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  1. @Unicorncob Rose walked up to Jade and said as weakly gave a smile, "Ya did it, you won." She looked around to see the extent of damage to the arena, then her eyes focused on Rail. Wondering what he was going to do now.
  2. @Lazy Ferret I'm not sure at this point, it's something I want to do, but it still in pieces.
  3. Rose stood up and shielded her eyes from the dust that was kicked up from Rokata's attack, The screams and the falling debris was deafening for her. She was about to call out to Jade, but the scream died in her throat before her mouth even opened. She continued to watch the fight in silence, she continue it as well.
  4. Just a heads up, my posting will be slow (maybe a couple days at a time), I'm dealing some little thing irl.
  5. Solstice winced in pain and used the dust to strap the guns to her back and run down the hill to the left of where they came from, She upholstered the magnum and charged up her rifle. She kept a close listen for anything out of ordinary. Eclipse found the spell just in time before the cloud covered her vision and latched it back on as she ran after Solstice.
  6. Solstice turned around to changeling and said as she levitated her gun out in front of her, "Maybe not, I say this is enough for compensation, We had to deal with six big geckos, a lot of wasted ammo, I mean this gun take special kind of ammo. I mean, if you have something more value than this gun, you can have it." Eclipse unlatched her book and started flipping through the pages, looking for a spell that could work to dilute the situation.
  7. Solstice holstered the magnum as she found the chair and gathered up the weapons, ammo, and the chems as Eclipse ran to catch up, then she levitated the repeater to look at it closely. Eclipse ran to catch up with Solstice and collected the rest of the items. She was curious about why the mare wasn't here, could they been lied to or the mare got away?
  8. Solstice walked past the bodies of geckos as Eclipse stuffed them into her bag and called out, "Ma'am, are you out here?" She loaded her magnum with ammo and had it ready in case another gecko or creature popped out. Eclipse picked up the skin and meat of the gecko and stashed it in her bag, then she pulled the knife out of the gecko.
  9. Solstice aimed her gun point blank at the gecko and fired twice at it, then shot once at the other gecko. Eclipse stepped a bit back after getting hurt and grabbed her knife and stabbed at the gecko where it's heart should be.
  10. Solstice charged her weapon and took three shots at the geckos. Eclipse noticed that they were a bit bigger and placed her gun down to launch magic spears that looked like they were made of crystal at the geckos
  11. Solstice fired the shot, then steadied her aim by holding onto the rifle and took another two shots at them Eclipse noticed that they might be younger than the other ones. She took a shot at the on in the front.
  12. Solstice nodded and lead the way up the hill to see the geckos, she flattened into the dirt and took two quick shots with her rifle at the geckos. She readied a third shot for when they ran towards them. Eclipse grabbed her rifle and took a shot at one of the geckos
  13. Eclipse stashed the bottle of dogeye in her bag and was glad that she didn't have to deal with the coyotes in the cave., then as they were heading to prime, and stallion stopped them asking for help. She backed up to let Solstice handle it. Solstice walked next to Eclipse with her rifle levitating next to her. She spoke to the stallion and said, "Okay, Slow down, I need you to keep a level head and lead us up there."
  14. Eclipse slowly levitated it to her as she turned off the light and said in a hushed tone, "We should be going, wouldn't want the pack on top of us." Solstice nodded with understanding, and quietly got the rifle out and if any living thing comes out before whatever Eclipse grabs comes to her.