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  1. Open

    @dragon4111 @Dakcka Shadow walked over to Perpe and slung her over his shoulder, then decided to get Draco after taking Perpe to the medical to get patched up for the rest of the games. Right before leaving the arena, he dismantled the shadows on the side of the arena since he didn't need it. As the fighting started to die down from people getting arrested and being unconscious, Dark headed to talk with Starry to catch up with her. He saw her sitting under the tree and sat down right next to her Starry noticed Dark walking towards her and scooted over for him to sit down next to her. She held her drink with both hands as she watched the liquid move around, not knowing what to say at all. It's been 5-8 years since she ran away from home after turning their parents' legs into crystal. Opus opened his coat and started stitching up the cut on his front side and where he could see.
  2. OOC

    @GoldieS maybe, if we get more people or if I get back to it. I haven't been feeling well
  3. Open

    @Arid_Blitz @Dakcka @dragon4111 @Skylord Nexus Shadow saw that the opponents were charging at each other. He through the person he was holding at Dawn and ran towards the edge. He landed on the ground, placed his hands in his pockets and casually walked towards them as if it was just a stroll through a park. Opus finally got free of the fight and sat down right next to Lucius. He looked over his instrument to see if there was any damage to it. He sighed when he didn't see any. Starry sat down in the shade and occasionally took sips of her drink as she daydreamed of her past Dark lost his sword and helmet to the crowd before backing up out of it. He wiped a bit of blood off his mouth and thought about how to deal with the fight as a whole, stop it one by one would take too long.
  4. Searching

    hm, that's a bit tough of a choice.
  5. Searching

    I would be interested
  6. Open

    Vivus sat down and ate her food, then she grabbed a random guard and started dragging him into her cell. Rose walked out of her office and headed towards the gym to work on her sparring. She made sure the door was closed, then she got up on her hind legs, open her wings to level the balance, grabbed her sword and went to work.
  7. Open

    @Superwholock @GoldieS Vivus shrugged and as she left, "How should I know, but ya can't get out." She placed her glasses on and went to get more food. @Techno UniversalUniversal Rose headed back into office and put in the command, free roam, then she put the rules done and what to do.
  8. Open

    @GoldieS @Superwholock Vivus said as she tilted her head, "I said this is my true personality, the glasses make me shy and kind. I wanted to meet you out here so you can see what I'm like and so that I could tell you before rumors spread. Some guard come to take care odd it, but its usually prisoners that due it." She shrugged off as she slipped off and picked up her glasses
  9. Open

    @Superwholock @GoldieS Vivus rolled her eyes, smiled, and said as she rubbed her head across Artica's fur, "Neither, I just like ponies' soft fur and I don't care if you are or not. Maybe I'll take you with me for naps, since I can't take Rose with me everywhere."
  10. OOC

    @Techno Universal Rose type in patrol on her computer. Wouldn't that make them patrol the prison?
  11. Open

    @GoldieS @Superwholock Vivus pulled away from Mort, not out of pain, but out of boredom. Then she wrapped around Artica and said, "I don't mind having a fight since I would win, but I prefer wrapping around ponies. Cadance was a good pony to wrap around for the night Rose got done with her food and went back on patrol
  12. Open

    @GoldieS @Superwholock Vivus drew her tail back and said with a confused look as she wrapped around Mort's front legs, "I don't know what you are talking about, I'm kinda always like this. Also, I wouldn't hit me if I were you
  13. Open

    @GoldieS @Superwholock Vivus stirred and said as she opened her eyes, "Man, I needed that nap." Her eyes were changing colors rapidly like a kaleidescope. She fell from the tree and held her glasses on her hoof. Then she added as she started to slide her tail on Artica, "you know what makes the park a good place, no one ever comes here for fun.
  14. Open

    Rose walked through the halls, saying hi to the guards and prisoners, until she got to the cafeteria, then she grabbed her food and sat down. Vivus got to the park and climbed the tree. She wrapped herself around the branch and took off her glasses before falling asleep
  15. Open

    @Dakcka @Skylord Nexus @Arid_Blitz @dragon4111 Shadow heard thew commotion happening around him and went to see what it was, until he got punched and threw the person down the stairs. Then he decided on how to stop this fight. He pulled his jacket off and tossed it on the chair before breaking up some of the fights. He places a wall between the two fighters imn the arena so he could focus on the fighting in the stands Dark was heading to the arena when he heard the fighting. He smacked a few guards to get to behave, then he headed towards the center of the fight, yelling for people to break it up and get back in their seats Opus got a few cuts protecting his trumpet for the punches. He knew that they won't heal and that he would need to get someone to stitch the one's that he can't see. Starry heard the fighting and went to get a drink while the fight quiets down.