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  1. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta Rosa took hold of a watermelon slice, pulled his mask up, and took a slow bite of the succulent fruit. "I don't trust this place enough to think that it will be a short journey. It may take several hours to half a day, depending on things. It takes only half an hour to fly above, but you are not hindered by your mind playing tricks then, as we will be inside." Putting the fruit down, he looked around and spotted some of the moss that they had been told would be smart to use for covering their ears. It seemed worth an attempt to use these, though he wouldn't rule out that some things would still sift through. It would be far too easy otherwise, even if you only had visual problems in there. "This place will not have mercy on us if we stray, and find ourselves as part of another groups tales. We will have to be diligent in there, and Sen, you will need to be so out here. I consider this a safe distance, but it is impossible to know for sure. The things within may sense you, and show you things to draw you in. I take it that images of loved ones, or Lin being dragged away to be likely. Do not trust them, and do not, under any circumstances, go into the swamp. If you go there, everypony will need to try and help one another, and we will stray from the path. If that happens, I doubt any of us will get out of there again. So stay here when we leave Sen,and wait. With some luck, it won't be many hours before we are out on the other side. Now both of you, eat up. I will gather some moss and find something to tie them to our ears. Retrieve the rope we prepared at your leisure, Lin." With a few large chunks taken from his slice of watermelon, Rosa put his mask back on, and began going to the patches of moss he saw to cut some suitable patches of it. A suitable task for one who carried a plethora of knives, though none of them overly large. ============================================================================== @BloodDrops @Storm Shine "As suspected. The laws of magic doesn't even apply to him." The layer of glue had originally made Onache somewhat pleased, but it hadn't lasted, as Discord had suddenly stood there, with not a spot on him and next to an identical statue. A decoy that had taken the hit, and proof that even here, where the sphinx had set it so that magic shouldn't work, the draconequus could still do his tricks. She had expected as much, seeing as not only his race didn't follow normal rules, but him in particular were the lord of everything chaos. Suppression of magic were an order that he were incapable of following, though his followers would likely not be as lucky. Perhaps something that could be used in their advantage, though for now, as Onache avoided a glob of bouncy glue, they still had the problem of this irritating gnat meddling around, and the sphinx had not exactly seemed pleased before. This may evolve into somewhat of a standoff already. Untold power, against the lord of chaos... This may well be interesting, but being in the midst of it? It seemed unwise, so Onache would move towards the sphinx, but to the side. The two of these could duke it out, and for the time being, she would stay out of it. She wasn't one to get into physical fights often anyway. She may have some muscle, but she were a manipulator, and an observer, not a brawler. This were a situation in where she did best by watching and seeing what would happen, and in case the sphinx would seem to lose, make a hasty retreat. "Do you think it wise antagonize your hostess, Discord? Unless that is the only reason you came here, and not to help your friends? What, with your companions now wandering into a treacherous desert all alone and becoming less welcome by your actions, it almost seem as if you don't care about them when you take to defiling her generous invitation." A little fuel for the flame perhaps, but again, she were used to manipulation. Making Discord think more of his friends, might make him tone his antics down, in worry of what could happen to them. Or transport them all here instantly, leaving the wait rather short. Another option which weren't all that bad. ==================================================================================== @Rising Dusk Blitz had gotten on to guess if it were for breezies when she had finally been cut off, and she made big eyes. "Anti-magic cage? Cool! When you get it done, I wanna see it. I bet it'll be all kinds of exciting and useful. Especially for catching little meanies and- No, wait! It's for bad ponies, right? Hehe, yeah, I bet that's it. Okay, go have fun with big bro now. I'll look around when my wings are all clean and nice. Lot's of feathers and metal to brush." She rose a hoof to wave at Dusky as he exited the room, with a big grin going over her little, impish face, and a head full of thoughts on what an anti-magic cage could be used for. Nothing that the officer would like to hear though, as the thoughts were a little... Well, crazy, but it wasn't as if she were going to act on them. She just had a lot of thoughts that often were best kept to herself, yet rarely were. Thankfully she had other things to get distracted with by now. ANd speaking of distraction, Dusky would find that Molotov were still going at the forge, hammering away like it was the greatest day in his life. Next to him, a bars of the new cage were done and were cooling down, which were not much, but Dusky had not been away for long either. As had been mentioned, this were going to take some time, but most craftsmanship tended to do. If it was any good anyway. Molotov didn't notice Dusky returning at first until he saw a reflection in a piece of metal and stopped his humming to address the stallion. He didn't turn around to look at Dusky mind you, but he needed to keep focus on the work and not getting the current lump of metal dropped on something flammable like himself, so eyes on the prize here. "Welcome back stranger. Wasn't much of a trip you had there. Blitz still sleeping?" ====================================================================================== @Storm Shine @EQ_Theta @BloodDrops @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @Lucid_Nightlight @Dji Anomaly getting bit didn't really do much. It hurt, but as she had said earlier, pain was kind of fun, and considering how she just counted it as another experience, it was basically like tickling her. She even giggled throughout the little thing's assault. Sure, she could've been all mean back to the little meanie, but she bet that it was gonna make it more annoyed to be treated like this. And wasn't that what all of this were about. "Little lizard mouth only good for bad words and biting. We should get a big bucket of soap water for him to wash the bad words out with." She'd summon a bucket, but her magic was getting really wonky all of a sudden. She could still change how she looked, and mend her wounds, but anything externally didn't seem to work. Must be that big crystal thing, negating magic in general. Guess there were a loophole letting a tiny bit of stuff through if you were a draconequus, though she bet Discord could do everything. Strongest and most ancient of their kind. Had to mean these sort of rules didn't apply to him at all. Shame that she couldn't make things though. Especially when the pony-sized sphinx showed up all of a sudden. "Heeeey, I thought your kind was supposed to be big and fuzzy. False advertisement! I want my bits back." Anomaly giggled and went up in a standing position, and looked down the two paths. "I just go wherever and have fun, silly riddles I don't need. Princess Magicbutt or somepony else wanna ask sandcat a question?" She looked back at the others, and saw a pink bunny jumping towards Fluttershy. That dragons pet... Lotus? Some sort of flower name. Well, whatever, bunny was getting closer, and for some reason seemed to have gone in here on her own, instead of walking with somepony. Must be one of those stubborn types. Meanwhile, far away, in a hospital ward, Lucid's letter suddenly appeared on Zhu's face, and were promptly brushed away without a read. The doctors were too busy trying to patch him together to have any sort of time for things like this, so it might be a while before the message got to the target, though Zhu had little control over Anomaly anyway. If the draconequus wanted to eat berries, she'd do so, and there was nothing he could realistically do to stop her.
  2. @BloodDrops And then not long after writing that, he responded. Seems like you summoned him.
  3. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Rising Dusk "Hehe, sounds like fun. Big bro were talking weirdly when he got his fancy things too, mumbling about..." Blitz stopped her cleaning work and scratched her head, trying to rummage through what it were that she had heard when Molotov went past her before, to get his gear. "Pressure points, metal flexibility, and energy... Something. He kinda mumbles sometimes when he rambles, and he was walking away. Must be something cool though, He always kinda tune things out when he gets working on fun things, and he didn't even see me. I do that too, lots of times. Is that a family thing?" Molotov had tried telling her a lot of things from the time before she had apparently been shot out of the besieged Center Zero, but it all sounded so weird. Really fun and cool, but it just wasn't getting to her. She couldn't remember anything, even when he showed her pictures of their family where she was in them. She felt pretty bad about that, since he always seemed to get so sad when she said she didn't get any flashbacks or something when it were, but he kept trying, and she kept asking. If getting distracted was a family thing could be something else to ask him, and who knew? Perhaps this would make her remember things? Not sure if that was so good though. Big Bro got sad when he remembered all those who were gone, and Blitz didn't want that. She wanted to be happy and make things. Well, no need to worry about that. If something happened, it did, and they'd make something happen there. Right now she should keep talking to their funny guest. And clean the wings! Had to make it all clean from weird things that had gotten stuck to it recently. Mostly squished bugs and tree goo. "Big bro knows, I ask him and he tells, hehe. So what sorta cage are you working on? Is it for rats? Ducks? Dragons? Ponies? Changelings? Ghosts? Dinosaurs? Zombies? Garden gnomes?" She'd go on with even more weird suggestions as to what the cage were for until Dusky would interrupt her. It was kind of annoying she'd been told, but everypony answered her when she guessed, so it worked! Why change away from something that worked? That would just be silly. ===================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta Rosa nodded, not wanting to be in that place either when night fell. It wouldn't exactly make it easier to navigate in there, and from what he had heard, it wasn't going to be that easy in general either. It would be about three hours before they would be able to see the swamp, at which point, nothing really exciting happened. A wolf went near them once and growled, but it took off after that, and some weird snakes were seen in the water of the river, yet beyond that, there were not much going on. Yet, through it all, there were a sense of them being followed that Rosa couldn't shake. There were never something when he looked, but every now and again, he felt like something was starring at him from the water, the trees, or some nearby bush. If Sen and Lin had good senses, they'd likely be able to feel something observing them too, though they might also catch that there were a certain smell that followed that feeling, and the few, rustling of leaves that happened infrequently: That of fish. Trouts more than likely, as the rivers here were seemingly abundant with them. Whoever it was though, no one ever came out and presented themselves. It was justthis nagging feeling, the smell, and few random sounds to suggest that they weren't alone. Efficient ones who were stalking them it seemed, though asd they had so far not made a move, Rosa kept silent and moved on until they could see the swamp. It was impossible to miss. A vast area with gnarled trees and a thick layer of fog dragging along the ground throughout the dark area, stood in sharp contrast to the flourishing forest they had seen thus far. It was hard to see what lurked in the swamp from this distance, or even that it were anything but a foggy, half-dead forest area, but there were some birds flying above that landed down there from time to time. Impossible to say what ones at this distance though, yet they seemed large. Hopefully not scavenger birds, or it boded badly for the ones entering the place. The river would bend and flow through the swamp, whilst Rosa's eyes turned to a path a good ten minute walk from their current position, that seemed to go straight into the place. The path they needed to follow it seemed, and since nothing was coming for them currently - at least not from the swamp - he'd say that their current distance was at least somewhat safe for them to stop at, and take a breath. "I think this is where we need to part ways. Lin, could you return to the stash, and find us something to eat? There's no saying how many hours it will take to pass this place, so we should be ready for a long trip. And try to bring a few of the rations that I packed that includes watermelon, if you would. As good a time as ever to introduce you to it." He'd sit down on a patch of grass while they were waiting, and rest his legs. They hadn't been running exactly, but every bit of strength that could be conserved would be good to have in case it became needed in there. He had something to tell Sen too, but he'd wait until Lin were returned. He could do so without her, but so far, it seemed her trips took mere seconds. Not enough time to talk over things, so he might as well wait for them all to be gathered. ============================================================================================================ @FanOfManyShows It wasn't an easy amount of things that Astral had on her plate right now, that was for sure. Her mom's return might've been a hoax, they stil had a powerful enemy out there, and said enemy was her aunt. It couldn't be easy for her to deal with all of this, and then only have one aggressive fit earlier. Frankly, she were being pretty strong-willed about his whole thing. A good trait in somepony who went through things like this, though he wished that she didn't have to. Poor gal shouldn't have to be roped into being a defender of the country because of some bad mojo in her bloodline. "...I try not to think about it too much, Astral. Lot of bad I've done during all of this that have just gotten it worse, and I honestly don't know how to fix it. I've spent years trying not to think on how I'm at fault for letting Emerald go in the first place, and now she's not just locked away in my scalp, haunting my dreams, but actually out there and getting ready to pounce. None of that would've happened if I didn't went and stole her bauble in the first place. She wouldn't be out there, Warlock wouldn't have gotten help, you wouldn't have to be faced with this bad apple in your family, or gotten caught and hurt. Thinking about it all, just makes me more aware of how much I've hurt everypony involved here. Guess they were right at home. Just a good-for-nothing freak that should've been left where I was found..." Chow sighed deeply as the memory returned of that day. It was one of several things that had been said to him when he got exiled, and had to go live among ponies instead. In fact the only thing that the cold, enraged elder said to the pony personally before he kicked the crying pony out and locked the door for good behind him. All the looks he had gotten then, the thoughts on how his parents must've felt over all of this, and knowing that even locked down, he had set something loose that were going to cause even more pain than she had already... He felt the same then as he did now, and every time he thought about this: Guilt. Nothing but guilt, knowing that he was responsible not only for what had happened to him, but for what had happened to so many others. "Look, Astral, I know that things are looking grim right now. There's a lot of bad happening, and we ain't exactly innocent in all of it, but we're doing everything we can to get things right again. Warlock's in jail, Emerald is on the run, and your mom might still be real, but in a real tense situation that'll require us to help her. We've got something to be proud of in all of this, and something to keep fighting for. And you got something that I never had when I got into this whole mess Astral." Chow would try to put a hoof on Astral's shoulder to show some solidarity - darned pony interactions were hard to get used to, so he didn't try a hug - before going on, hoping that his rambling was gonna sound less stupid to the mare than it had to him when it just started to blurt out. "You got us. Your pa, Misty, the generals, me. Everypony's here to help make sure that everything will get back in check again. And if Emerald have done something that churns the old wound about your mom even more, or started all of this in the first place... Well, more of a reason to find her, and teach her what happens to those who mess with us, right?" Alright, there was something he got at least. The notion to focus on who you wanted to beat the feathers off, along with a small grin as his good ol' friend denial started to settle in again. =================================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows A dark cloud seemed to go over Emerald's red eyes as she were presented with the question. One that she associated with the betrayal that had stung her so deeply back then, as that had indeed been what her plan were. To gather the elements, and use the combined power of disharmony to be whole again. Not a feeble witch, having to leech blood to stay alive, but an actual, healthy mare. "I had to think so, sister. Even with everything we did to prolong my life, I was still dying. Still feeble and weak, keeling over in a stiff breeze, or having to use that accursed cane on bad days. I remember the times I couldn't even do that, but just lay around, and wonder if that was the last time I had ever walked around, and all of a sudden, I'd be right back to where I was when we were children. Just a burden, waiting for the end to finish my misery." To return to that horrid state, caught in her own withering body, riddled with disease from before she could even walk, and knowing that nothing was ever going to get better... Even the centuries disembodied in that bauble couldn't compare to what it was like to be like that for Emerald. How it felt like to see everypony else at a distance, happy and smiling, and only having true contact with her older sister, as Emerald were often too weak to leave the house.She had to see that at a distance, and hear whispers from her parents talking to the doctors about how much worse it was getting, and how much time she might have left. They didn't know that she could hear them, but she did, and it had filled her with nothing but dread and misery. Some days, not even Sapphire coming to talk and play with her could lift that dark cloud from above her head. All of that changed when Sapphire found those books, and they began studying the forbidden arts. It was vile things, often deplorable and certainly nothing fillies should even hear about, but it were prolonging Emerald's life. Made her stronger, and able to leave the house on her own sometimes. Though even out there, she were still often in pain, and needed plenty of rest. She were gangly, looked ill, and as she had just said, had simply prolonged the inevitable, no matter how strongly she went at things. When they heard about the elements of disharmony, logic had dictated to her that if she just got more magic, she could completely cure herself, and those things were rich on magic. So she had begun making plans for taking them, got to a point where she had infiltrated the organisation responsible for hiding them, and then... Then Sapphire had left her, and everything seemed to fall to pieces. What should have been an easy grab of several elements turned to Emerald just knowing locations of a few, because she couldn't do it alone. She had needed Sapphire, and instead, she had then had to see her opportunity for a proper life slip through her hooves, and sit in her lonely house, stewing in grief and anger. Not things that had led her down a sane path, as had been evident when she squared off against Sapphire, who had always been the superior witch of them, as begrudgingly as Emerald were to admit it. "Now... I don't know what to think anymore. I've seen what happened with Warlock when he got his own element, and it didn't make him more whole. It was just more magic, and falling victim to his element's influence. He failed to keep control, and he only had two elements at most with him. I have to conclude that holding all of them at once is impossible, but I can't go away from thinking that perhaps there is a way. Some spell, some enhancement- Anything. Because if I give up, that means that this is my life now. No body of my own, but just a strong of hosts, leeched until I can no longer keep control and have to go for a new body. They're stronger than what I am used to, and healthy, but they're not mine, sister. It's like wearing an uncomfortable sweater time after time, and I don't have the way out that you did. Your horcruxes allow for regenerating your body, but my soul isn't fragmented and hidden in objects. They're trapped in the mist of crushed dust that's left of my old body." Emerald looked into the pot, as she added some feathers, sparkling dust, and the wings of some kind of large insect. It were simmering in slowly, whirling around as the mixture slowly began taking form. The one thing that Emerald might never do anymore, and which she hadn't talked to fully with anypony before, beyond Sapphire right now. Even with everything that had happened between them, now that she had a chance to vent some of the anger before, Emerald could talk with her sister easier than with anypony else. Always had been that way, and seemingly, it were still like that, even with metaphorical bad blood between them. "All I ever wanted was to be able to live like you did. Go outside, mingle, not hearing day in and day out how I was going to die soon. You used to want that for me too, even through the dark times. Now you answer me, Sapphire. Why did you leave me? Why did you just turn your back on me at the point where I needed you the most, and left me to rot?" ========================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows "Good then, since you are fine with it, we will proceed as planned. Return to the prisoner and tell his time in court, soldier. I will begin on the preparations while you two get ready for the ceremony. A visit to the forge might be in order." A general had to have custom made armor. So were tradition, and now that Iron Wings were among their ranks, so to would he need it. If he got a set of armor before or had only ordered it from the forge, but hadn't received it yet, he'd still be well of going there in her opinion. Either to add supplements to his gear, to make sure the current set still worked, or to pick up what had been made. It depended on the general's mood, and whatever or not he had already received his gear. Considering how busy everything had been the last half day, it was likely that he had simply not gotten around to that. =================================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine @Dji @BloodDrops @Seamore Sandwich @Moonlit "Oh yeah? We'll he's a *insert bird singing* - and a half." Anomaly pulled her tongue at the lizard again. Mean-spirited little handbag kept being just the worst, and if it wasn't because she had promise not to, she would've put him in a rat-catcher plant. That should teach the little meanie something until she let him get out again. "You should get a more fun pet. That one's just rotten. How about we splice him with a porcupine so everypony can see that he only wanna hurt others? Perhaps a backwards cap too, to make it clear that he's a total tool. What do you think, Flutterpony? How would you make little potty-mouth here behave?"
  4. @Brobot *pokes at Brobot with a long stick* He haven't said or done anything in a week now. I wonder if he's dead... Better poke him some more and see. *poke* *poke*
  5. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    @Victoria Sponge (welcome back, friend. ) "So Strawberry looks like strawberries, Raspberry have pink streaks in her mane and likes to fly around, and Sky Scraper have a beard. Sounds easy enough. Especially that first one. Heh, you should've seen me when i didn't get that pony names were descriptive of what they looked like or did. Everyone talked about berries, candy, walls, foliage, yada yada, and I'm just standing there with no clue, and wondering if everyone's just pulling my leg. Some dragons have names sort of like that too, but it's always just gems, metal, or elements. It's easier." "When I first wrote him my name, his initial response included a question about whatever or not I was talking about a bubble. Really weird response to get back from one of the random bottles I sent around, but it was kinda cute." Benny's clueless interpretation and curiosity had been one of the things making Pop go on writing him back then, even when she were told that he was from Dragon Land. Not exactly a place spoken about kindly in her days, but what she hadn't wanted to put up with to get herself a pen pal. Funny how things evolves sometimes, but she wouldn't have it any other way. "Anyway, like Victoria said, we should probably get on our way. It's not polite to leave others waiting." "Agreed. Gotta be a lot of fun I bet." The two of them had everything they needed in their saddlebags, so they'd be ready to get going right away, and especially Benny were full of energy and ready to get going. Sounded nice to be out stretching his legs a bit longer frankly, and some fresh air would do them all good. make them aware and ready for when the flock were to meet with Vicky and Battenberg's family, and sort out that there were technically two party crashers with them. Surely it'd be fine though, since they were invited, but it might give a small bit of tension. yet their family as a whole seemed rather nice, so Benny at least doubted that something would happen, and really, more focus were likely to be on Victoria. Sounded like her being to these things weren't normal, and she were almost an entirely different mare now than she used to be. Her family would be drawn like moth to the flame, or at least make them look like cautious, but curious cats. "I'm sorta wondering, why wouldn't your father be there? We met Felix what, an hour ago or so? Could he have really taken off already?" "Yeah, I almost forgot about that. Nice guy that one. He said he were going to look for his wif- Eh, you, I mean. He haven't showed up yet? Perhaps he wants to surprise you at the gathering?" Wait, did that mean that he just spoiled the surprise? Gosh darn it, not again... =========================================================================================== @Rising Dusk "If she's still asleep, just poke her. Works like a charm." Dusky worked fast it seemed, but hey, now there was somepony to watch out for Blitz, so that was good. She might've been napping before, but her taking a small powernap wasn't unusual. if she found a soft, comfy place, she liked snuggling in and powering down for a little while, but it wasn't going to last. That she hadn't woken up already were frankly a miracle on its own, yet as Dusky were about to find out, Molotov were wrong on that account. She were awake, and from the looks of things, had been busy scrubbing her wings clean. Especially the random feathers she had on it, as useless as they were to actually make this work. Yet, until she had some idea on how to make them work, she liked having these as a sort of placeholder. She had to replace them sometimes though, but there were enough birds getting riled up, or pillows to forage for feathers in dumpsters to keep her happy, so it was fine. She sat on the floor, every spread around, and scrubbing the harness with a steel-wool sponge when Dusky got in, and lifted her head to see who it were. She knew it wasn't Molotov, as she could hear him hammering away outside, so the options had been kinda limiting. Still great to see him though, ad she lifted a hoof to wave at him when he got into sight. "Hi Dusky. Are big bro and you getting some fun work done?" Back in the workshop, Carmen crept closer to the magic circle, and slowly moved around, looking at everything that went on. She didn't understand magic that much, and just thought of it as being just strange power, yet this were an important thing to get down, ad she could show it to her larger sibling too later, if she got it on paper. Felicia was smarter and had talked about magic before. She might understand it, and explain it to Carmen. ========================================================================================== @Dji @FanOfManyShows Grrr, noisy... Noisy! Enzo opened his eyes and rose up to his full height, and looked with a narrow, grumpy glance towards the citizens that were starting to take a few, weary steps backwards. "Who, was that?" It wasn't hard to figure out once he looked over the crowd. Who would it be that had shriek in such a high pitched tone that it bored into his ears, if not the one most focused on, beyond himself? A mare from the looks of things, with a group of ponies not far from the sphinx that he frankly didn't care much about, compared to the one eyes were directed towards. Or were anyway, before Enzo took two steps closer to them, and looked down upon them. No pony had been stupid enough to stand underneath his soft paws as he moved along, though they would've have been hurt regardless. He stepped lightly, and the bone ornaments around his legs were not reaching far enough down to count as a hard surface to hit anyone with, so things would remain safe. The guards coming from behind him as every pony within a few meters of Enzo started to get away were largely ignored, as the sphinx lowered his head towards the mare - who were smelling of odd magic for some reason - and with his somewhat feminine voice would utter: "Do you mind? I'm trying to find rest." Perhaps he could have simply used some cloth to shut up this one, but it had been a few steps, and using magic would be seen as an actual attack. Besides, these ponies might as well get used to seeing him wandering here at times, because he were not leaving anytime soon. Though he'd likely resign to fly around instead of walking in the future. Watching his steps constantly were annoying. ===================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "A wise choice. The less worries we have when wandering in there, the better. As for emergency options, if something goes wrong, Lin can set a gate for us to escape through. If we somehow end up separated, and there's a risk in getting to me. she will leave alone. I can fly, I have a way to escape that she doesn't." Honestly, he wasn't sure if that was going to work, if he were first in the swamp, but it were a logical sacrifice if something bad happened. instead of them both getting lost, only one would truly be so, and of the two, Lin had more to live for. She had a brother, and a village that needed her. What Rosa did could be replaced by books, and his only family were deep in the grips of dementia, going to jail, or didn't even know he existed. The loss of his life were wouldn't impact as many, or as closely as these two. "To save a life is valuable, but to sacrifice two for a slim chance is not. I have enough beings already who have gotten hurt because of me, and I will not have more added to my consciousness. If I'm lost, and you're unable to get to me without risking yourself, Lin, save yourself. Better that one lives, than none of us do, though I doubt we will have to be faced with that. I believe we will get through unscathed, if rattled. Anyway, let's us make haste. I would prefer to not go in there after sundown." He'd keep on going as he said this, and faced the two siblings with the fact that they may have to leave him behind if something went wrong. A grizzly thought, though a potential outcome that they had to consider, even if it were a slim chance for this to happen if they went through this okay. With Sen staying back, it should be easier too, long as he didn't wander off on his own. He'd need to remain at whatever safe spot he'd wait at, whilst Lin and him went through, or things might get to somewhere between worrisome, and disastrous. =========================================================================================== @Seamore Sandwich @Dji @Moonlit @Lucid_Nightlight @Storm Shine @BloodDrops @EQ_Theta "Pff, yeah you are. All regal and serious about everything. You need to loosen up or you'll end up four thousand years old, and thinking that going to the library is happy fun time. You're full of magic and alicorn dust, you should have some fun. Adventure. Immediate mortal danger! This place have that too, but it's not as fun as tipping deer or booping changelings. Those things likes to chase you. G-bird here could do with that too. Just look at all that timidness. Practically shaking in her feathers. You both need a grand adventure. Or a dating service. There's a kind of adventure in that too, but with more smoochies and less fear of death. At least for Twilight. I've seen some griffons courting. Lots'a scratchy marks sometimes." A little boring in her mind, but meh, mortals and their worries sometimes, right? Kept getting in the way of a good adventure. Just like the desert did, when it suddenly started and Anomaly's wheels didn't work as well anymore, so she tipped over and fell face first into the sand. Pretty bland stuff though, yerk. No fun eating that, so she shifted the wheels back to legs and got up, where she then started to scrape sand from her tongue. "Bleargh. Wha- Language? The little mean-spirited critter? I can't say bad words, or the author censors it. Perhaps he learned it off script from somepony? Griffons have some pretty great slurs. Met up with one of them or something? Or did the thing steal the- Noooooooo! Bad Pringle, stay out of my liquid head-thinker!" She held her front hoof and claw up to her pumpkin head, as if ti shield it from the mind beams of the lizard who might be stealing the bad words from her head. She for one didn't hear a thing the lizard was trying to send her way, but perhaps if he concentrated a bit more and got a little closer, it would be hard to ignore for Anomaly. Or you know, the fact that her brain was more of a consciousness spread through her body, rather than in a grey mass in her head, might make it impossible. Hard to say when it came to magic, which were also why she shielded her head, as inefficient as that would be for anypony who might be able to read her thoughts.
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    @Rising Dusk Molotov looked and listened with great fascination to what he was told about these magic circles, and how they worked to focus magic better than a horn could hope to do. "I think I'm starting to get it. You're working like an engineer sorta. Electricity in itself is powerful, but adding cables and funneling it through to an object better suited for it makes it far more refined and gives the possibility of endless options. It seems to be kind of like the same with your runes. You funnel magic through 'em, to refine and make them possible to work on. Before that you work on your frame, add some gears - or in your case, symbols - and your creation is ready to work. Just needs the power funneled through to power it up. Hah! And here I thought we were pretty different in our specialty, but we're just two different kinds of inventors. Magic or electricity, metal or runes, it's not far off being the same, even if the results aren't. Right, now I'm fired up. I'll go and get suited up, then get to work on this. Can't go delivering sub-par work to a colleague." Molotov would wander off quickly, so he could get everything he needed to be ready for this, and really get into the thick of things. Especially his goggle would be great, so he could make sure to really focus on the minuscule details without missing anything. Felicia just kept finding new materials while this went on, not caring for talking at this point, though Carmen did skitter over closer to Dusky and began checking out what he was working on with interest. Her mind couldn't fathom all of this, as she were a pretty basic AI with less software development than Felicia, but she could still store things in her memory, and if her creator thought this was good, she wanted to know more. The creator in question were back within five minutes, suited up and went straight for the forge where he'd get to work hammering away at the metal provided with great enthusiasm, and an almost maniacal look on his face. Even if it weren't exactly the truth, the way he now looked at this collaboration had put a fire under him (not literally) and a will to really get into this, and crush forward, instead of cautiously trying a few minor steps. It would shave off some time, so it wasn't as if there was anything to complain about either, though it were still going to take some time, and about a dozen different tools floating around at any given time when the metal he were working on cooled down enough for him to work further on it, and weld certain things together. It would be stronger than simple screws, and should have the additions added in the corner more efficiently - in theory - funnel power, without rattling around or get loose. Molotov would likely want to get some sketches of what Dusky made later, to try and see if he could learn to fathom more of the officers work, but Carmen could help with that. He'd noticed her look at Dusky in the work, and she'd be able to help him recreate it when there was more calm to things, even if it would take some time. She wasn't all that good at writing, though they had made some small progress the times when he had been bored and wanted to see what she was able to learn. Her issue were mostly that not all words came out as they were heard, but instead as others that meant the samee, so when he tried to make her write *One coffee please* she instead wrote down *Number drink beg.*. Not the greatest success, but considering her first written word had been an expletive she heard in town a few weeks ago, he'd take misplaced words in a hoofwriting that could rival a doctor, over having to explain to someone why his assistant had insulted them. ======================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta Rosa thought long and hard, as the conversation went on between the two siblings. The fact of the matter were that they needed to get through the swamp, but there were certain challenges to that. If Lin could follow his track, instead of having to be a place herself first, he could have simply just flown over and she could get the other two to him, but as that were not an option, they had to look at the other ways, which did involve travel through the swamp itself. A place it was likely bad to place these portals, as Lin might get disoriented, which could work badly for them. Plus, there were no way to know how the spirits in there would react to the portals. It might cause them to go completely insane. So Lin would have to go through, and seeing as Rosa considered himself to be level-headed enough to stay on the path, he'd have to follow. Which brought them on to Sen... Somepony who seemed to be the focus on Lin's worry, as apparently, he had a lot of skeletons in the closet that could come out to haunt him. Even deafened, it could be an issue, and if he were blinded... It were workable, but there were another solution that seemed safer, though he wasn't sure if the two would agree on it. "...There is one thing, but the two of you will need to think of it as we walk there. The swamps inhabitants will assault us as we're in there, and personal demons will end up coming out to haunt you, if they think it will make you stray. That makes anypony who have a lot to work with a risk, and we'd need to consider an alternative. I need to go through the swamp, as my personal demons are things that would make me bow my head in shame, not wander into the fog, and I have training in stressed situations. Lin is also required, as her gates are important for by-passing this place later, and she will need to be in an area before she can travel there. Sen, you are... Non-essential, in a sense." Rosa knew well that his words weren't likely to be taken kindly, but he didn't know how to phrase it better without making his point somewhat hard to follow. "What I mean is that there is no reason to try you with what rummages in there. You could wait in safe distance from the swamp, and when we have passed, Lin could transport you through a gate. There would be no reason for you to face something which sounds like it's grinding you down, nor cause Lin worry about your safety. As I said, you two will need to decide on this, but I would personally advice that Sen waited. The less that wanders through the easier it would likely be to keep check on everypony. The only other alternative would be to muffle your ears and your eyes alike, and guide you through that way, but it carries risks in itself, Sen." Rosa began to move to the side, following the riverbank to the most direct way towards the dreaded swamp. The two siblings would need to decide on this themselves more than him, though his input would likely remain the same: That it would be safer if Sen were to wait, and they wouldn't have to take risks. It would make them worry about his safety, and if he would run after them perhaps, but what then if he were there, and the Will-O'-The-Wisps lured him away by playing on his emotions, or false promises? Logically, to Rosa at least, the way were to keep the male longma behind when they neared the forest, and just use the rope they had gotten for Lin and himself. But again, he didn't know the full story, and what demons Sen might be wrestling with. It might not be so bad as he expected, or it could be far worse. Only those two would know, and that was one of the reasons why it were up to them to decide in the end, what they ended up doing here. Rosa had given his suggestion. ====================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows Emerald chuckled at the question. Her sister had always been the more ambitious of the two, and the most knowledgeable. To be the one in the front seat now, doing things that Sapphire didn't know of, gave her some degree of satisfaction, as she set a small, magical fire under the cauldron and opened the old cabinet of ingredients. Usually something which should have perished long ago, but this place had been sealed well, and their ingredients were varying degrees of easy to keep efficient, even when held for long. A few lizard feet that hadn't been pickled seemed to have turned to dust, but she didn't need those really, so no worries for the time being. "Patience sister, patience. Remember all the times you said that to me?" A foul-smelling, green liquid were the first to hit the bottom of the cauldron, where it would slowly start to swirl. A meager amount, but they wouldn't need much. A pint at most should do the trick. "Tell me Sapphire, what do you remember of this place? I sealed it off not long before I came for you. Couldn't stand looking at it for too long at a time though, so it weren't often I stayed here. Reminded me of your... Departure." ====================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows "Thank shorty. I owe ya." Chow rose a hoof to ruffle Misty's mane, then recalled their little interaction last time he had done so, and put it down again, resorting him to give her a somewhat awkward grin instead. How he missed the simple times where just ruffling some head feathers would be the way to go, even if it sometimes included being bitten or pecked for the action. He quickly turned around after that, and wandered over to Astral with some degree of speed to his step, until he could walk to her right. "Hi. Uhm... Sorry 'bout that. I know I must've looked like a right tool for asking Misty like that instead of just getting a hold of myself." Ah, awkward talks. One of the many *joys* in being 'round ponies and messing up things with them constantly. (internal dialogue)"Honestly, I just wasn't sure and I panicked. Been living 'round ponies for years now, but I still don't get how to interact with anypony. Emotions, subtlety, all that sorta thing, it's foreign to me, and while I can sometimes just brush it off, you're not just somepony, Astral. I care 'bout you, so I try. Sorry for coming off like a right fool doing that." The talk went through his head a few times, but it didn't sound any less idiotic the more he thought about it. Well, all or nothing he supposed, here it went... "H...So how're you doing?" Oh great. Went from a sentence that sounded moronic, but was at least heartfelt, to something so cliche and stupid that he frankly wanted to kick himself for it. Nice work there Chow, you did it again. Coming off like a chicken who had smacked it's head too many times into the stable door, instead of having the guts to just blurt out the sappy, clumsy stuff. Great start... =============================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows "Unsettling things, soldier." Hailstorm wanted to remind the stallion here that to him, it were Captain Hailstorm, but there were more important things going on right now, so he would let this one slide. For now. "We will need to think on what to do from here. Could you-" "Tell the prisoner that his trial will commence at sunrise." Dew looked towards Screecher, who usually were not one to interrupt him when he was saying something unless she found it important. "Screecher? What is your reasoning for that?" "The guards need to see that the one who hurt them have been caught, and will be judged. Whatever said judgement will end up being, it will give them peace to see the trial. At sunrise will give us enough time to get the inauguration completed first, so General Wing can proceed over his first trial with proper rank. We still have guards who doesn't know his new responsibility in Canterlot." "I see your point, yet it is still early. We know not even about the ambassadors condition yet." "Much as I like him, his current condition isn't important. He were attacked, and that will be the crime added to the myriad of others. His condition is stable, so it can't be a murder charge regardless. So tonight, we will have the guards we can gathered, General Wing will properly be given his new title, and the courtroom can be prepared through the night. It will give time for the princesses to perhaps return, Sapphire Star to be brought in, and Chariot's defense to be established." Dew sighed at that last point. He knew where this was going sadly, and had the second that the guard had come in and told them who were looking for Hailstorm. "Lieutenant Hogweed will likely be defending his right to prove himself, yes. Always a mare to help others, if they deserve so or not." "She were the only one readily available, Adviser Dew." "It's for the better. Considering the attack, I doubt volunteers would be lined up. Regardless, General Wing? Do you have any interjections to the proposed plan?" Screecher would assume that Wing would want his title properly sooner, rather than later, so his new authority could be recognized, but his opinion mattered, so she would wait and see what he said. If he had a counter point, he had every right to let it be heard, and they could discuss it from there. If not, they could get to work. ================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows The miniature wouldn't really do much, but it was sturdy and made for an acceptable head-rest. She may find some usage for it, though Enzo mostly cared that it were a won prize, and that he didn't want to see it cast aside. Whatever usage it might have for the pony, he would hope that she found. Laying his head down again, he glanced once more at the ponies who stared at him with wonder and/or fear, though none of them stepped forward yet. How disappointing... Letting out a sigh that made a nearby foal stumble a little in his tracks, Enzo slowly began to close his eyes, aiming to see if perhaps he could take a small nap. It seemed as if he were little more than forgotten and set as a tourist attraction now, with the one who wished to speak with him moving along. What was the point in staying awake for that? At least sleeping, he'd pass some time, and the grass on the lawn were better than the slab of stone he had for the past three centuries. It were still no large pillow of course... Stupid pony generals... ZzZzZz" =================================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight @Seamore Sandwich @Moonlit @Dji @Storm Shine @BloodDrops @EQ_Theta "Nah, I'm just inviting Princess Magicbutt to come on a fun adventure after this. All pent up and boring she is, hehe." Anomly took another chomp out of the bush that had engulfed her - after she ran into it - and chewed that down whilst looking at Fluttershy, and her weird little rabbit. Looked like one of them small trouble makers, though Angel should have horns. Wolpertiners were just more interesting. Especially the violent ones with the sharp teeth. Fun little monsters. "And you're speaking nonsense Lucid. I can understand animals all fine and easy, but Pringle doesn't talk. It's just silence and you talking. Bet you're the one with the potty-mouth and the lizard just likes to be a little, scaly jerk." She pulled her tongue on Pringle, which gave him the option to bite it, if he was quick about it. Not a thought she had considered when she did this, as much as just showing her displeasure against this one, particular animal. Not a friendly little thing.
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    @Rising Dusk "Yeah, I'll see what I can find in the box. I'll melt this down to something usable when we got a shape that's working." The sound of a piece of metal clanging down on the floor right next to him, made Molotov cringe like he were expecting several more things, that were all going to fall on top of him. Usually what happened back home when the materials were loose. One fell, and the rest would start to follow troop, usually with a painful ending. Instead he looked over to see Felicia had done so. Helping them once again, but this time clearly showing her irritation by doing something that she knew would get to him. If it wasn't because he had no idea how to do that without frying her system, Molotov would find what part of her programming had had attitude, and tone it down under the pretense of maintenance. ...Alright, he wouldn't, even if it was safe, but it helped to think thoughts like that when this sort of thing happened. helped on the stress. "Cut it out, would you? That wasn't funny." "β„•π•–π•šπ•₯𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕒𝕣𝕖 π•ͺ𝕠𝕦. 𝔾𝕖π•₯ π•₯𝕠 π•¨π• π•£π•œ." Felicia wanted to be outside, and wandering the streets to see what was beyond this place. Something she had only seen from the hatch she could barely get her upper body out of because of the restriction of the cables that had been in her abdomen. That the fleshlings now went on and on with this fools project carried no interest to her, and were in fact just seen as another delay. She'd give them one more chance to make something that they were happy with, but if they still kept this up afterwards, she'd leave with her smaller sibling. That the two ponies would join were in her mind, simply a workable addition, not a necessity. Not enough to keep her from at least wandering around the outskirts of town and see what lurked there. So she kept looking for a few more parts that could be used, and threw them over into the stack, each clang causing Molotov's right eye to twitch from the sound. "...Control yourself Molotov, you're not gonna loose it from the taunting of a three week old... So what's your process in the circles, Dusky? Seems pretty intricate. Some kind of magic blueprints by chance that you're putting together?" He'd get to work on the metal he were given one by one, but this time, he'd need more time on each piece, so he might as well talk in between, if Dusky could hear him that were. Hopefully he'd be able to, otherwise Molotov had to hum along in his own little world for a few hours while he got this done. He didn't mind honestly, but it just seemed a little anti-social to do when he had company. So did not having refreshments set up he supposed... Huh, they should probably get something to eat after they tried the next one. Wonder if the pizza he and Blitz nibbled on a few nights ago still were any good? ...Yeah, it likely were for them, but they had low standards to what constituted a real meal. They should go somewhere and have a bite when time came so the officer could also join in, rather than try to decide whatever mold should just be scraped off or if it was so bad it had to be tossed. Likely with Felicia dragging along with them if they wandered out, whatever they liked it or not... If today didn't end up getting him either run out of town, arrested, or being labelled as some kind of dangerous, crazy scientist, it were frankly gonna be a miracle. ======================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "No one knows. They roam around swamps and conjure mists and illusions to lure travelers off the road. If you're ever getting back from their grasp, it could be years, and you'd be a hollow shell of yourself." "Met one who got there before Griffinstone got build." "Don't remind me. That look of his have haunted me enough." "Far as I heard it, nopony came out if they were first lost." "You should stop getting your stories from taverns then." The griffons snickered between each other whilst Rosa thought through what they had just been told. It was true that the rumors he heard of this were just that, rumors, and that it were not something he had researched a lot into, but he wasn't sure if these two talked any more truth than that. It might well be a trap of sorts, for the two to gain more hides for their stack, or to lure hapless fools into a trap so they could rob them blind. "I'll take that under advisement." It was about then that the griffons were offered something to eat by the two longma, though neither of them seemed too enthusiastic about that. "Look, thanks for the offer, but we don't know you folks. Tend to be some shady types on these roads that aren't shy with using sleep powder, and we spend a week catching and curing all these hides. Only road we're going is - urgh - to Canterlot." Goldie rolled her eyes and could almost feel herself gag at the notion, and looked over to make sure that their ox as still standing there, and hadn't made a move for the apples. Frankly good he had been fed not too long ago, so it didn't interest him. If they were poisoned, it could've been bad news. "Nothing like trying to sell animal hides to snobs and other griffons, while everyone else looks at you like you're a monster. But until the road is clear that's the only option." "You could take the swamp." "Yeah, no. See, I have something to live for. If you're crazy enough to go there, then that's on you, and really, we wish you the best of luck with that. If you want to have a fighting chance then remember that you can't trust your ears or your eyes, but you can trust gravel. Keep your hooves and stuff on the road, and pick some moss to stuff in your ears before you get there. The less you can hear, the better." Goldie started to saddle up again, and get ready to go, when Travis went a little closer to the adventurous group and drew some lines in the ground with his talons. "The road through is only about two miles, though it stretches for a lot more than that to the sides. They haven't been able to shrink down the area any further far as I've heard. Last we went through there, it took us four hours, and there wasn't a moment's rest in that time. The Will-O'-The-Wisp's do everything they can to drag it on for whoever gets in there, and they're good at what they do. There is a reason nopony likes to go through there without special escorts, and their kind aren't all that welcome." With that, he jumped up on the wagon again, and laid down next to Goldie. "If we see you again, I hope you have a story to tell. Good luck." They'd get the ox into gear then, unless anypony interrupted them with any parting questions. If not, the three of them would soon be on their own again, as the weird hunter couple would be on their way. ======================================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight @EQ_Theta @Dji @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @Storm Shine @BloodDrops The dracolisk were still gnawing the last bits of fish down, and didn't much care for what was going on around him. Originally, he had wandered off along with the other animals, but as Fluttershy had called on Angel, the reptile had decided to follow them too, as they both seemed to be the ones leading the animals around for some reason. He had gotten to the pony a little before Angel returned, and had been down to a fish tail at that point, which thankfully wasn't dripping as he crawled up the mare's leg. He'd likely lose interest in this whole thing once things went too far, but for now, it had seemed to be the thing he wanted to do. Lotus on the other hoof, had to speed up her own running and was determined to see this through, rather than let the others escape. They had sped up to get to the desert faster, because the princess pony had wanted them to do so. It made it annoying to catch up, but she didn't care right now. It was either catching up, going back, or relying on someone else to get her there in time. The second option were giving up, and the third was relying on someone else for too much, and she had her pride. So jumping along faster it were. It was okay really, reminded her of the times she chased mouthy dragon kids around to teach them a lesson. Meanwhile, Anomaly looked at Lucid and Pringle going at it again, and a thought popped up that she were surprised she hadn't thought of before. Or had she, and forgotten? She could search her memory... Or just get it out there and be done with it. "Okay, how do you even talk to that thing? There isn't a whisper coming out of him, and you just keep talking anyway. Is it like a telekinesis thing?" Anomaly hadn't heard of something like that before, but it could be, right? As a draconequus, it wasn't like she didn't make things that should be impossible too, or did something that defied logic too, like eating herself. That trick usually made everypony freak out. Cracked her up every time. Then before she had the chance to think too long on that, Twilight spoke up, apparently surprised that Discord had wandered off to make something happen. Or annoyed, worried, one of these sort of things. Possibly angry, but she didn't stand still long enough for Anomaly to get a good look, but just started to speed up instead into the forest. Everypony else seemed to begin to get a move on too, so not wanting to fall behind, Anomaly snapper her tail, turned her legs into wheels, and with a pull in her tail started herself up and went on the way. It was brilliant! Sort of. The roots made it kind of a bumpy ride, so she had to snap again to get some better tires before she slammed into a tree. Proper off road style ones this time, but changing it caused her to fall behind a little. So when she got in motion, she singled out the princess, and somepony near her: The student pony who together with her friend smelled kinda ocean-y. Gret... Gerch... Gargamel? She couldn't remember the name. Something starting with g. "Anomaly is a fun a name as I am a draconequus, G-bird. When this adventure is over, I'll take you on a more fun one, like shark hunting, or booping sleeping changelings. They really don't like that, but it's funny to see the look on their faces. Especially the queens." The wind blew in her h- Oh wait, nevermind. The wind blew over her pumpkin, as she followed the others speed through the forest. Her wheels rolled over the brambles and roots that popped up now and again without an issue, and if you discounted the bush she drove through, it was looking almost flawless. But hey, a drive-by salad wasn't too bad to have either. Had to be fed before playtime. Clearing a huge chunk in a single chomp, Anomaly then turned to Twilight, with several branches and an old bird's nest - thankfully not occupied at the time - out of her gnawing maw. "You should come too, Princess Magicbutt. It'll be fun. We'll do some thrill-seeking, hunt for some treasures, run for our lives, and then: s'mores!" At their current speed, they should reach the edge of the desert in about a minute or two. ========================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows @Dji Chow sent a glance towards Karmic, carrying the look of somepony who wanted to say she was off her rocks, but quickly returned his glance to Misty again, and hoped for an answer before Astral would get away. A boon for Karmic perhaps, as she wasn't going to be drilled for more answers about her potentially lying over this, though perhaps it would be safer if she had been caught. Atzy had already meddled with her body some, and it wasn't as if there had been shown a reason for her to stop making it worse for Karmic. The seer would need some help, unless she had resigned herself to being something else entirely? Unlikely, but some liked the idea of losing their control, and becoming something else entirely. Likely not this literally though. Canterlot was a big city, with many varied ponies and some other beings too. Finding somepony who would know something about Karmic's situation were possible, even if she looked for changelings. The capitol were not so free of them as the citizens might hope for.
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    @BloodDrops @Storm Shine Onache declined to signify the sphinx's inane babbling with a response. If the overgrown mutated cat wanted to discuss what was true beauty, she should have the high ground to do so. A changeling's exoskeleton were far prettier and superior to a coat of scruffy fur on a dolled up house cat with powers. Of course, she wouldn't be stupid enough to say that. Useful as she may be to the sphinx, insolence would try the borders of the leniency she had gotten, and likely break them. Thoughts like this would remain in her head, although if the irritating mistress of the desert then wished to do things such as change the physical aspect of Onache, things were going to get strained between them. While Onache could change how she looked as any changeling could, the aspect of looking like one of the rainbow beetles were far too revolting, and were likely going to cause her to cause some issues for the large sphinx. Might well be that she could not fight the feline herself, but Onache could seek out others who would, and eventually, the sphinx would be defeated if she stood on her own. It might be that Onache believed in strength making right, but she had limits to what she would do willingly in the long run, no matter who were the strongest. But a rebellion were a maybe somewhere in the future, and perhaps not needed. Considering how Happy looked when not draped in his disguise, it might be satisfying enough as a view for the sphinx to focus more on that, than on Onache. The queen certainly did enjoy the sight, as revolting as several of her peers would likely find it. Yet the total obedience, even when he wasn't forced to do so like most drones under her hivemind, combined with his ruthlessness and adaptability into becoming who and what he needed without causing trouble too often, made her watch him favorably in most aspects. Physically... That were none of anyone else's business, now were it? Let it just be said that she liked the unique, yet familiar sight of what Happy were now. Certainly better than Discord. A hybrid was one thing, but this? Urgh. He looked like a zoo exhibit made up of random parts from animals that had been feasted upon. Not a sight for sore eyes to say the least, and even less so when he were now welcomed as a guest, and apparently one that the sphinx knew about and were trying to cut a deal with. An interesting tactic, yet from what her now former servant had told her, Discord had done so once, and found out what he would lose in his new life as a glorified pony pet. She found it doubtful that he would accept to turn back to his old ways and just leave be this area, over just words again. ====================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows Everything seemed to still be here. The cauldron, the books, the personal affects and even the couch where they had once sat upon and talked about spells, when they didn't want to lurk around upstairs, where their secrets were hidden beneath their hooves, in case anypony came snooping around. Emerald did what she could to enjoy it as she sat down, and fell back into the seat, but it wasn't the same. The seat might be hers, and the couch itself were exactly the same, but she wasn't. This body were useful, yet it wasn't her. It was just a shell, or a set of clothes, while the carcass that had once lounged her next to her sister were gone. Nothing more than dust, and the ground up mist that made for her *physical* form. "If everything's here, we have the plants required at least, so we don't have to meddle around with the chimera grounds again. However, going to need you for the other parts, so let's reminisce, sister." And by that, Emerald meant that she would begin to work on a concoction that should help invigorating Sapphire with some power, even in her current form. It might be that they didn't use the cauldron all that often, compared to raw magic, but they were still witches. Also, the book they had... *Borrowed* from the zebras, were useful in adding some needed information to the elixir book that had been in their possession at the time. It should be possible to get something mixed up in a half hour or so, with a little tenacity. ======================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows "My demands are nothing but reasonable." A roof over his head, some fish, and a large, fluffy pillow. Frankly, they were getting the better deal by having him stick around and help with things, just by giving those minor quality of life things to him. It wasn't as if he demanded the castle broken down to make room for a temple or something here. Just someplace to sleep, and preferably without too much noise. The nearby forge would likely feel nice and cozy in the winter, but it was too active to get any rest near it. "You see interest in their eyes, I see fear. If they wish to speak they can show the courage to step forth first, before I am seen as some simplistic aggressor." The mare seemed like she were getting ready to leave. A pity, as he were starting to find her company enjoyable, and it felt great to have someone to rant to, other than just himself. He could just keep her... But it wouldn't seem great, would it? No, it was better to wait for her return. It wasn't as if she could miss him after all, in case she came looking for him later. "May the winds lead you well, little one. Remember to take your miniature with you. It may prove more useful than you think." ======================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows @Dji Chow tried to give Astral a grin as she met his gaze, but it was admittedly a little lackluster. There came a limit to how often he could put a fake smile on it and try to act fine and dandy, yet he kept trying for the sake of not bringing everypony down. Internally, he weren't really getting through this with the calm he had presented for the majority of it. Mostly just charging into things before he had a chance to think to much about it, and then screaming inside every time he inevitably got smacked away. Or, as had been the case when Astral and him had been bound together at Warlock's hideout, desperation and dread slowly setting in over how they were going to get out of that mess. But it wouldn't help that he wimped out. Didn't matter how often he got beaten down, he had to stand tall and defy whatever was going at 'em, with a sneer or a grin. Honestly, he were pretty sure it was some kind of macho idiocy that had gotten stuck from his foalhood of needing to show that he could take what was pushed his way, just like the rest of his classmates. But he tried to reason sometimes that it was to keep morale up, and not be seen as a weak link, or to try and get a smile on the face of somepony else. You know, to seem less like an idiot. That or he was overthinking this, and he was just too stupid to listen to the rational side of him, which were generally the part screaming. It had helped on things before he got to meet these folks too - to varying degrees - but now, he wasn't sure what was going on. It was all old history, emotions running high, and confusing signals. Like with Astral, who he wasn't sure what to do with. Was he supposed to follow her and make sure she was alright? Should he give her some space? Did she need a rest? He had no idea what to do with her, though he felt like he had to do something. So in a panic, he turned with an awkward look to Misty, who if anypony should understand how Astral worked. Iron were fine enough too, but they had words. Might not be the finest moment to ask about how to handle his daughter. Especially not in that way. Would earn him a well deserved smacking. "I don't like seeing her down and alone like this, but I don't know what to do here. Does she wants me to follow her? Does she need somepony to?" This was why he was great at hunting, but sucked at interacting with others. It was easier to poke something than it was to understand mares. Case in point, he was asking advice on what to do from a filly. Had to be some kinda low point for him. ======================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows "...A former general should be given the curtsy of trying to defend himself in court. My opinion on that haven't wavered." Screecher's judgement of what was in the file were needing a few more seconds to process for her. It was a pretty large bombshell, especially as it painted the former general in a more sympathetic light. He wasn't the first to go down a wrong path to try and regain loved ones, and he wouldn't be the last either. "We'll have to take this information into consideration when he's judged, and confront him about it. I also think we should invite Sapphire Star to join us in deciding his fate, when she returns with General Tidal Wave and the others. As his original captor, she would know what to expect from him, and if he is capable of redemption." "Seconded. Though, don't take the photo to court. There is no need to tempt fate. What is your verdict, General Wi-" The knock on the door caused Screecher to veer away from her sentence, and instead answer what may be an important visit, or news about the princesses, Chariot, or the ambassador in the hospital. "Enter." ========================================================================================================= @BloodDrops @Dji @Moonlit @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine @Lucid_Nightlight @Seamore Sandwich Lotus looked up at the yellow mare with the pink mane and tail. The animal hoarder, as Lotus had nicknamed her. Since she figured that the mare couldn't understand a chirp from a squeak, Lotus just shook her head up towards her, pointed towards the others and stomping into the ground with her right foot before running after them herself. She didn't like others carrying her around, other than Nerzhei. It felt strange to not be with her dragon too right now, but there were lots to look after her at the castle now, right? Wouldn't it be okay if she left her alone, just for a little bit? Lotus had a want to just wander off randomly and check up on things, but she did tell her dragon as best she could that she were wandering off. Right now though, she hadn't. Nothing had indicated that she'd wander with them, instead of staying with her friend who was hurting. It made the bunny stop up, and look towards the castle. It wasn't too far away, she could go back, and make sure her dragon was okay. Butt hen again, she were having some fun with this adventure, and brawling with Angel, and the later was going there... After standing and looking between the two possible outcomes for a time, Lotus started to hop towards the desert-seeking group again. Nerzhei would be fine, and she were among ponies now who might know lots of stuff, so the dragoness were probably going to talk on and on about things that would keep her occupied anyway. Meanwhile, at the group in question, the being charging at Anomaly would find her mouth open around two meters up, with a cobra hissing in the middle of it with fangs dripping of venom.Between the sharp, pumpkin teeth and the venom, the creature would either back off, or be swallowed whole. Anomaly was fine with either, and would close down after getting a mouthful or the creature to back off. Pain could be lots of fun, but not right now. They had an adventure to push through here. "How's a fishbear gonna work in a desert? Lots of not-water in there Are they gonna swim in sand? That'd be pretty funny." ========================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta "Whoa, what's with the hostility? Sheesh, I know some griffons can be all up in your face, but that doesn't mean that we are." "Unless you're prey. Then you're fair game." "That goes without saying." "What do you consider prey?" "Oh, you know, bear, wolf, the occasional bugbear, beavers, giant salamanders, those kind of things. Stuff with good hides and or meat, whose worth chasing down. Is that what got to you? We weren't actually gonna skin either of you. I might not know what a longma is, but at worst you'd be exotic pets. Can't chase pets or the law will get all up and ruffle our feathers." The two of them weren't really aching to get into a fight with creatures they could understand. It wouldn't be hard, as ponies especially tended to have some easy buttons to push, but they had a hard enough time selling their skins in pony settlements as it was. It wasn't going to get easier id they acted like... Well, griffons. "I'm Travis, and this is my mate, Goldie. We're hunters." "Now it's your turn. And add in why you're wearing that ridiculous outfit, would you? Is it some kind of extreme sun protection?" So these two didn't know about longma, or spies? Interesting. Not something that was going to help them immensely, but interesting nonetheless. "I'm Sub Rosa, and these are my associates. We're just resting before continuing on our hike up north." Goldie scratched the back of her neck, and let out a small chuckle. "If you're aiming to go through the canyon, you might as well turn back. Massive rockslide have left the road impossible to pass through without wings for several miles. We had to go back since Muskrat here couldn't walk through." "We'll just have to go another way then." The two griffons now looked on the bat pony like he was mad, and then over at the siblings, with worry glistening in their eyes. "The only other way is through the swamp. Do you know how dangerous that place is for tourists? The Will-O'-The-Wisps will lure you apart and drag you into the bog. It's no place for folks not seasoned for it."
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    @Rising Dusk Molotov couldn't see the intricate network of magic that was going into the spell, as Dusky began infusing the prototype cage with magic, but he was almost holding his breath regardless, as he looked at the delicate work of runes and magic drawn towards the cage that the officer had worked diligently on preparing. This were the first step in a great leap forward for science, as well as something which Princess Celestia would surely praise them for making. A new era of law enforcement that was going to change everything, and write both Dusky and him into history books for making Equestria safer from the magical beings that attacked it. Just thinking about it made him shiver with glee. It was going to be a great time, as soon as they made a workable version that were. Even if it were looking good so far, there weren't a breakthrough in anything that came out the first time you tried to get it done. It was a matter of trial and error until everything was just right, and as could be seen some seconds into the process, this wasn't any different. It was cracking down from the pressure, and working towards imploding upon itself, as Dusky and him had theorized it might earlier. Amazingly, the officer actually managed to stop the process entirely, and Molotov got the first real look into what this stallion could actually do. The counter magic that Dusky were such a great user of that even his old towns-mate had found it more efficient to inspect him, rather than work in his own lab, and honestly? It didn't disappoint. It was a fairly seamless, non-flashy process, that could only really be noticed by the new aura that presented itself on Dusky's horn. A black, wispy aura that contrasted strongly with his regular orange one. Highly fascinating. Was this the color of anti-magic? Did that mean that it was some kind of dark magic originally? Perhaps sacrificial or necromantic? Quite a thing to look into later, but right now, looking at the gnarled piece of metal that had once been a cage but now more reminded him of an art installation made out of trash, they had some other priorities to work on first. So he went over and looked it over, noticing the way the bars had been twisted, the direction and what seemed to have been the center or the pull on this, before looking back on Dusky with a grin. "A gravitational pull towards the middle that needs to be more spread out, and I need to work on reinforcing the design, but this is pretty good for a first attempt. I think we need to work on both the issues together for the design and the casting next time, instead of being separate. I'm thinking perhaps adding a cross design on the walls to make them more solid, adding a few more inches of thickness on all the bars and then going with some kind of receptors in the corners could help with things? Sort of like lightning rods you know? What's your thought on it Dusky? You'd know best what happened on the magical side of things." Really, the base design seemed to work well enough, as the metal hadn't been disintegrated or warped instantly under pressure, and the magic were seemingly more having some issue with concentrating a pull in the middle from what he could speculate, so to him at least, it seemed like a rather excellent try. Perhaps he had given them too little credit when he speculated this could take up to ten years, but they'd see when Dusky would start talking. How the magic had reacted exactly were his expertise, so his input were going to mean a ton on their way forward. ======================================================================================================================= @Dji @FanOfManyShows The general looked around, seeing a few of her guards going towards them in their blue and lime-green uniforms with the fins down the side and tridents on her backs, around with a bundle from the Solar and Night Guards. "Yeah, I can handle him from here. You folks go on and do what you need to, and if something happens with Emerald, keep me posted. Hey dorks! We've got a prisoner to drag to the cells. Give me a hoof here, will you?" The second half of what she said were directed towards her own guards, who neared them faster and glanced on the other folks around their general. "And these?" "They're cleared, leave 'em be. This sorry sack of bones is what I'm concerned about. And don't take any chances with him. He's a flight risk." The other guards seemed to slow down and walk away instead as they got confirmation that the general only had one prisoner to deal with. Her own guards could handle that with ease, although one went closer, and from the sign on his plate, he seemed to be a part of the infirmary. He rose up Zhu's head, felt on his pulse and grimaced for every step he took beyond that to check up on the prisoner, whilst Tidal Wave looked on somewhat annoyed. "Are you done groping my prisoner, skippy?" "He needs to go to the hospital." "And risk him escaping? No way. We'll drag him to the infirmary, but I won't take the chance that he's faking this and makes a scene in a hospital to escape." The pony in question put his hoof to Zhu's mouth and then shoved it to the others, so they could see the blood staining it. "Nopony with a pulse this low and leaking blood is going anywhere else than to a surgeon. You might outrank me, General Tidal Wave, but I am not going to accept sub-par medical attention that might cause your prisoner to perish. He is going to the hospital, and that's final. If you want to dispute that, then take it up with Lieutenant Hogweed. I'm far more afraid of what she'll do to me than what you could, if she finds out I neglected a sick prisoner." Tidal had no idea who this *Hogweed* were, but it seemed to be somepony that the medical pony didn't want to have any beef with. Considering everything, Tidal would agree that the best course of action were the hospital too then, but she were going to make sure that he wasn't gonna run away there, and keep him watched over 24/7. He was going to live through this so he could give her some answers. "Alright, you heard him, but you're coming too doc, in case something goes wrong, or if he tries to make a run for it and I need something to throw after him." Zhuw asn't going anywhere on his own. Being thrown through a wall wasn't something that was easy on the body for somepony like him. Sure, Chow had managed to get through it, even though it had hurt like hay, but he were also in better physical shape. Zhu was more focused on being agile and use magic, rather than physical altercations. A point where he'd mostly rely on venom too, if it came down to being that close with somepony. So the group departed from the others, leaving Karmic, Astral and the rest back to get some weird looks from onlookers, and trying to decide on where to go from here. Chow had an extra thought, being this close to Astral, but it wasn't so much on what to do in general as it were figuring out what to do with her. She had been pretty silent ever since she had lashed out the last time over her mother being an illusion, or trapped in the Element of Deceit, and he wasn't sure how to handle this. Where he came from, everything were so much simpler. You moaned about stuff, had a brawl to sort the worst tension, and then had a chat with whoever you just had a spar with. You got things sorted brutally, but effectively. Ponies were far more emotional and hard to grasp for him. Especially if he didn't get any input. His gut instinct told him to try and give her a hug since so many other ponies seemed to use that for a lot of things, yet he just wasn't sure. She might well just smash him through a building and scream at him to leave her alone if he did that, and he didn't want that. "Well uhm... Seems like that pickle's getting sorted elsewhere, yeah? So what're we going to do now? Perhaps getting the gals home would be a good idea, with the day they had?" He looked desperately towards Iron, hoping that the geezer had some idea what to do here. Darn ponies and their- Wait, what? The other mare that he had a beef with before, had suddenly blurted some nonsense out of nowhere, and provided just the distraction that his awkward brain were looking for to not wander in circles regarding how to handle his friend. "What the hay was that all about? Are you prone to talking to yourself girly, or is this a weird seer quirk? Cause you're the second one I've met now, and you both are sounding coo coo." ===================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows The hovel they reached and gazed upon were not exactly left untouched by the elements. It were overgrown, the windows were smashed and debris scattered all over the inside of the place. Yet overall, the structure still stood, and a small cleaning could get things in here fixed. The question really were if the basement were okay, and as Emerald entered and wandered towards the hatch, she would find that the seal on it were still intact, even after all of these years. No looters had either been here, or found that place, which were nothing but a blessing. The two of them had quite the amount of things in there that was going to help things to move on, along with some sentimental objects. A tattered frame that once held a painting of the two of them came into view by Emerald, before she opened the seal on the hatch. Much as she hated how it had ended, they did have some good days, once upon a time. Getting that painting done had been one of them, and something which Emerald had cherished at the time. Partly because it were the first time she could go more than three steps without collapsing due to her illness. The dark magic had helped her get better, and the day they had gotten this made, had been a mark of that to her. It had been left up here before her last battle, because she wanted it to stay and remind her sister of what she had helped Emerald overcome, once she got her back with her. That she had lost and gotten trapped were an... Unforeseen outcome. She let out a small sigh and shook the memories from her head. Perhaps there'd be time for those later, though for now, the seal were broken and the hatch opened to reveal a staircase going downwards. Even after all of these years, not even dust had managed to get down there, leaving the place pristine, though from the air blasting out, also stale. She'd leave the hatch open for a time to get something fresher in here, up until she found what was blocking the ventilation duct, and fix it. Likely a stone or a bundle of leaves. "Remember this place Sapphire? The home that you cast aside, with all of our secrets buried beneath the floor. It's still all here, waiting and welcoming us, as if nothing ever happened." The staircase would end soon enough, leading to another door that opened without a creak, and lead into a place that Emerald hadn't set hoof in for centuries. The little sliver of home that the two of them had left in this world, hopefully intact, and not cleansed of value and literature by Sapphire in the time between Emerald's death, and her own. =========================================================================================================== @FanOfManyShows "Oh dear, I guess that is a weird thing to ask about. Sorry..." Hogweed fidgeted a little and let out a cough, trying to get her mind straight. Why had she started to talk about pigeons, of all things? Had she really run out of everything to talk about with Warlock? Well, realistically no, but she couldn't just pry him for every bit of information he might have and wanted to keep private either, so in a way she perhaps had run out of things to talk to him about that didn't directly include the past that he seemed to want to keep hidden. Perhaps it was best if they just had some quest time now, and waited for the captain to return? (Your choice to leave this for now until Warlock is needed, instead of filling onto it) ========================================================================================================= @FanOfManyShows Screecher were taking a step towards the new general when Dew put his hoof in front of her to stop her in her tracks. "General Wing. When others you are working alongside needs you to share information, talking about it as if they have read it is improper behavior. They need you to give them the most important information, and then the details can be read over by them personally later if they feel they want the entirety of the story. Tell us what it says in there of important information. Name, the year it's from, what story is there to explain why he were imprisoned and stricken from our records, and so forth. Anything that can shed some light on what got us to this point." It may seem somewhat harsh, but Wing needed to know how to work alongside others, or he could end up as one of the old time generals, that only communicated through written orders and kept to themselves most of the time. Or there could be conflict in him withholding information and acting on it before anypony else could find out what he was working from. So yes, Dew had scolded the new general for his lack of proper procedure, and now it was time for Wing to do it the right way. Read to them what it had of the most important information, and then any details he thought important, leaving the others to either ask questions, or read the last small bits themselves. ========================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta Rosa let out a short, weak chuckle at the concern that were given him. "Strange to have beings care about my well-being... But you needn't worry. I have been taught well in distractions, traps and physical combat since I were six. I know what I'm doing, and how to draw the attention towards somewhere else. It makes it easier to knock somepony unconscious if they're away from everypony else, and a bear is not much harder to draw away." It was a curious case, to have some that cared for him. His father had for a long time as the only one, but with his dementia reaching the levels it had now, the old stallion wouldn't remember it. He barely remembered who Rosa were the last time he had visited, and it had broken his heart to see his father like that. The only good thing were that it made the decision to turn traitor easier, as he didn't have to worry about his father getting concerns from being related to somepony who had abandoned them, and stolen so much gathered information. Couldn't worry about what were lost to your mind, and the doctors had said that his time were short regardless. Nopony knew it, but he had held a memorial for his father as he had been welcomed by King Thorax. A small burial site where nopony were likely to fall over it, marked the point where he had said his final goodbyes, to a stallion he didn't know were alive or dead. The only one that had ever cared about him... Until now. Thorax were a good being, but he cared for his subjects first and foremost. If it came to it, Rosa knew that he himself would be thrown under the bus in an instant if Thorax needed to make the choice. With Sen and Lin, he were more uncertain. They seemed to care about his well-being, and showed worry when he told them how to deal with things if it came to a dangerous situation, yet he wasn't sure if he could trust that it were more than words. Paranoia and lack of trust were a common work hazard of being a spy, nd it were hard to shake the feeling away, even if he tried. Oh well, they would see as things went along he supposed. For now, they should keep moving. Their travel were uneventful for the longest period of time. The roads were deserted, and though growls, howls and roars were heard in the distance now and again, nothing had so far neared them. They'd reach the riverside about two hours after they started walking, which were making quite good time, and the trees growing near the banks should prove a good place for them to halt and take a breath in the shadows. They'd need to follow the river, rather than to cross the bridge after this, so a few minutes to prepare before going off road shouldn't delay them for too long. "What the heck is that?" "No idea, but I don't think their hides are any good, even if they would be in season." The two voices came before a large wagon came down the road, and went for passing the bridge. It was drawn by a grey ox, who looked towards the group near the river with barely any interest, but just kept on moving along the wagon full of.... Well, animal hides. A stack of at least forty of them. cured and piled up, ready for sale. On top of them, two griffons lounged and looked down upon Sen, Lin and Rosa. The female a typical white and brown with purple freckles, and the male a more base grey, with faded-pink feathers and a scorch mark on his chest. An old one it seemed. "Oh, there's a bat pony too. Guess that means these ain't beasts. Their kind are terrible hunters." The female lead the word it seemed, and started to stretch herself while her companion just kept laying on his stomach, and looked down on them cautiously. "I've seen stranger than a bat pony hunter. You three, who are you?" ============================================================================================================ @BloodDrops "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It were clear that the two of them were not likely to find common ground when it came to what looked the best, but what did it matter anyway? They had use for one another, and Onache for one wasn't going to be the one to sour that. Not unless the sphinx tried to force it through that she should change. These... Mutations, were abhorrent to even watch, and she wished for nothing more than to arrange for a meeting with the other hives, and put forth that they should crush that hive before the sickness that caused them to become so deformed would spread. Perhaps others of them would have use of it, but not her. She didn't want to become weaker, and working with ponies. She were above the equines, and nothing would happen to her, nor her hive, that should change how things worked. Who ruled and who served were based on power. The strong should hold the reigns, and the weak should do as they were told. That was the only truth in anything, and the very reason why she had - albeit reluctantly - given over her old hive, and followed Chrysalis. The other queen had proven herself stronger in a fight for the hives, and as such, she were the strongest to follow. Until she lost her hive again, and her strength diminished. She wasn't worthy to lead anymore then. It were how Onache would tolerate working under the sphinx too. The large feline were stronger, and as such, this were her place to rule. That being said, it didn't mean that Onache would not retaliate if for example, she were to be forced to change into the deform creatures. It might end up not only weakening her, but give her more of those pesky emotions they were to feed from, not own themselves, such as love, pity, and remorse. There were no room for that in her life, nor her hive. As for the rest the sphinx babbled on about, Onache saw little reason to respond to it. It was just confirmation, and telling who were boss. It wasn't something she needed to reply to, and she were content to simply ignore t hat, and await questions, or the arrival of their *guests*. It was then that - out of the blue - Discord suddenly appeared nearby, holding a strange device in one of his appendages. The shock of suddenly seeing hi here, caused Onache to hiss at him, before walking further away, to let the sphinx deal with the lord of chaos herself. Especially seeing as he had said the dreaded K word to the large feline, it was likely the best to get out of the way of these two, before she got caught in angry crossfire. ======================================================================================================= @EQ_Theta @Dji @Lucid_Nightlight @Moonlit @Seamore Sandwich @Storm Shine @BloodDrops "Sir? Heeeey, I'm a girl. It's ma'am. Or wait, that's lame too. It's just Anomaly." She turned to face the two of them as she spoke, and sniffed the air around them, noticing a weird smell off... Was that ocean water? That was kinda weird. The other one smelled strange too, but she couldn't place it. Had to be some kind of griffon thing. Those creatures were well weird sometime, and kinda meanies too. Sometimes. At least when you poked their eggs, but she guessed she kinda, might've asked for that one. "And Discord went off to play with the large kitty first. Spoilsport is gonna have her all riled before we even get there. Look, we've only reached the edge of the forest, and he's already there." She addressed Twilight's question as they kept on walking, getting some weird looks by the citizens considering the strange troupe, but as they had reached near the forest, there were barely any stares anymore. Only a few who stopped up and looked behind themselves a few times to make sure they had seen it right. "Now, friendship students of princess magicbutt. What do you do as a friendship student? Is it all hugs and stuff, or is it like, binge drinking and socializing? Weird party games perhaps? Oooh, or pranks? Pranks can be friendly." As for the bunnies, Lotus did lounge forward as their feet met and pinned him alright. With a big fluffy hug, whilst giving a little chittering laughter. (in critter tongue)"That was fun. Thanks Angel." Before letting him go, she gave him a little peck on the nose as a thank you. She weren't entirely aware if this wasn't okay among bunnies, but she had seen other creatures do this, so no harm, right? Plus, it had really been fun, even if it were just a mock fight, and not a real one. Getting back on her feet, she looked towards the others, who had actually gotten quite a bit of way away from them while they had been playing, and jumped up. (critter tongue)"Hey, they left us! Let's get to them." (They have to stay in motion, so pushed the group along a bit)
  12. @FanOfManyShows Yep, mistake there, sorry. As for the other characters, I am trying to push it along, but you're honestly not making it too easy. :/ You are the only one who knows what it says in Warlock's file, which is why I said that Wing should say what was in it. He didn't, so now I'd have to use a post to stern-talking him into saying it so we can move along. As for the Warlock and Hogweed scene, it can easily just be left for a time. Warlock is going nowhere, and I'm just putting filler right now until the rest have gotten anywhere. Regarding the scene with the sisters, I thought you would describe the state their old home were in, so we could move along, but that didn't happen either. I'll make something up, no worries there, but I do require some input from you once in awhile on the lore that popped up out of nowhere when the sibling thing rose up. And no worries about the group with Astral ni it. We're getting back into the castle now. There should be some characters to work with there, for example Dji outside with Enzo if you so wish. I'd like to try and increase your enjoyment of this, and include more cross-group play, so let's see... Thinking on what groups we might be able to put together here... Well, the major group that is heading for the sphinx in the forest could work. It was only a few that saw Sapphire and Emerald, and none of those are currently with them far as I know (Perhaps Aurora, but still). Even if they were though, Emerald got a new body, and Sapphire wasn't seen before the castle. They could mingle in with the intent of trying to gain some support in gaining the materials they need for Sapphire's proper resurrection, though that wouldn't be explicitly said so of course. It might also be that one of the materials include something from a sphinx of some might, and they take the chance to gather it now. A lose feather or something, perhaps? Everypony else too from here on out. If anypony wants to mingle too, I would welcome them,. Got a guard? Prison with Warlock could be an insightful thing if you wished so. High ranking official. or somepony else who'd have a reason to interrupt the generals? The meeting might just be for you (There's also a large dragon there. Could be a hunter, weirdly obsessed dragon-lover, etc.) Emerald and Sapphire group isn't specified to be anywhere right now, so anypony who's in the wild could stumble over them with ease. Perhaps somepony raiding the old hovel for magic books? Could be many things. As for the bigger group, with Misty, Iron, Chow, Karmic, Zhu, Astral and Tidal Wave, they just appeared out of nowhere, in Canterlot. Who knows who thy could stumble upon? I make it open for anypony to join in on this, and help @FanOfManyShows get a bit more into this once again. Be it with their current chars or new ones, I'll welcome 'em all.:) If there's somepony specific you have in mind @FanOfManyShows tag them here, and see if they're game that way as well. I'll support you in what fashion I can. @BloodDrops seemed willing to mingle for example. Anypony in particular you want to mingle with a sphinx? Doesn't have to be Sapphire and Emerald you know, could even be Warlock, who gets teleported there through a small weakness in his confinement, potentially along with Hogweed, for one reason or another. Or some of Iron's group didn't make it to Canterlot, but got muddled with the other magic rising in the forest, and ended up in or near the sphinx's desert area instead. ============================================================================================= @Moonlit Hey, Moonie? Is everything okay? You've been awfully absent from the thread for a while. Did I forget to reply to you somewhere again? I hope that's not it.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Rising Dusk "Blink 'til your lids fall off mate, I don't think you'll be able to cultivate a workable AI anyway. I spend most of my life trying to get something to work, and Carmen was the first breakthrough I got. Number 3.257. Each new attempt requiring to rewrite the entire thing from scratch and role the dice. Happy I stuck with it though. It's a scientific breakthrough, and she makes for a good assistant. You know, long as I don't take her anywhere near clowns. Used to have this old clown head alarm for testing if I got a workable sentience made, and had it go off soon as one of the little critters approached. All the rest of 'em just kept doing the same thing, not changing behavior, so they got scrapped. Learning is the important part with sentience. Otherwise it's just a regular program. Carmen though... Heh, she went from jolting away to approaching with caution, to at the end, attacking it and tearing it apart. Huge success, though she's gotten a kind of a gut instinct of animosity when we see regular clowns and she jumps them too. Try to explain to a frantic makeup-wearing sort why there's a metallic, fluffy spider trying to bite off the fake nose. It ain't easy." It was refreshing to talk when he worked honestly. Some had issues with keeping concentration when it came to that, but even when working on a breakthrough, Molotov would ramble on, often to just himself or Carmen. It helped him cool his brain off and not get too stressed about things, which considering he tended to work with high explosives back at Center Zero, were pretty important. "Alright, got it sorted now. Time to insert the power supply." Floating the tools back to their positions on the wall, Molotov then took hold of the crate with his horn, opened the lid, and carefully floated the orb towards him. It looked like he were handling something about as fragile as slippery glass when he did get it up to him, and he began to slowly set it into place, but it wasn't far from it. Until it was connected right, the energies couldn't flow right, and the whole thing would be somewhat unstable. It had been designed to go into the chassis the first time around in his original design, but he elected away from it when he thought on the option that the new spiderbot would try and make a run for it, or potentially chasing somepony who got too near the workshop. He kept the supply around in case of an emergency, and thankfully no earthquake had hit them since he moved in, so everything had worked out well enough. He kept fiddling with the right angle on the thing for a minute more, mumbling to himself about square roots to keep his nerve, until he eventually saw it right where it should be, and connected the wires inside Felicia's chassis. As the last wire got in, Felicia's eyes began to light up again, and Carmen looked down on her sister curiously, wondering if the larger sister were okay after being put in hibernation. "β„π•¦π•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ 𝕀π•₯𝕒π•₯π•šπ•€π•₯π•šπ•”π•€... π•Šπ•ͺ𝕀π•₯π•–π•ž π•£π•¦π•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ 𝕒π•₯ 𝕠𝕑π•₯π•šπ•žπ•’π• 𝕝𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕝𝕀. ℕ𝕠 π•žπ•’π•π•—π•¦π•Ÿπ•”π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•€ 𝕕𝕖π•₯𝕖𝕔π•₯𝕖𝕕. π•‹π•šπ•žπ•– 𝕑𝕒𝕀𝕀𝕖𝕕 π•€π•šπ•Ÿπ•”π•– 𝕀𝕙𝕦π•₯π••π• π•¨π•Ÿ: 𝟞 π•žπ•šπ•Ÿπ•¦π•₯𝕖𝕀 π•’π•Ÿπ•• 𝟜𝟚 π•€π•–π•”π• π•Ÿπ••π•€." Felicia would close the hole in her chassis again afterwards, and got on her legs. The battery were working at a high efficiency level, though of course, a skilled magic-user like Dusky would know how to raise said efficiency. Though for now at least, the instability seemed in check, as the energy flowed properly through the metallic arachnids body. "𝕐𝕠𝕦 π•œπ•–π•‘π•₯ π•ͺ𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕕, 𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕒π•₯𝕠𝕣. 𝕀 π•¨π•šπ•π• π•œπ•–π•–π•‘ π•₯𝕙𝕒π•₯ π•šπ•Ÿ π•žπ•šπ•Ÿπ••." "You better. Now be a sport and wait for us fleshbags to follow troop before you go out, okay? You're better off with an escort the first time 'round." A low hiss came as a response, but the large spiderbot understood the logic in this. She would have some patience, while Molotov bounced closer to the table and got the cage assembled quickly. It was still lacking some walls, but one thing at a time. The skeleton was the important part after all, and since there had been holes for screws and bolts, it had taken no time to get it wrenched together by pulling out the right size of what he needed from beneath the workbench, and get it latched on solidly. "Let's get on with it then. The show's yours now Dusky. Let's see if we hit spot on now, or if this will crumble. Or explode. If you're worried about something like that by the way, I have a room outside I usually use for explosive testings. Free to use if you're shivering from fear." ========================================================================================================== @EQ_Theta "Bears can be dangerous, but there's nothing like Ursa's in this area. Just the usual several hundred kilogram versions. They should be somewhat reluctant to engage with us, but if we do run into one, you both run. I'll distract it, and meet up with you after I have shaken it off." Rosa wasn't able to just bring down a bear like it was nothing, considering their size and robust nature, but he could mislead them. Considering the fear that Sen seemed to have off them, that would likely be the best thing he could do, even if the one they potentially met weren't as much hostile as curious. You never knew how wild animals like that reacted to blatant fear and potential panicky movements and screams. "You have my word, that I'll do what I can to ensure our groups safety. I only ask that you reserve judgement about my methods, and don't attempt to play hero. Bears may be solitary, but wolves aren't, and they're known to skulk the forest. Certain thugs also like to prey on travelers if given the chance, but we carry nothing of value. They are unlikely to care much about us. If they do, they will be dealt with too." Questions were roaming inside his head about what may have transpired to make Sen so scared of bears, but it seemed to involve an Ursa, and a specific night. Perhaps an encounter after something happened between Sen and Lin? He'd like to know, yet he didn't think himself as being close enough with them to just dig into personal information like that. Phobias like that, and important history, required some level of closeness or intimacy, and a short bonding experience the night before did not cover that. Whatever it were, Rosa hoped it were not too severe, and caused Sen to freeze or flail at the sight of a bear. It would complicate an already delicate situation. =================================================================================================== @Lucid_Nightlight @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine @BloodDrops @Dji @FanOfManyShows @Seamore Sandwich She might have gotten fooled the first time, but as Lotus were swung to the side like some sort of dance partner, she jumped forward, and slid across the ground, right foot first, and ready to slam directly into Angel. If he avoided that, she'd rise up and jump directly for him, using the momentum of the slide. If he tried to grab her paw, she'd instead roll around, and get a good grip in him with her other hoof. It should get him down without hurting him. This was a friendly brawl after all. If it hadn't been, she would've kicked sand at him and placed the front part of her paw between his eyes in a well placed kick. Would've knocked him back quite a bit, and perhaps out cold. A little dirty, but that was a fight. This was just friendly battering. It should prove interesting how it'd go with the two of them charging in towards one another. Perhaps they'd just both crash and wobble back? No shame in a stalemate when it was a real fight. "Peh, relax Flutterpony. If there's bad things that needs hurting, you got draconequui with you. We'll do fun/bad things instead. I bet that Discord wouldn't let anything happen to his fluffy friend either." She let out a giggle before sticking her left front hoof in her mouth, and rummaging around, looking for something. She threw out a pencil sharpener, a half-eaten tomato, a chainsaw (not turned on) a few dozen copies of *Bird Watchers* - which seemed to be a series about pigeons in stalker coats and carrying binoculars - and a kitchen sink before she shrugged, and looked over at Lucid. "Nope, no laser down there. Try to check behind your ear, Lucid." If he did, he'd find a small sticker saying *Other ear* which would then lead to a sticker going *Haha, gullible. But seriously, it's in your tail* which would show something resembling a laser pointer. If it wasn't because if he turned it on, it would just cause a small, glowy hand to sprout at the end and point to somepony random. Truly, a marvelous laser *pointer*. *giggle*
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    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta (just to correct something I missed) Lotus had been waiting with her paws in front of her, ready to catch Angel's incoming strike and use his momentum to throw him over her shoulders. Him stopping his attack though, caught her by surprise. She wasn't used to fake-outs like this, and when he then began waving a paw in front of her, she were sure that this were the start of him getting a strike through after catching her off guard, so she took a jump back, and lunged towards him with her right paw first, aiming for his right shoulder. It wasn't the best attack, and he'd likely be able to dodge it, but the fake-out really had gotten her off her game. Dragons didn't stop when they first began throwing a punch, and she had learned most of her moves from wrestling with the smaller ones of those, so she wasn't entirely sure what to expect right now.
  15. @EQ_Theta Whoops, forgot the Angel part. I'll get that sorted right away.