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  1. @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @DwhitetheGamer Rose stopped at the wall and sunk down to the ground out of exhaustion. She need to not push herself to hard, due to almost dying out there on the arena. She said mostly to herself, "Maybe I'll rest here." She knew it was a lie, she couldn't make her legs if she wanted to now.
  2. @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @DwhitetheGamer Rose winced, but not because of the injuries, but because of the audience. She knew not to listen to them, but she knew that they were right, she was pathetic. She shakily started to get to her hooves and said with her head down, "I'll head there now, and sorry that I couldn't win." It felt like doubt of her magic and heritage was beginning to grow. She lost to Mason twice in a row and got a relic destroyed in the process.
  3. If we do the outside time and space, is it alright if I do a filly?
  4. @dragon4111 @Unicorncob @DwhitetheGamer @Dynamo Pad Rose's wounds closed up, but she stopped it right before the scars from the battle healed and said as she unsteadily sat up, "I'm fine, just need some sleep and I'll be good." She looked down at the scars, the three spot that got torn out and the last fight. She mentally went over what was left to heal, her left wing has some cracks and a broken rib was left.
  5. @Unicorncob @DwhitetheGamer @Dynamo Pad The small wounds around her body started to heal, but the severe one wasn't healing as well as the others. Rose looked around the water that was around her, lightning sparked around her in the water. She started to swim through her consciousness. The first thing Rose felt was a searing pain in her chest, She gritted her teeth in agony and said weakly, "Are you trying to kill me now or what?"
  6. Rose could hear her teammates talking, and Topaz counting, but couldn't bring herself to wake up. It seemed like she was sinking in a vast ocean. No matter she could tell that her magic ran out and her blood was slowly pouring out. She accepted it and fell more into unconsciousness as her senses started to dim.
  7. Sorry, was busy, she'll probably not wake up in time for the count If that's alright
  8. @DwhitetheGamer She's alive, just close to death, the battle took a massive blow to her magic and life.
  9. @Literally Snails I hope that's fine for a post. I can change it if I need to.
  10. Rose closed her eyes before impact and the tendrils left a gash down her throat, and lodged itself into her body, close to her heart. The magic that was stopping the bleeding started to weaken, letting a bit of blood leak out of the holes. She felt the spear penetrate his flesh and opened her eyes to see that it was where his heart would be, then she fainted due to blood loss.
  11. Rose stood up and sighed, this is it, the fight will end here and now. She closed her eyes and used the remaining magic, plus a little life to get her into a slingshot with her shadow acting life the rubber bands. She launched herself at Mason, while using her life to quickly make a spear with the broken shards on the outside of it. The spear landing in her claw and she poised it at his heart
  12. Rose looked down at Mason and said, "It beats smelling your bad breath." She started to plan a strategy out for a final attack, she might have to take a hit or two to be able to, but it will worth it, if it works out well.
  13. Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes