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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. I remember you from when I first joined the forums in August last year. I'm also a really good RPer now and if you want to do a 1x1 RP sometime then feel free to RP with me! I'm actually a really nice and good guy to be honest! :)

  4. my bird, just add googly eyes.. perrrrrfect .... :v


  5. you know, i need to get an arts with the slithery one :v got an artist in mind if you like from here :3? would love to get something, you can get w/e with elly you like just let me know and ill get it done =D just miss talking and miss our weird rps xP 

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      thank you for this very kind offer. :)

      If you give me some time, i will think up somethiing that i could do to you. ;)

      When it comes to RPing, i must say that i don't RP so much lately. We can do it at some point sure. But right now, i am in the middle of writing my own fanfic.

    2. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      i understand :3 readd my skype itd alphatweet can poke me there ^^

  6. Hi, long time no see.

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    2. TheRockARooster


      Oh, I'm used to speak with you on Skype sometimes.

      It's all fine.

      It is good to see you again.

    3. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      re-add on skype and poke there? :3 alot has happened since we spoke.. not much good.. add AlphaTweet

    4. TheRockARooster


      I sent a friend request.

  7. i has a special badge, i love it so much xD;;; <3


  8. i know you somehow, but.. from where...

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    2. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      heartfire, and hes a very bad person.. manipulating and abusive.. its a long story

    3. Kyoshi


      Ooooh, I think I might remember that. :| Was a long while back.

    4. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      aye, all in all he was not a good person o.x 3 years of my life was a living hell with him here... glad to be away from it..

      look on skype

  9. SING IT WITH ME! "Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows!" :v



    1. Snow


      Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!

    2. Elemental Moon
  10. @Dark Horse tyty and hope it helpes me too :3 hope maybe we can chat ^^ seem like a fun pony to know <3
  11. tyty everyone for the welcome, hope to meet many and know more about mlp :3
  12. Hello everypony, how is it going? :3

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    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus


      but all around ok 


    3. Sassy the Sasquatch

      Sassy the Sasquatch


      Hope yer recovering has been going well 

    4. Zachary


      I'm doing Great, Thanks!