhaps it is something that we are meant to encounter." He went over and pushed on the wall, feeling a slight movement from the old stonework. Pushing quite a bit harder would eventually get the section of the wall to move to the side, revealing a path even dustier than the one they had just been in. What a curious turn of events. ================================================================================================================ @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine Filigree would be aggravated and blast after the two of them all the while they were making their escape. Her aim seemed to have worsened though, as there were near misses, yet no hits. At least not on Lin, though with Discord, one could wonder what would be his deal. Would he even avoid it? Would he simply nullify everything, tired of the whole situation, and crush the remnant of the beast heart fused to Filigree's chest? Would he get Lin and him away, and continue the battle? This might well be decided right here and now, before they reached the exit, though it all would come down to one lord f chaos, and his unpredictable mood. Meanwhile, in the diamond mine, Rosa looked honestly impressed by the clever things that Sen made with the materials at hoof. he had known his share of hunters here and there, but they tended to be more predictable in their ways, and stick with making things meant for one kind of prey. This though? it seemed as if Sen were prepared to hunt basically anything that wasn't more than around double his size, or perhaps even bigger. Who knew what more he could make, in case he would have been faced with a bigger target than a bat pony. Take the flail he had been handed currently. As he stood and flung it around at varying speeds, testing the weight and force of the creation, he would admit that he were fairly impressed. He had not expected this from Sen before this. "Intriguing design. Balanced, moves with purpose and force. A rather powerful weapon, especially when you consider it was made from what was available. Impressive work." He swung around with it some more, testing and honestly seeming like he had the base idea, but were still somewhat clunky with it. "However, I think it's best if you use these. Usage of weaponry such as this isn't one of those things I adapt to easily. Perhaps when this is all over, we can exchange techniques?" He kicked a stone up into the air, then quickly flung a throwing dagger at it, hitting it on the side. Then another one flew and hit the pebble now jolting to the left, causing it to bounce back up, where it'd then get into a noose by a thin, steel wire that he tossed from his belt and jerked back at the right time to ensnare the pebble. Fluent movements, much as what Sen would do with his weaponry, just different techniques and specialties involved. "We used to train like this, and nopony graduated until they could hit the same pebble ten times in a row. It were not an easy one to pass." Sen might be surprised by how often infiltration involved knowing how to throw a knife right, or noose somepony without them really noticing what happened and such. If was mostly to distract, not to hurt though. There were times when he had to make a choice to cause some physical harm, but he prided himself in only doing what was necessary, and never leave any lasting injuries. It kept his conscious somewhat clear, and it tended to make the job easier too. The less that got hurt, the lesser the chance of somepony even finding out he had been there in the first place, and an effective spy would do the best to not let him or her be seen. Granted, he were nothing compared to his teacher, but still, nopony at the school really had been. hard to beat a mare who could seemingly vanish right in front of them, and remain hidden even when there was guards everywhere. "In any case, could you provide a demonstration on how these things work properly? I find myself curious as to how it would perform with somepony who've mastered them." While he said that, he went around and gathered up the throwing daggers again. It was all fine and dandy with a demonstration, but these things did not grow on trees, and with the ones that Sen had used, he were down to about a dozen. he had to conserve the remaining ones better than to just toss them all over the place. Never knew when he might need them. He used to have the same thoughts on Bolas's back in the day, before he ran out. one of the missions Thoraz had sent him on got the lot of them spent, and he hadn't had the time to reforge some new ones, nor even find the metal he tended to use for more streamlined versions. A pity, but his time and resources were limited currently. Thorax had given him amnesty and a chance to redeem himself, so it would hardly be fair for him to pester the king about needing things that he realistically didn't use that often. At least not until his kingdom had been properly established, and trades between them and ponies would result in a stream of revenue and goods. He might be able to make request at that point. To the side, observing everything, were Omen. Looking between the sleepy refraction trying to ruffle around on Sen's head to find a comfortable position to rest in, and the two weapon enthusiasts, there were no shortage of things to observe. She couldn't even lift a weapon properly, much less use it if she suddenly had a weird urge to do so one day, so seeing the two of them go at it were intriguing. Drew her in like a moth to the flame, though hopefully without getting burned.
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    @Lloyd Captain Hailstone looked after the two mares leaving the room with the guards. They were both an issue and a blessing currently, as their magic might go against them, but at the same time, they'd know best how to handle Warlock if he woke up. As things stood, he would not personally have taken the chance of leaving them with the guards, just as a safety precaution, but the words from Advisor Dew were clear, and the former general did not take decisions like that without being certain. He could have disobeyed if he wanted to, though even if he did not technically have any military power anymore, Dew hadn't been dethroned yet, so to speak, so going against his word would be looked at unfavorably by the others. Besides, Hailstorm trusted the old stallion's judgement, especially in a time of crisis. They'd been through that enough for him to have proven his worth in that regard. The new general would need to prove his worth too, if he wanted the respect his new rank required, but Iron Wing had done surprisingly well for his first day. Not perfectly by any stretch, but he had sprung to action instead of freezing up. A good start, yet they'd see more eventually. For the time being though, they had something to get sorted in the throne room, yet General Wing seemed to want to personally make certain that Warlock were secured in a cell, so they'd have to follow on a detour. Potentially for the better really. Meant he could keep an eye on the witches himself. "I was informed he had an accomplish, yes? Is her location known to any of you? ===================================== @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine The yelling and annoying pebbles drew the mare's attention, causing her beam to narrowly miss the group, and embedding a large chunk of crystal into the mine wall. The words she were given though... If Belladonna hadn't made her angry before, then Lin certainly had now. Her eyes flared with rage, and she spoke through clenched teeth as more some more crystal moved across her body, apparently fueled by the seething hatred that were being ignited at the impudence of what she saw as lower life forms. "You dare?!" With how enraged Filigree were at her now, she didn't miss the vial that the mare were trying to use either however, and stomped hard in the ground with her front, right hoof, causing a smaller tremor whilst crystals grew up between the longma hybrid and Belladonna. A little late in it though, unless it startled Lin and caused her to stop pouring too early. "Nopony will escape. You wi-Argh!" Taking advantage of the distraction to act rather than attempt to escape, Belladonna had launched the last two needles of green liquid into the neck of the deranged, crystal bat pony. It was a far higher dosage than she would ever normally use, but the first hadn't seemed to do much, and she could wait to take one at a time. She would only get one shot, and with the small smirk she sent Lin, she knew well what would happen because of it too, mere seconds before she were blasted and turned into smooth, multi-colored crystal. The somewhat satisfied expression were frozen on her face, and would remain so until they would be able to free her, or if the liquid had hit her leg, if she were able to maneuver well enough to free herself. Depending on if they could make sure that she wasn't just smashed to bits by Filigree that were. "Now it's your turn, you impudent welp!" Filigree had no interest in taking this outside, unless she had to hunt for the longma, so unless Lin wanted to be on an easy home field for Filigree, she would do best in running and luring the mare outside right away, or use her portals to escape. Otherwise, the next beam might not miss her, and who then would get back to warn the others? Meanwhile, at the others, Sen were getting to feel how Shrimp were feeling better. Namely that his bites were getting more insistent as he struck at the claws like a snake would, and trying to wriggle the catch away. General playtime like he had with Lin, but with more body parts than toys basically. A good way in seemingly having the little creature accept him more, which could only be a good thing, considering how often the refraction would likely hang around with them too in the future. Not always because Omen were off doing something stupid, but the option were certainly there. Rosa observed this, but mostly his gaze rested on Sen as he let out something that were seemingly a little touchy for him. An understandable feeling considering he subject matter he'd say. Getting exiled sounded absolutely horrid, depending on the village he lived in. Some smaller towns he had infiltrated back in the days were... Troubling, to put it mildly, and not places he'd suggest to anypony looking for a stable home. Yet Sen seemed to be less joyful about leaving his home, which likely meant it was one with some happy memories in, before his exile. "I'm sorry for your loss. Can't have been easy for you." Now, he knew what it was like to have lost home and never be welcome again. He had turned traitor to redeem himself somewhat, and there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest if he got anywhere near his former home, so that chapter was closed. It meant leaving his father behind, but the old stallion were barely there as it were now. His mind had been slipping in recent years, and it had gotten so bad that he could barely remember Rosa anymore unless he were taken through it for hours on end, and it just took longer every visit. It was painful to watch, but unfortunately, that was one of the things that could happen in the line of duty. It put a lot of stress on the mind to be a spy for that town, and his father had eventually cracked. It had gotten easier for Rosa to simply think that his father was no more. He was just a husk of the stallion that had once been, unable to recollect a life that was already highly redacted in the first place. His real father would eventually pass on and find his peace when the husk couldn't anymore, and when it happened, Rosa would be able to stop grieving for him. It would be the first joyful time in a long while, and harsh at it might sound, it was likely for the best that he had the last memories of the stallion be of one of his rare, lucid moments, where the two of them had been able to enjoy things for about a half hour, rather than seeing him in his final stages. It would only make it hurt more. The moment had been how his hunt had started off too originally. His father had remembered a box he had placed a few items in that his mother had left behind, which had intrigues Rosa as he had no memories off her. Only a single photo from when he were returned from the hospital, a few months before she left quietly. The details he had found out however, were less than pleasant. Things his father had chosen to hide rather than address, which made his original hopeful thoughts on how he could find her and perhaps reunite in joy, a thought that withered and died away the more he read. The words on how they were simply pawns in her game, and the overall feeling of contempt for them both shone through wuite clearly, which he could imagined must have been hard to hear from his father originally. He had not deserved to hear that from the mare he thought loved her, and when Rosa had read them, he had begun to think that he did the right thing in keeping this from his son. With what he read as he went through, a thing had stood out though, beyond the horrid, snide comments, and that were that she had some degree of grander plan that she had worked on for a long time, and with the last piece from Darkenhold, she would finally have it. It caused him to follow some old leads and eventually find another, more private residence of hers, that contained more information. Most of which he had in the file he carried now, that had brought him to attempt to track her down and stop her mad plan. He had also discovered however, that he had some other family. At least he had at some point, though so far it was hard for him to track him down. Filigree had never named the colt, and the papers in the Canterlot orphanage were gone, lost in a small fire some years prior to that. And as for them telling him... Well, that was of course out of the question according to their policy, regardless of the situation. It wasn't as if he could prove his heritage regardless, so he could understand them. Things from there had been slow, what with looking for Filigree and getting exiled, but he at least knew that his brother were alive, and in some capacity worked in Canterlot. It were something to go by, once they were done with everything here. Whenever that would happen. Hopefully soon, as otherwise, they'd end up with an unprotected mine and an even more irritated forepony. "Hunting techniques and traps could be useful here. Would you be able to do something effective with some blades, the materials in sight, and/or a length of robe? We might as well use the time productively." ================================================================================================= @Battenberg Toxen exhaled a drawn out, impressed whistle as she looked around. "Daaaaang. Swanky cribs gal. Really got that mysterious vibe right on the money. I dig he laugh too. Gives me the heebie jeebies." She had heard about places like this, but not surprisingly, zebra's didn't hang out in dragon land, so reading some stories and studying a few of their recipes were the best she had been able to do thus far. It had made her able to mix better for sure, but she were still a special class kid compared to the all stars of the equines. "Anywho, we're here to get some help for a dragon actually. My dad's having a hard time sleeping here on his first time away from the main land, and it's getting dangerous. I tried giving him some things, but it haven't worked, and my mom's pretty against him trying pony meds. Side effects from improper use and all that, you know the drill. My main girl though -" Toxen grabbed hold in Pop's shoulder and dragged her a little closer. "- thought that perhaps going for some zebra help could do the trick. I mean, I ain't here to generalize, but I haven't heard of one of you folks that ain't a master at mixing and matching a potion in times of need, and we figure it's less prone to side effects from being used on dragons. Think you can help us champ?" Toxen stuck a hand beneath her left wing and pulled out a tough leather pouch, slightly dangling with bits. Since she didn't wear pants or anything, she needed some place to hold some bits in case it was needed, so she just had it tied up at the thin start of her wing. Seemed to work fine soon as she had gotten used to it sometimes slapping into the membrane when it was windy. ========================================================================================================== @Dji "I wasn't a pet. A heavy heart filled with concerns, found love in the midst of her guilt for a creature that was not to be. It means more than blood ever could." After his trip with the Traveler, Zhu had learned the truth of how his egg had come to be damaged, and how Celestia had inadvertently been part of both that, and what else had happened. Some would have been angry about that being hidden from them, but to him, it just made him long for her presence that much more. To think how much love she could shower upon a cursed child, when she must have felt guilt over watching him, and knowing what had happened to leave him alone... It were a burden that he could not imagine bearing. She hadn't done it completely alone though. There had been one other mare, that she had trusted more than anypony to look out for him when she needed to be elsewhere. Spring Breeze were a kind pony that did what she could to help, and she kept silent about him until the end of her days, even as she retired from the castle. He had visited her grave a few times when he had the chance, and cleared it of debris. It were a small, sentimental thing, but he felt like he owed her at least that much, seeing as he had not always been an easy kid to deal with. Especially not when it came to trying to explain why he couldn't let others see him, even if he couldn't look at them. Solitude were a tough thing to convince a child about, and he sometimes regretted not having seen her again a last time whilst he had the chance. It was simply too risqué when it came to her perhaps telling Celestia. "What's weird? Do you see something?" If so, physical contact might have something to do with what could trigger her. She had just brushed against his robe, so it could be something to think of it if it were, though it could as easily be related to what he had said. Oracles were weird sometimes.
  14. Open Casual stroll

    @Dji "...A long time ago, this used to be my home." Zhu were ot one who enjoyed speaking of his past with anypony. If others knew his connection to Princess Celestia, they might inform her of seeing him, or worse, attempt to hurt her because of that information. Either through accusing her of having some responsibility in what he did, or find a way to use either of them against the other. For the past millennia roughly, he had only told five beings about his past. The elements that had given him the chance to save her originally, and one griffon that had neared the end of his days. The old crone had saved him from a particularly nasty situation, and she were a reclusive being, so he had found himself talking when she asked. The secrets he told her had gone away with her soon after that, through no interference of his own. Old age and illness had handled that by itself. Karmic were not at the end, and she seemed the type to talk if it came down to it, but her case were special. She could already see the potential future, as well as the past, so there was a chance she would find this out herself eventually. If he gave her a little information now, he could see how she would react, and then know what to do if/when she eventually would learn something of the time he had lived here as a hatchling and until he had aged to 16, cared for by the princess of the sun. If she reacted badly, he might need to take action if she learned something. An unfortunate state of things, but certain chain of events needed to be sorted before information like that could be spread freely, if ever. "I have not been back in nearly a millennia, but the castle have not changed. The paths are still there for those who knows them, and some things are hard to forget, even for those who have lived beyond their years." He considered asking her if she had seen something that made her curious, or if this were simply questions, but he would wait. Patience had often gotten him far in this unnatural life, and he wished to hear what she would do with what she had been given. ========================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine "I protect him better by being here than to lead her to him." The fact that Filigree was here already made it even more important that she did not leave here now. The mare looked to be in a crazed state, and at hearing the name of her employee, had focused her gaze on the unicorn. "Clayton. Give him to me mortal. He will pay, just like the rest of them have." The only response she got from that, were a look from Belladonna that spoke of how little she actually feared this mare, and her grandiose ideas about what she were. "Common civilians will have to make an appointment. Are you available in six weeks?" Filigree stepped forward and glared a the mare with fury in her eyes, ignoring the so far silent participants in the tunnel. "Civilian?! I am a goddess you foolish little peon! The ruler of a nation of crystals, build on the ruins of your pathetic homest-Aargh!" She staggered back a step and blasted a ray towards Belladonna, too quickly to intercept by the others. Her focus had been off somewhat, so it was only both of the assistants left legs that got covered in layers of leeching crystal, yet that were still enough to pin her to the ground. As for what had taken the mare by surprise? A sliver of crystal, more like a needle, that she were now pulling out of a weak spot on her neck. "You dare assault me with this? You will pay. You will all pay!" She rose on her back hooves, agitated and charging up her horn to send more crystal blasts towards the group. As good a time as any to intervene, if not before she even got her horn charged. It would leave a small opening when she were distracted pulling out the needle - which appeared to no longer had the drop of liquid in it - for Discord or Lin to react. How she had so far not noticed that the lord of chaos was there spoke to her unhinged state of mind, though perhaps she'd notice soon. Potentially when she had a pair of nice crystal statues to join the focus of her ire. Meanwhile, at the diamond mine, Shrimp were busy getting showered in affection and were starting to feel a little better. An interesting sight for Omen, who were used to only see Shrimp hiss at Sen, or try to bite him if he got near. A territorial thing she had been told by the others, but also something that could mean he was hostile or wanted to play. Animals were hard to understand, but they seemed to get along well now, whilst she had the last jolt shake out of her system. Granted, Shrimp would soon start to claw into Sen when he got him closer and chomp vaguely at his fur, but hopefully this was just like when he bit Omen sometimes. Harmless stuff meant to show affection, which were now directed on the less zappy companion of the refraction. He would've picked Lin if she were here, but with her gone Sen had had been close by and usable instead. "Okay. I won't touch it again." "Good to have that sorted. Now then, since we're going to have to fight when it gets down to it, I want to know if either of you have actual combat experience? Martial arts training? Natural advantages?" "Mother says we are not allowed to fight, just protect with gates." "So you're on keeping us from getting hit then. Sen? What about you?" Rosa had seen the way Omen had opened gates before, so he had no doubt that she could open them rapidly enough to be of help. What he wondered were if she would react on it fast enough, or if they could get showered with a surprise blast before the escape hatch opened up. ============================================================================================================== @Battenberg "Yeah, I can't give tips on cat training, so whatever you think will work is gonna be the thing girlie. Little bundles of malice don't let me get close enough to learn anything else than what it feels like to have claws in my face. Guess as a pro tip, don't be a dragoness? Heh." Pop shook her head and chuckled at Toxen. "I have found that using a water bottle and treats does wonder. It won't be nice in the beginning, but once they get used to being nicer around others that feeds them rather than trying to scratch them, they'll get around. I also found small fish crackers to work well for my cat, but it might be something else for yours. Siamese can be pretty odd from what I hear, no offense." And speaking of odd, it seemed that they were getting to their destination. Victoria barely had to point at it considering how much it just stuck out among the other shops. It were somewhat different from the ones she usually sat, mainly because of the light, but the riddlers had many varied ways they liked to decorate, so she supposed this was just somepony with a hankering for colored lights. It followed the theme of a zebra place though, what with the carved wood and everything. For some reason she had never seen a zebra that lived in a brick house. Kinda strange now that she thought about it... Perhaps it helped with the potions or something? Might be something with more comfort and tradition too, but she weren't entirely sure. She had never been to an actual zebra village, so she could only speculate on some things. Or ask them, but some of the rhymes you got from that could be tricky to interpret. "What a strange smell... I wonder what's brewing?" "Whatever it is, that's one powerful odor. here's hoping it ain't boiled gym wear." ================================================================================================================= @Lucid_Nightlight @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine "Reading the human's mind? How'd you do that? Everytime I try, the pages turns up blank." A *bad-um-tsch* sound came out of nowhere as she said that, prior to her relaxing herself gain. Not getting her mind read was good, and the monkey man likely had it coming. He could be such a boring little meanie sometimes. "If you want to really mind read, you'll need the tools for it and dig in. Like a really good magnifying glass in the ear. Or a fancy straw to just put in and sluuuuuurp it all away. I'd suggest a bone saw too, but somepony doesn't like mean jokes, and I don't wanna be unmade by Discord." The somepony in question were Fluttershy, though who else would she talk about? The mare were basically the only sane, talking being in this room. You know, a buzzkill.