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  1. Morning, How's everyone doing

    1. Johnny1226


      Good morning reader

  2. @Buck Testa Basically, their portal look like an oval of air that has been removed from the world, but in this case, it will be wavering, as if it will collapse at any second. They don't sound like anything at all and the reason why she's doing it out of curiosity about the plants and to get a little farther from her dad I did skim over postings and try to make sense at the time.
  3. Okay, I fixed the post and if anything's wrong. I'll correct it in the morning.
  4. Open Salem University

    @Buck Testa Rose headed outside and saw that the plants were acting up. she decided to head over there to see what it was. She to over to see a group of vans towards the school. she decided to use a crystal that her father gave to her and crushed it. It created an unstable portal that was wavering instead of being a solid form. She didn't know where she would end up but didn't care at this point, she hopped in. She ended up in a limo. She looked around to see that there were a few guards in the back with a little girl. She said as she wrapped her wings around herself, "Excuse me little girl, but who are you and do you know what's going on with the plants." She felt a bit off from the retaliation from her father when he finds out about this. Sorxir closed her hand around the ball to see that light dimming into nothing and headed in to find her dorm that she'll be using while she's there. She opened the door that had her name on it and fell onto her bed, then she got into her suitcase and pulled out a mannequin's head for her eyepatch when she doesn't have it on. Shadow made it to his classroom and sat down at his desk while he went over the schedule for learning. He kicked up his feet and started writing the lessons down.
  5. Morning, how's everyone doing

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    2. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Pretty meowin', how is horse? c:

    3. reader8363


      I'm doing alright, just a bit bored

    4. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Am sowwy, hurse. ;3; But glad you're alright. c:

  6. Mega Thread General Contact Sharing Thread

    Anyone can add me if they want, I'm usually open for a talk. the Madness#9808
  7. @Buck Testa An interesting posting, If I'm correct, she and Rose might get along
  8. anyone know how much things in a convention can go for?

    1. Johnny1226


      I got my plushes for around  25$ each

  9. Hey, how's everyone doing

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    2. reader8363


      I guess I'm nervous about tomorrow, I'm donating plasma and waiting for my work to get back to me

    3. Kyoshi


      I am feeling some of that classic ol anxiety, but I am trying to keep the calm. 

    4. Valencia


      It'll be okay @reader8363:rarity: I'm sure everything will be fine :D

      And I'm sorry you're both feeling anxious :(

  10. Open Youth Rehab: A Human RP

    @Flow @BloodDrops Pollu gripped her book tightly against her body and said as she shivered a bit, "I'm not a fighter, but I warn you against fighting me for your sake." Lil said, "Pollu, calm down, and dry off your hair. we don't want you to get sick." Pollu nodded, placed her book down, grabbed the towel that she used, and started drying her hair.
  11. Open Youth Rehab: A Human RP

    Pollu sighed with relief as the guard told them that it was time for a shower. She grabbed her book and headed to the showers. When she got there, she placed the book with her clothes and hopped in the shower. The water was cold, but she got used to it over the years. She quickly cleaned up and then she hopped out and got dressed. Lil said as she was picking up her book, "Why do you quickly wash yourself and not enjoy the water?" Pollu muttered, "I just don't like that it's cold. I think we keep having this discussion."
  12. Open Youth Rehab: A Human RP

    @Flow @BloodDrops @Sherbert Pollu was figuring out what she would need to get the tv working, but it was a bit difficult with Lil telling her that they'll get a new one and then she heard that she did it. She shifted the tv over and said as she sat down, "It wasn't me. To be able to push that old of a tv, you would need to exert a greater force than gravity to make it topple, and I'm not a fighter. Lil's the fighter and I haven't given her control yet." Lil said with a sigh, "Pollu, you are doing it again." Pollu jumped and said as she bowed her head, "Sorry about rambling on, but the point is that I didn't do it. Sure I not into the show, but I can tolerate it. I know for a fact that Briana can't"
  13. Open Salem University

    Sorxir jolted her body to wake up and rubbed her black eye, then she put her eyepatch back on and got up to stretch out her bones. She opened her hands and willed a ball of light to form in the palm of her hands. The light flickered across her face as it wavered. Shadow got up and decided to see what his students will be like. She pulled his coat on and grabbed his hat and cane, then he stepped out of the room and started walking through the halls. Rose calmly let the magic go and collapsed on the gym's floor, almost out of magic. She gasped for breath and got up and made a cane like her father's out of her shadow. She stepped out of the gym and walked out into the hallway, She saw her dad and headed the other way. She was still mad at her father for sticking her in with him to keep an eye on her.
  14. Open Youth Rehab: A Human RP

    @BloodDrops @Flow @Sherbert Pollu flinched from the tv breaking. She glared at the girl with the stuffed animal and said as she closed the book and tucked it under her arm, "Lil, remember my page for me." She walked over to the tv and said as lifted the tv up and checked it out, "You need to be respectful things." The tv was completely broken. She sighed and pulled out the plug, the Lil said, "Let me out, I'll teach her some respect." Pollu said, "No, the last thing we need in to get in trouble by you."