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  1. Private

    @Drago Ryder The door slowly opened from the years it hasn't been opened. Outside the door was a room with ink covering the floor and posters hanging from the wall @Acnologia @Techno Universal Sorxir walked through the room, pissed off that Bendy took her eye patch, even though it was just to keep ponies from freaking out or asking questions about it. She passed a Bendy and decided to smash it out of anger continued on her way, until she found a closed door that needed some buttons pressed. Rose grabbed the can and tucked it under her wing, thinking that it might come in handy, and followed the others.
  2. Private

    @Techno Universal @Acnologia Rose shrugged and said as made the shadow of the chip move it a little, "That's soup, it was a little popular when the cartoon was brand new, I guess these were the ones that weren't sold." Sorxir said as she closed her eye since she didn't have the eye patch to keep in hidden from view, "Let's go, I don't want to spend too much time around this pentagram." She walked over to the door and opened it. @Drago Ryder The room was run down like the rest of the building, ink splats all of, tattered clothing, shards of glass covering the floor and a door in the corner of the room.
  3. Private

    @Techno Universal @Acnologia Rose nodded and said as she walked over to the boards, "Okay, but I could take the chip out through the shield since it could fall out." She delivered a kick to the boards, breaking them in half, and slipped through the hole. She went through the door to see a pentagram on the floor with coffins. She added, "I think I know what's causing it." @Drago Ryder Bendy smiled a Gale and melting in the ink and getting on Gale at the same time, With the hand on the mouth it seeped into the mouth, then after Bendy was done, it placed Gale on top a pool of ink
  4. Private

    @Acnologia @Techno Universal @Drago Ryder Rose said as she walked up to Techno, "Maybe if I knock you out, it will keep so called bendy out, since I don't think a demon could use electronics and if that happens I'll like to see him try. I've been trained by the strongest before he retired." Sorxir bent her head and said, "Yeah, I found Gale and Bendy reached out for me, so I ran after Gale bit its hand off."
  5. Private

    @Techno Universal @Acnologia As Techno got up, Sorxir slid off and landed on her stomach, she coughed a bit and took a deep breath to get rid of the nausea feeling. Then she said, "So what now, I don't think that Bendy will let us leave." Rose got up and said, "We find another way out and we get out of here alive." She concentrated on a small portal and pulled out a sword. @Drago Ryder Bendy yanked Gale into the ink and it disappeared behind them.
  6. Private

    @Acnologia @Techno Universal Rose got up on her hooves and steadied herself by leaning against the wall. The fall knocked the air out of her and bruised her wings a bit. She looked around and walked over to some more writing on the wall. She muttered as she read it, "The creators lied to us?" Sorxir didn't see the hole until it was too late. She fell in and didn't think about teleporting until she landed on top of Techno. @Drago Ryder The dragging stopped as Bendy rose out of the ink to fix the problem. As he was surfacing, the puddle grew bigger until it was further than Gale's claws.
  7. Private

    @Drago Ryder The hand fell off, but not sinking a finger behind Sorxir's eye patch. She pulled back and it fell off, uncovering her eye. She quickly bolted back to the others out of fear. Bendy turned back to Gale and placed it reformed hand across her mouth and started sinking into the puddle while pulling Gale in. @Acnologia @Techno Universal Rose stood up and said, "I know. The last thing we need to do is panic, that's why I came up with the attraction." She flicked her ears to the sound of something groaning, then she saw Sorxir running towards them, but what caught her off guard was that she had a pure black eye. Once she was close to them, Rose heard a crack and realized that it was the floor beneath them breaking. She didn't have time to react before she fell.
  8. Private

    @Acnologia @Techno Universal Rose said as she leaned back against the wall, "Don't worry, It might be part of the attraction." She wasn't dumb and knew that there might be something wrong here, but she didn't want the others to worry too much. @Drago Ryder Sorxir decided to look around for the dragon and headed in a direction. When she found Gale and Bendy, she said, "What's going on here?" Bendy smiled and he pulled Gale closer to him, but when it heard another voice, it turned to the voice to see another pony. Then it reached it's arm out.
  9. maybe age and magic, a spell that take more than a thousands years to master
  10. Private

    @Drago Ryder Bendy moved faster and grabbed Gale by the tail. It smiled with glee. @Acnologia The door was lock and wouldn't budge at all. Sorxir sat down and stared at the posters. @Techno Universal Rose sighed and grabbed Techno and said, "Come on, quit messing with the 'creatures'. She turned to the griffen and said, "Let's go, I'll come back here once everyone that's scare gets out."
  11. Private

    @Drago Ryder Bendy got hit in the face and backed up a bit, then he pulled his legs out of the ink and went to grab Gale @Acnologia Sorxir nodded and said as she fixed her eye patch, "Thanks, it seems like they did use the machine to bring them to life." @Techno Universal Rose took to the air and said as she flipped around, "Maybe they're turning this into a horror attraction and we came in too early?" Then she landed and acted seriously.
  12. Cinder walked into the lounge and sat down. She decided to write alternates to the spells that are commonly used, maybe make them stronger. She teleported her books onto the table. The table rattled and cracked from the weight of 5 thick books landing on it at once. She spread them out and started writing in the newest one. Rose woke up from her head sliding into the water. She lifted herself out of the pool and picked up the towel. Her knife fell into the water. She sighed and she reached into the water.
  13. Private

    @Drago Ryder Bendy pulled itself out more before reaching out its ink dripping hand to grab Gale @Acnologia Sorxir said as she walked with the others, "Yeah I'm fine, just a little sickened by seeing Boris dead and dissected.
  14. OOC

    @Techno Universal Could you slow down with the story a bit, I've some things planned for it, and as I think about it. There could be a few could be a few interactions between Techno and Rose
  15. Private

    @Acnologia @Techno Universal Rose fell to the floor as the lever swung down, then the lights went out. Rose got up and said as she brushed herself off, "Let's see what it did." Sorxir walked back a little pale, but still holding her head up high. @Drago Ryder The machine started clicking as ink started flowing outward and as a creature grew out of the ink