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  1. Is anyone else less-than-impressed with SU Future so far? I still want to see what's up with Steven turning pink, I can tell we are on the verge of a major development for him. But outside of that, he's becoming kind of annoying to watch, and the show itself really doesn't seem to have much direction. There's not much they are building up towards other than seeing the aftermath of everyone's lives, and I think they spelled that out pretty well with the first few episodes.
  2. Well I don't know the full effects of COPPA, but I can at least recount my experience so far... I decided to check last night, and because the few videos I have could be considered "for kids", YouTube went ahead and disabled the comments on all my videos. It wasn't anything necessarily bad, I just had to change some settings in my creator studio to let them know this was not the case. A minor annoyance, but an easily fixed one. Still, why did they not even send me an e-mail about this? Is anyone else getting e-mails? You'd think something this big would get you a message or something. I didn't even get a front-page notification or anything... Outside of that, disabling comments seems to be the only major thing. A channel I know got hit with this, but they still appeared in my recommendations each day before having to fix their account. However, I have gone to channels that have uploaded clips from cartoon shows. Nearly every one I've seen has their comments disabled. So it's no big deal if you are active and checking your stuff regularly, but if you just made an account one time and stepped away, get use to those changes staying that way for that channel.
  3. It forms into a circle, then it forms into a weapon, then it forms into a holiday! Then it forms into bad decisions, and you have to give your family and friends the phone call of shame...
  4. (Congratulations. You survived! Now let's see you dodge the hitman...)
  5. The winner's of this week's reference game are in!
    Congrats to @PoisonClaw! The answer was...



    Thursday's reference was the TV show's opening theme, "Be The One". (Here's the English Ver.)


    And Tuesday's reference was to the movie's theme song, "Everlasting Sky".

    I've made references to Ghost, Gaim, Fourze, Agito, and Build. Which Kamen Rider will be featured next week? Keep playing, my crowd. B)

  6. Hey there! Thanks for the follow! :squee:
    Was it the 4everfreebrony spamming that did it?

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Have you ever listened to Scatman John?

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Heck yeah, I have! :yay: The only thing keeping me from getting a Best Of album by that guy is that it's rare and super expensive...

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I for the life of me can not find one either. But there is a ton of his music on youtubes at least!

  7. (If you can read this, the antidote is locked in the safe. PM me for the combination.)
  8. Granted! But by gaining such intelligent foresight, you lose the ability to speak or communicate in any way to other people. So you are now stuck with a wish that can never be granted. I wish I could stay clean and fresh-smelling without ever having to bathe, use deodorant, put on cologne, etc.
  9. ...Yes. Not for very long, but yes. TPAM likes T-Pain.
  10. Blonde. Sadly, I don't recognize it. Is it from Star Wars?