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  1. @PickFairy It's early evening, so sun not set, but an hour or two away from it. Time is basically stuck here for the time being, until things move along. As for replies, sure, you can keep it short and then see if something pops up the next time. And really, I don't write elegantly. I just ramble.
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    @Illiad Easle (Void) Void had gotten into the room thinking that perhaps it led on to somewhere else, but no, it was just a small room. A small part of her seemed to find this place oddly familiar, though why she didn't know, and seeing as she were on the run, she were going to take off again. That is, until a couple of familiar names were registered in the corner of her eye, and she paused. Her heart were still racing on and her want to get on the run were high, but... Some of those papers said Pen and Seen. Like- Wait, C-2133? Th-That was the number on Null's and her door? What was this? Were Pen and Seen part of those who had kidnapped them to begin with? W-What did this mean? And why were her name on the document next to it? There wasn't much time or space left - as a sound behind her made her aware of, though it might just be creaking - so she had to just grab the one with the number and wrap it around the other papers quickly before taking off. Whatever Pen and Seen had been about to write, she didn't get with her though, as it slid under the table as she tried to grab it, but she would remember this in case she saw Pen and Seen again. Something was wrong, and she didn't like it. Not one bit. Now with about 10 grams of paper added to her total weight, Void kept on running once again, and soon found herself in a hallway that caused her to pause too. The strong feeling of deja vu came over her again, though tentatively, she started to speed up again. Surely this hallway only looked like the one they had escaped from a few days back, and wasn't the actual thing. It were impossible, considering the state it were in when they last saw it. Nopony could make it look this good again that fast, and especially not when that 106 thing had gotten loose, considering the room they had seen its work in. Denial were a thing that she could still cling to, though as she ran down it, she might end up being faced with some more particularities that would have to make her ask some questions that nothing good could come from. She were tempted to look in through a broken window, but she already had so many things with her, and the golem would surely reach her soon. She had to keep moving, and hope that there were nothing she really wanted inside the room. If there were... It would have to be just left behind, like so many other things had been throughout the years. (Null) "You're not getting away from me." So the card had done something good then? Finally something this piece of stolen goods were good for, though the faceless freak sure seemed surprised that she had it. Didn't think that a prisoner would have the wardens keys, huh? Well she did, and now that Null had one less set of bars between her and the *prison guard* she were going to keep on this riot and smash the things non-existent face in. A tendril suddenly got near her face, but it seemed to flail there helplessly, either out of reach, or more likely, stopped by Null's field. A thing which gave her a cruel, sadistic smile on her muzzle, since that meant that this creature were magical, and in a fight like that, the pegasus had the advantage, long as she got close enough. She did her best to ignore the machine that frankly sounded near deafening at this point, as an untold amount of gears began to crank around, and a door with a card in it opened, which the faceless one nicked. When it were done, she wandered towards the being, who now all of a sudden seemed to be talkative again. Feeling cornered now, were it? "You stole my weapon, and left me for dead. Why should I trust you?" Her voice were cold as ice, but there were signs that she still carried a small bit of hesitation, as her steps were slower than they could be, if she truly wished to get to Pen and Seen right away. Perhaps this could still work, if Pen were fast with some actual worthwhile words/actions.
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    @Rising Dusk "Like mom used to say: *If you can't cook right, use better spices.* Pretty solid advice if a kitchen ain't your usual habitat." Molotov knew that his cooking wasn't perfect, but he considered it to be at least pretty darn passable. It hadn't poisoned either of them yet at least, and they weren't malnourished, so a technical win in his book. Kinda funny how it weren't that many in their family that were the best of cooks really. Their mom had pretty much done like Molotov did, and that sorta cooking had been passed down for many a short-lived generation of theirs. Only one he could recall were really any good were his aunt, and after that time she unfortunately mistook one of her brothers experiments for mayonnaise, she had refused to set hoof anywhere near the room again, and eventually went over to join the biology lab. She still came around with cookies every now and again, until she passed a few years back, due to a lab accident. Tended to happen more often than normal ponies would likely care for if they had ever visited Center Zero back when it was still active. "Anyway, I'll start finding the blueprints for the wings, and work on whipping a new sort of battery up. Dunno how long it'll take, but let whoever know that I'm around 94% certain that this will work." He had to leave a margin for error on this, since he'd have to work with a pegasus that had an effect he didn't know how would work on things, but it should be fine enough. Most of the stuff he went with were supposed to run without magic, so he were semi-confident about how this would go. As for the pegasus in question, she were currently helping her sister getting her leg back on after the earth pony had gotten a shower. Had been a big workload getting it cleaned up properly, but it were as good as it now could look again, and after Null would have her shower, they'd get on with writing the stuff up they had on them to try and pass the time, by making a proper inventory list of the things in their possession. Should be a fun/disturbing read for the officer. ======================================================================================================= @Moonlit She'd be able to find Pinkie Pie in the town square, which were starting to clear out of busy workers, as the town were mostly ready now. The forepony still needed to come around and have a final look, and a few issues/cleaning still had to be done, but the worst were over, and sure enough, even though she had been busy helping with the rebuilding, Pinkie were fresh, smiling and busy readying the square for a big *The town isn't broken anymore* party. When Serenade would approach, the mare would be busy firing off her party cannon to spread confetti over the gathered tables and various other places she could to make it look festive. Still were some things that needed to be set up, but some ponies had gone off to get her some more tables for that, and then obviously, she had to get some food on the tables. A party without food were just silly, and with how hard everypony had worked, it had to be a big meal, with lots of real food as well as candy and cupcakes. She had already picked up a large bag of varied stuff from Circle Pop's place earlier, and the kitchen team were in high gear, so now it were all down to her and her squad of shanghaied goons to get everything sorted in time. Soon as the siren got close enough though, Pinkie would suddenly pop out to the right of her, standing on a pile of bricks and looking down with her usual giddy smile. Smart ponies in town had learned to not question how she did this, along with the randomly showing hooves out of thin air, generally just standing in said thin air like it were solid, and so forth. Pinkie were the sort of being that could drive bright ponies mad by how illogical she were. " Hello! What brings you to my super-amazing party zone?" ========================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus @Moonlit Cherish looked with worried eyes towards Serenade as she left. Were she going to face Pinkie Pie? Was that why she had set down the piece of the old castle that kept the spirit chained? Because she didn't want to risk Pinkie noticing and reacting poorly to it? She hadn't a clue, but Cherish still didn't think it was wise for the siren to go away on her own, regardless of how big and strong she looked in her regular form. Yet with her current limitations, there was little more she could do than to just stare, as the siren in disguise left Nada and her behind. Guess... Guess she might as well talk to Nada then, and see if they could pass the time that way, as well as get to know one another a little better. Hopefully this would not end up going poorly. "I hope she's going to be okay... And uhm... W-Well, the wall part, yes. I don't really understand it, but for some reason, I can't go anywhere the castle is not. I hid a piece of it on Serenade and her friend to be able to follow them, though I don't know what would happen if it gets destroyed. Something tells me I really wouldn't like it though. So... What is your plans for the future? I mean, if the other ponies ends up accepting you, what's next?" A pretty poor segue, but it wasn't as if Cherish had that many to talk to in recent centuries, so it were the best she could come up with at the time. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus As they got close enough to town to start being able to see the entrance, Marley stopped in his tracks, and took himself off the wagon. "Whaddaya think you're doing?" "Is it not obvious? I'm leaving you here with the wagon, whilst Ruby and I enter Canterlot to speak our case to Scarcity." The griffon quickly pressed a talon in front of Spicy's muzzle, as the mare opened it to voice her protests. "Now now, I know what you're thinking. *I'm the boss, surely I should go*. But recall how things went between you the last time? I think it better to have a more eloquent voice to speak our case this time, rather than trying to salvage things. Also, remember that this wagon is in your name, and you can simply claim to be having a break, or looking for ponies to have a game with, should any guard approach you as you wait here, giving them no grounds to search it. If I were alone with it, they could hide behind thinking that I may have stolen it, and none of us would wish for it to be searched right now, no?" "You know, I like it more when your beak is closed." "Most certainly, but regardless, you can hardly argue against my logic on this. Now if you will excuse us, shall we be on our way, Ruby? I find it better to have you face things head on sooner, rather than later." Honestly, it were more because he didn't want something to happen that may give the game away to Spicy about Ruby's true origin, so he thought it easier to take this separately, as Scarcity might somehow find out, and this way it would be contained to the few who needed to know at worst. Besides, if Ruby stayed here, she might get further bored and steal the cart away after eating Spicy, which were a really unfortunate outcome that he'd prefer didn't come to pass. ============================================================================================== @EQ_Theta For once the refraction didn't try to bite him, but instead just kept looking worried at the ocean, munching and chirping weakly. Sure he had been left behind with the longma siblings before, but not for Omen to wander into the water, and this particular water were wrong for him. It tasted bad, and with what little he understood of what the others said, apparently it were dangerous down there too. It made him uneasy, until the explosion happened and he went mental. "I dropped my rock." Omen had found an entrance to the temple that were weirdly dry, and after shaking off the water inside, she had found that the rock she had carried had gotten out of the grip of her tongue. She didn't think much on it, even as she heard something go off outside, but just opened a gate to start to get out and look for the others. Apparently they thought she had been hurt, and the sound she heard were from an explosion. Strange, but at least she understood why they were all acting so weird right now. All but Sen that were, who seemed to have an episode where he breathed quicker than normally. Omen weren't sure why this were a problem though, as far as she knew, normal beings needed to breathe to stay alive, so the more he breathed, the more alive he should be, right? Or were there bad ways to breathe now too? The world were a complex place where everything could happen, so maybe? "I'll try something. if it doesn't work, get a paper bag." Rosa were wanting to smack Omen honestly, for making tall of them nearly jump out of their skin in worry, but they had a case of somepony hyperventilating on their hooves now, and he had to try and help. He wasn't a medical doctor, so all he knew were a few home tips for helping with this. One were breathing into a paper bag, the other were to hold your breath for 10-15 seconds at a time. He had no bag though, and Sen didn't seem to listen, so in a desperate attempt to do something, he'd have to put the longma in a headlock and stop his breathing forcefully. It was the same thing he did when making somepony pass out from the lack of oxygen, by blocking the airways, but instead he'd have to try and not get too overboard, and stop before Sen actually passed out. This might end up with him getting beaten up for looking like he were hurting the longma, or for Sen to just pass out anyway, but he had no other ideas on what to do right now, and Lin sounded desperate and concerned, so he had to try something. ================================================================================ @EQ_Theta @Dji "I appreciate the offer, but the library here seems vast and full of information. I'm certain I can find something there eventually. Provided that I'm allowed here other times that is, though I will speak my case until Twilight's ears falls off if I must. This place holds more books than I have ever seen in my life, and equine knowledge could be highly important for my work." Be it complex magic formulas or ancient equine to make her translation job simpler, this place held things that could be vital in her speeding up her research substantially, as well as just gaining her knowledge in general, and Nerzhei would do what she could to not be denied access to the library. Twilight seemed like a collector that thirsted for knowledge, so if given the chance to see the book that the dragon carried with her, she might be convinced to let the two of them learn from one another. if not, the dragon would try to offer what else she could, including service in helping whoever Spike were as a part time magic teacher. She would like to do so still, as it could be a fascinating study to see how a dragon living among ponies would do, and just in general have someone actually listen to what she had to say, yet if she had to leverage this, then she regrettably would. Her attention were drawn from these thoughts though, and towards Angel, who seemed to be doing something that made Fluttershy give a kind of a threat towards him by the sound of it. Seeing the mare and the bunny like this made the dragon furrow a brow and watch them in silence to find out what it were about. Lotus did the same, and looked up at Fluttershy, curious as to what she were going to do. As Fluttershy began using her stare towards Angel, Nerzhei couldn't see what were going, on between them, other than it seemingly being a starring competition, but she could see what were going on with Lotus, and that actively confused her. The pink bunny had looked frozen as she caught the look in the mare's eyes, and had taken a step back. Then her neck began bowing, followed by her body to, as she began taking a stance like a shameful dog. Around halfway down, she managed to stop herself and put her paws in front of her eyes whilst chirping about *The pony stare feels wrong!*. Nerzhei had never seen this reaction before in Lotus, which were actually worrying her greatly, and with a large step, she went over to scoop her friend off the floor and to safer, higher grounds. When she were down there, she managed to catch a glimpse of Fluttershy's eyes, and while she weren't physically affected, she most certainly knew that Lotus were right in one thing: Something felt wrong when looking at those eyes. It were like it impacted the instinct that made her shameful of her actions, and wanting to beg for forgiveness for whatever it were that she were doing wrong. Not even her mother had done that, and she had a pretty mean glare when needed. What in the nine worlds were up with this mare? When eventually it were over, the dragon looked with a small glare of wariness in her eyes, down upon the pegasus. "What sorcery were that? A glance should not be able to make a dragon feel beaten down like that." "Not bunnies either! It was scary." ============================================================================================= @Lucid_Nightlight "This is the best day ever..." Even in her table form, Anomaly could see enough of the tank to be impressed at the sight, and as she had morphed back to her usual self, and got a better look, lights had started to glimmer in her eyes from pure glee. This was definitely going to be something fun. Following the others and jumping down, she started to jump in place, giddy at what this strange thing was going to do. Shoot things it sounded like, with soap! How was this not going to be awe- Eh? The sound of something violently hammering the top of the tank were heard, and if they looked outside, they'd see Henry, now away from his pyre, but still smoldering and giving off smoke, whilst punching the steel of the tank. "Đ₳₦₲ɆⱤ! ⱠɆ₮ ØɄ₮! ₲łVɆ ฿₳₵₭!" If a few punches wouldn't seem to do much, and none in the tank would pop open so that he could see the three of them were okay, his fists would start heating up substantially with each subsequent hit, and eventually begin carrying temperatures akin to molten magma. It seemed the poor thing didn't know that this was a machine they had gotten into, and not something that were trying to eat the lot of them. Well, what could you expect from a being less than an hour old? Not incredibly warm fists or something of this size, that was for sure, but it were a draconequui evolution. It were bound to create something odd and potentially highly dangerous, whilst still being flawed as an individual. In this case, not knowing what a thing were, but seeing that it was huge and had his small friends in it, and therefor thinking it were an attacker that were trying to eat Novia, Lucid and Anomaly. They should probably get this sorted.
  4. @OptimisticNeighsayer Eh, perhaps I didn't write it right. It tends to happen at times. Just wanted to sort it out so we were both on the same page. ======================================================================================= @Moonlit Actually we do have a Pinkie player. Or well, we did? I don't really know, since it's been some time since I've seen @Storm Shine around here. He's still active on the forums though, so let's try and see if he pops around and gives his say on this, but if nothing else, I can try to at least set up the meeting for now. If he haven't responded to us by Tuesday, I will tentatively take over as Pinkie for the time being. Or try to at least. She's a weird one.
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    @Rising Dusk Dusky shook his head at the officer with a grin on his face. Being a real wise guy right now, weren't he? Well, two could play that game. "Dusky my boy, do you really think of me as that dense? You came here looking for help for a pegasus, then start showing me this feather, and thinking that I can't put two and two together? I weren't born yesterday. And really, you know I come from a town of scientists, and that I work on wings. You really think I dunno what a pegasus feather looks like? Come on soldier, I know there's something rummaging in there." He poked Dusky on the noggin a couple of times before letting out a laugh. "Noted. I'll work with what I got as long as it's there, and with some luck, I can put together and test a few batteries before it goes bad, and if it ain't working, move them to a safe location for destruction. I ain't risking that in here." Granted, that had much to do with the fact that this entire building would likely be pulverized if he tried, but that were one of them things that Dusky didn't need to know about. Everything went better if the law weren't breathing down his neck about potentially unstable power sources that could level parts of the town. Heck, Felicia would've never been allowed outside if he knew what she were dragging around. ====================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows Hey, wadda ya know? He finally got through to them. With this pace, he'd have them house trained and eating off his hoof in just a few months. "I'm thinking we should either go to the tree hut, your crib, or Astral's new place in Canterlot. I'm thinking that each got their own pros and cons, so it depends on what sorta thing you folks have been doing in either place. I can imagine that your place is all protected Iron, but it's also isolated and Sapphire knows her way 'round your traps, eh? I dunno how the tree house is for spells, but again, it's pretty isolated, so it's easier to ambush. The place in Canterlot got guard on high alert, which means you'd have to keep yer yaps shut or get followed. Even if some of the higher-ups approves, the common guard haven't had time to hear that sorta thing yet, and it's just gonna be a hassle. But the pro is that there's plenty of folks, Emerald at least might not be willing to take another stab at this, and perhaps if we go play nice, Scarcity would still be willing to give a hoof in keeping 'em away. I dunno how loaded your new place is with protection though Astral. Can you give us the low down on that?" What? He might be a brute, but that didn't mean he was as dense as mud. Once in a while his brain started making a few turns and presto: Ideas came a'flowing. ======================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows The vessel weren't empty per se, but the real inhabitant were still in a deep state of coma-like sleep. A little precautionary tactic by Zhu, before he had tied her up to be used as a vessel for Emerald, as he didn't want issues arising. Plus, it had seemed the kindest for the mare, who had no idea what had happened. Far as she were aware, she were still on a camping trip, with her dreams working well in enforcing that idea, though depending on where she'd eventually wake up, that might start to get confusing for her. Sapphire should be able to get a clue that the body were no longer housing Emerald by the fact that the eyes seemed empty and blue, rather than red, and that the red coloring on the bottom of the legs that usually indicated that Emerald were in possession of somepony, weren't present. Emerald for once weren't all that happy about the situation though, as now she weren't only without a vessel and just floating in the air like a persistent puff of red smoke, but also, she couldn't repossess the mare once she got back, as there were a limit to these things. It would have to be at least 10 hours before she could retake it, and before that, she'd need to have another vessel, as she couldn't keep using the same one in a row. Annoying limitations, but it were what it were. Sadly, the basement didn't have any living creatures in it, so she were going to have to need to float around and look outside for a rat, possum, or something else like that. Urgh, how she hated those critter bodies... "Well then, this saves me some time." The gruff voice came seemingly out of nowhere behind where Emerald were currently looking. When/if Sapphire would eventually watch, she'd find that there were somepony holding up an engraved Maw Sit Sit gem, and channeling a beam between it and Emerald, who were finding herself being dragged towards the gem with increasing speed by the strange looking stallion who looked triumphantly towards the cloud of red. "Struggle as you might, this have been a long time coming. You are mine now, sacrifice." Behind him, a large, dark-green rip in the air seemed to have been his entry point, and through it could be seen a twisted forest with creaking, leafless trees, whilst the sound of howling winds blew coldly by somewhere in the background. Whoever this were, and where he came from, nothing good were gonna come from it, and if Sapphire did not notice Emerald being out of the vessel soon, she might end up losing her to the strange bat pony who had invaded their home. ================================================================================================ @Catpone Cerberus @Moonlit Cherish could certainly understand Nada's fears about what might happen. it were much the same ones that she had, every time somepony had gotten into the old castle and she hid from them, only to pop out and try to warn them away from the evil ghost within. She couldn't remember how long she had done this, but she knew that most times she had been thinking the same thing: What if they thought that She was the evil ghost instead? All it would take were a few scared ponies before all of a sudden, a bunch would come out to chase after her, and then what? She were bound to the castle at this point, so she couldn't try to find another place to stay in for a time instead, and she didn't want to pass on yet. She had... Something to do, even though it were hard for her to remember much of what it were that made her stay behind in the first place. Still, it were the same as what Nada feared. A few who disproved, who would make their lives miserable, and potentially no escape from it all. Just a chase, and any hopes of being part of a group shattered into tiny fragments. Cherish desperately wanted to rejoin society at least. Her friend had helped her cope through the years, but she needed to be around others, and see life go on as it once did again. It was as much to get a feeling of worth and joy in her life again, as it were a want to try and find a new purpose in her unlife, to make it worth it that she were bound tot his world. Her fear of unicorns would make this difficult, but if ponykin as a whole had learned to adapt, perhaps she could too? Though again, that depended on if ponies really had done so, or if they would shun everypony who were not like them, like sirens or ghosts. "I don't think we'd mind all that much with a party, but... I know that I at least just can't do it before I know that everypony is okay with me being there. I've seen how ponies react to the diseased in the castle for a while and it's not all too well. And what if one of those who are here now is still alive, and living in town? I don't want to be the cause of fear. And I'm fine enough following you Serenade. At least I get around that way, instead of being stuck in the castle. Perhaps one day, I will have been away long enough to not need to be bound to it, and could end up more free, but it just isn't happening now, and the best I can do is being with this piece of scrap. I kind of like that I'm near enough to help you too, if something goes wrong. I guess uhm... Nada? It's... What we mean is that I'm bound to the old castle, so can't go too far away from it. Kind of like this." She weren't sure if it had been really explained to Nada yet, so to prove her point, Cherish went to the end of her metaphorical leash, and as she tried to push forward, it were like there were an invisible wall she were trying to push against, but not getting through. It should hopefully either prove her point about her limit, or make Nada think that the ghost were an amazing mime artist. ================================================================================================= @Catpone Cerberus "Known you for less than a day sugar, and you have a habit about going silent. Until I know better, I assume all sorts of things. Plus you know, some folks don't do well with ponies who just oozes of being some kinda wise guy. I've known some ponies for years who'd try to clock her one, and get their legs broken by her bodyguard. Don't worry none about Brick though, he ain't saying a peep and just stands on the ready. Wish I could trade him for this blabbermouth frankly." "I hardly find that possible. However would you attract anyone without having someone with charisma, charm, and dashing looks? My dear pony, you'd be homeless in a matter of days." "Somepony's leaning up against having their feathers waxed off." "Oh, I'd do like to see you try, considering you can clearly not even work a brush through your mane." They'd be at it for a while, but when they were done, at least Canterlot would start to get into sight. Had to give them that they didn't make the roads boring, and you could make a betting game on how many times in a given hour they would try to strike towards the other in (potential) jest. In this case, the current average seemed to be about three, and one *accidental* account of a fallen tree almost rolling into Spicy. A mighty big coincidence, but nothing more, surely. "- And that is what comes of simpletons such as yourself. Ah look, we're nearing. Hardly seemed as if any time have passed, does it?" "Not with a brain your size at least. You doing alright there Ruby? Need to wander off for a spell before we get near the civilized folks?" ============================================================================================== @EQ_Theta What an eerily perfect timing for Lin and the others to return. Rosa weren't complaining, but it just seemed like a strange little coincidence at the time. Well, time to stop wasting effort thinking about a coincidence, and get on to the job at hoof. Lin thankfully seemed to deal with Omen first and foremost, which for the time being meant that Rosa were mostly there to accept the primitive weapon that Sen had made earlier. It should prove efficient in trying to feel out traps in the room once they got there, but first they needed an overview of the situation, which right now basically meant that Omen had to take stage and lead the charge. Not the one he wanted to think of doing so the most, but considering the situation, it were what they had to do. "Okay. Stay here Shrimp." The small refraction gave out a yelp and nearly dropped his half-eaten berry when Omen picked him up from his position and placed him on Sen. Something which made Shrimp whimper and look at Omen, not sure why she had put her on Sen's head. "Bad water. Can't take you." Shrimp didn't like this, or sitting on Sen, but he understood enough of what were going on and just sat there, slowly eating his berry and keeping his eyes on Omen as she wandered directly into the water and down towards the temple. "Now it's just to wait and see." The ocean wasn't the calmest right now, so it didn't make it easy to see much of what Omen did the further she went ahead, and soon, they'd more or less just had to look and wait, and the seconds ticked by, became minutes, and th- The water suddenly rose up with the sound of something exploding deep down there, out of sight of them, but clearly over near or in the temple. Shrimp were panicking at this point, rising towards the heavens and whimpering "Ohme!" over and over again. Rosa too felt his heart skip some beats and his pulse raise as he saw what happened, and were stretching his wings out to go and fly over closer before taking a dive, when a gate suddenly opened behind them, and a dripping wet, but otherwise perfectly fine Omen looked at them, wondering what seemed to get them all so riled up. Behind her, the look of both Mother's realm, and another nearby gate that led into a damp, darkened room were shown. Potentially the inside of the temple. The refraction quickly threw away what was left of his meal, and slithered over, where he'd climb Omen and wrap himself as tightly as he could around her shoulders and neck, not wanting to let her go again, and whimpering like he had been hurt. Something which the mare in question didn't really get. "Did something happen?" ================================================================================ @EQ_Theta @Dji "This is but child's play. If I weren't this drained, and if I were given some preparation time, I could potentially move the very bedrock this castle stood on. It depends on how far down the crystals are. Much as it may seem so, crystals are not part of what a geomancer can work well with. Rocks and dirt are the prime things, along with some metals, and for some reason, diamonds. I have yet to find an explanation as to why that gem alone is movable, but it can be useful in a pinch." Nerzhei tried to not show herself as being impacted by the mare's praise, but a small smile did manage to vaguely cling to her face for a short time as she spoke. despite her best efforts to keep it down. It was just nice to finally hear someone being impressed about her magic, even as meager as this, rather than most responses she got in Dragon Land, which ranged from it being cheating in a fight, to *Eh, fine* at best, from the shortsighted buffoons that found it cool, but didn't care. That being the vast majority, sadly. She would consider this another plus to Equestria over her home island, as minor as it may seem. It gave some hope about finally being somewhere that listened. About then, the two bunnies came back into the room, looking and smelling like they had been in water recently. They didn't seem to be dripping on the floor, as they had more than likely gotten dry by running back, but as Nerzhei's flaring nostrils proved, the smell of wet fur were still there. It seemed as if they had enjoyed the waterfall, and without getting injured as well. Blessed be that. "Yeah, it was pretty fun. Gonna have to remember that place for another time." "Did you get into any trouble?" "Only almost. Weird creature called a... Sloth, I think? Anyway, I thought she looked funny at me, but apparently she just does that, so I didn't end up fighting her." "A sloth? I must remember to find a book later on the local animal life it sounds like, but it's good that you had a pleasant time." =============================================================================== @OptimisticNeighsayer "Back in my day, music on these things were far more calm and subtle in it. Don't know if I care for this new tone, but it was played well." Vivid stepped out of the shadows near a door opening, aware that she had been heard, as otherwise, it seemed as if the pony would not have stopped playing. What he were doing here though, were a mystery to her. Had he broken in simply to find the piano? Or were he one of these *ghost hunters* she had heard about a few times? Thrill seekers who thought that it were a great kick to find haunted houses and try to communicate with the diseased. An admirable goal in a way, but also something that could aggravate her, as their intend seemed just to experience something interesting, and not to help the poor departed who needed help to move on. Not to speak of the dangers in potentially getting yourself in the same room as a deranged poltergeist who were lost in their own pain, and prone to lashing out. Spirits were not something for the uninitiated or egoistical to face. It were a path that should be treated with caution, respect, and a want to help. Anything else were simply mocking those who needed to move on, but for whatever reason, were stuck on this plane. And she cared not for that. Though perhaps she should not go to conclusions. He might simply be some kind of musical wonder who were fascinated by the large organ. It certainly seemed like he knew how to play on it, which would surely have had to have taken some practice, and despite her somewhat mellow comment to the miniature concert, she had found the music to be mostly enjoyable. Getting used to this new worlds music were tough at times, as often she considered it little more than pointless noise, but this at least had effort in it, and nopony who simply screamed, or kept overusing a drum. Oh how she loathed that kind of pointless noise most of them all. Song were supposed to be beautiful, not something that you tainted by sounding as if you were introduced to the second layer of Hell, or hid behind a singular instrument that could only make the same repetitive sound. She wondered how he might react to her actually. Her appearance were generally still equine, despite her burning ears - which yes, she could hear perfectly fine from, despite how it might look - tattoos that pulsated with a purple glow, and long, reptilian tail, but she found that it tended to be off-putting or disturbing to more normal ponies. Plus, she had been wandering around in this place where he'd likely think he were alone, which might not put her in the greatest of light to begin with, if this pony were one of the more distrustful ones that were. "Hello there, little colt. I am Vivid Loss. Who are you, and what brings you to this darkened castle this time of day?" ======================================================================================= @OptimisticNeighsayer "..." Cover-up opened his muzzle to say something as the door opened, and the mare greeted him, but he found that the only thing he could press out of there were air.preparing himself mentally for this place were one thing. it was all in his mind, and he could think of how to do things, and consider himself as suddenly having a spine, but now, being in the real situation, he found himself pausing, and the fact that he likely just stood there and looked like a huge idiot were starting to make him feel embarrassed. To a point where he lowered his head and got a blush on his cheeks, and tried to speak again, though while this time averting his eyes. He were making enough of a fool out of himself right now with having to see potential judgement right now. He had enough of that sort in the hospital before he painted over his scars, and sometimes after that too, as not that many were big on excessive tattoos, and especially not in the face, where he also had some, with the most prominent one going straight over his right eye. Still just the same *extending tendrils* kind of pattern, though it varied, depending on the severity of the scars he were trying to hide. (Something like this. Found on google) "Uhm... H-Hello? My name is Cover-up, and I heard that this was a school for... Friendship, r-right? I'm not local, but I was hoping that p-perhaps I could still come by and try to see if I could learn something? P-Please?" He felt like he were about to bail, but it wasn't easy. Not just because he had finally gotten here and felt more or less frozen in place, but because if he tried to run away, the large quill strapped to one side of him would spill over, and leave a big mess everywhere. Potentially even on him, and the other pony. Sure he could reabsorb it again, long as he had the huge paint brush on his back, but it was still going to take time, and he'd just end up chickening out for good, thinking that he had made too big of a fool of himself to not just be laughed at the second he were spotted again. If not worse, if they thought of his special ability as some kind of bad witchcraft. Coming from Harrowmark roots, that were a real concern in his mind, as being chased off would then be the least of his worries. ================================================================================ @Lucid_Nightlight Anomaly was giggling under her table at Lucid's approach. Strange, but effective, and this way they'd surely be remembered. That stuff were important for a good seller. "Sure showed him. We're gonna do the same thing the next time, or are we gonna spice it up? And what house are we going to now?" She had some idea about what could be done, which included popping one down from up top and spitting it into somepony's mouth - no spit of course - where it could dissolve like some kinda gross chocolate. Might be kinda fun, and introduce her to the towns folks her way.
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    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle (Void) Wha- Did she just have a prophetic vision or something? Even in her panicked state, Void could've sworn that she had gone down some stairs and gotten startled by tripping herself a little, yet now she stood up here, as if she had never stepped a hoof on the stairs, with a feeling that more dread than she would face up here awaited her in the darkness. Perhaps she had a vision of the future, and knew that something bad was there? She had never tried it before, but what else could explain it? Well... Perhaps she were just getting so stressed that she imagined going down there, and thought she'd snap her neck on a bad turn? Yeah, that sounded possible. The sound of heavy steps jolted her out of the small debate she suddenly had with herself, and reminded her of the very real, very near danger that wanted to squash her like a bug Seeing how her instincts said not to go downstairs, that really only left her with one path, and as quickly as she could, she'd open up and go through that. (Null) Null were not going to lose track of this freak, damned be what she missed in the process. Through every room she gave chase, looking only towards the doors that were moving and ignoring what else went on, including the elevator that she didn't even notice were there, though in all fairness, it wasn't exactly going to shock her at the best of times. It may make her more wary of what went on in the area, but a corpse in itself weren't scary. She had seen and been the cause of enough of those through the years to made it a pretty jaded experience, which mostly just left the question of what had caused it, and if Void's her own relative safety were in danger. As she got into the next of several rooms in this myriad place, it seemed she had finally caught up to Pen, though it seemed the freak had another wind attack in her, and this time, some yelling back. Something which Null answered in kind before the door closed and separated them once more. "I would do everything to keep her safe!" And then the door closed, keeping the two of them apart. Perhaps not for long though, as Null fished the old key card she had once stolen out of her hat, and swiped it in the reader, seeing if it were good enough to get her through. If it would or not, her thoughts would still be on hurting this insolent, weapon-stealing hat rack as soon as she'd get small hooves on the blank-face. Mark her words, once she were done, that thing would wish she had been exciled to Harrowmark at the mercy of their Hidden Eyes Witches, rather than crossing Null. And considering those were likely the most deranged group of the dark magic users Null had met in the stint Void and her had in the farming country, that were saying something.
  7. @Seamore Sandwich Understood. Sounds like a stressful day too, so can't blame you for not feeling it today. =============================================================================================== @OptimisticNeighsayer Just a minor detail mate, Cover-up only carried one ink well. An over-sized one, and he have no quills. He paints with the brush across his back. Just wanted to clarify it. Your post is great, nothing bad about it, but I just figured I'd clarify this so we were on the same page.
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    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    It was still chasing her? Oh dear, oh dear, she were in so much trouble right now. If only Null had been here, perhaps she could block it with a feather, but Void didn't have anything like that. The stuff didn't linger in her hair, spit, or other stuff like that, so she'd basically have to ride on the thing to keep it down. And that were if that even worked. Not that she'd test it, as getting anywhere near it were the opposite of what she should be doing right now. When faced with a choice of where to go, Void at first ran into the left, thinking that were a way to get out of here, but no, that were little more than a closet with some random stuff in. She registered grabbing something slightly heavy and crumbling some papers around it before rushing out, not even bothering to close the door, but she wasn't sure what. For some reason she were just hoarding things, and currently had two things in her muzzle, and now this bundle stuck under her chin. Might be that she thought this could be used as weapons, though in that case, she'd be disappointing. Unless the golem somehow were weak to small amounts of electricity and the image of a barely-started map of this place on a screen, it were about as usefull as a feather duster would be in battling a tornado. Yet now she had it, but the detour, even though it were less than six seconds in total, had likely gotten the golem closer, so she might not have a good lead anymore as she rushed to get down the stairs, and nearly stumbled over herself on the first few steps. If there weren't a wall she could hit with her shoulder, she would've gone over an edge, or just stumble down a floor and potentially get seriously injured. "You bucking- You're dead do you hear me? Dead!" She knew she should have cut this monster down the first chance she had, instead of trying to use it. What were she even thinking here? You couldn't trust these monsters, and clearly, seeing as she had now had her weapon stolen by this freak, that CODEX freak were no better than Panic. In fact, it were worse. Panic hadn't left her for dead, he were just a useless idiot who didn't plan ahead. None of them were worth supporting, but only one of them had left her for dead, and now the hunt were going to be on for real. Not just for Void, but for this freak of nature before it could find her sister and do Celestia knew what to her. Perhaps if she popped its screaming head off, she could get her bucking weapon back too! She'd follow and try to get through the door that the freak had went through, but that likely wouldn't work, even if Null pressed the same button(s) she had just seen getting pressed. If it did, she would go through there though, and give chase. If not, she'd have to try another way, and seeing as the beak-nosed toffee-twirler behind her were likely to get in at any second, that just left one exit to try her hoof with, or end up facing a fight with no weapons at all in her arsenal, which might end up being more against her than she could do much about. If only she had her blow dart set, she could do something here, but no, she didn't, so she'd have to try and run away for now. (Not really. Though it will make it extremely difficult for her to convince the siblings that she is on their side now, in case Null lives through this)
  9. @Hazard Time Good luck with your finals. I hope you ace them. And that you get well soon.
  10. @Seamore Sandwich She's weakened, but it was mostly the pain that made her fall down. Considering that I put her as being weak to harmonic magic, I had to let it be painful to go through, or it wouldn't really fit. Plus, I had to leave an opening so that whoever is now in the body would have a chance to get away or retaliate, rather than have her tear the wayward spirit out of there again. Weakened state combined with fading, but still present pain hammering at her, makes it impossible for her to even attempt it.
  11. @Illiad Easle Pen is a very naughty pony-wannabe. Bad thing! Heh. Just wanted to say that I will have to wait to respond until tomorrow. Took a while longer than I thought writing in my main thread, and I'm drained in the head from it. Hope it's okay, and have a good day.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Seamore Sandwich "Very well, allow me to take the first shift then. If I see something, the wind shall carry my words to you." Using his wind magic, Zhu jumped into seemingly empty air and disappeared up the crown of a nearby tree, where he'd find the spot where he could blend in the best and continue to listen to what the wind might bring of news, and watch the animals around them for potential dangers. There were no guarantee that either would give him news, and if so, none would be assured information, but what truly had been for him in the past 980 or so years? The future could change in the blink of an eye, and the only true certainty he had found had been the emergence of the creature of pure order. Everything else were a gamble, and at the best of time, he could but influence the odds of what he wanted to be the most likely of options. As for his goal now, it were to simply gain his sisters egg, and then to find out where it would do best. A tougher task than one may at first think, as Gaea's future were impossible to read due to the blinding fate of her alicornification, and what might come via the felines were uncertain currently. Yet that were a hurdle that would have to be dealt with as they got to it. For the time being, he would sit motionless and keep guard, as per Gaea's instructions. Hopefully what were to come would not be too far away. =================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich "Oh, that'd be fun! I haven't played that since medical school. Though i warn you, I tend to lose, hehe." Ziggy pulled her tongue playfully at the changeling doctor, as she grumbled over what the first word to pick were. Always where to start with things, that were the toughest step, or at least until obscure fields of medicine got into things and her brain shut off. "Okay, I got one. Hypotension." It was perhaps a little easy, but that was the point of these games, right? Start easy, work your way up. Plus, it was the only thing she could think of at the time, beyond poking Fah'lina to see if the irate mimic were okay. She seemed calmer now, but she had become awfully protective of the mare before. It was kinda nice really, since usually Ziggy just saw the critter as being around her to nick snacks and act as a cute little pet to trick random ponies out of their treats. ======================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich Sugar gulped as he saw the elders, not knowing what to think of everything anymore. Had they truly deceived him and his entire family? Isolated and tormented his sister for telling a trust that none of them - himself included - had wanted to believe? Or were this all just a big mistake, and even the elders had been misled by manipulators of previous generations of their post? He didn't know what to think about them, himself, or the life he had been dedicated to his whole life, and it made him feel as if he were in a free-fall, just waiting to finally impact the jagged rocks beneath. "E-Esteemed elders, Marcus... He wants..." "Your hero have beef with you. Get up and follow us to him now, or I will make you." Brute stomped into the ground, making the rock crack beneath her hoof. She were not as subtle or in doubt as Sugar were, and saw only deplorable monsters here, who had manipulated ponies through who knew how long, likely for their own gain, and if it were not because there were still some doubt about what were going on, she wouldn't have given them the option to follow along. She would simply heave forced them, one way or another. Though, if they tried to delay, or if they - Celestia have mercy on them - attempted to attack her, they would regret their decision. Especially the last one, as then she were going to do more than flex her muscles, and actually beat their scrawny flanks up before piling them on her back and taking them to Marcus. ==================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich Scarcity let out a small, pearly laughter at hearing of the progress that Penny had already made. What a delightfully resourceful little mare she were. "It's splendid to hear that you have already gotten so far with your project. Marvelous speed and efficiency Penny, though I'm afraid that I would not be of much help to you in a kitchen. It isn't my forte to do well in such a setting sadly, yet if you desire it, I can come and do what I can for a time, though it sounds more as if you are short-hoofed in general, yes? I can provide some helpers for you if you need it. I know a few here and there who could be of assistance to me, or those I chose to help, and who will not attempt to steal any of your recipes. They know that I detest disloyalty in my contacts, and they prefer to do what they can to not disappoint me, seeing as how helpful I have been to many of them. That will of course include signing NDA's, so that they will not share any details of your work to anypony, or attempt to replicate it of their own. Though i must ask. Will it be only unicorns you'd prefer for this, or are ponies and other beings of comparable sizes good enough? The less restrictions, the more I can suggest." Scarcity were not a pony that carried conventional weapons or got her hooves dirty. Quite honestly, if it came to a fight, her usefulness were rather limited, which were why she had Brick with her more often than not. Yet what made her dangerous were her information and her network. A vast amount of varied beings in every area of Equestria, and quite a few branches beyond, which she had made quite a handsome living connecting around to the right beings, and using to gain various bits of information that she could use to aid or hurt others with. It made her a reliable problem solver, and the more time she spent in the shadier parts of this world, the more vast her influence became, to a point where she were even technically untouchable now, as even if by some miracle there were found a shred of evidence against her - which were unlikely as she were very careful - the Equestrian government wouldn't touch her, and she could make evidence vanish with as little as a few words to a prison guard, or a seemingly random stranger on the streets. Perhaps not even that, as her arrest would trigger a response in her network that would automate a sizable, well-paid effort to clean her name as quickly as could be. As for why she wouldn't be taken in by the government... Well, let it be said that certain highly dangerous or historically important items were acquired by her on the black and grey markets and passed along to the Equestrian government, along with information of certain criminals that were not protected for whatever reason that they wished to get their hooves on and she had ended up becoming more valuable to them when she remained part of this world, rather than taking her away. Regardless, in a matter such as this, the main part were that she had among her many contacts, several in the sort of business that Penny were, who could be persuaded to lend some help as needed, and keep their varied mouths shut about it. They knew well enough what might happen to those who crossed Scarcity to not risk it. =================================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich "Then let us seal the pact." Vivid's horn glowed with deep purple and pale whiteness as soul and demonic magic mingled, lifting Charlie above the stationary body that stood ready and empty in the middle of the room. From the corner, the glowing box of harmonic magic shook and began to crack, as Vivid assaulted it and prepared herself for the worst part of this task: Personally having to handle harmony energy, which were an actual threat to demonic or semi-demonic beings like herself. Feeling it twirl and twist even on her magic felt like thorns grating against her very being, and even as she poured more magic into the process - to a point where her eyes began to glow and the air seemed to carry the faint sound of screams near her - it did not make her feel better. And this was even the nice part of it. It just began to feel worse as she removed Charlie's spirit from the stick, and placed it within the empty vessel. Not a thing that would do much in general, as he were simply sitting in it, but it were as if a pony sat in water. They were embraced, but it did not stick. No, for that, she would have to more or less sew the two of them together, which were quite a bit more demanding that it sounded. A coppery taste were felt in her muzzle as suddenly, the strands of demonic, soul, and harmony, all at once mingled together and tore through the body, leaving not a mark on it, but on the metaphysical plane, began its grizzly work. Then it went through again, and again, and so forth for what felt like hours of near-blinding pain for Vivid, yet were a measly 30 seconds in reality, at which point she felt something residing within the body, and the last part began. Being in a body was all nice and good after all, and there were the basis for life sown into the very being with invisible strands, but there still needed that spark that started it all. The rush of life, that would begin this unnatural beings heart. With a force that shook the wall, the remaining magic imploded into the formerly empty body, coalesced into the heart of the the vessel, and then... Silence. *ba-dum* The light and darkness vanished from the vessel, the energy extinguished as the singular, low sound broke the eerie silence. *ba-dum* Vivid fell to her knees, weakened and in pain. Working with harmony were the reason why she had wanted that other draconequus to stay, to guide this accursed magic so that she may not need to interact with it, and cause herself to end in this state. *ba-dum* *ba-dum* *ba-dum* Weak as she felt, a grin still spread on her face, as she glanced up at the vessel, hearing it's heartbeat thunder in these first few seconds, as life emerged in the amalgamation of parts where it had once been taken. "Is it everything you hoped for, Charlie?" She knew there were somepony in there, and it could be nopony but him. She knew that the pain of this procedure would cause her focus to not be perfect enough to keep track of what soul were used, so it had really been for the best in many ways that it were here they worked their magic. This too had been a good reason for her to clear this place of wayward spirits, though she didn't think of this before the job were done. It were merely a happy coincidence. =================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight Whilst Lucid hammered on the door, but seemingly not getting much of a response. Anomaly looked behind to check up on what Henry were doing. By the looks of things, he were beginning to absorb the flames into his fur, making it more shiny and healthy-looking in the process, but still remained docile and content for the time being. Perhaps she needed to set up a furnace back home to make sure he were doing okay when it were, and then tell Frizzle to add some fuel now and again? Eh, guess they'd see. And speaking of guessing, she were getting tired of guessing why the door wasn't being open, so she just somehow pulled out a piece of soap with her table leg, and started to see if there were an opening in the house she could throw this in through. Make it a little clingy with a bit of magic, and they'd be sorted, whilst whoever were in there would have this thing follow them and jump straight into their muzzles. Depended on whatever or not somepony would open soon. ====================================================================================== @Moonlit @Catpone Cerberus "Earth ponies aren't so bad, but Unicorns... I don't remember much of being alive anymore, but I still know of some of the stories and warnings I were told about them back then, when unicorns, earth ponies and pegasi didn't live together. Earth ponies were only dangerous to us pegasi if we got close to them, but the unicorns were monsters, who could be using their magic to do dangerous things. It's hard enough looking at how for some reason, everypony lives together in this town and doesn't fight constantly, but if what you were saying fitted a unicorn, I don't know if I could feel safe anywhere. I still don't, if she can see through disguises. What if she could see me, even though I go invisible? what would she do then? Would she call somepony to remove me? Scorn you for harboring me? Send me away to the afterlife by force?" Her tone grew worried and a few things around her began to stir, with the lightest things beginning to slowly move across the floor. "I'm sorry, I just... Don't know what to think of anything these days. It's been a long time since I've even been around ponies, and the little I still know just doesn't fit with how things look now. P-Please forgive me." Things settled down as Cherishes's mind did, taking away from what may have evolved into a full on poltergeist episode if she hadn't stopped herself from going too far down her paranoid line of thought, which were fueled by not only biased fear for what may happen to her, but also to Serenade, and to an extend, Nada. They had been nothing but kind to her, and having either of them scrutinized and mocked because of her weren't something she wished to happen for either of them. Just the thought alone had made her feel sick to her ethereal stomach. "P-Perhaps it is for the best if I get to meet Pinkie at some point, and just face all of this head on, but that's not too important. I'm more worried that if... W-What if she knows Nada is here and tries to push a surprise on her? Would that go well? Or do I just worry too much about all of this?" ========================================================================================== @EQ_Theta @Dji "Essentially. I have some notes scribbled down in one of my books regarding how our physiology works in more details when it comes to things such as our ability to breathe fire, but I'll have to pick them up from my cave later, depending on if the sphinx ruined the place in retaliation before or not. Perhaps you would be able to find it useful, which is more than I can say for the deaf ears I've been trying to educate for most my life. As for your friend, I haven't heard of magic of that kind before, but if it involves a change in color with his flames, he's likely a fire dragon with some hidden potential poking its head forth. Some proper education into draconic magic use and whatever potential he possesses can be allowed to bloom. Who knows, perhaps he carries some traces of dragons outside of the Dragon Isle's? I have a few pages from old tomes speaking of strange magic harnesses by dragons from distant lands. It's unconfirmed scribbles that none of the elders I met have cared to speak of, but if he have green fire, it's possible. If you don't mind me being near your library to conduct my own research, I could share what I know of with him, and see what would come of it. Magical potential is a fools act to simply waste in my opinion." Urgh, finally! 400 years and a move from her own country, but she finally found someone who were willing to listen to research, data, and find interest in what magic and physiology actually means for dragons. Usually Nerzhei spoke to deaf ears when it came to this, with the only ones who even had a passing interest being idiots who thought that she could teach just any lizard how to use magic in a few minutes, and a few elders who cared little for what she actually researched, but more into what her findings in other areas might do for them. The rest were basically just ignored. "It starts to show with minor anomalies, but it varies. In my case, I found that in a fit of anger, I threw a rock at someone without being near it, but others may find out through things like being able to stand on water, lava reacting with their anger, or wind currents change around you to make your flight easier. Varied degrees of it really, but the base idea is mostly that it manifests through emotional and/or stressful events. And yes, there are signs to see when dragons use magic, though yet again it varies with the sub-species. Fire dragons tend to show it in their horns glowing at the tip, or from odd-colored smoke pouring from their nostrils. Water dragons tend to have glowing eyes, whilst wind dragons - as far as I've observed - have the protrusions on the top middle of their wings glow. And as for earth dragons like myself, it's mostly situated on the claws. I don't have much energy left, but let me see if I can prove my point." Nerzhei pulled her good hand towards Fluttershy, the turned it palm upwards and concentrated until a faint glow showed at the tip of each of her claws, and a pebble that had been dragged in here by somepony, began to float up and around her hand. It wouldn't last more than a few seconds, considering her weakened state, but hopefully it would suffice. "I have seen a few dragons who used magic without it being too obvious, but those are rarities, and more often that not will involve some kind of highly powerful magical artifact instead, such as the dragon lord's scepter. Be careful if you see cloves or hats that cover horns though. It may be a less then impressive attempt at hiding their magic usage." ====================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "Magic is strange. Good if it helps Sen though. I don't want him to go away soon, like many others have." Even though Omen had no real concept of death, she knew that many of those she had once seen were never getting back, and she didn't want that to happen with Sen and Lin. At least not anytime soon, as with them, waiting for them to return like Discord eventually had wasn't going to work, and what would the world look like if Omen went away for a long, long time again to wait? What strange state would Equestria then be in? It was hard to tell, but hopefully that wouldn't be a question she would have to ask for a very long time. Lin would perhaps be around for longer because she were a little like Omen, and Sen sounded as if his life would go on, and who knew? Perhaps they could make it longer? Omen had done something wrong with the crystal thing she went to check up on, and bad stuff had apparently happened, but she had known of many things buried or hidden away, even before Discord were turned to stone. It might be that some of them still worked. But thankfully Lin were quick to mention it were time for them to go back and see how the others were doing before more thoughts could fester in her mind, and add to the already large pile of unfiltered chaos that had gone through the last day or so. "Okay. Shrimp?" Shrimp lifted his head as he heard the voice say his name whisper through his mind. His mouth were sticky with berry mush and juices from after he had stopped fighting the branch, and went on to taste the fruit. He had only taken two so far, but as he were called for, he snapped another in his mouth and slithered over to the pair, where he'd then climb up on Omen to his usual spot and begin eating the juicy fruit, with not a care in the world. Including the fact that he were dripping on Omen, but she didn't care in the slightest about that. She just looked at Lin with her usual pale-eyed curiosity and expectantly awaited for them to move on. "We're ready." "Without more time to test the tides, then yes, we would have a need for Omen to go through with this. Her lack of breathing might be far more helpful than we at first think, and if she can find a way inside, she can guide Lin in, and we can drain the room. Yet we need the both of them back before we can really do much. With some luck, it will not be much longer." ================================================================================================ @Rising Dusk "Yeah right, and I'm the prince of Lollipop Land. A feather can't jus- What the?" Molotov had reached a hoof out to touch the feather, aiming to just throw it around and keep making sarcastic comments to it. In a friendly manner of course, but the plans had been dashed when he got close enough to the feather, and felt like a part of him had suddenly vanished. It wasn't too bad or painful, but it were definitely noticeable, and he withdrew his hoof as if he had been shocked. Trying a few more times though, he found that this became more tolerable to do, though as he finally picked up the feather and tried to cast a spell to satisfy his curiosity, his face filled with equal parts wonder and horror. "A complete blockage of any magic... T-This is amazing and troubling all the same. If this feather is real, that must mean the pegasus this comes from is also... Great Celestia, the implications of this..." He sat with his head in his hooves, grumbling over the pros and cons of what this meant, scientifically as well as generally for Equestria at large. To have somepony on the loose who actually had anti-magical feathers were one thing, but having them fly? What if the feathers dropped off and hit somewhere it shouldn't, like through a hospital window and near some of the magically infused medicine? What disasters couldn't that cause? Several more such scenarios went through his head before finally, he let out a long, drawn-out sigh, and removed his hooves from his eyes, giving an uncertain glance towards Dusky. "No, it doesn't matter what my own feelings are about this. I went into this line of work to help, and I'm not gonna stop because I'm concerned 'bout a few potential issues. I can work this feather into the design, though if I'm guessing right here, the one who're carrying this isn't gonna need that, since she'd already have plenty of anti-magic going 'round her being. Or nullifying magic like you say. Not the biggest difference to be frankly, but that's beyond the point. You can bring the pony over whenever you think it'll work. In the meantime, I think I can use this feather to improve my own wings, if nothing else. Just gonna need to tweak around some things and make a new design." He'd have to see if it only kept it down or actively removed it first of course, but the prospects of this at least seemed to lift his spirits up again after the (mostly) internal debate he had gone through. "How'd you even run into somepony like this? Heck, how have they managed to stay unknown in general? I would've thought a pony with these sort of abilities would be well known." As for Blitz, she either didn't listen in or was just too busy with her pancakes, because there weren't a peep out of her. Just the continued sound of her munching through the mediocre pancakes. ===================================================================================================== @Catpone Cerberus Spicy let out a good, hearty laughter as Ruby gave her reasons for why the gambling mare may be worried about telling her much about Scarcity. "I'm always thinking that folks might rat me out Ruby, but you're off your game on this one. I didn't wanna tell you too much, because I didn't wanna give you any illusions about having anything you can use against her. Scarcity ain't small fry girlie, and considering the stories about what happens to those who tries to harm her, she clearly doesn't take it kindly when somepony even attempts to rat her out. And attempts are all you're gonna get out of it. You think that nopony have tried to get her out of the picture before? Nothing ever sticks, and whoever accused her won't stay hidden enough for her to not retaliate. Pony like her can have you vanish, imprisoned, or just flat out ruin your life without much effort if you get on her bad side, and I value having your talents around too much for it to be all that grand that you get yourself in over your head like this. The dark side of Equestria. Ain't it fun already?" She let out another laugh whilst Marley simply shook his head at her antics. Though as the smirk on his beak proved, it were still amusing to him, even with what he knew. "Much as we demonize her, you should not worry too much. She appears to take much in stride, long as nothing overtly threatens her or her business. Minor outbursts and sneering will likely do little more than amuse her, seeing as how Spicy did not exactly act the nicest of ways when we interacted with her." "You try getting searched for contraband a few times and see how great you'll feel." =============================== @Dji "You cannot simply join a hivemind. Only those who are part of a queen's hive may do so, and unless you convert fully to my rule, it cannot be done. If that is even an option we still have in this shape." Onache sat on her throne and gazed upon Aurora, thinking that on this matter, Happy would not be of much help, as he had never graced the hivemind himself. Not for a lack of trying, but something in his physiology made it impossible to connect, which were also why he could not be forced to listen to orders like the former members of her hive. Ruling a hive in a hive depended on the queen controlling their spawn properly through the hive mind, so it had been fortunate that Happy had decided to follow her on his own accord. "Find it fortunate that you have not been driven mad by the isolation, as many other drones have before you. In another time, perhaps you would have made for an efficient long term scout." Happy leaned in a bit and grinned. "That's what I'm doing normally. Means you can stay outta the hive for more than a few weeks without going coo-coo, so you can really start figuring out what sorta places would be ready for an invasion, and where to strike first. Gritty job sometimes, but you have better access to feeding regularly than the normal hive workers." ================================================= @Dji Enzo finally got on his paws as Karmic began painfully pleading, and leaned his head in close enough for his chin-beard to touch the mare "If she perishes, then so will you, Atzy. Seize your assault, that we may then find a body for your wayward soul." Regardless of whatever the internal force that were likely the cause of Karmic's pain stopped the assault or not, Enzo would lean even closer, and carefully bite into the loose neck skin of the pony so that he could carry the little creature like a kitten, then lifted her up and swung her to be on his back, whereupon he would summon some straps of parchment to keep her down, in case kept going/might happen again, so that she would be less likely to glide off. As for where to go... He didn't know for certain, but for now the important part had been to secure travel for the small pony. An undignified way this happened, yet Enzo would swallow his pride. Long as she did not proclaim him to be her steed, as that might be pressing her luck too much.
  13. @Illiad Easle Just before you potentially go at me for inconsistency, in case it haven't been obvious so far, Null is one with a looooot of anger, and is not against hurting others, but she barks more than she bites. And currently, a part of her is terrified and desperate to try everything if it means she will get to Void, so, she vents out in words instead of actions. Something tells me though, that yelling isn't going to prove to be the smart thing. We will see.
  14. Blitz Boom

    Private Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

    @Illiad Easle (Void) So... She either had to backtrack and potentially run into that goo thing, stay here and get trampled when the golem would finally break through, or venture into the unknown? Void's panicking mind over how close it had been for the golem to get her just a second ago were clouding her judgement over what were rational, which generally speaking weren't to go into the unknown, and instead, she should venture back and see if the goo monster were still there, and if not, try to get through the gate. However, in the state she were in and on the likely low time she had to work with, the few glances she had sent at the SatNav made her just react instinctively and run down to the right, away from what she had seen thus far, and into whatever were waiting in the unknown. The SatNav and the key card were both in her muzzle as she ran, as she didn't think of perhaps tying them up in her bandanna right now, as much as just getting away until she felt like the golem weren't potentially chasing her anymore. A good 200 meters without a clay monstrosity chasing her might do the trick. (Really hoping I read the map right, and that she were at the top to the left, with the two rooms down on the map and upwards - right in her perspective - being the unchecked areas. I weren't entirely sure what hallways you were speaking off) (Null) What, this thing thought tendrils scared Null? About a third of every single cursed item Void and her had ever encountered involved tendrils or tentacles of some kind. It started to lose its novelty and scare factor after a while. At least this one talked like a somewhat rational being, but Null were not sold on her for that. And saying that she too were looking for Void didn't make her mood all that great either, as the way that this mare spoke made Null think of her as one of Them. The monsters that worked for the self-proclaimed *doctors* of this nightmare. "You think that I care about Panic and his *warhead* whatever that is? Him, you, and this entire country can boil in a pool of molten slag!" Null growled and took a step forward towards Pen. "We just wanted to be left alone, was that too much to ask for? How many more do I have to kill before Troy finally understands that we want nothing to do with any of you?!" The axe fell out of Null's muzzle as she rose her voice to finally let some aggression out, though why she didn't just do so physically, she didn't know. Was it because Pen said too that even if she wanted to contain the things in this place - which honestly, didn't seem so bad in their case anymore - or perhaps the fact that as she were looking for Void, it must mean that she had seen her already? Perhaps some small part of Null actually felt pity or smartened up enough to figure that it were better to take advantage of somepony that she could see, rather than a voice that she could not even hear anymore because of the horrid batteries? Whatever the case, the spike in anger were deflating, along with the volume of her voice, but it were unlikely for the beaked one to not have heard her outburst just now, unless his ears were covered, and the walls thick. "What's Codex? A nickname for one of this place's monsters in lab coats? What are you, another one of the doctors Pets? One of 900's little goons? You know what, why am I even bothering? Get moving, and if you try any dirty little tricks, I will end you." If the axe had not been removed, Null would pick it up again, and stare with a cold flame in her eyes at Pen, signalling her to turn around and go through the door the faceless creature hhad just come through. This freak wanted her to trust her? Yeah, that was not going to happen, but until Null could find an excuse to gut this one or had a sufficient enough rage spike again, she would use this thing as the tool she were. Perhaps for once, it wouldn't be the small pegasus being the only one used for the menial work of a mindless goon.
  15. @Seamore Sandwich No need to worry about Scarcity. I know that I have her as a big player in the black market, but she runs by some degree of honor. Long as Penny don't try to break a deal with her, Scarcity won't try to take advantage of a few errors in their agreement. Besides, they're getting along so well, so she really have no incentive to do so. It might be profitable in the short run, sure, but she prefer to keep worthwhile contacts rather than burn bridges, and really, Penny can make magical candy. It would be quite shortsighted to get on her bad side, when the candy maker have the means to break into an entirely new, and potentially profitable market if she is properly funded. And believe me, I've missed having you here too Seamore. Just ain't the same without your convoluted schemes and long term meddling. like what you mentioned with the ghost. no idea what you're going to do with that tear, but knowing you, it's something interesting. Potentially dangerous too.