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  1. Elemental Moon

    Been a long time, thought i start new...

    @Dark Horse tyty and hope it helpes me too :3 hope maybe we can chat ^^ seem like a fun pony to know <3
  2. Elemental Moon

    Been a long time, thought i start new...

    tyty everyone for the welcome, hope to meet many and know more about mlp :3
  3. Elemental Moon

    Been a long time, thought i start new...

    hehe tyty, means alot! <3 x3
  4. Hello, im known as Elemental Moon and yes, im an alicorn.. but dont make the blahblah comments "alicorn OP OP" trust me, till you know moonmoon, dont judge lol. i just see myself as an alicorn, not anything else, its just who i am, and i for sure am no mary sue lol. anyways, i come from a past, everyone has one, lets not bring it up much eh? im here to show who i am now and start new, help support and help everyone i can and be myself.. i just got out of a very bad and controlling/abusive relationship and hoping to start someplace.. so forgive me if im a bit skittish on trusting up front, but stick by me, im sure to warm up <3 and for any single stallions out there around my age, yes, im looking ;P LOL aaaanyways.. im 29, soon to be 30, i am a female irl and in sona and i love to game, hang and sometimes RP :3 im just opening up to RP so give me a chance? lets try? =D but mainly, im just me... i LOVE pokemon and birds, irl i run a bird rescue, breed birds and help them find forever homes and so much more.. im hoping to be able to continue with birds more throughout my life and hope the one i find, will as well x3 but all in all, im just an open, fun, and random person to be around and i love to make anyone laugh! mostly, i use skype for talking and love to voice chat and talk of random stuff.. reason i use voice over text, is i am not the best with text in reading and typing and sometimes, i come across like a mean person when i truly do not mean to be.. putting feeling in text, is very difficult for me, so im sorry if i upset >< but, now that im back, around, and able to be me again and am no longer forced away from things i enjoy, i hope to meet everyone, talk to as many as i can, and have a great time <3 :3
  5. Elemental Moon

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    omg i love it, its so cute <3 thanks :3 i wouldn't mind more if you ever wanted =D means alot <3 ^^
  6. anyone willing or able to join with me and my hubby Heartfire =D?
  7. Elemental Moon

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    well ill try posting, love your work btw its cute!
  8. DELETE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADBAD SITE!!! adding this cuz i cant post without making manymany words .3.
  9. Elemental Moon

    Elemental Sun (Redesigned!)

    Can do it on paper silly filly
  10. Elemental Moon

    Rainbow Dash! >3<

    hehe i know that feel xP
  11. Elemental Moon

    Elemental Moon Artwork (Art made of the wonderful Elemental MoonMoon)

    tyty ^^ hope others come see =< i dunno where else to post >< no one seems to pay any mind to blogs here =<
  12. Hello, this is a thread im gonna use to post art of Elemental Moon, my main pony OC and hope everyone enjoys it and all, ill make sure to put who the artist was and link best i can to my remembrance, so lets have fun and hope to see more art coming for her and any other OC i choose to get done :3 also, i would love to say my OC is allowed to be used anywhere, just talk to me first! and anything made with my OC in it i would be posting on here and places i add art to like DA and whatnot. so member to provide a link to the art and where you upload so i can have people see where the original art is from! well, heres the art dump =D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Story behind this peace, Elly has a huge lust for melons, its one of her most favoret foods, one day she met "Melon Blitz" and was a bit to tired and very hungry, and well, this happened... something funny to look at, love this so much, one my most fav art peaces to date <3 as well as the best art i ever seen in my life <3<3<3 art by the most amazing @Melon Blitz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this is just a funny wtf moment... :v Art by: https://inkbunny.net/BTBunny ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This, was something me and my husband @HeartFire made from a base found on google. was a joke between us and his friend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was an art piece i got made when me and my love @HeartFire first started to date.. this means alot to me, and hope you all enjoy it as well =D Art made by the amazing http://kimmorz.deviantart.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is another art piece i got made for me and my husband @HeartFire when we where dating way back when =P hope you enjoy! Art made by the amazing http://kimmorz.deviantart.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ((((((((((((WILL UPLOAD MORE SOOOOON!!!)))))))))))
  13. Elemental Moon

    Twilight Sparkle

    Hope to see you draw more, your art is so cute hehe
  14. Elemental Moon

    Pinkie Pie (MAI FAVORITE PONE)

    cute, like always hehe, like the colors you used behind pinky :3