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  1. I just got started with V3 and there was one a while ago that was in the makin, but wasn't finished. So I'm debating on making one. With it being my first full control one, be patient with me Rules Keep it PG-13, please Don't try to take control of it. No Gmodding I would like some help with making it, but please, if you need to reference anything from the games, no spoilers
  2. reader8363

    Open MLP Magic Academy RP

    @JCKane @Loud Opinion Merx nodded and said, "That might be the possibility but with magic and potion ingredients, who can actually know. It happened fast that I was barely able to get the guitar out." @Alex Van Gamer Lil nodded and said, "That's right, we're new to this school. If Pollu wasn't nervous about almost everything, she would have done something else, but we didn't know that we had to demonstrate where we are on talent."
  3. he'll go about his daily life, without playing music to pass the time
  4. No, he just enjoys his instrument, and that's how he controls the magic from being cursed
  5. reader8363

    Open MLP Magic Academy RP

    @Loud Opinion @JCKane Merx flicked his ear in disbelief that someone else was coming up with an excuse. He nodded and said, "From what I could speculate and my point of view. The music was creating heat from being jammed into a small area and without an escape, it exploded with the flames being caused by the extra magic that was stored in there." He decided to encase the four of them in a barrier to demonstrate the magic, this time without a dampener. Hopefully, it doesn't make them pass out, but relaxed enough to help with clear thinking. He started to strum with magic and the music started to blend into the background
  6. reader8363

    Open MLP Magic Academy RP

    @JCKane @Loud Opinion When the head mare teleported into the doorway, Lethe gave a quick scream and started to slink away, hoping that she doesn't notice anything wrong. Merx teleported his guitar onto his back and said as he walked up to the head mare and bowed his head., "I'm sorry miss, I was trying to find a way to draw out some magic for relaxation without side effects and I misjudged it. I'll help fix the gym and pay for the damages." @Alex Van Gamer Lil smiled sweetly, which made her a bit creepier, and said, "I'm just allowing Pollu to sleep in a bit since she was being interrogated all night about why we were outside the borders." She stretched out her hoof and said, "I'm Lil, by the way, Lil the demon half."
  7. reader8363

    Open MLP Magic Academy RP

    @Loud Opinion @JCKane Merx looked up and said as he looked himself over, "Wow, that's one effect that I wasn't expecting." He looked up to see another one. He added, "Oh, I didn't think that we were going to get a visitor." Lethe finally reached the gym and sat down to catch her breath. Even though she's been here a while, she wasn't used to the small hallways, where she wasn't able to fly.
  8. Alright, just was busy.
  9. @Loud Opinion You can go first, he's still catching his breath
  10. reader8363

    Open MLP Magic Academy RP

    @JCKane Merx was sitting, then when he was told to run, it took him a bit too realize. He remembered that the barrier that he placed on the gym. He quickly dropped it and teleported his guitar on the outside. He knew that he'll survive with a few burns, but he is still paying off the guitar and it holds part of his soul.. He turned around to see the fire coming at him. He quickly teleported behind the waves of blue fire and fell on his back while breathing heavily with relief. Lethe cursed herself for not keeping track of time, plus going to that nightclub was a horrible idea. She snuck into the school and started to head to the lab, then she heard the explosion. She took off sprinting towards where she heard it.
  11. she's learning the spell, the ball is just a transference of knowledge that Merx doesn't know
  12. With Shadow pouring magic into the ball, it's mixing them together, which creating a spell that she can use to relax, like merx's voice and guitar.
  13. she can be old, but wasn't at the school for the demonstration.
  14. @JCKane Lethe, the angel, is a pegasus, but can't remember anything about her past, I'll put her profile up
  15. I hope the last post I did was okay, and would it be okay, if I add another character that's either an angel or a wolf