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  1. How's everyone doing

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    2. reader8363


      in a little more than an hour, I'm meeting someone to help me look for a job, then I have to get home, do some work, then when my mom gets home, head to the train to take it to my dad's

    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Oh, quite busy day. Good luck with the job hunt! :)

    4. reader8363


      yeah, it will be my second this year, if I get it this year

  2. horror

    @silvermoon15000 @Aurora Lights @Mentis Soliloquy Rose walked behind them in silence as she watched him. When she got to the station, she entered another entrance. She passed by the armory and grabbed a sniper and a piston. She placed the sniper on her back with the sword and held the piston in her shadow. She looked around each corner, so she was caught off guard.
  3. Shadow nodded, took the gem out of the rapier, and placed the orb in its place. He kicked in the door and made his shadow into a second one, with the same weapon. The guards charged at him and he raised his swords to meet them.
  4. Shadow said as he looked into the room, "I'll do it, that way, if they detect it somehow, you'll come after me." He took the orb and opened a small portal and squeezed through. He quietly walked over to the door and slowly opened it a crack while blanketing the side in shadows.
  5. Shadow nodded and followed Maple, he moved the through his claw, while being careful not to get it stuck on one of them. He heard and noise and pulled maple into the shadows as a guard turned the corner.
  6. blood drive and never dead
  7. Shadow nodded as he dug his name into the roof and was surprised that it was easy to pull it away. He poked his head to see if any changeling was walking through. When he didn't see any he quietly dropped onto the floor and hid in the shadows.
  8. Shadow said as he landed on top, "Go in quietly, take out the guard that get in our way or catch us, knock Chrysalis out, cut off her magic, then take her to my house. If it doesn't go that well, then we take her by force and kill whoever gets in our way."
  9. He nodded and placed a claw on her shoulder, "If you don't want to talk about it, I'm not going to force you. Oh, I suggest you start flapping through the portal." He. He stepped through and began plummeting, He opened his wing to catch some air and went diving toward the hideout.
  10. Shadow said as he put the bottle in his pocket and headed to get his stuff together, "What if they learn them, then "we'll" give each other a headache. do they copy armor and what you have?" He got ready and said, "What happened when ya found Chrysalis?"
  11. Shadow finally found what he was looking for. It was a small band the look a little moldable. When he heard maple say that she was coming with him. He sighed and headed to the bathroom to get something for the headache it will bring.
  12. Shadow said as he shrugged his shoulders, "Pretty much, but I have a month to figure it out. Or I could just kidnap her." He to a chest in his armory, and started digging through it, while throwing stuff out of his way.
  13. Shadow shrugged and said, "He's the only one I don't question his reasons for, and not all of them, I met a few, but I don't Chrysalis is going to just let me have one since I gave up one of her changelings to the princesses." He tossed the scroll on the desk and headed out of the room.
  14. Shadow sighed and said, "Everything is simple, but the last thing, a fresh changeling cocoon from Chrysalis." He looked up the components of them, he didn't find anything good, they're made with the changeling's saliva, so in order to get that, he would have to go out there and ask for it.
  15. Shadow said as he opened a portal, "A powerful pony underground, and one that doesn't like guards." He looked at the list. He looked concerned for a moment as he kept reading the same thing, then he sighed and mutter, "It better be worth it, if I make it out of there alive and myself." He stepped into the portal. He walked into his study and started checking where everything is located.