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  1. Private

    Shadow climbed into the transport and took the clip out, so it doesn't fire at the moment. He thought about how long it's been without meat. He didn't want to scare the others, then his inner demon said, "Wow, I'm the demon, but you eat meat. We might get along well." Shadow chose not to answer and placed his hat of his eyes as he tilted it for a ear to poke up.
  2. Private

    Shadow shrugged and sat down, then his stomach started to growl a bit. He opened a portal and pulled out a piece of cooked meat and started to tear and eat it. As he was eating the last bit, he reached into the portal and pulled out his hat
  3. Lethe nodded and said after getting herself to calm down and as the headache faded, "Yeah, but I'll keep it as a scarf." She stood up and began walking, then she added, "is there any place you want to head?"
  4. Private

    Shadow stood up from the table and grabbed his coat off the back of the chair, then grabs his machinegun's and grenade launcher's straps and slung them onto his back. Emviron said as he was about to grab his hat, "Shadow, don't you think it's a bit overkill with that much." Shadow sighed to himself and said through his gritted teeth as he grabbed his rifle, "Shut up, it's not overkill."
  5. OOC

    @Silver Note Oh okay, I'll read it and get thinking about my posting
  6. OOC

    So the rp's up and ready?
  7. Private

    Shadow reached into his coat and said as he grabbed a letter, "I got mine from the pprincesses, but I might be wrong and it’s someone copying them." He placed it back and added as he looked at the sun, "What do ya think we should do while we wait?"
  8. Lethe shook her head and said as she placed a hoof on the scarf/cape to hold it down, "loose clothing gets caught in the wind and slows pegasi down. That's why the wonderbolt wear their suits when flying." She sstarted getting a headache from her talking. She sat down and took a few deep breaths
  9. OOC

    Sounds interesting, Name: Shadow Beast Link: Role: Bruiser
  10. Private

    Marion's doll watched the dragon start to leave, then she hurried to the bed and climbed on top. She started looking for a book that she left behind after she moved out. Once she found it, she pushed it through the crack between the bed and the wall and hopped down after it
  11. She shrugged the best she could as she walked and said, "Not really, I prefer not having something slowing me down. I think." She grew more confused at what she just said, she doesn't really fly and, if she has to, it's for a short time.
  12. Lethe went into the backroom and grabbed her bag as well as her payment for the week, then she headed outside. Once she was outside, she unfolded her wings to stretch them out. She turned to Techno and said, "since you seen what i do, what so you do for work?"
  13. Lethe nodded, but didn't say a thing. The pony might be crazy, but she couldn't say anything since she can't remember anything before she woke up in a crater. Her ears flicked to the music stopping. She got up and said, "Come on, it's closing time."
  14. Lethe nodded and said as she looked at it, " Yeah, and it's a bit needy." She asked for another drink as she heard the crowd was dieing down a bit. The pony behind the counter have her the drink and she took a gulp of it
  15. Lethe quickly glared at the scarf before she got on the stage. She looked at the problem of why the song changed. She quietly laughed at the reason and fixed. She noticed that the pony was about to praise her, but stop himself before. She headed back to the counter and sat down